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This Agreement made on (------------------) between <the client> PART And

BIRLAMEDISOFT PVT LTD, INDIA, 2nd floor, Mariegold, near neco garden, viman nagar,
pune 411014, hereinafter “Birlamedisoft” SECOND PART

This MOU contains the details and terms applicable to the execution of Birlamedisoft Quanta
V4.0 WebHIMS Project for <the client>.
This project will start on (---------------) and finishes as per the Guidelines which will be given
after completing the SRS and Presentation of Implementation Plan.

Project Scope
Quanta V4.0 WebHIMS – (Hospital Information Management System) Project Implementation
with <the client>

Modules Delivery
Modules & Important functions that would be delivered as a part of Quanta V4.0 WebHIMS.

1. Please refer Annexure I list

The project document covers terms applicable to the execution of Birlamedisoft Quanta V4.0
WebHIMS project as per the Project Proposal (Expression of Interest (EOI)).


Sr. No. Description of the Product Cost Criteria

1 SRS Study of HIMS requirements. No. Of days
manpower allocated
Creating GAP analysis report for 7 days.
for the activity
2 Birlamedisoft™ Quanta V4.0 Hospital Management Size of the project
Software. (Server based), Unlimited Users Access on
Infrastructure wise/
Intranet (Local) as well as Internet (Web), 1 Server
License. Connectivity with centralized database. Requirement wise/

 Software is loaded on the LOCAL LAN does not need

any internet connection to run or update it.

pg. 1
 No run/update through internet will happen.

3 Implementation & Training charges No. Of manpower

allocated and no. Of
 Depending on project size specific no. Of days will be
days manpower
provided as free implementation & training. later
allocated for the
charges are applied
 Birlamedisoft staff’s Travel / Lodging / Boarding /
Local Travelling facilities will be made available by
the client.

 2 project implementers/trainers, 1 Sr. Engineer, 1 Asst

Engineer will be sent onsite.

 In first 10 Days Configuration of the server and

computer setup will be done.

 Rest of the days- Data Mapping, Data entry, Training,

documentation, Trial Run , Go Live, maintenance
activities will take place.
No. Of equipments
4 Interfacing Charges to be interfaced and
 Uni-directional & bi-directional Interfacing of type of equipment to
laboratory instruments be interfaced
 Biometric Interface for fingerprint scanning &
Authentication software and Hardware
 For enrolling patient fingerprint in the system.

5 Maxim PACS, Software for Acquiring DICOM Images. No. Of modality

connections required
 X-ray, CTScan, MRI, Ultrasound are called as
pg. 2
6 Software Customisation Charges No. Of manpower
 20% FREE customisation work is included like allocated and no. Of
language interface, field and report changes as a part days manpower
of this package. Anything above will be calculated on allocated for the
Man day’s basis. activity
 After receiving Letter of Intent (LOI) and advance
payment realization (as per the payment schedule),
Birlamedisoft project manager will come onsite for
doing System Requirement Study (SRS).
 If any MAJOR customisation is found during SRS,
then a separate quotation will be prepared.
 The major customisation work will be calculated on a
Man Day basis costing.

Payment Schedule
Advance 30% of total project cost

Handover of SRS 10%

After completion of the implementation & training 40%

On project hand over 20%


 Installation and training period will be 2-3 months onsite. Further detail is given in
implementation plan.
 HIMS software will run with centralized database connectivity.
 HIMS servers should be separate if work load is more.
 Hardware must be available as per Birlamedisoft Recommendations. Birlamedisoft
can provide hardware and a separate quote for the hardware can be given (if

