Special Events Manual

Review/Revised April 21, 2010


Table of Contents 1. Introduction ± Welcome 2. Department of Leisure Services 3. Municipal Events A. Special Events Policy - Definition of Special Events Categories - Risk Management - Roles and Responsibilities B. Planning Developing an Action Plan Developing a Budget Meeting Frequency Documentation Department of Leisure Services Contact Information Special Events Organizational Structure Department of Leisure Services ± After Hours Contact Information General Information ± Leisure Services

C. Amusement Rides - Amusement Rides Information D. Promotion Advertising Personal Selling Incentives Publicity Web Advertising Extra Information Street Banners


E. Volunteers

Planning a Special Event Development & Design Responsibilities Recruitment Screening & Interviewing Candidates Orientation & Training of Volunteers Supervising Volunteers Motivating & Recognizing Volunteers Evaluating Volunteers Overview Site Contact Information Extra Information Booking a Facility or Hall

F. Sponsorship -

G. First Aid Services - First Aid Services Information H. Security I. On Site Meeting Security Information On Site Meeting Information

4. Community Assisted/Facilitated Events (Includes subsections A-I plus the following) J. Site K. Insurance Insurance Information L. Alcohol Licensing - Alcohol Information - Special Occasions Permit - Smart Serve Overview Site Contact Information Extra Information Booking a Facility of Hall

5. Special Events By Law


direct your questions and inquiries to the Recreation & Events Programmer. along with orientations and ongoing training. The purpose of events in the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury is: y y Contributing to Bradford West Gwillimbury¶s quality of life. local community economic development and community identity. will provide you with important information regarding the policies and procedures necessary for fulfilling the requirements of your position on the event team. You are responsible for being familiar with the contents of this manual. sponsors and service groups that contribute their support and skills to the enhancement of events in our community. To provide volunteer opportunities in an event setting for residents of the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury. 4 . These events are made possible by the invaluable service of many volunteers. If clarification is required. As a staff &/or volunteer person you are a member of a highly qualified. community groups. Department of Leisure Services. professional events team. We anticipate that your term of employment will be a successful one.DEPARTMENT OF LEISURE SERVICES WELCOME SECTION 1 Welcome to the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury. The Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury recognizes the importance that special events can play in our community. y This manual. 905-775-5359 ext. 5203 (Cell) 905-955-6300 bjohnson@townofbwg. 5103 (Cell) 905-953-6376 905-775-2162 ext. Parks & Cemeteries Mike O¶Hare Supervisor of Facilities ± Bob Johnson 5 .com Director ± Tom Graham Manager of Recreation ± Nick Warman Recreation Coordinator. ext. 5301 tgraham@townofbwg.DEPARTMENT OF LEISURE SERVICES CONTACT INFORMATION SECTION 2 Leisure Services ± General Inquires facilities@townofbwg. 5201 (Cell) 905-953-6375 905-775-5359. 5101 (Cell) 905-955-2395 nwarman@townofbwg. 5200 recreation@townofbwg. ext. 905-775-5359 905-775-2162. ext.Nancy Shortill Thatcher Recreation & Events Programmer ± Joe Lotto Manager of Facilities. 5100 905-775-2162. 5102 (Cell) 905-953-6826 905-775-5359.

DEPARTMENT OF LEISURE SERVICE SPECIAL EVENTS ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE SECTION 2 Manager of Recreation (Nick Warman) Recreation & Events Programmer (Joe Lotto) Assistant Recreation & Events Programmer (Co-op/Summer Student) Recreation Coordinator (Nancy Shortill-Thatcher) Administrative Assistant (Heather Polsinello) 6 .

com (905) 775-5359. ext. Nancy or Nick. 5102 (905) 775-0300 (905) 955-2395 nwarman@townofbwg.m. 5103 (905) 775-1671 (905) 836-3560 (905) 953-6826 jlotto@townofbwg. ext. If there is any other problems/ (905) 775-5359. ± 4:30 p.m. ext 5100 (905) 775-6873 or 778-0212 recreation@townofbwg. if you run into a challenge/problem with a town facility. ext. contact the Department of Leisure Services after hours contact cell phone number and they will be able to assist you. 5101 (905) 775-5359.DEPARTMENT OF LEISURE SERVICES AFTER HOURS CONTACT INFORMATION SECTION 2 Leisure Services office hours are 8:30 (905) 775-5359. After our office closes.. Department of Leisure Services After hours contact number cell: (905) 953-6379 Nancy Shortill Thatcher home: cell: email: office: home: cell: cell: email: office: home: cell: email: office: office: fax: email: (705) 325-6952 (905) 953-6376 nthatcher@townofbwg. Monday to Friday. please call Joe Lotto Nick Warman Department of Leisure Services 7 .

Program information is also included in the town page in the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury Times.bradfordwestgwillimbury. This includes a Fall/Winter Leisure Guide that is distributed in August and a Spring/Summer Leisure Guide distributed in February. Supplemental flyers for programs and events are distributed through the schools on a seasonal 8 .on. From the home page simply click on Leisure Guide. The Guide can also be picked up from town departments. The Department also emails information on a seasonal basis to our program INFORMATION LEISURE GUIDE SECTION 2 The Leisure Guide is distributed to the community twice per year. The Leisure Guide is also included on the town website at www.

Municipal Supports Provided o Free use of Town meeting rooms for committee meetings and events o Staff liaison (Recreation & Events Programmer) for committee development issues/training o Staff liaison (Recreation & Events Programmer) for bookings. grand opening of a new facility. Grand Openings.g.) y Advisory Committees affiliated with the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury may be involved with a special event. either ongoing or one-time events. TOWN OF BWG DIRECTLY SANCTIONED EVENTS Mayor¶s Levee Skate Winterfest Easter Egg Event Community Clean Up Day Marsh Mash Trails Day/Mayor¶s Hike for Health Canada Day Carrot Fest Santa Claus Parade Celebrate Christmas Other events directly sanctioned by the Municipality (e. DEFINITION OF SPECIAL EVENT CATEGORIES A. etc. Characteristics of this type of event o Town Staff are primarily responsible for the event.DEPARTMENT OF LEISURE SERVICES MUNICIPAL EVENTS SECTION 3 A. park. postage. e. site lay-out. equipment provided 9 .SPECIAL EVENTS POLICY 1. day of the event o Liability insurance for volunteers o Photocopying. Town staff may also from time to time be asked to directly organize a special event. but may work with a volunteer committee o Budget for this event is already included in the Department¶s Operating Budget Plan o The Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury is acknowledged in all advertising and other publications for their support.g. facilities. park.

O. with support from the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury¶s Recreation & Events Programmer. mailings. parks. 125 Simcoe 10 . arenas o Staff liaison (Recreation & Events Programmer) for committee development issues/training o Staff liaison (Recreation & Events Programmer) for bookings. site lay-out.B. Bradford. Box 251. The event may be free of charge or there may be a participation fee. ON L3Z 2A8 Recreation & Events Programmer Joe Lotto (905) 775-5359 x5102 Email: jlotto@townofbwg.  Characteristics of this model o A formal committee/board is established/Terms of Reference are developed o Minutes of meetings are completed and circulated o Bank account/financial statements are established o Risk management plan presented to Town staff for approval o The Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury is acknowledged in all advertising and other publications for their support Municipal Supports Provided o Free use of city meeting rooms for committee meetings. TOWN OF BWG AFFILIATED EVENTS Lupus Walk a Block Cystic Fibrosis Run/Walk Migrant Workers Day Terry Fox Run Olympic Torch Relay Mom to Mom Sale Soup Fest Remembrance Day Parade y A volunteer committee organizes a Town wide special event. day of the event o Liability insurance for volunteers o Photocopying.000 per event) o Use of City¶s special event equipment Mailing Address: Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury Department of Leisure Services P. (to a maximum of $1.

facilitator of committee development (attending meetings as required) Assists the committee with Special Event grant applications Assists in co-ordination with other Town departments Assists in recruitment of volunteers Assistance on day of event in regards to risk management Responsible for completion of special events checklist for group On-site supervision on day of event 11 . ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES The responsibility for a safe. the organizing special events have the final this policy. Role of Recreation & Events Programmer/Co-op student on Town Affiliated Events Primary liaison to the committee.2. Police. RISK MANAGEMENT Any special event is required to comply by the following risk management policies: ‡ Municipal Alcohol Risk Management Policy ‡ Emergency Services approval. the Town staff are not members of the special event committee and do not take a direct role in the event planning (e. Town staff will be present at the event to ensure that risk management issues are addressed. 3.g. The role of the municipality is to support the volunteers/committee in their venture through a variety of means. including Fire. Within the parameters of volunteers/committee have autonomy to determine the details of the event planning. nor the implementation of the event. committee). well-managed special event is the responsibility of committee and the municipality. EMS ‡ Simcoe Muskoka Health Unit approval ‡ Planning & Building Department approval ‡ Town Council approval ‡ Public Fireworks Display ± ³Explosives Act´ and Explosives Regulations´ ‡ Adequate insurance coverage ‡ Hydro inspections ‡ Noise By-law ‡ Fire Permits ‡ Municipal Inclusion and Access Policy Details for compliance with the above risk management policies are included in the Leisure Services Department Special Events Manual. Town staff will approval for risk management issues related to the event.

(Fundraiser or donor development) ‡ Establish a theme for the event ‡ Establish the BUDGET: expenses and revenue ‡ Fill out potential Grant Applications (i.Finalize all deadlines y Begin sponsorship solicitations ‡ Mail packets and meet potential sponsors in person ‡ Follow-up bi-weekly until you get an answer 6 to 7 months before the event y Begin monthly meetings (Keep this a standing date to insure attendance.R. Time.e. and signage y Ask sponsors to participate in volunteering for event y Write press releases ‡ Continue to hold monthly committee meetings ‡ Include Date. time & date (this is vital to the planning) ‡ Book venue: make deposits and sign contracts if necessary 9 months before event ‡ Establish if any street closures and contact the Recreation & Events Programmer Individual committees begin to plan the details of each area and adhere to budget constraints Determine flow and timing of event Determine volunteers needed Brainstorm ideas for new and unique experiences Determine amount of time available for entertainment before or during the event.Appendix 1 SPECIAL EVENTS TIMELINE 12 months before event ‡ Determine the purpose of the event.Speaker/Master of Ceremonies y Identify personality y Check availability y Book ASAP y Start drafting script . name of organization holding event. Location.) y Reconcile Budget ‡ Go over budget keeping close tabs on what is being spent y Continue with sponsorship solicitations y Start to collect sponsor logos for use in P. Determine Where and When ‡ Establish location. Celebrate Ontario) Schedule timeline: ‡ Create a timeline highlighting the important aspects of the event ‡ Determine absolute deadlines and plan accordingly to achieve them. volunteer 12 . Determine use of band y Identify band y Check availability y Book ASAP (Some bands require a deposit) .

art. stations y Mail second invoices to corporate sponsors (if necessary) 4 months before event y Visit event venue y Contact Insurance company for a Certificate of Insurance y Continue holding monthly committee meetings ‡ Go over budget keeping close tabs on what is being spent y Report your progress to sponsors 3 months before event y Start bi-weekly Committee meetings ‡ Go over budget keeping close tabs on what is being spent y Fax second round of press releases y Report progress to sponsors y Get volunteers committed for the day of the event y Clarify any parking issues that might be attached to using the venue y Final considerations ‡ Sound systems ‡ Transporting heavy objects ‡ Get all information for publication of the program 2 months before the event y Continue with bi-weekly committee meetings ‡ Go over budget keeping close tabs on what is being spent y Book First Aid Services. celebrities involved. contact information. security for event y Confirm entertainment and submit Amusement Ride License.V. etc. y Start to design signs for sponsors ‡ Be sure to use the most updated logo y Report progress to sponsors y Send another round of press releases ‡ Be sure to get local society reporters to cover the event 13 . be sure to list a deadline for printing purposes y Continue to hold monthly committee meetings ‡ Go over budget keeping close tabs on what is being spent y Fax press releases to all newspapers. 1 month to 2 weeks before the event y Reconcile budget y Volunteer coordinator should meet with Recreation & Events Programmer to determine needs y Reconcile Budget y Book on Site Meeting (at 3 weeks prior). usually require formal requests 5 months before the event ‡ Event Chair(s) ‡ Send letter with benefits of early purchase if necessary ‡ If you plan to list on invitation. radio stations & T. have on site meeting 2 weeks prior to event. sponsors Items such as cars. purpose of event.y y groups involved. trips. if applicable.

