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SECRET OF CONCENTRATION They are indeed wise, who know that the secr et of success is concentration .

To think that it only the Yogis who need concentration is a gross mistake. Concentration is essential for ever y person whatever his vocation ma y be. It is seen that concentration is inher ently developed in artisans like blacksmiths, barbers, carpenters, goldsmiths and wea vers. If the blacksmiths mission his mark while striking with the ha mmer, even slightly, ther e is the possibility of crushing his hand. Id the barber¶s razor slips; ther e is the possible danger of a cut in the skin and blood oozing out. If the carpenter does not have a good hold on his chisel, he will lose his toe. The work of a goldsmith is undoubtedly very dexterous. Wea vers can produce clothes of good quality only if they care to keep their eyes fixed on the looms. But none of those people practiced concentration after r eading a book or listening to a lecture. The situation created by the dema nds of their profession has forced the cultivation of concentration in them. What could be that situation? It is the risk of a disaster occurring with the slightest error in their handiworks. The entir e above mentioned are on the brink of wor k very attentively, restraining their minds. Ther e they would have obtained a for m of contraction r elated to be their own occupation. Not only are these ther e innumerable examples wher ein this type of contraction can be traced to have passed down the generation. For instance a mong apprentices learning smithy in I.T.Is it is seen that a boy from a book a blacksmith¶s fa mily excels in the art. This applies equally to all other vacations. It is rather than one possesses skill in a new craft. Based on the pr eceding observations, we come to know the fact that contraction is achieved by continuous striving. This was Load Krishna¶s answer to Arjuna question too. Practice, r esults in perfection. What was Arjuna query? Krishna, the mind ver y fickle; it Is endlessly r estless. It powerful too. To keep it under control equivalent to capturing wind. How they can such a mind be brought under control?´Lor d Krishna replies what you say true, Arjuna. It is a fact that the mind is restless. It is no easy task. But listen to this important revelation. It is equally true that even such a fickle mind can be brought under control by the force of constant pr actice a nd detachment´ Arjuna¶s question Is quite natural and equally simple is Loa d Krishna µs answer. The problem of the mind¶s restiveness is not a new thing; it is as old as ma n himself. However, owing to the immoral and indiscipline mode of life prevalent today, it might have increased by a certain degr ee. In fact, Arjuna was a man of courage and righteousness. If such a man¶s mind could be erratic. What to speak of today pleasure-seeking and indulgent huma nity! Those who are bent upon bringing the mind under control must, first and foremost clearly understand the nature of the mind they wish to fight with. The mind is as restless as a monkey and as strong as an intoxicated elepha nt. Controlling it, as said by Arjuna, is like trapping the wind. In regulating the mind, one needs the skill that is necessary in catching monkeys and training elephants.

Doing thus is called µDrama¶ in Sanskrit.When Arjuna complained that controlling the mind was mind was very difficult. After coming to know so ma ny details about mind and is its concentration. what is the need to keep the mind under control?¶ a correct answer is just this: if one¶s mind is under one¶s own control. Eyes. but only the mind should not be allowed to mingle with the surroundings. not doing what should not be done. to bother about every other work than the one assigned. If grate things are to be achieved. This can be done only when our minds are under own control. But how can the mind be called ours if it . likewise. nose. independently also. This implies. µAfter all. after all. intrinsically. Should keep away from distracting environment. tongue and skin these are vehicles of the mind. is the nature of the mind. not eating what should not be eaten. to poke its nose everything. ³The reason for Load Krishna saying thus is that he knows the nature of the mind. Since this ener gy is being spent on all kinds of necessary and unnecessary matters. to jump about madly. your own? You must be able to handle it as you like´ But instead understanding the gravity of the problem he says sympathetica lly:´ what you says is true. How did the rays acquir e this power? It was the r esult if ma king them conver ge. Arjunna. we are incapable of doing anything other than only the most commonplace things. while if it is not . Hence even though they could produce heat they could not burn. Truly the mind is endowed with tremendous. and ther eby. ears. hot hearing what should not heard. This does not mea n that we have to learn the city. Not all are a ware that the sun¶s rays have the power to ignite fire. Ther e lies r emarkable power in our minds. to think about a thousand castle in the a ir. Every animal a nd thing on the earth has a distinct disposition to blow is the nature of the flow is the nature of water.