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August 7, 2017 Contents

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DIY Schumann Generator
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This project, the Schumman generator for audio system is inspired by ▶ December (2)
Acoustic Revive RR-77 reviewed by 6moons. Surprisingly, the components to ▶ November (1)
make one is simple, cheap and easy to obtain. The case that I using here is a ▶ October (1)
gift from my colleague few years ago. It is used to be a cigarette box and it is
▶ September (1)
made from solid wood.
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More Upgrade On My
Integrated DAC
DIY Schumann

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First things first, put the feet on this box.
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It is look better now.

I use single wire about 22 AWG for the antenna.

I double the wire and make a circle starting from the center just like the
schematic you can find on the internet.

I using hot glue for attaching this wire until reach at the end. It is about total 12
All components for this project is all available on my bin including the very
popular IC NE555.

Look how it's done. Very simple and beautiful.

I am using 9 volt battery and feed to regulator 7805 then feeding the NE555 to
produce the resonator. Normally this battery can withstand up to 3 days full
ON until the LED indicator start to flashing telling you that the battery is low.
So how it is perform to the music?

Firstly, I put this resonator in the center of my speakers with the same table
and same height. It is about 1.2 meter high.

In my observation, I guess it makes the background music more quieter, you

will involve to the music more than before. It is can be my subjective but while
I testing this resonator, I can beat 3 music album in a single listening session.
What an enjoying experience I had:)

I think it is not hard to make it. By trying to built this resonator hopefully you
can tell me what is your opinion? is it really effect to your listening session?

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