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Dependable Safety Monitoring

Safety Monitoring with VIBROCONTROL 6000™

Brüel & Kjær Vibro has developed scalable and can be used as a plant- concept. There is valuable informa-
the VIBROCONTROL 6000™ Safety wide monitoring system covering tion that can actively be used by
Monitoring system (VC-6000™) to a wide range of machines such as operators on a daily basis. Powerful
the highest technical standards for steam turbines, gas turbines, hydro communications capability allows the
reliability, scalability, performance in turbines, axial, centrifugal and recip- VC-6000™ to be interfaced to most
an uncomplicated design. This plant- rocating compressors, motors and process control systems for visualiza-
wide safety monitoring system, rep- generators, pumps, ventilators, ex- tion without jeopardizing its safety
resenting the accumulation of over truders, agitators, gearboxes, etc. It monitoring functionality. Of course
50 years of experience in vibration is well suited for both machine OEM the VC-6000™ can also be used as
monitoring and analysis, has been installations and new or retrofit end- the data acquisition platform for the
designed in close cooperation with user installations. Compass 6000 Condition Monitoring
both machine manufacturers and system.
end-users. The system is also fully One of the important applications for
supported by our renowned world- the VC-6000™ is replacing the grow- Most importantly, the VC-6000™
wide sales and support network to ing number of ageing safety systems is based on a modular application
ensure all components are optimally in the market; many of which are ob- design concept that allows it to cost-
selected, installed and commissioned solete or no longer reliable. As Brüel effectively fit most monitoring ap-
to satisfy the client’s requirements for & Kjær Vibro is completely independ- plications with minimal setup. High
the most demanding applications. ent of machine manufacturers, un- reliability with powerful performance
biased monitoring solutions can be and technology does not need to be
Wide reaching applications provided to both OEM suppliers and complicated or expensive.
The VC-6000™ continuously moni- end-users. The VC-6000™ is compli-
tors vibration and process signals ant to many international standards
from permanently installed sensors and is designed to be highly compat-
on machines in a number of differ- ible with existing installations, thus
ent industries, such as the Oil & simplifying retrofits.
Gas, Petro-chemical, Power and Safety systems no longer belong
other heavy process industries. It is to the “install and forget” product

The unique VC-6000™ design
gives added value to your application

The VC-6000™ design concept modules (half normal height) can offers more advanced monitoring
includes a number of features and easily replace existing 19” rack- functionality without requiring a con-
functions that give you the high reli- based safety systems with room to dition monitoring system or software.
ability and performance needed for spare. The VC-6000™, with its ver- These include:
today’s machine operation and main- satility, can process signals from all l Shaft eccentricity

tenance requirements. commonly available sensors; vibra- l Vector measurements for various

tion displacement, vibration velocity, orders

Modular application concept vibration acceleration, temperature, l X-Y relative shaft vibration

The VC-6000™ economically fulfills pressure sensors, etc. l Casing vibration

the most demanding applications l Shaft relative expansion

quickly and easily. A number of fac- Reliability designed l Casing absolute expansion

tory pre-configured standard modules from the onset l User-defined narrow band meas-

can be ordered to monitor specific All monitoring modules in the VC- urements (absolute and tracking)
machine types, thus reducing instal- 6000™ operate completely independ- l Speed, zero-speed

lation time and the risk of improper ently of one another, so local faults l Any process values, e.g. tempera-

setup. For those special applications remain local and do not affect the ture, pressure, and many others
that require a non-standard monitor- other modules. Applications using l Rolling-element bearing condition

ing strategy, Brüel & Kjær Vibro of- data visualization have no affect on measurements
fers general-purpose modules with the safety monitoring functions. Com- l Rod-drop for reciprocating com-

fully configurable measurements, prehensive self-monitoring with the pressors

outputs and voting logic relay control. control of a local OK-relay is provided
in each module to annunciate errors
Compliance due to sensor or cable faults. Redun-
The VC-6000™ fulfils all the im- dant power supplies can also be con-
portant requirements of ISO-7919, figured for additional security.
ISO-10816 and API-670; the leading
standards for vibration measurement Performance
and safety monitoring of machines. Many safety systems provide “stand-
ard” broadband radial and axial
Compatibility safety related measurements and
The VC-6000™ can be delivered in little else. This is fine for protecting
high-quality 19” rack-based cabinets, machinery, but provides little help
or placed in existing cabinets on-site with operation & maintenance deci-
with a minimum depth of 400 mm. sions. In addition to standard safety
The high channel density monitor measurements, the VC-6000™ also

Primary components
and their functions

The system racks consist of 1 to 4 a cabinet, which can include racks

Safety Monitoring modules (SM-610), specifically designed for external
1 to 2 Power Supply modules (PS- power supplies (RC-610). The 7126
610) and one removable Communi- Setup and Data Display software
cation interface module (CI-620), all runs on a Windows-based PC, utiliz-
within a 3U high 19” rack (RC-600). ing data transferred from the CI-620
Several racks can be mounted within module.

