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André L’Huillier
Computational Social Scientist
S UMMARY b 225 South Whithing St. Apt 607
Alexandria, VA - 22304
Connecting social and data science to improve man-
agement decisions. T +1 (703) 650 8203
5 years of experience delivering new insights on B
individual and collective consumer behavior. E
3 years on data and simulation analysis of product
adoption in video game and platform economics.
2013 – 2018 Computational Social Science
F EB 2015 – J UN 2016 George Mason University
HAP, George Mason University 2011 – 2012 Consumer Behavior
Data Analyst, Grad Research Asst. M ASTER OF A R TS
Universidad Adolfo Ibańez
Analyzed daily user data and provided reports on
health care provider selection. Created maps to 2007 – 2012 Psychology, Minor in Math
detect spatial patterns on users’ adoption and churn. B ACHELOR OF A R TS
Universidad Adolfo Ibańez
M AR 2012 – J UL 2012 2004 – 2006 Humanities
Napsis - Santiago, Chile B ACHELOR OF A R TS
Market Research Consultant Universidad Andrés Bello
Market research of high school sector in the sub-
urban area of San Felipe, V Region, Chile. Pro-
vide competition analysis of the client’s school to
strengthen its reputation and client applications. D ATA A NALYSIS Knowledge: Statistical
(inference tests, ANOVA, A-B
M AR 2010 – J UL 2013 testing, regression), Machine
Universidad Adolfo Ibańez, PUCV, PUC Learning (neural networks,
Research Asst., Adjunct Professor logistic regression), Social
Networks, Big Data pipeline.
Assist and teach undergraduate and graduate lec- Tools: SPSS, Stata, R,
tures in PUCV, UV and UAI. Classes focused in MySQL, mostly Python
quantitative methods in social science and con- (pandas,numpy,sklearn).
sumer behavior analysis. Assist graduate students Apache Hadoop.
with their quantitative methodology and experiment
designs for dissertation projects. S IMULATION Knowledge: Agent based
models, system dynamics,
M AR 2011 – J AN 2012 queue models, stochastic
Publicis/Leo Burnett - Santiago, Chile models.
Tools: NetLogo, MASON.
Junior Strategic Planner
P ROGRAMMING Python, C++, Java, Octave.
Support strategic planning with market research
for Samsung and Movistar product category. An- R ESEARCH Quantitative and Qualitative
alyze competition, consumer trends and recom- methods. Opinion dynamics
mend strategies for marketing and advertising cam- and economic behavior
paigns. modeling.

S PANISH Native speaker
E NGLISH Oral: Fluent – Written: Fluent
2016 How Uncertainty and Herd Behavior Approximating spatial opinion dynamics
shape the Home Console Videogame with bottom up simulation: Effects of so-
Industry. cial structure and communication mecha-
International Congress on Agent Com- nisms in game adoption.
puting. November - Fairfax, VA Opinion data from new game releases men-
tions was extracted from Twitter and filtered
2016 ’Winner-takes-all’ in the Video Game
by trained sentiment analysis. Opinions are
Industry: Innovation diffusion in a
compared with games sales. A spatial model
platform market of experience goods.
contrasts simulated behavior to empirical re-
Duke Forest Conference, Economics in
the Era of Natural Computationalism and
Big Data. November - Durham, NC Detecting herd behavior effects based on
social influence in a platform market.
2016 Enhancing Player/Customer Models
Agent based model actors in game industry to
through Bottom-up Simulation.
perform sensitivity analysis of consumers in-
Gaming Analytics Summit. April - San
formation cascades. Macro and micro behavior
Francisco, CA
modeling is calibrated to historical console and
2015 Money Network Dynamics in the Por- software sales. Agents modeled according to
firian Era: Understanding the Com- platform economic theory and opinion dynam-
plexity of the Mexican Banking Sys- ics models.
tem, 1897-1910.
Discriminating Influence from Homophily
World Economic History Congress - Free
in users of Valves Steam platform.
Banking Systems. August - Kyoto,
Analyze Steams social network and game
adoption times to discriminate between peer
2014 Peaks and Valleys of Video-game influence and similarity in preferences. Cross-
Companies: An ABM framework of sectional and time series analysis to address
the Consoles Industry Dynamics. the effect of these factors on game purchase.
Conference of Complexity in Business.
October - Washington, DC
2014 The Mexican Banking System, 1897- D OCTORAL D ISSER TATION
1907: A Networked Agent Based Mod- P H .D. Modeling Innovation Diffusion in Ex-
eling Approach. perience Goods’ Platforms: A case
Conference of Free Banking Systems. study of Uncertainty in the Video
September - Lund, Sweden Game Market.
2014 Measuring impact of size in the ro- Dept. Computational and Data Sciences
bustness of self-organized groups: an - George Mason University
agent based approach to sustainable M.A. Social Complexity and Agent Based
management. Models in Consumer Research: Con-
2nd Congress of Work and Organiza- text Limitations and Benefits.
tional Psychology. May - Santiago, Chile Master in Consumer Behavior - Universi-
2012 Social Complexity and Agent Based dad Adolfo Ibanez
Models in Consumer Research: Con-
text Limitations and Benefits.
International Congress of Psychology.
September - South Africa
2012 Consumer Behavior Research: An ap-
proximation through social complex-
ity and agent based modeling.
2nd Congress of Work and Organiza-
tional Psychology. September - England