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Republican Freedom

Commemorating President Abraham

Lincoln's 200th birthday anniversary
February 12, 2009 and the Republican Party’s
155th Anniversary
155 Years of Advancing Civil Rights
To stop the Democrats’ pro-slavery agenda, anti-slavery activists founded the Republican Party, starting with a few dozen men and women
in Ripon, Wisconsin on March 20, 1854. The party spread across the northern and western United States like a prairie fire of freedom. The
first Republican state convention was held in Jackson, Michigan in July 1854. The Republican National
Committee met for the first time in 1856, followed four months later by the first Republican National
In the election of 1860, Republicans swept to victory in the White House and won majorities in both
houses of Congress. Just six years after the party’s founding, the Governor of every northern state in
America was a Republican. That phenomenal progress was possible only because the Republican Party
was based on the powerful idea that our nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to equality, must live
up to its founding principles.
The first African-American Senator and Representatives
Despite fierce Democrat opposition, Republicans passed constitutional amendments banning slavery,
in the 41st and 42nd United States Congress, from top
left, Rep. Robert de Large (R-SC), Rep. Jefferson Long (R
extending the Bill of Rights to the states, guaranteeing equal protection of the laws and due process to
-GA), Sen. Hiram Revels (R-MS), Rep. Benjamin Turner (R
-AL), Rep. Josiah Walls (R-FL), Rep. Joseph Rainey (R-
all citizens, and extending the right to vote to persons of all races and backgrounds. Republicans in
SC), Rep. Rober Elliott (R-SC)

Congress also enacted the nation’s first-ever Civil Rights Act, which extended citizenship and equal
rights to people of all races, all colors, and all creeds. In 1875, the Republicans expanded these protections to give all citizens the right of
equal access to all public accommodations. Struck down by the Supreme Court eight years later, this landmark legislation would be reborn
as the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Republicans led the fight for women’s rights, and most suffragists were Republicans. In fact, Susan B. An-
thony bragged about how, after voting (illegally) in 1872, she had voted a straight Republican ticket. The
suffragists included two African-American women who were also co-founders of the NAACP: Ida Wells
and Mary Terrell, great Republicans, both of them. Republican Senator Aaron Sargent wrote the women’s
suffrage amendment in 1878, though it would not be passed by Congress until Republicans again won con-
trol of both houses 40 years later. It was in 1916 that the first woman was elected to the U.S. House of
Representatives, Republican Jeannette Rankin. The first woman mayor was elected in 1926, the Honorable
Bertha Landes of Seattle, another great Republican.
Democratic opposition to Republican efforts to protect the civil rights of all Americans lasted not only
throughout Reconstruction, but well into the 20th century. In the South, those Democrats who most bitterly The first Republican State Convention was held
opposed equality for blacks founded the Ku Klux Klan, which operated as the party’s terrorist wing. Every on July 6, 1854
Jackson, Michigan
single African-American in Congress until 1935 was a Republican. Among the Republican pioneers were
South Carolina’s Joseph Rainey, the first black member of the House of Representatives, in 1870.
155 Years of Advancing Civil Rights
Republican Hiram Revels of Mississippi became the first black U. S. Senator the same year. Two years later, Pinckney Pinchback of Louisi-
ana became the nation’s first black Governor. California was the first state to have a Hispanic governor, Republican Romualdo Pacheco, in
1875. The first Hispanic U. S. Senator, Octaviano Larrazolo, came to Washington from New Mexico as a Republican in 1928. The first
Jewish U.S. Senator outside the former Confederacy was a Republican from Oregon, Joseph Simon, and
the first Jewish woman to serve in the U.S. House of Repre-
sentatives was a California Republican, Florence Kahn. In
2004, America marked the 50th anniversary of the modern
civil rights movement, which began with the Brown v. Board
of Education Supreme Court decision. That landmark decision
was written by Chief Justice Earl Warren, the three-term Re-
publican Governor of California appointed by Republican
President Dwight Eisenhower. The author of Brown was also
the 1948 Republican vice presidential nominee. Three years
after Brown, President Eisenhower won passage of his land-
mark Civil Rights Act of 1957. Republican Senator Everett
Dirksen authored and introduced the 1960 Civil Rights Act,
Following the liberation of Afghanistan under the leadership of
President George W. Bush in Operation Enduring Freedom in 2001, and saw it through to passage. Republicans supported the
women gained their civil rights for the first time in that country’s
long history. More than a century earlier, Republicans led the fight
1964 Civil Rights Act and the 1965 Voting Rights Act over-
The Americans with Disabilities Act, proposed by
for women’s suffrage in America, authoring the Susan B. Anthony
amendment to our own Constitution.
whelmingly, and by much higher percentages in both House President George H. W. Bush and signed by him in
and Senate than the Democrats. Indeed, the 1964 Civil Rights 1990, was the world’s first comprehensive civil
rights law for people with disabilities. Today, 50
Act became law only after overcoming a Democrat filibuster. million disabled Americans enjoy the law’s protec-
tion against discrimination.

The first Asian-American U.S. Senator was a Republican, Hiram Fong from Hawaii. The first African-
American Senator after Reconstruction was a Republican, Ed Brooke from Massachusetts. The first Asian-American federal judge was a
Republican, Herbert Choy. The first woman on the Supreme Court was a Republican, Sandra Day O’Connor. The first Hispanic presidential
Cabinet member was a Republican, Lauro Cavazos, Secretary of Education under Ronald Reagan. The longest serving African-American in
a leadership position of the U.S. House of Representatives was a Republican, J.C. Watts. The first women elected to the majority Leader-
ship in both the House and the Senate were Republicans, Jennifer Dunn and Kay Bailey Hutchison. The highest-ranking women ever in the
majority Leadership in Congress, both currently serving, are Republicans: Kay Bailey Hutchison and Deborah Pryce. Today, the Republican
Party continues its historical commitment to civil rights at home and around the world.
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Born January 15, 1929
January 2009
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1863 – 1 1895 – 2 1933 – 3

Emancipation Republicans Republican
Proclamation, Clara Cressingham, Minnie Davenport
implementing the Carrie C. Holly, and Craig (R-ND)
Republicans’ Con- Frances S. Klock of elected as first
fiscation Act of Colorado are sworn woman to be
1862, takes effect in as first women to Speaker of the
serve in a state House in a state
New Years’ Day legislature in U.S. legislature

1995 – 1903 – 1874 – 1922 – 1867 – 1890 – 1878 –

Newt Gingrich
4 President
Theodore Roose-
5 African-American
U.S. Rep. Robert B.
6 Death of
Republican Jonah
7 Republicans
override Democrat
8 Death of
abolitionist and
9 U.S. Senator 10
Aaron Sargent (R-
appoints Republi- velt nominates Elliott (R-SC) Kalanianaole, President Andrew U.S. Rep. William CA) introduces
can Cheryl Lau African-American delivers eloquent native Hawaiian Johnson’s veto of Kelley (R-PA), Susan B. Anthony
first Asian- physician William hour-long speech who served as law granting voting outspoken advocate amendment for
American woman D. Crum as Collec- supporting Republi- Delegate in U.S. rights to African- of equality for women’s suffrage;
to serve as Gen- tor of Customs, cans’ civil rights bill Congress for 19 Americans in D.C African-Americans defeated it 4 times
Jackie Robinson eral Counsel of over racist objec- years before its approval
U.S. House tions from Senate in 1919
Born January 31, 1919 Democrats
Professional Athlete and Activist
First African American baseball player in
modern major leagues
2001 –
11 1956 –
12 2003 –
Jennette Bradley
13 1975 –
14 1901 –
15 1954 –
Consuelo Bailey
1874 –
when he joined Brooklyn Elaine Chao, first Republican Simon (R-OH) becomes first William T. Cole- Booker T. Wash- (R-VT) announces Democrats seize
Dodgers in 1947 Asian-American Sobeloff, as U.S. African-American man nominated as ington protests her ultimately Texas state gov-
woman to hold a Solicitor General woman to be Lt. first African- Alabama Democ- successful candi- ernment, ending
cabinet position, argued Eisenhower’s Governor of a state American to be ratic Party’s dacy to become Republican efforts
nominated as position against U.S. Secretary refusal to permit nation’s first to racially inte-
U.S. Secretary of segregation in of Transportation voting by African- woman elected Lt. grate government
Labor Brown v. Board of Americans Governor of a state

