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Tips, advice and in-depih articles from Web design experrs

l0 Speed demons
How do professionat Web des(gneB lllm
od sreat resutts tor rlajor cliens qui.kly?
We r€veat their wo*ing metllods

68 Faster Web desQn

We've gor 30 esserriat tips to help you
work q'rickerin firercriq Dealr*€€ver
and 6otiye. Dont get l€ft behind

72 E-commerce for free

A compreheisive guide to buitding a
shoppirg can
'ri$ PHP And a free solnion
lor makir8 blgger e-commerce sites

78 Market vatues
Web dssignsts build their o$,n ontine
shops too. We look at 12, irEbdi4s those of
Airside. ldertil(aL Kerb and AD4D

Fmd out how the expens tum out qrear Websites

84 Special Moves 90 Tonic Desiqn

th'rs London agency focuses on creating Oese camden-based Web deslgners feed

e ertainiry interactive sites, like lhe heavity off each others ideas, especralty
Osboums, radpr than st aislr site desian when working to tigtt deadtines

88 Skive Creative
DiscoverhM$F Skivetearn has cEated a
smatt niche for itseLf in $e everSrcwirtg


Follow our 46 page glide to getting your own Webslte ! p and rLrnning ln jlst rwo days

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:ii Structure and design +\r Extending the search

Make surc you know what you re trying to We show you how to embed a.omprehensive
achieve, before defining yolr temptates and search ercine irto your siie w'$ lhe minimum
dorng the iniriat desrgn in Photoshop of technicat knowtedg€

tti Creatinq the paqes ::S Setting up a cart

Use Photoshop! Save for Web toot to convert
Create a secure ontirc s1ore, complele with
volrrouqhs inlo HTML paqeswithin pages aniolrrcing the confirmation or
DrehwdavPr then fomat lhe telt
cance .ation of transactions

:3.i Working wlth tempLat€s i-:: PubLishlng your Website

Iemptales erabte you to create Web pages Add meta dala lo ihe pages.lhen checkyour
quicktyand easily and heLp streamtine your site and pubtish itio lhe Web. FinalLy. make
site in anlicipation of tuture devetopments surethe search engines knowyouvegone tive

Matrho* Htrlsy 3 Dhotqraehrc yscror imdqs i(unrds or w6bsd' piorrr

ALtthe proe€ms and extensionsvou need lo buitd a Websile in a weekend..

Dreamweaver MX EROL 3 Smatt Store
Macromedtas HIML editor is the quickest TEditiona tty, e commerce functionatity for
way 10 pdt togethera p'oless ional Websile. Websits has been the preserve of big
Usiig visdatlayourloots. you caf creat€ businesseswilh deep pockets IROL 3is an
Web paqes with littLe or no HTML atfodabte a nd ltexible apptication tor
knowtedge. white experieiced deveLope6 crealing shopping ca ft iacitities. Ihb S,nall
wiltappreciatethe code ediling tools on Sto,eversion enabtes you to create a siore
of f er DrerDseayerlX con'bines borh w$ten produclsthatcan be hosted on any
visuatdesigrafd developmentcapabitities commerc 6t Web space -
ideat for those
in a singLe tooL which everyoie invotved in whojust want to dabbte, orforcompanies
a prolect caf work with wirh a limited prcduct Enge.
This triatve6ion ol O.eamveaver is EROL in.tldes visuaL desgn toots to
futty fhctio.atlor30 days lrom the rime crealeyourstoreand has no timitatiors on
of you ample lime to ger slore Layout. Once your site is online. IROL
takes care of store rnanagementiasks, such
as prccessing ordeB. creating invoices
sofi ing orders and keeping lrack of

Ten extensions Proiect files
DEamulearer6xtensions enabte you Alt the raw components requircd to
to make site navlqation, creaG e-commerce iottow our tfioials are availrbte on the
tunctions and embed {ch media in your CD. You'LL frnd them in the foLdels
Web paees. lnstaLt Eytersio, lra,?ger(also emitted Section 1 to Section 6. Ihe
on the CD) io make thes availrble project starts on page 17

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Speed der"nons
talk to a number of Web designers about how to work at top speed,
and, more importantly, how to getthings right...
very Web desienerhas b€en thee. have becomecommonplace- aid taker in P16paratlon
actientexprer5esan inte€sin randem wiih slashed budgets and econofr ic When lime! limned. you Fighl be rempred 1o
using you lor \he mostimpodan! inslabiliiy, ir pays ro wo* tasl We intenosaie get sluck in and immedi"iety srartdesigning
projectever".andthengLibtyre arks s€v€rald€signeBabod haw to hone bdiipaysto ptanthinssrhrough. liyoudon\.
that th€ deadtin€was y€ st,"rd a y". Ontv theyle efficiency ltumna rolinish.whencrearins you tthave to make numerousadiushents laler
nor iokinq n Dcentiim€s.5uchoccunen es somethinsyoutthavescamtimeroraslhe )


*""*^- F
Arber'When a deadLine! loominq, thar s not ihe
time to start getting creaive with information
architecture." Recotlecliv€'s chanuktSeesinhe
tf,frt&izz6b recomhends mapping out ihe eilL€ sLte in
ftrbbi;r o &rMrr@ black and white outtin€s. so conbnt issu* can
be Esolved inmedhtety: Once fie prcjer hits
lhedesign srage,rheontythingyouthenneedro
wory about is Lookandfeet,'
Most desknsu aqree lhar gDeciiic soitwa€
isnt particularLy imporianr wh€n creating
layouts 6pidty. "The md$ imponant trick, is an
undeNandirEolthe m*ft€ryou reworkiqqwilh
and a good s6nse ot infomation hiehrchy:'
cbins Klobelslom Mutter Auredo Sitva
adveates a back-to-basics appmach, M*ins
on pap.rto create mo.k-upr'We gLv€ o!Fetvos
shon-brm mite$ones €garding layouts and
regrcup afier a coupte ol houB to otter
suss.3lions for th€ pbd ucl fma tty p ovidlng a
iinished skeich to our3D departrent.'
Whatever m€dium you hvoun ifs imporranl
lhat you k.ow it wetl asJasonArbersays: I
l6nd to use Phoraslop, and have done so since
itfiBt.am6out,I knry irinsideout,so tcansel
wolk don€ wirh a minihum oftuss * importanl
when yourback! agains he walt'
Speedins $inss up by using sro.k modta
J$on Ad.-morrr tod 4 trl w* dh claihLng to avoid it.ntirety tutying on intornsL
np!ryhdpmyrou.vNdIbrdtrlucdnd.tuE.ur.r€i.codl!Ndudsdurg*$d.m* ;rdrr 'd€pa nmen$ for photograp hy, 3 D work a nd
audio. Howev6r, Ja5onArbsradFG thaiwh€n

deadline loons Wh€ndeadlinesa€tisht,Malk

&hi Pholodlscacanbea
deadLin6s are€ and inv*igaGd:.By
musr b6 so&€nd, aLthowh you must makarh6 clLont
Johhsonol.lear Eckom:'rrsevenmoE '.!5lome6 , I n6an rhe actlal $eE who l( be ,wa6thrisuchimag$are nottru€. Haalso
impoft anr ro sir wirh a.tionrand estabti.n usi.s rhe sile. Clieds €tety know lhen whar €comm6rds havinga dkiiatcamera and
precis€ly what rheirgoals ac,who rhe ste! aalty too*ins od. and il a
ro rind sc a n ne r handy ior cEarins rextuE and a bstnct
audienceG .nd{hat intomarion G avairrbk. sne does'lt answerslch quosrions, n hay as eLomsnts. Tom Mutt€r rgrees. and cwgesis
For such pbj*rs, w.3Lso sugqesl l€aving the w6ll not exisr.' sloring ,!ch lhings lor laia. uso:'We have
archiieclurcasopenaspdsible localertor li.bdri* of skethes. 3D modeG, rendets and
updatos Laleron.'ALtr€dosilva Ex..uriv.
inlerlace ideas rhat we've devotoped overtim.,
CDariv€ Direcror ol Who! W€. tnc cir* the Organiaation and deslgn whichcans6freuswellwhenworkingroatkht
imponance of gatheringfinalised marerialpior re known and
Ome tequiremenrs .onrenr haq timescate r4ark Johmonalsodhwsonsuch
to $arting. prcrect "Recov€ring mateiat aker been sarheed. vou need ro srtoclure the sib esources:'White not somelhins w€ ah tor, Ll a
projecG b€gin impedes producrion ar any l€vel 'Go simple." 3n*ests PiretsuReon! Jason client pres€nrs a Ealtylkhtdeadline w6tt
A tso .nsur€ yo( have coftb nr acces to
.ti€nts, ro ask any questions rhar may aris."
Jakdb Ni€lsen reminds us thowh,lh.t
customerc'rce& are lle ol paamoun

CSS guru Eric M€yer recentty overhauted Netscap€ DevEdg€,

h(ght(ghting rhe vatu6 ot Web standards wh€n rapidty buitdfig a site. . .
r!.nEail Md[h r.. R.hc. c.ndt:r. I :'!t we llm'tied rh. b,*end. pouiiJu Dneft ino a cldomised xML {om*, so we .ould tEck iirohdidn
hblestree dersn.. commeib Eic s
ad ro rou.h rhe HTML ag.ti
'All laprsd h,ppered in css rom b neart we coutd rapidry

the d*iepme$vednqesmmd yrhan er@red targery bsau* brMe6 have devdtoped

ertran previod, eirh sm:lerpages, arl drivai by modaacly

$ohaicded css dd r@h eme lbir d tor tayod fNor oi plFose.
Its Nd\crpr D&Ldgs ?tangn hkt t{ s:r5 Enc )rhe rsm rFtabou(bveeks oi the prcjed - qure,i achisvem
trLBbrc+qulcklv-dcss d'trmbydrheBrrdcrr!€ aqh6tu,@tr
k uD from e ts€wher€
som etimes rebrand a moc
forq!i.kdepbymenl. Thistueolrhinkin! G
aLsoviablewhen usins tlasi. as Ensase\ J.mes
Slonetesrilies, ov€rtime.youbuild upa
libmry ol n.dutes, inctuding navgarion Pix€tsurgeon s Jason Arbertlrned arcund DH PubtishitE's sile within a singLe day...
devic*, dynamic image vieweB and
pretoaders.and knowtheywolkcross ptaform.
Ihis helps reduc€ tesrifgiime,which olien
proveslobea heliypar-1ollheproc€ss when paq* easi{v md add ietr.ontft thr{ruDct
generic compon-anrs aE aLready complot€. you
wa edro.eateacnsviaMys.ll.'n,r'rrP
can spend yourlimil€d titri€ on site etemenG

