RESEARCH TITLE: The impact of personal involvement on store brand selection.

INTORDUCTION: Today store brands are are appearing in an ever-increasing number of categories and their acceptance by consumers is of this research is to model the selection process involved in a purchase which the consumer goes through when choo brands.It is vital that a retailer understands demand conditions which make it attractive to introduce a store brand to a subsequent impact of this introduction on customer demand for both the store brand and national brands.Today's store placement on shelves, snazzier packaging, more promotion, and, in general, higher manufacturing standards than in y since some companies make both national brands and store brands. Many big-name companies make their usual types others make additional private-label items. Hormel Foods Corp. (cured meat, chili), for example, also makes bouillon the pirpose of this study carefully examines the selection of store brands and how personal involvement allows consu over national brands.

STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM: To examine the impact of personal involvement on store brand selection. MODEL/FRAMEWORK TO BE USED:

VARIABLES TO BE STUDIED: Dependent Variable • Brand choice.

Independent Variables · Personal involvement.

POSSIBLE RESEARCH FINDINGS: Possible research findings will be that how personal involvement impact on store brand selection then after we will se preference to store brand over national brand. bahadurabad etc) and ask whether thay are wiling to participate in survey. Mehmoodabad. INSTRUMNET OF DATA COLLECTION: Questionnaire will be distributed to respondents who willing to take part in survey. LIST OF REFERENCES: .· Evoked set · No: of Brands · No: of attributes · Knowledge of product category PROPOSED RESEARCH HYPOTHESIS: SOURCES OF INFORMANTION: • J-Store • Google scholar • Karachi Stock Exchange Research Journals SAMPLING TECHNIQUE & PROCEDURE: Random Sampling SAMPLE SIZE: 150 people METHOD OF DATA COLLECTION & PROCEDURE: Data will be collected thorugh survey by approaching one by one respondent who are visiting grocerry retail stores in Sadar. STATISTICAL TEST TO BE USED: Linear Regression test will be tested.

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Overall al involvement allows consumers to choose store brands . and the national brands. The purpose mer goes through when choosing store brands over national o introduce a store brand to a product category.OSAL r acceptance by consumers is unquestionable. and salsa. panies make their usual types of products for the stores. also makes bouillon.Today's store brands enjoy more prominent facturing standards than in years past. xample. pudding. That's not surprising.

election then after we will see the consumer's more . survey.iting grocerry retail stores in Karachi ( Defense market.

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