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Spooky Town Castle


Purple Cows 2 in 1 Combo Trimmer #1040 Purple Cows Freestyle Mouse Kit #6045 Purple Cows Hot and Cold Laminator #3026 Hole Punch or Crop-A-Dile Scissors, Craft Knife, Paper Piercer, Needle,

A Purple Cows Designer Project
by Michelle Jackson-Mogford http://mjm-thearttart.blogspot.com/


Purple Cows Hot Pockets 12” x 12” #4050 Purple Cows Hot Pockets 8 1/2” x 11” #4080 Purple Cows Hot Pockets 11” x 17” #4090 Imaginisce Spooky Town Collection Cosmo Cricket Haunted Craft Kit Bazzill Cardstock: brown, orange, blue, purple Clearsnap Color Box Cat’s Eye Stackers: Chocolate, Blueberries Clear Scraps XL Dots Acrylic Circle Clear Scraps XL Dazed Acrylic Stamp Shape GlueArts Glue Glider Pro w/ PermaTac Cartridge Helmar All Purpose 450 Glue Texture Stamp, Permanent Ink Pad. alcohol inks, glitter, nylon thread, foam pads, silicon glue, Black sparkly thread, brads

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Spooktacular Decor: Spooky Town Castle
Step by Step:
1. Spooky town castle a great centre piece for a Halloween table to fill with goodies for your guests, or a great piece of seasonal home décor filled with something like pot pourri! So to start we’ll make the central piece. Using the guillotine on your # 1040 combo trimmer cut 2 x 5’’ strips of a 12x12 Imaginisce spooky town paper. Join the pieces together overlapping by ½’’ with your glue glider pro and permanent adhesive so you have one long strip. 2. Along the top edge mark a depth of ¾’’ then ½’’ in from the left mark a vertical line (to make ½ a turret) continue along the length marking vertical lines but make all the rest at 1’’ intervals. Cut out your ½ turret and then each alternate turret to the end. Make the piece into a circle, overlapping the join ½’’ and adhering with the glue glider pro. 3. For the right hand tower cut a strip of the Imaginisce paper 7’’tall x 8’’ wide on your combo trimmer. Lay it right side facing you and from the right mark a line on the top edge 2 ½’’ in and 1 ½’’ down. Then from the left on the bottom edge mark two lines 1’’ and 2 ½’’ in and 4 ¼’’ up. With a craft knife cut the lines making very thin slits. Roll up and stick along the join to make a cylinder. 4. For the left tower cut another trip of the Imaginisce paper this time 6’’ tall and 10’’ wide. Laying it face up again from the right along the bottom edge mark two lines at 1’’ and 2 ½’’ and 4 ¼’’ up and again cut along these lines making thin slits. Again roll it up ad adhere the join to make another cylinder. 5. For the back tower cut another piece of the Imaginisce paper 8 ½’’ tall and 6 ½’’ wide. Again laying it face up from the right along the bottom mark two lines at 1’’ and 2 ½’’ and 4 ¼’’ up and then along the top edge mark a line at half way ( 3 ¼’’) 1 ½’’ down. As before cut the slits and make it into a cylinder. Year 6. Cut 3 circles (well it’s a semi circle plus 1/8th of a circle as in the n te e diagram) 1 = 5 ¼’’ diameter 1 = 5 ¾’’ diameter and 1 = 6 ¾’’ diameter. Make these into the roofs by overlapping the edges over each other and sticking in place. 7. Using the template make some sticky out towers, they should measure 3’’ in height with a thin slit 1 ½’’ deep as marked. To make them double sided cut out two little roofs and attach one front and back.

Castle Roof Diagram

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Castle “Sticky Out” Tower Template

Spooktacular Decor: Spooky Town Castle
8. Ink all the edges of your pieces with the darkest color in the cats eyes chocolate and blueberries stacker; don’t forget the edges of the slits and the edges of the roofs. 9. Decorate the pieces with free hand drawn windows and doors cut from the Imaginisce papers and add strips cut from the papers using click blade #2804 deckle cut in your trimmer. 10. Stamp a clear scraps XL dazed stamp shaped acrylic with a texture stamp and permanent black ink. 11. Glue the central circle to the acrylic using silicon glue.

Year n te e

12. Slot the towers over the castle walls using the base slits. Slot in your sticky out towers into the two tallest towers that have slits at the top and glue on the roofs. 13. Further decorate the piece with images cut from the imaginisce papers and rub ons. I added the ghost onto a strip of discarded laminate left over from my wreath leaves and stuck it inside the castle wall so it bobs about! The flag is cut from the papers, attached to a cocktail stick and pushed into the top of the roof. The tree and tombstone were cut with an extra flap that I folded back and stuck to the base, so they stand up and the bats were stuck on with foam pads for extra dimension. 14. Now find the perfect place to display your castle and fill it up with goodies.

Purple Cows Inc. 3210 North Canyon Rd. Suite 307 Provo, UT 84604 USA www.purplecows.net • information@purplecows.net

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