pg. 3
 HIMS software is server & browser based and will run on unlimited multi terminals
on LAN network. There is no separate license fee per user.
 HIMS software is web enabled and n-tier architecture system.
 Quanta HIMS will run on unlimited terminals on LAN & WAN network.
 2 engineers deputed at client site will implement the software, train the staff, and
make the system online. They will stay for 90 days onsite.
 Warranty & Online support starts as soon as software goes live and continues till one
year after the go-alive period.
 After one year of warranty period, an AMC contract is required to be signed with
 AMC will take care of Software maintenance activities, will rectify any bugs / errors /
malfunction found in the software including minor changes.
 After GO-Live, Software support will be provided to instruct the client remotely till
solving the problem.
 If the problem is not sorted remotely, then Birlamedisoft will make an arrangement to
send an engineer onsite. Such visits will be chargeable at USD 2500 (Two Thousand
Five Hundred) per visit and all necessary arrangements like Food, Accommodation,
logistics arrangements for the Birlamedisoft personnel’s visits will be borne by the
client. The duration of engineer’s stay will be there till solving the problem or
maximum of 10 days. If you want to keep the engineer further then charges @ USD
2500 (Two Thousand Five Hundred) per 10 days will apply. The engineers must
justify why they were unable to finish their intended work in the first 10 days.
 Any other software/hardware, web hosting Charges required for this implementation
are not included in this cost.
 Hospital should arrange suitable IT professional/s to get training on the software
operations. They will be a single point of contact with Birlamedisoft for getting after
sales support.
 Software will be given in English & Local language.

pg. 4
 Support for Local Language conversion will be provided by the client. The
application of local language in the software still remains the liability of the company,
client will only support them as per their part e.g. translation of English to the local
 Source code agreement will be drafted separately. After signing source codes
agreement and 100% advance payment realization, the Quanta V4.0. Source codes
including customization for the hospital will be handed over to the hospital. This is
necessary to mention that in the moment, client does not have budget to afford the
source code, whenever in the future they need to get the source code, will be handed
over to them based on the source code specifications mentioned in this contract.
 Customization changes must be signed by Hospital competent authority only, and
hospital will abide by / accept such customization incorporated in the software.
 Customization changes which are discussed during the SRS process will be
incorporated in the final software. The same will be shown to the hospital authorities
before implementation starts and a ‘Customization Sign Off’ will be done from both
the parties before starting of the implementation activities.
 Birlamedisoft will provide 2 installation engineers dedicated to the hospital for the
period of 90 days FREE of cost. Later In case client wishes to continue Birlamedisoft
engineers stay further, then client will pay USD 1,500/ per month & per person
engineer’s charges plus free food/accommodation/Travelling facilities will be
 How many engineers should stay further will be decided by the client.
 All payments by Cheques/wire transfer/pay order in the name of ‘Birlamedisoft
 Agreement Contract once signed, cannot be cancelled. No Refunds can be made.
 The HMIS system will be purely running on the Microsoft windows platform and will
not require any Licenses, or open source stuff other than MS Windows OS, MS

pg. 5
Server/Client Operating systems, .NET framework, and MS SQL Server, Microsoft
CAL Licenses All things must be 2008 R2 or higher.
 After changes in the software, Birlamedisoft is responsible to handover the latest
copy of the source code to the client free of any charges.
 The software application will provide a Data Access Layer to allow the application to
be connected with other ERP component e.g. the human resource management
information system. These kind of activities comes under Annual Maintenance Plan.
 The complexity would be addressed in the SRS. If that was a minor change, it will
automatically come under annual maintenance plan otherwise, a requirement would
be done and the efforts required would be addressed in the customization percentage
in the proposal

Client Responsibilities.

1. Provide Local Language conversion support.

2. Provide all prerequisites like Hardware, Infrastructure platform for implementation.
3. Provide complete assistance in implementation process.
4. Provide Data entry personnel for Master entries in the software.
5. Provide local advice about the Afghanistan Society and Market.
6. Arrange TeamViewer 9.0 Licensed version to receive Remote support.
7. Allocate users for training and work into hand and hand with Birlamedisoft during
implementation process.
8. Provide descent Lodging / Food / Accommodation / Local Travelling facilities to
Birlamedisoft professional/s whenever their onsite visits are made to the Hospital.