r4rec! l-hr, moYie

Buitdtng the stte
UnsuDrisinqltr ea.h Web deslqner has ibvourite
applicaiions when ir comes 1o buildins Websit€s dPrelbsty!thcl]gminlhiiq'
Raottecrive\ Garry l-lilt sensibLy srates that
when rime 6 at a pEhium, you shoull use tooG
rhd you F comforbble with: When under
p€ssuE ils notrimerdllynewideaslhatyou onceyout!lamitiarwith it norevenpoidGand- ls easy to ger cairied awaywilhrechnotogy
readaboutandaBkeentolryespecrllyil€very cLick tayoutrooG areas€llcierrorrLpribLe'He and Jakob
iime you do something. you have to €so io notes lharwhc creatingLayollsdriven e nely Nielsoiremindsus youmuslpayspeciat
Googl€ or wade thrcugh manuats.' byCSS FTMLrarelyneeds€dilins sorrpid anefi ion ro rhe usabilily ol the siles pesence
A malorpoinr is ro ensur€ thatyourlavoured prototypint Lsmucheasier Noronlythat bul osearch ensines be.duserhafs how many
roolcaidealwirhcomptiarlcode " atways editinganexisling L2yduti3laner via CSS you prospecrswillliid n "1'l eexDLain5lhallhisis
oJren done byrhemosr basicoilllMLaid paqe
co enl rhinqs olrenoverlooked when
"Hacks and workarcunds have a l]€bit af coning back wo*ingar speed: Pbgerillesmuslrandoul
ald makeseNewherlakenoutotconrerrand
and bitiag you iti the ass' - Jason Arber cmmmed inro a LGlirc oiren sires.,nd query
rermsrhar.ustomeEmiqhllseroiiid th,asit.
cr€ate standaris-complianr siles because can easity f lip around the screen.
hacksand workarcunds havoa habitclcomins meddte with coloure and lont si2es, and Jakob advocales sroppinq 1o check dralr
ba.kand biringyou intheass. ctai6s Jason increase or reduce white spac€. lh6can dcsisns rsaini checkt$rs oi estabtGhed
Arb€r-aDoinrlhareveryone s€emstoarree be donewith a lewk€ynrokesandareload usrbit{y gurdelines 1rcm pioruseresear.h
on UsincWebstandards meanssilesaremlre inth6W€lbrowse._says€ric lhewhoier€am Such reponsand books includiri!nry own
tikelyiowork in the curenr crop ol brcwsers canseerhechalae aMwe canauromaricaLly /.tomepag€ rsbilirr en.apsutare knowtedqe
and vouavoid orcprieiary raqsand leatur5that .heck lorbrowserrroblems as we qo' abo'nwharwor[sweltwirh'dyou tl ]

tripyou uplurtherdown rhe tine

iaryou go depends upoi pblectparameteE. as
EricMeyer{ares, llyouie buitdingan lntranel
site wher€ €veryone uses Netscrpe &avrsaror
,4.x youmustk€ep iGabitiries(or(acktr€reor)
in mind OveBLl rhough,he recko.s rhatwhen
usingsiandards pagesend up leaner and lewer
headaches oc.urwhen pojectsare up,iated.
Modern Web $andardshetpin morerhan
jusr a technotogical sense accodinsro Eric:
'UsinqCSS made my tir. so much easier

Rd.dlterlve h'd io trn arcund lwl{' or!

quickly arbr rhs trenisdion r€ldbd a d6iqi rrom
anorh€r comFny thar didnl mo& i6 n66ds &c€ tl€
prcier aid tmdntiniig rh. buitdi4
pocd* dosEiing one ssdion *lrlts buildi4 dheB
sfturcd rh. pmi*t was complsbd on rre Buitl in End€m rirh s€!hi. d*EmG Made llrougln,lha t'm cEn€d a 3r{dm wheEby Dan couLd uDd*s tlrs sib hh$Lt
tinl€ wo^€ lhan plou!hinglhDUgh aiimarions,
\ld Mdrkup validatlon seni.e only ro adve 3t somelhing insignilicam " And
€m€mbe hat cr€aiing such animatirns wilLear
into you.limiled dev.topmenftime.
:,i::.1: Wirh resards ro n.n-fksh sir*. rhere was
't' some disasreem€nt berween rhosewe spokeio
regardingremplzres "lheycanbea qrear
timesaver bd irdeDends on rhe size of rhe
sile."saysJ3son Arb.r"Ihere!a iiade-otf
belweenrheri6e il takesrocr"atelemplaies
R{ent Updabes
ve^usth.tine ittakesiocredethe pagesby
hand. Olcou^e. ii somerhing likelhe
Evsi M'. dsrdliio! Loonh! rhsft3*Utftb
oxcus fd nd tsding a .iio rn nrioB w.b bdseu.
navi3arion needs redesigni^9. you Lt be burning Many r.F ri bs usins kir snd whtld you
rhe midnishl oitagain.hrngirEeach page it cgnlc'l6llfi.v.ryon6'allenindslllhslij
pdi.{ youdontusedrempLate. "olhers. suchas r4i!ion or rwo dr.ach brd3dr -
.h s nor rh. ot bd I*l v*wr? d'! hd! rony rmb ro aid wdb d4kngrs
'ird. oLt}b!'hdbnDo'(o.tsrot'o't lvl inpr//bnveB dvdh.dry arcliv6 m.ny of rhsm.
Ioh creare ienplares by delauLl.
^4!lLei press!res Oncea
desi!n t 3isned oll we.rcalelempLalestor reclrdologiesarerhoseyoulind ticensed as
usualtylind sev.rat obvio!s rhings havebeen each silesecrion,enablin! us ro manage opensource: youcan sometimesdownload
overlook€d in rhe rush rodoa derianquickty contenl vra besooke CMSo.t\MLleeds soLutionsthal workatmosi ihmediarety, and the
Subsequenrly. we.atr workiasr on rhe senerataualnv ol borhrhem and rhe retated
developmerside. makin! updateson the-fay" documeiration is ortei hish.'Asain, he
Taking thtngs further
White iti fairtosayrhatwhendeadtiiEsare
extr€mety tight f ew peopt€ bui(d anyrhing more "Trying to force a bit of software when you have no
than a basi. iite there aresritla(ernarivesro
HIML Asprevioustymentioned &ash!qrcater iclea how it works is a mug's gatne" - Garry Hilt
degr.e of deskn invicrcyis panty.ttser by
redu.edcompatib[typroblems bltlhereare Iypically. advanced iearures shouLd be recommen& beinq totattv tamitiarwirh rhe
stiltthiigs to bearin mind when usins fl ash aod avoided il deadliner arerishr. shoppins cans lechnolosy when working ii rh6lashioni "Iryins
d€ngningquickty lrsbestto prototypedi.ecrty rakelimetoser upand.becausepeoplesmorcy lolorcea bn oi software when you haye no idea
in Flrd)'saysJames Srone " t!rmpo(anthar is al slake, you must ens!e everylhins is haw ir works isa mug\game and bestavoided.,
theleetolthe sit wo* wod(ingcotrecrLy,'explains JasonArber'you
on static PholoslDp tayours " Fe suggesrs canr tush stllttrkerhis soirSbene oexpLain
avoidins too r3ny elf ecrs and animared toa clienlhallheyshouLd pushbackrhe T$ttng your site
etemenrs becalserhey reoiienused ro ryand deadline. or l,!ich the sire wi'houl rhe shop Once you have somoihingvaguoty resembting
covorupa quickie design rhar tacks subsrance eLedenrandadd it l,leL ll derernrinedlo press asite youllhavetoensurethalilworks.
"Ontyuseanimationlorapulpose rheres shead @gardless, Gatry ftitl suqqess lhe besr Testingcrn bea tengthy pocess somerhing
you caniallordwhen youontyhaverdayor
twotocompLeleyourproject lnsuchcases
you shoutd testasyou go sugeesrsMark
Johnson Ihatway.youcancatchbugsearLy
on, makingrheheasiertotix. Astorwhich
bmwsere you shoutd test in. that s a harter
olopirion Asmanyasyodcan geryour
hands on. sulgens EricMeyei youcan
neverdotoo'iuchlestins.andrhe more
cross-browsertestineyoudo themoreyou

e:l--:::--"_-r- i;" uu
i E;--, :=5=i+..r!* @E
cbar's€4e6ndEecrdiE l"thvr redL@dg6

Gpabitiiy ot clienb b rhrd r 5prnrcr in ih6
Deaib sEn dtt rrrs clioN d€nanded consid€ftbt.
r:rB-t idmbsrolchaiqdcrusijtr*idfwor*lobs
ano'h-drwo3w8 * il:r,j€k rnoL{yd-rd.,oln abaidoned srong kidvtsdge ot borh.tb and
rshidrogy msan $e 3i. ni[atriv6d.n rine
", ",F, 'D_*."."*"';",
F Ev6n when working at speed, there are
certain rutes that atl good Website desrgners
EE shoutdadhere to...
m Do...
sE- 6uebL.

birs or.ode mark upand(r

kmwyoursotMa€andundc yalechnoLogy-L6afikoybomd
on proiec6. Keep handy

il . lririea Web ebidads Valid.ode m

E €pidpnloiyp'r!aidvarialions

H .rn on.i get npid h,Alpl! t leed back i

tisvo ,.nd 96!sign olflomthe

die ar each miLedo€. ro miiini$.tor.!io ! lder dn

who' w.lic! !h6fd M4'ry tu.ord. - Iwl con - racubd L ld, drF Froga m3 m,
plnvbscsu$rhoclLdgn,fi.d.!, .ilnrdetsnddorh{w@tur Dont.,,

d.ssi whlddedlii6 aE loomiig.r

OfcouEe.whontim€slkht leslins inev€ry ercFandnon-siandardelem6 s.Whenyou
permutalion on €v€ry phdom isdtvhbte h have ee ne dc c ode rhar s contirmed complia d.
goos withour saying that /rirftl
Exploerlor srore it on yolr rochi@ lor larer use
r j!d ciaE sitA ror /'tnd rxpbEri', Win'row3 .e 1hLs wilt.on6
Windows should b.yourliBtponolcalL,asrhe you should t*t in a C€./rrbased bowsi loo.
majorily oi Web ureB ac runnhs n. oodr su.has tozilla ft lact, dis can make a b€(et axemde brc$es and DLrtom3 ..iiot accd$ th6 !(d
iorgol that d substantial anount of peopte rever naniG poinl, du€ to irs adhe@tue lo Web . balenpledlolih$m.oi.sLrold
upgEdethairbrcwe(soyoushoutdch6k inat standards) and. ( posible, $t8.i,hich bkes 3hamed byth. d.llgi connliry,d w
t€asl o n6 pr€vious voE ion loo, lf you d on\ hav€ .a€ ol KFiTML and loots inc@sir8ly luely ro
muttipl€ ma.hircs lyinsarcuid VinualPccan b*ome rhe mosr popular Mac brcwr Whe0'er
bltreG . ptomaarhoadh ydu ns, b6 mtl,,ic wh€n dsdtins are tEh' s
heLp,onablinryo!to tunnuhipt€ PCs,oach or not rru buitd lor vouion 4 depends
with a unique instatt ol /ntemet Aloei
on a onyourclie s inrended man€i and @n pde c{iei! € aw!rc oi whdr s po$ible v'$in sive i
dodr oveGett E.s! E a

tim<omumrE. When GirE Cssnnven devetophe - doitgo io h.

