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Tips and guides to hetp you creare a vadety of naturat media effects...

62 Top tips for 3D

nalural media effects
Advice on ho,/ to get naturat-Lookir\g
.esuLts o'n of your 3D rendedng packas€

68 DQitat comlc art

?000 Db Frazer lrvirE shows you how to
create dEmatLc comic an in 27 steps

88 Take to the tablets

We review and mle ftve W:com tabtets.
Ihe€b one to suit svery need and budsetl

90 Naturat media plug-i.ns

€gln of the best natuiat medii litters
available. from ink effects to ltood damEge 3Dluld !^ 5y SIJron D'n.h.i

lhree anists as nature intended...

76 Judith Barath
As happy workirq widt oit pailts and
photogiaptry as digitat art Judi$l
speciaLrses in ponraits, animals and plants

80 Young-Min Yoon
Ihe distinctive airbrush styte of younrMin
Yoon has srown out of his mastery of
traditionat colouirg media

84 Sterre Campbetl
An ani$ who often @s four or more
appLicat-ons to cr€aG hG mive,
drPam-tike. textrrred digiral an

Ris}r lubodm* !'Judin BMi.

Six differcn t ways to creale natural media effects ln /ll, stratat Photoshop and Paints..


l0 Paint a CubLst 34 Turn a photo-cotlage
work of art i.nto a woodcut pri.nt
ln the first of two Photoshop tutodals, Jason Jeremy Sunon lses Pai&rto qive a stylish
Cook turns a Poser fkure into a Cubist model tEditioEt treamern lo a series o, photos

18 Recreate some 42 Brush up yourtool skills

retro comic art /lLsratorexpert Domaric lishares a few
dawing and painting toot serets
Jason Cook oses PnotoslDpto recreate tie
exptosive cornic effects of yesteryear SECION S X

52 Create a colourful
26 Producing an llnocut image
lmpressionistic palnting Using the brush tips ,mm S*rion Frve,
Pairtel guru Jeremy Sutton trans{orms a Doronic li creates a vivid image in /iiirstraior
photo into a paiming with moody tigtt effectr

oN !!!

Ja$n Cook stridss ydu rhrcqh rh6 prd


Paint a Cubist
work of art
ln the first of two Photoshop tutorials, we take
our inspiration from Picasso and delve into the
natural media world of Cubism...

hobsbop Zis a rruty Emarkabto oi imagsry. We wonl actuatly use the new
piee ot sottwaE. lt! not jusl an dynamic Brushes paGtte much inthistuloriat
aFinrDiing pholo-editi4 and - insread, mo$ ot rhe ettects wilt be done by
ptFleiLtustEion bdl. it s also a lsiig some of $e tihers inteltigendy and with
g@t pairning p€ckage, nearly on. parwth $e hetp of blending moles.
re l@k at usirE
Pai,Drer ln this luto.ial. A good degee of experietue with

P/posrop laye6 liteE 1o sinulate a
and Phoioshop is requiEd lo generaie this image,
Cubisr paee ot.i, c@ing rhe linds ol and we tt also use Pdserat ihe beginning ol
brtuB m wortd a$ciate sirh rhis type rhe rutoriat. :'

Patt 1: Buildingthe background
Start by creating a number of angular shapes and then apply a few
filters to replicate the background of a Cubist painting...

! :l[1"]iitiill li11:l",:ililii:,,iltl
g :liii:.'.il lr'lil*,'i,iil t,:lli,lrl""' g l:i.i],rj:;:l lltiillit;itjll;irt,lit

g llit:t;';li;it i:lll,ltJ il:i::itiT;l:llii: s :frt l [i,rji,r;,ti:i l]t :l.,lr.

Gl il;ri;1il,1:i,jl;llllltlill,tl
.h i)os n ,a!i r ! otiblvf !!ns El ir
f.nd Nhl 5!rr. ruMn

g :r,': jliirl'-*:ii:*i,r!;,'i#:*itl?l
il,l]i,lil:11,'f.i.1,j i:'ili;",:l!li:r:]#lf "
ari'f, and *t triecran to r0, ih. tsigrr ighrarealo *g"'eal,iL--t'
co.rBirn..rnd nr rhc tr dror.s.D.ur
wr,.h ddsi:oo. e ai. or io f t the iiise evels ro

Part 2: Adding more depth

Further enhance the background to give rt more depth, and add key stroles to simulate paint marks..


o :iili:'iriY{ lllii$ i;:?'r,:'r,'

s lrilf l;?ij,",iii:'lri;1;ti J""l:ill]ie",",

rtr'ift I bu,I Now sot) Filkr-(.u*nd 3tu' .rk.r r'.m rh.rryd Ucbw r[iw drcrv] nA.
i;: iri,'i'sr1 i:lLl'i:il:l;ilri
r'\!ln!dfdw )rL|nrir\ r I lo

g :":i.Hf i *1: l#l$ iii: ;;'i;1,"'"

g l^""x,;il $'i[:l]iiuilli:l ,ilf, lit"
prcvo,rstlpulrr rcw +ipcard sr.r,r [r
O ifll:Jliili,d;"1i]ir:iii,5',lil"", irprahr('n:.f! e iriiEe r
d hr t)
prrcue iun d hs rot, iysd1Ff,dn:ird drrk.nrh!i ei wrho!1 6n3|rc dJcdoJrrc
lry.n troto s.c, tovc rornorc rre(i. i,"n/e ci lhrrw iyer'bu!

tl r l.*"a: p,."."0J
ll rt "" *. rt'" p. e*. r- r""-,i*.

raye,toM!tpyand ts opa. ty to 60 pcr.. rt

re rhe crad enr roo wirh rhe toesiound .o our ar *tii;:".,: Jilliiil:1i:"tT:,:l,iHi; Nos rep-At ihe above nepi : led m.r,A ['ne. so
rh tes d lhe ba.kSouid a, t,anfaot
Ue lhe nake tuc irl twilchen lo lillp;e r ii the oploi hr
optotr b aithe topbreser the€€denr toor rhen 5p1rh-A wei€hr !o5prlpriekr in ih-.opioi ba, v:ry nsangcs t,ydfd.nt.oouEr wc Th.n
I alren rh 5 fI v. !iv. l
and strve,r ro your har.t dr
lolrtimcstolordmrnrtshap.soniheeme aye, ryead vss on a5 we seer.{rbf ow2pldon
trnd then set the to iround 79 ptr.ent kt the sp,.y Rad'us to 5 rid ihe smooihnes 10 !
Part 3: Prcparing renderc
It s time to create a few 3D renders using Poser-. -

o il:!,":,[Tf :'t'$'[i :!f fi '_,,"

be u5ed aj a texture daoonths Porer
lhe maser:eof th*cuLlta'oind250ptek
lec i ",,,
.ke 3r,:3fl ,ixlifJJ""sli,i,1'j;ffji:'
lh?abole uens rtu ri8hLdnhok mate(het,shb
s i:f,ii*1riffj;f$ffi ilirji::",
2000 p rek hlsh choose, rcso utionofT2dD,
wd.andl60pixekhish,RcsindT2dpi s@ $ ich Di a the Surface detail oplons, and s;t
moders r,.e aG eventy tit Rends over to Backgrcund coour

g i:ffii:ffi";:$'n*.P.ff :iiPi,
to lkingody Then$ir.hor T.xturo.hans6 appry o iri'il,"i3f titit ::l'#; :,
td .nlim ligure Prc$ lord in lh€ Tdrluc Map
se.ton and selecl mapl jpr clkk oX Thenqoto g ff trfil",'-lFfr iT;1tr".,fl":';n"
Thcnklthe rcideroptronsto500p ","""
xe s
t00 highrid makesure anfl-alias roi serlhe
wde and
Rend.DR€nd€,andon.ethan.Behatoid;cd. limib, b me abde Aplty lhc t rt rcnapaid ghBatan evcn postionsurcund nB tho b! b ihei
rcnder it, then*w tho lisureai cube wanrn2.lir Mdtrltand save iL lo your had ddveas bu b1tif.

Paft 4: Combining rcnders and background

Open the render elements and apply them to the background you've already created...


a :#JtrJ*".$,$H,S;f*'' *' "

.0b{ enr lit dd,med in rhn by foiia t
Edibpaste. on.e ns ben p red,reiameiie
o i#:iii*!:,Hti'i1,liT."""j'",,"
Edibrfnslon s.rre &d
in dr€ Laye6 paretI. Now soro
rcdu.e the :re of the
surcedocureitGrttowomanr ritandlhe
.hrnnerisArphal ser op€ration ro New seter{ion.
w'rmn wilhin lhe do.ument oie
it. €o b €dibtufiio.m>Rotab:nd
ve rated
{ s it
fi ::s!"jg?i:1.*it*iBil"i:;::.
h eand$e
5ettheBtu$ szeto2.thasrush oehi
co to Ed bcopy ro .opy ir to rhe.tipb.ard


g iil iir :ll,iliJi,Til' li'":illl,ltil,

rhornBprci.yLiyc opi.isiirh.t pol
thel.iy.JrFreue lheneo b Fdir>f iRdl 0 r
:i:iii,yil,:J::lr?i i"il,il ir,ir[ii"'
niwter! dttu,rtotr
tl'e..od bLi.k rha+.u d ltl rh.w.'nai.en.rr
ony swit, oft rrclranspaff.y Lo.kandthci
ind thei.ctth.9rtlrltdi to 42 lhcn ro to g iif i:
oJrrilhis aycrdownand loih! .11: bl Nows.l
lhc br8rd rr modcto ll d ah ind llrc lo
thc aolou, Lov! s rorto dtuis tonr i,lrIi bt!orlhelrsdre( roorifte1he, ,v.
"".'"i',:il"iii1'.1}I;ll#,i.ii: Trr \ 60pcr(il Us n( cirsin B !r \ollhep xd,aniu1
l. rouil 5 2 soy.f f A!rc li6 i droprhiilow

d .oio rhr lomn i rox ., I rn i^Ll !a

a !il.1i: ff ril;.:Ti.irHilliiii'"
"r,.,yr..nil|G,i,,."ri-r*,".arr. s
;:rliil":iff lir.Iii:lii1i,:"fi i;:
rrn rc Ed llTiJnJlorn:Drlort
fFurtis,rhr tuor{ dn' I lh.i u+ r. E. otthcabov. ,itr. i lNlloi{to.l lly e l look!rtoullhcs:c.rrht,lbov. naa., ii
Tlo5f.n.Dni!i.okJb.Ultllsaoll[. poslion l i..odirAly rrmopm t.v.k ind nt
$.v. rLBrnlpffboo tirtod nry rh.nop.f
aycr b.dy 1 lhrnetthcHrcto+l saluraton

Paft 5: Adding anotherfigure

Now we show you how to introduce the second figure to the illustration...

U ,-" rt,'. rre-"rr" tt-. yin,.*.r

md pont on a(odns y Then open LeveG and 3l g - g lif i:,il'i,n"iltTiJ".'"1 ;?iiil"","
"'"f#:I":'iil iij i:ii lii,TJ"
't to 0, 1 47 add 177 aid .rl rhf nyo
trre nput Leveh lo
0 the situralod T5aidtherghlne$10 r13
xlid l rhen*rrheNueroo s1tlari.d i. 62 aid rhei opeirhe revekdnl.e b.rand set th,a npd
Lghha<ir+1 rhei go ba.k t. evek and sstihe parehe Renime woman 2 Then d nod t r r1!
ke rh:sh.Pe ind'i sne rbove :.
Adding another figure continued...

s :i1i":t[;;lliii;i$: j,'Jil,iit $.,

rltrrobr. p,!w,an on r [.
!l lii:,.fi ,ii:'t liiff fliJi#i:j;:l" g lrili,,itt ;f lllii:i:iillll, i,lrlli,lt:
M irr !,!v n lll I r.

g ilririi:li tnllil,lil t;:it,llii'' g :,ll;li,rl lli1, ;i); l liill. l;llililll''"'

g illll l'1,':r,,;:il i"iliiillil';'ti:11'''-

\!r1 rdr\ h. trr,[]o,,1, kryrlrd.,!, h

Fart 6: Lighting up your image

Bring the light bulbs into the environment and add a few sketches to improve the Cubist style...

)#1;:1i5 i:::fl :: tl:,ff fi i,:fl ,
i oor
c 77ind r37 J I ssh.utd g !elhe bu b
ori!r:rn!,n {th the.cnofttf inge rhei lct
o iff rf,ir;:f l;:ri: iiii::: 3.',:::"r,"
.opyaiJ,ys th. g iil itH'15:i:i",'i:':ii:1,:Ii:il
iheb!rb is
l!+e trF n .itai!in.NlsrPl:b.ve1ind0i,b,hfue1
irris th! i(h| qur ufd ior ih. wh r. i4 scih! r.p;r LesiLdf..ntpa..irise5,
Aso, brt
postoi tas i rhr rllve rn[:. 'mc drarrhr.rtra nE.r hemlna brb mr ay{
Part 7: Finishing touches
Add a plant and window to give the impression that the figure is actually in a room.

o ;J'l :riii.:i"ix:ir: 5'.iJ.:':i::ti::" g ffi l,;l i}',ii,i l"'i'i?i'

g L:*rll,lir,l:'i lll[],i::iiff illirli. ni]liyr,rIo In, rl rn, rotff ]y
'rinl n.!i :id.,kti.hrpL j,oL,,r )rr
o0, lrn M !n,.ri.n na.Lrr)v( L, rrtii!

g .';:fl[ii]lilii'IJlli.i: [" ];ri 1,1", ,,, g g :;:i,lli;|;I,li'l]ili:,il: iil,iii,,,,

lrxl:i;"r:i:l"lxl lrH# ::lil,., thal c!. nli r.!/u nr culthcn frcmlh.
rro,!rorrrtr +,.10r ,' d.trk brcpn (.r ih.l.ry oouol rrrc$ipr i snbrcwr .ilrh. aycr
nn , Jn\toitsibovo

tl--, rn^'lr"p--t-rl"r r gri

.on nsthmqh nd. !!e hecridentra
rrE w

g :fi T iit;::l i::li li;;:i'il,:,:].x

crad pnttoo setsothiL rhe bi.r8tu!nd.olortr
transpa.nt rrcn rcatea new iye,:nd.i I
iifli:i:ft i:TJ,i li::.Tjii Jl;'-"
aye,and th.n ons.t
n.s,n,rrroth.arrove,m;8a. !sngihabtu!h,
slraltsol sht crar. soi,cth
above imide. on.eyol v.
ns s n rtothe
donc trrat sct th.
shty to
the.!.taii :yer he ow rhen setihbend ns nod. ayos.pi.qio ourd 60 pr.cni 5.c
r. .!b !n r.\,r p.d ro rererei.e @


Recreate some
retro comic art
Use Photoshop to create a double-page illustration with
a yellowish look io give it the feel of old comics.
he natud( prcsression ot dignat ad fom pen and-inkropirech,sbeenju$mEtevantto
,eel of otd.omic pages. Also. ue show the pbsEssioh fom pretiminary ink outtin,"s to a
cohplered iltusr6Iion 1o give you a proper idea ot wh.r\ iivolved. FamiLiari9 wilh Protosh,p and 3D
software is b€n€licial if you wani b achieve an itlusrnlion similarlo lhe one picio€d hee
ALsoseeDaqess-721o{indouthowanisllmzerlrvingcrearesdigibtcomicartfor2000AD i
Part 1: Setting the scene
Start building up the background with simple elements and applied filters....

o f ii;':Tt[J,il'":'J,",iL'J,fflii,f IJ^*- g if r.Iiff llrf f i:'.11:i:rilt f :i'il,il",

rr.n r'3lr Thr 60 ur.i 5lrou d bc r.i lo72 rooron lhc rsrr parc c,id,inthcopro^!lf
I cL/id ilrh, nudcnl'rFc3 oor r4,r/ g
,h.u r n,n5 c !lo( I|!n..r,rn[i. ro.t,outr\r.u!u ior ii\lr !nr' 1r.i I rByou iJi"lil[i,ii']' | ltlllllli;,iill :;l ?:i:',ll

g ff rl""i Jiillr5 i{"-;:T :iilti;ii:'

g ii:[";],ffi;:,,f ,iH,iji ],i,',,:fJi:i.
O l,iJ,!,:f itl,i liT;i'li*"jillt'ffi i, thcbekaound.o DUroR ?0r ce5 B r4: thrr
Dor 11orPPln,!w1.h odrn.rro b.rr p b rditird! ,rd;r rh.
thecrid !d roo .phoB n rr opronr bi e I wdlr b r prer rris o.rra 1 ) a.( nmkcr o rd

s :#:lffJiltil:fi fl t;f lilLl""

E fiTilf"l:,ilfl ff#:iii"?ri;?lt 1]!: theoprionsba, th.n.i.r onihe.rcc(oh r l
g fffifi il i,l:fl;::;!""f-?,J;ii:i,. mdde oflhe. da. rolhitvor'rescc(l n' rh.
or rr.p'ng thp trrlolnd..lorpfpk 4 h: o Dln]{dcL:yeraon rhcr ue rheMDvctoo ro e rl."e.b".kr;,t**.
ry.i *t rh"
loreerou .olrro R l]o c:o B76jndrhe
Nii nlrh! ! rue {^ae
rtryer i rl" Liy"Epareftemdihd e ro LareD
r.r..r-. u,".,
r,r. r".*tir" br.ksrouid.oourior 15 c t1 3rrrheiuf
bhndinS mode torihi" tiynro ov?d:y a{ rhe rhr artrd ant to! I o n rop efi ro bonom l€ln Lo
Mtrge L ired
@ il"j: ir#i;$: J?"'i.i?:"f :li:i"iy":' o i9iT.i'-illilii"'-li i?ir,i1,l1,iii;3. " @ l;I"'1"":',;U:ii:iifl f i ti:*":;,"i:ffi'"1
n:red n$ lik. ah.v4 inage wh o' y.u vc
mde oi., hod shirr!o that d'aw rh. lhdiod on.. y.u'vc donc rhrl, ruri {hobefdis
mdo ror tht lryer ro ovc'hy :nd desel€cl u,ororhopdGumenlloyor.h d d ve