Major & Minor Customization Criteria

 Minor changes are field addition, report modifications, interface modification etc. It
will be done FREE.

pg. 6
 Major customization are like, developing a new module, developing a new screens
altogether, developing some new reports all together, developing new machine
interfaces, doing some analysis work, providing some consultancy services etc.
 We will see if it is really major, we will calculate on a Man Day basis charges.
 During SRS study, the customization will be classified into major and minor

 The product comes with a Software Support for a period of 12 months as per the
specifications at no extra cost from the date the Go Live is done.
 Software support is provided to supplied software and its services. Support entitles
the client in smoother running of the HIS/PACS software and services. Support
entitles Hospital to receive support and maintenance services, bug fixes, Statutory
reporting maintenance, help desk access (Internet based) and online Account
management during working Hrs, 5 days a week Monday – Thursday 8.30 AM – 7
PM, Saturday 8.30 AM to 3 PM excluding public Holidays online support means that
technical guidance will be provided remotely to fix bugs or issues, it never means that
the database server or application server should be connected to the internet for
remote access. Weekly off will be Sunday. Support timings are as per Indian times
 During Software Support or After Go Live period if any new requirements arises for
the client, then such request will be taken under Change Request Process.
 Birlamedisoft will attend to the maintenance calls as soon as possible of intimation by

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

 After the initial Free Software Support period of 12 months, support will have to be
part of an AMC, Annual Maintenance Contract.
 AMC Charges will be paid in advance at the beginning of the year.

pg. 7
 If you want to do minor changes in the software along with AMC then go for
Comprehensive AMC plan in which we will do FREE minor changes / regular
updates in the software along with the maintaining the system.
 In a Comprehensive AMC plan, if any Major changes are required, then it will be
chargeable extra on a Man Day basis. A cost proposal will be given to you on the
basis of the customization work.

Change Request Process. (CRP)

Birlamedisoft shall develop, customize and integrate the new requirements. The costs for
the activity will be decided after evaluating the customization work & the cost will be
given in USD as per Man Days basis.

After the SRS is done and we do changes in the software and implement it, later client
want to add/modify the changes, it will be part of Change request process.

We will study the changes and give you esteemed quote on man day basis. On this basis
BIRLAMEDISOFT will calculate how many man days required to complete the task and
will notify you the same.

Other Terms and Conditions.

Copy Right: - The client has personal and non- transferable right to use the software for
the above mentioned site only. The hospital will not make a copy of the licensed software
except for the limited purpose of backup.

Quanta HIMS system software is given only for <the client>, it should not be used for
any other purpose at all.

Implementation Schedule: A detailed project plan will be given once the agreement is
signed. The project plan will include implementation schedule & will be presented after
discussing implementation priorities with the hospital competent authorities.

pg. 8
System Software: The quotation does not include the cost for any third party software &
database licensing. The application software will run on WINDOWS 2012 and higher
Operating System and & SQL Server 2014 and higher Database license.

Plus procuring the other software like TeamViewer, networking utilities, speech
recognition software (Dragon system), virus protection software etc. will be a sole
responsibility of the hospital.

Data Entry: Min 2-3 Nos of data entry operators required, they should know about
computer operations, should have good typing speed. Ex. Drug entries creation, this
should be done by the pharmacy people. Birlamedisoft will give excel file formats (data
entry templates) in which data entries should be done, this data will be directly uploaded
to the software.

Hardware Costs: The above quotation does not include the cost of hardware. A separate
Hardware Quotation can be given. You would need to procure required hardware like
Servers, PC front ends, Thin Clients, Laptops, Hand held devices, Routers and other
networking equipment etc. In addition you would be responsible for cabling costs, ISP
cost etc. An excellent Hardware platform is required to efficiently run the Quanta HIS

Remote Support:

If there is any malfunction/ error reported in the software, Birlamedisoft support

department will be instrumental in rectifying the issues in conjunction with the client
staff. In an extreme problematic situation where the problem cannot be sorted out
remotely, then Birlamedisoft will make an arrangement to send an engineer onsite. Such
visits will be chargeable at USD 2500 (Two Thousand Five Hundred) per visit and all
necessary arrangements like Food, Accommodation, logistics arrangements for the
Birlamedisoft personnel’s visits will be borne by the client. The duration of the engineer’s
stay will be 7-10 days maximum or till problem solving whichever is early. If you want
to keep the engineer further then charges @ USD 2500 (Two Thousand Five Hundred)
per 10 days will apply.

