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Quarterly Newsletter

Customer Spotlight
Danni Nicole’s Fall 2010
Mary & Crystal Short, Owners volume 4 | issue 3
Hannibal, Missouri
Mark Gorman
weddings, homecoming, prom or formal events. F&M’s Newest
While not inside the friendly confines of Danni Board Member
Nicole’s, Mary and Crystal put on fashion shows
for organizations or groups who want a fun event
or are just looking to have a good time. Crystal Credit Tips,
normally heads these events. The organization “The 5 C’s of Credit”
Ladies, if you haven’t discovered Danni or group picks a few models to come to Danni
Nicole’s in downtown Hannibal yet, you’re Nicole’s, pick out a few outfits, and then “walk the
missing out on an untapped resource for your catwalk” at the group’s event. Fun and fashion is Lee Viorel: Perseverance,
latest styles and fashions. Gentlemen, take had by all and those attending have the opportunity Loyalty, Integrity
notes, this information could turn a forgotten to get Danni Nicole’s products for a discount.
birthday, anniversary, or special day into brownie Mary and Crystal obviously have a lot going A “Tip of the Hat”
points for you. on right now. Mary was appreciative when asked to Frank Crowe
Danni Nicole’s, women’s clothing store opened about F&M Bank and Trust’s role in helping to
in April 2009, and is a thriving downtown shop. secure a loan to get started on their fashion Tips from
Mary Short and her daughter, Crystal, have made adventure. “F&M was the only bank that would Frank at the Bank
big changes in the short time they’ve been in take a chance on us,” Mary said, “I worked with
business. Danni Nicole’s is now in two downtown Frank DiTillo. What a good guy. He seemed like
locations. Their Missy size (sizes 2-16) shop is he bent over backwards for us to get what we New Faces
in their original location at 119 N. Main, while the needed. You’ve got to appreciate service like that.” at F&M Bank and Trust
Plus size (sizes 16-24) shop is right down the Obviously taking a chance on local people isn’t
street at 101 N. Main. The need to expand was to such a bad thing after all. Danni Nicole’s has added
accommodate for all women’s sizes. two great locations to the downtown area. F&M Outstanding Commitment
Danni Nicole’s sells an assortment of the is proud to be a partner in the future growth of a in the Banking Field
latest styles and fashions in clothing including thriving local business.
lines from: Tribal, Erin London, Larry Levine,
Focus, Oleg Cassini, Multiples, Picadilly, August Danni Nicole’s is open Monday through Saving vs. Investing
Silk, Robbie Bee, !iT Jeans and other various Thursday from 10 am to 5 pm and Friday and
product lines. Danni Nicole’s also offers quality Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm. Next time you’re in Saving Tips for Children
Brighton sterling silver jewelry, costume jewelry, the mood to get a lot of style for a little green, keep
scarves and purses. it local with Danni Nicole’s in downtown Hannibal.
Guys don’t get totally left out. Danni Nicole’s Mary, Crystal, and their qualified staff will make you
is now offering affordable tuxedo rentals for feel right at home.