Part 2: Generating 3D rendert

ln this part, we generate 3D renders using Poser. These will be used as a base
layer over which to d raw and paint...

g :",r,*JHff ,:xi,?:T#:i :i s f ts s,i::*?i:l:ff rl:J8i3 ;li'I,
o :; Ki'.?,*:[:11il?lf
weapon somdh newhl.h ou,h.rc nc.m
U* lhc cditins toolr in Poscr to porlion the Eui is
xek Reso utioi can be
and t rc lrc Errt to 11{)0 p
selat72dp,lhe suda@ Detailadion cna be
swil.hedon.aid Render be sct to
and ibovc rh?n 3o to Dirplap c.Nnd 5h adow. and
hold U{smp. p,m tivc sh4cs togcnsale lhe rwilchlhe'norl N@tditiof lhrcellShlsponlnC ba.kercund.olou, cli.koK thcn go to R.ndcr>
mod.l odo,s ni mode hr5 been d.ludeddi the ?rlheeun Don rwd,y rmnurhsboutlhls,a Reader on.e ihe sln hd rcndercd save tas
.ove, c D as. DxF l e(rfr sun dn)

g i:rf":i:,l:li;i,f r1ii'.:3'1";BT*','j#
l:*,1:x,:5:"qffiT,'1i,fl ""iJil,1il"1"
rd.eyou be wo.l ig over lhe lop or lhe
s Y;,'*11;: ffir,:ffi:iff *1i"
Then go lo Displapcound shadows aid !w r.h
tieheghtblmprcs R?elution .an be et at
72dp tha surtee €l br swt hed
ender n PtoroOop a g@d tenu.e nap to. rhe rhem oll NM pGiboi r])@ liShE po ntinS at ihe on,andRendfl ovs.anbertlobi.lErcund
la.ei5advsabe rhere3 a render nr uded on the rigurc oon t *orry Io mu.h about tt'tr, r
lons .o oui cli.k o(then sotoRendfl>Renderon.e
as th€ qun ts ntely lit lcct rhosr'ilts rlsht ) thef$e has rendd€d saveiLd8 renlr l
Part 3: Start working in Photoshop
With the 3D elements rendered, bring them into Photoshop.

av/l r:j.,:'J,[:'#Tiil:{:illlJi:;'lft :i#'- g,,T,f"l1i;'lt:1lx i;:ff :"i:i,?r,'i,til'i' g [r,i3:lil",:i:il :x]l'f.:ii llir:,ff ,,.,,,,
rrcn,urcr r.k hf iy s.! rr tm npur .(rcs r on .1r to rahlwrh
nor. nDv. ho ut)bydriff r3 |r :ycrro fr)Pot o 1o0 ?10 a.koK r8onhowyor
rrtu.dydur rsnr yor n{y rc.d to.onolrek:
rhc Movc l.orr. polloi lisrI ibov. riAf fuc r r! wrrh i Lhc Ld( !d irr bor

s i,:tH[i[ r1t ]if : ii];:i

p)rdtr(hr .on n.* to rhlwod rd ) Noq(r
"t:iii!: g il'Jr:1",'[l::,?it :l::i,j'#'i$li -' g f l:i ;tl':,:::il'il:i llt1"'i::,?ilii"il"
r .lrcibov. m:s! Derrrr pirrs otrhc pink iyo
.o om rh 5+oud f rhc fs(r.rid n.rh i{c{
op€ir[F P L5 Pr rk d.! P I n$ r]sb)
.p*s o" tl"t+"'
"*, "s,
p,", r"urp *t

O i[li3.l"l,]ilii;liil ?;llTi'i:'.ii," s *llrlil.':ffi't'3ff J:::'Tiil",." g ij:*,i:: ii?i,fii ;:if x[i":'ili*

t.\*d!he're?tmd. usnsihe Peiiool draw
arcuMihe riShr re8 ar above, rum it nio i scled on $e igahEh tucedboot sonelhinsrm rto
deler.s the pnkarcxtyo!,vefed.d on.e rhal! and rhe. dsrere car the panr . 3ye. t-.3 I rhn the abole\! b,"lne Th.rtum riro.fe.ron
done rum rhcopa.fry forrh'raysba.kupio andf r-iLh a pinl sim toth?rofhersu l Makc
sutr yo! f iha.ooron rhcen I 3!er

Part 4: lntloducing natural effects
Add the gun to the image and give our heroine some hair.
Then start to apply some natural media effects. .

o :;:lii i iillir"li i'ri i:f liifl lllri': g i:.x'l:1l;',:',xr;

:1 :: :,1, ili:lT'r:!:? f ' g ff uil' iiJLtllfirlri ?xil'rHi)
Mwr i
)r, rrsr,Lrd!.in. i \,.r thir hi,
llA l|L Ir.nn.rrinol iy. tr. rtn )r Lr I md

hr! .rrh.i ilDil!,1tu hr,!r F,r Lwtr x.

d,;rlri h.',ipDl,rbr m(l1 rRur i{,1!rrnrr,oN 1 r rftd.n01rnIn!

ll ranq ' rr"n ,nr

g :fl ufii f il5l,:itlfi i:iiJ ;:l::l l"

.Ly.rnlrovc rhc gtr and +6r. { cd on.nound

.oodrdsl prpcmdippyth.

o i:i:ii;:i'H1n: l'].';,]rii ili:f;t:i;t'
spa(o r, e, sd,.nound h{hcid 1i..
6gu!!. rorus
hc rcasirdoi rr.bL r\ qrlar rrq rh(

5 +i,-.1 t c.p! r p"r" r^ u,e

Then go to Ed
bratrfom>F p H.':. al J.. g :::i: i:i':y"'sJ1'li'JJ,l';il'Jfi""t"J
g :i,"i"iff ff;it"r"siif
rhen tdibT,annom)<a. th! gm to a ro!nd+54 Le3ve L3hti4sir05! "'f:iix-
rhe srn !
it sun 1 Dr;w: Brharcundlhe bufi otihe sun so morsatlr edaid ha!a radd.hcnlloiL rhen
mo'e the gln nto cosiL!n ro 1 ook rke srr. s r imks r,k rs red i9oi h.rlhoudr and lhen t!m
hod ieft Yo!nayr:il.6eFdt> ioirom>
Rotat to r.pDs uon the gu'! gfty dliel:rn'dth.oPad/sllioloop{.e oll ieind rpplythe spathrlilhr :r

""-,"."""". ""....'.'".',....'".. ;
lntrcducing natural effects continued...

o i:l':i;,i,i{Ji*#iti[]"
*, @ lrtl\,';l,i,r:i J;l,ij ;"1,.t,li,i ll;,
ilur":i;t ntu r I nh ru \l .nLlthc d
@ iiii,ilii,llrii:r:i1i:ifii :'#:1,"., n rrAlh.d rr i,L( ,\tloiddI r,,wb trr.ut n.s
p.nir i- whrrrrjh rinr, 11'rr r [!ms n,md rnd$N,wh r,
th'r!L i y ur r!(r
s.rv, tn r[)yd] iiltrvf
^pp nfl. o\' nr \d,rlr.cDfo c rr{nl

Part 5: Highlights and lowlights

ln this section, add the black-and-white preliminary draw effects and give
Lhe illustration a half-completed Feel

E :rli:r ll:l!:::lti:lfiriixii';:],",,
w thinorrp Mne ar you dor i.rrrorr,lho
ryd ltiy ig r/ rh ||tr(up crd Jlp4 go to r rD
kr3c s iipr . ry to 1
g :;]',fi til ffi lxt1ixlthfi [::iii*
s ;riiri'iiir ;,illri[ Jllllllit]fllt#,i:ll,
n,tlrrcr x$rrod !'@ loircurd rr Tli .+oud
oK rhe lrt thcb.nd ig rrre f!.lh srrv.'ro q !e!o!i n( ba.r rid wr lt D.n ind r ool
r,, .ryo;',hdard wr'Le

g iilii:;:;f .,'fi : it?1,:i*:::"".1ffi lf :'"'

g :!?f ;#$';1""Y,1il:::1*il * :if 'Ji;
trr.n pren Deete on yor keyh.ard 50 thrt thc al-.wwhilehoruoiul ia! i Lhe bri.k arca of rhe
.eht haidiide aow$owsrharalprr,enerh iod r da+ee You .rn a so idd ; rew b a.l h rh ghrj
rhere5a50trsn d br.nd b.Nyeei ea.h!rrhc aD!nd htrbooLandat.wwh re rri:rh ehrs rrcurd
the100r !!a|E .a$orootaidihe &u\h loo tor
moreofthe lsutr sh.ri! throrsh

Part 6: Dramatic fi nishing touches
ln this final section, the focus is on the fire coming out of the gun and the text. You'll also
add the crain filter to give the illustration the feel of an old page from a comic...

E :iiilr,ix"i,':nH,'g ::ffi #Lli;"'

fl a"+ ds-ruih. r". nr,,"da, *h,i"pss"a
cre eaptrthihtrp..omiqoulol lh. nsht
tool to !b+. i. isilnusif,dlhe
thd middle oa lhe lne
hnd wcapon oo.ayou ve done lhat,$L.lan l6e!@l on.eyou vedorcIhal.cre.leanoih.r
o6ige .olour a. the rorogbund .olod ind lhc.
ol quec lool iimrar
g lji":i:'l:Ji:J.i5!:"i;1 iil:i i;;::
tml toh.l. is,aaionli.lh.selo.lon Maketu'e ro 'eddoButhrhesrr'prG'rM
rhoe abovc and lhen rum Iho bleidmg mode wlh lhe taso Iro imund lheB!n indl lhrm
wrth a rcd.olour sel thc bend nB mode Lo oveday

g lli:':i,:yifl t}:,lit:iiii:;i:ff !il,t

iffJ,r,"iff 1"i".?::,"'i*'fii,'"11'":'::,1,
anddo the$me n rhe Parhl parerte rhen ur.
g :iJi1jiffi".1i;:J*,5'i.$i:J'fi i sothcya ren,atu selected lsinglh,"coorye oq
seledthc cddenlteland.rcateaSraddntnom
the Psn loo lod,trwlhekrr€,K on.€vouvcdone you havc . nldbs ol byc6 that loecther spcll oul rshr t?rt as:inLsertngiheoradeilloo sorhar
thnt,llii the Dalh
dddl with it 3o5 fbm yc dwbr,ansparent.Thenle.tthc
'l ncr3c .1rr rhc hr16 roaclhcr s rhcrc s of,ly oie whoc olihewod and oeate a red store abund t
erre.tJ on iid nrte, you've der.hctcd, pa'nl arcund rayer lP€1ring rh,a Md KAPoM Ren:me sctthe*rckeoptionloo!lsdcandthep xclwidth
thc hycr KAPowwww as wcll.

g ii:,'J: il:':+'i;J'."lff i :'"31,:: ;:1""

a ;;;"":ff rli;J:::i$1":i:ir1 i:'J ;1t:
Nowopenthe coour saran.e diarog boi and €r
s iY"sit i):'J:t'r,";"# :#$::i::"
Typc ro son Thts shourd ne give ihe .omn
done that. you .an add the cra n I re, to the aye,
aswel You may ako want to:nd othe, elemen]l or
rhictedpadsoltheo!l nesarcmdlhe.ha,ade,to
g ve it morc sreigrh. @

Produce an
We shov,r yoL how lo use Pairlt'r to crcillc an
oil painl rr..,, lrr llr-. lrad tion otthc lnrpn:ssionist
pill lLcrs, Lr5iril a plrotoeraph forvisual
!oirtce nrat--li,,r

, l","tLJ
:,, '
r.t: at-iifi rri.r
1, .r .. n- .1,',.riifr rilir,, , !. Il,irrl J t-_l.Nr,r w rir.r ..m+l
L.r l,rr. r," Llr, r. !- urrEirler.t3irrdli
.:{r :r.- Lr\.r.r]| ! al- fi|.!r.r.r/trLLLle.rv.j lahLcrj.n
llr " .. L L.L,r
l!,1,;,,, L..r /)\iLi.\tr,LrL!rlq:(1.(roptrlrein{!.r
' a r'r I "u . r, Lllr :r;r.,: nrr. ri:, 1 |i.n) rrJu..rnrand.allvpLt*n-.1
r,r ..,r.,r :, _,r. Lc.. dL.rurL r. pl,1.itrr. w.'k Wr.nlrr youdo
r !r,,r.,rt Li-.rdv€n1!i.!eann |

! i, )ri trxrr,i6 !1 rtrr advr lk ai twl ! Emrsunonco'n

Part 1: Getting organised
Organise your files, folders and naming conventions

g $i:;'ri:l ifl :;1 lli,:iit,xiltl llt'Jiii:],,

E l:l:li:lri:"ii:,'i ffi ;":iiiii i:"1,x11ltii" P' rrf,ron urlmoou pip.r nnlrrrl ourtinr
) dryou w,,nrr p,r r b{, iqh . ll.,r ()
ry i'r3. l.nv 5oicd.'nyb.r biu+ rl()rr rh,i r1lA.rr rrd I Li ,,Nis llI.r mard p itor
n r.r iov trrr n) D. y.u irllb, dl lrt i
E Hlll,lli:i:;11 ill;irl1iil*lifi ,,

\ 2Jc^ = ' il,. q 4 ? A
t6.\ < t0./3
200 //)tell p ncL
:e\nx Jt& yix
o ill,'Ji'"[iiiJ[i:1]#;$.',T::;il;,.
oe e.m,rrdr forrdoubrc.pix. sp,.id i.r
O ffi ,T#lffi i:liJ'li;:l iil i:lii :,? i;ii"'
47,dud' by 2km h shtrtrr.souton oi r0o Arc you hord,rs y. nyh5sihlro5dcolyor

g i:i r":;illt'Iilr';ll]f ii.'iitll tll;t

w.*s rre id myqpr.'oonrp.a,Lrrnis6 Erd dr u, M;k, i,rc.'or ind {d ro I

E [:":;ii:rT,'ili:rlril,:]lJi',1i?:.l;[:
wMM DD{ubt.d 01 btudrsed rf.r!,bre.i.ol
o lirtri"ll, ;,:,[ :ii:fi:f ilJ::l''
eian'pe, pore.l
bdshd.d rif))Marearealiiicd:brorhe etr oi
iheveri.niunbs rm.isih.qm.tora rhe I e. smal illl:il1,9J&T'f,ili:fi Lti.
by daleorsubl..t) rop 6lo. t ng the cmp 1..,1 ":ni

Part 2: Setting up yourcanvirs
Make a master f ile in Photoshop and prepare a canvas in Painter.. .

::liHrfi Pt.iil:r:::*
to yotr,
a iltti,lffi?Jll:i:"":!i;i'##; n:;:
rtrF r,r.wih., n.rme sim,kf b r"qd ni rd<1d i r
Lr y.u qvc, rff with}(li!(ment tiye6snd rhen
thcfrl-a 'n{.
iTrFForrr.r.tnDlorm (wthrh. op€i i ,n Pirre., th. /just'idits ife nor lpptied
Adiustitrdttry..t yourmaterlirr atrrn You necd ro.rcalc a rlanei.d vedion ol lhe i'l-" ng ke subrctdiancrl)nl lhe
i tho ar..r,re
riRr !nnr.yo mane' ,,lc tr rr leet the!:colihe
g ilfJffiiifiiiix,fli?"i ff :f,il]i ,i"

g 3*jililr,i'H:;iriiilLT,il';::i,."
un'h I'om p r.k ro on {d,.dtr\) 5p( Jyyour
dcird Lmrponi n,e aolrBo rr or Reloulroi r
rypri t r 30 ro 30o pixcr\ per fth. dep"tur rs on
i./ ny[ or ad{ik rl 'ndoubl, rhe.r
g opcnyou,soLro phot s,aprr (fiarrrtF.r
yod rPdir

Neq rib w ndow Y 'rf,ow$cabriircnvr

g ["{Iii]:*::ti[]Jli
*'." ** - *

Palt 3: Getting the best out of your stylus

It's time to get stuck into the creative process.

g ff ?:f:;i*i'*:"'!: rff ii:?.?[ ili!:

i ra',/.r
o [iT,r,:J:i:::!::[$T,l?i:i*!","';li, g
(you an arwaysieilwh.h !the
m:ge by ook 'crive
is aLwh.h maseiamehasa
presure rh5onyou|nn8ea.d jun
do [,ili l:ti;,';1?;l;'t:,]i;;::i.Tl#** .hadmmlby 1at the botton oi the windos
cmd/crr.z mmcdtrt y aftefradr y.u rhourd be rra.k,ns Makcajf,grerishr .keiirhesrush npnu)thei.ho6hf SseecbA (cmd/cr-r0
ab e to set smoolh t,ans lion tom small to ra,xe raopy (cnd/cr c) lo rowed by
1o owed by td
brsh{roked aneierasyou pant, by adiuning ih€ 'ra.ki4gal.hpadclkkoK3nd,yyofbfosh
prdes rill youre ilisfien wnh $e s1y us rcspois?
-Coselcmd/C W) Crce|raoreina nase
Getting the best out of your stylus continued...

g |il,li'l;: r:,'JJr;"":it';:f ;iliti,,,.,. g llfl:i'ri,#::fl :::l5illLlti:;1,,,," o [,l;:i'.";lill]:H,:$ili,:li'ii"'Hli

p3.11! p.p1rp ncnr Tr opr.i an x,r..lrsfd
(cnnrctr v) rh.prd..y()u,ori .r nr{c.n.r [11..$oic|'aini'f[(,rl,ralomlh!.oiv.nt soud bi.krrfA. n hr
1o !rtsrr!('n Dr lh. rlrr,orl on r.
hvLf,s Da
hy., H.ld dos rh4 sh'fi rfyird dril i lrp po) up nr,wh.hipprtrwh.ny.!c c(on r
LiyrJaonmands ..n r. I Ilrr md or Lrc ! r .ois
L..pdfth.ilpfl nlo(rdlh ro ran)olr, n ir rr, bolror or th. L,ryolpa.l.)

