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What is new in WYSIWYG Web Builder 12?

Note: for a visual presentation (with screenshots) of most of the new features,

- Improved: Using 'Center in page' on objects inside a layer/form will center the
object inside its container.
- Improved: The preview folder (in Tools->Options->Files & Folders) is now project
specific, so you can configure a different folder for each project.
- Improved: Drag selection in the workspace no longer includes lock objects. Note
that you can stil select locked objects with click or select all.
- New feature: Added 'Center in page -> Both', to quickly center one or multiple
objects in the center of the page.
- New feature: Added 'Make width same as page width', to quickly make the width of
an object the same as the page width. This can be useful for full width
layers/carousels etc.
- New feature: Added link to Twitter page in the help menu.
- New feature: Added 'Office 2016 - Black' color scheme.
- New feature: Implemented Office 2016-like Ribbon commands search ("Tell Me").
When the user types a part of command text in the box, a list of matching commands
is displayed on the Main Panel.
- New feature: All built-in dialogs now use the selected color scheme (like in MS
Office apps). A new option has been added to enbale/disable this functionality:
Tools->Options->Uswer Interface->Enable skinned dialogs.
- New feature: Added the ability to edit ruler guides in 'Format Ruler Guides'
- New feature: Added 'Reset settings' to Options. This will restore the default
- New feature: Added 'Display all objects in Links->Bookmark' option. When this
option is enabled then the Bookmark dropdown menu in Links will display all objects
(instead of just bookmarks and layers). This basically makes it possible to turn
any object into a bookmark!
- New feature: Added 'Easy Mode'. This options may be useful for new users who are
overwhelmed by all the advanced features of WWB. When this option is enabled then
advanced features (like events, animations, cms, login tools) will be hidden in the
toolbox, ribbon and properties. Easy Mode can easily be toggled to make the options
available again.
- New feature: Added 'Keyboard shortcuts' to the help menu. This option displays
the current key assignments by category. It is also possible to copy or print the
- New feature: Added 'Help' button to property windows to open context sensitive
- New feature: Added 'Include partially selected objects in lasso selection' to
Guide settings. This option specifies whether partially selected objects will be
included in lasso (net) selection. If this option is disabled, then the entire
object needs to be inside the lasso to be selected.

- New feature: Version 12 introduces the "Blocks' toolbox. Blocks are building
blocks trhat make it possible to quickly creates a website by dragging predefined
blocks to the workspace. Blocks are basically just groups of standard WWB objects
so once dragged to the page you can fully customize the behavior and apprance of
the content.
WWB includes a dozen of standard blocks to help you get started, but you can also
create your own blocks (by saving a group of objects as 'Block'), so you can reuse
them in other pages or projects.

Open Graph Meta Tags

- New feature: Added support for Open Graph Meta Tags in Page Properties->Meta
tags. These settings make it easy to add Open Graph meta tags to a page to enable
it to be come a "rich" social object. For instance, Facebook uses this information
to work out how to preview shared content in a user's Facebook profile..
The following properties are supported: og:url, og:title, og::description,
og::image and og::type

PNG/JPEG compression
- New feature: Added PNG/JPEG compression for dynamically generated images (shapes,
drawing tools, images with filters etc). This makes it possible to optimize images
for quality or performance (larger images look better but take more time to
download and process). Support 10 levels.

Asset Manager
- New feature: Added the posibility to move orphan files to another folder (instead
of just removing the files).

Object Manager
- Improved: Multiple objects can be selected (using the CTRL key).
- New feature: Added 'Hide in other breakpoints' option. Use this option to hide
the selected object in other breakpoints (but not in the current view) .
- New feature: Added 'Unhide in all breakpoints' option. Use this option to unhide
the selected object in all breakpoints (including the current view) .