The week of the event y Confirm volunteers .tell them where to be and when y Confirm entertainment y Confirm arrival times y Generate checks for entertainment if required ‡ Emcee ‡ Entertainment ‡ Volunteers Day before the event y Deliver signage to event site (any other items that can be delivered early should arrive in y the late afternoon) y Be sure all necessary sound equipment is delivered early on the day before the event in case y of problems Day of the event y Arrive for set up y Work in shifts y Be sure all aspects are in place before leaving to get ready y Have volunteer coordinator lead his/her troops y Keep timeline close at hand all evening to check the status y Have feature entertainment and speakers in place 20 minutes before you need them Post-event follow up Take time to evaluate your event especially if you plan to repeat it! Don't forget one of the most important aspects of your event: saying "Thank you" to everyone that participated in the event. y Reconcile budget ‡ Collect any outstanding money or pledges ‡ Mail or deliver all expenses from event y Send thank you notes to all that helped/assisted y Send a report to all sponsors with a thank you ‡ Consider having a follow-up thank you party for everyone who participated y Send follow-up communications to all special guests encouraging them to continue to y support the organization y Collect all articles and press clippings ‡ Discuss all successes and challenges of event (evaluate event) ‡ Offer suggestions to remedy problems ‡ Offer explanations as to why certain things did and did not work ‡ Evaluate whether the event served its purpose ‡ Decide whether you would do the event again y Save all notes and compile a notebook for reference to future chairs ‡ Include all budget to actual information ‡ Include receipts ‡ Include planning notes from each committee chair ‡ Include all press releases ‡ Include sample letters sent to sponsors 14 .

details and steps that go into a special event Useful for volunteer recruitment. Determine the steps needed to achieve these goals. Develop Action Plans 2.PLANNING OVERVIEW: Planning a special event can be stressful and time consuming. Develop an Action Plan What is an Action Plan? A ³blueprint´ for the special event. Complete a table similar to the table below. outlining every detailed step needed from beginning to end Important for establishing as many people. These occurrences are due to improper planning and can be avoided! It is important that your committee thoroughly plans your event to avoid last minute problems.DEPARTMENT OF LEISURE SERVICES MUNICIPAL EVENTS SECTION 3 B. Meet Regularly & Document Your Meetings 1. as it provides a clear idea of the tasks that need to be accomplished Should be reviewed and adjusted constantly Acts as a ³to do´ list for staff/volunteers in order to be prepared for meetings and completing their responsibilities The Recreation & Events Programmer should always refer back to Action Plan and include it on every agenda to make sure the group is on schedule. The next couple of pages outline key steps that will help you plan your special event efficiently and effectively. Develop a Budget 3. permits are handed in late and committee members may not complete their assigned tasks. YOUR RESPONSIBILITY: Be organized and plan ahead so that set backs won¶t actually set you back Follow the appropriate steps to planning a special event STEPS TO PLANNING A SPECIAL EVENT: Planning a special event takes organization and hard work. 15 . Determine how much time is needed to meet these objectives. Tips to Preparing an Action Plan: Determine the objectives of your committee. Budgets go wrong. Assign action responsibilities and timelines to individuals. 1.

then you could be fairly safe using a similar figure if you need the same system for your event. and an action plan and budget is developed.2. Tips to Preparing a Budget: Base your budget on actual figures from other similar activities. you are well on your way to planning a great festival! However. you can¶t stop there. Allow for surprise expenses/revenues or inaccurate estimates 4. This documentation is often referred to as the minutes. 16 . The budget is dictated by an organization¶s financial situation and has a direct impact on the type of event being planned. you can use actual figures from your last year¶s event. if a sound system was rented last year at $250 dollars. If your event has already gone through at least one year. Meet Regularly & Document Your Meetings Once event is established. To maintain communication and to ensure that tasks are being completed. For example. Develop a Budget To run any event you need to have a budget or financial plan. You can also contact potential suppliers for cost estimates. What is a Budget? A spending guideline for your festival. you must meet regularly and document what is discussed.

tssa. all amusement rides require (in accordance with TSSA): o A valid TSSA (Technical Safety Standards Authority) Ontario Amusement Device License o A valid TSSA Ontario Device Permit (stamped permit) o An inspection by TSSA o Liability insurance for $2.DEPARTMENT OF LEISURE SERVICES MUNICIPAL EVENTS SECTION 3 C. They include: o Certificate of Insurance o Copies of all ride inspection (Ontario Amusement Device Permit) o Copy of their Ontario Amusement Device License YOUR RESPONSIBILITY: Follow the proper procedures of obtaining a Amusement Ride Approval Ensure that all of the proper documents are available from the amusement ride company Cover the costs of an Amusement Ride Approval (if applicable). Licensees (amusement ride business owners) are also licensed and monitored under this Act.877. a permit is issued and must be renewed annually. three items must be submitted to the Leisure Services Department. roller coasters. It is a requirement that these devices are inspected before initial licensing to ensure compliance with safety standards and that its design is registered. 17 .AMUSEMENT RIDES & ENTERTAINMENT Contact Information: Technical Standards & Safety Authority 1.682. Please provide a copy of the insurance to the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury o Sufficient trained staff to operate the device In order to obtain an Amusement Ride Approval in Bradford West Gwillimbury. For each individual amusement device.000 (co-insured with the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury). For more Due Date: Two months prior to your event OVERVIEW: Amusement devices such as go-karts. Ferris wheels and water slides are regulated under the Technical Standards & Safety Authority (TSSA) Act.8772 www. contact TSSA for more information regarding specific amusement rides and their requirements Prior to operation in Ontario.

STEPS TO OBTAINING AN AMUSEMENT RIDE APPROVAL: 1. Copy of their Ontario Amusement Device License. contact the amusement ride company and request the following items: Certificate of Insurance. 3. Post the Amusement Ride Approval outside of the venue on the day of the event. 2. Copies of all ride inspection (Ontario Amusement Device Permit). contact Council to determine whether you need to obtain an Amusement Ride approval for your event. 18 . Two months prior to your event. If you have to obtain an Amusement Ride Approval for your special event.

Appendix 2 Sample 19 .

241.260. inflatable rides and games food machines Blackrock Climbers 644 Central Park Inflatable & interactive amusement production company Party Tyme Treats & Amusements 3772 Grenfel Rd RR#2 Barrie.335. ON M6M 3E4 Ph: 519.523.2400 Contact: Bob Hawkins info@rentfun. ON N3T 5V7 Toronto. Checkers Fun Factory Inc. carnival games.526. interactive amusements.739. 20 . North.249.0714 Contact: Manager Passive Adventures Ltd. games. event www.4000 Toll: 1.752.. ON L4M 4S4 Ph: 705.8742 Fax: 519. 1210 Sheppard Ave.superiorevents. ON M3J 2R1 Ph: Inflatable Gym jump.5632 Fax: 416.868. E. climbing wall. West Hamilton.201. Toronto.1396 Contact: Diane Matys partytymetreats@bellnet.. E.0714 Fax: 416. Oshawa.720. carnival games. 185 Limestone Cr.0402 Fax: 905. ON M2K 1E3 Ph: 416.260. leap of Amusements. food machines Ride and game trailers. 14 ± 4218 Lawrence Ave. Suite 274. 1063 King St.56. Box 1717 ± Station ³A´ Portable climbing walls Funland Outdoor Amusements Ltd. Superior Events Group Inc. catering. ON L8S 4S3 Ph: 905.4108 info@superiorevents.7121 Contact: Bill Bennett info@passiveadventures. ON L1G 6A6 Ph: 905.0865 Contact: Brent & Susie Brathwaite info@blackrockclimbers.201.9284 Contact: Tom Cox ± Office Manager campbellamusements@sympatico.7103 Fax: 416. ON M1E 4X9 Ph: 416. Suite 308 Toronto.Appendix 3 AMUSEMENT RIDE SUPPLIERS Campbell Amusement Ltd.

southsimcoepolice.4919 Fax: ANIMAL ENTERTAINERS Wagon Rides John Hodgson 2294 10th Sideroad. RR#! South Simcoe Police Dog PC Matt Tomlin 81 Melbourne Drive.0197 general@marvelappearance..0667 leanonme. CARICATURIST Caroline the Caricaturist Hands On Entertainment Tony Walfaardt 6 Mint Leaf Chuckles the Clown Jean McNair 3203 5th Line Bradford.818.8292 Fax: 905.775. ON L3Z 1M2 Ph: 905.8293 handsonent@rogers.. proclamations. ON L5N 6R6 Contact: Erin Braybrook ± President Ph: 905. opening ceremonies.799. RR#2 Keswick. Haliburton.8135 Wagon rides Lean on Me Petting Zoo Earl Green 833 Elmwood Ave. attention getting.799.775. ON L3Z 2A4 Ph: 905.3311 Ontario Dockdogs 2150 Meadowvale Blvd.858.308. ON L6R 2K4 Ph: 905.7218 Cell: 905. anniversaries.457.on.handsonent.8292 Fax: 905. Brampton. character portrayals.8293 21 .5281 winterdance@halhinet.on. ON L6R 2K4 Ph: CLOWNS / SANTA CLAUSES / SPECIAL EVENT CHARACTERS Marvel Characters Appearance Program Company Lauren Mandel 145 Franklin Turnpike.0640 Winterdance Dogsled Tours Box 631.775. ON K0M 1S0 Ph: 705.. New Jersey 07446 Ph: 201. master of ceremonies Koo Koo the Clown Hands On Entertainment Tony Walfaardt 6 Mint Leaf Blvd. ON L4P 3E9 Ph: 705.1748 Balloon art Santa Claus/Special Event Characters Hands On Entertainment David McKee 57 Brantwood Park Rd. ON N3P 1E8 Ph: 519. Suite 115 Ramsey. head table introduced.pettingzoo@hotmail.799.ontariodockdogs.2533 Special www. Bradford. www.. ON L3Z 2A4 Ph: 905. www. birthdays.3060 x243 Fax: 905.759.9400 Fax: 201.