H.w.v.r as.lsson Arb6r srares 'The wo6t Lyods a{ways hidd Style Shests fFn bq ta,ich ii wong timef€me &nd mi:s bo$
lhins you csn do F nake sue your 3ite works such blow@E by usins 9ihpon. sbich ensucs
w'nh /nremel elpl./er rnd iqnoE eveo4hing u$6censeerho.ddenr,i'ndded6iqn.
etse Microsoft has a sup€ Bet ol tags I like to IhGe crearing Flrsh sites have leser
catlMSI-ITML whichqobeyondw3standards. lroblems. as mosl brcseF are flash lriendly.
wnh pEprielaryieaiures,' He reckons ttut Despitelhd,donlskimpon$eco aining
wh€n leslins in /r€rret E-\plorerdnly. it s atl t@ HIML pas.s when designing quickly,
oasy to c€ate a site ftd excludes dher €membenite rass (dodr teave $efr !5 enploy ii. lnsiead, use tooh to create something
bows€6 and platiorms and sugsesrs running untitted) and .nsure any related Javascnpt $ar! funclionaL interaciive and vBuatty
pag€sthrough W3! ?atidaiorar I{l pteasins, within your ser [mescate. Tom Mutter
va lldarorw3.o rg wh ic h pick up on cod ing Jakob NGlsen atso reainds us ro resr *iih €mmds !eto bearin mind thins! common lo
rel GeB, arher rhanjGt ch*king for pmblero any successtul Web design poject'Phn ah,.rd,
with fie tehnotqy and cmpalibility: "People blitd a sire rirh solid archiiectu€, and il
lend lo skip lhis when in a hurry, bur you.a. do a pssl-bla. implemenr a cMs tool thar manases
simDle lesl wilh seveal FDte in onLy a ld conient and sraphics. AGo. nane and iite your
houc.Ihe.e s no need ro.ofrpo* a rancy aseb sensibty and logicatt)r" lanes Store
repon on a compres*d pDlftr. bur do tun rhe advises ro aLways have a clear soat of ctienl
test.nd implenent as many of $e landuE5 as Equi€ments and to be reatistic:'When working
r,:: f . t::"::::l:::.:* you have lime tor Any Maining fodings.a. go a speed, you must work hard and smart. Don\
.r:r..,::--::1 on a ro-do lisi iorany slb*queft €desi!n." prcnise uhat yo! can\ deliver if a cLient G -
r'.,---,1: .,,r l: ; 'lt', asking forihe Eanh. ter them know.- And linalty.
one alt-impotunt, technotogy f€e ti! Irom
Hayh! a ol bookm.tu i.lp! vrdn
And ftnatty P{xeGu.geon! Jason Arber,'Dont skimp on rhe
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.n.blo you ro sd Epid Bpoi* b pbblsms d'ile yourclosesr allie rhen deadlines are nght.
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and design
Start by understanding the brief, building the
site structure and planning the design...
producl hunch to Blire the Webste into
somolhins a litrte more proiossionaL.
we ll be aniicipding feaiu€s wilhin ih€
tayoul rnd design thal may bon€lit
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outliniog lhe conlonl and cEalive intoduction ol a databrse to manage
pret6rences tor lheirsile Ihey ve
e6Dha$6ed rhar ir'Ll be pradomiMnity But lor now, $e cbck i! ticking and
b6sed abund s searchable shopping theE isn\ a mom€m ro wa3te on
can making lheir new produds availabte dragging€s into the tmy.Tho time
to rhemnd when rhe advenising timtaiions msan that ii! atl doM to you
canpaign ki.*s in on Monday morntE to gel ir dore overihe weekend.
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ftere isrrl rime to mess aound with into ,ourwn Website. As a d*igner, )ou
b€spoke sy5iems il everrthirE is lo be hay want ro ule some ofthe principtes
comrleted overlhe weekend, so we re he€b.reat yourown potsona( lmag6
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D/snwerverexrensions to gel a h $ar crse. both the shoppirE cafi and
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*-***** [E
Part 1: Understandingthe proiect
Before starting the design, you need some background to the project. Don't do anything without a brief...

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mm tinss you .ri l en phis { .noqh to the .lienr
s li,hH:it* i:1iilii::#i,i#*"' i,ni.ipate eAthal
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bn wn,d.hins is cont it 4ny luture.proofis
rhe mpodMccorrt.r-d| tor &shn pntc(fts ponbb, mcrchandiF:ideon nlo losr: er€
as ivell ar airi.ipai.d ..nronr and tun.l onar'ly. eden5loranphn.in8lheelc'5b ahie3rchy




@l ttol 14 " tshlrtl

- tshlrt2
- board
- bas
- deslgn 1
- desl€n 2
" etc

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obuoui hBlrod ma/ notbe tlF mo*o,p ni hlr
butyo! nnppd ro prcrnrrh6c'i rlenIatoiqe rtu relul ponl w ll ensu.e rhal lhe ,t p,.b,br, b. i-o;tsrh"
r,om wh.h scr.ii sd rnoleMewrnd i.c{ nktum 'ere,eice
rhrcushour the '*, "r"h":"h,"his
ihdl h$ r 5hoooma€i

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o,'*:il1il'-:tl,'5i*1'i:;'.HJ"'J$'t,' g:#-Tiii"::,ru*:*,J?:,l,fJ"' s n:.Tr,[:?:i"",1;"Jfi :ir?:i1'jT.trJ"
d€bm'ne what needs Ln.rldLn! M&ruootr .ommon detsns You rr :rs
be abre 1o onside r .o mon Drcarweaver tem ptates, w h i.h
m hep w
p,r' t.eI'"v--'* t" i* how rh€ Fee nisht be .onturied to inc ude lo spead up ihe pGe$ ol cotrr!.t na ihe s le as
oprions n du. paton ot rhe design naxe. .sistcnt dai4. rftlu€s ihcuqho,r wellas maknggobalupdates much mo€ elf. enr
Part 2: Defining templates
Speed up the eventual production workflow by planning the required templates...

o $:!H ;:: :: *1?:i.1":iilrlffi ,., g ;!:iiilH i:i"::iJiilfi r3tff-Hi'

th .anbea$0.dledwih.eninnclioB.tlhd
<re wo lLlmkatrhenii no6dcratwh.i we3.r
g lx,liilr5r"ffi irJ*ffi i"iil' rempares t r main deabchndtlmpatesi!rhal

,o!nd to.roJriig HTMt plgd, bul ro, ndwyoutn p6ibL 16 pobabl/ hrv!
lcmpla You ll tou i d ih ai updaled lrum r sinalemade.13n,pnteihatconlms'nb..onloL.dby mulipcpiScs !^rquepiBee cobvously
p6n!d pas4 well.r run:quohonepasc


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iaaitscrthat.anbe nodlcdinsubsquenlpases
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by d.ssn, but ndcp.ndcntby tundon fronr th. k''ndrytdu,'rneiBielsn-"il{a':hi!navsaii,n
pre.t p,U," (such n. nv erhoi)

;r"F;"-;'__ ---_-_-_- ::n:

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o :i:lli'ffi rJ:*itil,i:li1'rffi;ffii" g *fff 1i;il;*:;'ffif"1ri: -* * g Lli:tu'::::""i::r#*ir.:Til::ff ff i'

Modif,>Tefrpldgopibi'whi.hsbbothommm pitucron orjonsw mp he pwiLh planninglhe
are displayed or us.d depcnd nsonih.ndciin.d and moE advan.ed leatore *b Don t lo rE€i b d?sgi and layout, and w llease the cre* on pm.e*
vaue! Thsprcvdes.onrrorw*hourhavinsro conrider rhe rrclt ba/s Temprrre opl ons for moe
rcsorltoovery.omcex ened lab e oplioir he p tiles ro eam more abour these tearu€s :'

*-"*"**..,* t"
Part 3: Designingthe homepage
Take your initial ideasinto Phatoshop to deve op the homepage design and layout...

ar l

o l llt;'it'rllt1;l:li::11'ii:i:t;l::iili il;"' g g *
i:lr t:ilti:: ill),;ti tl:'1';lt;;;iilu,l;ltilll' Ii,ii:illrlri:ll';lri ljlll il], li jli'" "'



o il;l;,i:i,,t,llu, \llirti lrii,tli;it:,rli :ili"" g llir,:.1 u llliliiillltiilti,|l:lii,tliit

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E ili!:liiil'?;l;tJ?-L:l:.,.. g :;ti"::tilt?tiliff i:l;E*lffi

l*liii a;' ,,,,, srlriot|r.d-gr
:f;f l)1.:i1tl5il::ll*'xH J5l ii1"
.d,,py rr th"
tu. r,,:."";,, wonysb.!rb,"nr
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g lllxiillill.ll :llr:ji:l,ii,XrHl:lf " g ilti:iiiLiriiiiltiiii:li"itl
@ liliri,llr::: Ili ilit';ir';i,lltlil f irfl ,:,,, "ltilrillt;n pl,.. d' ! r.pir!rt
..Dn s Dproi' rdp ro pdridrrlll|ir .r|lr, rd(d rr.N n $,rrl,, rh swrt r'.lp\ .

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It sr,.^ q! atcrr,: ' lonr!r,r'r,". ,un r
llr,np Lrrm d,u"nArlrr d g ,"qr"dv-i.".n,,d *, h 19 r*,1 ,
rqlr," t.-,,s ri,(.d ", -*-,y
.Lr{r!{r rf hrorns i!ry(r,tr itr, r.u { 4rh

tE wrh th. typoe,rprrr ofrh. nr,.onfrurcd

E ,!u.. i non rh. -" H.r,i .e @ :li[*i"f i:,",:i:ii": l"*,T' g
yourdd5igi Y.! neht.hoot," 'irup
loenhue the
" !1y trv ryr rh. bn.t;nd mr. srrcw. vef.udsd
ef,yrhis iiarwd{ertue,red we ve.on5dred i
mishr be coin
ir$:i ln?il::"'i,fr ii$?r"'
lcltd rhci, whe. lcotrErtuunl
nw ie uer rh:t,aeiiighi ri iodev,.op bd r.bu d iCrhe p:ge, you bpibar.t.egerh4e
nto'e$ard € l,
Part 4: Creating a contents pate
Develop the regular page design considering content and Drea mweaver Iemplates

g i;i"fj:"i:tll g i"rlJll i ri;11il,llilit,titfili ]t;:r'-'
o ilitilir;,li ;ii::iil;j;:l,xj;,1}iiit' iiirilfi i:lilrii ilrli'i

i.rr,rd d a.[,] rd rf,,,,rLrkl,Llrt


o l,il liillll;il| i:illiiililiii,ijl iu., E llr,il;;ii:,ir1;,t liir:;'illtilul,til.' il,, O li:l:llll lllillr,lillijlllillil;i,l: lil i,l;lll


a l::illitf iii*:il:,i;:l;,:;: :ifl il:" g i,i,.r"",:i 1'"r"i!;::iii,:l''J.i[i li,'' j' g

.oou,to the.ghr orthes.r.l.itind.r,o.r; rr,; dlii ri! !tj;lt r€r ir i
pc'rcd hn riLL il::r#ili1illi1""it' jiti r;til""'
|{sLon rh. ai.o.urd.n ilnl br.ksrcurd ayer
sridientind Lscthed6p nown r!f :.t$ci bcdw lh 5lo,th. pig. he:dst,nid ta( rssrap.
.frLa rhtrrr.rd5 nto raispa,ai.y 3 fr.1ifir.:n l. roled r fo5ron
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U,,ll ll ;:1.' ilrl;"ii;ll:'rlii;rl.'ll'l lil'iil "

@ lll.ti" :lill;llllrlrlitril'llll:i l'rlil,l lrl' @ lll;lli rl ltljrlli,l|:llllrjlt) lit,ltlii'-'

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@ iltr.l,i]";:rl,i'li,j:ili;. lrt;i',il;r,,ll:.l' @'tl;'.1ir t':it tj:,t1l'j111;l'il i;ll,;ijli,,,,

@ Ilrllr;iirlr;illliliiliillirJr
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ft !airy(i,poDrd!olotr.v ouspasrri!)!r


@ ilr,'"iii,Iili"lil1 |l:;l::iiltiJ @ ir: : f:."i ::il":ilil:i;il:lll'.'' strbrtr.opyrshtnr.rnsr

;[J*,X: fiii]i:li,l!iii.!:i[; I ;i,
w nkrlrcushto
-:a.. ir r-.:r: L i rg )i li: !orientfti hLr
_ri Creating"i:he pages
W ih our d..s gns flnalised irr Photoshop,
it's to conved them into HTML pages
wilhin Drearnweavt:r
l{W :rsd ,r ,r,1 rlr.. ilitrr,ii I
!t{-{ffi, ..
.. q L
'!rtiLn,LlLi ir .|.r J rr
3 pL:.,:Lfil.\ ,',, | .. T,

llll rrriLi.riri.., L L, ,
r. , irrr 1rl.
.L,l/rr r, .L,, n 'llri{lxrl/,
, r lrr r.rrll rrL(trl,.f,tr]
I i , r 'i,,,1 1,,,)i ir n
r,iir,L Lh. .-i , r1 , r11:, r, I,i,LI,wlt).ir I

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,:,r.x .., rf. illr i,r ,. ,,tri., rr.r1i(,"r,,1,11...,r
,!f Li:t. . rrrlr.:. I r.rr.
,drr,, r....

r'/r Lh. ...jrtrr/ rr , . r .lrl !