Training: The client will ensure that the respective department users are available for the
schedules specified in the training and implementation activities and the activities
required for productive operation are performed diligently on time as per the schedule.

pg. 9
Training on the usage of the software will be given. Users which are in respective dept,
Ex. Laboratory dept users will get the software operations training. Such users will be
divided into 1-2 batches to provide software operations training to them. Birlamedisoft
trainer will give training schedule and according to that, training on the software will be

There should be dedicated training room required with projector, where training will be

Limited Warranty: our proposed price is based upon Birlamedisoft standard warranty,
stated below.

Birlamedisoft warrants that the services it provides under the resulting contract will
(1) Be performed in a workman like manner and with professional diligence, and
(2) Be free from material defects in workmanship and latent errors upon final acceptance.
In the event that any material defects in workmanship or latent errors are discovered with
respect to such services, Birlamedisoft shall perform such corrections as may be
reasonably required to remedy such defects of error at Birlamedisoft cost and expense.
The forgoing shall be the sole and exclusive remedy for such defects or errors.

Delayed Payments: All invoices of Birlamedisoft are to be paid within 15 days of being
presented. All invoices presented must be certified by the concerned User / Authority and
AKH will make respective payments within 15 days of certification. If after subsequent
reminders, the payments due to Birlamedisoft are delayed beyond 30 days, then all
liability of Birlamedisoft in the project could cease unconditionally.

Limitation of Liability: In order to offer the customer a competitive price,

Birlamedisoft must limit its liability as follows:

Notwithstanding any other provision of the contract, Birlamedisoft will not be liable
under any circumstances for special, incidental , indirect or consequential damages,
including , but not limited to loss or damage of other property or equipment loss of
profits or revenue or cost of capital etc. Birlamedisoft has no liability for its services and
makes no warranties, express, implied, statutory or otherwise and hereby expressly
disclaims any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

Ownership of software: - Birlamedisoft will transfer all the rights to use the software
without any limitation of time period to the client and will present the final version
product to the client after go live.
pg. 10
Arbitration: This agreement / contract shall be subject to, governed by and construed in
accordance with the International laws. Any legal disputes arising out of this agreement/
contract remaining unsettled or unresolved will be subject first to the given proposal if it
was still unsettled, will refer to International Laws.

Any dispute disagreement, claim or controversy between the parties arising out of /or
relating to this Agreement which cannot be settled by mutual consent shall be resolved by
appointing International arbitrators. The arbitration fees will be shared equally by both
the parties.
In any such arbitration proceedings, the decision of the arbitrator(s) will be final and
conclusive on work force solutions and supplier, subjected to applicable law governing
the confirmation, modification and vacation of arbitration awards.
Cancellation of Project: If the client cancels the project for whatsoever reason, the
client is responsible to pay all pending bills. Claims and including up the next milestone
of the payment terms mentioned in this proposal. If the client cancels the project, the
source code offering clause will be nullified.

Upgrades of Commercial Proposal:

Any new development in the proposed version of Quanta HIMS Software will be
provided to the client as long as software is under AMC (comprehensive) contract.

Birlamedisoft is responsible for on time, on schedule and on budget delivery of all
deliverables including the future maintenances. If the intended deliverables were not
delivered within the given schedule and/or the terms mentioned in the contract/ proposal,
the company will be charged 250 USD per day for late response.

The penalty is applicable only if the problem is on the company side and the client is not
involved with such as deployment of immature application, less qualified engineers, late
responses to issues and more. If there is any issue from the client side, Birlamedisoft is
supposed to address through official notifications in advance and suggest the alternative

1. Application
a. Quanta V4.0 Server License version installed on the Server
b. Quanta V4.0 Server will connect unlimited computers on LAN and WAN
c. Connectivity with 10 Satellite centers where Appt Scheduler, OPD, LAB,
Pharmacy modules are accessed.

pg. 11
d. MIS generation at Main Data center
e. Inventory Distribution and control from Main Data center.