com www. Sphere Entertainment 1397 Danforth Zero Gravity Circus 970 Queen St. ON M3H 2S9 Ph: 416. CSEP debbie@aratoevents.1844 Fax: 416.1013 info@biggun.8293 handsonent@rogers.1440 Fax: 416.873.2225 Contact: Cindy Cook ± Performer/Producer cindy@cindy-cook.3451 Fax: Cindy Cook (from the Polka Dot Door) 45 Dunfield Adam Swaye 757 Sheppard Ave. ON L1H 7L1 Ph: 22 .8180 Contact: Phil Hart Jagger Sports Co.5037 Contact: Dylan Vanier ± Marketing Director info@jaggerco.O. Montrreal.762. Toronto.6680 Ph: 514. Box 173. W. Petting Zoo & Celebrity Pig www. 90c Centurian Dr.545.9926 Fax: 905.hartentertainment. ON m4s 2h4 Ph: 416.O. ON M4M 1J8 Ph: 416. Unit 6 www.477. #1601.4016 Contact: Patricia Silver ± President pat@spherentertainment. Toronto..6377 Fax: www..655. 5060 Notre Dame West.7129 Contact: Ken Lasalle ± Owner kenjenzoo@porchlight. Oshawa.775.6710 Contact: Svava Stefanson info@zerogravitycircus.778.477..aratoevents. ON M6B 1S9 Ph: Ken Jen Animal ENTERTAINMENT & ENTERTAINMENT AGENCIES Hands On Entertainment Tony Walfaardt 6 Mint Leaf Blvd.8292 Fax: 905.. Arato Entertainment & Events www. www.483. ON L3R 8C5 Ph: www.9166 905.. Box 98056 Toronto.9993 adamswaye@rogers.461. Suite 14 Toronto.2200 Fax: www.7101 Fax: 905-775-4089 Biggun Amusements & Rentals Ph: 877.655.799.469.biggun. P.jaggerco. ON M4J 1N2 Ph: 416. ON L3Z 3H2 Ph: 905.7758 Contact: Debbie Arato. Suite 2A. ON L6R 2K4 Ph: www.RENTALS Bradford Rental 192 Bridge Hart Entertainment 41 Gurney Cres.933..adamswaye..0741 Fax: 416. Brampton.429. QC H4C 1T1 Toll: 1. The Lumberjack Company 20 Millbridge Crescent The Funky Mamas Ph: 519.1660 Cell: 905.Circus Jonathan 345 Bain Ave.406. ON L0S 1E1 Ph: X Box and Play Station Att: Aaron or Segal Ph: 416.6524 Contact: Jonathan Seglins circusj@total. highlighting Moments of Magic 79 Centerfield Drive Courtic.823. Ontario L8P 1Y7 Ph: Fun hand on science experiment The Magic & Illusion of Daniel Steep 343 Victoria www.papaskidztrains.756. It's truly an exciting and interactive adventure that children of all ages will love!" Doug The Great 9 Uplands Dr.8606 Toll: 866.442. ON N3R 6H5 Ph: 519. ON M4J 1B9 Ph: 416.2984 Fax: 519.756.ings. ON L1E 1K7 Phone: 905. Suite 1001 Hamilton. ON Ph: www. Ontario K1J 9H8 Ph: brett@enoph.9742 Contact: Bill Deba billdeba@sympatico. ON N2M 4J6 Ph: www.1010 Polytek St. Kitchener. Ottawa.9730 anterra@kw.860.482.588.406. Enoph Unit # 2 .9734 Fax: 519. London.6335 X-box and Play Station tour Dan the Music Man Ph: 416. Toronto.8727 Choose from 15 costumed stilt Concerts show for kids of all ages Papa¶s Kidz Trains Hershey Latner 49 Robinson Street. Brantford. comedy and juggling skills. On his feet Doug is a versatile family entertainer..My Enoph (693.dougthegreat.7765 Magical world of miniature trains where every child gets a hands-on experience as a "train engineer" exploring and playing with Papa's Kidz Trains.danthemusicman.328.8668 info@momentsofmagic.6674) www.979.thelumberjackcompany.8525 hlatner@look.5587 Fax: www.circusjonathan.9997 info@bandaloni.2984 (call prior to faxing) Contact: Katie Hunt ± Manager/Artist katie@katiethegreat. 228 Cell: The Bandaloni Show 136 Greenbrook Guelph band for children 23 .7609 daniel@danielsteep.

ON L0L 1L0 Contact: Terry Chisholm Ph: 705. to the special events industry 24 .5432 ihockeydevelopment@mapleleafsports.1146 Pennilee. Tottenham. YTV¶s Weird on Wheels Attn: Corus Entertainment Stacey McNabb Events Toronto Maple Leafs Road Show 40 Bay St.6801 Fax: 519.279. Suite 3200 Toronto.1905 Provo supplier of GIFTS PROMOTIONAL ITEMS MJF Enterprizes Mike Faulds PO Box 20018 Bradford.2873 Fax: 613.458. Toronto. Unit 1 Cookstown. ON K0H 2P0 Ph: 613.2222 www..bluejays.936. sweatshirts.vabsstages.9588 FIREWORKS Canazon Fireworks 24613 Highway #7 Sharbot Lake. HGTV.4125 STAGE Vabs Stages RR#1 Gorrie Gorrie. Suite 400. YTV Project coordinator 72 Fraser www. ON m5v 1j1 Contact: Penni Wheeler Ph: 416.530.nhl.341..6686 Fax: 416.0071 Represent Nickelodeon children¶s Events. ON M6K 3J7 Phone: 416.335. ON N0G 1X0 Ph: 519. hats etc. ON N3P 2A4 905.769.5888 905.9054 Fax: Phone first to have fax turned on Tercat Enterprises 12 George St.5700 x2850 Fax: www.815.279. ON M5R 2E3 Phone: 416. & W Toronto Blue Jays Jays on the Road One Blue Jays Way.terryelvischisholm@sympatico. ON L0G 1W0 Contact: Dave Pooley Ph: 905.mapleleafs.252.3363 canfire@frontenac.wheeler@bluejays. & the biggest names on the Food Network. ON M5J 2X2 Contact: Greg Schell/Tara Columbus Ph: 416.4320 Celebrity Events Network Attn: Lilana Novakovich 33 Hazelton Avenue # 164 Lower Level Dave Pooley Entertainment 60 McKnight Cres. Toronto.1710 Fax: 416.

It is sponsored by your special event and transmitted to your target audience through mass mediums (different types of advertising). Publicity 1. they do not have the responsibility to talk about your event simply because your group has asked them to. They have an interest and a responsibility to communicate community activities to the public and they welcome your help. The communication tools include: 1. However. they are busy people and they need to be sure that when they hear from you. Types of Advertising: Television 25 . persuade and remind the public of your special event. Your committee can use one or all of the four communication tools. Personal Selling 3. they are not wasting their time. listeners and viewers to present material that is interesting and informative.PROMOTION OVERVIEW: Promotion is essentially an exercise in communication. Good media relations are the key to success. Incentives 4. Advertising 2.DEPARTMENT OF LEISURE SERVICES MUNICIPAL EVENTS SECTION 3 D. The role of promotion is to inform. The media has a responsibility to readers. YOUR RESPONSIBILITY: Promote and publicize your event using various mediums outlined in this section. Therefore. STEPS TO PROMOTION & PUBLICITY: Promotion is made up of four different communication tools and is often referred to as the promotion mix. Advertising Advertising is a paid form of non-personal communication about your special event. be sure to have the following information ready to answer: o What is the event? o Where will it be held? o Who is putting on the event? o When it will be held? o Why the event is being held? Attempting to generate publicity can be very frustrating because there will be numerous occasions when your story is not used because it was not news worthy enough or there was not enough space or time to fit it in. educate. When contacting the media. it is important to understand the media and how they work. Yet.

Radio Newspapers Magazines Direct mail Mass transit vehicles Outdoor displays Handbills Directories Internet/Computers Some good questions to ask before designing an advertisement are: Have you carefully analyzed your need for advertising? Who is you target audience and is there a sufficient amount or should it be expanded? Does the advertising meet the needs (i.e. news articles, advertisements) of your target audience? Are the writing and graphics simple? Have you surveyed local advertising companies to see if they would like to receive your advertisement? Does your advertisement educate the public on little-known facts about your group (i.e. programs, mission, history, community service programs and volunteer opportunities? Is your advertisement to the clear and precise? 2. Personal Selling Personal Selling is direct, personal communication between your committee members and one or more prospective clients for the purpose of facilitating and expediting an exchange. Personal selling is probably the promotional form used most by public agencies. Every time your committee members interact in a professional capacity with present or prospective clientele, they are directly or indirectly communication something about the agency and/or its services. 3. Incentives Incentives are temporary promotions such as price reductions, prizes and special events used your committee to stimulate trial or increase usage by a client group. Incentives are especially useful when launching new programs and services or when introducing old programs and services to new client groups. Incentives add value to the program or service and therefore reduce the trial cost to clientele. 4. Publicity Your group will most likely use publicity as their main method of communicating the special event to the public. Publicity is a cost efficient way to get your message to your audience or to help attain funding or sponsorship. Publicity is any unpaid form of news or editorial comment about your special event that is transmitted through a mass medium at no charge to the agency. Publicity differs from advertising in that it is not paid for and is not sponsored your committee. Common examples of publicity are media releases, news stories, human-interest feature stories and other items in newspapers, radio, television and magazines. Writing a media release can be challenging. The information below has been provided to help you write a media release. What is a media release? An opportune method of gaining valuable publicity. Tips to Preparing a Media Release: Use 8 1/2´ x 11´ paper


Type MEDIA RELEASE across the top of the page. Use a short and interesting title Contain as much information as possible in 4 or 5 paragraphs, outlining the name of your organization or event, dates, times, place and any other appropriate information. Include the name and position of a contact person who can be reached for more information Double check spelling Include the first names of everyone mentioned Be accurate with your information Include the sponsors name (if you have a sponsor) Include history of your event Follow up the media release with a phone call. This allows you to give the media any additional information and also ensure that they received the media release.

5. Website Advertising:
Website advertising has gained considerable popularity in promoting special events and festivals. Most large events now have websites containing details on the event, sponsors, prizes, volunteer opportunities, contact information, etc. If you are interested in creating a website for your event, check out the following website: In designing a website, it is important to create one that is: Easy to understand: clearly state what type of event it is, the details of the event, and what the event is for (fundraiser, etc) Easy to navigate: make sure that it is easy for visitors to find what they are looking for. Easy to find: make sure that your website is listed on the first or second page of one or more search engines.

6. Extra Information:
Tips for Dealing With the Media (general): Find out the type of material that is of interest to them. Follow their advice and directions. Your story may have a better chance of being publicized. Be brief. Space in newspapers and time on air is expensive and in short supply. Never ask members of the media to buy tickets for your event. They are your guests and should be given special treatment such as sideline positions or front row seats. Provide both the day of the week and the date of the event, instead of just the day of the week or the date (i.e. Friday, January 24, 2009). This prevents confusion about when the event is to take place. Establish and publicize who in your organization will be the media contact person. This provides the media and community with someone to contact in case they have any questions. Know their deadlines so that you know when to contact them. Send information regarding the event to the media as soon as possible. The sooner, the better. Allow the media to meet the person(s) involved with your event or organization. Become familiar with the various media personnel in the community by contacting them directly. Make time for the media; give them interviews whenever requested. 27

Realize that the public¶s perception of an organization or an event is often decided by the media¶s perception of the same. Tips for Dealing with the Television, Newspaper or Radio: Find out the name of an employee at your local TV, newspaper and radio station who is especially interested in what your group is doing. Write a letter to each of the media sources explaining the details of your special event. Be prepared if possible to supply that person with written material like a news release, background material, pictures, or a letter outlining your event/organization since most media people prefer to have written details to refer to. Follow-up your letter with a phone call to the media sources to make the editor aware of your event or organization. Concentrate on building a solid and favorable relationship with that person by keeping him or her up to date and informed. Provide the local TV, radio and newspaper reporter with a detailed itinerary of your special event. Invite the person to your event or organization to allow them to become more familiar with your operations. Provide the local TV and/or radio reporter with the results of your event. Thank the media for their involvement in the event. Tips for Interviewing With the Media: Realize that what might be considered a simple conversation when you are talking with your neighbour can also be considered an ³interview´ when you are talking with the media. Remember that everything you say could appear in print or be heard on the radio or television the next day. Always tell the truth! If you do not know the answer, do not guess. Offer to help find it. Make notes of everything you want to say, including spelling out first and last names of anyone you want to mention. Leave your phone number in case the reporter thinks of a question later or needs more information at a later time. There is no guarantee the interview will result in a story. There is always a lot of material that does not get used. Keep trying!
6. Street Banners Due Date: Two months prior to the event

The Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury Leisure Services Department provides a perfect advertising medium by hanging street banners up at the entrance into Town on Yonge St. (Bridge St.). For Town events only!