Hannibal, MO Monroe City, MO Springfield, MO Account Information 1.800.606.6414

505 Broadway O’Fallon, MO St. Louis, MO MO Toll Free 1.877.221.6424
3912 Market Street Palmyra, MO Quincy, IL
Highway 61 North Shelbina, MO
The 5 C’s of Credit...
Mark Gorman
F&M Board Member Capacity, Capital, Collateral,
Since 2010 Conditions & Character
Mark Gorman is the founder today are available to those
and Chairman of Gorman & When you go to your bank
or other lending institution to people who have at least use the
Gorman Home Loans. His
extensive experience in secondary get a personal or business 20% equity in their homes money,
marketing helps provide an
loan, how do you think they or 20% cash down for a and the impact on your income
industry-leading selection of loan and financial condition are
products.  Mark states, “The are assessing your loan purchase. You can purchase
merger with F&M Bank and Trust application? It is not just your a home with lower down factors here. For businesses
will expand our horizons.”
credit score from the credit payment, but the interest this can include things
Mark’s previous work rates are higher. such as consideration of
experience includes serving as bureau that is looked at. There
a vice president of United Postal are a number of things that the economy, current and
Savings Association and also as
are considered, and they can Collateral. Having prospective legislation, and
a vice president of Mercantile collateral is pledging an your competition.
Mortgage, a division of Mercantile be summed up as the
Bank of St. Louis now U S Bank. FIVE C’s OF CREDIT. asset that you own. For
He is a graduate of Indiana most of us that is a car, Character. This is a
University School of Business a home or some other measure of how a loan
and is a licensed real estate Capacity. This critical factor
broker. He is also a continuing- will look at your ability to repay property of value. In a applicant has proven their
education instructor certified by the the loan taking into account situation where you are willingness to repay their
Missouri Real Estate Commission. unable to repay the loan the loans, to meet their financial
Mark elaborates, “We are now a factors that include income,
mortgage company with banking cash flows, and timing of lender will take possession obligations. Credit scores are
services. When people buy a the repayment. What is the of the collateral and sell it one of the tools used here.
home we can offer a broader range in an attempt to repay the What does the bank know
of loan services.” likelihood that the loan can be
Mark was elected to the Board repaid as planned? loan. This is considered about your financial history?
of Governors of the Mortgage a secondary source for Applying at banks where you
Bankers Association of St. Louis
Capital. This is an repayment of a loan. have opened and maintained
in 1997 and served as President
in 2002.   He was elected to indication of your financial checking and savings accounts
the Board of Governors of the resources. How much money Conditions. This is helpful. For a business
Mortgage Bankers Association
do you have invested in the considers the purpose of this may include considering
of Missouri in 2002 and was the the work experience of the
2007 President.  Mark has also business? Do you have a the loan. It is common to
served as the President of the savings account or investment purchase vehicles and borrower, the management
Entrepreneurs Organization of St.
to help you through a tough homes on credit. Business experience of the borrower,
Louis and is the recipient of the and the applicant’s knowledge
organization’s 2007 Entrepreneur period? How much down will borrow for working
of the Year award.  payment do you have towards capital, equipment and of their industry.
Married with four children, Mark
a purchase? For instance inventory. The purpose of
stays busy with church and his the loan, how you plan to
children’s activities. He enjoys the best home interest rates
golf, gardening and reading. “I like
working with people one on one.”
F&M is small enough that common
sense prevails, and it doesn’t take
an act of God to get something “...F&M is small enough that common sense prevails and it
accomplished,” Mark says. “We’ve
worked together for over five
doesn’t take an act of God to get something accomplished.”
years. This merger was a great fit
for Gorman & Gorman, me and the – Mark Gorman
In Memory of
Lee Viorel1943 - 2010
Perseverance, Loyalty, Integrity
F&M Board of Directors 1998 - 2010

Many years later as or stressful challenges. He cared

Congressman Harold Volkmer’s about our staff, customers, and
Manager I remember calling stockholders. He committed his time
on Lee in the late 1980’s - in when I am sure there were more fun
the middle of the last major things to do in his personal life. He
recession. At that time, as
It is with deep regret we learned of with most of the savings and
challenged management to always
do a better job - which is what a
Britney Coleman
the passing of Lee John Viorel. loan industry, MCM Savings Customer Service Representative
good Director should do. F&M’s Main Branch Location
I first got to know Lee in 1972. I Bank was challenged to ride We are proud he was a Director
was very young, and he was my out the rough economic times. of F&M Bank and Trust. We are a • Britney and her fiancé
supervisor as we worked one We wanted Lee to understand better bank due to his dedication, Andrew Buckwalter
summer on the first election of the details of local financial loyalty, and integrity. From his reside in Hannibal and
Congressman Harold Volkmer. I challenges. His patience’s to leadership in the Democratic
will always remember going listen, understanding of the Party, commitment to community
are actively planning an
door to door with Lee in St. Charles details, and commitment to help service, his church, and his family, October 2011 wedding.
on those blistering hot August everyone’s voice to be heard our community is a better place •Former Miss Teen
afternoons. That long ago was extremely important in those because of his time with us. Hannibal and Miss Teen
experience, working with Lee, stressful times. Northeast Missouri
taught me to speak to strangers Lee joined the MCM Board of Respectfully,
without fear. Lee was tireless, Directors in 1998. He was never • Enjoys working with
dedicated, and always afraid of difficult Board decisions people

“Lee left behind a wonderful family, a remarkable professional

career, and high standards for fairness, courage, and ethical
business dealings that we all would be proud to achieve.”

A “TIP of the Hat” to Frank at the Bank...