Edlt canva5 LaveB Select

New,,, ltN
Op€n... t3O

Close *w

5av. ,€S
Save Ar... OAS

o li;:!$lii !?lff:i.:5,::'ii1u::1iliil""
(r!+.nt r n A.qul.e
r/ rr , f r( t[.n ]
,s Drcf: add
Erpo.t >
siv.d nro rh! s.ine roder o..non w []oi!n," r
f e nn'e5nnd.otr..d eev.6.i oumbo5 ooof
th spn5ure5you hiv..rya(as tri yun orrri g ".yllli!;:i$t#1x",lijjl;"- Gl Iff i lr["':r';y:'i'":":!1i:!1ilil"+,',
wrrr ro..d iue work,ns!n rhcprored
drccroyordcskloptrisuf durleredi!oo$ be
wod,n t.eei M!d.wh.ncvtrpos te
feitesidtrp rate m:3.lhal h.s c oncol :Ihe

lll,."r" i.,."t" "r ,r+r*rc,"1g-

dac! a! sourc.and w
s .-.d e.h-rh" or""d.,aca;ry.o y
g lhir,'llr#'""i'"[ii$il:ir:i]i,
brun'er (bi!+ varmh noir th! crofd. atscoa
b'*h", tl,r r** !*c.r"*"; ' vinad nsiid b.nd
- $,e Mover ened ng i nP,rd[
reJleded Lhe Btush scrcdor w rh
'larmovhg whereyor tde ed ih€ t.u5h.rkgory ( oft
rele o, thereaturcs ror trdii.e u,hen paitis hrld pop !p) lo owcd byihaindvidurlvirait
rike6ns rhe Rubbssbnp l@ i pnob$op ga<. 4e b(5h nrok6 ihai ro r.w ihe sr6 wfth i ihn.ale8ory(i8hr hand pop up).when
w{h shiubbery and reav.s. ue dab! rhe idei I ro youttrtoppi the Bru+ seedor pop !pr, dras
tlnalnon ybru$rharaddr.o.u, to rhe ceat a fu.kup lideFpi ninsoi vJh.r'youcn ihr ow*r€hr.one6dDwnstaasihey l
canvas nt.i.on{bn+ stmply by adral islhe ek.ivc!bn.r b:.k deri . ind add.oDraid see the of rc
usearoneaor.ri.on i rhe cotour pa efre
i:'Ji 3l1n[*"jJ5i1i'i*1':.lJ
lrie hera(hy or tilt.r'r bru+c!
t ll| b-,h- -" -"-h"h-a "i
6euisior.yyou.handsonlhc li8hl
r,,i r
kshr rine ro ai," i ..niii dcs ied elG.l cn re
vp .at'on lo d4 wh.h.odi n5 th.dcraulr bturh @ li:,i.'1',]:Iii:"; J:'i,l:i:Jfi tYtlit'
hnry |l nle, srshn wnh n ths b,a'y toldo an p,o(s us.a$d, nc m.actul.rl lr{kol i th-4b15rv a syo!,
rh,.h,u!h (de8ory foLd.6 .rd, i..o'nprnid bya otrrrBhnrcrerlyorhrvcrp {o' cv. 5 oJ !^do P,rrPr<?(o rutlr .l or iny ftdvtradto
ro !L ..i n,rc wlh o *rh brunr. esory f .{i r ufioih.rrcy trrrndc (.innorbc
'30p rh. nd
fordtratu vn!r b,u+ !rritrr f $

II ll !r'r!
L n,,,. s,,-h.-

an{csE cob^

ac.rq-r 6S \ *""fl'll:"-,

lll rc-,ro r ft,!.,+(^n- l"^,. l! rc,r".n;.$"*( ;^,by.""rl',

rhr r nfr, nrrtr!h(frd,dvc6ryin{l
v4^il'lt! thrj lrtrec tibbfr 5.donj th€ Dsave vani nr ,r y.u hivalhe erh cdlor
Raidom v, wridr rr ddi n,r [n]+ buh.vou,
thcT(ispog wh.h t,anip.s (n

srmke Dcsgmr urw{: yor t,M (oik riid adrLl+

xd on. b trh
.hc6e sivc
v.n aor l.on, rh. 3, ! $ sgl,"dor po! u p
oilhcrmarrer'd bra.r 1 arAc I rr,A
i Pl
i*pr ^*11":-
.rr rrr. brunr bphivkrurp a ,eiprlctr,i{\ h lhc uplk, ighl c.hc. or lhe &unr scdo pr clt)
..r. +.wn youre rhrTnfflA{ ri i is ltr Reri r iou' odom duit'i thc9rvcVarinl
wetspons. to.(.nc.r rarnit'n8ory$onsy
w od.w yor ncw y J,N,id oslon varrnl a
appcili rhe.une.r bnn I ra{eBory. ithb!{r 1hc
]:,ifi ? iJii'r:':1ir;ir::Jl1r,l li:i;..
Ddirr v i konr lrrc u ush nr!.Ltr
((nuy rdryc vin.rnr wi nor hivc rh.iaod

Part 4: Refining your image

It's time to introduce detailing, texturing and colourising effects.

ll o,r rl"r, " thekedy

,i,i re"p,^t . s -,
rhis.xmprc, used
"r.. "Faver>F.eny\
g r,':::i:[i:Jff ii#iilJ::ti"
:if,T,"'JlI::;:T:'1". iff l::['J* "
isPaptr.n rhc
.ommand tosgcs rra. ind orf)
supempossa50pt..entopa.tyim:8eof diqdhnlieeorr,a.ns Pipr,trrhai tsde.eFtv!
benearhlhe.oourvrhr.ron rhe coouE parelrp o4qiiir (c one souKe) rmarc rrth a 90 p- @ni you d. \ihilyour maFer.t!trly ooklik.
The !!econe colou,i.on ook k the Proton,., opa.ily inaBe or the .ureni wD* ns 1 r and yorbtulh 5tok6atp.arnL50 per.enr
Rubbflstanp con when rhe uc aronecorotrr trdvaniase or Papd ( lhar n B'macr
vr yo! a opa.iqi ot what thay rcrly 4 u*rn..e Papcr
.on r adivabd, rhe.o.!r be.omes vsuar Elercn.e ol rhe oiiSinar iniee show n3
rhrcugh,v/ oserhen paiLiS iid advel es oteradyth.emopx! 'i
Refi ning your image continued.,,

Canvar tayeri S€le.t th

lnca€ase Slz€
Undo Rectang u lar s.le.tlo n *Z
Cin\ R.dt De€rease Siae
l:dr-.. 4*r
Save Varlant
Ctt t8x
Sct Defellt Veriant
Rastorc Delault Varianr

Pisi. h Nrw has! Auto Van Cogh

tl somerms you m,Ahr lu'.onra(nRPaF'
y' lmDresslonlst
U anJrhnr wow I w6h r.ourd h,va lhit a!
my aduar l aal ima8.The.e s a wiy clkl on rlur
orsina (cLoiolource) frage ch@s s.ld.r>All Sargentspongey Erus
(cmd/ct-A) lorrNed by td Ecopy{cnd/cr'l,c).
Now clicl on your wodins imag€ !o beom6 the
active imas€ choose EdibPa5re in Pra.e (shifi il Yd dn &rn! s, hts rrrr @dtur
g ljJff
Cmd/Cli v) rn the Laye6 Daletle, rdiun the htsr ! Fp.up Hord dorn rh.cLi r.y (M& or pc)
'hduAh "::H."lTi::,il.iii,l:lil."
cmd/shift.Arcl T mn. ck ind dragaidyou
op& ly I der ro $it c i.r on ihc cy€ i.on to tuln md di.( rru' idiBe This Eveals a pop !p enu qc a. rc|. indcrting lhe idjusted brushdiamcter
th. ayn vlib iryoftrndon c.kontheanvatin w{h '.
465 to iftremental btush size adlusrmcnr Thsshortcuteiabes you io hpid y make blg
lh€ laye6 paienc h .ont nuc rodinB on you, vaaanr *rlinasard lhe.K..r.atcgory v r.dkt .hangesin brush s r.Thrb€clctkey5otfera sma
wo*hA nue in the br.rrrcund.'nva. idemei1? brush ste adluslmcn j

o [tR!:"*'iJi"*'J,*",rj
dickiig oic€ on you
ro...r'. it, chre
cmd/crd-M rodounryouimaSeir(!notyet
mouiled aid use rh.cmd/ct -o (,.rc) ro rcsi,e
your mase rd I r rhe (epn
Nowslep bark r,om g ffi,i:ff t"fi:rHt :it":f iffi ::
mis. owo€w Bart.roeyou,eys clore prlct€ b lu.i ofl
Look at the
to iee the todal vrlu.s and a$s what need5
adiu* ng io mprovc the imase
colour i.on in lhe colou6
colou. and add yow osn .ololr lron the s$adowstoaddaenssof
i:ff *l:iii:tJtffi"Jilit :J['iJi^.,"
lothe mage

o $si;:"*i#llffi 'f":.*'J,ff ?,"

g *:.r#ffff lT:ijfifi ,[i":;' -.,,
olour whPD
.ncb {or one of rhe €ieat aound tha image to draw rhe eye inlo the
.ente Dr
g :i: advanlaeB ol the .oldr *lreel rcpre*italioi of and to buiid up the des red almosphere and
@ f["i#3*$:],9ff Hlr;Ylt*' ol!r, as u*d in P,,rr€ls standrd colo! r picke4 s amb'en.e chmse lo,exampe, aof e&sneary
n this (&, r u*d rhe r€cmy Fa6Den! oir rhe @nventsl a6r to hamonlous.olour cadel codtrlo,add is.oouraidbiture lo rhe
ba.kAound eas.

Palt 5: Adding'punch'
Cast a critical eye over your image and adjust detail, contrast and colour...

g yif ir":i h"'J:""flflf, :i ri:i;;:""

maeeloidd ke.Lvedd, dnd.oodr y.! m:y
findrht themcAe/s elme;.r'tr n Drn.h Herc
lKostu0dthat iceded io generale morconltul
aid morc qturatcd .o oun so I d.t minod r. ,rar
hy c oie so!rcs acodinsly Fiul ss el your
g ;':ffi;,'Silli,5x'1tr*'"m,'" -,.,"
oiSinal haSd ldm th8 boltom of lhe W ndow
menu aid (hoose f(ecleToi. conto >tqua s
You a rle E ClDne aolod io blcnd i. dabs of (cmd/ci.lo Th s &eno€ts sto8ram of lhe
a h
@lour txpdimdnl wjth the €t' d oa iuxbtoi.g dirtrbut oi of ufrrnance nyor mrge. r'ijusl the

E Choo$ A'r ir5>sarscnr ro idd lighr orl tush .omploftnury .oLuu lrcm oppGite sides ol Ihe shcr and Wh te Po trls and the & Shtnes s der unlil
you reslsfedwiththeprcvlew nage. C ckoK.

3 "{lss$!--i

a!!) (q.iD €E

6 choo5? eou' worl'oz macelmmrh€bou.m

U orih.wnddwn-; ch;;* Fir-E,r-i
conto >tquals (cmd/Ct f) Thsw
iuiohati.d y Scncdte a histoeGm dfrhe
n*bulonorruminaiceinyoliwo ig ma8€and
o i::,il ilii:;lff i:ilx?i:liii":ii*' adJu5t thc B a.k and wh te Po ni5 io noe e
colour Adlusr
Benchle n
Dt.renine colou! (hede in the inage
g IHJJ:n:"Hff f r"',*::,:"'iln',Ji
cotrta+inyour m:ge Adlusl the
Points aid rhe Ddehtne$ s deruil
wrth lhe prev ew hagc cli.k oK

g i:xJff ift':*:l'*','11tr1P:i::"."*'",
a :lf il lili":l:i",r,:i$;s:'#ffi* srh*! ffi l",if;fa,::f"1"["$:u:"il hishlishtto!chesa€needed Don t lorSefto add
abolt20per.enr oeitly bMh in rre ot thc :1;" yourdisfta isnarm radded minewth asna
new y adiusred odgmar lma€e app€ared @[ ctonel
ol lring the soft Jereny FaverBiswei LK ous E6


Turn a photo-collage
into a woodcut print
Painter to rcproduce an ancient printing art form:
traditional woodcut...

ptaniorrhis picrure
he orisinaL Bnse olcolous rnd tsheavy btack tine-
taslocEatea colLa3e ponraii work.MssomuchmoreDowerlutand
olJanSuns iheownerotELiza\ b€auritutrhan the garish. comDtex, inlricare,
Resa!€i! in San F€ncisco. a multi cotouBd. triutti-tayered photo{oLhte
gr€alplace ior delicious Hunanand he evenrua Lly crealed Heexptaiis, lkept
Mandarincuisine Usingadisibl camem.a rerurni^g ro the beaury oi lhe woodcut 3rage
seriesof phorog€phsof rheownerand oi untit the tisht bulb final(y sent oli in my head:
'. scenesfrom rhe ideriorandexlerioroilhe
restauranr weie caprued Ourexpefi . FirtLow Jeremy! steps lo this roalisation
J€remySu on.wasd.awnlolherestaurant\ overlhenexrsixtages.. :
muoi ancient Chineseanitacrswilh its
modern. bright, d€mric. MatGse-like back-
lit kll pa.dls and un!suatltuorescent

.. Ihe wod cd stage ot rhi! p. dra it was

.:. iniGllyrniodedasanidrermedidevarialion
rn(6{y rm4ded as an $rermedEie varFlor
t lomwhichbctones.mevanedlexluresand
: ;.<010!6.leremywassuorisedthatlhestaft.
;i ..hdsh,llar. qEplic woodcur. wirh iG limired
Palt 1: Creatinga collage
Assemble a photo-collage and build up layersinPaintet...

g iJ;lii:,if [,:a""x'-'.';fl:ilii -*-

o l}:fii:i:ir ll:'i;li:lr[:i,:ilif"" d meiri.n dl\ n .n p xoh Ld (n in.hc,
'n iid r$o!ron
sDc.ryyou d.s rcd r D p,ir.,c
My I ! yz:, driffm ncd by rhc rcqln mo ns ror r r !
a dFi ,n Pnxrr.,. edo\ci^y.1h.r m rses
:dtrc, w3!r7.n wd.r27.n heh ita r-{o rtoa

Canvas Layr6 sele<

Undo Re<lanqular 5€l.ctio. Apply tufac. Texi!r.,.. ,3/
LnrlU)do i\:.2
ll.ilL l RL,li. :4Y
. a1t: r':r.I
,'n \
I rJir { ,ifii

Parte ln Place Oetv

Paste ln New lmage

o t::1,r:ii.l','il1ri:: n!: iJ"*lr," - g fff :T"ili:j:,'ffilriili:T Jirli",:[:

chooscsc(c^ (cnrd/ck
EdLc.riy (. tr/crr()
A) ro ow.d by
f{) .wcd bi r r>clrr
g ii'fi lTJ:ir,';1i:;Jrif:rii"il:1"'il*
i nrr.Ei.c ay-4 tsr ddoni rhe s r k.y
thc.ori Endrcs to rcs,c rlr iye,
(Cmd/1r 'W) aosc thcorEnr mrgcrytrhout wilrroddnodioi iha n wh !kelpnglrie,qJdd

g ru: #;P;':'trJ:;ilfl :t:i:,l,, g

ron lfie deraull rayer i. layer 2 and soon To
rci,msa hre4 jund.ubl. dar dn$e ayerin the
i,"lil,ii: il:"|[:il;f +?:'f"'j,.Ti
lhou d bc pa+ed as an.wray.r whth willbe

z and daswlh the Laye,Adiunerlm

Layer atrdbutes u,idow ihai 3pp€ai!
above lhe foundalion mase ayelRcnametrenew

ryG ";;;-ct_ q
gl r.i$FFs*siaFiE;


@ i,f iJlii':J;jlf ;r,l:'ffi [i?;".^.

* s fillfififi :rf :tf"":];l] ilt"itrli
g :liiiif"i'i: tfJi:liil,lllf :i]iffi i,:"
raisfonn (trLA.l\>o,cntaton>F.. rriid( 1,
.rP( eDlw Lh rln, iye opi. tys drr o(LLdrrn
ibololr! iyonrisl r llr iyfrpr.f.

Paft 2: Restoringthe head

Here, we show you how to bring back a portion of a layer which became obscured when we
changed Composite Method from Default to Magic Combine...

Canvas Layers Se
Undo Delete *Z
i.r rl i.i, ..i. rift
i.:ali: a* i
(rr if X

gtv ::j*. i?'t"", n
Paste ln New lmag€
g l].;i"J#:':i,:il*;:i iili *,r;ff
o ::5i:ii"xH:,i'iiiY:;"#i:*:i?ii.,
s iltrii:ltrti'*i.:*::i i-:':i;," r
re.r ir ihc cnd hrihesrLeconposr.mcrhod
rh€.rg ia rayr
m rh s.ase nc.

