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MPM701A Written Assignment - Part A

Criteria Unsatisfactory Pass Good Very Good Excellent

The executive
A very basic A very good
summary is excellent.
summary of the executive summary.
The executive It contains all typcial
report prepared. A good fundamental Most of the key
summary failed to components of an
Overlooked various effort here. The executive summary
deliver a clear excellent executive
key elements of business need or elements were
Executive understanding of summary. Formatting
executive summaries problem was included to engender
Summary the essence of the supports readability.
as highlighted in the established. reader clarity
report. Inspires the reader to
study guide pertaining to the
delve further into the
materials. (6-6.9) report.
(0-4.9) report.
(5-5.9) (7-7.9)
An excellent
The introduction expectations. The
The introduction
barely prepared the rational for the report
was satisfactory but
reader for what was was very clear and
could have been
to come and rather A very good the reader was well
enhanced with more
The purpose of the was a weak attempt introduction which informed as to what
carefully crafted
report is not at introducing BPM provided a clear was coming and why.
writing around the
apparent or clear in or the author's rationale for the The introduction
Introduction rationale for the
the introduction. consulting firm. A report and its stood out for its
report and providing
key opportunity to contents. cleverly thought
a hook to get the
(0-2.4) impress the reader through 'hooks' to
reader interested in
was essentially (3.5-3.9) excite the reader into
missed here. eagerly proceeding
through and
(2.5-2.9) absorbing the
contents of the report.

A very good section
Little understanding providing clear
of strategy understanding of
An excellent,
exemplified by the BPM and Strategic BPM and Strategy.
student. The perspectives Strategic
commentary on
connection of A basic commentary discussed using perspectives clearly
strategy and its
strategy to BPM about BPM and some examples to described and
BPM and connections to BPM
largely ignored or Strategy provided. attempt to link the examples provided.
Strategy and other associated
misunderstood. two from a general Benefits of BPM
Little consideration (15-17.7) view point. clearly laid out in the
for the audience of context of preceding
report. (18-20.7) strategically oriented
An excellent analysis
of the organisation
from problem
oriented perspectives.
Minimal A good commentary A very good effort
A broad contextual
understanding of the on the problem exemplifying a clear
problems / issues identified as critical understanding,
exhibited and
Identification and facing the or urgent. Could commentary of, and
translated into
analysis of the most organisation is have been improved diagrams pertaining
commentary, models
critical or urgent revealed. Lacking with additional to, the problems, and
and diagrams that
Problem Analysis problem remains clarity, leaving the commentary and/or particularly, the
link this
unclear. reader somewhat diagramming, for identified
understanding. The
confused about the example, as alluded critical/urgent
analysis revealed an
(0-19.6) identifed critical to in the assignment problem confronting
understanding of the
problem. brief. the organisation.
BPM discipline and
tools beyond that
(20-23.6) (24-27.6) (28-31.6)
which is presented in
the study materials.

are very clear,
Recommendations Recommendations
Recommendations concise and carefully
are relatively clear are very clear
are not entirely contextualised to the
Recommendations at least providing enabling the reader
clear, leaving the circumstances
either don't exist or the reader with to confidentally
reader in some doubt pertaining to the
remain completely enough confidence make decisions to
Recommendations as to the actions client's business,
unclear. to approve them and move to the next
required to move leaving the reader in
move forward with phase of the
forward. no doubt as to the
(0-2.4) caution. consultancy exercise.
actions required to
(2.5-2.9) move forward.
(3-3.4) (3.5-3.9)
The report was very
The report could well presented and
have been better The report was took into account all
presented. Several of satisfactorily of the quality
the key aspects presented. Some of considerations
required in the the key aspects highlighted in the
An excellent report
presentation quality required in the brief. The report was
The report is not which went beyond
of the report [as presentation quality presented in a way
professionally expectations in terms
listed in the brief] of the report [as that inspired and
Report Quality presented. of presentation
were overlooked by listed in the brief] persuaded the reader
the author. This were overlooked by to absorb the
detracted from the the author which information
report's ability to impacted readability presented, preparing
inspire and persuade and inspiration. the reader well for
the reader. the decision making
(6-6.9) process.
Overall Score Unsatisfactory Pass Good Very Good Excellent