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Talend Unified Platform

Best-of-breed data integration, data quality and MDM solutions unified in one single platform

The Talend Unified Platform is the first open data management Additionally, most organizations face issues to define
platform that unites all data management disciplines within which application maintains the “right” data and therefore
a single solution. Talend’s best-of-breed Data Integration, need to implement data governance and data stewardship
Data Quality, and Master Data Management solutions are workflows to ensure that “a single version of the truth” is
integrated in the Talend Unified Platform which delivers used throughout the organization’s information system.
unprecedented improvements in resource optimization and All these intermixed operations benefit from a single
utilization, and project consistency. development environment.

Talend MDM Enterprise Edition

Talend MDM Community Edition
Open Profiler
Open Studio

Talend Talend
Data Quality Integration

Life Cycle
Talend Unified Platform Platform

The Talend Unified Platform provides:

• A single development studio based on Eclipse, which

provides users with consistent ergonomics, fast learning
curve and a high-level of reusability.
The Studio environment, based on Eclipse, allows
• A common metadata repository that promotes sharing developers to perform data profiling, create data integration
of vital data management assets. processes, and design master data models from the same
workspace. Talend’s data integration, data quality and
• A unified deployment environment that includes a
master data management solutions are integrated in the
distributed and high availability execution paradigm,
Studio as various perspectives, and you can easily switch
single monitoring console and real-time execution
to each other, in a one-click process.
This accelerates dramatically the learning curve of the
• Roles based security for a centralized user and access solutions and allows the versatility of the developers.
right management. Objects such as transformation and validation rules,
business rules, expressions, variables, joblets, etc. can
Single Development Studio be easily reused from one project to the other, promoting
development standards and best practice.
Data integration, data quality and master data management
projects are closely intermixed and depend on one another.
Shared Metadata Manager
For example, an integration project relies on data profiling
analyses to identify non-standard or corrupted data. To The Shared Metadata Manager consolidates all project
process and correct this data, cleansing processes are information and enterprise metadata in a centralized
required to ensure the quality of the data before it gets repository shared by all stakeholders, from developers to
integrated, migrated or synchronized across applications. business users and IT operations.
Information shared in the Metadata Manager includes user This centralization of execution and administration streamlines
data such as Jobs, profiling analyses or data models, but the deployment of the various data quality, integration,
also application metadata related to the connection to a management processes developed through the Studio but
source or target file, database, application or any system. also eases the work of IT Operations who are monitoring
This central repository also stores business models, that help mission critical data management processes.
you orchestrate and sequence the various quality, integration The use of SVN as source manager allows extended
or management processes at a business user level. versioning of projects, processes, analyses, business rules
Business rules, transformation and validation rules as and all items stored centrally in the Metadata Manager.
well as workflows can also be centralized in this metadata Additionally the integration of Active Directory allows the
manager, in order to streamline processes and promote central administration of users and rights, based on roles,
best practices. improving security management across all Talend’s solutions.
This means that all information for data integration, data
quality and master data management projects, whether Unified Life Cycle Platform
related to source and target connectivity, to database
Talend Life Cycle Platform provides extension capabilities
profiling or to the actual project logic, is stored in the same
for enterprise-wide projects and deployments. Composed
shared repository.
of three modules, Talend Audit, Talend Testing Platform &
Cross project data lineage and impact analysis are also
Talend Repository Manager, Talend LCP addresses
available throughout the repository in order to help you
requirements to test, audit and manage processes and
track data through the information system and understand
repositories. From the unified Repository Manager, you are
the impact of a change on data structure or transformation
able to manage cross-project migration and versioning of
all data integration as well as data quality processes from
This shared repository facilitates collaboration between
the same web-based console.
team members, storing all information in an industry-
standard source manager (SVN) that supports versioning
and can easily be configured through a web-based console.

Unified Deployment Environment

All data integration, data quality and master data management
processes can be deployed, executed and managed through
the same environment, the Talend Administration Center.
This Web-based central console offers friendly ergonomics
and fast-refresh capability across all data quality, data
integration and master data management modules.

Unified Support, Single Vendor

Talend is the only open source vendor that provides a single
point of support for all its distributed products. All products
benefit from the Community support via our Forum,
moderated by technical experts who are directly involved
with Talend’s Research & Development department. In
addition, Talend’s Technical Support Centers provide
prompt, effective, high quality support services for all Talend
subscription products via a dedicated unified portal. © 2010 Talend. All rights reserved.

The same console gives access to the Data Quality portal’s

reporting and analysis capabilities, helping organizations
to support data quality enterprise-wide. It provides direct
access to Talend MDM’s Web interface, allowing you to
address data governance and stewardship issues. And
from the same console you can always manage, schedule
and administrate the execution and deployment of your
data management processes.
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