E f.::ff #rh:H:tt3t:"i:ru:.,",,,,
war you nor onry dup lne the or 3 na comp.! e
or'Bdar rnys lvd a fciercn.e Lyer {Free rrin*omJ
g Hlli l[irili:i:""ie i]i:,i;:[i]:: [i-:.
YoUGnb'ndbyhe5ymbolmnbih€ayg ihe.r-"ale ayerMasr .Di thersht hind ol.trrc
oane n rh. ray.6 p:refl,A rhe cfean.c rrycr s : ro'sd{hebollom olrhe LayeEpaeile whnh
syrib.l n a Brey etun wth.oitorha.d es whers

o 5iiliijiii fi tL? i li:'*;llff

Defari Thed!p.are
rhe rcgura ituae taytrrmb.t R dr@ taves dtr Led
up on one:eihi lhe n xt sbp rivo v.! Fliilhs n
Ma*, wh.h s €prscnred byrhe
senertrres a Layer
.amerynbolasth! cre3b Layer M6( .on Ihs
ayernor.omperely rh. by.. nak. shnh do anty br dom on a fg! syrnb. ;ppeiE n rhe aycE trt berween rhe m{.
obduB th. orsina uide.y ns rayer ' r:ye,1mho ind the iycrname :r
Pail 3: Editing layervisibility
You can change the visibility of a layer by painting on the Layer Mask...

! rttl sd t611! it i!
.!i::1!}!j "111
,a ;;"";;.t;;N
'a !iia: lr;r

ll ,r.,. -i- -a r..or p, -.a r

mh c Ih.consastor fr.ded rol,sh!. rh! ry.r n,dd rrs, oikr
d!pli.trte aye.intheliye6pietiekkronr[e
.ydjb.l,!!d) fthp l1y4 Ma+ lynliorr
h,qhliaht.d rhm lou won tb.rb.lor(as lh.

conto>Equi sc(cmd/ck
brHhlnc$i(od nB to lirc
un t[r g g rr ih. cooutr prL.r., ma(c1re rhar bLa.k

El i.,S
E P*ra-" r'a'<oaru"tv
6 ek* us uno", tvrro coto,

if J.i irb

t! h Bhright.d (othcN3.
rou pi tL
$' g ftill :l.;Hli lt*',rjilli"'*,iili i:i":- g llir""T:',liri i:iriii"lfl i:i :[irill''
"ehr v'b'ty.v.rpolalc.uyoupa'n1

Paft 4: Finishing the head and making selections

Find out about two convenient ways in which you can select specific regions of your
source images to integrate into your collage project...

o fi the.oiou,lmm
:i:iiffi "i"i:""H"1;lin*.h"
tad the
rto wh't brn
ayervrb tywheeippropitrte runas'n
and pa'ni g #::l"rii':i"il:$::i" :", *$j-'
Fh.iorhor, when pantngiilo the Laye, Mark if,
r,ned (c, rmorhry.!rved) ourer.onrou6
g choo*the Pei roo
ihe r.o s Pa dte


Lnru*ro ponr or ue ronrour .t.*,n* rr,"

g $l",i.",ffi illilii:f ffi 'i:1;11"1A',#"
sty6 ron lhe lrblet imn.dirtery atu'
rh€ di€lnal.ontol poinr
G ntr a ridy ohite sqla€
.qu ara .d dtdl po nl appeaE Avord drassing unks and rhe mat @nl.oillol poinr k a 5mall elid red
you wish to h.vo a ctrMd .oniour the P.n l@l L i {ur,€ Yd'llee a lhin blue I'ne joiiins lhe two
3€,e,ddw ig tool {hKh .rarei .dm3 w hen you parh .onr,or b rhh biue r,ne rerrssnG a
vcdo4 or marhemarior, parh
g cootliue..k igaong lhe.dnlorat

hlh r

g *llfl r*.'l"f; J;:l'ft iT,if ri?."Jfill'

(olou( Don1Mny. b{ausrhtssluirrhcddt utt
:[:Jrii: ;iilli?iT.riifnH,tr
Alrho!3hdrft (u[rosee, rh€.uEor.hrnEpe
enin8 ror ,hat h4pcns shen you .ro4 , p.rh
ro.hrnserhs*tr'ns.choecdei pa,ire, a/
lrom a rrre r ror lman , wrhrsnan o tdiDPnla€n.6>5ha!€s rn tho shaps Prefercic$
attadad when you rc about !o dosd tho path wint rw, undEr fte Oi Draw and oo cto$
When(osed,lhe path be.oneash.p.,
.€prusent€d ri lhe Laye6 lisi by a symbol ehwin,
DrawinS opriffi r @nmend .hekina rhe 8ip
H dl6 oprid, t6. ro mak€ manrpurarii8
E i,itr"'i,',11f,f iill,lXii,': iXlii; Iil!",,",
You .e now .opy :nd p6re the se ectioi rnro you.
alShltlaigeovsa5hadedode wo lisrmine, usiathe*epsoullined lrr or

Part 5: Makinga Lasso selection

For selecting complex elements, use the Lasso tool...

g i:rfri5ffi ii*;if,ii:*-' "

o ;itrtr :T*ilr*"j"ff ::,ti;,Tf.:". ek ron r.or
oprids non rooh
lhar pop up &e E,:3Xf J,XTi',#;,::J!:1":i!"iiii.*#,"
with cuned, .onp ex or ilr deiined bou.dariei par€tre. Eorherrwo beina Retansutar dov, *le.toi. This exampre +ow5 one of rhe
o pen ihe imase elenent surce phd in Paat i ruores@irce nskrlpturcs )

Making a Lasso selection continued...

fl *t.L - *a v. rt ,,r r,.er,r*"ito

s ;:i|'i:fiT;x;iiliri'il:': lil i:rir'' s ilJiirii::iui:i:,i,i#il: ;fiii:l,.

e.ofdnoDlh..llilllk[ol]uf ollhechiinos
nr.r. h ih.5i!! rr{ or w ndow, s v.r rhc
yrtr iL.f lh, dy L\ lroo, rhr hb.t ).sav.drsi.hirn.r i,i.! 0i i11,:

leq) €n
o i,xilr:#:$
trie.r'r ,. nrqtr.'lnd
ln'l:.i:l#::J", thrinro th.
oi: r.!,y r ,. i lf. rL,ror. by.hoo: ir
$r er t
r'r.LLo.rd5ekd.i(5rrft cirr 6/5hft cr .cl
g :r,:i:,:ilff 'i::it:il:lilirli":il1':i, g Li"'j'l'iii'l'1i1fl i'lli:;::Ti:til"i'
or by. .kngof [r. !i.k] i,r u1,doR .on d(dcwhcrh.( ur spr.d,oi rD.r.!, dro s.hd'oi.hoDs.5.r{r.Rr.rrrrnrdlrri!lrrrrhcr
trrpxer{rhch.rih.rroroo 20p!r!oi

Paft 6: Flattening, cloning and blending

An alternative to flattening your image is to make a clone copy. With a flattened image, you can
start blending and smearing areas using blenders and similar brushes...

g li:#i::i$ ii;:[.1ii,:1"::lr]ru"
o H:il i'.i'i::rf."irff ';!ix.i:;'L:t,,,," :..idPibrlynovedoriltercdon..yDdveworkad
rhaty.!.a rvewa you, aye5aton.. rh.
on ihem ro poie.r r.ye6 jun di.k on rhe rishr cnd
otrhcray.rf iheL:)en pi elle Yo! seeato.l g ii:[il"ri1[:!:fi "":ri:i;l,riitfi
aong|rcborom.r|re aye6 i\l (jLd.bove thr ilesnreinrorhe.ncntwo* nsinaSa ch.ole
rcwo15\ Liy spacretons) Y.udi lherexFnd Fil.>c oie sourceand manra y r.sct the a one
the L.rss paett.bydrasgr:do'.yom.uE., so!tr-A to be ihe ilened are veuion

€dit Canvas
N€w,.. g€N

Open-.. lto
Close 3tw

g Hr:Hruii:"F:lr;'"':nh'i;1fi ,"
cr<u,e rh.,nhg. rlir,orheM\"{he.iicd w
otrry b. apdd ro rh. *r4lcd tiycrorJuslblr.
badsrcUndoN6 As yol hr[ fd' rc de
rw. wiyr ro ir rmisc cirhsdfopi
o ;i:r;: ff .'l'Tii;:::1,:l.i:"I :ti"i:iilt lrycu olnrke r donc.opy hll8.ini,*cd g lli lihc !1..n.d
IlldennJa.c ConroLwood.!r

'ir'r) gl
g lli5,l"ii;iriLlli,,*J*:'l li:i',li ;ffi 5} g lliili[:;[i:iiJ]tili;:il:':i:il
If 8ff :l:ii yi:il5ili":'f""i ff i'
n slrory bla.l n$ atrd /omx nr:cd in w rh
w hrinibnpabhcor.oouu wh rd dr r lkp
n rhe lil8-A ri& on r$ sn oi thc
n rte(r dcotu
Thdr ldirr,i J
pro h.conr
was rhe brr.k sourcc) Wrr th. trtpfr
poners.d o.url Drigyoor.u&r n th. prcview rnd rLo rhc va'rcus ohpdr ob{u ina 1rF
wndow$ lhatyou{'r*e '6i4..
womn3 b.e ihe bh.r ni*5 ii rhc t'a.c Jud
d sp ayed Ad ud rhc1d.6wh h ook nsrr drn
effe.l n the pr.vl.w w ndow When yor h eridi,"d yorr hi8e.l,anslomthoe lo wDod.ui aid s,A
*rcdrery donp [,ar inro rh,A ri.e rB,on


.oftan h

sr,aa on, to

wetLu(our uld

hi ev.. . r"t

bn lsrcund r.gonsand i the lkin add rr.. aca.
* pra.,4 too naicht ed36

.lone.opyolyor.ur.rt mag. wo*

h biuJhe! eAdtrbsrEenr

de. ded ar th t ro n.(e rhe wood.trt thc

v.uon, evei though rhal hadn I beeo ny
orsnal nt nron To ta.irihre the fduion or ny
btu$wod n the finalv.^ion. ihenmad€a
w.od.!lve6ionoflhr bntrh.d image Lliih b.rh
*-,rr r-
nto rhe

n rh.

@od.ul effed, this timc widr .olou. oily (rn.h..k
g ::1,'l: ::!"::"rlr #lii:i:;$f lfi
rhe iace EEion, mal ngthc bla.k art lart
the odtpur slel oplior ii lhe w@d.ot w ndov, Fhr r.€i uPoiherare6olthe masc r

Brush up
on your
tool skills
Learn everything you
need to know about
using and editing brushes
in lllustrator...

he.ontents ol //rrl..lo, k Srushes

paletie .n.l the proArants brudr
modilyr'ts.ttonr rn. 1or
treat nR nitura media ellecls
qu.k y aDd ea5ly We nrow you how to get
the ben naturalefie.ts outofth€ callgraphy
(atter and art )ushes before explan ng how
benb manage your brunresand set up
brunr lbrares When you ve manered these
bntrh skilE you can lol ow our n ne nep
rurdiil b ( nrrling J v{a!i{m .J rhis r-
layered haDd! i lunrat otr.
11 "--,-"-'---*
Palt 1: Using the Pencil and Smooth tools
First, we show you how to sketch with the Pencil tool, smooth out your
lines and alter the tools' preferences-..


E ;rf #fffi il'"1'iil",ilr,: i:.ili?f'.i g

cmat oi ot iarudlmed'rdrtrw nsi Ih. rtenerror li:i&"1:,','*::?li: i H }llr':il#il[ g l'J::lilii,#iiiY,iT;1;'"'5i,,# :xt",
onibrcs you to draw rftnrh p hson{'ennr ir\ {ir de.ldl, rtu .an .cdr& ov., p,d dl r i. inlh.Pcn. tooher ArenaLvey lyoud havc
mu.h ldn( rnd nrorccxpr$ tlla wlh ro m'ncdirr.t ldd ir MirrlurcrDlyousbdoi th.Pei. tooradve ho d down opton Lo.hanse
th. P4n ltul d r! ro' tr( qud, pri onhor,n.dyounahrdawi ncwpith rmnrrP,4r r&rio lresmooihtmt Dnw DV-q
d.p.nd'ns oi rhePca. (dropron! a pad or i ei ectcd prlh Llroolh il otrt


4l .,
;t tf,

g l,$i;1,$ili".lji,i:5[i:T:?lX
,erevaor r.oi toor$r rhc fidc Iy vr ue
in rhe o lH:ril:1i:il::i'tif i:ti"Jt,l:,.-",
g Jiuift'f:"fl;:i :'i,j:ii,xliilrilriil,y
.otuok how (roery rhc p.rh wil rcircd ihe a.lua
tnc yd dnw row€' *tin$ prodlcc morc po irs
.etllisi podu.c
nrntutherpith Ihercarc
h ghorseLl nss
a so oDr ons 10
rhc !mooth rooL, undrJwo,erlhop.ldorrhcErrh rlonBrhepilhaidwirrlolls! yourd,awnarore kcrplhepiih seedcd o& fsdhwn and you Gn
.ro*rrwhirshiShsq ,nerw pbdurennoorhe .hiiac howdoscyor neediobd ne yi prtlto bc
toor to e,nou€ panlofbtuicd parhs

Paft 2: Worftingwith brushes

Choose lrom lllustrator3 preset brushes or find out how to create your own.

9 flffi y]ri:-iir'::: lr,yff

wni.h aE uslrr for cpsbig n.luril ned i etfeds
o lii,n:;Hi ::::ti,i5 I il5H;i1: calliSraphy bru$es
d.o&6 aller
.:llig€phi. type
bturhes pla.e rop,es d arrwo*
s ::ilfl :ia;"fi :,::,11!:':*'Js";,,
qiLhsimpLerincsandappydifrerenl brushesrosee
crealepalhswh.h are painred wthabrurhskcred alons ihe p h aid 6n be used b rcata splashes ookoryorarLwork
t n lheBruies paletie The opton aie ald6l and painr rikp na*r: an btushB srret.h doll npdly se e.t the paths to whrrr youwaitto
deninai to tho.e or the Penor roor. wlh ihe added .roi8 the rcnsih .r rie parh and c B€at lor app y brurhesaid then. .l on a bru+ i the
feaiuE of behS ab e lo r
newbtush nmk6


g :1,:Ri;l:':l:fl i:iiJ3f,"i;"[:i:9",
E ffllfflt iil"'ff59H:lr?11,,
:?:T:' -'
dealebr6heswh.h arc madeupolpa d.lrllod or
o l:.:r'i#:i ?:li,;fi l'',;1',,:1
patiein be used ro apply an to *h.r.d
dat2 beoru eiar.d
s,rh file rho
c!rcn! Vou srokcd.hrp€! (although tansparcnq $tl nes an
bcippliedt@) Lr you try io aeate brushe! non
pathsin youwo* You .an u$ or nodit lh€ ribn'i6 oi brushes - lor cximpr., yor orld .crtc rftwon( 1.. ud nEecmcntswhich can tbctumsd
pcsetbrusheso,youQneaily.rcateyou,.wn . library I'L q'rh va.iM ink l'ko hr!shca iilo brulh.s aiercrdia ogw appear

Part 3: Calligraphy brushes

Learn how to adjust, create and delete calligraphy brushes...

,i: l:il
I t-)
lgi lql I:-"-'"-'

g il; i1i,i $r#l1l1is'-1'"'l;i:1i'il'"

o ;*{$::li:ii:"T
t you havea
ff :,:;T*'".,
rabhl lhen you can c'pare
rhe New Brush didos, New calliS,aphic
Bd,h rhe CalliCraphic 36h Optionr dialog
I li:[',i.!",i1 :,i":,i Jii;!r:,?il;i:',iii",',li
thearrcwhe,d aadthcdotsonlhe ba.kelliple
high y v& able and mads by alrs'ins rhc embls you ro nane rou. btush :nd .u(omie d ii cnable you to vrry the rcundne$olthestrc[e The
'esponsive nthe avaturyolways The p'anw windows show lhc iCht.hadd pGvewshowstheefiecboltheaise
ca rraph.srush oot ons d'aloE rcuidi.$ aid d ameler seiliigs



o 3*5t"rif.'fi ili: #s?,rffiffiJ::" E ff i.'"1.t;[,*"',]:".[,fr ':,S:il;i g:i'il, g :ffi fi il1,1ilii:J,iliffi TJff.i:ii I

Random, you .an use the Veialion srde. to alter lwly .rcared .allig6phi. brurrE by dou ble di.kins want to Emove a brush nom $e 3ru+e5 pa ette
howthe brushwillltrk The Erey ellip* in ihe on rhem in Llre 0rsh6 pake ftk {ilr op€f, rhe seditand dnkonlhehash i.on aithe owerrEht
ight-haad p,evew+owthe nin nunaid opliffi aBaindlh a Pdie.nE[ bulLn, sa lhat ollhepaefie or choose De ete Brush fromthe
you 6n * htu you varialiois affe.l your.dwo,k. s rhes paletteoptoN 1

.I *-,-"-'""--"-
Part 4: Scatter brushes
Experiment wjth paint drips and brush marks...

j,tl .t .f fiii , -'$=

a r:"i
*i t+l
t I II
tol - -i
'' "-= l.'*. :;r

:,,-.:--]l .:'

o ;'li!i,i:i:lii:ii*;i:::lll'jii rl;:t:t: g :.'l:"':ii:,:il':fl ',il]:;"^]:,f ;:il]f i",.

s i: illj!iliiH:"ffi:t Hi'i:"r:[..,
snrlt3.brusb iyo!.hineelh.riedamo!ntsto
rL,s r[, tr.4. ru .'.r -r.,,i,.
rb,u-h Biunn(prrereoplor! .ho.!-" N8r ki!.r Brunr landom (or Prc*u4 Jyou hav' I anph $tabteu,
.pr.n\, 5u.h.n sr, <t{ I s,md rortrioi, to to opci 0r k,'{r 0r!nr oplr.i(datoa you Gi yo!n .m c a hus-" v r-"yotmarlisfrcmon.
qld y i rrr rrr. ook or iiy !,v1r {i!{btunr

Palt 5: Aft brushes

Use these versatile tools for creating a wide range of natural media effects.,.