2001 –
1815 –
Birth of 18 1818 – 19 2001 –
Mississippi 20 1813 –
Birth in 21 2001 –
22 1993 –
Death of Judge
23 Republican 24
Republican Gov. Birth of anti-slavery Republican Rod Paige is Georgia of John C. Mel Martínez,
activist Alvan Bovay, Condoleezza Rice John Robert Brown,
Richard Yates (R confirmed as first Fremont – abolitionist, appointed by
Renee’ Amoore -IL), who pre- who organized first African-American U.S. western explorer, U.S.
becomes first leader in fight for
Southern desegre- President Bush as
vented Democrat meeting of Republi- Secretary of Education; woman and second
Born January 23, 1953 -led legislature can Party in 1854, to calls for school choice
Senator from Califor-
nia, U.S. Army gen- African-American gation; appointed
U.S. Secretary of
Housing and Urban
Business Woman and from withdraw- oppose Democrats’ to allow poor and eral, Arizona Gover- to serve as U.S. by President Eisen-
Development, be-
ing state troops minority children to nor, and first Republi- National Security hower to U.S. Court
Deputy Chairwoman from the Union
pro-slavery policies
―throw off their chains‖ can presidential Advisor of Appeals
comes first Cuban-
American in Cabinet
Pennsylvania State Army Martin Luther King Day candidate
Republican Party
2001 –
U.S. Senate
25 1922 –
House passes
26 1964 –
U.S. Senator
27 1818 –
Birth of
28 1981 – 29
Jeane Kirkpatrick
2001 –
30 1865 –
13th Amendment
Republican bill authored by U.S. Margaret Chase Smith anti-slavery activist appointed by Presi- Gale Norton, ap- banning slavery
The cynic says, "One man can't do anything". Policy Commit- Rep. Leonidas Dyer
(R-MO) making
(R-ME), announces George Boutwell, a dent Ronald Reagan pointed by Presi- passed by U.S.
tee declares candidacy for Presi- founder of Massachu- as first woman to be dent George W. House with
I say, "Only one man can do anything." school choice to lynching a federal
crime; Senate De-
dent; she finishes 2nd setts Republican U.S. Ambassador to Bush, becomes first unanimous Republi-
be ―Educational at Republican Party; later served in United Nations woman to serve as can support.
mocrats block it with
Emancipation‖ National Convention Congress and as U.S. U.S. Secretary of
Quoted By John W. Gardner filibuster
Treasury Secretary the Interior
february 2009
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1865 –
Chief Justice 1 1856 –
After leaving 2 1870 – 3
After passing House
1959 –
President 4 1866 –
U.S. Rep. Thaddeus
5 1981 –
President Ronald 6 1983 –
Republican 7
Salmon Chase Democratic Party with 98% Republi- Eisenhower informs Stevens (R-PA) Reagan designates Elizabeth Dole
swears in Republi- because of its pro- can support and 97% Republican leaders introduces 1981 as the Interna- appointed by Presi-
can John S. Rock, slavery policies, Democrat opposi- of his plan to intro- legislation, success- tional Year of dent Ronald Reagan
first African- U.S. Rep. Nathaniel tion, Republicans’ duce 1960 Civil fully opposed by Disabled Persons as first woman to be
American to be Banks (R-MA) 15th Amendment is Rights Act, despite Democrat President U.S. Secretary of
admitted to prac- becomes first ratified, granting staunch opposition Andrew Johnson, to Transportation; she
tice before U.S. Republican Speaker vote to all Ameri- from many Democ- implement ―40 would later become
Supreme Court of the U.S. House cans regardless of rats acres and a mule‖ first woman to
of Representatives race relief by distribut- represent North
ing land to former Carolina in U.S.
slaves Senate

1894 –
8 1864 –
Susan B.
9 1995 –
Death of Judge
10 1856 –
11 1909 –
On 100th
12 1862 –
Birth of
13 1928 – 14
Birth of Ben
Congress and Anthony and Masaji Marumoto, Montgomery Blair anniversary of Republican Benigno Garrido Blaz,
Democrat Presi- Elizabeth Cady Japanese-American argues before U.S. Lincoln’s birth, Hernandez, first Hispanic Republi-
dent Grover Stanton deliver over Republican who Supreme Court on African-American Hispanic U.S. can and former
Cleveland join to 100,000 signatures served with distinc- behalf of his client, Republicans and Representative from Brigadier General;
repeal Republi- to U.S. Senate tion on Hawaii the slave Dred women’s suffragists New Mexico (1915- served as Dele-
cans’ Enforcement supporting Supreme Court Scott; later served Ida Wells and Mary 17, 1919-21) gate from Guam
Act, which had Republicans’ plans in President Lin- Terrell co-found the to U.S. Congress,
Fredrick Douglass enabled African-
Americans to vote
for constitutional
amendment to ban
coln’s Cabinet NAACP 1985-93
Born February 14, 1818 Valentine Day
slavery Abraham Lincoln’s
200th Birthday

Governor Sarah Palin, born 2008– 15 1812 – 16 1973 – 17 1946 – 18 1976 – 19 1895 – 20 1863 –
February 11, 1964, made his- Bishop Keith Birth of Republican Appointed by President Death of
Governor John
Butler elected Republican civil Navy Secretary Republican Presi- Gerald Ford for- Republican activist
tory on December 4, 2006 when Michigan Repub- rights activist and John Warner dent Calvin Coo- mally rescinds Frederick Douglass
Andrew estab-
lishes the 54th
she was sworn in as the 11th lican National
U.S. Senator (R-
MA) Henry Wil-
frigate in
lidge, federal judge
Paul McCormick
President Franklin
– escaped slave,
author, abolition
Massachusetts, the
Governor of Alaska and the son, Vice President honor of first ends segregation of notorious Executive leader, civil rights
famous regiment
of African-
under Ulysses African-American Mexican-American Order authorizing champion
first woman to hold the office. Grant naval aviator, Jesse children in Califor- internment of over
American U.S.
troops in which
Two years later, in a surprise L. Brown, who nia public schools 120,000 Japanese-
two of Frederick
died in combat Americans during
selection, Senator John McCain during Korean War WWII
Douglass’ sons
made her the Republican Party's Presidents’ Day
first female candidate for vice
president 1856 – 22
First national
1990 – 23
President George
1992 – 24
President George H.
1870 –
A former slave,
25 2004 – 26
Hispanic Republi-
1860 – 27
Abraham Lincoln
1871 –
meeting of the H. W. Bush nomi- W. Bush appoints Mississippi Repub- can U.S. Rep. launches cam- Congress passes
Republican nates African- African-American lican Hiram Revels, Henry Bonilla (R- paign for Republi- Enforcement Act
Party, in Pitts- American Republi- Edward becomes first TX) condemns can presidential providing federal burgh, to coordi- can Arthur Fletcher Perkins as U.S. African-American racist comments by nomination with protection for
nate opposition as Chairman of the Ambassador to U.S. Senator U.S. Rep. Corrine speech at the African-American
to Democrats’ U.S. Civil Service United Nations Brown (D-FL) Cooper Institute in voters
Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do some- pro-slavery Commission New York
thing you want done because he wants to do it.
Quote By Dwight Eisenhower
march 2009
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1875 – 1
Civil Rights Act of
1953 –
Republican Clare
2 1865 –
3 1954 –
President Dwight
4 1875 –
Blanche Bruce
5 1857 –
Republican 6 1965 –
Police under the7
Supreme Court
Congressman 1875, guaranteeing Booth Luce, U.S. Congress estab- Eisenhower ap- R-MS) becomes Justice John
command of De-
Ambassador to Italy, lishes Freedmen’s points J. Ernest mocrat Governor
Blanche Kelso Bruce, (R, MS) access to public
becomes first woman Bureau to provide Wilkins to serve as
first African- McLean issues George Wallace
Born March 1, 1841 accommodations American to serve strenuous dissent
to serve as ambassa- health care, educa- first African- attack African-
Bruce represented Mississippi as a U.S. without regard to full term in U.S. from decision by 7
dor to a major power tion, and technical American U.S. Americans demon-
Senator from 1875 to 1881 and was the first race, signed by Senate and preside Democrats in
assistance to Asst. Secretary of strating for voting
Black American to serve a full term in the Republican Presi- over the Senate in infamous Dred
emancipated Labor rights in Selma,
U.S. Senate dent U.S. Grant; 1879 Scott case ‖
slaves AL

