LTC Lakin chooses New Defense

On behalf of the members of The Veterans Council Paul Vallely, Maj Gen (Ret), US Army Jim Cash, BG (Ret), USAF Harry Riley, Col (Ret), US Army Michael A. Trudell, Capt (Ret), USN Harry Soloman, Lt Col (Ret), USAF Carmen A. Reynolds, Lt Col (Ret), USAF Greg Hollister, Col (Ret), USAF Richard C. Morris, Lt Col (Ret), US Army William Harker, Cmdr (Ret), USN Bill Little, Cmdr (Ret), USN John Johnson, 1st Lt (Ret), USAF Luther B. Neff, Capt (Ret), USAF Fred Herndon, Capt (Ret), USAF The United States Patriots Union, LLC Sheridan, Wyoming

Public Release: October 5, 2010
This document is the fourth in a series of White Papers concerning the courts-martial of LTC Lakin and the future of constitutional freedom and justice in America. Background for this fourth White Paper is posted #1 here - #2 here and #3 here. It must be stated that the authors and legal vetting team for these documents have not been directly contacted by the Lakin defense team, but that we have been privy to communications from that team via USPU Veterans Council members.

Latest Developments
Following a flurry of misguided steps by his original defense team, LTC Terrence Lakin has terminated his defense team and hired none other than renowned UCMJ attorney Lt. Col. Neal Puckett as his new lead counsel, introduced by Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely and the USPU Veterans Council. USPU has also assembled an “A Team” of expert legal counsel to support Puckett and Lakin as the case takes a new direction, in accordance with all previous information offered in the prior USPU White Papers. The USPU Veterans Council is very confident in the complete competence of Lakin’s new defense team and will do all it can to provide additional outside support for LTC Lakin and his family. ALL Internet commentary concerning the new direction of the Lakin defense is speculative as Lt. Col. Neal Puckett has released NO information concerning his defense strategies and is not likely to release any such information soon.

LTC Lakin’s Case

LTC Lakin did not refuse movement on behalf of himself or his family. He has deployed to forward combat positions with honor and distinction numerous times over his decorated eighteen year military career as a flight surgeon, and has publicly offered to deploy again if and when his concerns over the legality of the current chain of command can be remedied. LTC Lakin refused deployment on behalf of his officers oath, the US Constitution, his fellow soldiers and every American citizen also convinced that an ineligible Commander-in-Chief cannot issue legitimate orders and that any attempt to do so creates a national security crisis beyond monumental proportions. A position supported by law and the members of the USPU Veterans Council. Lakin was ill advised by so-called “birther” lawyers to pursue an Obama birth certificate as a means of defending his actions. While LTC Lakin is a brilliant flight surgeon and distinguished officer, he is not a legal expert. However, armed with new information concerning the legal history and background behind the term natural born citizen presented in the USPU White Papers, Lakin is now making the necessary adjustments to his defense. In short, a birth certificate would only prove one of two things – 1) Barack Hussein Obama (Sr) is his bloodline birth father and Barack Jr. was thereby a "dual citizen" rather than natural born citizen at birth. In this case, Obama fails constitutional requirements. 2) Barack Hussein Obama (Sr) is NOT his stated birth father on the birth records, in which case Obama has committed the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people and belongs in prison rather than the White House. A birth certificate cannot solve Barack Hussein Obama’s problem, unless and until an unconstitutional precedent can be set in court that “natural-born” – “native-born” and “naturalized” are all one in the same. We know that they are not the same things, and why the Founders limited eligibility for the office of President to only “natural-born” citizens. Anything less creates a very real national security crisis. This is exactly why Obama has kept all focus on the missing birth certificate. Even a forged certificate will end all debate if they are allowed to set precedent that natural and native born are the same thing.