1: I r1 , I r.L.lrl ' . .,r. r.i
rL..?ii r: ,,. .,,1,. r.r . ii,Lr

'- a:"
-t'- ,t
ryr*..:. ,: -.

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t '. '4 :!.r.. ..
Part t: Creating assets
Make individual graphics frorn the final designs..

o :'ltilli;itriiri:,,1:'lit'utlt:. t.,,ril ar;

g l,u;,lll;irir, llrlt i,ill i, iiit'i ti:, .,

g lll ltit l,rr',lillt,ll"lltlill:ti;l.,,,

o lllit"i;lti'l'i l.iii;,tr ii;1,;ii;i,r,l,.,lr, lil'il

fl ii.::x'il T il.x':it;:ll;i! r,,

sLr Lr.iii.:,[Ji'lf
i i;it!:f ,]tilitii:';[illi"', rn!rh..tso r,ro1,rr
dr [!r(ut,i.r]-rnl
im.r8s th.r ].rr.: ricl nr{e 01 thr dom int-.I lrrllf ouid
Ll.(do!l]Ir|rp.!1Jn!'l]rh::n:].:. i.. FFFF) l,er'! rd n:trrrbi.rq.rid ,r{\ ro
O :lilill','lj,,liiiilillr llllX,i::i:";; lltj;
g :i?lti il"J[]lflilll lrt il} tiil,ti itil'
@ lrff ,ii:ifli ill:iirl il*lr:rit:il"

@ :fi :ilriliitirrl'lliltir])lill,l"',"
o :illlr,'ii::it ;:::rilt;tt::lil'"'"'
l].,k,r!rtrYoL.rcp.oi]J.url] @ l$ iil,,i;r,lillilirll;lll, :T,r"i1i,
.!n$ ,i.!P h.

a :r,:i::i"qi:i1i:1::1flff;lti!: *" att

tot:u idJi \ ufrr r

ll p,.rb.d.; . r- !p s! eie.r rr{: !!ii: Lrti !oa. h-r,,ds r'i psdl'htDa.howitmmpr*1

,.jr thc F r ML prg. !!in idur,! rh'b,m.r th.
Palt 2: Buildingthe page
Put the assets back together into an HTML page to recreate the layout...

i::-: I '

;:," it:':"t --'

:oa" |I
::'L I ..,.,.,
.,.:: |

g ii:lii iji:::l'i'i;';li:'i illr:li:Xlli:; g..l il:Tiii',fiii1ir:.r1fli,i+!'*'

o lfi ili : lirru,l'ili,ll" ]T,li:,:::;:""i,lt
trld.i r., r.rm.,ftr r,n.d. d,, I\ntr
d tr
ouar^rn [!1d..i [tuu/]r y.L oiIiv. lic

g ifli'lr,$i ;:;iii:,lii'j':,.iili:,1ll1,1il1 g illilll't\:lil':::xr:liillllr,iiir,l"'

o ;f ::.::I1lI lirllilli::,T;:rnr,,,
.rd i nolc or rr iunL or a^s ind
ltu,ir4qu F ( 6) ind 1r !drror r]f .r Pnr'r a s|( { ,i I' drroProns o i
, .l o(ro a.n. .rhPhli!

E ii,::.lri,fl :Ifi :::1ff ,xiffillf ,:litf ,,

p e wed.lrredrt ]]5 g
p,x. s
r3r |5,r35:id15
rlspedve, b. ipp .d to rhe
g li1.:ir"i:r::ii::li:. i.iJii::l .,.".
oor nCi lillelqlashed r. ",,,,,,
nsc ai
HTMIrtrb.s.r unn bl drasghr roe (tii m:se smpy pa.e Lhe.uro r the rc cvanr.e
eil re.o rmn ig rrF d tr {!ro; nto rhr hjPh]ji4I.d ind U:.1]cM!rgP c. !oDl.i nnnd ard serodhsedrmiSeand brose ro rh. q! red
newiihin th.nraphc/homepieeI!dei
@ iliii: :xri xtli: i'il,'J; 1[iili::]i^Ll: g lri;.ri;lrlriurli: ;li,l'i'i,llriiliif]xilf
ftn , Lrnr G{ irl i i.trrnih r8r .dr trm[{] . \$,nw vr ri.rrrd[]to,rl.rrrh.nrvr, .r


g :iHi:l;H[i i:ff rf l;;'Jl^:i:" @ il.l;r5iiiiliilii,lr :lill|ill"ii'il,ri

@ x;ll'1i""'*i{iili lll#l;i:i::riff i'


A :ii"'::i l)gif$iifrl'"ilt lifi ] il" g i::i::1i*:f-llixtl ::[]i#i Ii:

@ li:.i:,':",'$ j:ti;:if ii#lj j:,:l,.:i: chooscMod,fy>p:cr pupene5 u$ Brr/rr r
s! d. n.s rhen nsefr tr'. dager tri we d d u rh rr th:ftop:iypatrb.iotrtypigiihen'AGsi4 bner i vi ueor0 nl! ei.h 01
homcp{c n.trd ignlak ig feoi [,abl.rsrolnd l.n uf ar. 5hiiirp{.(wi)ofAt!pa.a(M:4 r re Mars n nchs to o? any.p:.ins belweenyour
Lal,le and ihc browss w ndow crtrroKryriv. :
Part 3: Formattingthe text
Create a linked Cds(ading Style Shcel fCSS r ro co.t ol r-e appeardncF of the lcxl.


4\'. 6^'. t$-!.! -r:ff "::-ff

"P;::l:i:; :.-:",1: .' -

o filriif;lrir Tilrix:1lfi r",lf

** g Ii:,ilti.l'llil?iirl;l,i.i]Jl!tiuiitl:"' s l.lilr,ll:ii1ii:'llll,llr:li:irl,llll ll:
)r.rJr,rr [r.l!.1 {r(,
r.r(i it I h.nh 1r) IriLli)r.r rrr trrrr.n{o


o g ail rr I
:lli.lltiJiiil':]ll it;t':1,:t1,.':,rJit :ilr,i::i;,x:liiilfll;i:il"il1i:;:,, E.l li\\ hr

,i!+r"lN . ,,-",.---,*
"ili.r-.:lin_{ii:i*t;-d;i;i_.1-- - -'

;:i{i1fr1$ ffi

a J;,:il'i:i,i:flrr.[j;ii:fi i:ty g :1 :hij,iilrii"::;1fi r-'i::::i"': xj" g

mie 1n..rred wlh the 1.r.5) opl of anc ert.rnsrhcnanr: ft. c.r oK
:;:r :;:.]'Ji:i'f il:liTlri: li: r"
i..i.e i3di,lo,malhelonideb s b.tor.. .r ,g cs5.r/esand taa a oor rtlhr tii ny. ssJil.
that we deve oped 1. rhe !i e Eltt
Wirh resricted permisions. only lhe page egard tess ol whetheiihee weE
ediiabLe regions ol a tenphte woutd ore or one hundred items to displry.
remain editable, tunherprctecling the LilEry nemsaGoemeqed ro
templale areas such as pase headers or supportiemphtes, providing iidividual
navigation. ltririalty, rhe idea oi muttiDle cohponenls such as navigarion rhar
adhos beiqq lefi Jree to manage lheir cauld be inserred as required and
owdconrenlwould have fitted mosr updated, as wirh bmphtes. via a
.de managersrirhdreadailheihought
ofndiLled code beiry rerurned or NestingremphiesweB anorherkey
house style being disregarded, bd imprcvemeni that Iurthersuppon rhe
P@lecled lenplates maderhe whote tue dynamic model A generic page can
be creaied wlh nested elements rhat
deiermine. using ourKoago modetas an
etadpte. whetherthe pase isto tunction
lJttra-templates as a Dbdu.t or as ctienl intormation
As rempl6res and Dreanweayerbecame Editabb tag atlibures atlow moB
more erablGhed. Macmmedi: wa\ Itexbitiry iorthe site mrnager in rerms oi
keenlomoveinro iewbrnoriesas ir whal can be edited wilhin a page rhar s
codinued to chalLeng. the mighi of rhe contotted thtulqh a lemDlate.
.oders Ult devwasintroduced and Previousty, an obj*t was either availabls
developed as a hardcDre Drer,rwe,yer foredirircoritwas tocked butthbugh
varianl providing addIionalsuppon Jor ih is new leatle sp€c ilic attr'Lbdes oi a
dalabase driven sit€s ihrough Locked obled can be amended.This G
DreaDweayerb iamitiar and easyro- usetut il as a sire hanaqei vou dodt want
lo atlow aulhore toamendthe
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wiri r.npl'rG ii plac. ont rolioi' pred.indd .i .dLrrbts c. n bs .mndsd by ih. .urhd. rv.R usea iempLare principle inhdrenrLlr bdyou do lorenmpte wamlo allrw
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prod!cr page poputared on rhe lty by Like repeated regions optionat
lheI purpose wirhin rh€ site. Shoutd $e conlenr inheriled lhDush a command regions wi$in 6 remplale altow you to
par€nrt,amplat€ becha ged in any way, passed rhrcughrhe URL Forexample,a showorhideanelemontbased on a
such chanses wilt be aulomaricatly shoppiry sire would provide all ils condiiion based on rho 16mplaie
inherned by a(l relianl pages producls lhrough a sheLt pagewhile parameie6.Ihese are etf€ctivoty
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devetopm6f r and productionol online toma&tabaselieldlhal!prompted by delermines whelh€rthe oDtionat reqion
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hand-codiEredium 10
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Part 1 : lntegrating templates
Convert your page layouts into reusable Dredmhleaver templates.. .

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defau t.Thcsamesoe5wth th. man pa:c .opy bp rh; e6u'6 iny thal .ontent pracd w
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Integrating templates <ontinued...

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Part 2: Advanced template featurcs
Add features to create more eFficient templdtes .

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pi .r a,arcaa.h arthcshop
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Advanced template fuatures continued...

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trpi lc .l lhctd tabr. Resonbution iound on "'jif inr. ii ed tibc .sion Th \wo!defsurthatany
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du.k nro.od! v ew to am.nd f rc.csary
Part 3: Creating pates
Use your templates to create the actual pages you r slte will deliver...



g :lili.?:titilii :ll.| $llillr." g :l:;lr,;ftixriii lill,llli,lrl':lilr,lii'lrltr'

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n.lcr htm l. n th. rootoryour!te
Creating pages continued...