1990 – 8
Republican Evan J.
1926 –
Republican Bertha
9 1975 – 10
President Gerald
1874 –
Death of
11 1956 – 12 1920 – 13 1920 – 14
Ninety-seven De- Death of African- Death of U.S.
Kemp appointed by K. Landes elected Ford appoints Republican U.S. mocrats in Congress American Senator Henry
President George Mayor of Seattle; Republican Carla Senator Charles condemn Supreme Republican Edward Blair (R-NH); his
H. W. Bush as first woman to be Hills as first Sumner (R-MA), Court’s decision in McCabe; as Kansas bill to aid public
Chairman of U.S. mayor of a U.S. city woman to be U.S. author of bill that Brown v. Board of State Auditor was schools in the
Equal Employment Secretary of would become Civil Education, and first African- South passed three
Opportunity Com- Housing and Rights Act of 1875‖ pledge to continue American to hold times in Republi-
mission Urban Develop- segregation statewide office in can-controlled
ment North Senate
Pearl Mae Bailey
Born March 29, 1918
Actress, Singer, and Activist 1842 – 15
Birth of African-
1868 –
Death of U.S. Sena-
1825 – 17
Birth of Benjamin
1877 –
18 2003 – 19
Republican U.S.
1854 –
Opponents of
20 1965 – 21
Republican federal
She was appointed by President tor David Wilmot (R
American Republi- Turner (R-AL), President Ruther- Representatives of Democrats’ pro- judge Frank John-
Richard Nixon as America's -PA), anti-slavery
can Robert De emancipated slave ford B. Hayes Hispanic and slavery policies son authorizes
"Ambassador of Love" in 1970. champion and author
Large, elected to elected to House appoints African- Portuguese descent meet in Ripon, Martin Luther
U.S. House from of first Republican from Alabama in American Republi- form Congressional Wisconsin to King’s protest
South Carolina in Party platform 1870; delegate to can and civil rights Hispanic Confer- establish the Re- march from Selma
1870 1880 Republican leader Frederick ence publican Party to Montgomery,
National Conven- Douglass as D.C. overruling
tion Marshal Democrat Governor
George Wallace

1871 –
22 1823 – 23
Birth of Schuyler
1902 – 24
Birth of Thomas
1864 – 25
Death of U.S. Rep.
1910 – 26
President Taft
1867 – 27
Republican Party
1870 –
Republican Colfax (R-IN), who Dewey (R-NY), Owen Lovejoy (R- appoints Republi- established in Jonathan Wright
Congressman newspaper de- as Speaker of the who as Governor IL), abolitionist can William Lewis North Carolina of South Carolina
nounces Ku Klux as first African- becomes first
Oscar Stanton De Priest (R,IL) House broke prece- introduced na- and
American U.S. African-American
Klan campaign to dent to vote for tion’s first state- co-founder of
Born March 9, 1871 Asst. Attorney
eradicate the Republicans’ con- wide civil rights Republican Party state Supreme
He was the first African American to serve General
Republican Party stitutional amend- law in Illinois Court Justice
in Congress in the 20th century. in South Carolina ment banning
slavery; later served

1868 –
1885 –
Birth of U.S.29 Republicans 30
begin impeachment of
1806 –
Birth of U.S.
Great leaders are almost always great simplifiers, who can cut Rep. Frances Democrat President Senator John Hale
Payne Bolton (R- Andrew Johnson, who (R-NH), early
through argument, debate, and doubt to offer a solution everybody OH), first woman declared: ―This is a leader of
can understand." to serve as U.S. country for white Republicans’ anti-
— General Colin Powell Delegate to United men, and by God, as slavery movement
Nations General long as I am President, in Congress
Assembly it shall be a govern-
ment of white men‖
april 2009
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1846 –
Born into slavery1 1855 –
Republican 2 1944 –
U.S. Supreme 3 1887 –
Republican 4
on this day, John Langston Court strikes down Susanna Salter of
Jeremiah Haralson becomes nation’s Texas Democratic Argonia, KS is
(R-AL) served in first African- Party’s ―whites first woman
state legislature American elected only‖ primary elected mayor in
before being elected official, in Brown- election system nation
to U.S. House in helm, OH

1839 – 5 1869 – 6 1862 –

President Lincoln
7 1865 –
13th Amendment
8 1866 –
9 1953 – 10
Oveta Culp Hobby,
1908 –
Birth of
Birth of African- Republican Ebene-
Congressman Congressman American U.S. zer Bassett is first concludes treaty with banning slavery Congress overrides appointed by Presi- Republican Jane
Britain for suppres- passed by U.S. Democrat Presi- dent Eisenhower, Bolin, first African
Jeremiah Haralson (R, AL) Ben Nighthorse (R, CO) Rep. Robert Smalls African-American
sion of slave trade Senate with 100% dent Johnson’s confirmed as first -American woman
Born April 1, 1846 Born April 13, 1933 (R-SC), who presidential ap-
escaped slavery by pointment, as Republican support, veto; Civil Rights woman to be U.S. in nation to serve
commandeering a President Ulysses 63% Democrat Act of 1866, con- Secretary of Health, as judge, appointed
Confederate gun- Grant’s Minister to opposition ferring rights of Education and by New York
boat Haiti African-Americans Welfare Mayor LaGuardia
citizenship in 1939
becomes law

1824 – 12
Birth of African-
1933 –
Birth of Native
13 1896 – 14
George Myers, na-
1929 – 15
U.S. Rep. Oscar De
1862 – 16
President Lincoln
1823 – 17
Birth of Arkansas
1920 –
American U.S. American U.S. tionally prominent Priest (R-IL) signs bill abolishing Republican Mifflin first-in-the-nation
Rep. Richard Cain Senator Ben Night- African-American becomes first slavery in District Gibbs, elected in anti-lynching law,
(R-SC); served horse Campbell (R- Republican, rallies African-American of Columbia; in 1873 as first African promoted by
1873-75 and 1877- CO) southern blacks to in Congress since Congress, 99% of -American judge African-American
79, securing pas- support William 1901 Republicans vote Republican Nellie
sage of civil rights McKinley, helping yes, 83% of Francis, signed by
legislation him win 1896 presi- Democrats vote no Republican Gov.
dential nomination Jacob Preus

1866 –
19 1871 –
20 1926 –
Death of George
21 1981 – 22
President Ronald
1971 –
23 1974 – 24
James M. Rogers, Jr.
1975 –
Appointed by
assemble in Congress enacts the Murray, former slave Reagan establishes appointee Herbert is first African- President Gerald
Washington, DC to Ku Klux Klan Act, who served as U.S. first annual Days of Choy becomes first American selected Ford, Dick Yin
celebrate outlawing Democ- Rep. (R-SC) from Remembrance of Asian-American National Teacher of Wong becomes first

Booker T. Washington E. Fredric Morrow Republican Party’s ratic Party-affiliated 1893-1897 Victims of the federal judge, the Year, by Presi- Asian-American to
Born April 20, 1909 abolition of slavery terrorist groups Holocaust named by President dent Richard Nixon serve as judge on a
Born April 5, 1856 which oppressed Richard Nixon to U.S. District Court
The first African American to serve
Educator, Orator, Author African-Americans U.S. Court of
in an executive position in the
White House Appeals

People ask the difference between a leader and a boss.

1999 –
Legislation 26 1822 –
Birth of 27 1971 –
Rear Admiral 28 1877 –
Death of 29 1862 – 30
authored by U.S. Republican Presi- Samuel Lee Gravely Republican Gov.
Senator Spencer William Brownlow, Republicans in New
The leader leads, and the boss drives." Abraham (R-MI)
dent Ulysses Grant;
championed and
becomes first
African-American to who led fight for Orleans establish
L’Union, first Afri-
— Theodore Roosevelt awarding Congres-
sional Gold Medal to
enforced Republican achieve Flag Rank in Tennessee’s ratifica-
tion of 14th Amend- can-American news-
legislation to safe- U.S. Navy, promoted paper in South
civil rights pioneer ment guaranteeing due
Rosa Parks is trans- guard civil rights of by President Richard process and equal
mitted to President African-Americans Nixon protection of the law
may 2009
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1981 –
President Ronald
1 1963 –
Reagan proclaims condemn Democrat
first Jewish Heritage sheriff of Birming-
ham, AL for arrest-
ing over 2,000