- Improved: Added a warning message when you try to publish a page that is set to
"Don't publish this page"
- New feature: Added "Publish' option to context menu in Site Manager, so you can
quickly publish the selected page.
- New feature: Added �Make a backup of the project on the server' option to the
publish dialog. This can be used to override the global setting for the current

Error Reports
- New feature: Error Reports displays a warning when the page name is the same as
the project name. because this may cause a conflict with style sheets.
- New feature: Error Reports detects missing fonts. If an object uses a font which
not installed then an error message will be displayed.
- New feature: Error Reports detects missing extensions. If the page uses an
extension which is not installed, then an error message will be displayed.
- New feature: Added the posibility to hide warnings for specific objects via the
context menu. Also an option 'Show hidden warnings' have been added to restore the
- New feature: The 'Error Reports' window can now be docked, floating or set to
autohide so it can be made visible all the time. When visible, the error list
automatically refreshes when you switch between pages. Double click an item in the
list to select the object in the workspace.

Global Replace
- Improved: Replacing URLs now includes support for tel, email, facetime, sms and
skype links.

- Improved: Made beautify/minify options ASP compatible.
- New feature: Added 'CSS in media query' option. This make it possible to add
breakpoint specific CSS styles. This can be useful if you need different styles in
Multi-Page Properties
- New feature: Added Multi-Page Properties tool to modify selected properties for
multiple (selectable) pages at once. This makes it possible for example to quickly
change the master page for a group of pages. But also background properties, meta
tags, page extension etc. Only the modified value(s) will be applied to all
selected pages.

- New feature: Added 'Uninstall Extension' to context menu to quickly remove an
extension without opening the Extension Manager.

- New feature: Added the ability to use semantic HTML5 tags. Tools->Options->HTML-
>Use HTML5 Semantic Tags. When this option is enabled WWB will automatically output
semantic HTML5 tags instead of divs. For example page header <header> page footer
<footer>, navigation <nav>.
- New feature: Added 'Move external CSS style sheets to the end of the page'. This
is often recommended by Google PageSpeed Insights to improve the performance of the
page. Please read the help for more details! Note however that this also may affect
the way to page is rendered beucase styles are loaded after the contnet has been
load, resulting in flicker. Also some scripot may bnot support this becuase they
exccpet style to be between the head tags.
- New feature: Added 'CSS visibility property' (visibility vs display) HTML/CSS
options. This option controls the way objects are hidden. When using
'visibility:hidden' hidden objects will not be visible but they still affect the
layout (just like in previous versions of WWB). On the other hand 'display:none'
removes the object from the layout so it no longer affects the size of the page.
This can be useful when hiding objects that are not inside the page boundaries in

- Flash Video Player has been renamed to WWB Video Player. The player no longer
supports Flash, it is now pure HTML5/CSS3. The reason is that movile brwoser do not
supprot flash and most browsers consider Flash as being unsafe.

- Improved: When using "enable response fonts" the text alignment is now also
responsive, so you can have different alignments in breakpoints.
- New feature: Text styles now display style gallery with preview.
- New feature: Add 'Create a style' option. Create a style based on the formatting
of the selected text.
- New feature: Added support for native Windows spell checker. With 'spell as you
type', 'Checking spelling' dialog (F7) and context menu suggestions. Supports all
language dictionaries you have installed in Windows. Requires Windows 8, 8.1 or 10!

- New feature: Added 'Reverse' option to hyperlink styles. When this option is
enabled the transition will be reversed (underline will be initially visible and
hidden on hover).

- Improved: The 'Notes' object is now also available in Mobile pages.

- New feature: Added support for jQuery 3. This version promises to be slimmer and

jQuery UI
- Improved: Upgraded to the latest version. All jQuery UI scripts are combined in
one file (jquery-ui.min.js instead of jquery.ui.widget.min.js,
jquery.ui.accordion.min.js, jquery.ui.effect.min.js etc). This reduces the number
of generated files which may help speed up loading of your pages.
All internal scripts have been updated. If you have created custom theme you will
need to upgrade them to make sure they work with the new version.
- New feature: A new jQuery UI theme �base� has been added.
- New feature: Added the ability to customize colors of the jQuery UI widgets
independently of the jQuery UI theme.

- New feature: Added 'News Paper' and 'Flip Horizontal/Vertical' animations.
- New feature: Added 'CSS3 animation' option. Select animations created with the
Animation Manager. A different animation can be selected for 'show' and 'hide' to
create sophisticated animation effects.
- New feature: Added 'Full Page' support. An easy way to create fullscreen
scrolling websites (also known as single page websites or onepage sites). This
option uses the great 'fullPage.js' jQuery plugin.