¶ Earlier they wer e scattered in differ ent dir ections. µconcentrated. regulating it is ver y tough. what can one do. Thus the senses keep pulling the mind in all dir ections. This is a secr et to be noted. Lord Krishna did not ma ke light of it and say. The mind can flow whenever it likes. Hence it is required to keep the senses under control by applying the intellect. not seeing what should not be seen. to desir e whimsically. Why don¶t they know? The reason is they would not ha ve seen the sun¶s rays cr eated fir e and burning down things! But when the same rays are passed thr ough a convex lens and made to fall on a piece of paper. of what difficulty is the task of mastering the mind which is. great goals can be achieved through it. without the help of the sense organs. That the mind is very fickle and that. then the distracted energies of the mind should be channelized. they can burn the paper. No sooner do the eyes spot something beautiful tha n the mind leaps straight into it. In such cases the mind should be brought back with the applications of intelligence. other than dicing to its tune? Therefore those who wish to control their minds. some ma y ask. Yet ma ny seem to be wea k minded at times or all through their lives the r eason being that their mental ener gies have been dissipated indiscriminately. ³For one like you who has subdued the most heroic warriors. This dir ect method of keeping the mind poised is called µSha ma¶. demonical str ength. are both true. With surrounding tending to provoke the mind which is by nature r estless. it becomes well nigh impossible to do even the most or dinary things. But after becoming concentrated they could produce blazing fir e. How this done? Her e the role of the five sense organ comes into picture.

4. Once at the study table with a topic for study. saying that the mind should b e concentrated upon the light of the Atma n would be absurd not all ha ve ventured to become yogis. But studying thoroughly will enable the mind to descend into the depths of the contents of the book and grasp their true import. That a single topic must be taken be taken up for study at given time. Surely. as though engrossed in deep thinking. because. it is most important that the study be continued for a complete hour as said above usually the mind will not prepared to instantly grasp a new subject. Nor can it be said that the mind should be concentrated upon God. There are ma ny other such pr etentious practices. suitable to all people at. one should not shake his body unnecessary. The question. But concentration is one thing that is common to both for reading as well as studying. The various works we wer e engaged in during the course of the day. not ever ybody is a devotee! How about saying that the mind should be concentrated upon lessons? But then. ³wher e should the large number of poor students seek tables and chairs?¶ must not be asked her e. 1. Just as a yogis needs a firm and soft seat to sit upon while meditating. not who read under the street light can become Visweswaraiah. and chew their pens or pencils while at studies. the mind should be kept immersed in it for at least one full hour. 2. every students must have the facility of a chair and a table to enable him to spread books and study comfortably. it would be most appropriate to say that each individual has to personally choose his own particular object of concentration. Or. But her e we shall discuss how students must concentrate their minds upon studies.Visweswaraiah has a table and chair during his student¶s days? Did he not become a world renowned personality studying under the street lights? This argument also must not be brought in her e. One must know the differ ence between mer ely rea ding a book a nd studying it. However. Ther efore it is important to sit in a dignified and steady posture while studying. This apart. The will r esult in a good comma nd over the subject matter and will a lso help further reading. it is true that the mind has to be ma de to concentration but what should be the object of concentration? It is not possible. accepting the invitation Well. A large number of students adopt odd postures while sitting down to study. to give a specific answer. since this book especially mea nt for students. conversions we had with our friends and other or the thoughts that had occupied our minds just prior to . those who cannot afford a table and a chair must at least have a desk. Even as a shaky vessel disturbs the water contained in it. often hidden. A cursory reading of the book may enable the r eader to know its synopsis. need not be specially mentioned. 3. Ther e are others who go on gazing at something or the other. because. Merely reading through a book does mea n one has studies dly runs out. µDid Sir M. not all are school going students! S o. unheedingly? The mind that has drowned itself in sense things. the sa me time. so too the mind becomes disturbed when the body keeps changing its postures. Having sat down to r ead or write. A student is Akin to a study ma ny r espects. when a topic has been chosen.