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the search
Dreamweaver oflers a seemingly lnflnite
amount of functions that can be installed and
Ilconfigured easily. These include complex
features, such as our site-wide search engine.
rnsralt mrttipl-a ertensio rs wirholr
ffrI r't o..,*,**."*a' having 1o woiiy too mlch rboul

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lddirionally.rcarng domDlex lcalures lleLD mc u.kpbvidesa5ir ptd
suchasrh. (.agosiresearcfi en!Lhe imerf ace thar tisrs imlatled exren3ioni
w.e{d have involved the se.vrces or a !torg wilh ! shorr d€sdiptiai when
r6!'.nser ddding considclable llme seleded otco(se if you havedt used
ard cosr.orstr.inb r. a pojecr rhelear(ebeJorelhahlhs l$wiltbe
F"(uiarely we cah now download cmply butclicki|g.n th€ Madrcmedia
!edicaleC exbnsionslhro!!h rhe icon witl lake you straighto the
Macr.medi. Erch:nge sito ar txchange sile lr.mwh-"
l*l w nactumedia c.r/e{cha'!e, browse Drsedn:h iorsu(abta €iiaNions
v/hi.hDrovidesa.e rdLised r€s!urceol
erlensions.ldo lhe nhple LbtuF Once inslatlod. you can ohoose
1!sr6 t€rr *.eraror rhiough ro morc shelhe omakerheDbjectorbchaviour
.o*plex applrczriotr se eroplions the availablsthough Ae,rwe,verncxt
majdrity ot these €{ensioN are free io rime you bunch the appti.arion. Simpty
dorn{o6d an,l pidvide desi$e6 wilh checkth-e On/Of rlietd Localedtolho
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MacDn€!ia rnb!. includiE tlrsh
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choic€ Bvaiiable F the flrure
.r...'t Managing eKenslons
r-"rn. oc "d- r'rFlsd.M,lrsp-. " Tha Drd,mHvertrchr'86 €'ra b th6re Fu lr
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13 ii.{ it possible to doMloai and {ailiBbb3addedby0siie'
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numberor €asdns: the lcence is page. Atternaiivety, they can perform
tEewarc on sites wilh tess rhan 5m more complex littering by definiqq
pages. makidgitan ideal tooL lor keysords lo be sea rched belween a rim e
Put something back into the Dreamweavet commuf'ily pe6onalorsmaiL business siresrand period orwithin specitic areas of a page,
by creating your own extensionsfor submission to the lhe liile is well eslablGhed. providins such asthe body ontte orevenwilhin
Dreamweaver €xchange site. . . search oprions for various respected indexed URL or meia inform'ridn
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includLnglhe Besro{ Show award for uses ro preview polerftial tistings that
Web Co nlenr Ma nage erx at rhe AttM match their Equest before clickin€
though ro whatlheyconsiderarethe
How tt works
O.eolrhe mainsrerylhsbehindlhe Reports and statlstics
Atoru Search engine simpticily
is iis Wirh a site conflguEd and the pages
andettecliveness Nor onlyis iteasy indexed, Atomz povides afew bonus
tocontisure. bui mot oirhe pDcessing Ieatures rhai witl be of interest ro most
is caried od extem.tty ro yoursrle
Ihis means rhar fiere s mneedtokeep Templ,tes ,re avaitabte to modity the
tack ol comDtex s.ripts or apDeamDce of the defaultDaae, oryou
fake your pick unrecogniebt. direclorycontenh can choose ro create your own lookand
Runningasearchon rhe Er.hangesire teetlotu her fiatch yolr siie.Ihere
of ten leads td various exrensions Once an accounl is creared, Atomz are also various options availrble to
offenngasimitrrservice Forsimple Seaich -,wLs through yourshe sdning mdiage your account, inctuding
lunctions mostpeoplechlos€ ro wilhenlrypoidhrhal you ve definen (as providing control over tanguage
download the most poprtarorfr osr the ste manager)and loltowing Li.ks pretecnces or€xcluded words. il you
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engine.a littte more rcsearch day and any mela lalsihar haye been search results Simihrty if yoursite
edb€dded includinglhose lorkeywords reties on rrames. you can delemine how
You fiayne€dtob€ award ofspecilic anddescrptions lheresuLtingindoxk lhe resutrs inteEctwilh such a leaure.
requirements,such as reericl€d ro then srored remoieLy onrhe Aromz One ot ourfavourte iealures tholgh
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irmayGtyon it s no gdod opting lol a toes user searches into a visua( graph
PHP Fotun extensron il yourserye.wiLt A^y pases rhar a16 ro cdrnain lhe fomat. so lhar you can see esctly what
onty suppoft ASP for€xample Simit"rty. searchlorm need only. smaltamoumof yoursite vGirors aE searchins rorThis
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.hoosing lhe most.ompter option may .oding skills are up ro lhelask. visitoB aE tookins forand when used in
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t hrough r h e Aro mz Searc h D€rmweaver canoilera reasonablyaccumle imight
exlensio^. which we llbe looking al into what dmws people ro your sito.
duriDg ihe nexr tulorialwilhin our H eveirhistealureontywo G trom

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Onceinplace. a sire visirorcan belore we can
dehonstrate it. we nee! to uptoad our
choose io run a simpte keyword search sire in ils curEni sbt,A. Go rhrough rhe
sbps on lhe lotlowing pages to configlE
Drermweayarwirh your hostirg space.
vou lt neod to adapt the remore server
intormaiion to suir your padicular
situarion then sub*queni pads witt
show you how b set up yourAiomz
account and inregrare the search eftgine

You {l be amazed ar how tillte

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yoursite. lhanks to DMDweaverb

wdh semi accou onr!&Bd &nd

repon, pdidi'a inldm3iion on rh6 rbrsds

Part 1: Configuring rcmote access and uploading the site
Forthe Atomz Search to work, it needs to index your site from the server Therefore,
we need to upload the site in its current state. . -

ia;;"-,,... FrPlo'
FrFlsr !l'

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9..d the Refrote Mew ol
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(r ) I 4oito the.ederAiaedboiappear. 5{e .rner $ould nos d i5p iy you, du plnaled In loc and remot? rompar sons llthe€t|med
a,kiig t you re surc you want to tak. th r id o. mcsascis'Nosyn.hrcnsalion rn{e*ary lhen
yor site s!pandrunnn3rce$re y ;.
Fart 2r lnstallingthe search extension
lnstallthe required Atomz Search extension, register your account
and index your site.. .


g i lll,Ii)r,::uillttl)lltt:;11,:lllluii li' g :l;,lliilltili lx,fi:illii'lttti il]x,,,

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.t:i illi ;:iiH"i:; "x'*
.",';"::t I I orrniar-ro, cp -ith.opion
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ti..n: i)(.nr/n you i/d esird.onii!.! lh s.,.h 4iio r ro Dwcd hy Lhe Expr.s read,
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Palt 3: Search integration
With the Atomz account conJigured and D reamweave r extension installed,
we can add the search form into our srte.

O ll;ll;1ll;1',1i1';Xlll;:ili;ll,ilii;,,,,,, g lir]',liirri)ll;liilrti,!j.U;ll;rl;l lliltr,, gilrrlr,fj :tIril fiilttlll lltrl,ti:t,lltil"


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you,sr.trnd€!ewthep]8e rheiivigitionana
ihou d now be mu.r, Lder ,f
Part 4: Consistent search rcsults
Modify the appearance of the Atomz search results to sult the Koago design...

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aDpcirs smpyhr rhe chooernd !s. ir EEE
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is now promoling PayPat as ils prelerr€d

!"1-it"{" i-"n*], -T*'a,rsi'":e.'sr l.- roa'g-6 -

Pros and cons

. ....$1,:l-:.:".-.-r Ihe integration of rhe PayPal melhod ii a

reasonabLeoprionlo hesmatt
busidess But many organisations
makirgiheirpimary incomeircm online
sales are probabty betteradvhed to
o i"'ii::l;*'-
il.'iir lll j.." -*.,1""!eFqbr
"" -,.,..orej1-::1 Usi,Emisw€hAsind6|sbi.youenirbd'
spend moretimeand moiey at teast
iniliatly. on s€tlins upiheirown secure
tunili:ro-comh,rcerddurd!rfi n*eu50t seryeEand meaha taccolnrs.There
FqPbli e*blbi€d s&r'i!y pdLidn3 are slilt plsfiy ol .osrs involv-"d. but any
received funds witt !o staistf into th€
rype ol PayPal accoud rhar rhe comp.nys bank accounr, whererhey tl
earn inreresl.nd be inslantty avaitable
You tl also pay 50 pence roransfer
lunds 10 yodrreguLzrbank accornt. a Itcan alsolake some time to g€ta
process rharlakes around 5 7 wo*in! PayPa t account ser upand recogiised
Cr. Ls i compler,hoppirg can such rhd pruvLd.d hy Amaon rak6 rim. and mndy days.whi.hoayprompl you 1o leave Andiorsood reason lf you'@piannins
'. yourmodey on your PayPaL accounr ontit on s,"nding or r€ceiving large sums of
areasoMbtesum hasamassed h musr money. PayPal wants ro be suEthat your
sdure th.3hoppin!.anwindow be assumed rhar %yPal makes inrere$ a.counr is 3ctive ro Frev€[ imtaices ot
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amendin: $enord€r and PayPal even the siTpLLc(t ol rhe webAssisr lool and modeL G idealforduf simpte Koaeo
remembeGs.le.tionsiltheca windoq ol ongoins resularcosrs,rhese aB siore you needro bearii nri' tharrhe
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conf idenr ol the sft uriry ol then consuming- a delinile disadvanrage it
transaclionb€ca!s.rhe.a Gheldona yo! ieedyourshoppingca upand
sec!re se0erlhis k made obvious by PayPat
fte padtocksymbotin lhe browser $ar!s ALrhough WebAssisl is rhe companyrhar Des pite th e te ngthy regblbr ion
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inlegrale irs shoppingcan inloyoursite. wih$e %yPathodelasiarasa
lhe aclualrEnste alol money isaLl cunomeris concernedrthey do not
Makingmon6y need ro have a Egistered %yPat
Ano$erptus poirr wirh the WebAssirt PayPal is an esrablished onLine accouitro make a t ?nsaction.Ihe
PayPatmodetG lhar rheerieision G payment company rhat lound success sysemattowsanyonewhha vatidcredir
free lo useand there are io ongoiig rhough onkne au.iion siles such as (ordebir)cardlo selecl items ror
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charity organGation, PayPaL has found innanrly berween peopLe lhat may be geieratiime wastirc of crearing a whoLe
a cleverway of geneGting reveiue tion locaredaroppositeends olrheslobe.
Byspeeding uprhe paymemaspeciof a coNinue wnh ourproject and you tl
Any money thats pdid towards your tatuaction. many people {aned rorning soonseehowoa3yl tsroserupa s€cuB
shopping ca( ilems is transleiied onto lowards this mcrhod olpaymsnrin ontine sdles option loryoursite.
your reg irtered PayPa t accoont so we tt prelerencetolh€ slower method ol
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can con(inue developingorrsne Fbm c ctaimed userbase orover25
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snatl percentage commission ol roexpand.wiihrheweishr oleBay
between 2.7-3.4% dep€ndiog on rhe behifd it Ih6 leadinqqlobalauctionsire

Cut out the PayPaL middteman and get hotd ofyour hard-earned cash quicker..

paymenbindepeideo{yaf alanhrerErr4ercb?ft Ac.o! 0MA)

quiiryb3ils aAdb)5omekind
Part 1: Crcatinga PayPal account
The WebAssist extension and PayPal account are necessary for you to integrate your
shopping cart and start receiving payments through your site...

o f,:t"ll,li:A?ti.iiii i,f:riiir.i* s f:fl i:"* ji;ft :i'f ]$",ii:iili.i1 g il'iff : il:ffiH?'fl"r,H ;;:fi L:;1;"
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ourolltr +op b,,..epr lheelrwani lrk ov$lhc nnalilon Dllho trr lto:drhturAr
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nikclhc dlmim i(c$ br0


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.ovcrcD md r*. arookitlh.ln5.dbrr You
s :rilf l;:,','3Ll,i5:,'ilil'^:lili'fi ,, g llf i,'lil"lfl ,l"l:,i iir,iiiti::ti:ni;il
lo.!n5|'njtirntsclcljoa'9hLclhe yo/ nc.d lD rad ovc' Lo lwl www paypa .o to
andyo!' 5{afewopton5ro,iddFs$opprg



g fl :;:,"i,i!:.'fiT'f,:liiili"ffi ?^:fl *
O :.1ftiH:tr"1li:i;::;iiff ;',1; My A(ourft !-Ad on A.cold momaionmrnases
a l: F,"'Jn':il 1',i;::'"; li:y" ,,," ."." "'

tolhese.udty $r5thtrtne.d ad,lrcs nE vhen 5hour,l rake a r@k al rhe a(oun15 pase lor a se nE enab smtion ol VAI
dea nswlh lnanca rara.toi5 aidrhppns.cbandson. :r

*-**'-".*^* []-
Creating a PayPal account continued...
. ;,- *;;.; _ .tr

@ fi t'ji i"l;i;:!:i["r]:x:ilii:r',li:i1fi O ::lilt il';ir1tl:l:ll' ii jif,;Xr sloryoun.J.

