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A New Southwest Monroe County Public Library Branch

1. What do you think are the most critical issues residents of Southwest Monroe County face

2. What types of services could the library offer to make your life easier and make Monroe
County a better place to live?

3. What places should be near your branch library? Check all that apply.

Grocery Store_____ Schools_____ Place of Worship_____

Retail Stores_____ Your Workplace_____ Gym_____

Senior Center_____ Gas Station_____ Public Park_____

Bicycle Trail_____ Major Highway_____ Ivy Tech_____

Other (Please specify): ________________________________________

4. How far would you be willing to travel to visit your branch library?

1 mile______ 5 miles_______ 10 or more miles_______

5. What atmosphere is most appealing to you for your branch library?


6. How often would you visit/use your branch library?

Daily_____ More than Once a Week ______ Once a Week ______

Once a Month ______ More than Once a Year ______ Rarely ______
7. What days of the week would you be most likely to visit/use your branch library? Check all
that apply.

Sun_____ Mon_____ Tues_____ Wed_____ Thurs_____ Fri_____ Sat_____

8. What hours would you be most likely to visit/use your branch library? Check all that apply.

Before noon _____ Noon–5pm_____ 5–7pm_____ After 7pm_____

9. How would you most likely get to your branch library? Check all that apply.

Walk or via Sidewalk_____ Car_____ Public Transportation_____ Bike or Trail_____

10. What activities would you and/or your family like to do at your branch library? Check your
top FIVE activities.

Sit and Read_____ Borrow Books, DVDs, etc.______

Get Expert Staff Assistance_____ Use Computer Programs_____

Photocopy or Scan_____ Use Internet______

Attend a Community Meeting_____ Use a Study Room_____

Use a Meeting Room_____ Use a Co-working Business Space_____

Attend a Children’s Program______ Attend a Teen Program_____

Attend an Adult Program_____ Attend a Senior Program_____

Use Teen Space______ Use Children’s Learning and Play Space_____

Get Job Training_____ Attend Adult Literacy classes_____

Use Tech Tools or Space_____ Attend a Class_____ (Specify:__________)

(e.g. 3D printers, robotics, software) (e.g. cooking, art, robotics, technology, etc.)

Use a Café_____ Meet Friends_____

Access Social Services_____ Attend a Book Club_____

Attend a Movie/Cultural Event_____ Get Tech Support_____

Use Genealogy or Local History Resources_____Get Homework Help_____

11. How do you access the internet in your home? Check all that apply.

On my computer or laptop_____ Using my smartphone (e.g. iPhone)_____

Using my tablet (e.g. iPad, Amazon Fire)_____

I don’t have access to the internet in my home______

12. Where do you currently visit/use the Monroe County Public Library? Check all that apply.

Main Library_____ Ellettsville Branch_____ Bookmobile_____ Outreach Van Service_____

I don’t currently use the Library_____

Reason for not using the Library: _______________________________________

13. How old are the individuals living in your home, including yourself? Check all that apply.

Birth–pre-K_____ Kindergarten–age 11_____ Age 12–19_____

20–29_____ 30–39_____ 40–55_____ Over 55_____

14. Which one of these MCCSC elementary or middle schools is closest to your home?

Arlington Heights_____ Binford/Rogers_____ Childs_____

Clear Creek_____ Fairview_____ Grandview_____

Highland Park_____ Lakeview_____ Marlin_____

Summit_____ Templeton_____ Unionville_____


Batchelor_____ Jackson Creek_____ Tri-North_____

Please return your completed survey to:

Marilyn Wood, Director
Monroe County Public Library
303 E Kirkwood Ave
Bloomington, IN 47408

Or visit to take this survey online.