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Ebsco 公司的 Business Source Complete 现已拥有 55 份哈佛商学院经典课程视频资料,这些

选择,而且大部分课程均有 PDF 格式的讲义可参考。
Business Source Complete includes now a business video collection with 55 videos from the Harvard Business
School Faculty Seminar Series.
The series features engaging video lectures from renowned professors and experts at the Harvard Business
School. All lectures are captured from executive education programs, and offer groundbreaking ideas, insightful
research, and practical advice on management issues.
The videos contain a table of content allowing the selection of a specific topic. Most lectures provide a transcript
in PDF format.

Video Title Lecturers
Harvard FSS: Business at the Base of the Pyramid Rangan, V. Kasturi
Harvard FSS: Jumpstarting Entrepreneurial Innovation Applegate, Lynda M.
Harvard FSS: Can Complex Organizations Learn? Edmondson, Amy C.
Harvard FSS: Billions of Entrepreneurs: The Yin and Yang of China and India Khanna, Tarun
Harvard FSS: Strategy, Leadership, and Performance Management in the
Leonard, Herman B.
Social Enterprise Sector
Harvard FSS: The Baby Business Spar, Debora L.
Harvard FSS: Authentic Leadership George, William W.
Harvard FSS: How Countries Compete: National Strategies for Globalization Vietor, Richard
Harvard FSS: Crafting Business Strategy and Environmental Scanning Anand, Bharat N.
Harvard FSS: The Ethics of Professionalism Nanda, Ashish
Harvard FSS: Experimentation Matters: New Opportunities for Innovation Thomke, Stefan
Harvard FSS: Brand Positioning Moon, Youngme E.
Harvard FSS: How Does IT Matter? McAfee, Andrew
Harvard FSS: Sustaining Competitive Advantage Ghemawat, Pankaj
Harvard FSS: Just Enough: Defining Lifelong Success Stevenson, Howard
Edmondson, Amy C.;
Harvard FSS: Organizational Learning in the Face of Ambiguous Threats Roberto, Michael A.;
Bohmer, Richard M.J.
Harvard FSS: Leadership is a Choice: The General Manager in the Middle Bower, Joseph L.
Harvard FSS: Strategic Agility: Managing Continuous Change Wells, John R.
Harvard FSS: Managing Markets, Segments, and Customers Narayandas, Das
Harvard FSS: The Power of Supporting Players in High-Performance
DeLong, Thomas J.
Harvard FSS: Irrational Succession: The Role of the Board in CEO Selection Khurana, Rakesh
Harvard FSS: Where Do Great Strategies Come From? Rivkin, Jan W.
Harvard FSS: Scope and Global Strategy Khanna, Tarun
Montgomery, Cynthia
Harvard FSS: Resources and Corporate Strategy
Harvard FSS: Creating Customer-Centric Cultures: Lessons From High-
Deshpandé, Rohit
Performance Organizations
Harvard FSS: The Revolution in Retailing Bell, David E.
Harvard FSS: Strategic Alliances: The Power of Partnering Between Nonprofits
Austin, James
and Businesses
Harvard FSS: The Case Method in Professional Education Garvin, David A.
Harvard FSS: Capitalizing on the Power of the Customer Frei, Frances X.
Harvard FSS: Boom and Bust in Private Equity Lerner, Josh
Harvard FSS: Capturing the Value: Competitive Strategies that Work Bradley, Stephen P.
Harvard FSS: Know Your Worth: Critical Valuation Errors to Avoid Ruback, Richard S.
Harvard FSS: Consumer-Driven Health Care: A Revolution for Employers,
Herzlinger, Regina E.
Consumers, and Providers
Harvard FSS: What Really Matters Nohria, Nitin
Harvard FSS: Corporate Governance in the U.S.: Scandals, Reforms, and the
Lorsch, Jay W.
Harvard FSS: International Entrepreneurial Finance Kuemmerle, Walter
Harvard FSS: Getting Globalization Right Ghemawat, Pankaj
Harvard FSS: The Case Method in Professional Education Garvin, David A.
Harvard FSS: The Danger of Silencing Conflict at Work Perlow, Leslie A.
Harvard FSS: Building Strategy-Focused Organizations with the Balanced
Kaplan, Robert S.
Harvard FSS: The New Strategic Weapon: Information Technology McFarlan, F. Warren
Harvard FSS: Fatal Ascent: Leadership Lessons From the 1996 Everest
Roberto, Michael A.
Harvard FSS: Renewing Markets for Better Governance Palepu, Krishna G.
Harvard FSS: A Framework for Successful Leadership Transitions Watkins, Michael
Harvard FSS: Managing People for Competitive Advantage Bartlett, Christopher A.
Harvard FSS: The Life Sciences Revolution: Changing the Language of
Enriquez, Juan
Harvard FSS: The Politics of Innovation Spar, Debora L.
Harvard FSS: Return on Management Simons, Robert
Harvard FSS: Entrepreneurial Marketing Lassiter III, Joseph B.
Badaracco Jr., Joseph
Harvard FSS: Defining Moments: A Framework for Moral Decisions
Badaracco Jr., Joseph
Harvard FSS: Leading Quietly
Harvard FSS: Why Customers Matter Sasser Jr., W. Earl
Christensen, Clayton
Harvard FSS: The Opportunity & Threat of Disruptive Technologies
Harvard FSS: Judo Strategy: Turning Your Competitors' Strength to Your
Yoffie, David B.
Harvard FSS: Sprint Selling & Turbo-Charged Market Development Shapiro, Benson P.