a) The intake of certain kinds of food incr eases sleepless. While the celebrations associated with the Kannada Rajyotsava commence a nother month of dea dly din follows. About the Ra manava mi celebrations the less said the better the student know their plight best. It mea ns keeping the mind wakeful and watching. the study cannot be carried out with wholesome concentration if even the expectation that someone might interrupt lurks in the mind. Only he whose mind is wakeful succeeds in achieving concentration. If ther e is this yearning in the mind. a fa mily member might call. the studies are soon disturbed. . Ther efor e. But if we nature a strong a mbition of excelling in the exa ms even while the exa ms are a long way off. Then ther e is the problem of noise pollution. especially in capitals. even if a drum is beaten. all these constitute some of the hellish experiences of city dwellers. While the holy Vinayaka Chathurthi celebrations are in progr ess. Hence. This alertness is called µAvadhana¶. expect to bear with it. concentration will be destroyed. Most of the students are incapable of studying with attention because their minds remain suspended in a sort of dr ea m state or keep wander ing aimlessly. when the loudspea ker begin to blare. Ther e is yet another scheme wher eby concentration in studies can be achieved it is by pa ying good attention to the subject rea d. the ears are assailed by the rudest sounds for a whole month. Since noise pollution is rampant in all towns and cities. 5. If the study is study is suddenly stopped just when the mind is entering the depths of the subject matter. and the study da maged. the question µHow then can the mind be kept awake?¶ ma y crop up. The educated member of the society as well as educationists seen to be helpless in this matter. there is a way of escaping noise pollution the students must cultivate in intense desire to excel in studies. So. We ca n develop a sort of concentration in studies. Thus the mind should be applied to uninterrupted study for at least an hour. external noise will hardly be heard. This yearning or urge found to get intensified when the exa ms have approached. we would not notice it. right besides us. Upon reading this. with request to attend to some other. the opportunity should be used for diving deeper and ma king a profound study. During this period. Ther e is no a lternative. will still be active within. Such food stuffs must be avoided. Perhaps the educationists do not see to possess the power of discriminations. when a has overpower ed our mind. for the mind to get r eady for the pr esent study. after a few minutes when the mind the mind comes to focus. Some helpful suggestions are given her e. For exa mple. Students a mid the sa me ser ene surrounding of villages are lucky in cities. a minimum of eight to ten minutes ma y be requir ed. 6.take up the pr esent study. have to encounter the evils of noise pollution. However much one tries to adapt to this inconvenience. 7. But it is good to r emember that to develop concentration over night is impossible for anyone. the inmates of the house must be told previously. Anyhow. ³Please do not call me for an hour´ because.