99.S. -..-..-.,-'--.""- 'i


g iilir?"T;lffi ifi fr iJl;T: #fi '
o it i,1*i;#li:"j'"iili; l#:iii"i:::.t* g i:t"",i;i;:'ll;';:ll,t|,'rf tll,ffi :!ir" !rc !,rrmp
n h"L:r.Epne;oprdtr
c tD i:dP r I u4 rhr m:se rh1
neJ r tlpc'irr . L.v sro!. n qr the m: s
rnd!!.our r.o .iu.mrt,-/ r, I yluanrh.n ..krh? ayer,you ," Lay.rd4.*,
war. !'pcrmcntarioi ! rhe key Hcrcarr "p""D
cnibreyour.chaiscrrrc m "ricr
rnouiL nat nsit
nLnrbtr.f !.Lhodrind tps10!!tyounad.d ftPbordthcin r ii rr^tto,

F. .'.

s l:fi:il;;"'n:iTt::!i:i,'#:? a lit.:rffi"*".ft
prlhr trom whtrh yor ci
':,,Yj,i i::itilft ifl,";
s t".l;1i3,:,f"$'fi ,'15?t;?,1J1",ft ji
seate bru+ adwo* Ihe Pouihrnand nnLbe & Tweal ittr are gFir s
to q"mi i"o r: -phad.h'i..t!*th;
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bru+d'ehon Yo! on.hriselhtsspil,nsutn€
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Brush lron lhe B.u+spielleopliotr, lhen.hmsc p .entag. senins choosiruPropo4om keeps
Ad 0rush toopei'rh. AdBtu.h optons diilos bnx theprcpodon oithebrush strc(c rhd same a the


o iihlriL*l:T"?li::"'i:]il'Ltii:*:'
@ lLiiilff t::"'Jixii::l ff ',ft i:ilii'ii
@ li;,i.ff :f i;iJ:[':.'iJ,5;:,1.i: lra.k and whde. whileNueshl( uesrhereyrolou, dd !dua b,ushdrckes brsmpy.hang ng the
coourofthcipplicd bl6h colonsar on dn b. a shown thc (ey colou. box Af,yth.s nthe tolourolthc*rokcusod Yo! can build upav dy
.pp ed lo{itler.rtasw. ap{1eh bturh6 'n
bluih rh.rru$,rbEom6rhcsancis or efieds lyou applyrdnspabn.y rid scid ns
modcs ro b.ush adwo ss you crede r or k)

Part 6: Modifying and editing brushes

There are plenty of options to give you exactly the effect you're after...



o :5: i:f i*i'ji,r' i[:!1*;:T!:;i:1

You .an double{kk o. any brulh in lhe paletle to
edt I at a labi na€e ryou doe. adabgboxwill a idlo*,
:::il'J,Y.:i:$iff :*1Hi*liil? g :l,1:[,i,li:,i:i:: ;:1.[",'is:tYjlf it;
apper w th opions wh.h show how t.u,.hanges yod virh tudified
ihe brush scltin8r. rt' " ihe modifed brush aoie, butw applythe
*--*----* ilr
Modifying and editing brushes continued...

g :::"" li:,:r,tffi :;H#rf: g ffi *:i"il:r,i:""ii"x"""#:r-,i?in'*'

g ;:;;T,:1:i:'li;'l;J:iiti::,'fi 111:1,
0'uh6p,.rtcrorheidbund yot dBsa.opy
or th.on8 nJin!.'kyh.hnrilc!rprhc bi!sh
.hooleobe.DExDandApplarn.c Th surr
.oivertihe.urenibtush slroleas t appeaA fit
!rtuke y(r nrdly rnd.hoo5c Fopri.ns
rv.Lnr ro intoyoui iirc you.ii rn cdil tr s,o the srnewiy edliibcclcmenls Norcthalwhen you dD rh s thc
y.u hiirrrtnr rhe3rulher palrtrcopton5 trm o 3 nirbtu+ +roke pdh r relaind butwith uo

Patt 7: Managing brushes and brush libraries

Organise your brushes rnto easy-access libranes..

tl lrl

g g Jl':#il::ri:uiilJ:i;il"'f i#"
o i:;::?":Hi,llili?in:il p3letle,iswellaseiab iayD! to naale,d!p (ate
lr*:l:r1rfi grff j,':i ;:3il:r,i,i1r',." c.\n.hoscorhcrL6rryror,idbn^h "",,",
bnrcs "", and derere brulhel Thcse$rA unuidoprion s
mir. You.ii o|.i up y I l,ulh r br.r, anyrim trsctu ro serccrig uius,Ad brulherin your
and b n3 btu+.s d. [F.,ril BuheJ p.neft b lround i' lhe Prc{ b lordcr if,ed? tl,? ,/, n,, /or documcnr rcmove rhenrbm rhe
lppy lo a/twon l Pir!rleind kccp t u rrurteFd

E99. :ii
a.!.q :q

3r li:i.ift fff i:3 ;*i: i"'i?,i:,fi ," g :ff :!',fi$,",ix1,1:11"J:r# *r,", (' i;Jili"",1 ;:,ilXlf ii:1ff; I f:,J,'"'
.urcnr &u5he. parelte.5 mpt.kNoithebtush in menu iveor.opythcr. nto ih-" eu.hsLtder
rhe brsh b,aryand l.houdappear nth. snsha any odis adr* ii lhe i e, beausr it! on y rhe fouid inlhePreseLlolde,olrl,nraior rhe nexL
pircft appryi ,oartwad,nyou.nb
A temat ve y .onbnts orrhe 3tu5h6 taretc of a t' ]e wh .h nm! yo! n:d!pthe ipp .alion you.aneceir
ordristh. d.s Ed bru$ ro iha Br!$er piietie detem,ncs rhp€ir .f the brush library your new ib€ry trrhe g.ush L braries ncnu


Fart 8: Creating an illustration

To finish this section, we show you how to use your newly acquired
brush skills to create an illustration...

o lt;,',::liltfi:iltiii liti:,1':t;i;tll:l ili:ti g l:li;iilr:lt't lillil'i,liitiilt)tu:l::i;;l' Gl llt:r l iri;r :il iii'r'i i,l'i' ln lli;tfrr'ri ,,,,

s iirlli:,riljllirlilr:;,:ltllil j,
o ml ['rffi;::i'ii.']ll,ilrxi;lri',r,i l, g ll:;:iri:i:;:l,:il:il jirl;jliril;tr:" " rt idrr I rir,r?rl r@! ni I t(^ I rc

0,,,tr!d,),M | !u bru\a5 frc n b.'on nr

rt i l

9 ..',i::i:i1'i:ii:,: :lri:lii'"H:",,,, g
a }ii: jiJ:! ii: Jlii",'i;,''iliiJi"J:"1li j" nua pbbtulh4..ur,r be;pr dr ,rdv,nolr lfi ,i1'l;fi ij;,fl i',i::Hl,1ri::ii
lusgEia+erhb..k r.qQ llrotfe nrrrton
these.i thp..vercDaoig with the rnor rh3 ardi. I th.[ho..omlE.ioi !nr..d b !{re:
,rcr.r.d.d r rsthebtush
emorcd to save on ov.n


Create a
linocut image
Use lllustratofs drawing and painting
tools to make a fake linocut image...
!e, the ren nr Fqes weLLgiveyou a srcp by 3rep
q!Ldpr..,e3nnqlhis lLnorut Like rLtu(rarion crincly
in rlt,siraror u!i,r!..! b0raro', ol rh-" pmqram s
looL:. r,.l.dr.ri. rp.hiLquee usinqlh,a brush skills
DUr.ii,"d ii Seaior5 wp showyou howro uscatokes..ubaid
Part 1: lnitial prcparations
Start your illustration by creating a brush library and a template layer...

o I:;'*ffi iii :H:1i'"11,:il:::*." g l:i",1'#;f,:5f nli j#:ir":j* g

m.dir. (anned
Ihis wa5 rhe. Prorort'o, ,nto ind lif,l?lti#?;J:"r,:i3'i,ll'J",?"'l:"",
nunb..ollinmtmr*seercale*innedand cD, ope. lino ma s.tit h ,/urraroi choose
rcu8h.lil (you an tnd th I 1,14 oi the.ovd co) windDw>Btushestoopci ihe 8rushes pa ettr

g;ifffi,i,**ffi*tfJff:I* g r::?i.l f *i
s H#i"":illil1 iri# :Tlti:";r,,, .olor
ng mdthod lrom the co or sfon "
opl onr
impodanr rodealexvaetyolna s$rha he chle Ncw a'l 8rush nom lhe pop.up d a os to chai8clheolourorvff ous
brush6don t look ioo uniron late. on

o if rill'J;l"T[::ff*: lxi$iiijtJs' g
frcm the 8rushe5 pa etie oplions and dkk on rhe
trash i.o n to delek rhem De ete $e lino mk!
:1T,3r15'lrffi '#fiit1,?::.:?S:
Adboad t& unng fE dftuneit st up add
g If :$:; tr"',T,J:lili :::,ifi -"'
imase and rny otrer do'k, and save the lik 6 sp..iry yon paeeet.up oprims page chm{,rerempbt.oplontotulntn.bye'ihi
riring by un.€ Me$Hide PaseT ns renplate layei makiig t eas er to draw ovei
Palt 2: Laying down the foundations
Draw around yourshape and surround jtwith a border ..

o iili :ri,1iilliJlr:i:i riitr,T;.Ix"". g i,l,illlx;lllllliliii :Ili iiili,lliiil:''"

S i:,:iX,:liill"ll',1lll:f ilil;:,rjil:ilii.
r, lrld(r ,ir lr , irrLllbmdrr nrl t)

pqiL!, r,* 1,, ovr{ rheoutide +,,peor
I flri;T,';;xill'if ifi i"lji ;i;'$i'"l,.llli
:i"llili;li":Jix.'ril" llfi iii''ft :1,
rhe+i0! if Irhownlbovcrnd onovc urc ",.
nmr.bydnk soi rhe Noie rD r Lrre l,or lnr

l .-': ':'- . ji

a ffi ii rJiil ii::i.:lii :i:i:,3#J:

|rL ayer'ba.kgm!nJ a.d thei ur rrreRe.hig e
E i;:1;ii:'i:;i$irr';JL*rlli[:
b.dg aid iha.dnvo a @x,icr.. Shfy
I ":iil"Tii
iffi Li:iiriilill,"l,:ili:1
w lh sen ns5 ol abour r nm tor rh. sDc. and 1 n for
deiiil FiJure lheAb5outeopton s.hosen :
il *****'-^'*-*"
Part 3: Creatingthe 1st'cut'
Trace around areas of the drawing utensils to define the highlights and shadows

r.l t- N-,

E l?,$i:lf i'.?',ill,ii;;l:;,"ilt i;iiltll'"' g i;llji,li,li,J[],iljlll:illlill'ii lli!.,,,",

o :liif,i#r:,i:rliliii'iilr.lrill;:r1,,,, rh, r li) notu ind v.r ras.nnlkl Th , mi(.,,
d.rtrc th! bxr.l'rsr, rr,rr nu.lowr.,r!orrh. ri(nl Mirtnf.ihir 1r! &.p r'(1 i r, or

g [[ ;1]ilfr,sriiilri,i:ii:J?i' g g lil'; ilr; ffi :i',];:i :irii,i:"'iil"i1t'Ii ll:

l"::ir:i;'r.",Tt1:i;i j::1il'ljj;ih:-",,
.on.! rxt oi (atth. purcrinMo'r the
irustrrion w rrolr f rornok.(rr,n8ss.rne nrlE nr vabr.,nadu.* ode r mcitu y Gnnin ryo! s.. by,, q,r cdriwnaov.' pair.r E5

g i'"1'ir:"liitf,: lji:;i::"J:r,::,, g ;;:fffiri,i:x *iili:};if fi :i"i;:,:

abourbe ngtoo herc beca6e rhe oushn6s 3l f ,'"!'.tl;,'ti,","'""5i:::lif I
orthelinewodrwilraddtoihe.venl lol!rihe |{iil sc th. w r le e roo toad|+
Faft 4: Addingthe detail cuts
Draw some rough cut marl<s in the composition...

o :h#ii ll,lifi ll'i:]:i':iil,,'J:liil;'i:'i",, g i;'r.ilffi il#;i l;ir,i[,:ii:iT lil]"'" g H ilr :l;: ii""if,i,",rl"'"i:;:fl irl', i,r"
P.nitR.ulhloo nodcrroBdrrPcni.o dnN
oniL .on i [x,bobirorpBs,p on rh{] koyboad

g ;ir,i [i::1",,1'.'n,:,'.T;ii:iT,1'*' g lr:#::J1h'H['[:1iri"iili[1$i,,".

o i.:.iii::."J:.:,11,i:""r,lii: ffi l,i1;li:f ii'" pahttl choo{vi,iousma sandlhci..lon
bolioadJunany.Ut0ar5Amcsaryby d dr,"nl btush$ m the palcttc to add var cty to llr

o ]"rzur1il.,:i:ft ii:g'f i :il-, ". O Hlliiii ?iiili:f i iil,,iifili.":#li'.?'"' g

optonsof!eededobjed n rhe Btuiher pareltp you .an ll'p bru shs ,lang or asos rh. path Mak! ;.'r"T"$i1i,?f ri: [?ii,ri::l:'li:ir1
to the .ut strokcs p.ev.nts thc arMork lrom Dok ng
re re8! ar save rhe I e on.e y.u ve lin lhen ,
Part 5: Additional detail
Add more strokes to your image and tweak the cut marks.

o :.r,,$li:ix,lir,.: ;llr"li'u tii lit;,ili g ilri,,lili :i:lillr[l]J'r'j'flr;,Ji,,,,,., g iililll:]"'lltii,lr1il,itjlil]:l:]llt:,ll)1,.

vsi d' rr &.r. \ Atrt^,ry\i,kl\,5


E,?ii;Tiliitlifdillr$'l;*ii;"""' g
5crc.r.d obidtc.rrDque () svev.vd, d E t'ii fi1l';1,?"l,lx,ii,iiil:'i1l:;1,,",, :ffir: iil'fll;i'l;fil;lfif iiTlli:i:';l:
I t,sr to thc vado6 nroks an. 01.l! cor i iuc qi,n rirBray(isso eiodeitutt n8h 3ht5or
twpi l r n,lilyotr c hippywth the.esdls

o f::i:1;:trr'i:ili:' "*:"':l"h'i:'J'
* g r"fl :i:*lt:$x1 ilii::"ii*:ri"
g ;;Jlr:?.i'r?ii:ii['"fi tl'"'i':j ?ti"''
heh shlsr.aLrybrisodihe udralon i
s..dnsindviduJnroke,rnd cpti.eth.brushs scr.ded objed rRhiique po !
rwear( ,ndivid uat !xpe, mentand.ontnueto.haise th gs 15
u\ed4anroadd varety ro|rennrrt ne,Aded orleyo! re do rc savcthclla

Part 6: Finishing touches
Add colour, gradients and textures to finish oft your illustration...

g :;1fil'iliifililliiir,r':i:1,'iil .,,.,
o!! rn !,q11bdon.'r,rnoir[.rt)rtrr.ry.r
;'lri:l;lj i:lit ;llliit i'llt: i']]il,:'t

o :1:"t,rliiiilJi',li'li iltlill'iillll tr,r]



o ir,:i'irlffi i:i rjiilii,i':il f :f ir:

t' i:i'irll,iif:;i,[i;il :T,:];li,ilr?iii]fl r'"

g,ii:fi iiifJil';;1*'ir lx'li:it ir **

rt,"",,,;.,I.i ;. Lr."i ";,,:,.,;,,f g i..;:'f :,'#'fi # l:ii:"
b eidins mode ol rhe
ough ayd
Lsrrt ir
iyfl ro lorr
f e o m yor havc l
and save you, f nal
""Jil;:i1 gnlp.fihe p6.6!e. hvoLln yor.anei5 y idapi
rriu rheboderand s!e trmed um .oor, the.ontl.5tIsriFlyceNowiPpI'ieDBr!D thcsebdrnique!too4ei whoe hiBeof iatuar
ciunii Brurvilhi rad,u,f o!nir r ? 10lonen mcdatypccrtuds a.hawood.ut pa,itie.iid
othe hadtonr prnt rgmctlrods @
atudt m€dia is rct somethi.g that nm.dLlely sind whariyarhLni 6i 3D g€9hijca.ll&lrd btrot ingshuiry
howevei your humb& 30 prog€m, mop 6€d b.lnriiis oln phoL@li!{a inaqe3, rdn be Des€d Lrto sapice 6r
creatin! ln-phororeatistic ref,deB roo. k s !l5or..iig@d torlun'i,E $e 6w ebjer mdtteryou d MhaLly i€nelom in
Phdr.rno. .qo " , , , q&d ro,u J Tsdi, (mee!
Wher.30osualtycomesrnruck 6 drh€ lighting bdrcentlechnoloqicatdsvelopnonrsiDihGareahavoprovedlruhtulin
productr'! f UDtGtcranderinso'5.eM illudnrtion GlobalitUminatioi(AMEdiosiry)lechniquesareavail,bleinattoltlrelop
3D rpDticitio s, chcrrr 4o 3dr n'at Mat2 XSj Er en sode ot rne mid-Ell3o proemms such as Cauara and Sh6 Pro
olferrlxrirownrakeon6diosityrenderinglhiswitlphyakefpa ingerringeoodnaruruLmediarcndo€.panicuLanywh.nalreFpring
top,ldrc.liairtradimag€sslchasstiltlilel ds.apeandponrrit! iyouwanlro.relreabsrtradilionaLlookrhenyoudonteven