3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1876 – 2003 –
1811 – 1983 – 1960 – 2001 –
Birth of Isaac 1990 – Speaker Dennis
Birth of Hispanic President Dwight President George
Leevy, South Carolina President George H. Hastert, Senate Major-
Judge Janice Rodgers Brown African-American Republican Harriet Republican Patricia Eisenhower signs W. Bush proclaims ity Leader Bill Frist,
W. Bush nominates
Born May 11, 1949 who established Beecher Stowe, Diaz Dennis ap- Republicans’ Civil Miguel Estrada to
first Asian/Pacific gather at Frederick
Serves on the U.S. Court of Appeals Republican Lincoln author of Uncle pointed by President Rights Act of 1960 be first Hispanic to
American Heritage Douglass National
Emancipation Clubs Tom’s Cabin Ronald Reagan as serve on U.S. Court
Month Historic Site, an-
in 1940s to enable first Hispanic woman of Appeals for D.C.
nounce $1 million
African-Americans to on National Labor Circuit
restoration effort
vote Relations Board
1866 –
U.S. House 10
passes Republicans’
1949 –
Birth of African-
11 1850 –
Birth of U.S.
12 1983 – 13
President Ronald
1971 –
Republican 14 1999 –
Death of Judge 15 1860 –
U.S. Rep. 16
Senators Jacob John Minor Wis- David Wilmot (R-PA),
14th Amendment American Republi- Senator Henry Reagan designates Javits (NY) and dom of U.S. Court antislavery leader and
guaranteeing due can and sharecrop- Cabot Lodge (R- first national Charles Percy (IL) of Appeals, Republican Party co-
Cindy McCain process and equal per’s daughter Janice MA) observance of
appoint the first renowned author of
founder, delivers
keynote address at
Born May 20, 1954 protection of the Rogers Brown American Indian
female pages in landmark civil Republican National
laws to all citizens Day
Mother’s Day U.S. Senate rights decisions Convention nominating
Abraham Lincoln

1954 – 17
Chief Justice Earl
1896 –
Republican 18
Justice John Marshall
1870 – 19
1868 – 20
Republican National
1919 – 21
Republican House
1856 –
For denouncing
22 2003 – 23
U.S. Senator Sam
Harlan, dissenting from John Langston Convention marks proslavery policy,
Warren wins Plessy v. Ferguson case―
passes constitutional Brownback (R-KS)
unanimous support delivers influential debut of African- amendment granting Republican U.S. introduces bill to
separate but equal‖
speech supporting American politicians Senator Charles
Congresswoman of Supreme Court
for school desegre-
decision, declares: ―Our
Constitution is color- President Ulysses on national stage; two
women the vote with
Sumner (R-MA) is
establish National
85% of Republicans Museum of African
Patricia Saiki (R,HI) gation in Brown v. blind, and neither knows Grant’s civil rights – Pinckney Pinchback in favor, almost half
beaten nearly to death American History
Born May 28, 1930 Board of Education nor tolerates classes
policies and James Harris – by U.S. Rep. Preston and Culture
among citizens‖ of Democrats no Brooks (D-SC)
attend as delegates

Four rules of leadership in a free legislative body:

1900 – 24
Republicans vote no
1928 –
Republican 25 2001 – 26
1987 –
Vietnamese- 27 1930 – 28
Birth of U.S. Rep.
1902 – 29
Virginia Democrats
1854 –
Democrat 30
Genevieve Cline American cadet President Pierce
in referendum for Claude Allen, nomi- implement new state
First, no matter how hard-fought the issue, never get personal. Don't say constitutional con- becomes first nated by President
Hoang Nhu Tran, Patricia Saiki (R-
constitution, con-
signs Democrats’
former boat person, HI), first Asian- Kansas-Nebraska
or do anything that may come back to haunt you on another issue, another vention in Virginia, woman in nation to George W. Bush, is
graduates as valedic- American to lead a
demned by Republi- Act, expanding
designed to create a serve as federal confirmed as U.S. cans as illegal, reduc-
day.... new state constitution judge Deputy Secretary of
torian from U.S. Air federal agency ing African-American
slavery into U.S.
Force Academy territories; oppo-
Second, do your homework. You can't lead without knowing what you're disenfranchising Memorial Day Health and Human voter registration by nents unite to form
African-Americans Services 86%
talking about.... the Republican Party
Third, the American legislative process is one of give and take. Use your
power as a leader to persuade, not intimidate....
2008 –
Republican 31
Glenn McCall elected
Fourth, be considerate of the needs of your colleagues, even if they're at South Carolina National
Committeeman. The
the bottom of the totem pole...." first African-American
— George H. W. Bush male to achieve this
status in state’s 141 year
Former President of the United States party history
U.S. Supreme Justice
June 2009
Clarence Thomas
Born June 23, 1948 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
He has served as an Associate Justice
of the Supreme Court of the United
States since 1991, the second African
American to serve on the nation's high-
est court after Justice Thurgood Mar-
1963 –
Democrat Governor
1 1924 –
2 1884 –
U.S. Rep. John
3 1860 –
Republican U.S.
4 1956 – 5
Republican federal
2001 –
President George
shall George Wallace President Calvin Lynch (R-MS), a Senator Charles judge Frank John- W. Bush issues
announces defiance Coolidge signs bill former slave, pre- Sumner (R-MA) son rules in favor Executive
of court order passed by Republi- sides over Republi- delivers his classic of Rosa Parks in Order enhancing
issued by Republi- can Congress can National Con- address, The Bar- decision striking federal employ-
can federal judge granting U.S. vention barism of Slavery down ―blacks in ment opportunities
Frank Johnson to citizenship to all the back of the for Asian-
integrate University Native Americans bus‖ law Americans and
of Alabama Pacific Islanders

2008 –
Dr. Ada Fisher
7 1866 – 8
U.S. Senate passes
1964 –
9 1964 –
Senate Minority
10 1924 – 11
1929 –
First Lady Lou
12 1928 –
U.S. Senate Majority
elected North Republicans’ 14th condemn 14-hour Leader Everett Henry Lincoln Hoover invites wife Leader Charles
Governor Bobby Jindal filibuster against of U.S. Rep. Oscar Curtis (R-KS),
Carolina National Amendment guaran- Dirksen (R-IL) Johnson leads
Born June 10, 1971 teeing due process 1964 Civil Rights Act De Priest (R-IL), an descendant of
Committee- criticizes Democrat Georgia delega-
He became the first non-white to serve as and equal protection by U.S. Senator and African-American, to American Indians
woman, the first filibuster against tion to Republican
governor of Louisiana since P. B. S. of the law to all former Ku Klux tea at the White who was raised on a
African-American 1964 Civil Rights National Conven-
Pinchback during Reconstruction, the citizens; 94% of Klansman Robert House, sparking reservation, becomes
female in the Byrd (D-WV), who Act, calls on Democ- tion, a first for protests by Democ- Republican nominee
first non-white elected governor of the Republicans vote yes
country to achieve and 100% of Democ- still serves in the rats to stop opposing a major U.S. rats across the coun- for Vice President
state, and the first elected Indian Ameri- this status racial equality political party
rats vote no Senate try
can governor in U.S. history.

1877 –
Nominated by
14 1864 – 15 1854 – 16 1856 – 17 1912 –
18 1865 – 19
On Juneteenth,‖ U.S.
1964 –
The Chicago
Republican Newspaper editor Republican National
U.S. Rep. James Robert Church, founder troops land in Gal- Defender, renowned
Congress votes Horace Greeley Convention makes
Freeman (R-GA), of Lincoln Leagues to veston, TX to enforce African-American
equal pay for Afri- calls on opponents John C. Fremont its register black voters in newspaper, praises
Henry O. Flipper can-American of slavery to unite first Republican ban on slavery that
Tennessee, attends 1912 Senate Republican
becomes first had been declared
troops serving in in the Republican presidential nomi- Republican National Leader Everett
African-American Convention as delegate; more than two years
U.S. Army during Party nee, with slogan Dirksen (R-IL) for
to graduate from eventually serves as before by the Eman-
Civil War ―Free soil, free cipation Proclamation leading passage of
West Point labor, free speech, delegate at 8
1964 Civil Rights
and Fremont‖ Act
James Weldon Johnson
Born June 1, 1871
Poet, Political Activist and Lawyer
Author ―Lift Every Voice and Sing‖
1832 – 21
Birth of U.S. Rep.
1870 – 22 1958 – 23
President Dwight
1940 – 24 1996 – 25
Death of U.S. Court of
1857 – 26
Abraham Lincoln
1940 – 27
Charles Anderson
Republican Republican Party
Joseph Rainey (R- Appeals Judge Elbert (R-KY), first
Congress creates Eisenhower meets platform calls for declares Republi-
Tuttle, appointed by African-American
SC), former slave with Martin integration of the can position that
U.S. Department of President Dwight state legislator from
who in 1870 be- Luther King and armed forces; for slavery is ―cruelly
came first African-
Justice, to safe- Eisenhower; eulogized
a southern state in
guard the civil other African- the balance of his for ensuring that wrong,‖ while
American Brown v. Board of the 20th century,
rights of African- American leaders terms in office, Democrats
member of U.S. Education became ―a serves as delegate
Americans against to discuss plans to FDR fails to order it ―cultivate and to the 1940 Repub-
House broad mandate for
Democrats in the advance civil excite hatred‖ for lican National
Father’s Day racial justice‖
South rights blacks Convention