Follow the proper steps to arrange the installation of a street banner Cover the costs of the street banner Steps to Arranging for the Installation of a Street Banner: 1. Contact Bob Johnson, Supervisor of Facilities & Parks for installing the banner. 2. Provide a banner to Bob Johnson, ensuring that the banner conforms to sizing needs.


ca http://www.2489 Fax: 416. Bradford.733. Editor 74 John Street West.775.Appendix 4 MEDIA LIST TELEVISION 29 ROCK 95 Barrie Attn: Promotions Department 431 Huronia Rd.6397 news.7304 Fax: Fax: SNAP South Simcoe Attn: Chuck MacLeod P. Ontario.5808 http://www.5000 NEWSPAPER The BWG Times Attn: Miriam http://www. Station 'O.3311 Fax: Global Toronto (TV) Attn: Assignment Director 81 Barber Greene Road http://www. Box 9.775.1187 jgutteridge@thetopic. Box 7095 Innisfil. M4Y 3B7 Ph: 416.436.7842 The BWG Topic Attn: Jay CTV Toronto (CTV) Attn: Assignment Director P.. Ontario L4M 4T9 Ph: 705.7313 CityTV Attn: Assignment Editor 33 Dundas St. Ontario L3Z 2B8 Ph: 905.5808 globalnews. ³A´ Toronto.1188 Fax: 905.O.775.384.' Scarborough.872.680news. Canada M4A 2M9 Ph: 416.721.0302 news@achannel. Unit 8 CBC Toronto (TV) Attn: Assignment Director PO Box 500.446.4471 x223 Fax: http://www. East Toronto ON M5B 1B8 Ph: 416.atv.snapsouthsimcoe. Stn. ON M5W 1E6 Ph: 416.thebradfordtimes. ON M3C 2A2 Ph: 416. Toronto Ontario. Editor 126 Bridge Street. Box 1570.ctv.4489 mking@bradfordtimes. http://www.725.2255 http://www. Ontario L4N 9B3 Ph: 705.tor@globaltv. Ontario L9S 1L0 Ph: 705.thetopic. Ontario L3Z 3H2 Ph: 905.593. Unit 10 Barrie.Channel (CTV) Attn: Assignment Editor 33 Beacon Road Barrie.205.3300 Fax: RADIO AM 680 NEWS Attn: Promotions Department 777 Jarvis http://www.

P. B0X 101.726.5 The Jewel CKDX-FM Attn: Paul Scott.cbc.233. Promotions Manager 1125 88. Ontario. P.0603 http://www.5711 Fax: AM 640 Toronto Attn: Promotions Department 1 Dundas Street West. Ontario . B0X B101 FM Barrie Attn: Dave CFRB 1010 Attn: Scott Johns.646.233. M5G 1Z3 Ph: 416.847.8617 connie@z1035.872.3300 http://www.8640 http://www. W.1011 Fax: 705. Street North. M9B 1B3 Ph: 416. Ontario . Barrie Ontario L4M 4Y6 Ph: Q107.0107 Fax: 416. CJIQ Coordinator 5312 Dundas Street West Toronto. Promotions Manager 1125 Bayfield. Street North.924. Suite 1600 Toronto.104.205. West. ON M4V 1L6 Ph: http://www.8617 info@885thejewel.1035 Fax: 416.3311 Fax: 416.jewelradio.chumfm.3511 Fax: 705.1035 Fax: 416. ON M5V 1W4 Ph: 416.221.737. M5G 1Z3 Ph: 416. Clair FM93 Barrie Attn: Dave Z103.0.5 CHUM FM Attn: Promotions Department 250 Richmond Street West Toronto.b101fm. Barrie Ontario L4M 4S9 Ph: 705.z1035.5 FM Attn: Connie Tete 5312 Dundas St. Sales Manager 2 St.7166 http://www. ON.213.726. ON M5W 1E6 Ph: 416.q107. Station A Toronto.fm93. Toronto.8683 howleyg@cfrb.0022 http://www. CBC Radio Toronto Attn: Assignment Director PO Box http://www.925. M9B 1B3 Ph: 30 .6666 http://www.1 FM Attn: Promotions Department One Dundas Street West Suite 1600 Toronto.205.213.

including a job title. determine the job responsibilities and decide upon the skills. Orient & Train Your Volunteers 6. Plan Your Special Event 2. Supervise Your Volunteers 7. The section below provides a brief summary of the components to the process. Evaluate Your Volunteers This attainable process allows for an effective volunteer program to be implemented. It includes 1. Yet.DEPARTMENT OF LEISURE SERVICES MUNICIPAL EVENTS SECTION 3 E. Please feel free to use the Volunteer Job Description Template. Attempting to deal with the later steps before completing the earlier steps and rushing to recruit volunteers before developing jobs for them to perform will only confuse the volunteers and the organization. you can begin developing and designing the volunteer jobs. attitudes and knowledge needed for the position. VOLUNTEERS OVERVIEW: Volunteer management is not a simple process. After you have planned the concept of your special event. A written overview of the organization Policies and procedures manual 31 . tasks and approximate time commitment each month. YOUR RESPONSIBILITY: Strive to achieve an effective volunteer management program for your special event by following the steps to obtaining and retaining volunteers Have each event volunteer complete a Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury Volunteer Agreement / Release and Waiver Form STEPS TO OBTAINING AND RETAINING VOLUNTEERS: The Volunteer Management Process suggests an eight-step course of action that can be used to blossom volunteers. Motivate & Recognize Your Volunteers 8. The Job Development and Design Process includes: A job description that outlines each of the volunteer¶s responsibilities. 2. 1. Recruit Volunteers 4. Develop and Design Your Jobs Once the program has been formed. the duration of the commitment. Develop & Design Your Jobs 3. In the past. plan the concept of your special event first. research points to the fact that a volunteer program requires the same type of managerial effort if not more than any other program operation would require. Plan Your Special Event To retain volunteers. volunteer management has often been overlooked and disregarded. Screen & Interview Volunteers 5.

referrals. you can actually begin recruiting. Screening and interviewing volunteers are necessary so that one may determine the needs and wants of the potential volunteer and whether these needs can be adapted and utilized within the agency. Things to Know or Have Before Recruiting Volunteers: Where to find volunteers with the skills. attitudes and traits fall in line with the program¶s purpose. the most critical step in the management process begins . Your effort then. Now that you know the type of people. A Volunteer Registration/Application Form. Some examples include mass media (TV. in groups or as a family. etc. attitudes and traits for the job position. attitudes and traits required for the position. Have a volunteer section on your event website with information about volunteer positions. attitudes and traits that you are looking for in a volunteer. 4. exhibits.the screening and interviewing process. Provide opportunities for people to volunteer as individuals. Your satisfied volunteers can be your best recruiters. It is crucial that you don¶t develop continuity by having a few people leave and a few people join each year. A Volunteer Registration Form for interested volunteers to complete. 3. All volunteers should be screened by one or several methods.A supervisor who is in charge of orienting them and training them to work resourcefully within the organization. word of mouth (one to one contact). Recruit Your Volunteers Recruitment is the process of seeking volunteers whose skills. skills. Feel free to use the exercise in the appendix of this section entitled. please see Volunteer Recruitment Planning Exercise. Helpful Hints To Recruiting Volunteers are: Enlist the help of everyone in your organization to brainstorm strategies and places to recruit new volunteers. different procedures for screening volunteers are appropriate. direct mail. an application form to download etc. newspaper. listing your special event in the Leisure Guide. Be straightforward and honest about the time commitment. skills. For an exercise on this. so get them involved. community newsletters. Use multi-media communication methods to reach your volunteers. Welcome Wagon and related directories etc. professional associations.). Determining the skills. public speaking. high schools and/or companies to volunteer at your special event. Depending on the nature of the volunteer placement. How to appeal your potential volunteers to your recruitment effort. should be placed on seeking and identifying individuals whose motivating factors will enhance your volunteer position. Screen & Interview Your Volunteers Once the recruitment process has attracted a number of candidates. videos. Volunteer Recruitment Planning Exercise to help you determine the answers to these questions. radio. attitudes and traits needed to do this job. Approach individuals. Methods of Screening and Interviewing Include: A completed µVolunteer Registration/Application Form¶ An interview Reference checks 32 . Remember that recruitment is an ongoing task and your committee must be continually planning for the future. service clubs.

6. fun and/or uniqueness. they are stimulated and encouraged to work harder within the organization. Signing the Waiver of Liability and Assumption of Risk. Further training and skill development so to maintain and build their confidence and abilities. growth. you should not offer them the position but instead. This provides the volunteer with a resource to ask questions. Specific position training prior to the special event so that volunteers have time to understand and clarify their responsibilities. a review of the volunteer job description. contact numbers. Staff and volunteer introductions. Remember to always follow-up with them as it helps maintain your repertoire. a schedule. Orient & Train Your Volunteers Regardless of the assignment. Supervise Your Volunteers Each volunteer should have a supervisor or contact person to report to. variety. power. Recognition of volunteers becomes an easy task when the organization understands what motivates the volunteers. give advice or ideas. Motivate & Recognize Your Volunteers All behaviour is motivated by something. 5. refer them to another volunteer position or opportunity. In this case. a volunteer manual etc. Sometimes your volunteers will not suit the position that you have screened and interviewed them for. it is essential to develop an orientation and training program for the selected volunteers. they will be able to contribute productively Orientation and Training Topics Include: Basic information about the organizational structure of your committee policies and procedures and an overview of your special event. Volunteer Supervision Includes: Delegating jobs Maintaining communication with the volunteers Offering and obtaining feedback on the job Recognizing and evaluating the volunteer Volunteer Burnout: It is sometimes easy to overwork your volunteers without knowing it.Police criminal records checks. Losing volunteers results in: Losing the person¶s knowledge and experience The frustration caused by a new committee trying to change the basic foundation that has worked in the past You can easily avoid volunteer burnout by: Move people around to different assignments Make sure volunteers share the workload to avoid one person taking on too much Obtain feedback on the job requirements from your volunteer 7. causing you to lose valuable volunteers. you can request it to your Town Staff Liaison. For an 33 . All volunteers. When a volunteer¶s motivating needs are recognized. control. Some individuals strive to achieve recognition while others seek achievement. This will help your volunteer to feel prepared before the day of the event. someone to notify in case they will be absent and someone to ask for additional training. including the core committee members should sign and date the waiver of liability and Assumption of Risk. operations and procedures. confidentiality forms etc. affiliation. receive guidance and feedback. Each of these forms should be submitted back to the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury for documentation and filing. If the volunteers understand your systems. If you or your special event committee is interested in a specific training. or to allow a person to move to a new position. record keeping instructions. a facility tour.

When evaluating your volunteers. use a formal evaluation form or touch base with them on a regular basis so that they know their strengths and their weaknesses. but rather an ongoing process that needs to be fair. 34 .example. Examples of Volunteer Recognition Include: Nominating a volunteer of the year Offering them discounts Writing a thank you card Placing their picture and a write-up in the local newspaper Serving a banquet Awarding volunteers Certificates and/or gifts Mentioning your volunteer contributions in a newsletter Taking them out for coffee Giving them a phone call Always making sure to thank your volunteers because they are giving their own time! 8. Evaluate Your Volunteers Quality evaluations occur when both the volunteer manager and the volunteer are given time to evaluate the work performed. honest and objective. recognize the volunteer by giving them a leadership role at your special event. if a volunteer¶s motivating need is control. It is not a one-time event.

Box 251. Volunteers Fax: 905. 3:30 ± 5pm. or mailed to: Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury. Leisure Services Department. ON L3Z 2A8 Attention: Recreation & Events Programmer. Name: ______________________ Relationship _____________ Phone Number ___________ Name: ______________________ Relationship _____________ Phone Number ___________ I authorize investigation of statements herein. I hereby certify that the facts set forth in this application are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. 125 Simcoe Rd.Appendix 5 Carrot Fest Volunteer Application Have you volunteered with Carrot Fest before? Yes No Name: ______________________________________________________________ Address: _______________________________________ Postal Code: ___________ Telephone: (H) ________________________ (Cell or Work) ___________________ Email: ______________________________________________________________ I want to volunteer at the following event(s): (check all that apply) Mayor¶s Soap Box Derby: Sat Aug 21. dates you were there _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ Will you be reporting your volunteer hours for your 40 Community Involvement hours? Yes No References Please list at least 2 references i. P. Downtown Bradford I want to volunteer in the following areas: (check all that apply) Entertainment / Children¶s Areas Set up/Clean up Promotion Stage / Site / Rides / Parking Info Booth Volunteer and Work experience: Place.. employer.e. Personal information contained on this form. Questions about the collection of personal information should be directed to the Public Access and Council Services Department at 740-4680 ext. 10:00am-12:00pm Willams St. 5102 35 . Bradford.O. teacher. will be used for the recruitment of Special Event volunteers. ____________________________________________ Applicant¶s signature If under 16.775.5359 ext. 4079. Parent/ Guardian¶s Name and Signature ______________________________ Date _______________________ Print name _____________________ Signature ____________ _____________ Date Phone # Applications can be returned to. volunteer supervisor. collected pursuant to the Municipal Act.6873 Phone: 905.775. Pro Wrestling Event: Sat Aug 21. duties.