D i;Hi it;ri:rrlil;r:li''*''
Lol. ni{ ,r,r, Fi!,r !{L1,nm

'.*.",--* **"" rF
./ 1t.,tt t u t./" ?t )..!
t *,*/,,//,V al,-,y,",
liereare totsof natu.atm.diastytes burihemost Olcou6a,you can appty manyol rhese renderiig
obvious onetoty116r in yo!.30progBm is lbr 2D iechniquas ro normat3D models and scenes - those
sryle rendering Thisisqu(eaD.putarrhnique.with which have been constlcted 10 b€ rendered in a
3D p6qans incEasinqly beinq used iocreaie 2D cet phoioreaLway and qer qood resulc Howeyeriivou
animaiions Asa esutr manyolrhelop 3D programs have a specific tookinmrnd rhen a phor.realmodet
comewith some s.n orceL lookredderingopLion may nar be suibbls lnsucha yourmodet
With .€llook/ro.n usualty have rhe wirh a natumlmedra took ih mind Ityouwaftthefinat
opti.n ro.ende.oul 30 scenet as ltat coloured ima.srlo lookrouahand skeLchvorblockvthen make
adwol{ withandwilhoLn Lnkourtines.lnisisagood yo!r model roughty. p4ing ctose attention to rhe
f aninq point iorother narumt media ef lecis because
yo!can oore eas(ypost!su.h a non
photoreal rcnder in Pno.osho,
".t1/-, r,,;l'
r ,'fdktle ,:,,/ your3D appticalion doesrlr hav," an o'xline
/o..' J

rcnder ing facitiiy. the€ rrc a numberoitricksyou

,,".?,!o,1 can rselo crearerhem.Ihceasiesone isto render
oul yourobledwirhi 100 perc-"nl tummous material.
When usin3 loon renderin! and subsequenr Sel lhe maift iat:; lunrinosily orambience or
ProLslroppost prccessL.!, ir\ oire^ adva^raseous 1o incandesc.nce to lutt bishrness dGable alLscene
renderolrrhe inkand painrassep de pa$es Ge€ Lishtins and rende oura pass(incid,"ntaLly youcould
rip 3) !!irhthecolourand ink passes asseparare rlsol!d renderanalpha mask insread) Openrhis in
layersin you duch s'earerconvoL PhoroslDp !oro ctunnelsand Load oneofrhe RGB
overthe tookotlho imageyou recreari.! For channelsar a sclecrion hrhe Setectiof menu.
enmple ydu caichanqethecolourolrhe ink chooseModify>Bode and selrhewidth oayour
indepen,lenrly oi rhe painr {and vrce v.6a) yoD oulLineinpixels saveasa ewclrdnnel lhiswitlgive
coutd:Goapplysome diilerenttLhe^ro Layer youa workabteolrLim rorr yobiecl,whichcanthen
Usinq some oi Pho.oshori Disronron and AnGric belileEdinanywayyooseeln
filte6 6asood way ro Lmpada moreskerchy Lookto

.t. zcnt/rt ta,*ttt

ln 3D aienderpast Garenderol yolrscene
:Sr .ontaining only cenain colours or ittumLiarion
componenls (iorexanpLe. rallecron only. dilluse
shadini only sp{uLarhighLrghrs ontn and so on)
Ihdsimplesr kind ol passeswouLd be rcnd€riigrhe
colour RCB componenr and mask (aLpha) compone
sepaEtely can usuaLty Golale individ!aL
difiuse and€wcotourcompDnenteol a 3Dscene rna
re.derpas For po -p.ocessing.this canarea of
imfr ense experimenral possibility cEde $ ditirno tor my 3D obi6d Blig rh6 s.lscPBordsr

r "./2,. . / /,,',/-,.,,'
Fornatu€tmedi" animaliom or il you want a bil mor-a
3Dlun,youcanrryrheodtirc shadowkick Adda
spotlishr ro your 3D s.ene and group il ro your
cameE Position the spor exa.tty at the same Leation
and pointing inlhe same direction aslhe camera
Make su€rhar DepihMaDShadowsaE€nabted.
Ihe next sl€p is ro phceaverticalplane behindyour
objecr. racing the cameB - thG is lo caich the
shados on Do a ten rendar you ttseethdyour3D
obrect has a btack qlow around it. you can iosG
pbcess using Levelsroachieveattmannerof outtine
efiecb (Norerhatilyour3Dprosram suppdfrs
shadow-casring ambient lilhrsthen thiswittwork
:D pmsEm ?hL.h.".r.a:u?t nedE oron
,'Ltlh/t/r/./ llpre 1rc r ru,rber.:1 le..i3d:E ar:Lt3b.e i.r
/ri! io-eramr.p fhi.h aTrL.ia harchmS3.d
lyorwanrr.qeta har.hiiq .tyte hag. rlr.n ro! srrt 3ir.(r !l,Li:D ortpui ri 3D scEr.s 1lr.:d
..!l.l.r,"atea hat.hlerrne h P/iotoi/,op r ruptc J e als. ti:i irn:rr !h..le,s !h:.1.-.agc.d
ve snnic.trihp m.dp by morior blLrnnq.. r iri:,1 p.iitl3 r lherd-dr-c.imerr ale.i c!:
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Appty rhis rorlure i,r rhelilfuse.h:iner.1 y.!r Jslr*t rL!rt l3l.rn i.ri 9o.d ti:r.1
rnierLt!il rppty irt,yourolrccr uarq ptam
maprrq afqLpd t.q,.trrF bpllt U' r n rtr l,(l,t
sportill so rhJr rlre i[Lifi,rJL-Adn p3rblii.itr
Rc llr rlrnrppty urgd'Anj rr +i.{-. i? n tr, ,,,,,7,' ,t/i"1,,,
ProL,sr.p lh{r cnnlrh.lkr b.:
lir rl'r! hnrrt()l( b-..r!FrhFL L!mi',. L1Ltt l..ia rf( rJ ptulte n *1h 3 L.r.i 3D D,.r . ns rsrhd
ln:lrrwh L-awrii-.rh-.h:i l, rwLtlh:.dnrviidnri, 1l,ir.o)t:i-- the l .d trl Low Le!e.a..,"!sr..r.dtr1
rriiuilowr!1r lirprr.rer rLrilrn .r (s.rpri rnr rdrri{r:1. s.p.Ese.r ro Jp r...i!, .r
:ir r.!t riftrtrsrwL lt,',.v,Jn1rr hr!.ir,! rtur ',::.. ! ! lo{cr! /'lrr.1
d,i.'r iqr.!rlrn,ol)lr,.rr.i tnr 0,.,.f,, . lr.arlir! (., , od! 1..!.d
Dr)vih,'q rr.,vrfhcr*, ,.i r rl, r L,i:!!i li
d Ll nr,da-fL.,,1rfr hr
i| r rd{i,! , r,.r1r::,:rr: brhp i!iri
,v. /1,t //t."t ,.,' ;. r:.rL
t !r,f: ,r.rr rJrrlrL:r!.rlrievmr dre.t. .
tr r.dl, L,lr !rl,,.a,!rrlsi..irS l.e
! rr: 1f !r..r.rL1q{r4 rlroitur.Lr.,,L.l
,r', r' .,. 1,.' iti'.kl (l trr' rrrL,!r trr /i/,.trirl,cil trrr,r rfu ,rlrtr.. rr i i,]!l) rrrllr,, !.tl
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,n,1hr[ r rl', rrtl,' L,iLrl ,tri!1r],ii, // //'/),,,,,,,'/i,',,1,
r,it'1 lr r)f r,t. r.i,rr. rr ir r,y,r r, !1rL)
!l1r),,r'rrL,'y,r rl r iML llLtu i ]r. ,? r /1r, r,i. ) r -, r1ri, i l) r..1 ..rrl1. !.lrn]f !, r:h
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! Lln,r,{n,.,i,!rL.,v!, ,,,tr. :i li(ilir!.,r'.tyr
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.l,Llt rtr , ,,,'rrLot,./4rrrrr.l[ rr,]ib'n
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.t.1. iitLi,,id.irf:.i.e
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the linat inage isto tookand howmuchpast render
work yau iniend lo do. The ease with which t\
possrbls to render irom diiferent camem angles G a
greatadvanbgeoverjbtpainlingthescen€ in Prifier
or Prdoslop Odpdring such a scene and then posG
proce.sing in Phdrdshor ro qet a naluml media took
usirElechniques m€ntioned here b a qood wayto
pmducea totolnalumlmedia tand3capeimagesvery
quickly. yo! colld even sel up an acrion in Phora3hop
lo appLy the iitters ro a fotder futt of rendeE. oran
animation (ilrender€d as a slitl iraqe sequence).

t6 anu//tlz t la,u lt
li you srreth the lerm natura t med ia a littte then
you ttsee 3D! porenti!tro achieve phator6atimages.
yo! maynothavethe backinqro beabteto qooutand
porrseveraLlonsof concEte intorhe iisideof a

I' you
as a
callywanl loexperimentwnh 3D s poienti2i
naluEl media simularion toot rhen you wolld
do w€lt ro chock od Zarurh by PUolotric
(lwl ww.pixologic.con) Zarush lakes !he con.epr
and rechnolo$ ot 2D and 30anwork and blendsihe
house, bul anything is possible in 3D and withoutthe
costs relalingtoscate PertuDsvoud tikebdosome
virtual*ulpture.orsawacow in hafand ftoar it in a
lank, orarmnge bricks into a pite on rhe f loorol a
buildins Because3Dpmgramscan simutatereatity
io r high degree ol accuracy, att you need to do ij

trilft two t€erher lhe resulr is sooothing altogelher

ditlerenl By pbvid{E paini riih real deprh io ii, you
canlirebllypaid in30,b'nyoucanalsousesDi6ls
tdhelDwilhrhop@cossolcrealinga 2Dimasewhich
supplyrhe ide. and itcrn be realced. At l,"ast inrhe

has good pebp€cliveandolherrealasli.prope ies.

At fte same limo, choo* io sive iextuE ro
krluE yourpainierhar ir looks likerEdirion6LmedG,slch Animationdoosnlimmedblelysprinsb hindwhen
ro you r.ln.lLdr ro
rhinking about nalurat media. but usins a 3D progmm
opens upihe possibilily oicGarine animaled naruEl
medi, imagery This righr be fora moliongmphica
,/.t l.L!.', /av.?".t sequence. in which case Adobe ,4/ier rte.ts is a
superb comDanion, enabtine you ro pertorm
&oushyouc.nachievesomecoolnaluralmedE Phddlop-Lik-"posl render€diling of imag6 solhat
ourput lrom a 30Drcgram,anornerwayro use 3D is in they look more convincingty narurat.
a suppoiriverole lorinslance,younighlwamtopainl
a figu G b(n achiev ing c ored peBpecrive a nd
proponiois may nor be yoursrotBest skitL Wnh a
programsu.has Pdseratyourdispoel.youcanvery
quickly rryour ditterent lrguresaid poses. setling up
fmakinguseoltherawRGBdara trom a 30 rendor
differenl came€ vieE and lsnser in order ro ger the (as you m'sht with a Dhotosraphic image) and
perlect image. Render rhis o!.t very simpty and use ir thei posGptu.essins it in Photosfrop, ir! imporlani to
as a guide |ryer m Phoroshdp, painling overthe top of pay cbse ateilion ro the trghting ol rhe 3D scene.
il using Phoroshop3 nalud( nedia brusies Whattendsrogiveawaya3Dimagearethehard btack
edge you ger in rhe shadow areas ol objects. ln reatiiy

.8frw.Fr l'!rbn. ir.der i!

n "In."r "r o/-a and the€fo€ in a nallml media renditon ol reatiiy
(such as a stitt lire). when objects are ctose to each
olher rhe tilhi bounces between them causing subtle
Whenther€m natu6{modia is used.lhe tirsr rhing coLour and shading ehiris as one objed ittuminates lhe
th.t t€n& to spnng to mini is lradirional artGi media orher Untess the brttftness is very tow, c{ose
li.le watercotouroroals and images ot bowLs of truil or logerherlike rh6 a€ atrnosr neyertoratty black but
ligures in larcuid repo*. Howevei absrEd an is have $me amount ol bounc€d ittumination Makins
anolherareawhere 3D can be Ged. Forin$:nce use of litt lighb wirh taLt-oif enabted can hetp you 10
Iiactal shadeE can 5e usetut rorc€arins orsanic rereare thts itLuninarion in 3D and therefor€ make
lookinq, blr ,bo torcr@1inc abstnct lorms yb!rnaturat media rendilion look like it was painted
lonhe subj€ct or a ot atuo* Iry appLying
l6cEl noise as a delormorot an objer. or use ir as a
shaderin a dGpl?cement€hannel.
./9. 2a
fi L,,/"r*/*" Fotlowing on lmm lhe pEvirus rip, il your 3D program
supports it. then making use of radiosily renderins
3D is a pert€ct choice lor crearing land*apes ]lre 3D techniques witl heb to achieve naruratistic tishtins
mode( an be c€at€d quiie buqhtV, dependiry how withod $e arduous set-lp time required by the use of
manylilttights On.-"3gaLn.rayinq.renrioi rodr. therLghr you n3y reed i.LruLlrirh.f lrir :r!!1 Jidlr
nalur.trcssof rhe rendere! ima?€willpaydivd.nds bo jd:or:,n;rilpiiircr Lls,iqihL::.clrnrque y.!
wh,anyou..met conv,arllherender mtoa iarurat .ri l.!.1. lritte.reren qua.lrrpt. rh: LLie rhi.kL"ei
nedia image in Photo$op lhiiisespeciatlyrue if y.u ofr FnCp Fd o!11r. the.o!1trtr]!:rmrorLtLose
wanrtosimulat-Aaime.rl p!mrincslyl. ior.i rple s.Ee debiL ., lh3 .c,.r.:L! f I

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Aprogram su.l'is flaresiby nlorm:rir ollF'!.n Llrilgi).C.r,,RLprLelLLt,.!]i!/,
alronared sotution ro rcnd€rins,,1Lns nat,,, me.lLa r.jr!rvrrielrof skerrhr sl!lee ron.L.:. 3D
.ficcrs Pidncai.rni'npo 30mod-.LrLnm.n rridotud ourti,res A r... ri.l I rc.rede rh. ouriL rc
populrrfom.a. nr [dins 3DS OBJ an.l DXI Oi,]e tr, ldf eI Lin]J!!::i:L] i.ll
rLeiCi.! r..C.lir
youve buihyolr30model youcaf erport rt otrrtine;yp.rnd:prL! i!,rtr!rr
Pta,csilorreM,"ri'rtc ina numbe'.t:,ri.ii. {ytFr th! r..t is r. rr1 r e Li:-"..try a.n s.31".t,,,..
stye!!uptorrpdii.t'rdop. Litskct.h penrrdtr,k 3nnLcnL.r ii|r.l.Lr.,r. rlitJ,! din. r.r !.,.! rr
ourtin-" wo.ddn.warFrinoiin,l'nlnl LLnP !P 3ryntrh..a!..s

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byusmqrwo rcrdnpJ:s!: Thclid L,iI.!rti F l:rri.trrLr nL r'{n l}r.rLo.b:.413 rL rid!1]
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5.n4 . nrnld5 h.,.ruj. mrny.l th.le.rn,ir' u,t LLI' .i]tl ,.r1..$rrd!,i!nn n,[ ]r
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,r.dty obl(' hri .r.i:h.lrb ) lri,l
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Som. ilD r)n)!rrn':;enrl,l-Ay.! ki n! trla o'r rl{: 2,; 1nl'rt't /// r,/l t t
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I u,!1tr{ l,Dk h iravs llicroLd,rLryutr,M,,h Dty
r.le tlrii I't'tr Ll!rrM!rrrt.olourpissrndrpply lirr, u,r,l:.r ir hLrl.LLqhr.rir rr r.r
the Ct!it fitr,J bo tl'|uoftrnririltb[n$q the'nor.] hkLr 9 u L()rk. J )r in,l.rr rr A llLr Ii:r, i,.r, b.
,!! :rlyrrcnr rpk.,r p! p ! i, r,! dr !J
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rh-".r!r ,Lr.r, !r, r, r !il,t,,rrp irLL.n LLr Ln.r.
)(r.rncreat€av: ipryoro,{tLilr,rfie,fsu:i'r:r LLke r.:riLii .Lir aN{.r.- ir nrf k. rp..LL.l add rr,"
i'r buiy Trc-"!.Lr*r!Ld ri L,!r trr
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thi.k-"rlin-" rhan you' 3D app produ.c Rerd-ar.!t yorl trr.inlDr!:i!li:,q:tt..: tr 1o rhe r3r-- : !h!ml .::- rl::rl
o lin," open NP/).rdrop Io .hr lrdi 5rr Jr. L,ux p i
J.ptr ai,j FndeLAidLr!
you.anbur 'Jk-arLrri.k-ar:
itthcidarker re.onLl bui,!,ni! or J :Jr*,rr-"xr,'p.i.r.l.r1r
b.ckrciit UothGlry novtri!rlE biJck inpuldnlerto l06hrl,.srLrcr.rior rJrrrs GJ


ktur D b n, rui;r, eq,

rr :.:
Part 1: lnitial steps
Create a set of documents and start d rawin g in Ph otashop...

g liilil1t: :,li :liii,iulli'r1ii,,.,,

i::i,,ll l
E : l',li ll;'[]'ll.lli;:l:.llrri:i'Jii;tl]'itr:'" g rlr r!n r, {s nrrrD Dr
li;:;,1.;ii;r;li ;riiit irlir,irit,lll,.,, 1r.)r {i rIr,(n, 1]D(5eilr))!, , L1'r

g (| II j:tiil'l )iiil:[] i;lt:i l]lt i.illr'i:; Gl iir:,,';rrriIiiii,li:Jt:ltrili"';;:."1::ii:l;:.