- New feature: Tabs can now be part of a layout grid!
- New feature: Added the ability to align the navigation tabs in the header.
- New feature: Added support for Bootstrap tabs.
- New feature: Added floating mode to Tabs. When this option is enabled objects
inside the tabs float instead of having a fixed position. This is recommended for
flexible layouts with layout grids.

- New feature: Accordions can now be part of a layout grid!
- New feature: Added support for Bootstrap Accordion.
- New feature: Added floating mode to Accordion. When this option is enabled
objects inside the panels float instead of having a fixed position. This is
recommended for flexible layouts with layout grids.

jQuery Dialog
- Improved: The jQuery Dialog can now have sizes and different layouts in

- Improved: margins of floating layers are now responsive, so they can have
different values in breakpoints.
- New feature: Added �Position children� option. By default, child elements of the
layer use absolute positions so you can place them anywhere you want. By using
'floating' mode the objects inside the layer will float instead of having a fixed
position. This can be useful when using floating layers which are set to 'Relative
horizontal sizing' to create fluid layouts.
- New feature: Added �100vh� to floating mode options. This will set the height of
the layer to 100% of the viewport. This can be useful to create floating layers
with a relative horizontal size. For example, to create full height columns.
- New feature: Added background overlay option. This uses the specified background
color (and alpha value) to add and an overlay to the background image.
- New feature: Added the ability to use a video as background. Supported are
Youtube and Vimeo URLs. This is especially useful for full width/full screen
- New feature: Added option to select semantic HTML5 tag instead of generic <div>.
Available options: <article>, <aside>, <footer>, <header>, <nav>, <section>

- New feature: Added 'Enable JS API' option. This option enables the player to be
controlled via JavaScript Player API calls. Only works in modern browsers!
- New feature: Added support for YouTube events (play, pause, ended etc). Requires
'Enable JS API'.
- New feature: play, pause actions in events can now be used to control the YouTube
video. Requires 'Enable JS API'.

- New feature: Added support for Vimeo events (play, pause, ended etc).
- New feature: play, pause actions in events can now be used to control the Vimeo
video. Requires 'Enable JS API'.

- New feature: Added 'Flip Horizontal' and 'Flip Vertical' animations (uses CSS3
- New feature: Added 'Fan' and 'Block Scale' animations.
- New feature: Added animations to caption: fade, slide, rotate, scale, translate.
- New feature: Added 'CSS3 animation' option. Select animations created with the
Animation Manager. A different animation can be selected for 'show' and 'hide' to
create sophisticated slideshow.
- New feature: Added Instagram integration. This makes it possible to feed the
slideshow with images from your Instragram account.

Photo Gallery
- Improved: Now includes galleria 1.5.4, which makes it possible to use the
lightbox/galleria in responsive layouts.
- New feature: The Photo Gallery uses <figure> and <figcaption> tags when �Use
HTML5 Semantic Tags (in Tools->Options->HTML) is enabled.
- New feature: Added Instagram integration. This makes it possible to feed the
photo gallery with images from your Instragram account.

Photo Collage
- New feature: Added 'Photo Collage' object. Introduces a cool new way to display
your images. More than 30 layout variants are available.
The Photo collage object is flexible so it can be used in layout grids and
responsive layouts. Also supports lightboxes, instragram integration, load
animations and more.

RollOver Image
- New feature: Added 'Flip Horizontal' and 'Flip Vertical' animations (uses CSS3

- Improved: The icons in the FontAwesome Gallery of the Ribbon are now categorized
to make it easier to find icons (based on the categories on the FontAwesome
- New feature: Added support for rotation. Note: this uses CSS3 transforms.
- New feature: Added 'Publish as svg' option. This will output the icon as embedded
SVG (scalable vector image) instead as font. This greatly reduces the overal size
of the website if you only use a few fontawasome icons.

Material Icons
- New feature: Added support for Google's Material Design
Icons( Adds more than 900 new icons. The Material Icon
object supports the same featutes as FontAwesome.