I will not use facilities. by signing below. payment. and waiver as they apply to my child. equipment and property owned by the Town without the approval of a Town staff person. 2. Event Name: ____________________________________ Date(s): _________________________________ I. salary. and will not use them for personal purposes. I will abide by all applicable Town policies and rules. or injury. and ‡ I agree to the preceding conditions. 5. officers. If the volunteer is under the age of 18. or its agents. by signing this form as a parent or guardian: ‡ I acknowledge that I have read and understood the preceding conditions. employees and agents and their respective successors. I will immediately notify the appropriate Town supervisor of any incident that involves property damage or personal injury during my volunteer duties. No pay. if the volunteer is under 18 years of age. release. 36 . assigns. and will follow all instructions of the appropriate Town management staff person in carrying out the volunteer activities. except for that which is caused solely by the negligence of the Town. and waiver. collected pursuant to the Municipal Act. by their parent or guardian before being accepted by the City for volunteer activities. I acknowledge that performing volunteer activities may involve certain elements of risk or the chance of an accident and I hereby release the Town and its elected officials. will be used for the management of Leisure Services Department volunteers. and waiver. wage or employee benefits (such as accident/ disability/ medical/ dental or other insurance coverage) whatsoever will be paid to me and I will not be covered by Workplace and Safety Insurance Board coverage. release. and ‡ I agree to the preceding conditions. release. its employees. Name of Volunteer: _________________________________________ Date: _______________________________________ Signatures: _____________________________________________ ________________________________________ Volunteer or Parent/Guardian Witness Emergency Contact for Volunteer while he/she is at the event: Name: ___________________________________________ Contact Number: __________________________________________ NOTE: This form must be completed and signed by the volunteer or. and executors from all claims for loss. release. 4. damage. fully understand and agree to the following: 1. By signing this form: ‡ I acknowledge that I have read and understood the preceding conditions. and waiver. heirs. and in consideration for the Town allowing me to participate in the event.Appendix 6 The Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury Volunteer Agreement/Release and Waiver Form (If you are under 18 years of age. in participating in volunteer activities with the Corporation of the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury (the ³Town´) at the event listed above. ‡ I have given permission for my child to participate as a volunteer in the event listed above. as may be amended from time to time. Personal information contained on this form. 3. a parent/ guardian signature is required) Attention: please read the following very carefully as it affects your legal rights.

attitude): ______________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________ Benefits of the Volunteer Experience: __________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ Volunteer Risk Level (circle): 1A 1B 2 3 4 5 (see pg.Appendix 7 VOLUNTEER JOB DESCRIPTION TEMPLATE Position Title: _____________________________________________________________________ (Volunteer¶s identification ± give as much prestige as possible) Location of Activity: _______________________________________________________________ Function: _________________________________________________________________________ (General statement that identifies what the job is and why it is necessary) ______________________________________________________________________________ Reports To: Title: _________________________ Name: ______________________ Phone: _______________ Responsibilities (list duties. 6 of Volunteer Policy) Date: _____________________________________ 37 . knowledge. be specific): ________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________ Time Commitment (specific days & hours if possible): _____________________________________ ____________________________________________________ Qualifications (skills.

e. ________________________________________________________________ 3. where can we find these types of people? (Think about work setting. ________________________________________________________________ 5. job enhancement. meeting new people. if we draw a picture of the type of person who could do this job. hobbies. keeping productively involved. ________________________________________________________________ 3. ________________________________________________________________ 5. related interests. socialization.) 1. ________________________________________________________________ 6. learning new skills. publications. educational institutions. ________________________________________________________________ 6. possible occupations. ________________________________________________________________ 2. they might read. ________________________________________________________________ 2. etc. what would they look like? Cover age. sex. ________________________________________________________________ McCurley 1988: Volunteer Management Series 38 .) 1. ________________________________________________________________ 4.) 1. ________________________________________________________________ What motivations of this person can we appeal to in our recruitment effort? (Self-help. ________________________________________________________________ 3. ________________________________________________________________ Based on this picture. giving back to the community. career exploration. etc. parts of town in which they are likely to live. ________________________________________________________________ 5. leadership testing. ________________________________________________________________ 6. leisure time organizations and activities. ________________________________________________________________ 4. ________________________________________________________________ 4.Appendix 8 VOLUNTEER RECRUITMENT PLANNING EXERCISE VOLUNTEER POSITION: What are the skills/ attitudes/traits needed to do this job? (i. and whatever else betters illustrates the picture. ________________________________________________________________ 2.

companies and organizations have money to give away for events such as yours. For example if you need money for a children¶s storyteller. Form a list of companies or organizations that would be interested in sponsoring these activities/items. Your sponsorship letter should outline: Goals and objectives of the event. please refer to the appendix of this section. Hence. Write a letter to the potential sponsor. Your contact information (name & phone number) 6. 4. please refer to the appendix of this section. grants. 39 . Contact these companies or organizations in person or over the phone to inform them of the event and your request for sponsorship. For an example of sponsorship levels. approach related businesses such as a bookstore. YOUR RESPONSIBILITY: Carefully select potential sponsors (companies) for the different activities of your event. Two weeks after you have sent your letter of request for sponsorship contact the company or organization and confirm whether they will sponsor your event. 2. In fact. a publishing company or local children¶s organization. For an example. It is important to get letters out early as marketing dollars are allocated quickly. STEPS TO SEEKING OUT A POTENTIAL SPONSOR: 1. Cover the costs of your event using sponsorship. many companies and organizations have set aside money in their yearly budget for sponsorship and community events. What the donated money will be used for. 5. Develop sponsorship package with levels of sponsorship and a list of benefits to the companies. Use the Steps to Seeking Out a Potential Sponsor as a guideline for your event. SPONSORSHIP OVERVIEW: Sponsorship is an excellent way to help cover the costs of your event.DEPARTMENT OF LEISURE SERVICES MUNICIPAL EVENTS SECTION 3 F. Identify and list items or services that you need money for. 3. fundraisers and revenue. Emphasize that the potential donors will be acknowledged for their contributions.

aspx Ontario Arts Council Community and Multi Arts Organizations Royal Bank of Canada Sponsors culture.Appendix 9 Funding Organizations Ontario Trillium Foundation Awards grants in support of: Arts & Culture.canadacouncil. http://www. media arts. Human & Social Services. and community. and the visual arts http://www.canadianheritage.tourism. interdisciplinary work and performance art.on. civic and business related events in communities with OLG operations. www. orship 40 . OCAF helps reduce the financial risk of creating new ventures by providing up-front working capital in the form of partially-repayable loans.aspx Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation www. Giant Tiger Supports children and youth. http://www. OCAF investment is directed towards the marketing and promotional costs of the new attraction or special event. OLG focuses on local community music festivals and Canadian Heritage Supports cultural participation. http://www. seniors disadvantaged. www.on. index_e.on. seniors and those with CIBC Supports youth and community Click on Partnership Opportunities Ontario Ministry of Tourism http://www. Finds businesses/non-profit groups appropriate sponsors and strengthens community development and leadership. active citizenship and participation in Canada's civic and strengthening connectionsamong Canadians http://www. The Fund helps cultural and heritage organizations increase and diversify their earned revenue sources by attracting tourists and other visitors to new attractions and special events.html Canadian Council for the Arts Funds dance. and special events.ocaf.cfm OLG Sponsorship Program (Ontario Lottery and Gaming) OLG provides sponsorship support to events that involve and benefit the community as well as generate business and interest in the town or Ralph Basset Associates Inc. sports. writing and publishing.jsp Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund OCAF is open to large and small not-forprofit cultural and heritage organizations in all parts of Ontario.gianttiger. www.olg. and Sports & Recreation. families in crisis.

ST.726. Red Cross. Volunteer Coordinator 80 Bradford Street.DEPARTMENT OF LEISURE SERVICES MUNICIPAL EVENTS SECTION 3 G.e. John¶s Ambulance.0991 ext.228 vcbarrie@on. it is wise to have designated first aid personnel onsite. 3. Although some of your committee members may already be certified in first Due Date: Two months prior to your event OVERVIEW: Due to the nature of special events. For an example of a First Aid Safety Plan. St. John¶s Ambulance or Red Cross and book them for the duration of your special event. Therefore. Contact St. 2. it is not recommended that they act as the first aid personnel since they will have other responsibilities on the day of the event.) YOUR RESPONSIBILITY: Designate First Aid Services for your special event. it is strongly encouraged to have designated first aid personnel (i. The Recreation & Events Programmer needs to ensure that there is a way to communicate with the first aid at the event. Ontario L4N 6S7 705. STEPS TO BOOKING FIRST AID SERVICES FOR YOUR SPECIAL EVENT: 1. Receive confirmation of the booking. FIRST AID SERVICES Contact Information: St. 41 . Ensure that the first aid personnel roam through your entire site and make themselves visible. etc. John¶s Ambulance Attn: Macia Gooding. Post First Aid Safety Plans around site on the day of your event. Suite 400 Barrie. JOHN¶S AMBULANCE AND RED CROSS: The Recreation & Events Programmer should provide these groups with their contact information at the event (the special events cell phone number). Ensure the first aid personnel have a portable radio and are able to be in contact with the organizing committee at all time. Cover the costs of the first aid services. please refer to the appendix of this section.

Appendix 10 42 .

Discuss your potential security needs with South Simcoe Police The Recreation & Events Programmer will contact the South Simcoe Police to discuss and develop a security plan. 43 .00/hour Due Date: Two months prior to the event OVERVIEW: The need for security depends upon the nature of your event.DEPARTMENT OF LEISURE SERVICES MUNICIPAL EVENTS SECTION 3 H.southsimcoepolice. you must comply.775. Events requiring security include: o Events involving alcohol (All Special Occasions Permits must have one door/floor supervisor per 200 patrons) o Large youth Events o Events with large amounts of money on site o Events with large crowds (i.dasilva@southsimcoepolice. Security levels include: 1) Using your own staff/volunteers to act as security 2) Hiring licensed security 3) Hiring a police officer. beer gardens. the higher the security needs. and over 3000 attendee¶s) may require two police On average . and/or auxiliaries o A high-risk event (i.775.$55. Ontario L3Z 1M2 Attn: Lewis DaSilva Lewis.9896 www. 1459 Fax: 905. and staff members on duty. YOUR RESPONSIBILITY: If security is deemed necessary for your special event. It is the responsibility of the committee to book the security and to pay for any security Ph: 905. concert. SECURITY Contact Information: South Simcoe Police South Division 81 Melbourne Drive Bradford.3311 ext.on.e. a security team. concerts) The more risk involved in an event.

security boundaries and procedures. See Appendix. Prior to event it is a good idea to go over event layout and planning with security supervisor for optimal safety planning and proper development of security plan. It is his/her responsibility to hold a morning meeting at the event to go over the security plan. at all times. 2) The Recreation & Events Programmer will contact the South Simcoe Police to discuss and develop a security plan. vest.All volunteer security persons must wear an item of clothing that identifies them as an event volunteer ± t-shirt. It is recommended that security volunteers be identified as volunteers. 44 . Volunteer security persons cannot wear any military style hat or shirt that may give the impression that they are licensed security. Each volunteer security person must receive a copy of the Volunteer Security Guidelines provided by the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury. not as security. STEPS TO HIRING OR BOOKING SECURITY: 1) Discuss your potential security needs with the Leisure Services Department Team. An event leader should be put in charge of all security at the event. It is important that the leader knows where the security is. as well as to develop an efficient line of communication. It is also recommended to ask security provided for full reports to be completed after event and submitted to set person or place. hat etc.

