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Historical Society Incorporated

September—October 2018
Prepared by Lisa Truttman, President and Editor
No. 94

Guest Speaker— October 2018

Derek Battersby will be speaking to us on Saturday 6
October on Avondale and surrounding areas.

Te Kotuitanga/Olympic Park

I addressed the Whau Local Board in August at their
monthly meeting regarding the dual naming of Olympic
Park, recognising the historic place name Te Kotui-
tanga, because for some reason this park had been left I must say that I do think that the Council’s Heritage
off the list of parks and reserves in the Whau area up Festival website is the easiest to get around in years. At
for consideration for dual names under the Auckland the time of writing, I haven’t seen the usual handbooks
Council policy of Te Kete Rukuruku. that are produced each year, but it is fairly easy to
search the website by area, or theme of interest.
Hopefully, this omission will be corrected. I provided
the Board members with copies of our past issue of
Avondale Historical Journal that included the article
on the background to the Maori place name’s history. Events taking place regarding Avondale & surrounds

Ghosts of the Past: 8pm-10pm 30 September,
Annual General Meeting 2018 This will be a guided evening walk around the George
Maxwell Memorial Cemetery, enlivened by performers
in period costume and brief stories about six of those
The following are the members of the Avondale- buried there. Presented by volunteers from the congre-
Waterview Historical Society Committee for 2018- gation of St Jude's Anglican Church in Avondale.
Historic Images of the Whau Local Board area
President: Lisa Truttman Whau Local Board office boardroom, 31 Totara Ave,
Treasurer: Alison Turner New Lynn
Minute Secretary: Dorothy Maddock Monday 1 to Friday 12 October: 10am-4pm (closed
Committee Members: Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday)
Leonie Leman
Jack Dragicevich Avondale’s Chinese Market Gardeners
Les Murphy 13 October 2pm-3pm, Avondale Library
Basil Pinhey Avondale/Waterview historian Lisa Truttman will ex-
Mark McVeigh plore the stories of Avondale's Chinese market garden-
John Adam ers, from Ah Chee's purchase of land on Rosebank
Road, to the latter days of such enterprises on
The annual accounts were held up a bit due to our re- Rosebank and New Windsor.
viewer being on holiday, but they’ll be presented at the
October meeting. Settlers By The Stream
4 October 10.30 am to 12 noon, Blockhouse Bay
The Whau Stream is one of the two watersheds feeding
Next meeting is the Whau River from beside Olympic Park. Much has
Saturday 6 October 2018, at 2 pm, been written about the river – but what about the
St Ninians Hall, St Georges Road, stream from the east that gives rise to it? Local histori-
Avondale. an Lisa Truttman explores the stream's origins and dis-
cusses the people who thrived alongside this once-vital
fresh water source.