1864 – 28 1982 – 29 1910 –

Estelle Reel
Before you are a leader, success is all about growing Republican major- President Ronald
Reagan signs 25-
(R-WY), first woman
ity in Congress in nation elected to
yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about repeals Fugitive year extension of statewide office and
Slave Acts 1965 Voting Rights first woman confirmed
growing others." Act by U.S. Senate to a
federal post, retires
— Jack Welch after 12 years as U.S.
Superintendent of
Indian Schools
July 2009
Congresswoman Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
Born July 15, 1952
First Republican woman elected to the House
Representatives from Florida
1991 –
President George H.
1862 –
U.S. Rep. Justin 2 1986 –
At ceremony 3 1867 –
Republican Party is
W. Bush appoints Morrill (R-VT) wins rededicating the established in
Clarence Thomas to passage of Land Statue of Liberty, Georgia with
U.S. Supreme Court; Grant Act, establish- President Ronald racially-integrated
previously served on ing colleges open to Reagan honors state convention
U.S. Court of Appeals African-Americans, immigrants from all
and as Chairman of including such nations who come ―to
U.S. Equal Employ- students as George build a new world of Independence
ment Opportunity Washington Carver peace and freedom Day
George Washington Carver Commission and hope‖
Born July 12, 1861
was an African American scientist, botanist,
educator, and inventor whose studies and
teaching revolutionized agriculture in the
1801 –
Birth of David
5 1854 – 6 1981 – 7
President Ronald Reagan
1970 –
In special message
8 1955 –
Republican attorney
9 1805 –
Birth of U.S. 10 1952 – 11
Republican Party
First state Senator Jacob
Southern United States Farragut, Tennessee appoints first woman to to Congress, Presi- E. Frederic Morrow platform con-
Republican Party Howard (R-MI), co-
born Hispanic
U.S. Supreme Court, dent Richard Nixon becomes first Afri- demns ―duplicity
officially organized former Arizona Supreme author of the 14th
appointed by calls for reversal can-American and insincerity‖ of
in Jackson, Michigan, Court Justice Sandra Day Amendment; wrote
President Abraham of policy of forced executive in White Democrats in
to oppose Democrats’ O’Connor; as Republican
first state Republican
Lincoln as first U.S. legislator in Arizona, she termination of House; served as racial matters
pro-slavery policies Party platform,
Navy Admiral was first woman to serve Native American advisor to President
as Majority Leader in rights and benefits Dwight Eisenhower condemning Democ-
any state rats’ proslavery

1974 –
12 1868 –
13 1884 –
Republicans 14 1980 –
NAACP President
15 1866 – 16
Republican Congress
1862 –
Over unanimous
17 1906 – 18
Birth of Asian-
National Chairman Republican Oscar criticize Democratic Benjamin Hooks overrides Democrat
Party’s nomination of Democrat opposi- American U.S.
George H. W. Dunn, a former addresses Republican President Andrew
racist U.S. Senator tion, Republican Senator Samuel
Bush establishes slave, becomes National Convention; Johnson’s veto of
Thomas Hendricks (D Congress passes Hayakawa (R-CA)
Republican Na- nation’s first African previously appointed Freedman's Bureau
-IN) for vice presi- by President Richard Confiscation Act
tional Hispanic -American Lt. Gov- Act, which protected
dent; he had voted Nixon in 1972 as first former slaves from stating that slaves of
Assembly ernor against the 13th African-American the Confederacy
―black codes‖ deny-
Amendment banning member of U.S. Civil ing their rights’ ―shall be forever free
slavery Rights Commission
Thomas Sowell
Born July 30, 1930
An economist by training, he is noted for his
1867 –
19 1854 –
20 1896 –
21 1993 –
Death of Roscoe
22 1840 – 23
Birth of African-
1867 – 24
Republican Party
2001 –
conservative views on social and economic Congress overrides American Republican established in South Republican Gaddi
activists in Worces- Republican activist Robinson, first
issues. An African American author and Democrat President John Hyman; sold Carolina; at Vasquez
ter, MA found Mas- Mary Terrell African-American
economist, Sowell opposes such programs as Andrew Johnson’s eight times as a slave, convention, 76 of nominated by
sachusetts Republi- elected first presi- four-star general in
affirmative action, busing, racial quotas, veto of legislation became U.S. Rep. 124 delegates were President George
can Party dent of the National the U.S. Army;
minimum wage, and welfare. protecting voting from North Carolina African-American
Association of promoted in 1982 W. Bush as first
rights of African- Colored Women by President (1875-77) Hispanic to be
Americans Ronald Reagan Director of the
Peace Corps
My own definition of leadership is this: The capacity and
the will to rally men and women to a common purpose and
the character which inspires confidence."
1990 – 26
President George H.
1960 –
At Republican
27 1866 –
28 1932 –
Birth of Nancy
29 1866 – 30
2000 – 31
W. Bush signs National Convention, Congress authorizes Kassebaum, U.S.
— General Montgomery Americans with Vice President and formation of the Senator (R-KS) and
City of New Orleans
orders police to storm
U.S. Rep. J. C.
Watts (R-OK)
Disabilities Act, eventual presidential Buffalo Soldiers, daughter of 1936 racially integrated presides over Repub-
world’s first compre- nominee Richard two regiments of Republican Republican meeting; lican National Con-
hensive civil rights Nixon insists on African-American presidential nominee raid kills 40 and vention in
law for people with strong civil rights cavalrymen wounds more than Philadelphia
disabilities plank in platform 150
August 2009
Matthew A. Henson Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Born August 9, 1866
was an American explorer and one of
the first people to visit the North Pole
1916 –
\presidential candidate
Charles Evans Hughes,
former New York Gover-
nor and U.S. Supreme
Court Justice, endorses
women’s suffrage consti-
tutional amendment; he
would become Secretary
of State and Chief Justice

1810 –
Birth of anti- 2 1990 –
President George H.
3 1965 –
Senate 4
Republican Leader Everett
1964 –
Hispanic-American 5 1965 –
Voting Rights 6
Act of 1965, abolishing
1917 –
Birth of African-
American Republican
7 1878 –
slavery activist Republican Lt. Everett
W. Bush declares first Dirksen (R-IL) overcomes Alvarez, USN, is shot literacy tests and other Melvin Evans, first Republican James
and New Hamp- Democrat attempts to measures devised by
National American down in Vietnam; elected Governor of Rapier becomes
shire U.S. Rep. block 1965 Voting Rights Democrats to prevent
Indian Heritage Act; 94% of Senate becomes first U.S. Virgin Islands; also Collector of Internal
Amos Tuck, co- prisoner of North African-Americans from Revenue; previously
Month Republicans vote for served as Delegate to
founder of the Vietnamese and longest voting, signed into law; served as U.S. Rep.
landmark civil right
higher percentage of Congress, Republican
Republican Party legislation, while 27% of -serving POW in U.S. National Committee- (R-AL)
United States Democrats oppose history Republicans than
Democrats vote in favor man
Surgeon General 1996 –
Antonia Coello Novello
Born August 23, 1944
1988 –
Lauro Cavazos, 9 1988 –
President Ronald 10 1868 –
Death of U.S. 11 1982 –
12 1818 – 13
Birth of Lucy Stone,
Pacific 14
Research Institute
1988 –
President Ronald
first Hispanic to Reagan signs Civil Rep. Thaddeus Stevens Republican Faith President Sally Pipes,
The first woman and the first Hispanic to hold Liberties Act of 1988, (R-PA), who intro- Republican anti- Reagan addresses
serve in Cabinet, Evans, first woman in addressing Republican Republican National
the position compensating Japanese- duced 14th Amend- slavery and women’s
nominated by nation to serve as U.S. National Convention Convention: ―Our
Americans for depriva- ment; requested burial rights activist; on future of civil rights
President Ronald Marshal, sworn in Party speaks for
tion of civil rights and in a racially-integrated following appointment founder of American movement, calls for human freedom, for
Reagan to be
property during World cemetery, with epitaph by President Woman Suffrage government which the sweep of liberties
Secretary War II internment ―Equality of Man treats all its citizens
Ronald Reagan Association in 1869 that are at the core of
of Education ordered by FDR before his Creator‖ equally under the law‖ our existence‖