For Events With Alcohol ‡ House policies need to be posted in the facility. The manager and staff will decide if. or in some other designated area assigned by the volunteer coordinator. or get in over their head.Appendix 11 Volunteer Security Guidelines Security may be working at the gates. ‡ Security volunteers commonly overstep their bounds. ‡ We owe a ³duty of care´ to all patrons. ‡ All security should be familiar with the event rules. you must know where the closest one is. The security manager needs to be notified of any situation that could likely lead to physical conflict. If a rule is broken we will show the patron our house policy and inform them that they have broken one of our rules. for any reason. If a security personnel needs to move. ‡ For guests who are under the influence of alcohol because of a facility serving alcohol on site. If somebody appears to be intoxicated or under the influence. We own the patron a ³duty of care´. o Every reasonable effort must be made to prevent them from driving home. if a guest is clearly under the influence of alcohol or drugs. ‡ All security needs to be working in a designated area so that the security manager knows where they are at all times. ‡ No patron shall be forced to leave without taking down their information first. Volunteer security must make every reasonable effort to avoid physical confrontation. notify the security manager immediately. ‡ We need to be patient with all patrons. including information on who is taking them home. ‡ For events without alcohol. friends. ‡ All security needs to be visibly identified as an event ³Volunteer´. or security manager. If you don¶t have a radio. notify the police. If it was a minor infraction of the rules a warning may do. o If all reasonable efforts are exhausted. If you are volunteering as security for an event with alcohol please also refer to your Smart Serve training book. the security manager needs to be notified immediately. and for this reason we have to make a reasonable effort to ensure that intoxicated patrons arrive home safely. ‡ All security must know how to communicate with their supervisors. otherwise notify the manager. please notify the security manager. without compromising the safety of others. If a guest breaks a rule. in concerts. Radios are very common at special events. notify the security manager and Town staff. 45 . at facilities with alcohol. o Ensure that they have a ride with family. and how that patron should be ejected. we must explain to the guest what the rule is. or a cab.

give lengthy explanations. 2. firm and assertive. ‡ If necessary. ‡ Provide a phone for the person to call a cab. call the police for assistance. ‡ Note that once an intoxicated guest has been served at the facility. Once the person is ejected you can no longer use any force. defend your decision or get into an argument. Tips to help prevent an intoxicated guest from driving ‡ Be firm and insist on making alternative arrangements by having a designated driver drive the guest home. 5. Politely take them by the arm and direct them to the exit. 3. * 9. Speak to the patron directly and privately to avoid embarrassment. Stay calm. it becomes the responsibility of the licensee of the facility to ensue that they get home safely. 7. and find out how they plan to get home. 6. ‡ Try to hold the person¶s car keys until they are sober. call the police. Never use excessive force. ‡ If the intoxicated guest refuses all attempts to prevent him/her from driving. Show concern for the safety of the guest. If the guest becomes aggressive. Often they will accept advice from a friend. remove the guest as quickly and quietly from the establishment as possible. * You cannot use any more force than is necessary to eject the person. 8. while waiting for transportation home. The following are the appropriate steps: 1. Ensure that an adequate number of staff and volunteers are present to help if the situation gets out of hand. Always stand sideways to the guest to avoid face-to-face confrontation.Appendix 12 Steps to ejecting a patron From Smart Serve Ontario Only the security manager and Town staff have the authority to eject a patron. Get help from a sober guest from the same party. or have the person call a friend or family member to come and pick them up. be courteous and non-judgmental. move the intoxicated person to a safer location within the licensed establishment. Don¶t bargain. Ask the person to leave. or more than a µreasonable¶ amount of force to eject a person. If necessary. 4. Try to take down their information. 46 .

time and location for the park supplies to be delivered and picked up 3. garbage and water supply etc. Submit a finalized list of your equipment and park requests and site map to the Supervisor of Facilities & Parks at least one week prior to your event. washrooms. The Parks Division has park equipment that is available for special events. 5. book an on-site meeting for your special event. Obtain and return the necessary keys for your special event. Before attending your on-site meeting. Attend the on-site meeting and discuss site set-up plan and requirements 4. attend on-site meetings. Examples of this information can be found in the appendix of this section. The on-site meeting will help determine what specific equipment is required (picnic tables. EXTRA INFORMATION: Available Park Equipment: Picnic Tables Garbage cans Pylons Garbage bags Barricades Metal barriers Snow fencing Recycling Bins 47 . An on-site meeting will also identify possible park keys that may be needed for your event (storage areas. List of park equipment requests (item and quantity needed) A labeled site map that outlines the different venues Date. prior to your event. etc.DEPARTMENT OF LEISURE SERVICES MUNICIPAL EVENTS SECTION 3 I. 2. YOUR RESPONSIBILITY: Follow the proper steps to an on-site meeting Return all park equipment in the same condition and location as found STEPS TO AN ON-SITE MEETING: 1. compile the information listed below.). ON-SITE MEETING Due Date: Three weeks prior to the event OVERVIEW: The purpose of an on-site meeting is to familiarize the Leisure Services Department ± Parks Division with the special event by walking through the park and discussing the location and setup of the different venues.). power. The Recreation & Events Programmer and the Supervisor of Facilities & Parks. if it can be provided and where it should be dropped off and left for pick-up. garbage cans. Three weeks. A list of the park equipment that is available can be found below.

locates maybe required. 48 . If you are not sure whether you will require locates for your event. speak to your park manager at the on-site meeting to determine if this is necessary. Locates help identify if hydro wires run under the ground and whether they will interfere with your special event.Stakes for snow fencing Locates Depending upon the nature of your event.

Interest at 1. plus. The Renter shall strictly adhere to the direction and instructions of the Town¶s Facility Personnel.00 charged if any damages and/or hall(s) is left in an 49 2. The applicant must pay for all damages to premises or furnishings arising from use of the premises by the applicant or any person using facilities under the sponsorship of the applicant.00 administration fee will apply to all NSF cheques. Bradford. J. 6. if payment is not received by due date on Rental Contract/Permit The Bradford West Gwillimbury Department of Leisure Services reserves the right to cancel this permit for any infraction or any other reason. 125 Simcoe Road. Sign all copies of this permit and if a deposit is indicated. Please quote invoice number with your payment. Box #251. SITE: Due Date: Six months prior to the event OVERVIEW: Each special event committee is free to book any of the following facilities for their special events.O. 3. A $25. Refunds or adjustments for Flat Rate charges do no apply. ON L3Z 2A8. There will be a fee of up to $250.DEPARTMENT OF LEISURE SERVICES COMMUNITY ASSISTED/FACILITATED EVENTS SECTION 4 Includes subsections A-I from above. 5. Cheques should be made payable to the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury.25% per month will be charged on overdue accounts. o Soccer fields & Baseball Diamonds o Parks o Facilities and halls EXTRA INFORMATION: GENERAL RULES AND REGULATIONS 1. The Bradford West Gwillimbury Department of Leisure Services does not permit the sale of food in Town Facilities. P. Please call for details. fundraisers or meetings. return one copy with payment to: Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury Department of Leisure Services. . 905-775-2162 Fax 905-778-2012. 4.

7. Deposits will be forfeited in the event of cancellation unless facility is re-rented THIRTY (30) DAYS prior to function date. Facilities shall be vacated no later than the time stipulated on the permit. The Bradford West Gwillimbury Department of Leisure Services will not be held responsible for supplies left after the applicant¶s time. Said permits must be posted near the bar on the premises for which the permit is issued. dishes. The applicant and/or organization using the facilities agrees to indemnify and save harmless the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury or its agents from all claims as a result of bodily injury or death to any person(s) or for the damage arising out of the applicants use or any person using the facilities under the sponsorship of the applicant of the facility as aforesaid. 3. Security to be responsible as follows: a) preventing 50 8. Alcohol is not allowed unless authorized and an appropriate Special Occasion Permit authorized by the L. Permit holder is responsible to ensure that the kitchen (where applicable) has been left in a clean and orderly condition and further that permit holder will be held responsible for missing or damaged equipment. Fire. Any damage to facility property will result in cancellation of future rentals plus expenses for repairs to damaged property. Smoke. If directed by the Bradford West Gwillimbury Department of Leisure Services the applicant shall provide security. otherwise. Non-use of Hall/Room without prior notice will be charged accordingly. unless such damage or injury arises out of the negligence of the Bradford West Gwillimbury Department of Leisure Services.L. At that time 50% of the deposit will be refunded. privileges may be suspended until payment for cancelled time is made. 8. Cancellations: FOURTEEN (14) DAYS notice is required for any cancellations. Refunds or adjustments for Flat Rate charges do not apply. Permit holder¶s guests shall not be allowed to roam freely outside the area rented. mix etc) brought in by the applicant must be removed at the end of the allotted time. Liquor License Act Regulations and/or Public Health Act Regulations will govern maximum attendance and all rules and regulations of those agencies must be adhered to. BANQUET HALL RULES AND REGULATIONS 1.B. Confetti. Fire Regulations.O. All goods (liquor. The Bradford West Gwillimbury Department of Leisure Services does not assume any responsibility for any accidents or injuries sustained by participants in any program in the buildings or on the grounds so designated or the loss of personal or organization effects stored or left in the buildings or on the grounds. . Permit and payment must be returned within TWO (2) WEEKS from date of issue or permit will be cancelled. has been obtained. 5. 4. The applicant must adhere to the Bradford West Gwillimbury Municipal Alcohol Risk Management Policy. 6. 7. The Bradford West Gwillimbury Department of Leisure Services reserve the right to impose a liability deposit.unacceptable condition. Sparklers] are not permitted in or around the facility ± clean up will be charged accordingly. rice or special effects [ie. 2. unless arising out of the negligence of the Bradford West Gwillimbury Department of Leisure Services.

2162 ext.5202 School Booking: Simcoe County District School Board Don Kennedy.5202 Hall/Facility Booking: Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury Leisure Services Department Attn: Teresa Fairbarn.6363 ext. Permit Clerk 705. SITE CONTACT INFORMATION: For more details and information on booking each location.722.on. Facilities Booking Clerk 905. d) where ³No Minors Permit´ assuring that no minors gain entrance into facility. Permit Officer 705.disturbances of any nature.on.734.2162 ext.5202 tfairbarn@townofbwg. Field Bookings: Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury Leisure Services Department Attn: Teresa Fairbarn. c) where ³Minors Allowed Permit´ assuring no minors consume alcohol.3559 ext. 260 dcharlebois@smcdsb. e) ensuring that rented premises are cleared at the allotted time as indicated on permit. Facilities Booking Clerk 905.775.775.11348 dkennedy@scdsb. Facilities Booking Clerk 905. b) removal of unsavory and unwanted Park Booking: Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury Leisure Services Department Attn: Teresa 51 .ca Simcoe Muskoka District Catholic School Board Darlene Charlebois. please look at the following pages.775.2162 ext.

please refer to chart under µExtra Information¶ The date(s) and location(s) of your special event Effective and Expiry dates of the insurance coverage Cancellation Clause indicates 30 days Host Liquor Endorsement (only if liquor is being served) The name of Insurance Company & an authorized representative¶s signature 2. OVERVIEW: INSURANCE Due Date: Four months prior to the event The Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury requires that all user groups obtain adequate insurance coverage for their event so that they are covered for any liability issues that may arise. For exception. 3. The following special event committees are already insured under the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury Insurance Policy: o Mayor¶s Levee Skate o Winterfest o Easter Egg Event o Community Clean up Day o Marsh Mash o Trails Day/Mayor¶s Hike for Health o Canada Day Celebrations o Carrot Fest o Soup Fest o Santa Claus Parade o Celebrate Christmas YOUR RESPONSIBILITY: ‡ If your group is not included on this list. Contact your own insurance company and request a certificate of insurance. you are not insured under the Corporation of the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury Insurance Policy. The Recreation & Events Programmer will then verify that your certificate of 52 . Submit a copy of your completed certificate of insurance to the Recreation & Events Programmer.DEPARTMENT OF LEISURE SERVICES COMMUNITY ASSISTED/FACILITATED EVENTS SECTION 4 K. you must obtain a comprehensive policy of public liability and property damage insurance through your own insurance company. STEPS TO OBTAINING A CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE: 1. Therefore. Your completed insurance certificate must include the following: The Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury listed as ³additional insured´ Commercial General Liability of $2 Million.

volunteers. Utilize personal skills and experience for the benefit of the organization. including contents insurance and liability insurance for both the directors and public. Foresee the consequences of a course of action before taking that action.e.000. Ensure all employee deductions and income tax remittances have been paid to Revenue Canada Ensure that proper and sufficient insurance is available.000 Sport Tournaments without alcohol $1. All members who vote in favour of assuming any debts of the organization are legally responsible for those debts. diligence and skill in performing the tasks of a director. procedures and standards. Use care. Manage the organization¶s finances properly and be accountable for all income and expenditures. Disclose to all members of the board a conflict of interest. by-laws. 000 Liability Requirements: Whether your special event is insured under the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury insurance or another insurance company. Evaluation of all aspects of the operation. Have a full knowledge and clear understanding of board and operations policies. client group and community. staff. a volunteer special event committee is autonomous. in good faith and in the best interest of the organization. Personal: Act honestly. goals and objectives of the organization. Assess the needs of membership. 000. For any special event. 53 . bus pull) Dance Street Parties Beer Gardens Toll Lanes Other event which includes the consumption of alcohol $2. the member(s) who sign a contract are legally responsible to uphold the terms and conditions of the agreement. the committee is therefore responsible to adhere to the following: Organizational: Uphold the constitution. Financial: Avoid making a profit at the organization¶s is valid and approved. However. when entering an agreement. EXTRA INFORMATION: Type of Special Event Minimum Insurance Coverage Walk-a-thons Fun Runs Running Events of all distances Biathlons Triathlons Bike Races Parades Filming Sport Tournaments with alcohol Other events not otherwise classified (i.