- New feature: Added support for Material Icons, so you can also publish the new
icon as an image.

- Improved: Maximum file size is now set in the script instead of using an hidden
form field for better security.
- Improved: It is now also possible to use variables in the subject of the email
message (PHP Mailer or rich text must be enabled).
- New feature: Added the ability to set ID property for hidden fields.
- New feature: Added option to include page name/refferer in form data.
- New feature: Added option to configure the auto responder email input field.
- New feature: Added 'Full Width' option to Editbox, TextArea, Combobox, Label and
Button. This makes it possible to switch between block (100%) and inline mode
(fixed width) when used in a Layout Grid.
- New feature: Added the ability to send form data to an email address based on the
selection in a combobox. Users can select a 'department' from a dropdown menu, and
have the email sent to just that department's email address.

Form Conditions and Calculations.

- New feature: Added 'Conditions'. This makes it possible to
show/hide/enable/disable other objects based on the value or selection of an form
input field. For example you can disable the form's submit button until the user
checks a box.
- New feature: Added the posibilty to do calculations in form fields. Calculations
are available in the 'Conditions' section of input fields. They can be used to
calculate a value based on values or selections of other input fields. For example
to calculate the total price of an item in a webshop based on the selected options.
Conditions/calculations options are available for Editbox, TextArea, Combobox,
Checkbox and Radio Button.

File Upload
- New feature: Added 'Accept multiple files' option. To select multiple files, hold
down the CTRL or SHIFT key while selecting.
- New feature: It is now possible to customize the style of the File Upload object.
The button and editbox each can have their own styling. This new behavior can be
disabled with the 'use default browser styling' (This is enabled for older projects
for backwards compatibility).
- New feature: Added 'Padding' option. Note: left padding will be used for the
editbox and the right padding for the button.
- New feature: Added 'Place Holder' option. Specifies a short hint to help the user
to fill out the input field.
- New feature: Added "Button text' option. This makes it possible to customize the
text of the button.

Editbox/Text Area
- New feature: Added "Spellcheck' option. The HTML5 spellcheck attribute specifies
whether the element is to have its spelling and grammar checked or not.

Checkbox/Radio Button
- New feature: It is now possible to customize the style (and size) of the
Checkbox/Radio Button object to override the default browser appearance. This also
make the Checkbox/Radio Button responsive so it can have a different size (and
color) in breakpoints. This new behavior can be disabled with the 'use default
browser styling' (This is enabled for older projects for backwards compatibility).

Login Tools
- New feature: Added 'Enable error reporting' to Login Admin for debugging
- New feature: Added 'checkbox' option to custom profile fields.

Layout Grid
- Improved: gutter, padding and margin are now responsive, so they can have
different values in breakpoints.
- New feature: Added background overlay option. This uses the specified background
color (and alpha value) to add and an overlay to the background image.
- New feature: Added the ability to use a video as background. Supported are
Youtube and Vimeo URLs.
- New feature: Added 'Use Flexbox' option. When this option is enabled, the grid
will use CSS flexbox layout. This results in cleaner code and also enables some
extra features like vertical alignment and entire column will be filled with the
Note that this is a relative new CSS feature, it is not supported by older browsers
(< IE11).
- New feature: Different column widths in breakpoints
- New feature: Different column counts in breakpoint
- New feature: Added the ability to hide columns in breakpoints.
- New feature: Added 'overflow' option. This determines what happen when columns
that do not fit in the current row. Overflow columns can be hidden, 100% or have
custom value.
- New feature: Added vertical alignment option to columns. Note this only works
when CSS flexbox is used!
- New feature: Added the ability to set the layout grid fixed to the top of the

Note: the breakpoint value overrides the overflow value. That menas that even if
you have set column to overflow they will not be visible for stacked columns (if
the viewport is lower that the breakpoint).
If you need different behavior then =ste the breakpoint vbbaleu to a low level (so
it won;t be triggewred) and implement a breakpoint with custom overflow values.

Flex Container
- New feature: Add support for CSS flexbox! The flexbox container is a great new
way to implement layouts.