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consdc.opci i! bll.'.r\n)m{isr krdarr rhr pis.o kalDyopd! rlTour$ t 1r' ),Lv)i

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I i.';:i3i:[l]11i;;l:f lil,r"',LiX".,l::":i", *i:llflti[ :iiiji::';ff i;3 ;lil:it
fff.un.rn^ dg rhe tufd on.r ry and app€ram..f .ontcnrnoush rn v I sro,r Mcd,rcoNrc
rh. r, ft!cctr q n.4edic.r, for

@ s'..U'* l:,9::[li,':."i"li::if"1' "' @ lliJ,l,'"'Jsf:,'"f j[:]J:lril*,"".",, @ I"',fJ::! i ffirll:::i:i#fl :fi,]i"

ar Ma.lmedia rhrh rhe Fbt, ertefiioi h as aco i.ofier lhe rundroii totrh€lhoppigc lwrhR a..ornrdcb s 3 on8h th inlorm ionaboutthe
beei deated by webAsisi and provider iieat $eanimdedeivionment A rcqu €dco,npoienr t .oni - belorc b. ns
producl and rariab e !h pp iC
way ro embld 5 fril& featr r.s nto you, gwF rila. ,mprydraseed,td po5 rioRed o!a p!b ihenrnd.onta i.dwth i rhp rna sWFl.

Pa* 2: Integrating the shopping cart
Prepare the product pages for the WebAssist PayPal tools and add online sales options to the site...


o l::itlill';;,l li,lr,r) *ilif!. * sb!y i;:'::.'ftYon,lenl

:'t'J"5 Ii:,'l::i::lHl i"'
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you p,.d!d piA"r a(
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thehonld on ot rhc tircropcEonr $yor
wrbArrnPtryPi hlltondred y onlr rhe rq," ei,.nraddrc$nrh.nviiabrcr,crd ind..k N!n

--1!{l:e4q!1!r1-93s,,, - ,i

E I# i:? :l:;:l?:,1t:[[ 1.1?#,]ii""". g lill,lH::r jilT :ir[:;$l:li:'i,"

aI kii:ti:iiJ:Hi::'ff
:i:f,:1! ;::"i: bycnrms rh.rbertsrLrRLofih.graphi.t
aiatory sosothroughthrm uen!th.
.unonrE b e Asurai nlom th.m ola
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weleopred ro rea4 rhnbril coit.!ewlh ihe paymeorhaibeen.rn.e ed copy rhe nkir

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lntegrating the shopping cail continued...

@ 5[:lr]llili,ir,:\liiliil;r:iil:i,i1iifi'"'
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lt, n .lir rr trrLr]rofyor,ry.rrrinft(L t'.

@ l;i:iir:f :i,:l{iiliii iililiulitf

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rr flf,, nry Dndud rr8. D ov.l arn.h n!n
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ref rie.:n n l,e rouehr barrloihctrcntso Etantrthrou:hth.viewc tbuli.osoLhevistor

Fart 3 : Confirming transactions

Add the finishing touch to the shopping cart with pages announcing the
confirmation or cancellation of a transaction


,iwtqlo l$rf . :.i

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o lHi ll,'iilr,iilli:l iltilli:r,:.*:ij:ii E :;tl;;:,"iltiril,i"llr,iil#'ililxiflt-


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!r yi!rdo.u r!nLrrir(pnsen!rnrnrs
ru .rirdwir,I L rr rilrheRcttush .onift rhr
lhr nin trcftbr,trnd{cd trr R.t.+ tuh.r P$lri 6 ,itrd n.' ow !,i Lo , d rhm,rs


g:'.'":'j'-,j:,r.::"-;:Jf 1*,::'.*.il1",
g :i:1 ::,:Hlii i*1i'; Li;"?:f":,'i::ll
g J:;i:ii;ff :nl: i;:i i:i'i;ii::xi*i th! €n$h i!i.lioi cpsil.! byloadrg thr €lBh.onlsurtrtor is s.tio co rorlRLwrlr a
nve d .Jn.e hlm w th i the iop lo de, to n,fth vrd addEsrenreEd. asoppocdtoR.lBhTh s
the by lhe.adbutlon: Don,m-"il r
$own hetr dt
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.#fl-rz*-:,.5rbr \,
your site
With our site virtually complete, it's time to
put the finishing touches in place so that can be accessed online...
vGibleco ert embeddcd inb a pase
We Ll al56 dnrhDueh Dru.Dreyd/!;
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weltwonhcadyLngo!rtdensLre oursne AllnrG Fedsro bedorc beloreour
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reiatirq ro a paie ALlholeheverysearch

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Palt 1: lnvisible identification
Add meta data to your pages to help out with search engines..

E,!-d Ec!*, {.<.- {ie,i €rtr atr".". -,- oi.r. {il]F- id-,
!', F./ iai,,:. >-.*F.a"^i lb. o. c l 4 ,:: ,o "o, .E,{,r-, &. {t c

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o frrr.,:iii:1il;ri:'riri; ;
jifi lri:;lflt " g,,,,fi il:"":i:t;l,iri,'iilllrtlltiltii,i:," E i,l'liil;Tijifil.iiriilj:;r ii;.lx'-'
r)r orotf 10 Lrr trrurrrI rr,r rlrrr
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r. wh.n
rd ifrh.s,,n. kir! ororirr(3* nLkr

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3r ;l i,l.? :.LlIff;.T ::1,iiitl:,:ili" s il:ii::t it:,':"li;Iff *:].';J::t';ii" s i:;:,1 'Jlll:i

lrn, r,ae5 H.Jd i ei I
l: i'r"ill
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v5 t.) a rk rronllfn,ronlbr rg! h.n
\ho! d bl {Pir.trd by.onn* ( .r o(f/Mf .xainph.rvi(er rrrd nr.r 14r Lh,i D,nls thc

r.! a.i*d Q$-F- rr{- +ri,- €r!

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A l$,?ifi?,ir:;ii"J'I"r:5ii::":,:1, g i :l*;TJ',I!f", ;'i:r';r11iii H,::i E ii':lr,:11:l'#r":x'l'i"i"iil :':"11,,,,,,
+o!ld be hidden il[qu .d
:u.hi,ise nhbc,shlrhr r.5 cih.lubjedor3 Lo hdelheoitenGof tr.dicnt pagn,
lhe foi (at hin) thc About, !hop Podro r '{idLed me i las dii]|n,]led iboveinloth.
n lwj rrrjob.l!!r orgrn thi! '{e,r.ud
Paft 2: Checking yoursite
Use Dreamweaver reports to check for potential errors before ihe site goes live...

s :i;li lilYil*illi::i:,'tifi i;.";l g liy,*.lllll i']iillrlti Ltilli'iiillfi'

O iili",ll,illli iillirilli,l'rlliii,iiliilli'ii ii,,,

g liil:lli:ll $xlli]ll'Jl.ijillt :ff i *' s ll: ;]ff lr?lll,th *J:iI,i 'fi ii

cidd.,nr ff ,n rtr.n$uc5 lhaimay.rue your

i:i:[ff$i#i:l;,.l::t:!111'i:,,,."", g
onto f_or.rimpr.,op.n i.f ::1"i ;:l::""'::l.J'f i]i.'iff i,"t'lx g iJ$[::::,i.::il:fi'*f;:"ii:: if, ;'
ir3d!. .r!Jw{
the .egon €nn.c ror i]r. v.oid:ry.?vrgition You HrML rhisrcdu.esrler+.rero6 so.ialed
remp e f e an.l.hoosc tD run Rem.v$ e Fr r Wurbrdsynrd and are m:ke.y.!ipages ,.h
rarg{houghout the ctrrcnt D{ -" ier Jorrhe browserrorcrd.,a(umtey :i
.l "*-***-
Part 3: Publish and prcmote
Upload your site and let the search engines know you've arrived..

o ::H;:,:l'li:*i,fl ffi:iff ff :1?' g *' g

rleo thitevdyihinswouldbe rndy lo oad oito i:iil::i:;:.n:ltff il?,lr"iil::,x11;:"r m""'ili3ii'"T:iHti:fl iiiiil:'lx
ours,vdatthi. pont ts.w,v24 r ro! ve pdp2d s. cr Y.u ai i $rhoon,lol(k lhl Dode
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crrborr nd.

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roago I l lii:nil

o :*li[ 1';:",1,:"i::i;'r'"?iitr**' g
.ompddson A rcpod 5 rctu,n.d, givinr you optioo3
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Faster VVcb Dcslgn
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Sinply fallaw these 30 essential Web design Lips...
ou E workins to a tight deadline so you need to lind the f:sl€sr way ro set
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lll Erp€tu* pddd by tu'r Horr. v. c' ci,et
Here, we v€ gathered 30 rips you can fotlow to spe€d up th€ prcduction of your site u

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ripp* quitly. witi Aub .dnpLriri

D@nwerveroiif youhav€rheAsserspanelopen.
FIREWORKS you can choose lrom $e colo!ischeme s.ction.
'Ihe FiLl oprion in FiEworlrs ei.btes yoo to choose rhendrasand dropmuttiplecopiesirchrhe Library
.oloursfbm anyotherappticationthaasvkibleon Like Flash FiEwo*semblesyourocreaieSymboLs.
yourdesktop.lhis means you can sampte coloure complet€ with oplimietion and imetactive ieatures.
dirccdy Ircm a pag€ lhat youie workins on in that can be added muhipl€ limes to a project A quick ln Arewoiks. creale images or bultons as normatbut
erponlhemwirhlheextension.tbibrhe Library
folder oi ihe site youle creating Whenyouopenlhe
sde in DraDwda€r your imag€s witt b€ there in ihe
DE Dwearer Lrbmry ready to stot iflo ihe site.

FlDidrop heLp b:p-"ed up rhe bbo( When you import af image fDm F eworks into
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DEDweaver3s a Deskn Note

rhoddd:tuima.omm,idrord;1 When expofiiig stices. use firewo*s H1l\4L options to

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slices lniq u e nam es instead ot a ttowine the p os€m lo
name them foryou. and try ro expon as a sinqLe tabG.
Youc,n rccdrda bddl pm€s 6 Prrbb,p a
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By deiault. Oreanw@veropens with the t!sr ste you
werewo*insonintheSileWindow.plusabLrnk I
One of the main strengths ol Dreamweaver ts l

that il can be extended and custom-Lsed I

easity by anyon€ with knowtedge of Web I
deslgn and HTML...

mmbitly (he sme 6nFEnr inro p4e3 acrcs difie'enr

sir* whv mr iuri it into a DrcDea oEamre:soblecrr s6n bv

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i.oi 3hould b. cart d Losoait wher yo
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While wo*ing in D€raweaye. /ou can quckly htd.
oblcd radrrodfg'nd dtup iroyof p,ed a tl panels by hilline F4. giving you a lutt view of the

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unrft ted d@um€ntinth€ Do.un€nlWindow. llthisis Iemplates enableyou lo makecharyes sile-wde by

t@ much clurl€rioryou, go to Edit> PEferen.4 and
ctick on G€n€ral. S€lel show only sne Windowat ADOBEGOLIVE
S|an-up iFm th€ s€ri6s of checkboxes
It3agood idea roget used rousirgrhe Libraryin 60lr€witl autom,ticatly generato LOW SRC imales
DreaDw€ver A3 you b!ild y.ur sire, keep rhe ioryoulromlh.dafalliimage onsc@en.Setectyour
QuickTaes€nabbyou roedir.ode*ithoutswatching Li,b6ry window open a.d add trequenrty-lsed image $en tick Low in rhe nspector Cti.k on Generate
outol Deskn Vieu Setecl a pointinyourddumenr objecls like logos. navisarion ba6 and even rexruaL low-Es image.
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rhd you need to €dil dir€ctty and bunch the ediior iavisationslripe.$eseilemscanrhenbe € us.d
with CirFI in Widdows or Command IontheMac
Pre$ Enbr/Return or ctick odside the QuickTas Componenlgae6oli/e!equivate roLibrary
atements- reusabtechunks otcodethalyoucreate
Ctickandd.aeonlhe tabbed secrion on a parct lo iear like ,ny orher page. Buitding Components ol a site
iltom itsdeldultqrolD,thendraqiltoanvolheroDen 1i61. rhen constuctins rhe sire by usins thom onabtes
Atwrys baseyoursite arc!ndIefi pLtes. qheth€r
DMnreavc. A quick w.y ro ger staned is ro buiG
yourrirstpaceas nom,l savethatasal€melale
and then use that to creaie subsequenl pages.

