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Individual Course Details

5) Empowerment of Women through Enterprises (EWE)

National Institute for Micro, Small and

A. Name of the Institute
Medium Enterprises (ni-msme)
(An Organisation of Ministry of MSME,
Govt. of India)
(An ISO 9001-2008 Organisation)

Empowerment of Women through Enterprises

B. Name/title of the Course

From 03 September to 26 October 2018

C. Proposed Dates and Duration of the
8 Weeks / 2 Months
Course in weeks / months
Graduation with 3 yrs experience
D. Eligibility Criteria for Participants
1. Educational Qualification Or
2. Work Experience Diploma with 5 yrs experience
3. Age Limit
Certificate with 7 yrs experience

III) 50 years

E. Aims & Objectives of the Course
The officials from financial institutions,
commercial banks, government departments
and non-government organisations charged
with the responsibility of formulating and
implementing entrepreneurship development
programme for women.


 Appreciate problems and prospects of

women entrepreneurship
 Develop and strengthen
entrepreneurial qualities in women
 Identify suitable enterprises for

 Understand the role of institutional

agencies, and voluntary
organisations serving the cause of
entrepreneurship in general and
women entrepreneurship in particular.

 Formulate and implement various

developmental programmes for
women entrepreneurs.

F. Details of Content of the Course ►
(please attached detailed course ► Achievement motivation training
► Entrepreneurship development

► Women Entrepreneurship

► Identification & selection of entrepreneurs

► Gender issues

► Enterprises for women

► Business counseling

► Project feasibility

► Industrial and institutional visits

1. Class presentation
G. Mode of Evaluation of Performance of
2. Project work
the ITEC Participant
3. Report preparation and presentation