Give advice. ask questions and make decisions with regard to staff suggestions.Adhere to the oath of confidentiality. and Be loyal to the organization Act within the purposes of the organization. Do not act outside the board¶s area of authority. 54 .

Special Occasion Permits are for occasional special events only. 2. Abide by the regulations set forth by the Liquor License Act. Three months prior to the event contact the L. This is a guide to certain relevant legislation only. Alcohol Risk Management Policy: The Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury has developed a Municipal Alcohol Risk Management Policy to ensure the safety and enjoyment of patrons using Town facilities/parks. If you intend to serve liquor for private profit. and Health Departments (3 separate letters). A permit may be revoked before the event if the AGCO has reason to believe the event is being used for personal gain. Complete the Special Occasions Permit Application Form. STEPS TO OBTAINING A SPECIAL OCCASIONS PERMIT: 1.B.DEPARTMENT OF LEISURE SERVICES COMMUNITY ASSISTED/FACILITATED EVENTS SECTION 4 L. ALCOHOL LICENSING Due Date: Three months prior to the event OVERVIEW: Special Occasions Permit: A permit is needed any time liquor is sold or served anywhere other than in a licensed establishment or a private place. you must obtain a liquor license. Abide by the regulations set forth in the Alcohol Risk Management Policy. Fire. Under Town Council¶s Alcohol Risk Management Policy. Write a letter to the Police. YOUR RESPONSIBILITY: Be ultimately responsible for the safety and sobriety of people attending the event. please refer to the appendix of this section. It does not purport to recite all applicable statutory references. A private place is an indoor area usually not open to the public and not open to the public during the event (i.requesting approval of alcohol at your Special Event.e. be sure to include the following information: A copy of your completed Special Occasion Permit Estimated attendance.C. For more information on the Municipal Alcohol Risk Management Policy.O for a Special Occasions Permit Application Form. security and control measures for the event 55 . alcoholic beverages are not allowed on Town property unless licensed under the authority of a Special Occasion Permit. not for private profit. A residence or private office). Along with each of your letters. 3. Paramedics. All event sponsors are required to abide by this policy.

7. Security: Security is required if your event includes alcohol. Required signage are: 56 . 9. In your letter. The L. Applicants must submit any information.O. Police and Fire Department and the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury. Recommendations for your Special Event: Create the required signage to post ahead of time. records. (at least two months prior to event). 6. o Copy of advertising o Letters of Approval from the Board of Once you have completed the above steps. Post your Special Occasions Permit onsite on the day of your event. a member or representative of at least 19 years of age who has signing authority for the organization must sign the application.C. please see Section 16 ± Security. For more information on Security. specifies. Send a list of your bartenders and their Smart Serve Certification Numbers to your Special Events Liaison.B. o Location and number of washrooms o Location of food service area and type of food being served 4. EXTRA INFORMATION: Applicants: Applicants must be 19 years of age or older to apply for a Special Occasion Permit. indicating the: o Location of event o Location of beer tent or fenced enclosure and bar. The permit (and levy receipt for Sale events) must be posted in a noticeable place during the event. You may be asked to provide acceptable identification.C. All individuals are responsible to have their Smart Serve Card with them at the event and be able to show it upon request. for further information. A copy of this checklist can be found in the appendix of this section. documentation or approvals to the AGCO as requested. including location of entrances and exits to enclosure. 5. Send proof of the Special Occasions Permit to the Recreation & Events Programmer. will review your Permit Application and contact you when it has been approved.B. The permit holder or representative shall attend and be present throughout the SOP event. SMART SERVE CERTIFICATION All bartenders and beverage garden security must provide proof of Smart Serve Certification two weeks before an event. It will be available for pick-up at the location that the L.B.L.smartserve. be sure to include the following in your application: o A letter outlining the Special Event in detail.A sketch of the outdoor area. return your Special Occasion Permit Application Form to an issuing L. If the applicant is an organization. Complete the Special Occasions Permit Checklist. materials. visit www.O. The course can be taken on-line. 8.

57 .o o o o o o The hours of operation The time that tickets are not sold any longer The time that drinks will not be served any longer The time period that tickets will be redeemable for cash The designated driver program The location of where low & non-alcoholic drinks are available Use a counting device when serving alcohol to patrons and to keep track of the amount of people entering and exiting the beer garden to ensure the legal limit occupancy is abided by.

Appendix 8 Sample 58 .

59 .

60 .

61 .

62 .

³Life Safety Plan´ means a written plan to mitigate any emergencies or risks. 63 .O.DEPARTMENT OF LEISURE SERVICES SPECIAL EVENTS BY-LAW SECTION 5 THE CORPORATION OF THE TOWN OF BRADFORD WEST GWILLIMBURY BY-LAW NO. c. filing or making an application for a Permit. AND WHEREAS the Council of The Corporation of the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury seeks to regulate the holding of special events in the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury and deems it necessary and expedient to enact a by-law to govern the holding of special events on public or private property. along with a plan to advise and train anyone who is assisting with the event in those procedures. 2001. Council may pass by-laws providing that a person who contravenes a by-law is guilty of an offence AND WHEREAS pursuant to Section 429 of the Municipal Act. AND WHEREAS pursuant to Section 425 of the Municipal Act. 9 and 11 of the Municipal Act. 25.1 In this By-law: (a) (b) (c) ³Applicant´ means the person or entity submitting. including public fairs. ³Council´ means the Council of The Corporation of the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury. confer broad powers on municipal councils to govern their affairs as they deem appropriate and to enact by-laws for broad purposes. Council may establish fines for offences under its by-laws. 2001. 2008-013 Being a By-law to establish a system with respect to the issuance of special event permits in the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury WHEREAS Sections 8. 2001. AND WHEREAS pursuant to Section 126 of the Municipal Act. 2001. NOW THEREFORE THE COUNCIL OF THE CORPORATION OF THE TOWN OF BRADFORD WEST GWILLIMBURY ENACTS AS FOLLOWS: 1. which may occur on scene and outlines the procedures or safeguards to react to those situations. S. DEFINITIONS 1. Council may pass by-laws to regulate cultural and recreational events. 2001.

SPECIAL EVENTS FOR WHICH PERMIT IS REQUIRED 2. processions. of a competitive or non-competitive nature. or function. recreational events. gatherings and similar events which offer such activities as amusement rides or devices.000 persons who participate or attend.000 persons who participate or attend. games of skill. marathons.(d) (e) (f) (g) (h) ³Permit´ means any permit issued in accordance with the provision of this By-law. or both. including any prescheduled organized concentration of watercraft. organize or sponsor any of the following events or activities on Town property or other public facilities. involving participants and/or spectators. activities or events requiring a variance from the regulations of any municipal department. highways. parks. exhibition. or both. (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) (h) 64 . marine events. ³Town Departments´ means any department within the Corporation of the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury. ³Town´ means The Corporation of the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury. Outdoor assemblies for religious and/or cultural purposes. ³Special Event´ means an activity. held within the boundaries of the Town that attracts more than 2. or on private property which attract more than 2. outdoor festivals offering live or recorded music or entertainment for public or private audiences. during and after the event.1. entrances/exits and any other structure that is to be accompanied by a map displaying the size and location of the event. animal rides or exhibitions. car/automobile shows and other events utilizing the sidewalks or vehicular travel portion of municipal streets. more particularly described in Section 2. business entity or group. (i) (j) (k) (l) 2. ³Town or Public Facility´ means road allowances. parking lots or properties. bazaars. ³Security Plan´ means a plan to address property and equipment security before. event. scheduled races. food concessions or live entertainment. including facilities operated by the Town. unless the Town has granted a Permit for such event or activity (³Special Event´): (a) parades. ³Site Plan´ means a drawing or sketch of the subject area indicating the details of the event that shall include but not limited to booths. ³Private Property´ means any lands that are not a Town or Public Facility. organized scheduled contests and exhibitions. property or buildings controlled by the Town or other government agencies. bicycle races. animal shows. ³Person´ includes a corporation. exhibitions or other events involving the operation of motorized vehicles or any type. carnivals.1 No person shall hold.

1 A complete application for a Permit under this By-law shall be made to the Manager of Recreation or his or her designate submitted in the form appended in Schedule ³A´ accompanied by an application fee and working deposit in accordance with Schedule ³B´. any proposed use of public property.1 Any events or activities taking place or occurring on Town property or other public facilities that are not a Special Event may require a Permit if.2 above. Council may. upon receipt of a complete written submission from the Applicant outlining the reasons why the time limits could not be met. crowd and other municipal concerns. right of way. 4. the following conditions have been met: (a) (b) there is a demonstrated benefit to the businesses. the Special Event is compatible with the surrounding area or neighbourhood with due consideration to acceptable increases in noise. the Special Event does not present a safety or health risk to participants. (c) (d) (e) y y Bradford West Gwillimbury Fire Department. right of way or facility by the Town or general public. APPLICATION: SUBMISSION AND PROCESSING REQUIREMENT 5. television network programs. spectators or the public. Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Works Department. amend the time limits set out in Section 4. APPLICATION: CONTENTS AND FEE 4. granted with conditions or denied by Council. such a Permit is necessary to ensure the safety of persons and the protection of persons and of property in the Town. 4. educational films. If an application is submitted after the filing deadline set forth in Section 4. residents and visitors of the Town by allowing the Special Event.(i) the showing of feature films.000+ . in the opinion of Council. television commercials.2 5.1 A complete application shall be granted. music videos and commercial still photography.2 6. documentaries. A complete application for a Special Event shall be filed not less than 120 calendar days before the first date of the Special Event or 180 calendar days in advance of a Special Event with a planned for attendance of 10. traffic. The Applicant may be required to attend a pre-scheduled meeting to discuss the Special Event with the Manager of Recreation. acting reasonably. 3. PERMIT APPROVAL PROCESS 6.1 A Permit may be issued upon receipt and review of a complete application for a Permit if. all comments/recommendations from pertinent municipal and governing operating departments and agencies. Application forms can be obtained from the Recreation Department. 65 . EVENTS FOR WHICH PERMIT MAY BE REQUIRED 3. 5. or facilities will not unreasonably interfere with the normal use of the property.2 above. television films. in the opinion of the Manager of Facilities and Parks. in its sole and absolute discretion.

