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Tutor Test

Name: Lewis Hastie

Please answer in point form and give several concise responses. Sco

#1 (5 marks) When a student tells you that he feels "silly" when talking aloud and he can't talk aloud at school anyway, what
would you do and say?

 The solution does not pop into the head of silent smart people
 Talking aloud can help you manage the problem
 There is nothing silly about talking aloud to help solve problems
 Ask the student to teach me a problem he has recently understood
 Ensure the student is always asking questions aloud when faced with a difficult problem

#2 (5 marks) You are working with a very insecure student who really believes he is hopeless at whatever subject you are
tutoring. Give some examples of what you want your student to say to practice positive self-talk. (pg: 9)

 It’s ok to be wrong
 Being wrong is the first step to getting it right
 Anyone who is very good has gotten it wrong many many times
 I am not hopeless at “maths”
 I will try my best

#3 (5 marks) The parent of your student seems to be desperate to hear some good news about their child. After each
session the parent asks how everything is going. You are worried about your student's progress. What would
you say to the parent? (pg: 11)

 Your child is learning however I am worried about their progress

 Although your child seems to be understanding some of the content, I am concerned with their lack of effort

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#4 (5 marks) Your student backchecks when she is with you, but there are still a lot of "careless" mistakes on
tests. What would you do and say to try to help her. (pg: 7)

 Slow down your working

 Make sure you review every line of working
 Ensure that each line logically proceeds to the next
 Make sure you are not merely copying your first set of working

#5 (5 marks) Your student gives up on the homework if he doesn't immediately know how to do it. What would
you do and say to try to help him?

 All harder questions take some patience

 Don’t be afraid to use the answers when you can’t find a solution
 Move on to other questions
 Message a peer asking for help
 Look online for methods to solve similar questions

#6 (5 marks) What tools do we have for monitoring tutorials and why is it important to do this?

 Student history Sheets

 Tutor Report Sheets
 Monthly Parent Report Sheet
 To ensure that the progress of the student is documented
 To provide a summary of what the student has achieved/requires work on

#7 (5 marks) If you were monitored by a supervisor, describe several things that they would look and listen for in
evaluating your performance.

 How well I communicate ideas to a student

 How I interact with the student if the student is struggling
 The efficiency of the session, how much work is covered in a session
 How the student responds to my attempts to stimulate ideas/work
 How well I implement long term learning and teaching strategies into my teaching

#8 (5 marks) What is the most important concept in the training manual and Why?

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 My Role
 Mathematics is highly applicable across multiple fields
 You become irreplaceable
 You are responsible for the learning of the student
 Often success in mathematics leads to confidence in other subjects

#9 (5 marks) List key generic questions that a student should ask herself to become a better problem solver?

 Why did I get this wrong

 Can I do this another way
 Why does this work
 Is this the most efficient way of solving the problem
 How can I apply this method of thinking to other questions

Fill in the blanks in the following:

#10 (1 mark) When you are tutoring, the most important person is The Student

#11 (1 mark) Usually, when studying for exams, you begin your review with Easiest Questions

#12 (1 mark) Usually, you will begin a tutorial session with Past difficulties

#13 (2 marks) The two people you want to feel responsible for a student's improvement The Student
are Myself

#14 (1 mark) In a summary sheet, the first thing written before each rule should be Trigger

#15 (1 mark) Usually, the frequency of the tutor's report is Fortnightly

#16 (1 mark) Usually, the frequency of the report sent to the parent is Once per month

#17 (1 mark) The most important strategy is Reviewing your working

#18 (1 mark) A checklist among tutor, student, and parent is indicated when Daily

#19 (1 mark) When I first start tutoring a new student, I should act Confident

#20 (2 marks) The two things I will try to accomplish towards the end of a test prep Surveying Topics
tutorial are Confidence of Client

#21 (1 mark) The most important goal for a student is to help her become Comprehensive

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#22 (5 marks) Write a paragraph describing how what you studied in the "Tutor Training Guide" will help you in
current studies or would have helped you in past studies.

The Tutor Training Guide has provided further clarity and insight into the process of tutoring
students and helping them realize their potential. It has strengthened the idea of my role as a tutor
and the responsibilities it brings, as well as clarified some of the logistical ideas that contribute to
constructing a planned and efficient session. Continuing from this, the interactions with clients’
parents was also made clearer to myself, and the importance of managing expectations.

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