2. Implementation schedule,
a. Doing SRS study to understand in-depth flow in AKH for HIS software
requirements. Duration 7 days.
b. After doing SRS, Birlamedisoft will customize the software to suit to AKH
requirements, approx. time taken ………. Duration 30 days. (Offshore
c. Near completion of the customization work, 2 implementers will come onsite
Duration 90 days. (Onsite)
d. Configuration of Server, network setup will happen …. Duration 7 days.
e. Preparation of training plans for various depts.……… Duration 3 days
f. Imparting Training on the software …… Duration 30 days
g. Data entry operations on the software … Duration 20 days(Simultaneous
Activity with option ‘f’ above)
h. Interfacing of Instruments… Duration 20 days(Simultaneous
Activity with option ‘f’ above)
i. Trial Run on the software ……………. Duration 15 days
j. Go Live on the software ……….. Duration 30 days
(Monitoring the Go Live operations, trouble shooting, imparting backup &
software maintenance activities to the client staff, monitoring interfacing work

3. Training plan
k. Training plan will be provided once implementers will come onsite. All
department trainings will be conducted and trial dummy data will be entered
for the testing software while training happens. Duration 30

4. Maintenance plan
l. How to maintain the system, how to take backup, schedule a timely backup,
how to rectify and repair the database errors, look up in the data for fault
finding, executing queries Duration 30 days, ongoing activity
while go live period
5. User manual creation
m. User manual will be provided, user manual will be explained during training
session. User Manual will be updated with new screens and informations.

pg. 12
6. Admin manual
n. Admin manual will be provided for Administrator, how to define various
parameters in the system, define roles and rights, configuring various
categories of users, system maintenance schedule. Admin Manual will be
updated with new screens and informations.
7. Maintenance Manual
o. Maintenance manual will be provided for Administrator, how to maintain the
HIS system, how to maintain the interfacing, how to do setting of interfacing
instruments, defining all settings of instruments, creating back up plans, data
mirroring, disaster recovery system. Manual will be updated with new screens
and informations.

Acceptance of Commercial Proposal:

A commercial agreement proposal addressing the project requirements is submitted along
with this agreement. Birlamedisoft puts in every effort in ensuring accuracy and
correctness of information. Birlamedisoft will put best efforts possible to address the
requirements and present to the client, the nature of the solution, schedule, cost and
quality of solution.

The acceptance of aforementioned project HIMS by the client, is by the way of returning
a copy of this agreement document to Birlamedisoft duly signed by the authorized client


Name: ______________________________________________
Signature: ___________________________________________

111,Gulmohar Center point, Pune Nagar Rd.
Near Gigaspace,Viman Nagar Corner,Pune-411014, INDIA

Chief Executive officer,

Name: Shrinivas Birla

Date: September 10, 2018

pg. 13
Annexure I
Modules & important functions that would be delivered as a part of QUANTA WebHIMS.

1. Patient Registration
2. Patient Billing
3. IPD Clinical
4. Wards & Bed Management Module
5. Admission Discharge Transfer (ADT)
6. Doctors Workbench
7. Nursing Workbench
8. Electronic Medical Record & Clinic Specialties
9. Emergency/ Casualty
10. Ambulatory Services
11. Laboratory Information System (LIS)
12. Radiology Information System (RIS)
13. Microbiology Dept
14. Histopathology & Cytology Dept
15. Pharmacy Management
16. Gynaecology & Paediatrics (Maternity) Management
17. Help Desk
18. User management & Authority System
19. Hospital Administration (Master Setup and Maintenance)
20. Operation Theatre Management Module
21. Inventory & fixed asset Management
22. Procurement DEPT
23. Equipment Maintenance System (EMS)
24. Healthcare Packages
25. Central Sterilized Supply Department (CSSD)
26. Dietary (F&B)
27. Housekeeping/Laundry
28. Insurance and Contracts Management
29. Management Information System (MIS)
30. Roster Management (Duty Rosters)
31. HRMS (Human Resource)
32. Payroll
33. Financial Accounting (A/C Receivable and Payable, Budget, Cost
centre )
34. Patient Module
35. Communication module
36. PACS (LAN Based)
37. Integration with HIS system via Rs-232 or USB port to external devices.
Ex. Interfacing of Lab Equipment.

***End of Document***

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