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v.r h, F$ d'. rkomur d.nd.d
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Whenlheirtime comes, open thef ite and cutand paste
lhem diEcr(y into your document s cod€.
8Lri.i - sttu:i(.!.re ia$ b€.oming a rhins ol trre p.j web
LoxqirE i,ond m*rhod d upndiigcoib dynamLc.(x.ndrhe
Use srandard HIML paragEph namos in combinarion
3oiiw.r6 is vsry rlexibte - it doev't h ebbe!$dj!nbrfiiiy
with an exrernal Casadins Slyte Shost Thatway you
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.@d ir b b.coreror. L.ob-filrd oyr ri.
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i $ings Look r'Lght to begin with, you lt save timo in lho
developmentcycla.lte normatMacinbsh samma
Hd s.rlob - Add dynamism to your3 seting oi I 8 ccales imases lhat hay look dark on PC
scnpc wi$ $oGands or AsP cordfllid sceens.MacOSXuseu, goloSystsm PE orencos>
Displrys!hen s6te.i Cotoui Ctick on CaLibrate and go
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thG is closerto lho settins ueod by PCs.

you to create p4qes that can be upd.ted quickly and Once an imago has be€n d@nl@d€d. it\ stoed in the ll chansins yourdeJautt cotour*llings is loo
ssily. Updatirc lhe orkinrt Componeft modiiies alt bdw$r'scacheonlheussrin rd drive and can be lraumaic, you can ose firc orks to emulate $e
appeaEnceotPC gammawhiteMrkinson a Macand
vice ye6a. Go to View and choose $e apDrooriate

Donl worry about ovo&pping areas in imag€ mapg Ceate. Resource tolderIithin the struclurc ot your
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or Fa@wo*r veBions otihe kyout. y@ {l rever have ro patelre lorS bit imag* on boththeMacand Pc.
hunl arcund tore$ential again. This c the closesi thing rhere is ro a universal S-bit
Aftor cr€ating a n.w sire in 6otive, make Ew lotdeE patette ior rhe Web. 6lF lmages optimised wirh rhG
in lhe sit€ @t lotdorlor image.,ve lLles 'Web saie pa tere in fiEworks, /nage Readl or a ny
and olher nodia. As you cotted orcre.te new media Even rhough yo! re rrying to ev€ time, rcld rhines out graphicapackage.shoutd tookfinertanyresoluraoi
place them directty in lhe correct totder GoLiva has on Fper lirsr. Dra* your Ly.d, make lbis of rhe types
its own ideas aboui wh€E it warts ro rlace.ontenr of media required and en od $e link relalio.s
Rtos cre.ting yourown fotdeG in advake gives you bet*en p.ges An hou r sp e nt on rhese natteB at the
beginning of de€lopned sv6 rihe l,teron. HIMLisn\as standardasyou mirhtrhink Nrngatdr
and /rterner E{ploErborh contain pDprielary tags thal
rhe orher d@sn t understand. n Denweavetyot can
lf you want ro add a togo or other snEb Gbment lo llyourerrersupponssedersidel.ctudes, check ta8et browses to make sure your pages witt
mlltiple pages, you can stod'n wrthin the page youl€ peGi$e design elesenb wirlrin yoursite can disptay corElty using nle >CheckTarget BroMers.
on and dEq it ro $e c6rom tab in the Pat€ue. lrems 6ir8 SSI etls torssy
be ptaced in yoor pages
slored here are available to any site you mrk on. opdates Pta€€ the mMLeLeneG in a rext fl!e.
Nothing beds checking thinss our youneti Look at
<!-+inctud6fdF"pari l. tdt_61e"--> yo! r pages in the tate st vets iorc ol Ne8epe Navig.t t
where you wantlo insed n. Give yourpage a .shht and /'eret E{ploErar least Check rhem on borh
WORKFLOWTIPS extension and uptoad rhe bxlfrte atong *irh your page. t4ac ,nd Pc, even ii you have to nip overro use a
Iriend s ma.hine. Nelscape ZO may be more comptiant
lmages can be used many times throughofi a pag€ with W3C standards lhan /riemet &piorer b'rtmoB
wirh tittle inpa.r on downtoad and renderinq tin€ Save lr€quemLy osed snippec o! *ript ii a Gxr tile. pspLe lse lhe latter @
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he brief for this masazire anictbli,aisillrpla snow how oper sulte slNa6 c.n help yd devetop a shoppins can. how tulL books
ho*rh6ysritL.lon.lcoverrh€lopi.lno'u€r{y enoush Sowh.rcanwehopero
have been dedicared lo building shopplrq cans and
cover in 3000 *ords? Wett. qulc a lor adually'&G anicL h8 b€.n brol€n inro t o !€taBr. secnons. nrhe16rsecnon.weLook
at buildins a simpte shopping ain lsins PHPAhholrih rhis can wllt dty hlt tor lhs m6t basic or $ores ir'llhelpyou underland
tho basics of how ihoppios cans work ln the s€cond wli4n, wa look ar 6 aorrn@, ! wellwillen PHP shoDpins can. which. be, oI all is

Part One: PHP makes bullding a shopping caft easier

PNP-orPHPHyp€nextPreprocessortosiveititslul(titte € lypi.aluseforacookie tswhenyou signimoaforum ormessag€
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panicularty suired to desisneE makingrhe shift overio W€b Even if youdoitcamefroma programming . Sessions.ontheotherhand.a'erexlfiteslhararesiored orrhe
backgrcund, you lLpick up lhe basics of th. lalEualc q!ickty seryerEach lile i3 given a unique id(sessi.n lD).whi.h associat,"sit
Wetcometo Geekposreri lmagineyou rn aa'"p"r J. .." ,^ .(\o.^| orrl ird\loncd\rleu5c
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lntettiCARI MX is used by Macromedia SaLes Engineers wortdwide io Lefslookarrh€PHl'..deoneac'palerndwalkrhroushwhatit
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Leaming a new tanguage isn't easy. Make the most ofthese resources..,

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Part Two: Why re invent the wheel?

So far weve looken ar blildinsa simpte shoppmgctr lhislvas deveLopeEwho have wrirt'an some grearappiicarions manyot
d"drwnq . o4dd,d,r.dq., d whi.h are of lered f ree underone of rhe variou\ lr-"e rofi w,re
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rnp,o " \,a !o-," d.c, or." oD,o 0 li.encesavaitabte One of these is os ConDerce this
Gelkposle6 sire is a hirand w-"ve decided rhai*ewanrro settatt sDDticalion hasatlrheleaturesrhaiw€ needlor.rr cwerd
soitsof otherseekparaphernatiathrough( fsobviousrharour impmved onlii! slore Sowe t(download irand insra(Lirso we
€xLsting 3hoppnrgcartwittnor be bigenough torthejcb So we
llre |rtesr veBion ir availabte rrom lwl{w.oscohmqce com n
Optiorone,wecoutdbliLdourowntarge s.ates.tuiion 1he thisexampt .weEusinsverion21.
probtemwirh Ihis option isrhatd.v€lopmenrtime wout{l be On.eyouv-"downLoaded the aDptication you ne€! to unzip the
t€nghy Chances are, orce comptete. the appti.arioi w!uLd rb\In E Lledts\o.,rhr'ordF,drco dp.p2 h
r€quireconnantmainrenance !pdates b"!lixes.aidse.uriry 'd.r,pr2.l
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problems,atlolwhi.h woutd consum€ mo.elime NoReverrhp andlheolhercatledrep sdmin pr2t.Enreftherep calatogfolder
sood news G thatrheresa s..ond oplion there ar. a tor of PHP - wilhin this you shoutd see a ioldercatled cala tog.
l..r /ou c"d.ooper upfiprpp.:'ions topohp'iL..Ttisis Itwe uselhe sme lsernane and password as ou simpLe shopping
tocated in the includes totdei which can be rolnd in rhe catatoe can, w wouLd clanqe it bi
lotder i your host G running 4.2.0 or above, or has egirerjlobats
setto ofi',thenyou ttneedtoadd atine of codetorhisnla. LookJor
the fotbwing comment at the top oi rhe fitel dsft cl'o6_SEfi r/ER, L€08!!
d.rd.(DB-SAVR-0sAll^i1l,6nD-!d t
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$PHP-SELF- $-SERVERIPHP-SELrlr We no{ .eed to upioad rhe €nri€ catalog foLderlo orweb
didb4r wth rhis done, ve need to cr€ie lhe darabase and makerheEtof rhechanses.On line15and imp6n rhe SQLnLe, ehich c ontainen wilhin $e rep-cataldg-pr2.l
16. youttlind lhe lottowiis code: rotder lr v6u ortour hos! h* DhDMyAdmin instalbd lhen you can
userhkfo he rask.ll to! dorll have access lo phpMyAdhin rhen
d.nna{ HTTF-9ERVER , 'hftp.//Lqlhdn i you rr @d lo lpload rhe sQL tile inb the di€cbry and use
dqltn.(HTIFS SEivER,'h.a://toaalho{)i fie conmand line !o creale lhe databr* .M inport ihe iile. ln lhG
ebmple,@vecreaied.datab.secalled shop.
you eed lo chang€ itfbm hltp://locathoslloyourdomain vou can noq closo the appli€alion-lop php iiLe and point your
voute.notus ussLth€nyoucan teavelhe bottom tine
lf bro*s.rat lwl,![.php. vou shoutd
untouched. Howev€i iJthis ttneedtochangethe .ow se rh6 delaulr insta{l page tor os commerce
Neady done. ns hsr rhing you have ro do is copy $e admin
fold€( rhach ir tocaled in rhe l€p-admin-pr2l. ro the Web ool
d.nndENABLI 9SL'.1I directoryOncsyou vedonerhis. opon uprhe tolderincluded
withi. theadmin tolderand $en open ihe ttte appti.arion_top.php.
W€ ne€d lo make rhe eme chd'rges as we did b fi.
applicario. iop.phplil6rharis l€arod inrhecrtalrg,/inctudes
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lolderwnhindecara{oslolderlowecanupLoad imagesio it you
.rn Ge you. FIP crienr or do ir lDm rhe command tire. I ydute
dlli.( DEfTO LI-CUiRENCv , USD )r // u. rh. cod. L.Fgrreremmdl rouneed o[o*'rEcoTnrndq

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Finalty go to line 88 and you l(seerhisblockolcode:
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d.lln iDB-SEruELUS€RN,\JI1E, )r
d.lbd USE-rcONNECT, l)r

you should now have the knowledge to start settingontine...