Master Object/Page
- Improved: A warning is displayed when using the same master page on the same
page. the same master page will result in duplicated IDs and other conflicts.
- New feature: Master objects can now be used inside a Layout Grid. The object
becomes flexible/floating when it's part of a layout grid. Note that the objects on
a master page should also be floating for the best results.

- New feature: Added 'CSS3 Animate' action. This will trigger a CSS3 animation from
the animation manager. So it's no longer necesarry to manually create a seperate
style for this (WWB will do this automatically).
- New feature: Added 'onscrollreveal', 'onscrollhide' and 'onscrollrevealpartial'
events to most objects. These events were previous only available for the bookmark
object. Note: these events do not work for hidden objects becuase if an object is
hidden then it has an undefined position in the HTML document, therefor it's not
possible to determine whether the object is inside the viewport.
- New feature: Added support for events to links in navigation objects: BreadCrumb,
CSS Menu, Mega Menu, Navigation Bar, Pagination, Panel Menu, Responsive Menu, Slide
Menu, Tab Menu, Text Menu, jQuery ListView and jQuery Menu.

- Improved: The sort tool now includes all data in the table. So for example if you
sort a column then the other columns will be moved too. Also the style of the cells
will be included, not only the text, so cells keep their own styling.
- New feature: Added cell alignment options to the Ribbon and context menu of the
table to quickly set the alignment of one or multiple table cells.
- New feature: Added border-collapse option. The border-collapse property sets
whether the table borders are collapsed into a single border or detached as in
standard HTML.
- New feature: Added the possibility to set the border-width of table cells. This
replaces 'enable cell borders'.
- New feature: Added 'Hover rows color' option to enable a hover state on table
- New feature: Added 'Striped row color' option to add zebra-striping to the table
- New feature: Added 'Header row' option. This will output the first row as header
cells (<th> instead or <td>).
- New feature: Added 'Table Styles' gallery. This allows you to quickly update the
style of your tables. You may know this feature from MS Office. 30 predefined
styles are currently available.
- New feature: Added size mode 'Automatic' (in addition to 'pixels' and
'percentages'). When using this mode the table cells will be automatically sized
based on their content. This makes it possible to use a table in layout grid
- New feature: Added 'Import data from text file'. A quick way to get data from a
comma seperated text file into the table.
- New feature: Added the possibility to add objects inside table cells. The main
purpose of this feature is to make images part of a table.

CSS3 Animations and Transitions

- New feature: Added 10 new CSS3 animations to the Animation Manager: animate-
rotate-in-left, animate-rotate-in-right, animate-rotate-out-left, animate-rotate-
out-right, heartbeat-1, heartbeat-2, transform-peek, transform-scale-in, transform-
scale-out, transform-shiver
- New feature: Added background, border (short hand), display and position
properties to animatable properties. These may be useful for scroll transitions.
- New feature: Added "Copy' buttons to quickly clone animations and transitions.
- New feature: Added scroll transitions. This allows you to animate CSS properties
of objects depending on the horizontal scrollbar position. For example you can set
the opacity (fading) of an object based on the scroll position. Of
move/rotate/scale objects into place when it scrolls into view.

- Improved: WWB now preserves the original filename when using filters (instead of
generating a unique name). You can still change it with �Allocated filenames�, if
you like.
- New feature: Added �Color overlay� filter to the image object. Often used in
websites to create a �dim� effect.

- New feature: Add 'Picture' object. The HTML5 <picture> element is a container
used to specify multiple images for different viewport or screen resolutions. The
browser will choose the most suitable image according to the current layout of the
page and the device it will be displayed on.
You can specify different images for breakpoints. It also supports high resolution
displays using pixel density descriptors such as 1x, 1.5x, 2x, and 3x. For example
you can include different versions of the image by using names like:
filename@1.5x.png, filename@2x.png
The picture object supports rotation using standard CSS3 transforms. Plus
expirimental support for CSS3 filters (blur, contrast, brightness, hue, saturation,
negative, sepia, grayscale)

Rollover Layer
- New feature: Add 'RollOver Layer' object. A RollOver Layer works just like the
RollOver image, but instead of just images you can now use any type of objects. In
additional to fixed mode (where you can place obejct anywhere you want), the object
also supports floating mode so it can be used in Layout grids.
Mega Menu
- Improved: It is now possible to hide the arrows/icons (select the last item in
the icon list).
- Improved: To disable categories, set all Category names to &nbsp; This will hide
the Category header in the menu.

