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73 Fast Swi “le ") Cloudburst Lyrics by Jon Hendricks Tntro) NC. Music by Leroy Kirkland & Jimmy Harris (piano only) (drums) Gm Ami? Fé Bind 1 was blue and___ 1 was al-ways wear in’ a frown be Aw? Om" (Ce Ant Om! Gut C7 cause my love had turned me down; Fé Gm Ani Bou? ‘Then we met, and___you can bet knew from the first you Ant Da’ Gut CT FS were my love cause tha’swhen the old gray cloud burst (B] Fp Be mh My — heart really flew the day you. caught my eve, Go cc < hope that we two will nev — er say good-bye Gu" Am? Clouds of gray have____sil-ver lin ~ ings when, they're reversed, : 1 6 ror, Aut Dm Gu? CT “CD FP break found your love and that'swhen the old gray cloud burst ‘As olaved on “The Bast Of Lambert. Hendicks & Ross” N.C. (piano only) (Fs) 5010 break ~ com ie break = that’s when the old gray cloud burst NC. ci Fé ‘That's when the old gray cloud burst backgroond lick for shout chorus (bars t-4,4-12,25°28) N.C. LYRICS DURING $010 Lead Vocal: Hey! Ba-by! Fe gna ell you bout your loving “your Kissing and your hugging ‘And your sweet gad your hues . retyy baby, T wort be satised Till Theae “em play “Here comes the bride” Listen to me, baby, and I dont mean maybe Listen to my’ story is teerifcally true Ivan away feline at Tope you realy beleve me, baby, “Eause t certainly do “Cause you're tiling me; really, really tein When you tll me that you probably got A kind of crush on ey . KE moves me, groaves me, How divine cam one woman be! Oh, little darting, tm really falling, Jou got me gooty and soy Tm gonna get carried away. Jat think you gonna be mine some day! Oh, let's spina litte, park a ite, stop a Kite, sk Tile, five a fife, love alte, ne trtle-cove alte, bby! Every time you hold me so nest, Nobody loves me ike you, dear Lets op a itl, trae ae, ater be freeze a ttle, try alle, sigh a ile, Never veto erratic oat [No denying that you're mighty pretty and tha’ it “Cause [love you, baby; love you, baby; 74 (droms) Solos on F rhythm changes w/ ‘Honeysuckle’ bridge (like Gl) after solos=D.S. al Coda (devms) Gai ct F Dat Fs Love you, baby, with all my hear. Gah, Hsten to me while [say Teta Tot of ladies get away Because'T know { know, prety baby, Uknow; Tenow, pretty baby T know you're the one, ‘yen, you're the one! Tknew itwhen Imetcha; what a break to getcha! Chorus: When i's cloudy and grey ‘nd that's the worst How do you cate clouds to burst? Lead Vocal: You find a lover, find a lover, Find a lover finda lover ~ "Sold Americant” Chorus: If it's silvery under clouds of How do you chase grey away? eee Lead Vocal: You gotta find a litle gi And mae her Tove you abe mv ever leave unless you're ippin’ your lid ‘And really wanna ruin the plot! ‘Chorus: Sounds easy, does it? Lead Vocal: Light asa breeze through the tees, boy! ‘Chorus: How pleasant was it? Lead Vocal Pleasant as one summer breeze, gilt Chorus: It's so wonderful What a lover can do; Look at what love did for yout Lead Vocal: Yeah, I'm a lucky lover, a hicky lover, Te got the love youl soon discover! ‘Take a look at me, boy, Take another ook, take another look, take another look, Take another good long look at me — Tove opened my eyes and now I see!