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Continuum of Phonological and Phonemic Awareness

Skills Listed by Degree of Difficulty

Skill: Subtype: Example:

Phonological Awareness Continuum
Word Awareness Words in sentences  How many words are in this sentence:
The cat sat. (3)
Rhyme Recognition  Does cat rhyme with hat? (yes)
Production  What rhymes with cat? (hat)
Syllables Blending  Listen to the two word parts: Side…walk.
Say the whole word: (sidewalk)
 Listen: yes…ter…day. Say the whole
word: (yesterday)
Segmenting  Say the two words in sidewalk.
 Listen: yesterday. Say each part:
Deletion  Say sidewalk without side. (walk)
Onset and Rimes Blending  What word is this? /c/…/ake/ (cake)
Segmenting  Break the word into two part, the
beginning sound and the rest of the
word. sun (/s/…/un/)
Phonological Awareness Continuum
Phoneme Isolating initial sound  What is the first sound in cake? (/c/)
Matching initial  I will say three words. Listen to the
sound beginning (or middle, or ending) sound
in each word. Then tell me which word
does not belong: set, sad, man? (man)
Final sounds  What is the last sound in bat? (/t/)
Medial sounds  What is the middle sound in fat? (/a/)
Phoneme Blending  What word am I saying? /c/ /a/ /t/ (cat)
Phoneme Segmenting  How many sounds do you hear in cat?
 What are the sounds in cat? (/c/ /a/ /t/)
Phoneme Initial and final  I will say a word. You will add the /s/
Manipulation phoneme addition sound to the beginning: and (sand)
Initial and final  Say Sam without the /s/. (am)
phoneme deletion  Say seat without the /t/. (sea)
Phoneme  Say cat. Now say /p/ instead of /c/.
Substitution What’s the new word? (pat)
 Say tan. Now say /p/ instead of /n/.
 Say tap. Now say /o/ instead of /a/.