1817 –
Birth of 16 1937 –
Republicans organize
1920 – 18
1862 – 19
Republican newspa-
1996 – 20
Bill authored by U.S.
1959 –
Republican James
21 1867 –
Founding of Fisk
Republican anti-
State Representative slavery and civil
opposition to former Ku
Klux Klansman and
19th Amendment, per editor Horace Rep. Susan Molinari Kealoha becomes University; named
giving women the Greeley writes (R-NY) to prohibit for Republican
Jennifer Carroll, (R, FL) rights activist U.S. Democrat U.S. Senator vote, becomes part of Prayer of Twenty racial discrimination
first Hawaiian and
Clinton B. Fisk,
Born August 27, 1959 Rep. Henry Davis Hugo Black, appointed Chinese-American
Constitution; 26 of Millions, calling on in adoptions, part of Commissioner of
The First African-American Female Republican (R-MD) Supreme to U.S. FDR; his Klan the 36 states to ratify
Lt. Governor of
President Lincoln to Republicans’ Con- Freedmen’s Bureau
elected to Florida Legislative District 13 Court by background was hidden had Republican- Hawaii, after State-
declare emancipa- tract With America, that assisted emanci-
until after confirmation controlled legislatures becomes law
hood slaves pated slaves

1882 – 23
At Texas Republi-
1985 – 24
Death of Hawaiian and
1862 – 25
President Abraham
1820 – 26
Birth of Republi-
1809 – 27
Birth of Hannibal
1963 – 28
Martin Luther King
1989 –
U.S. Rep. Ileana
can Party conven- Chinese-American Lincoln authorizes can anti-slavery Hamlin (R-ME), delivers ―I Have a Ros-Lehtinen (R-
tion, over half of Republican James enlistment of activist James first Republican Dream‖ speech in FL) becomes first
delegates are Kealoha, first Lt. African-American elected Vice President front of memorial Hispanic woman
Harlan, U.S. Sena-
Governor of Hawaii soldiers in U.S. of the United States; dedicated to Repub-
African-Americans tor from Iowa, and first Cuban-
instrumental in pas-
after statehood Army whose statue is in lican President American in Con-
sage of antislavery
U.S. Capitol Abraham Lincoln gress
You do not lead by hitting people over the head — that's Wilmot Proviso

assault, not leadership."

— Dwight D. Eisenhower
1890 – 30
Republican President
1823 – 31
Birth of Speaker of the
Benjamin Harrison House Galusha Grow
signs legislation by U.S. (R-PA); secured passage of
Senator Justin Morrill Homestead Act, providing
(R-VT) making African- free land to settlers and
Americans eligible for ending plans of Democrats
to open western lands to
land-grant colleges in slave plantations
the South
september 2009
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Georgia Douglas Johnson
Born September 10, 1877
Poet and Political Activist

1975 –
Gen. Daniel James
1 1910 –
Administration of
2 1868 –
25 African-
3 2001 –
Republican U.S. 4 1883 –
After reforms 5
Senate selects implemented by
receives fourth star Republican George Americans in Geor-
Alfonso Lenhardt Republican
from Republican Alexander, Mayor gia legislature, all
as first African- President Chester
President Gerald of Los Angeles, Republicans, ex-
American Sergeant Arthur, Mary Hoyt
Ford; first African- makes Alice Wells pelled by Democrat
at Arms becomes first
American to hold first woman police majority; later rein-
woman federal civil
that rank in U.S. officer in America stated by
service appointee
Air Force Republican Congress

1870 –
Women vote in
6 1969 –
Death of Senate
7 2003 –
Speaking five decades
8 1957 –
President Dwight
9 1877 –
Birth of Georgia
10 1866 – 11
Birth of African-
1868 – 12
Civil rights activist
Mary Church Terrell Wyoming, in first Republican Leader after Brown v. Board of Eisenhower signs Douglas Johnson, American Republican Tunis Campbell and all
Born September 23, 1863 election after Everett Dirksen (R- Education, President Republican Party’s celebrated African- Charles Scrutchin; other African-
First African-American women known women’s suffrage IL), who authored George W. Bush
1957 Civil Rights American poet of successfully defended Americans in Georgia
to have earned a college degree 1960 Civil Rights Act challenges teachers’ Harlem Renaissance Senate, every one a
signed into law by Act six African-Americans
and led passage of unions to embrace movement; she served Republican, expelled
Republican Gov. standards in inner-city arrested after a mob in by Democrat majority;
1964 Civil as Labor Department Minnesota lynched 3 of
John Campbell Rights Act education: ―This society would later be rein-
of ours must challenge
official during the their companions stated by Republican
Labor Day Coolidge and Hoover
the soft bigotry of low Congress
expectations‖ administrations

1988 – 13
President Ronald
1874 –
Democrat white
14 1981 –
President Ronald
15 1949 – 16
Death of African-
1971 –
Former Ku Klux
17 1895 – 18
Republican civil rights
1881 – 19
Tuskegee Institute,
supremacists seize Reagan establishes American Republican Klan member and activist Booker T.
Reagan proclaims under leadership of
Louisiana statehouse the White House and women’s rights Democrat U.S. Washington tells white
first National Initiative on Historically African-American
in attempt to over- activist Hallie Quinn Senator Hugo Black audience in Atlanta:
Hispanic Heritage Black Colleges and Republican
throw racially- Brown, instrumental (D-AL) retires from ―There is no defense or
Week Universities, to increase Booker T. Wash-
integrated administra- in rallying women of U.S. Supreme Court; security for any of us
tion of Republican
appointed by FDR in
ington, opens for
participation in federal all races to support except in the highest
Governor William Republican candi- 1937, he had de- intelligence and devel- classes
education programs
Congressman Kellogg; 27 killed dates fended Klansmen for
racial murders
opment of all‖

Mario Diaz-Balart (R, FL )

Born September 25, 1961

1876 – 20 1872 –
Nominated by
21 1862 – 22 1816 – 23
Birth of U.S. Rep.
1957 – 24
Sparking criticism from
1981 – 25
Republican Sandra
1860 – 26
The Wide-Awakes,
Former state Attor- Republican
ney General Robert African-American and Secretary of State Democrats such as Day O’ Connor, Republican campaign
President Abraham
Ingersoll (R-IL) tells U.S. Rep. Robert B. Elihu Washburne (R- Senators John Kennedy nominated by Presi- group, serenades
Lincoln issues Eman- and Lyndon Johnson, abolitionists and
veterans: ―Every man Elliott (R-SC), IL), a founder of the
cipation Proclamation President Dwight Eisen- dent Ronald Reagan,
that loved slavery South Carolina’s Republican Party and suffragists Susan B.
is sworn in as first
“With courage, born of success achieved in the past, with a keen better than liberty James Conyers early advocate for the
hower deploys U.S.
troops to Little Rock, AR woman to serve on
Anthony and Eliza-
was a Democrat… I civil rights of African beth Cady Stanton to
sense of the responsibility which we shall continue to assume, we am a Republican
becomes first Afri-
can-American -Americans
to force Democrat
Governor Orval Faubus
U.S. Supreme Court thank them for their
because it is the only
look forward to a future large with promise and hope. Seeking no free party that ever midshipman at U.S. to integrate public
existed‖ Naval Academy schools
favors because of our color, nor patronage because of our needs,
we knock at the bar of justice, asking an equal chance.” 1804 – 27 1868 – 28 1963 – 29 1953 – 30
Mary Terrell, Birth of anti- Democrats in
Opelousas, Louisiana
Gov. George Wallace As Chief Supreme
slavery U.S. Rep. (D-AL) defies order Court Justice, Earl
African-American Republican and co-founder of the NAACP and Lt. Governor murder nearly 300 by U.S. District Judge Warren, wrote
John Goodrich, African-Americans Frank Johnson, ap- landmark decision in
who tried to prevent pointed by President
first Chairman of Brown v. Board of
an assault against a Dwight Eisenhower,
Massachusetts Republican newspa-
to integrate Tuskegee
Republican Party per editor High School
Princella Smith
october 2009
Born October 12, 1983
Chief Advocate,
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Platform for the American People