The Ongoing Challenge
LTC Lakin now has a proper defense team of military and constitutional experts. However, he still faces a corrupted justice system within the UCMJ and monstrous pressure from the Chain of Command, emanating from the Commander-in-Chief, who stands accused of being ineligible and illegal. Pressure from “we the people” to find the truth must be greater than the pressure from the system to conceal the truth, or all that LTC Lakin has sacrificed will be for nothing. In addition, news of Lakin firing attorney Paul Jensen resulted in immediate speculation on the Internet concerning the legitimacy of the foundation which had been trying to raise $500,000 to pay for Lakin’s legal bills. That foundation has since issued a statement claiming to be “aligned with the new defense” despite the fact that said foundation had fought against these very changes in the Lakin defense for weeks and had even lashed out publicly against USPU and Veterans Council members with false accusations of “undermining Lakin’s defense team.”

Lakin has new council thanks to the leadership of Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely and the USPU Veterans Council. USPU is not concerned with the intentions, actions or statements of the foundation that was once overseeing the Lakin defense. Who handles PR for Lakin is up to Lakin. The focus of USPU has always been and remains a proper defense for LTC Lakin and Lt. Col. Neal Puckett will lead the defense now, backed by numerous other expert attorney’s made available by USPU and the Veterans Council. Lakin’s only defense is the truth, which is on his side.

The Veterans Call to Action
1. Veterans must continue to unify at the Veterans Council of the US Patriots Union and engage in ongoing efforts to support LTC Lakin, among numerous other veteran related initiatives under way at the Council. Veterans must work together from inside the council to provide pressure from within the military system, calling upon the UCMJ to provide LTC Lakin with a legitimate trial complete with mitigating discovery and evidence supporting his charges against the Chain of Command. Civilian patriots must join in the battle for truth at the US Patriots Union and work with fellow patriots in support of LTC Lakin and many other strategic initiatives. A special defense fund for Lakin will be established by Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely, honorary Chairman of the USPU Veterans Council. 100% of the funds will be given directly to LTC Lakin and his family to cover any and all related expenses. NO funds will be used for any other purpose. Information concerning donations will be released shortly. USPU cannot in good conscience recommend donating to any other organization on behalf of Lakin at present. Further announcements are forthcoming. All patriots must call upon their members of congress, in particular the signers of the Pledge to America, Tea Party candidates running on “change” and TV/radio talking heads who claim to be “constitutionalists” -to take a stand with LTC Lakin in his efforts to reach the truth on the most vital question in America today – Does our Constitution stand in full force and effect, and is the current Military chain of command “legal.”





LTC Lakin has taken a principled stand for every American citizen who believes that the current Commanderin-Chief holds that office illegally. The Veterans Council has stated its position on the matter in the preceding White Papers and stands firmly with LTC Lakin in his quest for truth. The authority to convene a courts-martial itself is without legal authority when the chain of command is broken at the top. This is true for any soldier who has been court-martialed under Barack Hussein Obama, or ordered to deploy by Barack Hussein Obama, until all reasonable doubt concerning Obama’s eligibility can be removed by way of fact and evidence. This entire matter amounts to a national security crisis beyond monumental proportions, which is why everyone up the chain of command to the White House hopes to keep this case from ever reaching an honest unfettered discovery phase. It is up to every American patriot to stand tall with LTC Lakin and demand that Lakin get his day in court, complete with mitigating discovery and evidence, no matter the outcome for Barack Hussein Obama. The nation cannot continue to function with increasing concerns about the legality and authority of military command.

On behalf of LTC Lakin and his family, we hereby call upon ALL patriotic citizens to take the specific actions suggested in this statement and unify with veteran leadership in defense of LTC Lakin and the US Constitution. Unify with us immediately! The Veterans Council of the United States Patriots Union ADDITIONAL STRATEGY INFORMATION WILL BE MADE AVAILABLE TO ALL MEMBERS OF THE VETERANS COUNCIL INSIDE THE U.S. PATRIOTS UNION FOLLOWING THE PUBLIC RELEASE OF THIS STATEMENT.
Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely (Ret.) of the USPU Veterans Council can be reached at: for further comment. Questions concerning the US Patriots Union can be directed here -

JB Williams & Timothy Harrington on behalf of: The Veterans Council The United States Patriots Union, LLC Sheridan, Wyoming Researched and Reviewed By The United States Bar Association

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