SM-610 Safety Monitor Generic characteristics Inputs

modules Most of the modules include the fol- The modules accept most types of
There are a number of different moni- lowing: vibration and process sensor inputs.
tor modules designed for specific l DSP-based signal processing Contact your Brüel & Kjær Vibro
applications or tasks. Contact your l Up to 12 input channels (AC/DC) Sales representative for the current
Brüel & Kjær Vibro Sales representa- l Up to 12 different output channels list.
tive for the current list. There can be l Trip Override and Trip Multiplier

up to four modules in a single RC- functions activated by binary sig- Outputs

600 rack, and all monitoring modules nals, speed range or global (i.e. Up to 12 buffered galvanically sepa-
in the VC-6000™ operate completely rack-wide) external control rated DC output signals and poten-
independently of one another. A local l 10 ms reaction time (typical) tial-free relay outputs.
fault in one module will not affect the l Sensor power supply

other modules. l Time series signal export for post- Local display
processing analysis by the Com- l 3 LEDs displaying monitoring sta-
pass 6000 Condition Monitoring tus (Alarm, Danger, Relay latch-
system ing)
l Potential-free relay outputs for l 4 LEDs displaying system status

alarms signalling (OK, TM, TO, Aux.)

l Galvanically separated DC outputs l 12 LEDs displaying for sensor sta-

l Differential inputs tus (OK).

l “Fail-safe” operation

l Independently-operating measure-

ment and monitoring

l Local Logbook.

PS-610 Power The following input voltages can be
Supply module used (in parallel):
l AC input (100-240 VAC, 2 A,

The PS-610 Power Supply module 50-60 Hz)

provides all the modules installed l DC input (24-48 VDC, 7.2 A)

within a rack and their connected

sensors with the necessary power. The following variants are available:
The modules can be used for dif- l PS-610/0 for installation into the
ferent redundant power supply con- RC-600 rack (including blind pan-
cepts. el, length adapter, connection set)
l PS-610/1 for installation into the

RC-610 rack for RC-600 external

power supply

CI-620 Communication The CI-620 features and

Interface module functions include:
The CI-620 is used to configure the l OPC display interface with
VC-6000™ and for scalar data trans- RC-600 rack and SM modules
fer (i.e. data visualization using the l Single / dual Modbus RTU

Type 7126 software). It has a LAN l Setup and Service functions

connection (Ethernet TCP/IP) and (Firmware download)

two serial interfaces (RS-232 and l Data export

RS-485) for Modbus communica- l Data import

tion. The export of a digitized time l System OK relay

series is carried out through the LAN l Trip Multiply (binary input)

interface for signal analysis and stor- l Trip Override (binary input)

age by the Compass 6000 Condition l LED display ”Run” for the

Monitoring system. operating condition

l Reset relay function

l Time-synchronisation of modules

RC-600 19” rack Type 7126 Setup and data VC-6000™ Accessories
The rack has a standard 19” design display software
with a depth of 325 mm (and half the This basic software, which comes AC-4608 Buffer panel
height of conventional safety sys- standard with the VC-6000™, is used The 12-channel buffer panel is di-
tems). to configure the communications and rectly connected to a Safety Monitor
l Up to 36 input channels per rack the monitoring modules of the VC- module via a cable and provides the
with an internal PS-610/0 Power 6000™. The easy-to-use Windows- galvanically separated output signals
Supply module based software can also be used at BNC sockets.
l Up to 24 input channels per rack as a control room user-interface for
with two internal PS-610/0 Power displaying measurement data, alarm
Supply modules status and setups, and for acknowl-
l Up to 48 input channels per rack edging of alarms from any number of
with an external Power Supply VC-6000™ monitors. During machine
module in a RC-610 rack commissioning, all measurement val-
ues and setups can automatically be
stored at regular intervals in a file for
RC-610 19” rack baseline documentation.
A power supply rack, in 19” design
and with a depth of 235 mm, is avail-
able for the external power supply for
up to six RC-600 racks. Each RC-610
rack can hold up to six PS-610 Power
Supply modules.

VC-6000™ - Integration into other systems

The VC-6000™ has a versatile high- VC-6000™ in combination

speed communications interface ca- with the Compass 6000
pability for remote system setup, data Condition Monitoring System
visualization, resetting of relays, and The VC-6000™ can at anytime
condition monitoring. be upgraded as a data acquisition
platform with the Compass 6000
Integration to process Condition Monitoring system, without
control systems interfering with its safety monitoring
Scalar vibration and process data functions. An OPC interface is used
can not only be exported to SCADA for sending scalar measurement data
and distributed control systems and alarm information over the LAN
(DCS) via relays and DC outputs for processing in the Compass 6000
(4-20mA), but also via digital inter- Condition Monitoring software and
faces (RS-232, -485 and 100 Mbit subsequent storage in a database.
Ethernet) using the widely used Time series data is continuously ex-
communication protocols of OPC ported from the VC-6000™ by propri-
(OLE for process control) and also etary means over the LAN enabling
Modbus RTU (Modbus / Dual-Mod- more advanced post processing and
bus). The digital interfaces also allow analysis in the condition monitor-
alarm and setup information to be ing software, e.g. spectra, envelope
exported, as well as for operators to analysis, vectors, orbits, etc.
reset relays from a remote location.

VC-6000™ Safety Monitoring System



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