1973 –
Richard Cavazos
1 1983 –
President Ronald
2 1924 –
promoted by Presi- Reagan proclaims denounce three-time
dent Richard Nixon Democrat presiden-
first Minority
to be first Hispanic tial nominee Wil-
Enterprise Develop- liam Jennings Bryan
Brigadier General in ment Week
U.S. Army; in 1982, for defending the Ku
President Ronald Klux Klan at 1924
Reagan made him Democratic National
Claude Alexander Allen first Hispanic four– Convention
Born October 11, 1960 star General
Past Assistant to the President for
Domestic Policy
1954 –
Birth of Texas
4 1861 –
Death of
5 1914 –
Birth of women’s
6 1868 –
7 1898 –
Republican Joseph
8 1886 –
Death of Rep.
9 1871 – 10
Following warnings by
Supreme Court Justice Philadelphia Democ-
Michigan anti- rights advocate denounce Democ- Simon (R-OR) Benjamin Arnett
Priscilla Owen, rats against black
advocate for legal slavery activist Mary Louise ratic Party’s na- elected as first (R-OH), first voting, African-
services to the poor; Kinsley Bingham, Smith, elected tional campaign Jewish U.S. Sena- African-American American Republican
her nomination by elected in 1854 as Chair of the theme: ―This is a tor outside the to represent a civil rights activist
President George W. nation’s first Republican Na- white man’s coun- former majority white Octavius Catto mur-
Bush to U.S. Court of Republican tional Committee try: Let white men constituency in a dered by Democratic
Appeals was blocked
Governor in 1974 state legislature Party operative; his
by Democrats in military funeral was
Senate attended by thousands
Senator Columbus Day
Edward William Brooke III (R, MA)
1914 –
Born October 26, 1919 1972 – 11
Horacio Rivero,
1813 –
Birth of Senator 12 1858 – 13
During Lincoln-Douglas
1890 –
Birth of Dwight 14
Eisenhower, who as
Republican James
15 1901 – 16
President Theodore
1989 –
Appointed by
Lyman Trumbull (R- debates, U.S. Senator Weldon Johnson,
first Hispanic four IL), author of Repub-
President spearheaded Roosevelt invites President George
Stephen Douglas (D-IL) Republican civil rights celebrated poet of
star Admiral, lican Party’s 13th states: ―I do not regard Harlem Renaissance Booker T. Wash- H. W. Bush,
initiatives including 1957
appointed by Amendment the Negro as my equal, and 1960 Civil Rights movement, becomes ington to dine at Antonia Novello
President Richard banning slavery, and and positively deny Acts; used federal troops, editor of leading black White House, becomes first
Nixon as U.S. that he is my brother, or
of Civil Rights Act of any kin to me whatever‖;
marshals, and Justice journal, New York Age; sparking protests woman and first
Ambassador to Dept. officials to force served as Theodore
1866 granting full Douglas became Democ- Democrat governors to
by Democrats Hispanic to be
Spain citizenship to African Roosevelt’s Consul in U.S. Surgeon
ratic Party’s 1860 desegregate public across the country
-Americans presidential nominee Venezuela and
Congressman schools
Yom Kippur
Melquíades Rafael "Mel"
Martínez (R, FL) 1871 – 18 1956 – 19
On campaign trail, Vice
1942 – 20 1837 –
Birth of Sara
21 1868 – 22 1906 – 23 1972 – 24
After violence 60 prominent While campaigning President Theodore Death of Jackie
Born October 23, 1946. against Republicans President Richard Nixon Spencer, Secretary of for re-election,
vows: ―American boys African-Americans Roosevelt nomi- Robinson, athlete
His election made him the first in South Carolina, National Woman Republican U.S. nates first Jewish
and girls shall sit, side by issue Durham and Republican
Cuban-American to serve in the President Ulysses side, at any school –
Suffrage Association; Rep. James Hinds (R Cabinet member,
Manifesto, calling her address to 1876
civil rights activist
U.S. Senate Grant deploys U.S. public or private – with -AR) is assassinated Republican Oscar
on southern Democ- Republican National
troops to combat no regard paid to the by Democrat terror-
color of their skin. rats to abolish their Convention was first ists who organized
Straus, as Secretary
Democrat terrorists
Segregation, discrimina- all-white primaries by a woman before a as the Ku Klux Klan of Commerce and
who formed the Ku tion, and prejudice have
Klux Klan major party Lab
no place in America‖

1858 –
U.S. Senator 25 1919 – 26 1800 – 27 1842 – 28 1864 – 29 1829 – 30 1882 – 31
No institution can possibly survive if it needs geniuses or William Seward (R-NY)
describes Democratic
Birth of Republican Birth of U.S. Birth of Republican
suffragist and aboli-
abolitionist Sojourner
Birth of civil rights
champion and U.S.
Death of African-
American Republi-
Senator Edward Senator Benjamin
supermen to manage it. It must be organized in such a way Party as ―inextricably
committed to the
Brooke (R-MA), who Wade (R-OH), tionist Anna Dickin-
son, ―Joan of Arc of
Truth says of President
Lincoln: ―I never was
Senator Roscoe can, union organ-
in 1967 became first Conkling (R-NY), izer, and Texas
author of 1862 law
as to be able to get along under a leadership composed of
designs of the slave- treated by anyone with
African-American the Union cause,‖ instrumental in state legislator
holders‖; as President banning slavery in whose campaign more kindness and
Abraham Lincoln’s elected to U.S. Senate founding Republican George Ruby
average human beings." Secretary of State,
helped draft Emancipa-
by popular vote
all U.S. territories speeches in many
states contributed to
cordiality than were
shown to me by that Party in New York

— Peter Drucke tion Proclamation victories of Republi-

can candidates
great and good man‖
Secretary of State
Condolezza Rice
Born November 14, 1954
First African American female to serve
november 2009
as United States
Secretary of State Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

1879 –
Death of U.S. 1 1983 –
President Ronald
2 1868 –
Republican Ulysses
2008 –
Republican Pearl 4 2002 –
Michael Steele, 5 1956 –
African-American 6 1916 –
Jeannette Rankin,
Senator Zacha- Reagan makes Grant defeats Burris Floyd elected former Chairman of civil rights leaders Republican from
riah Chandler (R Martin Luther Democrat Horatio first African- Maryland Republi- Martin Luther King Montana, becomes
-MI), Under- King’s birthday a Seymour in presi- American female to can Party, elected as and Ralph Aber- first woman
ground Railroad national holiday dential election; North Carolina first African- nathy vote for elected to U.S.
conductor and Seymour had de- State House Dis- American Lt. Gover- Republican Dwight House of
co-founder of nounced Emancipa- trict 110 nor in state history Eisenhower for Representatives
the Republican tion Proclamation President

Singer Donnie McClurkin

Born November 9, 1959
1840 – 8
Birth of Judith
1938 –
Republican Gladys
9 1829 – 10
Birth of Charles
1880 –
Death of
11 2001 – 12 2002 – 13 1824 – 14
President George U.S. Rep. Deborah Birth of U.S.
Ellen Foster; Pyle becomes first Mitchell, who with abolitionist, suffra- Pryce (R-OH) elected
addressing the W. Bush proclaims Rep. James Ash-
woman elected to U.S. fellow Massachu- gist and Republi- as Chair of House
1892 Republican Senate from South National American ley (R-OH),
setts Republican can activist Republican
National Conven- Dakota; earlier had Edward Walker
Indian Heritage author of constitu-
Lucretia Mott Conference; she is
tion, she declared: been first woman became one of Month tional amendment
―We are here to elected to constitu- nation’s first two to ban slavery
Veterans Day woman in House
help you, and we tional office African-American majority leadership in
have come to stay‖ (Secretary of State) state legislators in U.S. history
and to state legislature 1866

1983 – 15
President Ronald
1948 – 16
Death of California
2003 – 17
First generation
1872 – 18
Susan B. Anthony
1863 – 19
President Abraham
1953 – 20
Birth of Matt Fong,
1991 – 21
President George
Ambassador Reagan’s nominee Republican Flor- immigrant, Austrian arrested for voting, Lincoln delivers Chinese-American H. W. Bush signs
to Commodity -American Republi- after boasting to Republican elected Civil Rights Act of
Jeane Jordan Kirkpatrick Futures Trading
ence Kahn, first
can Arnold Schwar- Elizabeth Cady
Gettysburg Address,
Treasurer of Califor- 1991 to strengthen
Born November 19 1926 Jewish woman to calling for ―a new
Commission, zenegger, sworn in Stanton that she nia in 1994; Republi- federal civil rights
First Female to serve as United States serve in U.S. House birth of freedom
Susan Meredith as Governor of voted for ―the Repub- can candidate for legislation
Ambassador to the United Nations of Representatives, U.S. Senate in
Phillips, confirmed California lican ticket, straight‖
1925-37 1998
as first woman to
serve as Chairman

