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To our dear Parents,

We thank you for

There is only one happiness in
bringing us into this world. life to love and be loved.
When we are young, it was
very hard for us to
understand all the things
you are teaching us. We are
sure; at times you’ve also
felt you’ve never got
through it. Now, we would
like you to know how much
you really meant to us and
we are very thankful enough
for the love and attention
you’ve given us... You are
the strongest influence that
God had given us...We love
you and we do mean it.
As husband and wife, we
vow to love each other
endlessly. To respect and
trust one another faithfully
and to cherish in the fruits of
Dear God,
whatever fate may lay It was you who made this
before us, not only “till fate; you gave us good parents,
death do us part” for our siblings, and friends that we
vow is meant to last “till life consider priceless gems.
Now that we enter into
after death.” parenthood, we know we can pass
Ariel & Jenelyn all the trials that awaits us through
our faith in you.
May you give all the needs of
this marriage spiritually…
Bridal Entourage
In thanksgiving to God and with the
blessings of our beloved parents Principal Sponsors
Hon. Eric O. Sibuma
Mr. & Mrs. Antonio Abellera
Mr. & Mrs. Saturnino Flora
Mrs. Artita Gorospe Mr. & Mrs. Eduardo Flora
Mr. & Mrs. Marlon Algo
and Mr. & Mrs. Dominador Florida
Mr. & Mrs. Diosdado Abubo
Mr. & Mrs. Corazon Cachero
Mr. Ambrocio Frigillana Mr. & Mrs. Eduardo Soriano
Mr. & Mrs. Elinita Sabado
Mrs. Lolita Frigillana Mr. & Mrs. Julio Bambico
Mr. & Mrs. Marilou Bambico
Mr. & Mrs. Zenaida Garcia
we Mr. & Mrs. Mary Jane Bambico
Mr. & Mrs. Elizabeth Madayag
Mr. & Mrs. Rosemarie Bambico
Mr. & Mrs. Kimaron Gomez
John Lyndel & Mr. & Mrs. Vivian Senal
Mr. & Mrs. Adelaida Andrada
Mr. & Mrs. Julio Flora
Mr. & Mrs. Montano Balanga
Irene M r. & Mrs. Patricia Genova
Mr. & Mrs. Rogelio Flora
Mr. & Mrs. Nora Fajardo
wish to invite you to share with us the Mr. & Mrs. Florentino Periol
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Flora Jr.
joy of our union on the 18th day of Mr. & Mrs. Dominador Saturnino
April, two thousand and twelve at Mr. & Mrs. Nancy Gaviola
Me. & Mrs. Florito Abubo Sr.
11:00 o’clock in the morning . Mr. & Mrs. Sherly Acosta
Mr. & Mrs. Dominga Picar
Mr. & Mrs. Vangeline Calatan
Mr. & Mrs. Susan Abubo
Mr. & Mrs. Belinda Catao
Join us in celebrating this momentous Mr. & Mrs. Ceferina Florida
Mr. & Mrs. Teresita Abrigo
occasion at the Bride’s Residence Mr. & Mrs. Telesforo Brabante
Mr. & Mrs. Cecilia Urbi
Manga, Aringay, La Union Mr. & Mrs. Sam Parrocha
Mr. & Mrs. Annie Picar
Mr. & Mrs. Naty Vergara
Your presence will Mr. & Mrs. Heraclio Banay
Mr. & Mrs. Rafy Tilos
Mr.& Mrs. Marilou Agbayani
certainly Mr. & Mrs. Luis Abubo
Mrs. Maythelin Sabado
make this special day Mr. & Mrs. Ernesto Genova
more memorable Mr. & Mrs. Leo Sabado
for both of us.