":l'i.;;,];llill;iliJlll ?i;t:11,.

g liff ixli:li:J;::iilll;' I ill[;lili:"

a i;i:l#11"il':ij:1:i;5'ff;,;,,,,",,,"

toth.posit.i.,thepacer np.r,ra
!n re vr.r. ,p{ vr,.h id abtotpun.h Not.ihe.pei
sF.a!oi rr,e li8eThep rr hrrcwxtooearei
Prorosh.p hav.tD tr y oi $renLn gofthe g :r.",1iiJ,'.Ti:J1?:"Jjt:, ti:;i: ::;"
d.pih b.rvia.n llt arin a.l on a
of the mrn I
rd rhc ba.krE o!nd
sL rcs ind
ea,n3th. p: ntto.rara he ren, ve efre.r vely
dnwaenesxtodd anse55u.h is trr son. J!r::<.:i l€ ere.'rd!.
Part 2: Introducing colour
Choose a background wash and build up the layers...

o iffl ifi:,li:tiirllll,:')Hti:irl1,,,,.
tin,. i Rc3 r.L.d thfipp,oprit oorir.ii r
s l5:,.$::::iil'J; lli :t'i: l:"i,ilili'i,i"'
,obursud. nrw ng wrrlr tu.utr .,n\p. l()
lvh(hs.f.r rM r g ;rff liili:lii:['J:llriili r1;i'.'i :',]il,

g llH :tJi ;::iillTllllr, l:lf '::lll:"

g g :lx,l:;:J";r,:ii"iliiltl:lilllilt,llt:
ir rmiy5..nd lhc.
nrrrkr. rtr, !rL, r !. r [ir i r]n, htr{ b(omo
+lr:,fl'ri]:.I;'.:,1:*i:iii;T1 i$ : iilr",'
rore!rcLnd.oori rhr nycr is ir to co our io s,v. orhs I LM m'w.rk lhirLrndiLoni nicdii
th,A L"\ ior hJmioiy w th the br.lxrcmd

o *::,r;: i:y;T j:"r",t::i.".-,.'ji:t.."

sele.tnnewbruir, .d doud thei be:lii
abc to
paii( n thewh[earound theman imas. Aga'n,
st .nu at,a tad tiontrrmethods u/hereis t
rh s
wou d ba easiar to lnpry ,, rhenrnwilhwh re, s
s ihc
irfi: ::;:ilfma;n:il[iu:tii*t;
mrk o,lhe
le.hnques m ittcmpt ns ro n, m . ,oushihaor,r.rh!abuide..of
'dues thtrkout ia!

Part 3: Painting light areas

Use white to add atmospher,c light and fine details..

o :,ri:,if;fti:t ill ::ir ;;:l]itli'i'llrrr'

i{:wriy{.i,vh.h pi!,otr .rnd
dn{rln nwh.h

rh. rii sluppor.d ro b. r.nhr!

E l"iilr""lljl i;l: i,lii',fi ,iri'xiil tlriili'' I iill;l'l,i:l,llilillli',li
lrn,ru),rnd,r ow h. , r.roshnvlhr. dl
lii,lili;,'.iiiil ii
r,)nlo Ii,]r[.b rt r\ ol) tr rk,,ni!I

g l"irirlililiri{ilt':t :lt [i:ti:'-*,, g g

li[:-i.;::,li]::i ii;i r:i;'1,',iili,lirll: li'i"il'il,Il; ],:J sfi"l]:,iTiJt$i jl
"ii .e,un deri!nr,.rihr: piza brclrc nI w L m I Al rhspo nr rwasn rarc r
n..d,rlMe i. !n or[d(8 ourrii Lh.ini
sublpI,sn,rrft 5'r th, l,a.r(ro!nd3h.pB pifu r ud r lh. rlor lh. pae., ind ,y.A
inird. ! d{dcd , on.d iF nca,orc th svrilon. tnlM.n.,
rdc. d.d Lrniyw irrtr-oirni pan

g l"[i#ll;:; ;::,il'il[n: Lfi :iti"

Lh!liie5 ndvdraLlrThenn
trcbrushswif yadosthe nnge irhednedDR
o li:r:.r;l*:'ii i:ii;iii,iti'".i::::e" and
n ro
thef prepr-A
r.iprht rhJenra s renov ns

CMYK rcdu. e he Eio uron lormdp (pr n

ler1u. to s.n. as rhe A r .4 ry need is . trsD !tDi):id savnei.rr FF arloGrreaton.
resvcuDn in Rc! forem:irifs pJevetr rhs si
rop nyer
depth i.
a !o enib s
m. to add af!frhsreve
the nase byd,aw nss,rs ps ns i
.f e fi
i,ll'lil|i;iil'r*ll ilIliifi: rhen
*nrby f_TProth.s.Mf ande* .added n
by 200o/D! 3retrtr (thsnrpwas erercd
.ra:te\n.vaj i{ici ntherorotrrby rrcai rs srey byihem ve orE eDev er Eld

.l *"*''*"
Take to the tablets
When you want to get creative, 'AtrTl any digna{ adisu lonq ror. qraDhL.s bbGt However compariqq a professionaL graphics tablet
tllll/ I ouuu.arrne."q tr
it's helpful to have the versatility
of traditional art tools. Enterthe Iil
*:*';;:n'l*: *;;':t"",
common gard6o mousel Wel{, that may be rrue il
to amo6e is tike compari\g a ta€eboard maft€r
peiroanytine rnrool.ApEssure s€nsitivebbLel
gives you complete conrol over any sp€ciatisr pen dr
brush you choose. so using one G lust tike drawins wirh
graphics tablets! yo! € la[<aig about the mosr basic tuncrion: movins €alpencils chalksorbrushes.youcan ofienbuya
yolr cursor.round lhe screen to d€w lines and specialisl stytus alierwards aswett. repticarinsboG
dvisate And ilrhar\al!yo! reed,youcanpickupa such asairbrush,tEdirional pen. ink pen and strcke
basic gaphi.s rabLet, such at Wacom! Craphire2 46. pen lor eMmple. givinr you even more croarive
lor nol nuch moie rha. tne cost ot a sood mouse. optiDns to Eproduce the eftects ol diffeEnr med h

The graphics tablet market isdominated byWacom,which offers a wide range of devices. Here we've tested
a representative sampLe from the compact AS lntuos2 to the aLl-singing cintiq lsxwith integraLTFT dispLay.

ftice!3oo(incvAo companyw&om
PrcductintomatonCompul€BUntimit€d Ietephore02083539548

hs Wacom lntuot A5 i! tho a pressu r€-sensilive tip and a n eEser

a s

smaltest,nd cheaposl tablel on ontheotherend,th€ pend&leaturesa

lestthis month. lts l6 2 x20.3cm usable doubte-sided swnch thar can be
area makes it idsal6r lhGe with a prcgEmmed ro ex{ut€ mou*-c{i.ks or
limiied workspace oronLyoccrsional foranyotherGeyoueelit.Ihok ako
n€€d lor a tabtet. Ihe basic kit comprbes i^ctudoslhe 20 mouse,which is ls€tuI
the tabtel,slandard grip pen and 20 for navisarion lhen sFnirs wirh a tablet
mouse,andcomes bundl€d wirh Corel or simply if you have to do sohe ge.e€l
Paoter Classic lo gel you sraired. work sincerablersdolaiealtrl6g€nin3
The tabtot is tutly proc6mmabt€. hn used ro. As a complere bundle, rhi3
lh€ defauh seitings hake n easy to open bblet suppt€s ev€rything you ll @d to
close, copy. pasre and 3ave with a raD ol g€r 3t ded alrhough ( will prove a tinle WACOM INTUOS244
your pen *hateve r the app tic ation you re
lsing.Ihewo area,althoughsmatt,Ga
smatt lormore ambitiousands.
Perleci lor ancts on the road or sho
sroatimprovemenioverusinsa mouse. h of space, wirh alt ft e fl€xililityof
altows control ovor quit€ line deiaiL, !ilh ftice!158(imvAT) Companywbcorn
theadded bonusolbeingabtetoapply Product information Computors Unlirnired Tetephoie 020 8353 9548
Dressore-sensilivs eftecis to the rdals
youte usirA. thereby varying tine
VERD]CT 3,5/5
thickness as you go.The grip penswere tevels or line gEdlation, so it should suir
oveiEuted a coupte ol yeaE ag6 and are
comloitablein$ehand,akhoughyou tl
a laEer24 x rorl area io Like the A5. the lnruos2 44 is iulty
notice the dilleren.e beiween thG and a 3uit everyday use in the cEarive fLeld. pblmmmab{e, so you can customGe it
nouse airer a lew houE oi Ge. As we{t Ine bllers* 6rea qives vou moE foratlyourapplicarions This makesa
corrDl fo! intricaie wo*. and rhe 4D Eai difference lo worklloq as you switch
dou$ that\ inctuded toot
is a hnrastic belween 2D image appticarions (such as
then 3D
it comes to working wilh Phoroshop)and 3D sotrwaE, where you
noneb. giyi4 you 360-negree conroL need lhat tittte exva controt lo work in an
wilh a seu-. edrir€ tinger whe€ t w irh exim ptarc we tesred $e 4D mouse
viih CiDena 4D and Body tuint.and
ft ener lntuos2bbLer models have lound that it real(y simptilies navigarion
mny ihptuved features. incLuding up to arcund yourworkspace,allrwing yoo to
eighl oplional inpur pen devices. One of easityshinobj€isand paintyourmadet.
lhese is rhe deital airbrush. which is This bbLet G tantastic for evervAay use
pi*slE and titt *nsitive, bringing il anywhere in th€ creaiive fietd
close io dre reaL rhins.The airbrush s
ringervheeLenablesyouroiine tunerhe
eitect otrhe brush in use, wilh 1,024
Price i4Z fuc VAD Companywscorn Website wl,v*.s6m.coir
Producr infomaiionCompn6rs Llnlimited Ietephone 020 8353 954a

he nlros2 A4 overeize has becomes an indispeNabte r@l tor

become an indu$ry srandard dratring and orherGciJB reedstle
*idelyused by proie$ionab inthe30 tabtet is capable of 1.024 ptesue
a nd illxstation wb rld where ifs useldt tevels, so you can co.lbl elemenls
Ior tons sweepihg arn hovenents within yourimagepe ec{yq$lne
simpty not posslbla with moGe srsems. 3upplied giip pen rnd 40 muse.
Th. 30 x 30.m m& ar.a off6n thd ft6 44 Ov6ciz6 is perlecr iorm6t
precious sxtra spaco when laying oul ccalivo us€s. and lhe exln lengn is
wo*orworkingon hrge prctecls. Like handyrorworki.g in s.
its s lter sibtincs the A4 Ove6i:e is
ma t comes bundted w$ CoDL Pri.rer
efre supporl
tutty progr.mmable, €nabting you to
quickly ser up shortcuts forlrequ€nrly-
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ancLdes the
ot Dre$uc-seBitive Dens
lsed tunciiois and applications.
fte buidte includes Nik r4uttim€d€!
and 3ubsequentrool additioN. (DTP CONFIGURATION)
Pen rools ,nd a s€r ol Wa.oms own
P/Elosiop ptug-ins. Thb lablel G Inmly
VERDlCT 415 Flice 1705 (imv D
Companyw@m Website $
atmod ar prciossionaL usoB and ftod€t inf omaiion Cohput6B Unlinhod Tetephone 020 8953 95€

ItrJ rA3 su..rhisbbt t b. monrr€r progEmnabLe, with shoncuB l6t a

in u{h r 31.6 \ 45.7cm wo*.rea lt quick pen tap away at the rop of thg work
should. rheeto€, be blg eiowh tor aEa,Ihe packa9 incbdEsiho standard
even rhe m6t advanced !ssr, as long as grip pon, 40 mous6 and Co@t PainrBr
rhoy havo 6nolgh space ro house ths
rhiig.Ih. r.btot G d*rgnod lor h(qh- A tabtot lhls size does te6t tlke more
€nd sEphi.s *orlctatilns, so lnbss ol a c@iiv€ lool. enabting you lo d6w
yo! hav€ a 2l-inch monitorgr tho vsry bry swssplng lLnss and oxp6rL6nc6 E
lea.l. yo! U be @$inq the rotentiaL of tredom wLlh yourdmwLngs and anwork
Ming.t b{er ot $i.3ize. Like th. A4 thal m.k.s rhoush youlo
Ov€Bi:., lhe A3 cooes bundted wi$ wo*ing on r .Env6s. An ercellent choic6
Nik Mutimedia! Pbn loob and bo8t! torthe mGt ambitioG prof$sionals
a transpaoit ove,h, lo.tEcing, lno M*iig on la4E-$ale prcjecc - and
wo*.rca also ihcludes !!ick poim
Evig.liod, rhirh b*oms ertehely
uslutwh.n uting PhotBhop or Qur*.
like $s orhertabteG ho6, n s tulty

Flice !1,527(inc VAI) CompanyWhcm Website ww,ra.mcom
Prciuct inf ormation ConpqtoE UnLinited Ielephone 020 9353 9644

ntlk. olhoreraphics tabbts.lh€ Cinr( 15x .mbt€s t*erhe olherrabtec n ourtest, rh. Ciitiq is tuty
,!u ro woft di@ctty oito yoor tnage - il spons a pogxahnabLe. $ you @n $t up
'IFT *reen on which yo! work jusr as ii you were d reing shortcurs. Win a hrl( a@ nnibrtorheA4!,rh.Es
on a shoel of paper nuse.thGfeels a toi more natuEl enoulh rcom ro totyourcrealire thowhts lto*
than lhe way wevo become accustomod to rc*i\!: able 1o *e the 6ults ofyNrstrote r(qh
moving a mouse orstyhs on a tabtetop white lookirE pende leet much closro workhg sfth
elsewhere. With rhe imase directly dnder yourpen. papei b'n lhe nefry pric€ oflfiis tabGr uiu
lo6hing up photog€phs and olher images can be dore mny DeoDles @ch. Sti[, it yon en alford ir,
dtEmety accmatety lhe cirltiq s ph)€rcal be is without queton rhe ctG*t rhiiq ro Gii|q @L
adiGred io suit vou.woftiE pGilion, so thar 6inq it G
j6t tike 6ins a dEwing bcrd. h leels so much more
naru€tthar it can onty hetp lo increa* yourpoductiviv

--"""."",." 11"
1l *"-^*".*'

Natural rnedi ap ug-

Pen and paint effects don't normally spring to mind osr people use plug-ins for
stkht image
adjustm€nl lnract.manyplug-insare seen
when thinking of Pholoshop plug-ins, but naiural as a bir of a gimmi.k. producing absrractions

Pf,otoshop effects do exist... of image and coldlrand leaving you

wonlering wh€ihertheB\ actualLy a practical use lor
them NatlEtmediapug-insraGelhG quesrionmore
oftenthannost,becausetheirlunctionis acrualty
imagequaliryimprovemenlbuladdingexra efiedsto
the piclure youte working on. Here. we 6ok ar a lew of
the moreunusuatpllg ins

Company Richad R.s€nman
websirew\rywrbh.dDs6nman.con .Price,fre

hG fantastic lree pLuq-in enabtes vou to.rcare cotour h!(ron€s Iho

i^iedaceg(v€syousimplecontrotoverdorsi2e.nd a t.w
oxpansions overthe internal PrororDpveEion. s!.h as changiog th€
backsround cotourand contrctoverth€ RoA. Haft ono is a iilre hars good
fun ro Be and produces inreresling €3!(s when enkt3ins images.

Yo! courd @tnlitun

{o*!,{ik rh.e ot inii'r
Gsrg.r s.!Ei lnrh r.4or,
VERDICT 4/5 n*. ii'lonq tn@r

Co-pal, h2pir wFb . e q -il057a .}
uuzhasbeenaroundloralewyears onabtinsyouro.onvedyour ii,: i
photoghphs and imag€s into re.listi. pairtins ett{ts. Buz Po 2 O enabts
you lo conlrct the simplific.rion of your imaees, reducing cdLolrand delait to make
4):l- '

yourpiclure look tike a watercololr or v'Lbmnt digibl imase. Great lun, and excellent
torconveningyourphotogEphstowatercotour- yleimages
* ' | .!9-,
VERDICT 4/5 , t: r"."
l!!l r!
,fT:r: ,::

Company R itE Pear Website wJlaningpsarcon ftice $15

ifJl J'ql-t\ dfteFnr ra."o-rhA Dop-b' l-alhon-pl.r I h o d h, 9.,e )o'

iH qer. ne oe"rdowno-cotou' 5/.4 adLrolonoirnetmd.
eltcl lhe interface giyes yo! massive conrot overrhe efiecls you appty. wherher
you B convefting an image to bbck and whte or using cotouretteds An;xcettenr
plu9ln lor creating rhumbnait ittusimlions or absimcr inasery quickly.

Company Right HemiipheE Wehiie w.deppairncom Price $249

vaihbG as a sla n da lone prod ud or as a Ptoroshop ptus in. O€€p Paim is

p.dbabtv one ol rhe mo$ powerful tutudl media pL{-ins on the marl€t Us€d
in cambinarion with alabler il ofie6 a futt setection ol u*l!t adcr brGhes lirh
simihr pDperlies to the Eatthirus.This titt.r is also tutty supporlive ol the Wacom
4Dmouseand airbrush. f you wanho paint on your compdei this is a great cioice

Companv Ano FX Webtte Prhe $99

tln plug-in !o creaie 6n as$frmefr ol get eftecls. ALthough it souids pretty

limited.GelisbasedonAulo FX! tons running Dreamsuteengine,whah
gives you aLn6r endless efiecc possibiLirGs. There are live vlsuat €tfects h,.re]
Crysiat Prinlei Cel, Gel Mixei Get tuin|erand L'rquid Crystal. ll us€d with a lftrb
cre,rivity,altotihesepoduceexcetle esutrs.Verymuch aiun ptls in,buryou
.outd trobabq find some praclicat uses for it ont lhore.