.Ea Eiharway we hope it

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,:k LYen

rhd he only hrd a ies hotrB mric
do€ a o.a' iob we may evei setLthe lor €at.
Free Dreamweaver templates
Get your site off to a flying start with five Drea mweaver templates - worth $1 50
- courtesy of ..
iirn henyoulebuildtn!r.onlinestoe3iro,vour lo tet yourhands dily uith l. tMteurs.ode. On rhLe mon$r! cover dlsc you'LllLnd five
I$il primary conc.h G th6 a-conm€rco E&h tomDlats.ontaor a @6 DWt(DEDhver cosmorciatweb pago templ,t€s worth 9150, whLch
lunctiona(y rhat €rebt4 you to 3tan iEktrq romplrro)lilo alorB wilh plriable mM!* gEphi. can b€ used in your own Wobsit$, R6sd.B of
money. ft€-buitt O€m@ay*l.mpl5tef @m (PNG)LrnEr ina!6[bs, @qdim iyle shsots.nd CohputetAft Ptul*t .Ealso'ligibtofor.25por
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slylas to cEate a tu(y learubd W.&he wilhou havirB rh€B.F pLily ot dos(gBro luir tolr'anicoLr m.&.


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,ffi $",!rf, ,ffi 3*--s-Is.n".dq Upgrade to
another mighty
lE s
rog.tyouroL{-esqronced.EROI 3eraot rhrcugh a th.d pany.IhN pogEm can ako boe
EROL edition
you io boci yo u r bus in€ es potantir tr nd creat€ lh is p€..6 oi Dind ro bolh you .nd your cBloneE by For thos6 businesses with
ad d itiona t sa te s to rum yours€ r. Cretomere ca nihe n olrorins s€cu ro, .nctyp!€d omili.g oplions. sor-ous ontlns satss in mind.
lapintoyouroitinesio@,searchthoughyou.poducr lter€ are a nunberot usetul eleturic nan@b ch6ck out fRot's upgrades. ..
lGt aid phco orde6. avaibblo lor doMload fon rhe E8OL 3websne,
Ihe who t€ prccess has th€ porenli. t io be lm Wht coveriry rhe Bui ld M.n.g6i *€eping on rop ol ord ers EAOI 3 Arnr6! h $iEd ro rha stishrLy

wirh d iflicu ltios b ut th€ EROL softwa rc d isp€ ls any with rhe O rd€r Manager and using $e Custome r larger.onpanyGi uplidotmm Sr.ll!€asytok€€prEckolord€6, Manasor ro k€sp a tEck ol cusrome. details
n itor stock l€vsls and €v€ n chod€
consra ntty mo you. vou ca n download $.s6 help litos ,rcn fROl 3 Dev.lrperis capahle or mngsLns
own paym.nt optlons. Anolh€r us.tul aspect is lhat you lel M€
c,n Dubkh your€-slorcon CD re6dylo b€ senl to
iiiaLlarioi(an !psBderrm sml/ sbre
customerswho a€ not ontine,
With EROL youcanc@areat€nplat+bas€d
e-stoEwiihr maximumolienproducts.IhGm,kes
it idoatiorlhe sFalterbusin€ss, white hrger neddroh.i8F orderaid Clnonr€r
businesseswlltfind it usefutas a empt€voEion
to {ind ou horc abour aiy of fts*
tehplat€s can be used as th€y ae or edited
fom wLrhin $e ptogEm itsolt The loftware aGo " Foicb visr' t,lwwercronrim.m.l| d
integnt€swithMacrcmgdia Oerreav*lor
Many peopto ae !nders$ndably *oiiied ab.',t rhe
polenriat prcblems invotved in accapring online
payments,butEFoLmakosthewhole prcc€ssv.ry
simpl€. Ihere are a number oi paymenr options,

Getting started with EROL 3 Small Storc

! :ift'r*,:J:;iTff i:,$i':#:f i[.-

you an se how theproS(m wo4!
aL Lhis sLore,
El p-a*tuy a"r, o
the bortom lei of rhe {reen u*
rhe tabbed
g :f;,ru$i;: i*,:#8::;Ji lx1"'r.,,"
BuildMiia8ei che.klhdu8hthesleandensue
aid adapr t to su t your owf req! €ments Laun.h rhatil@*sasexp€ded fyou rc happywth the
the prcgram,. ck oi the Bu dMaia€eathen. .k Eorb. yoo can .rid( on lhe Plbkh blrtoi
on the Exampc storc You an then seehowit!plt Menus, Toolba6 rd sakct tabs to rhins: the lek
toEether and make any chanees you want
ALthor Mary Mitthotton & Jeff Castrina PL btrshcr Microsoft Press ftr, F 915.99 tsBN 0-7356-1860-7

fit imed ar beainneB thisbookolfe's sequ€nrGtty untityo! have a.omplele

l[lJ anovervieworwebraaedesian Web page. and lhese steps later 3etue as
thars as comprehensive as n is
accessibte,SoLid foundalions are laid in the st€ngrh oi tnis b@k is the
,early chapieu, exphining how th€ pBclica( way in which ir teaches you iow
nternet and Wob pagos woft togeiher lf ro hand-code mML pag4 with no$ilg
youteacomplelenovic€.you l(t€arnatt more than, sifrpl€ text edilor Using
you need ro know befoe you eer your d.sign packag* shields the use.l@m
hands diny wtlh HIML coding. rhe underlying cod€ and cons€quenr{y
Sampte W€b pages are constucted undermi,res a d€€per undeNandiftg of
with NoteDad l4odand ffonrP,qe Ihis how rheirwebsile is consrrucred: rhis
cbany i[ustat€s lhal hundeds of b@kolfersa hands-onagpbachthartl
poundsdodlneedtobe spedrdn se0e you w€lL as yolr 3kiLk ihpbve.
sophisticar.d Web desien sotrware lli6
slep-by-step apprcach .nables you ro
builj your knowtedse ol ech I|IML iag


Author Max Brufnsma fubtisher lham€s & Hudson
Price f18.95 SBN 0-50G 28384-2
Steuffer tubtisher Quo
Author trodd
web ha! srown into a div€Be
he makes this b@k 3land od hon the
infolainmentspa.e thatconlains
ftice 813.99 ISBN 0-7897-2895-8
crowd. A crnrque ot 6a.h sile is otlered,
tntormation prosonted in a pl.thora of emb(ng you to undeGland $e desisn technologies and how you can us€ rhese
dif f ere iohats IhG book prcvides
some guidance on how today 3 Websites
.hoices rhat were nade dlins tho N i;#;"$Jifill:t::*ii'".
dinylbmdayone.$en$G rs$obook
to prcdu.e engaging and useiul sit*.
At !5 hean, this is an exce(tent suid€
ftG book is a bold atrempt ro show $e toryou. lt otte6 a sotid overview of att rorHTMLiovices. htoachesyou altyou
The fi6t chapter is on inrenace r€ader how th€ lnlerrel G beins lsed lhetechnotosies cuFentty being used in reed to know about the tanguage as well
des(qnrsubsequontsections cov€r today ro shorcas€ c(ing edge sil€s. Web page c€al ion. h dossn I howovei a3 plrcing it within the conlext oi
typogbphy. aninarion. communityand Anyone whos in rhe prd*s of building a pulpon b olter any quidahce on seecific buildins useabls Websites. h a 60 hkes
aulho ring. Eac h cha pie r opens with an now We&ire wilt relGh rhis bdk. g€piic d$ign rooLs,su.h as a quick look at the ancithry
essay lhat looks at these topi.s belore b€calse it olle6 a sMeshol of cun.nt DMnreave. inslead tocusin€ on the rechnotogies.suchasCO and Java.and
showcasins som€ ol lhe besr rhe w€b d€sign lhinking as Ml( as pase after page €oderhar undertiesrhese lools prcvides Dbcticaladvice on howvou can
has ro oltur in €ach caregory of inspired - and inspning - results. You wonl be able io build a impteme rhese in your Website. The
the rive subjecis ar-a looked al in rudmenbry websire in a day wilh this writing siyle 6 accessibte and lkht,
great depth bur it!ihe detaiGd bdihee a€ otherbook which enablss you ro learn without
diss.tion of the Jeat!€d Websibsrhar VFRDICT 5/5 suide.
sp{ilicatty gea€d rowards that g@l
(nol !o mention rhis i$!e of Conputer
,4rB FID/ecB). What you lt gaih is a
ihobugh undeEtandi.g ot Web
Authors Garo Green Rrbtisher P€achpit Press Authors David Kartins fubtisher Osborne
Price S33.99 ISBN 0-321-ll27l-7 Pricei1739 |SBN 0-07-222953-5
lfal ne ofrhe larenm the F oI Divided into 20 chapt€B ea.h D€,rwe,ycren6bGs you io soe lirst
lM (H:nds onTa'n no)<.r.q
superboveiviewot Ma;medh!
$i( dGsecG a dift€rcnt aBa ol FiJ#:::i';'ffi::;T:"T, hand howsame olrhe$eoryyou ve
D/e.nrcayer, pmviding nass6 ol letr that ine Web desisn books iheyd been reading abourthose packages can
prclessional Web design package G an te.hnica( insishr inb irs innerrorli@s. €ad t@k t@ mu.h lorgranted. or lelt
essenliaL r€ad for anyoie who! lrying Ihis atremicn ro derail when discussing the r€ader with nd idea wheE to So atler f youle stanine out on Websire
to g€l rogriF with lhe progmm lorth€ particutar aspecrs oi fte prcgEm makes lhey'd lum.d lhe l"sl page designand have noideawh€retobegin,
the book usetul sharever you. op€€ting tioe€ss €h ofJhe nine lhG book invites you to step back from
Ihe paw et tn.i tu e anwe ave t M X 'hrcuqh
chapleE i5 slow. as you build up your thesubrectand evaluare whal
ptac€s into th€ useas hands isstunnins. Wiih the now lamiliarguid€d kmwledqe sbD by step Astim voLlme inlormation you actua ttv need. before
bullhe prcgram has b€en criticbed for eNercises onthe accompanying CD. plls like this.ant hope to be a compEhensive poinring you in the righr direcrion to
beins hard to t€arndu€ro ns inredace. a tial ve*ion of D.erDwsmrMx rhiq overviewol lhis nassive subjedi instead, altainrhe resutlsyou reatleiThisisan
Ihisbookbrushestheseconc€rnsaside bth€ pedectoppdnun(yto take lhe ihe dhor has alempled to distit the 6xcetteir e€mpG ot a comptete
and ofi€n! a .omptere cou6e $at uses appfcaton lor a rest dive. mtomton yoo need io buitd a Webshe
pradical 6xercisestoreach each lealuG Io ils most basi. components.
oltheprogram. tsastyte$at!easily Ihe whirlwind !o!r or the GeoCities
VERD]CT 5/5 Pa se B u itdet Ftu nt Page a nd
VEBD]CT 4.5/5


Author Eftsabeth Heinake Publisher Rockport
Price 125.00 ISBN l-56496-859-6
n a nutsh€tt.thG bookoltersrhe Ih€re! a atossary. b'n it omils many of
inr€rmedi:le HTMI !r.r, rcLl- thelems used rhroushou he book,
comained couree in more advanced whichcannakesomeotthe more
coding. onc-. you re contad ent wth rh e technicat p6ssages a t econfusing
basic structuru ol HIML, you can then and insonecasesimpenetmble to 6ll
increas,.yourknowLedge aid make your
Web pages stand oul lrom the crowd. ft at eid. rhisotleBmomrh:n,n
wiihietr, gBphic and tayour el€ments. iiterfr€di,re I IIML couree. lls design
Usinqcopio$ahounrsol m.k€s highty t*h.ical layo'n
ittustmtions .:.h oJrh.f idimFnhl components easy ro undeGrand, bdalse
elements lhar make up a Websil€ is tou can see on lhe page how erch iag
covered,f tuh rexl layout to splash behaves lher{hniqles p€senred he€
pages.Ihings corclude with a brief are chaLtenging, blr you tt be mrd€d
introducrion td styl*. C.ding examptes wilh a more ensacie Websit€
lifter each page. enabting you 10 see first
hand how each commaid acruatly