In the Fall 1996 Newsletter a new from Frank. (He made me get my grandmother to guaranty
section called “Tips from Frank at the it, my parents wouldn’t sign, thought I was too big of a risk!)
Bank” started. Off and on over the next Since then, Frank has helped countless other young
14 years our customers have received people get their first car, buy their first home, and start their
advice ranging from how to remove frozen snow, how business. He has built friendships with our individual bank
to sprinkle salt on a spill in the oven to sharpening dull customers, strengthened relationships with our commercial
scissors and other essential skills everyone needs to get customers, and provided us all with tips to entertain and
through their day. I am sorry to announce, after 14 years, maybe even make our life just a little easier.
we will no longer be able to feature this indispensable We all wish Frank Crowe the best of luck in retirement Paula Brocaille
knowledge. More importantly, I am sorry to announce, that and hope he comes back to visit us with both his tips and Teller
the source of this information has taken retirement from more importantly, his smile and friendship. F&M’s Main Branch Location
F&M Bank and Trust. Frank “at the Bank” Crowe, joined
F&M in 1970. As a kid in high school, I got my first car loan
• Paula joins F&M Bank
with 6 years of previous
banking experience.
Tips from Frank at the Bank~ by Frank Crowe • Was born and raised
in Hannibal.
Write your name and address on an To rid smelly sneakers of their odor, Use a rubber dustpan to clean snow
index card, roll it up, remove your place a fabric softener sheet into and ice from your windshield. It is • She and her husband
bicycle seat and drop the card into the each shoe before putting them away. faster than using an ice scraper. Mark have 2 children:
frame. You will always be able to prove
the bike is yours. When having frozen pizza, cut it into Crystal and Michael.
slices prior to baking. It is less messy • Is a member of
When you are making yeast breads or than cutting the pizza after it is baked
rolls, warm the oven briefly, shut it off and the cheese is melted. Oakwood Christian
and place the pans inside. The dough Church
will rise nicely.
vs. Investing
With Roth IRAs Commitment in
distributions can the Banking Field
be tax free.
Working in a bank, I often real progress towards your goal. distribution as long as they are used
hear people use the terms saving The solution to this dilemma is to for educational purposes. If you are
and investing interchangeably. invest your money. When you invest saving for retirement it is important to
Saving and investing seem to be your money, you also make regular defer the taxes as long as possible.
similar terms, however, they are deposits into an account. However, This can be done with options such
very different. this account will consist of a mixture as Traditional IRAs or annuities.
Saving money is accomplished of stocks and bonds and possibly With Roth IRAs distributions can be
by spending less money than you other asset classes like commodities tax free.
make and setting it aside (in a very and real estate. Many people I meet In short, you want to save money
safe place) like a savings account tell me they are afraid to invest their for the short-term and invest for
or CD. In this situation, most of the money because they are afraid of the long-term. You want to have
accumulation is due to the deposits seeing the values drop. When you money in savings for emergencies
and very little is a result of interest. invest money it is inevitable that your and opportunities, however, money
This is an excellent way to help account value will fluctuate from time that is set aside for long-term goals
Joy McPike
protect yourself against a financial to time. The purpose of investing like saving for a child’s education 25 Years
emergency like a sudden job loss, money is not to avoid any and all or retirement should be invested
major car or home repair, or medical drops in account values, it is to grow so it grows in real terms. For
bills. However, it is not such a great your money over a certain amount more information or to set up an
way to grow your money over time of time. appointment please contact Eric
- for such goals as retirement or When you’re investing over a Evers, Certified Financial Planner
financial independence. The reason longer period of time, you also want at 573.221.5418 or via email at
for this is your money never really to take advantage of tax deferral
grows. CD rates over the last 14 whenever possible so you are not
years have averaged 3.83%. Over paying taxes each and every year.
the same time period inflation has For example, if you are saving
averaged 2.27%. When you add for a child’s education you should
the effect of income taxes you may consider a Coverdell or 529 savings
actually wind up losing money. In plan. These will help you avoid the
the long run, you don’t make any taxation of the growth and even the

Saving Tips for Children

•S ave some of the money you get from gifts, from your allowance, Cheryl Damron
and from doing chores or other jobs. 25 Years
• Make a savings goal and stick with it.
• Try to make a deposit in your savings account every month.
• Be smart about spending.

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Tom R. Dorsey, D.V.M. • Alvin (Spike) Ehrhardt • Mark Gorman • Charles Hickman • Jack Martin • Stevens Plowman
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