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If elected as Mayor, I will always be responsive to those I represent. If you put your trust in me, you deserve to know how I will go about running our borough. I will firmly adhere to the following principles when in office, that is my contract with you: I will treat all sections of the community equally and not prioritise any group above another. I will never vote myself or my cabinet a pay rise. I will hold regular question times so that members of the public can quiz me directly. I will always put jobs, education and crime reduction at the top of my agenda. I will continue to live in the borough throughout my term of office. I will stick up for the Borough that is my home, in City Hall and Whitehall. Council appointments and contracts will be awarded on merit and for no other reason.

If elected, in the 10 days after taking office I will: 1. Ensure local residents get a real say on planning and are able to stand up to strip clubs and chicken shops; I will relocate all future planning and licensing meetings to the area affected. 2. Meet with the Police Borough Commander and as many Safer Neighbourhood Team Sergeants as are available, cutting crime is a vital part of my agenda. 3. Shut down East End Life, saving £2million by axing council propaganda. 4. Meet with a Cabinet minister to discuss the challenges facing our borough. Only a Conservative mayor can get to the heart of government. 5. Set out a timetable for the council to leave Anchorage House, it is time to give back the keys to this £8m a year property. 6. Put any council expenditure above £500 on the internet for all to see, we deserve to know how our taxes are spent. 7. Send independent auditors into the Housing department, to ensure fairness and clarity. 8. Scrap Labour’s plans to Neil Anthony
“Neil will be your man in the Town Hall, not the Town Hall’s man in Tower Hamlets.”

double the population of some wards and build on our green space, by withdrawing their core development strategy. 9. Freeze all council advertising campaigns, especially the wasteful £170,000 „photos on lampposts‟ campaign. 10. Arrange the first public Mayoral question time, so local people can hold me to account.

“Neil is right on the key issues facing Tower Hamlets, and will make a great mayor.”

Neil King

Conservative Candidate For Mayor


Thursday 21st October


Cities (c) Trees For

“Neil was right on keeping Wapping Tube station open. Neil is the right man for the local area”

“Neil is right on wanting to improve our public spaces. We need a greener Tower Hamlets.”

Crime and the fear of crime affects everyone in the borough, whatever their race, age or background. Neil is committed to reducing crime in Tower Hamlets with a firm approach. Neil will guarantee funding for drug intervention schemes, to provide a route out of the cycle of despair that drug addiction causes. However, he will also deal with those who make the lives of their neighbours a misery. Contracts to make sure that the Council can respond forcefully to those who won‟t play by the rules. Neil says “As a criminal barrister by profession, I know only too well the challenges the police face and the misery crime causes. I want to support the law abiding majority and I am prepared to give council tax breaks to Special Constables. I will use the Council‟s powers of eviction against nightmare neighbours to make sure we all feel safe in our homes and on the streets.”

“Neil is right on the need to tackle crime and ASB. This will improve quality of life for all.”

He will make greater use of ASBOs and Acceptable Behaviour

The Labour candidate and the independent candidate have both had a go at running this borough previously, yet unemployment in Tower Hamlets remains above the national average. Too many of our young people are missing out on the opportunities that the City and Canary Wharf provide. Neil is committed to changing this. He will pursue a joined-up markets strategy so that these gems of the East End, from Spitalfields to Roman Road, play a greater part in our economic life. He will help set up job clubs, working with local businesses. He will also champion a Brick Lane Business Improvement District, so that this area can realise its potential. Neil says “Past Labour leaderships of this borough have provided local government jobs for former Labour councillors, but I want opportunity for all.”

“Neil is right to highlight the need for a markets strategy. It will help to create jobs.”

Printed by Mailing Guy, 58C North Woolwich Road, London. E16 2AA and promoted by Adrian Thompson of 32 Leerdam Drive, London Yard, London. E14 3JJ on behalf of Neil King of 314 Riverside Mansions, Milk Yard, London. E1W 3TA

“I am committed to increasing the provision of English Language teaching in our Borough, which was so brutally cut by the Labour Party. Local people deserve better” says Neil. Conservative councillors found money within the Council budget to fund increased provision at Tower Hamlets College, but Labour refused to act. Research has shown that strong English skills are one of the best routes out of poverty. Fluency opens up job opportunities and makes it easier to get on the property ladder. Neil is also committed to pushing forward with plans for Academies and Free Schools. The Conservative“Neil is right on English classes and is right on Academies.”