as one would keep off tiger and hyenas. May be taken along with nourishing food. It does not matter much even if the mind is drowsy or dr eamy. Indecent and vulgar thoughts should not only be denied entr y into the mind. e) Students must resolve within themselves like this. for this would lea d to other problems. butter and ghee must be taken ever y day.¶ However. µI shall fully study these portions within an hour¶s time µa nd feel anxious to complete the study of the portions within the allotted time. conductive to attainment of concentration is faith S hraddha. Carelessness is what is seen in most students. all personals things. vicious and sinful thoughts should not be allowed anyway anywher e near the mind. in addition. However. Concentration is impossible for one with a weak body and a week mind. Some students complain that when they try to concentrate they get hea dache. it is a virtue that . A week and indiscipline mind will become incapable of concentrating. including bedclothes and the clothes that is daily worn must be tidy. ther e cannot be any talk of concentration comes easily to a pure and unpolluted mind. constant efforts to know keen the mind awake will help developing concentration to a large extent. If we look at the home chaotic condition of their persona l belongings and their books we can easily understand how careless they are. Faith cannot be obtained from outside. but also be prevented from passing in the mind¶s vicinity.b) The mind will r emain energetic when the various organs of the body kept cleat. d) Students should know another important point it is equally necessary to keep the mind clea n. as directed by a good doctor. The yogis have discover ing what a great amount of mental ener gy is lost thought useless prattle. 8. For observing continence a few simple suggestions can be made. It might not be possible to finish the portions within the allotted time in the beginning. discussing the lessons with friends is definitely helpful. The main reason for this is that their brains do not have sufficient strength. However. 9. Students desir es of developing concentration must desist from gossip. 2) The body and mind must be always kept pure. Chyavanaprasha. In order to ma ke the brain strong one should practice special yogasanas under the guidance of an a dept. 4) Another important mea ns. possibility of the mind rema ining awake incr eases Accordingly. 1) One should sincer ely pray to his own indwelling S oul in the depth of his heart for sustaining this power of continence. By vain gossip. This orderliness revea ls the wa keful state of the mind assertively. considering it to be as dangerous as poison. Milk. It is worth r emembering that µtoo much is too bad. but with such eager efforts. one should not go to the extent of criticizing them. the best tonic is the ener gy conser ved through continence (Brahamacharya). because they are in the ver y culprits who havoc in the mind and spoil it. 3) One must be careful not to fall into the compa ny of unruly and indulgent students. Tonics. but once such indecent and vulgarity creep into it. c) All other things in the room and articles of the daily use must be ma intained with order liness. the discipline and orderliness of the mind will be destroyed.

³I will definitely improve my knowledge by studying carefully. How to bring out this inherent knowledge? By studying and thinking regularly and methodically. Ther e is another important key to concentration. After wards only la menting over his fate will fa ll to his lot. The concentration that is developed thr ough faith and love is the most natural. he r eached Lanka with one leap! In every student lies hidden a wonderful capacity for acquiring tr emendous knowledge. But only a few people have understood its faith they have pr ogr essed in their chosen paths and reached their goals. liking for the lessons will ha ve to be cultivated with come effort. There is no dough about it. µWhat is this Sharaddha that you are making so much of?¶ one might ask. However ther e is a special suggestion for students. Hence it is essential that a student must develop love for hid study. This point need not be elaborated. One must try it out to believe it. Hanuma n was capable of leaping over the ocea n. if you fly awa y. Hence di must keep telling us: O faith. When love for studies develops. Truly. but he rema ined silent since he did not believe that the r equir ed strength was ther e in him. the master key and that is love. ¶ A ma n might have exceptionally strong biceps.must grow fr om within. concentration cannot be said to have been achieved in full measure until the subjects studied become fully understood. one must . the gr eatness of faith is boundless. 10. But later. because each one can observe how his mind is in close association with his own object of liking. Only. But when Ja mbava ntha aroused faith in Hanuman and made his strength known to him. Ther efor e one must not feel sorry and bemoa n. Dough is the staunch enemy of faith. love springs up naturally. The student should sit for study with deter mination resolving. as the subject become easier to grasp. but if he has no faith in their strength. Faith is the trust that one has in his own strength. Wher e ther e is an excessive love ther e the mind is united strongly. Initially. concentration is invariably attained. ³Why ha ve I not achieved concentration yet?´ instead. a student must not dough his own inner strength. This is what is called µS elf Confidence.´ This is a n effective technique by which the mind spontaneously gets concentrated. It leads the pr eserving aspirant for ward until he r eaches his goal. it involves no struggle and no strain. the inher ent strengths become incapacitated. they will be of no use to him. Such is the power of faith. as soon as any misgiving arises. It is an unalterable la w that the mind dwells in the objects of its liking. Ever ybody would have heard the word µfaith¶ sometime or the other. Victory is mine if you stand by: Failure and fall. Even though one ma y be following the eleven pr ecepts mentioned above.

