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FREE SPEECH, UGH Online Contributors

The right to listen
Skyler “Falling pumpkins” Ash Olivia “The” Bednar
Bryan “Fist Bump” Meler Lyba “ Totally Midday” Mansoor
Jonathan “Pocket Dial” Bradley
Features Raviya “Innovator” Singh
Editor-in-Chief Sarah “Birds and Bees” Krichel Rhea “Quad Collapse” Singh
Jacob “Out of Office” Dubé Emma “Safe” Sandri
Arts and Life Kelly “Tim’s4Ever” Skjerven
News Premila “Pumped” D’Sa Isabelle “Teacher’s Pet“ Kirkwood
Emerald “Awks dinner” Bensadoun Madi “Buck-a-Burger” Wong
Raneem “Is that Peter?” Alozzi Sports Anastasia “Puff Puff Pass” Andric
Maggie “Yaw” Macintosh Peter “I see Raneem” Ash Tyler “Tracker“ Choi
Christian “Hogwarts prof” Ryan Sam “Keener“ Harley
Photo Denise “Full of Ideas” Paglinawan
Samantha “What’s the tea?” Moya Biz and Tech Libaan “Appreciate it man” Osman
Alanna “Cover Queen” Rizza Sera “Two-factored” Wong Jacob “Of Course” Stoller
No, I’m not going to quote 1984. | PHOTO: ALANNA RIZZA Deanna “Icy Hot” Krueger Matt “Anytime” Vocino
Communities Kintaro “Ok I’ll Try” Skinner
By well as punish students who don’t ment can’t arrest you for speak- Lidia “We get it, wireless earbuds Nick “Sounds good” Reis
allow others to speak freely. ing your mind, it doesn’t mean the are hip” Abraha Michael “No Problem” Mazzei
In our news section this week, woman standing in line behind you Abbey “Lighthearted” Kelly
experts at Ryerson are saying that at Metro has to gleefully listen to Fun Aaron “Eye of the Tiger” Siblall
they’re not worried about Ford’s your theories about how the arts Nathaniel “Apollo” Crouch Elana “Eye-mazing” Emer
funding threats, especially because department is run by lizard people. Zahraa “Come to dinner” Hmood
I swear this is the first and last time they’re pretty certain the policy These advocates don’t like when Media Kosalan “Ladder” Kathiramala-
you’ll hear me talk about free speech. would be “difficult to implement.” someone calls them an asshole for Mikayla “Bye Bye Bye” Fasullo nathan
In what has become one of the But Ford’s use of the notwithstand- saying the wage gap doesn’t ex- Parnika “New video master” Raj Pernia “Banana” Jamshed
worst buzzwords since “content cre- ing clause to force the gutting of ist. They don’t like when protest- Katie “10 things at once” Swyers Emma “On the Go” Buchanan
ator”, debates around the concept of Toronto’s city council means there’s ers gather at a Jordan Peterson
“free speech on campus” have been a chance that these funding threats talk and drown out the attendees. Copy Editing A big fat thank you to all our volunteers.
raging for years, mostly by people could be very real. They don’t understand why no- Igor “Ex-Rivornor” Magun
well aged-out of the academic sys- The problem is, the whole debate body wants to debate them about The Eyeopener is Ryerson’s largest and
tem. These arguments claim that is hinged on bullshit. non-binary pronouns. So they’d General Manager only independent student newspaper. It
universities have become hostile to Ryerson isn’t impeding anybody’s rather claim that they’re being de- Liane “Lord of the keys” McLarty is owned and operated by Rye Eye Pub-
the propagation of ideas, especially free speech. Their policies on anti- nied their right to be heard, instead lishing Inc., a non-proit corporation
the more right-leaning ones. choice protesters show they’re tol- of thinking about why people don’t Advertising Manager owned by the students of Ryerson. Our
It’s reached the point where erant of all viewpoints, barring hate want to listen. Chris “Wet tent” Roberts oices are on the second loor of the
Ontario’s premier Doug Ford has speech. What these Free Speech Let the people campaigning for Student Campus Centre. You can reach
threatened to cut funding to uni- Warriors are really fighting against more free speech on campus go back Design Director us at 416-979-5262, at
versities that don’t follow the prov- is being talked back to. to the “marketplace of ideas” while J.D. “Pancake Jesus” Mowat or on Twitter at @theeyeopener.
ince’s new free speech policies, as Free speech means the govern- the rest of us live in the real world.

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