safety and welfare of the general public and protect property. 6. parking control.000. the amount of insurance required is Five Million Dollars ($5. South Simcoe Police Services. If the Special Event involves the use and/or sale of alcohol. Electrical Safety Authority. in the amount of Two Million Dollars ($2. PERMIT REQUIREMENTS 7. fire protection. an irrevocable letter of credit up to ninety (90) days after the conclusion of the Special Event. food handling. protect the health. and noise restrictions. Ministry of Environment and Liquor Licence Board of Ontario.000. Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority. Bradford West Gwillimbury Water/Waste Water Departments.00). COMPLETE APPLICATION 8. claims or losses that may arise as a direct or indirect result of the Special Event. the provision of adequate crowd control and traffic control.00). And others (at the discretion of the Manager of Recreation).1 A complete application shall consist of a duly executed Application Form attached hereto as Schedule ³A´. such further requirements and restrictions as will. Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit. 6. waste and refuse disposal. 66 . South Simcoe Police Services. washroom facilities. Such conditions may include.1 Council may impose. in the sole discretion of Council. Simcoe County Paramedic Services. Ministry of Environment. Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority. written documentation of support from the other municipal and government departments/agencies together with payment of the application fee. for the Special Event. Have been received and are in support of the Special Event in written form or any concerns of these entities have been met to the satisfaction of the Manager of Recreation. Electrical Safety Authority and Liquor Licence Board of Ontario.000. Consenting to and/or supplying the Town with a criminal record check if the Applicant is an individual or of its officers and directions if the Applicant is a corporation. The Applicant must agree in writing to indemnify the Town and hold harmless against any damages.000.y y y y y y y y y y y Bradford West Gwillimbury Facilities and Parks Department.2 The Applicant must submit a certificate of insurance evidencing public liability insurance coverage. Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit. (b) (c) (d) 8. based on the recommendations of Bradford West Gwillimbury staff. Simcoe County Paramedic Services. but are expressly not limited to: (a) the payment of a fee or charge for the use or allocation of Town property and equipment not exceeding the actual costs incurred by the Town in connection with the proposed activity.1(a). suits. The insurance policy will name the Town as additional insured on both policies. security. the posting of security in the form of a performance bond. Bradford West Gwillimbury Planning and Development Department. as conditions to the granting of a Permit.3 7. or other surety securing payment of the fee or charge referenced in Subsection 7.

water supply. an application for a Permit shall include the following: (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) Site Plan. including but not limited to the following: (a) Ministry of the Environment for sewage disposal approvals on daily design flow rates exceeding 10. STAFF SUPPORT 9.3 In addition to any other requirements of this By-law. Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit for food services. Bradford West Gwillimbury Planning and Development Department.. Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Works Department.2 In addition to any other requirements of this By-law. Emergency Life Safety Plan. 67 . an application for a Permit shall include copies of approvals from any of the following entities that may have an interest in the Special Event.8. Permit applications involving property owned by the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority will be required to coordinate activities with Conservation Authority staff. Bradford West Gwillimbury Facilities and Parks Department. 9.000 litres per day and written confirmation from the provider of the disposal services.000 litres. Electrical Safety Authority for all electrical safety and construction issues. and Liquor Licence Board of Ontario for any alcohol related or licensed events. Where the design flow rates do not exceed 10. South Simcoe Police Services Simcoe County Paramedic Services Lake Simcoe Conservation Authority Bradford West Gwillimbury Fire Department. Bradford West Gwillimbury Water/Waste Water Departments. sanitary facilities and wastewater disposal. and Advertising and Promotion Plan Location of where Signs will be placed on Property End of Event Plan ± time line for the clean up and equipment removal from property. (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) (h) (i) (j) (k) (l) 8. the Applicant will apply to the Town and provide the name of the supplier providing sewage services and any related documents regarding designs and costs and number of washroom units.1 The Manager of Recreation is the main contact for Special Events in the Town. if required. Security Plan.

14. OFFENCE 12.00) exclusive of costs.00).1 12.1 The granting of a Permit under this By-law does not eliminate any requirement for any business licence. the reasons given for the initial denial of the application. COMPLIANCE AND REFUSAL 11. to the satisfaction of Council.000. 11. OTHER REQUIREMENTS 10. These requirements would need to be confirmed in writing from the appropriate agency prior to the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury awarding the permit for Special Event. The Applicant will still be required to obtain such approvals as may be required from any other federal. If an application for a Permit under this By-law is denied. Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury would then place a sign on the property advising when the event is proposed and when it will be discussed before Town Council.1 The following schedules shall form part of this By-law: (a) Schedule ³A´ ± Application Form. the application may be reconsidered at a subsequent occasion upon the Applicant addressing. ADMINISTRATION 14. provincial or municipal government or agency in order to carry out its Special Event in full compliance of all laws. 13. 11. any other permit(s) which may be prescribed by any other municipal by-laws. Process Steps i ± consultation with Manager of Recreation ± assign file number. and any provisions of the Permit or any other by-laws of the Town. iv ± applicant returns completed items to Manager of Recreation for review. name of event and name of main contact ii ± applicant obtains necessary documentation to complete application prior to submission for approval. the Permit may be revoked at any time without notice. iii ± applicant submits individual agency/department requests for approval quoting file number and name. in addition to any other penalty. Applicant must include insurance certificate/letter of intent from insurer (in case Council denies request).1 If an Applicant fails to comply with any of the provisions of this By-law.2 Every person who contravenes a provision of this By-law is guilty of an offence and upon conviction is liable to a fine Five Thousand Dollars ($5.00) and the maximum fine shall be Ten Thousand Dollars ($10. An offence under this By-law constitutes a continuing offence and for each day or part of a day that the offence continues. 68 .1 This By-law may be referred to as the Special Events By-law.10. the minimum fine shall be Five Hundred Dollars ($500. rules and regulations or other governmental agencies.2 12. SHORT TITLE 13.000.

SECOND AND THIRD TIME AND ENACTED this 12th day of February 2008. EFFECTIVE DATE OF BY-LAW 16. and words importing the masculine gender shall include the feminine. (b) 14.2 Schedule ³B´ ± Fee Schedule Where a court of competent jurisdiction declares any section or part of a section of this By-law to be invalid. INTERPRETATION & VALIDITY 15.1 Any reference to a statute. it is the intention of Council in enacting this By-law that the remainder of this By-law shall continue in force and be applied and enforced in accordance with its terms to the fullest extent possible according to law. the remainder of this By-law shall continue in force unless the court makes an order to the contrary. If a court of competent jurisdiction declares any provisions or part of a provision of this By-law to be invalid or to be of no force and effect. regulation or other legislation or provision thereof as amended. Words importing the singular number shall include the plural. READ A FIRST. and the converse of the foregoing also applies. re-enacted and/or consolidated from time to time and any predecessor or succession legislation thereto. 15. regulation or other legislation in this By-law shall include such statute.2 15. 69 . unless the context of the by-law otherwise requires. 15. vi ± Council approves or denies application.v ± Manager of Recreation completes staff report for Council/Committee of the Whole for consideration. revised.1 This By-law shall come into force and take effect on the day of the passing thereof.3 16.

BUT NOT LESS THAN TWO MILLION DOLLARS ($2.LIST EVENTS:______________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ DATE OF EVENT:_______________________________________________________ TIME/HOURS:__________________________________________________________ 2) PROOF OF INSURANCE. THE AMOUNT OF INSURANCE REQUIRED IS FIVE MILLION DOLLARS ($5.000.000. THE TOWN OF BRADFORD WEST GWILLIMBURY MUST BE NAMED AS CO-INSURED ON THE APPLICANT¶S CERTIFICATE.SCHEDULE ³A´ Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury Special Event (ref By-Law 2008-013) Application Form 1) DATE:_________________________________________________________________ NAME OF APPLICANT:___________________________________________________ ADDRESS:_____________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ PHONE NUMBER:_______________________________________________________ TYPE OF EVENT APPLIED FOR .2 OF BY-LAW NUMBER 2008-_______ GENERAL LIABILITY AND PROPERTY DAMAGE.000.00). NAME OF INSURANCE COMPANY AGENT AND POLICY NUMBER.00). ACCORDING TO SECTION 6.000. IF THIS SPECIAL EVENT INVOLVES THE USE AND/OR SALE OF ALCOHOL. ACCEPTABLE TO THE TOWN. 3) FOOD AND BEVERAGE TO BE SOLD (please describe): ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ 70 .

_______________ WASHROOM FACILITIES.1(c)? ______________________________________________________________________ 5) CHECKLIST OF THE RESOURCES YOUR GROUP IS GOING TO HAVE: ______________________________________________________________________ 6) LETTER OF COMPLIANCE (to be filed with the application) AND ITEMS TO BE INCLUDED AS FOLLOWS: TOWN OF BRADFORD WG FIRE CHIEF:____________________________________ TOWN OF BRADFORD WG PUBLIC WORKS/ENGINEERING DIRECTOR ________ TOWN OF BRADFORD WG FACILITIES & PARKS MANAGER __________________ TOWN OF BRADFORD WG PLANNING & DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR __________ LAKE SIMCOE CONSERVATION AUTHORITY _______________________________ INSURANCE:___________________________________________________________ SIMCOE COUNTY PARAMEDIC SERVICES__________________________________ SOUTH SIMCOE POLICE SERVICES:_______________________________________ SIMCOE MUSKOKA DISTRICT HEALTH UNIT ________________________________ MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT ____________________________________________ ELECTRICAL SAFETY AUTHORITY _______________________________________ LIQUOR LICENCE BOARD OF ONTARIO __________________________________ WRITTEN APPROVAL OF (PRIVATE PROPERTY OWNER/MUNICIPAL) ______________________________________________________________________ PROVIDE A SITE PLAN WHICH WILL INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING: a) b) c) d) LOCATION AND SIZE OF EVENT .SHOWING LOCATION OF EMERGENCY ENTRANCES/EXITS.PROVIDE A SCALED MAP _______ DRAWING OF SITE OF EVENT . ETC. WATER STATIONS. GARBAGE DISPOSAL PLAN ________________ NOTIFICATION IN WRITING OF ROAD AUTHORITY: __________________________ 71 .4) IS SECURITY CONFIRMED AS PROPOSED IN SECTION 7. BOOTHS. FIRST AID __________ PARKING CONTROL.

20___ APPLICANT/SPONSOR (1 copy to applicant.7) FEE: (cheque to be included with application) __________________________________ A registered Charitable Organization may submit a written request to have the Fee waived. its employees and agents to enter upon the subject property for the purposes of conducting a survey. 1 copy to Town) THIS LICENCE IS HEREBY GRANTED AND IS IN EFFECT FOR THE PERIOD I agree to allow the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury. I hereby make this application and confirm that I have read the By-law Number 2008-___ and agree to abide by and post same at event location. inspection and test that may be necessary to this application. I understand that no assurance is given that the payment of the deposit will result in approval of the application. DATED THIS ________ DAY OF ________________. I also agree to pay the Application NonRefundable Fee and Working Deposit as established by Schedule ³B´ at the time of filing this application and any costs which exceed this deposit. 8) 9) SPONSORS OF THE EVENT: _____________________________________________ DISCLAIMER: NO WORKER (at this Event) SHALL BE CONSIDERED AN EMPLOYEE OF THE TOWN. CLERK/LICENCING OFFICER 72 . 10) DECLARATION As the applicant as named herein.

and internal administrative costs incurred by the municipality in the processing of this application.001-10. The applicant may be required to pay other municipal/governmental fees to obtain written support/confirmation from those specific agencies that is required for the application.000 attendees 5.SCHEDULE ³B´ Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury Special Event (ref By-Law 2008-013) Fee Schedule The fees outlined in Schedule ³B´ are for the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury purposes only. Any remaining funds in the Working Deposit will be returned to the applicant following issuance of the permit.00 $5.00 Note: The working deposit shall be used as a working fund to cover ongoing external legal.000 + attendees $250..000 attendees 10.500.000.00 $750.00 $2. engineering costs etc. planning. EVENT TYPE APPLICATION FEE WORKING DEPOSIT REQUIRED (in addition to application fee) $1. A Special Event Permit will not be issued until all external costs have been paid. 73 .000.00 2.00 $500.000-5.

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