In the words grate deeds have been achieved in the past. for instance. having serving no purpose. But if his mind is being distracted by other temptations. A huge volume of water.´ Practice implies incessant striving and repeated efforts. a student must not rema in idle. without clearing up the mea ning of a difficult word with the help of dictionary. if one intends to develop his intelligence. the only µoutcome¶ is waste of time a nd loss of ener gy. without exertion and Endeavour. to retain interest and concer n unconcerned about everything else this is detachment. gushing down from the heights of a mountain. nothing can be achieved. detachment implies rea ming aloof then all other temptations while striving to fulfill a chosen aim? That is. they should be asked to write easy on some topic. One should not proceed with the rea ding. loses its identity in the sea. without an understanding of the difficult wor ds in it? To know how poor the educational caliber of today¶s students is and more importantly their ability for writing is. coming to detachment ± what does it signifies? Does it mean sannyasa renunciation No. If r eading is done without doing thus. Regular practice of yogasanas and activates the ner vous system and ther e by helps in developing concentration. Ther e is absolutely no benefit. Can the subject matter ever be understood. words used wrongly and faulty lettering! However intelligent a student might be. how can his education prosper? Especially those. And since the wor d µdetachment¶ has come to mea n renunciation. Yogasanas are a boon huma nity. How people would have struggled persistently for every such accomplished! Ther e is nothing is impossible for men of perseverance. he should take recourse to practice to yogasanas. But this is not correct. flows around blindly and at last. whenever it is used toda y it is understood as becoming a monk and retiring to the forests. with an open mind visualize them once. Minds of the youth are like the Jog Falls. he must at least once apply himself to practice it diligently. But by the time he comes to the tenth standard he well able to write even long possible? By practice nothing else. A student is expected to be devoted to the task of acquiring knowledge. Anyone engaged in accomplished a particular goal is detached from other things to some extent. Each page will ha ve a gener ous quota of defective sentences. who are keen on acquiring concentration.³Concentration can be accomplished by practice and detachment. Since the goal of monks is self realization. At least after coming to know that ther e is joy and success in concentration. That is why Lord Krishna says to Arjuna . Now.strive to study with patience and understand clearly all that is rea d. they have to renounce all the worldly things. On the other hand. must never even glance at other diversions. if a dam is . and are being achieved even now. Really it is quite different for a five year old boy to write a few simple words. It is indeed a true sign of concentration of one is absorbed in studies to the extent of forgetting not only the surrounding but even his body! ************************************************************* If one is desirous to overcome the diseases of his body and to enjoy sound health. We should. if one is really particular to achieve concentration.

7. gushing down from the heights of a mountain. canals of a code conduct must be dug. Minds of the youth are like the Jog Falls. Or he may be suffering from some chr onic disease. 4. self willed mental ener gies of the youth. Or. 6. Or. WHY DOES A STUDENT LACK CONCENTERATON 1. of a da m is built across its waters and ma de to flow in r egulated ca nals. Or. Or. Or. agriculture fields can be irrigated and a rich a crop harvested. a da m of disciplines a nd r estrictions must be across its waters and made to flow in regulated canals. 5. his family condition ma y be the cause of disturbance in his mind. Or. he does not like his subjects and his inter est¶s lies in something else. having ser ved no purpose. On the other hand. across the uncultured. Then we can see how the glorious harvest of culture will flourish. His mind has not grown properly. (*********************************) By Punna reddy. he is addicted to T. 10. loses its identity in the sea. 8. 11. Perhaps he is unable to understand his lessons properly. When the cause of the problems is spotted out. Or. literature and skilled labor. flows around blindly and at last. 2. finding a remedy will not be problems. agricultural fields can be irrigated and a rich crop harvested. Or. and the water of mental powers must be ma de to flow into the fields of education. B . Or. his brain needs to be nourished by nutritious food. A huge volume of water. 3. he is put up in a mismana ged hostel. he has fallen into bad compa ny. he lacks the minimum facilities of sitting and studying comfortably and quietly.V and cinema. 9. which are spent purposelessly. art. his mind might have started running after sense pleasure. Similarly.