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TOMPKINS COUNTY CORRECTION OFFICERS ASSOCIATION P.O, BOX 3942 ITHACA, NY 14852 To the Voters of Tompkins County: This coming Thursday, September 13” the primary elections are being held. An election primary that is of interest to our Association is the local Sheriff's primary. It was publicized in an article of the Ithaca Voice that current Tompkins County Sheriff Lansing stated in an interview that, “The men and women have stepped it up and said they want me to come back, and the union voted on that and they're supporting me. I'm not just hanging my hat on that, but I'm sorry, that should speak volumes.” We would like to clarify to the voters that there are two bargaining units at the Sheriff's Office, The Deputy Sheriffs Association and the Correction Officers Association. The Tompkins County Correction Officers Association has not endorsed any candidate for the upcoming Sheriff's election, nor does it intend to. We have not endorsed any political candidate and remain unbiased in our position. Respectfully, Correction Officer Robert Butcher Correction Officer, Zach Weber TCCOA President TCCOA Vice President