CompanyAndrmoda Websitew*.ndFm€ fti.e $a9

efiecbl you ve come to lne isnr

ooking lor a ptus-in to creare old world etch
place.Ihisli[ereplicatesacontinuous tonesceei 6erebysofteninsthe
hanhness of solid bla.kandshire ftE3soyau g€r thefeetolatradition3teel
etched image Depondingontheofl€cryou rcafter youcaneitheroverbyorbtend

Company nmits Po Website rw.flamilEp6arcm Pdce $20

tsa he JscqdndDossrb'hne\orilrsDl-e-i.a?endlelcwh.n r,otre!rodddiT

| *'"r" ""i.s*.,.""y"--,.*"'n-a"*.*--".'*-"-*
dpplesrndpeBperivesoroucancreateyouridoalttood€d scono.Atthoughyou
can use this litierlor droMiry triends. rnimals and ciries atike. the potentiatior
pmclicat use is excellent. lts fLddLy nakiru a sel€tion to appty it, blt as a spec'btisl
plug-in its hari to lautt lor the contoi you hrve overetemenls wilhin a scene.


Company Ation Skir Website swsltienskin.em fti.e il29

hG sel ol 14litlers enabtes you 1o creaie everr,lhing tbm crumpled paper lo

etectric sparks t may sound a bit tach'y, bLn t pbduces th*e ettecb ro
specbcubr eilect. And the end esutts are iar beyond whal you couG hope 10 create
manualLy in a reasonabte amounr of lime. Each f itt€ris cofi 6lled rhbugha *riesof
sliders and picker menus lorcobur attowing camptere llexibitiry over rhe resuks.
The clouds filtei in pafiicLLr, is excelGnr lorprcducins resuks that woutd look
impressive in any landscape shob. And if you ser€ ro cofrbine rhese with a good

*l ".-"--'-
Author Cher lhreinen-Pendarvrs fubtisher Peachpit Pr6s
Flice f3299 ISBN 0-201-77362-7 Web

ainrerZ Wowl is an excetlem ttte Although $e eany chapted pllport

packedf ultotte.hniques uwd by lo deal with P, trter b.sic t, they E aar
$orkingdkilatartist.Ihe 3heernunber lrcmbasic in rheirappbach, asumlq
ofebmptes means $al rulorials a€ rhe reader has a g@d gmsp ol lhe basics
Etativety bliet makine thc one lortho atrcady. Later sections move sreadily advanced ft hteruser away lbm Pariler3 core tunctionaliv in
Each chapter b.gins wilh a gan€El rhediErion of !sins rhe prog6m ro
explodtion of a pan€utar action - ior ceat€ etements torvide ,nd the Web.
eenpte, makins sel{lionsand masks PaolorZ wol iuumina!6 a vasi
These aB fotlow.d by moi6Ls baled on anay oa &inr€.t€chniques and Dovid€s
tho work ol praclisins ariisrs ttE an excel|nt resource rot Gets of the
rutoriab have iourto six slag.s so they E pa.kage. How€vei you wil( ne€d a good
larircm nep-by-$ep. corce'tnting tevet oJ.ompetenc€ to get lhe mosr our
imt€ad on an6iic tehnique


Author Don Soegmitter ISBN l-58450-232-0 ftice i33.50 Author Joromy Sutton Publisher Focat ftoss Price 92208
Arbtsher Chartos River Media Web wuw.charbsrivercom rsBN G24G80511-9 Web

hb is a grear book althoush its !'temedite stud€nB wisning ro bdh ocmy SLtton has poduced a ctear studoni\ undeEtanding ol artbtic
audience may be Lihil.d. The up on.ha€cr€rdeskn and lhe a relCmannered inrrcduction b lochn(u*.suchascotourusaso white
alnhorcanbition is to those who Paiar€rA Each sedion introduces nsw aLso introducing Pairter specitic tools
'fset $e ne6d lo sive lh. creatur€r and Ih€ tinat 3eclion h.s a series o, iF proeEm te.luB and uses tllorials to and lechn ques, The s p titting ol tutoria I

characte6 oiihelr imagination a more d epih tooria ls €ac h dov€ lopirg a d€ibt help you build uD.onr'dence. Ih6 book roxl and imasesin|oseDamte blocks
sotidlorm. Retevanrroaltcofrp€tence cha€cter paintins.Ihes ar€ desisred to mlld be su abto loranls$ ol any tevel
tevels. lh€ book k a mutuE of {€n€El siv€ you th6 tools to ccare vourown rbhr€ b add an undeFranding of Flotera Creariviry has a classrooh
adGtic advi.e and rd.ri:l wol( Erherrhan simpty enabting yo! io lo€1. which hakes settlng to grips wiih
complgmenred and brought !p 10 dars Epticale the a6hor! rcsu{s. Eacncnapterconrains, cLear fn er bss inlimidating than it masht
by using coEl'3 digital paintug packag.. Ih6 is a rholahttut b@k. reil wo.rh intoduction ro the *t-up and lse ol otherwiso be. This 6nt a cohpendious
Iie lhree sections of th€ book deat .omidering for anyore wftilB in Pai,re'! va nous mod utes rrc m biushes lirte. but t prcvides a good srounding in
bosety, with inspiration, anGic .ha€.ler design orwaniinr ro devetop andrieir delinition to aninding lhe use or Corel! Dainl app and
pinciples and Pairter-specilic rheir P,inrerrechniques in $ar direcrion. transitions iorvideo. The l@us is on mailnaim a lriendty, readabte pace
techniques. E,ch stase G cGarly po(Eituc, wilh orriihos phob guides,
devobp€d and wett explained. makiig and this gives the book cohesion
itsuii.bLe Eadins lorbeeinnerc and VERDICT 4/5 ldorials are desicned lo develop the


ffi , tifi|:za
Author Owen Demers Pubtisher New Riders ftice f4299 I LLUSTRATOR SI D E-BY.SI DE
ISBN 0-7357-0918-1 Web Author W€ndy Crumplgr Pubtisher Sybex ftice: !36.99
ISBN 0-7821-2923-4 Web
iii.i""ff :ffi :;i::::"FJl';:
iniitm letevision web.
and the
haffofrhe book wheerhe author is
mainly concerred with rheory and
apprccialion.IhelurodaLsrharloltow lll wonhwhite coNidering this as Ihe ParticuhF secrion oontains
Dlgital teNrqing & P.intins 6 an at\- coverthe es*ntial etemenb6t €le€nce texr ii you re usine a
a the mear ofthe book, considering the
encompassing touroilhe f ire adol .rearing and apptying texru.e combinarldn o, Pro rot op. Paoiera nd appLaalions bycommonfunctionatity
rexture creation fofr
cotour theory !o maniput6ting !Vs and genearing {lGbrdr Horever rhe book is in need suchas hyers.cobuipalhsand
pEctEal application.A grear read ior of an updab to bke accourt of ie* brushes Side by side lables list
anyo# tackirg lormat aftisric hining. The cenrdtpurpose ol rhis b@k is veuions of each p.ckage and is nor eaclr asDect of ihe nodlte und,"r
Aimed squarety at those with an to help the reader devetop an eye lor Ecomnenden forbeinneB. consideration ard give page tinks to
inteEst in 30, thG litte stans by lerucs 6lherthan follovins ll! splil inlo lhGe sections: Basics. rhe more in deprh, ittGtmiod
encouraging rhe developme^r oi an step-by*rep rutoriaG.Ihis ir an ideat tudicul,a6 and Anbb.Ihe opeiilE
ani$ic eye lordebiG. moves on ro primerloranyonenewro3Dwhois Reading th6 book fbh cover to
cotourlheory and, alter examining the baftled by how to go about gereGling rhe ihlerraces ol the lhree appticaiions coverwould make anyone! head spin,
wo*sotthema$ere.€n&wilh a and ini6duceslne.oLourcodingand bulasa souEeotreferenceiorsomeone
practicattexruring prqeci nunbering syriom which ti*toge$er famitiarwithonepackase lhiscould bo
Iheres a vaguety acrdemicione to \/ERDICT $e informdion.Ihe final
rhirritb whi.hworks w.lL in rh. lirsr
3.5/5 rhe resr of
sadion.onr.ins a gallery ol wo*s
cBalsd using two or moE packages
*irh brie, notes irom the adist


Authors Jeremy Sutton & Daryt Wrse fubtisher W"dey
FYice $9.99 ISBN 0-764536915 Web www.witeycom
f:l !l r.o.ih. h. *.rk Comp[ementing rhe practi..Liipsand
lfl 'no
-a.*-,.-. a hardwar. lislings are sections d€aling
nearty ".r,i.,i."
50 tdp digtal anks, this tft te wirh the crcarive prms and lhe ideas
conlains a wealth of inspnatun wh6h infom lhe image unde.
Atlhough rhe rlroriat elemenr oi rhe lexl consideEtion. Each anist also explains
G lairty senerat. the artists advice G a
greai resource lor anyone wondering This book G a Ere opporlunily to
how10getrhemo our ot a project compare lhe slyles, motivniom and
The book is sptit inro rwo sections, rhe bchniques of. dive6e 6nge of anisb
lirst comemptal€s more ittustativ€ White nor every image ho{ds up lnder
pieces, while the imas€s in the second scininy rhis in ilsetl conlains valuabte
haLfalt"have a basis in phoiography".ln lsssdns for anyore invoLved in
ea.h ofthe 47 chapters, dkiraL anisrs
fid intbduce rhemselves and their
work befo@ detving irto the specitics
oi1*hnhue.nd applicarion
-'""..-","". l;

buZZSimptifier 1.0
Remove unwanted detailfrom your images without blurring,
using buZZ Simplifier, a full plug-in wofth e35!
ntt ou ve een it haoDen doz€ns ol rim*, a bict(E to remov.unMd€d deraiLlom an inage *ithet buZZ SimpUier us€s a systdn calted tho Stack,
ru rhat seemed [k; a p*t6cr comDosiiion comes b[ning. di{ofiion, or lose ot a@c,.otourand €ns6s. similar in concspr to P/'oroJhopl' Layer Stytes, which
out tooking che@d and busy.Th€ lacr 6. ihe homan Ihre€ €(€ incLuded. Singtifter Ons rcrkr on onablsr you to oxpsrim€nr with ettech in an, order
eyo i5 iar moc sel€cltvs than th. cam@ t€ns, and a 12196$ste ovenhe whola SihpliIi.rlrc andanycombination and prevFw th6 resuhs in $6
photogEptu otr6n cap(E iar nore d6!ail than you enablss you ro resloEor.djd foer deraiL Sinptiflsr pFview pare, you can savs Stacks io use on other
wanl. you can s.t 3luck in with masks and blur orfade Ihi@ aulonaicaily anatses tha objets in an inago im.s* or ev.n email to other poopts. With the other
paris ol th€ imas€... Oryou crn $y anotheraoDrcach. and lhen macicallv 6mwos detail.mss thBa buZZ ptug-ins, ptus PhoiaA,r4'asrer(atso on th€ CD),
buZZ sinplifler i5 a uniquo filt€rsp.cilicalty deised cgionsoli eBsi (lnEr, Middle and Oulerl it s r pow6.ful toolkit lor cBatin! dazztins arrwork!

Getting stated with buZZ Simplifier 1.0

Eliminate the clutter without blurring or blending...

lnsalling and
Io itutatl this plus-ln simptyctic&on
ths lnsblL hfton on rh€ CD interfa@
and s€l€ct your Phorosrop Ptuglns
fold€r as th6 locarlon ro i*raltro.
Cth6 plug-in at o works w$ oth6r
hosl solrwarc - lor deraib. and nd€
infomation on using the pt€-in,
E i:""'i;'J:l": [1"13$1',# :ffi i,'lii:"
downtoad ihe complete POF
manual available free lbn
orenu)3,ffi ,#ff iffi ##:,i:i;$"i"'tT,.,",
windM Lft show pptew
numeraldisplay lefr.ts !on aloaarthmi.
The ",,"., lh
dyou can rnelunethe efe.tbic c[nq
The on thc a ot
Iwl under'F€e d'ermaBe 11'e ohdow d the dsht lhls the lhe + and - buttonr ne{ ro th I fkpd ment w tli
Downtoads' )To unlck ihe JuL( sh.[ and dp avairabre eff*rr. To bdan, .]itk on lhe t ShvDark/Both bor to alrecl d ffereit ispech
Simpliff.r one in dre lis!. ths .li(l /.dd.
veftion oi rh€ sofrware, you lt need
to €mait l.l slDpdr@lo2rlx @m
wilh th€ subject RegGr6lion
@queqircm ComEnerAns inorder
to obtain the Futl Lidrco k€y.
Wa ro upgade io tho Lat4r
vereion oi any oi tn€ blZZ ptug-in
ftnge Asarcadetal C npltetAns
A_oleds,rou.anclaim ala aric
25 p€r cent ofi rhe nomat pricesl tor
detaits, veit M ww.io2pi{6nr/
tuluEpub/b@ (you can ctick on the -
tiik i@fr the CO imerface simp{y g f iT,ttl";ft :,11:iri[1l#j Y;
ste.t buZZ Simptif ierlO'fromlhe
dbp-down tisr otrhe CD @ntents,
ipp€& prcvi4
b€neath rhe Pane You
nor efia:a too- attfie botron ol Lhe sta.l by
an add o
*3['[."'l;,",f 1i'":Ift f; ,,:li:f r"':;
curcnt tia.k window
in the add dras t up or
then click on the Upg6de .ftkinB on dd, at dr top or die 9lack by cltcktis dowdthe st. To rcmove an effed, high ehr I md
m h*d, e abore any omnt efd b, d(r ,n3 on clrck Removc to remove them arL .ri.kce;it:.k
lnlormation button atthe bottom left To save a sli
kto app y e sewhere . ckon Save
sb.k To f nirh .mpyc cli oK

Plug-lns, Layer Styles and Brushes

Six efieds, coni(quabte using ihe same Stack syst€m A.ot{.crion ot flD.orr9p btush€ lrn Video Tutorial
as Simplili€r ALso includes th@€ p@-sa Stacks: Oil gnphi.xrEs.con, includingrhirly cudo lines, puGins
Walercolourand Cotour Pbtches. Futty tuncrionat bd tin€r, thin {ie bturhB, sra6, 30 btusn slloftes, An ercllsave FaL-time video utoriat
.ontour,in$landou inebrohos,ILw€6,starbuErs. lb6 PSXtEs, 3howing you step by
doG, bLob,3glanea and mo@l ltrst llation steDhowlocEato.n ev Look
irstructions.r€ irclud€d in rho R.6.lt4e f(le. itbslEtion iEm a ponr.Lr phoro
Tei eft€cts, with lrc preset Stack, Watarcolour.nd and sonetextu6s, lnctudes
suppontE til4 so you can rry
A.oll*r'6n ol n6dicalih€nad Photosrop brushes

19 €ff.cts, wilh 13 pF-ser Stack Bigl'l Cotour

Wa!h,ColouredEdges CotoulPatch4,GlosLay€n
lnk,NelnElColourWash,Oll PatefieKnii€ PuE A ser ol fiesed Phobrnopbtush6 ton
ColourWash Skerhl,Skerch2,Solt CotourWa3h

Fhming P€.r 3 ptug-in titt€rtor painr prcgBns, lt

coivorte cotouroreEysc.l€ imag$ into seve6t
unusuat srylss of black-and-white hr(tore3.
Cli r sd tn[.r..n od ol
Phor6hop L.r. Styh! Oual) you bnlnl 0u.rcbdve
IhE€ collslioN ol oxcitlng LaFr $ylos froh PSXtras
- 55 Uniquo Paltarns, l0 B€etl€ Back 6a!€d on the
patterns to be found on reat b€€lt€ canp.c*), and
Marbte styles.Io toad a tlbftry ot pEs€t by.r Sryl€s
ctick th6 triarul€ ln Pholbshop's srybs patett€, Lav€r
Styte diaLog bor or Lay€r Styb pop-up pal€te in fl6
options bar, th€n choose Load Sryt*.

Trial software
PGor4 rfu3 Pr6 F!.k{ou{)
Atutly-Ihctionat,30 daytry-outotthe A 30-naytry{ur of$e astoni$ing 3C!.haFcier
cunent verelon ol Adobe!' veror dmwing animalion looLlorrne.carion ot inag6, ndi6 and
proshm. lts Dowerlul tools and c€arive modelstorWeb, sEphics, vid@ and 30 prcjed. )6u en
options make il ideattor prcducing vecior aGo hmtoim sbric pDps and ihported pops irro tut9
a rtwork lor p r n, Web or anywhere. Produce posabte and a.imabble PosrllqlB.ll isrrial i.cGdes
superb Web gmphics using symbots and the fto Packadd{n noduG and con6 wiifi ona P,ser
innovative sticing optionsr expbre cr€ativo .haEcbi lwo hansels. and a smpG Setup Room 9bp.
options using tive disrorrion tools: and pubGh fti3 is a 3o-daytriaun€ €ontinuoc d.y coufr sbtu
in reord ime with dynamic data driven when rhe drl is insblled. Y.u a
gEp h i* and other pbd uctivily leatu €s. $enes and 6nnor impon or dpon arry 2D or3D dab.

---'*'-." rF'
PhotoArdq.nerClassic 1.5

PhotoArtMaster Classic 1.5

Seffi I numb€rl03(}fi MaF-TH5I-t[B
R4uteswLnd r33,/2000/M.?,xt
500MH, ptudMi 25€t1B RlM.600MA Transform any photograph into an illustration with this
powerful complete program.,.

EJ hotoAdJvlasrenies vd a €nee ol rools and kindsof pen -toriNtance,youcanconvertyour

Itrl "r*" *" -"." ""a.,"r'i..,""",n images to charc@t style drawings oi it you prefer you
intinile v.riety ot tako pannn€s fom ordinary cana[erthethickne,sof yourtinesand gofora pen-
lhoioqdehs.Iudinq diqtat photos inlo ,au rnd-ink styLe ins|ead you can €ven combin. th6
lalor.olouB isdt. n.w concepr.!t ahy slyles. lhon dEp on a watercobur later- withthe
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Getting stafied with PhotoArtMaster Classic
Follow our steps to making your photos look like hand-painted artworks...

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