Responsive Menu
- New feature: Added the possibility to set the menu alignment.

Breadcrumb Menu
- Improved: CSS3 Transitions are now applied to the menu items. For example, to
rotate, scale or modify the style of an item on hover.
- New feature: Added the possibility to set the menu alignment.
- New feature: Added �Full Width� property so the menu can be stretched to the full
width of its container (when used inside a layout grid).

- New feature: Added support for line styles: solid, dotted, dashed, double,
groove, ridge.

Page Properties->Style
- New feature: Added �Enable Responsive Fonts� option to the default text settings
(in Page Properties). This sets the default for new text objects.

- New feature: Added �Scale� to the Arrange tools. This tool may be useful for
optimizing the layout in breakpoints. Basically, it takes the size and position of
the selected object(s) on the default view and scales it to the current breakpoint
width. For example: let's say the default view is 960 pixels and you are now
working in the 480 breakpoint. This makes the scale factor 2, so using the Scale
tool will make the objects 50% smaller.

04/07/2017 - Version 12.0.1

- Fixed: Error in PHP form script: missing ')'
- Fixed: Issue with fade events when target is the object itself.
- Fixed: Issue with Global Replace.
- Fixed: 'Use jQuery UI theme' in Date Picker should be 'true' for existing
- Fixed: Open Graph image needs absolute path.
- Fixed: Crash when publishing non-visible CMS View.
- Fixed: Missing ReplaceVariables function in form processor.
- Fixed: Missing Material Icon code in external global style sheet.
- Fixed: Blocks Manager not initialized in Menu/Toolbar mode.
- Reversed: max-width is applied to Layout grid contianer instead of the content,
just like in WB11.

04/14/2017 - Version 12.0.2

- Fixed: Incorrect text alignment in breakpoint in some upgraded projects.
- Fixed: Panel menu not compatible with jQuery 3
- Fixed: Background images of rollover layer not included in templates/blocks.
- Fixed: Skinned font picker dialog refresh issue.
- Fixed: Background overlay color in Layout grid not supported.
- Fixed: Problem with delayed text height calculation in Carousel.
- Fixed: 'Doubtful size error' for Rollover Images in Layout grid.
- Fixed: Internal link not possible in Events.
- Fixed: Crash when applying Site Properties.
- Fixed: Icon selection in Responsive menu.
- Fixed: Redirect in Page Properties to internal link displays wrong link type.
- Fixed: Master page updates page width when breakpoints views are not in sync.
- Fixed: Invalid Error Report message for tables.
- Fixed: Auto Responder input field cannot be changed in layout grid form.
- Improved: Extensions which use live rendering are now loaded more efficiently.
The HTML rendering engine will only be initialized when the page is open/visible.
This reduces the memory usage in larger projects.

04/26/2017 - Version 12.0.3

- Fixed: Font size of jQuery Button in Layout Grid.
- Fixed: The child elements of a Rollover Layer should not include visibility in
- Fixed: Missing child elements in tables when used in combiantion with a master
- Fixed: CSS of Material Icons is not compatible with CSS beautifier.
- Fixed: Crash when editing text with minimized Ribbon.
- Fixed: Object Manager ignores object order in Layout Grids.
- Fixed: Problem with Animation Pause/Resume in Events.
- Fixed: Wrong text color in jQuery UI Button when using custom theme.

05/05/2017 - Version 12.0.4

- Fixed: Heading text-alignment in layout grid.
- Fixed: Problem with stretching CSS menu in breakpoints.
- Fixed: Checkbox and radio button helper element has offset (+ fix).
- Fixed: Responsive Menu ignores font setting in mobile mode.