Your Tower Hamlets Conservative Councillors have a track record of delivering for local people.  Cityside and Spitalfields residents and community groups have been working with Councillor Zara Davis to stand up against touts and improve licensing conditions in the area. With public disorder and antisocial behaviour impacting upon the lives of ordinary residents, your local Conservative Action Team are always ready to help. Shadwell residents have been backed by Tower Hamlets Group Leader Peter Golds in opposing the opening of a Fried Chicken shop on Cable Street. Peter spoke on behalf of residents at planning committee meetings, and stressed the risks of increased anti-social behaviour. He has also highlighted how badly sited the shop was, just yards from two local schools. Limehouse police station is to remain open following a campaign led by Councillor Craig Aston. Craig and his local Action Team collected a 1500strong petition, which stopped the last Labour government dead in its tracks. Craig now plans to work with Conservative ministers to make sure policing in Tower Hamlets meets the needs of local people. And finally.... Blackwall and Cubitt Town Councillor Tim Archer has succeeded in his campaign to bring home famous Henry Moore sculpture „Old Flo‟. Tim found the Tower Hamlets-owned statue languishing in a field in Wakefield, and has put together an agreement which should see „Old Flo‟ displayed on the Canary Wharf estate at no cost to local residents.

led government is making it easier for local parents to have a say in how their children are educated, and for our Borough‟s many successful businesses to offer more educational opportunities available to our children.

Under Labour, Tower Hamlets‟ Housing waiting list has increased to over 23,000. At the same time leaseholders, who took advantage of the Conservative introduced right-to-buy, have been shabbily treated. This needs urgent attention. Conservatives have a strong track record in delivering social housing; more social housing has been built under Conservative governments than under any Labour government, and more social housing will be built in London under Boris Johnson than under Ken Livingstone. In Tower Hamlets, Conservative Councillors secured a review of leaseholders‟ sky-high service charges. Neil will build on this excellent reputation and work with developers to secure appropriate housing with options for shared ownership and will guarantee the right to acquire in any new schemes. But new housing is only part of the answer; we can‟t keep building on our green spaces and ignoring over-density. Only with better education and more jobs to raise aspirations can we really tackle Labour‟s housing crisis.

Printed by Mailing Guy, 58C North Woolwich Road, London. E16 2AA and promoted by Adrian Thompson of 32 Leerdam Drive, London Yard, London. E14 3JJ on behalf of Neil King of 314 Riverside Mansions, Milk Yard, London. E1W 3TA

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On 21st October, voters in Tower Hamlets have a great opportunity to bring change to our borough. Only by voting for Neil can they secure English classes, fair treatment for leaseholders, a focus on jobs, a mayor committed to crime reduction, more academies and cuts to waste and propaganda while protecting frontline services. Only Neil can get to the heart of David Cameron‟s government and Boris Johnson‟s City Hall and limit the austerity measures that are a result of Labour‟s financial mismanagement. The Lib Dems can‟t win here, they now come fourth in Tower Hamlets and have only got one councillor left. The failed Respect party won‟t even run a candidate. And don‟t be fooled by the Independent; he only left the Labour party after they wouldn‟t let him be their candidate. He has the same track record as his former friend the Labour candidate. A vote for him keeps Labour in. David Cameron‟s Conservatives are the official opposition on Tower Hamlets Council, came second in May and are in pole position to beat Labour‟s Helal Abbas. Vote for change, vote for Neil.

“We believe Neil is the only candidate who understands the key issues. He has a real chance of delivering real change.”


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Printed by Mailing Guy, 58C North Woolwich Road, London. E16 2AA and promoted by Adrian Thompson of 32 Leerdam Drive, London Yard, London. E14 3JJ on behalf of Neil King of 314 Riverside Mansions, Milk Yard, London. E1W 3TA

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Printed by Mailing Guy, 58C North Woolwich Road, London. E16 2AA and promoted by Adrian Thompson of 32 Leerdam Drive, London Yard, London. E14 3JJ on behalf of Neil King of 314 Riverside Mansions, Milk Yard, London. E1W 3TA