1865 –
22 1860 – 23
Birth into slavery of
1929 –
Death of U.S.
24 1955 –
25 2002 - 26
Republican Judy
1857 – 27
Birth of Republican
1989 – 28
President George H.
denounce Republican Edward Senator Francis administration bans Baar Topinka be- Robert Terrell, W. Bush establishes
Democrat legisla- Johnson, historian Warren (R-WY), women’s suffrage
“The first Republican I knew was my father and he is still the Republican and first African- last Senator to
racial segregation of comes first woman National Museum
ture of Missis- interstate bus travel to chair either major advocate; appointed as of the American
I most admire. He joined our party because the Democrats in Jim Crow sippi for enacting American New York have fought for party in Illinois first African-
state legislator (1917- Union in Civil War; American judge in
Alabama of 1952 would not register him to vote. The Republicans did. My ―black codes,‖
18); helped outlaw hired first woman in
which institution- District of Columbia
father has never forgotten that day, and neither have I. racial discrimination U.S. Senate, Repub- Thanksgiving Day
by President Theodore
alized racial in public accommo- lican Leona Wells
... discrimination dations

“I joined for different reasons. I found a party that sees me as an indi-

vidual, not as part of a group. I found a party that puts family first. I
found a party that has love of liberty at its core. And I found a party
1935 – 29
Death of African-
1983 – 30
Clarence Pendleton
completes first term as
that believes that peace begins with strength.” American U.S.
first African-
Rep. Henry
Condoleezza Rice Cheatham (R-NC), American Chairman
of U.S. Civil Rights
United States of America Secretary of State who served as
Commission; ap-
delegate to two
January 2005—January 2009 Republican Na- pointed by President
tional Conventions Ronald Reagan in
december 2009
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Henry P. Cheatham
Born December 27, 1857
Known as an educated, discreet, and
1873 –
1 1863 –
Phillip Reid,
2 2002 –
Jewish Republican
3 1886 – 4
Death of Republican
2000 –
Kay Bailey Hutchi-
diplomatic man, Cheatham im- Republican Alonzo former slave set Linda Lingle (R-HI) George Ruffin, first son (R-TX) be-
pressed even white-supremacist Ransier, former free by Republi- inaugurated as African-American comes first woman
Democrat Josephus Daniels, who South Carolina cans’ 1862 D.C. state’s first woman graduate of Harvard elected to U.S.
remarked that he regarded Republican Party Emancipation Act, governor Law School and first Senate Leadership
Cheatham highly as a man who had
Chairman and watches his statue African-American
gained the confidence of both races
Lt. Governor, sworn Freedom placed state judge in
in as U.S. Represen- atop U.S. Capitol the North
tative (R-SC)

1865 – 6
Republican Party’s
1928 – 7 1953 – 8
Eisenhower administra-
1872 – 9 1869 – 10 1895 – 11
2003 – 12
Republican Octavi- Republican Pinck- Republican Gov. President George
13th Amendment, tion Asst. Attorney Republican and
ano Larrazolo of ney Pinchback (R- John Campbell of W. Bush nominates
banning slavery, is General Lee Rankin former U.S. Rep.
ratified. 2008— The New Mexico be- argues for plaintiffs in LA) becomes Wyoming Territory African-American
comes first Hispanic nation’s first African signs first-in nation Thomas Miller (R-
first Vietnamese- Brown v. Board of
SC) denounces new Alphonso Jackson
American Republican to serve in U.S. Education; 1924 -American governor law granting women as U.S. Secretary of
immigration attorney Democratic presidential state constitution
Senate right to vote and to Housing and Urban
Congresswoman Anh "Joseph" Cao candidate John W. hold public office
written to disenfran-
elected to Congress Davis argues in favor of chise African-
Heather Wilson from LA ―separate but equal‖ Americans
Born December 30, 1960
Currently, the only female veteran serving in Congress

2001 – 13
―No Child Left
1829 – 14
Birth of African-
2000 –
15 2003 – 16
President George
2000 – 17
Republican Alberto
1852 –
Birth of
18 1820 – 19
Birth of Republican
Behind‖ Act to American Republi- George W. Bush W. Bush signs law Gonzales named as Republican U.S. activist Mary
improve public can John Langston; nominates Colin creating National first Hispanic to Rep. George White Livermore, organizer
education for all served as diplomat Powell as first Museum of African serve as White (R-NC), last former of Women’s Suf-
children passes in four Republican African-American American History House Counsel by slave to serve in frage Convention in
House; signed into administrations, and Secretary of State and Culture President George W. Congress; authored 1868
law by President in U.S. House (R- Bush bill to make lynch-
George W. Bush VA) ing a federal crime

2000 – 20 1981 – 21 1870 – 22 1815 – 23 1833 – 24 1804 – 25 1964 – 26

California President Ronald African-American Civil rights activist Birth of African- Birth of U.S. Rep. Birth of Timothy F.
Republican Ann Reagan establishes Republican Jeffer- and Republican American Republican George Ashmun (R- Johnson, Chairman of
Veneman Task Force on Legal son Long becomes diplomat Henry Joseph Corbin, MA), anti-slavery Buncombe County
nominated as first Equality for Women U.S. Representative Garnet born into Arkansas activist and Chairman Republican Party,
North Carolina. The
woman to be from Georgia slavery in Maryland; Superintendent of of 1860 Republican
first African-American
U.S. Secretary of first African- Education (1873-74) National Convention
to serve in that position
Agriculture American to address which nominated in Western North
U.S. Senate (1865) Abraham Lincoln Carolina for any party
Christmas Day

"The task of the leader is to get his people from

where they are to where they have not been." 1910 – 27
Birth of African-
1973 – 28
Banned Russian author
1930 –
Death of Walter
29 1842 – 30 1898 – 31
Birth of Republican Republican Theodore
— Henry Kissinger American physician
Aris Allen, Chair-
and human rights activist
Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Cohen, African- U.S. Rep. Josiah Roosevelt becomes
American Republican Walls, who in 1871 Governor of New
man of Maryland publishes Gulag Archi-
from New Orleans; became Florida’s York; in 1900, he
Republican Party pelago; President Ronald
served in McKinley,
and Secretary of Reagan would quote his first African- outlawed racial segre-
1980 Republican undelivered Nobel Theodore Roosevelt,
and Coolidge admini-
American in gation in New York
National Convention acceptance speech in Congress public schools
national TV address to strations
Soviet Union
The Importance of the 2009
Republican Freedom Calendar
Since 1854, we can be proud of our collective history and this calendar will serve as a daily reminder of the
many accomplishments, we as a party, should celebrate and embrace. It is time for us to remember all the wonder-
ful contributions made by Republicans who have come before us and provide a framework for the many faces of
the Republican party for the future.

We are not an organization made up of one type of person, social status, gender or race. We have always been
an organization representing Americans’ brightest, gifted and talent people. This calendar will hopefully remind
you throughout 2009 that while the 2008 general election did not go the way we all would have liked, we still
have much to be proud of.

Let us use this time to re-commit ourselves to the fundamental principles and core values that made our party
so strong in less than four year after its’ birth. We must once again become willing to take a stance on those issues
not comfortable to most, stand up for those who weren't allow to stand up for themselves and speak righteousness
in the presence of those who sought to keep others suppressed and oppressed through both legal and illegal means.
Timothy F. Johnson, Ph.D.
The Fundamental Principles of the Republican Party President/CEO, Leadership101, LLC
Founding Member,
 Republicans believe that the strength of our nation lies with the individual and that each person’s dignity, The Frederick Douglass Foundation
freedom, ability and responsibility must be honored.
 Republicans believe in equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity for all, regardless of race, creed, sex, age or disability.
 Republicans believe in free enterprise and that encouraging individual initiative will continue to bring this nation opportunity, economic growth and
 Republicans believe government must practice fiscal responsibility and allow individuals to keep more of the money they earn.
 Republicans believe the proper role of government is to provide for the people only those critical functions that cannot be performed by individuals or
private organizations and that the best government is that which governs least.
 Republicans believe the most effective, responsible and responsive government is government closest to the people.
 Republicans believe America must retain the principles that have made us strong while developing new and innovative ideas to meet the challenges of
changing times.
 Republicans believe in American values and that we should preserve our national strength and pride while working to extend peace, freedom and human
rights throughout the world.
 We believe the Republican Party is the best vehicle for translating these ideals into positive and successful principles of government.

Note: This is an updated version of the 2005 Republican Freedom Calendar. Text based in substantial part on the original copyrighted work of
written by Michael Zak, author of Back to Basics for the Republican Party. See for more information.