05/25/2017 - Version 12.0.5

- Fixed: Padding not used in SlideShow/Carousel
- Fixed: Lines which are part of a Page Footer but not within the viewport do
affect the page size.
- Fixed: Removed redundant data-ride attribute from SlideShow->Carousel
- Fixed: Crash when adding box shadow to FontAwesome Icon.
- Fixed: Text object: Closing anchor tag should be before the end of heading tag.
- Fixed: Crash when using undo with SVG extension.
- New feature (experimental): Added new 'Full Width' options for third party
extensions: "width: 100%, height: auto" and "width: 100%, height: fixed" (note that
these only apply to 'use div' extensions!)

06/16/2017 - Version 12.1.0

- Fixed: Issue with Fade animation in Photo Collage.
- Fixed: Background overlay in floating layer needs z-index.
- Improved: padding and margin of the Text object is now responsive.
- Improved: Added 'Font Awesome' and 'Material Icon' to mobile page toolbox.
- Improved: Added 'Select above/below/left/right' to main menu. This also makes it
possible to assign keyboard shortcuts to these commands.
- Improved: HTML object adds asterisk to 'Resources' button if not empty.
- Improved: Implemented a workaround for issues with text links and the Windows 10
Creators Update.
- Improved: Now includes jquery-3.2.1
- New feature: Added 'Include locked objects in lasso selection' option to Guide
Settings. This specifies whether to include locked objects should be included in
lasso selection.
- New feature: Added 'Remove from Layer' command to Object Manager context menu.
- New feature: Added support for export to Quick 'n Easy Web Builder 5.x format.
- New feature: Added 'Alignment' option to overflow settings in Layout Grid, this
allows you to control the horizontal alignment of overflow columns.
- New feature: Added 'Rotate' option to Photo Galeary, Photo Collage and SlideShow
properties. This makes it possible to quickly rotate an image without leaving the
- New feature: Added 'Tables styles' menu to menubar (in addition to the to Ribbon
- New feature: Added 'Place Holder' property to jQuery Auto Complete.
- New feature: The Photo Collage properties now displays the number of images used
by each layout.
- New feature: When using 'Convert to form' for Login forms which are inside a
layout grid, the child elements will be converted to floating elements. The layout
grid will be used as the form container.
- New feature: Added the possiblity to have multiple heading styles in the Style
Manager. To create a new heading style simply copy an existing heading and give it
a valid (class) name.
- New feature: Added 'Remove Built-width logo' to the Tools menu, so you can easily
remove the logo from all pages in the project.
- New feature: Added 'Open master page' option to the context menu of Master
Objects to quickly open the embedded page.
- New feature: Added 'Direction' option to 'Bulleted list'. This specifies the
place of the bullets: left or right side. This may be useful for RTL languages.
- New feature: Added toolbar to Blocks Manager with commands 'Delete',' Refresh'
and 'Open File Location'
- New feature: Added a search option to the Blocks Manager. This makes is possible
to filter items in the Block Manager to quickly locate a specific Block.

07/17/2017 - Version 12.1.1

- Improved: Carousel should not display background overlay option.
- Improved: Bulleted list height calculation in layout grids.
- Improved: Added 'transparent' option to text shadow property in jQuery Mobile
Themes. This makes it possible to disable the text shadow for text.
- Fixed: Bulleted list should not be a drop container.
- Fixed: Open Graph Meta Tag og:url is missing.
- Fixed: 'Rotate' button is hidden.

08/11/2017 - Version 12.1.2

- Improved: Implemented support for hidden text in Flex Container.
- Improved: Captcha object can now also be used in a Master Page.
- Improved: Asset Manager ignores empty filename properties.
- Fixed: Photo Gallery does not copy linked files.

09/25/2017 - Version 12.2.0

- Fixed: Photo Gallery image preview issue in properties.
- Fixed: Table cells do not support text-align: justify
- Fixed: Duplicated font-weight in styles using Google fonts.
- Fixed: Article does not save background image.
- Fixed: Heading does not save border.
- Fixed: Incorrect margin in responsive bullets.
- Fixed: File Upload width issue in breakpoints.
- Fixed: Dashed line-style is solid in breakpoints.
- Fixed: Text has invalid responsive style when used in flexbox.
- Improved: Layers with video background can now also have a different background
in breakpoints.
- Improved: 'Snap to objects' behavior with nested layers.
- Improved: Rollover layer now also works in a master frame.
- Improved: Fixed background images are now also rendered fixed in the workspace.
- Improved: 'Import Page from another project' attempts to preserve internal links
when multiple pages are imported.
- Improved: og:url (Open Graph Meta Tags) can now include the page name in the URL.
- New feature: Added new responsive functions to extension API: LoadBreakpointData,
GetBreakPointCSS. This will be used for future versions of (official) extensions.
- New feature: Added new option to Breadcrumb 'Synchronize with Site manager' ->
'First level (no folders)'. When this option is selected, then folders will not be
included in the navigation.
- New feature: Added 'Icon Font Library' option to Breadcrumb, Panel Menu and
Responsive Menu. This specifies whether to use FontAwesome Icons or Material Icons.
- New feature: Added experimental SVG render support.
- New feature: Added 'equal to (choice)' and 'not equal to (choice)' options to
Combobox conditions. This creates unique conditions for the specifies values.
- New feature: Added 'Install Extension' option in the context menu of the Toolbox.
- New feature: Added support for seperate title and alt text in the Photo Gallery
and Photo Collage. Example: Use 'title^alt' in the title field. The second item
(after ^) will be used as the alt text.
- New feature: Added 'goto' support to the SlideShow which can be used in events
(just like the Carousel). Example: $('#SlideShow1').slideshow('goto,2');
- New feature: Added "Copy/Paste' buttons in navigation objects. This makes it
possible to copy the links from one navigation object to another.
- New feature: Added global lightbox support. This adds the ability to have images
on different parts of the page to trigger the same lightbox gallery.
- New feature: Added 'Enable form' to the Carousel. This makes it possible to use
the Carousel as a multi page form. See this tutorial:

10/03/2017 - Version 12.2.1

- Fixed: Crash when using arrange tools.
- Fixed: Crash when using bullets in layout grid with breakpoints.
- Fixed: Issue while scrolling in text edit mode.
- Improved: Multi-level containers like tabs, accordion, carousel now also display
child elements in the correct in the Object Manager.

10/20/2017 - Version 12.2.2

- Improved: Line defaults to 'solid' when imported from older projects.
- Improved: Removed extra top margin from Menubar.
- Improved: LayerMenu closes sub menu when using double click to open the
- Improved: Locking a slideshow, image, rollover image now prevents resizing when
loading new images.
- Improved: Pressing <Enter> in Open Graph Meta Tag properties no longer closes the
- New feature: Added 'Place Holder' property to CAPTCHA.

11/10/2017 - Version 12.2.3

- Fixed: Offset in SlideShow/Carousel when used in master frame with breakpoints.
- Fixed: jQuery Dialog/Tabs offset in breakpoints.
- Fixed: Child objects in tables are now taken into account when inserting,
removing, merging and sorting rows/columns.
- Improved: Picture positioning in layer/carousel.
- Improved: SlideShow full sceen resizing.
- Improved: Added support for 'Inside tag' in Text object when used in layout grid.
- Improved: Links to external services (google fonts, youtube, vimeo) now use
'https' by default.

12/01/2017 - Version 12.3

- Fixed: Inline frame lightbox image is not responsive.
- Fixed: 'Responsive Carousel' property is not visible for 'Full Page' mode.
- Fixed: Bulleted list may cuase crash when hidden in default view.
- Improved: Page background CSS is now included for all breakpoints for better
results with 'Include min width'.
- Improved: Padding and margin of FlexBox container ae now responsive.
- Improved: Re-arranging flexbox containers is now easier with the Arrange tools.
Move forward/Move back will skip 'normal' objects in the z-order.
- Improved: Added flex grow/shrink support for images in Flex Container.
- Improved: Generating new IDs now also takes master pages/frames into account. New
IDs will not be a duplicate of an object on the master page/frame.
- Improved: The software will now try to fix duplicated IDs automatically (when
possible). Note: Automatically check for duplicated IDs should be enabled in Tools-
- New feature: jQuery Tab and jQuery Accordion panels can now be moved, renamed,
deleted randomly. Previously only the last panel(s) could be removed.
- New feature: Added 'Move Up' and Move Down' options to Carousel properties to re-
arrange the slides. Also Carousel slides can now be deleted randomly.