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Subject : English Language

Year : 4 C+

Enrolment : 27 pupils (Level of pupils-low to intermediate)

Date/Day : 28TH August 2018 (Tuesday)

Time : 9.10 am – 10.10 am (60 minutes)

Theme : World of Self, Family and Friends

Topic : Unity in Diversity (Unit 10)

Focused Skill : Writing

Previous Knowledge : Pupils are already familiar with some of the vocabulary in the
topic which they have prior knowledge on the vocabulary

Content Standard : 3.3 write and present ideas through a variety of media using
appropriate language, form and style.

Learning Standard : 3.3.1 Able to create simple texts using a variety of media with
guidance: b) linear

Learning Objectives : By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:

1. Complete the missing word from the text given

2. Work as a group to produce a short paragraph about
festival in Malaysia.

Vocabulary : Clothes

Educational Emphases :
Moral Values : Respects
Thinking Skills : Finding solutions, problem solving skills
Multiple Intelligences : Verbal-linguistic, inter-personal and intra-personal
Resources/Teaching Aids : Powerpoint slides, worksheet

Stages/Time Content Activities Remarks

Set - Knowledge about 1) Teacher shows pupils the Preparation
Induction festival in traditional food that can be Phase
(5 minutes) Malaysia related with multiple races from - Preparation
all over Malaysia - Analysis

2) Teacher asks pupils whether

To arouse pupils’
they have tried the food before.
interests through
3) Teacher asks pupils when can
these types of food be found.

Powerpoint slides

Presentation Discussion about pictures 1) Teacher shows some pictures of Imagination

(20 minutes) Type of clothes traditional clothes. Phase
 Baju Melayu 2) Teacher asks some questions - Generating
 Baju Kurung about the picture to recall their ideas
 Saree information about the topic.
 Jippa 3) Teacher give chances for the To build new

 Cheong-sam pupils to ask questions about the knowledge and

 Samfoo picture. concepts based

Questions on existing

 What is this? knowledge or

schema that they
 What race wear
this cloth?
 What is the colour
of this cloth?
Practice Complete the missing 1) Teacher distributes worksheet to Development
(15 minutes) word! the pupils. Phase
2) Teacher asks pupils to complete - Enrichment
the missing word based from the - Assessment
3) Teacher acts as a facilitator and
help around.
4) Once they have finished their
work, teacher will ask them to Material:
exchange their work with their Worksheet
5) Teacher and the pupils will discuss
the answer together.

Production Create short paragraph 1) Pupils are divided into six groups. Action Phase
(15 minutes) 2) Each group is required to create a -Implementation
new short paragraph based on -Continuous
what they have learnt just now. Practice
3) Pupils have to work together to
finish the task.
4) The topic must be related to the
festival in Malaysia.
5) Once they have finished their
work, selected group will be asked
to present their at the front.
6) Teacher will evaluate their work.

Closure 1) To recap the lesson. 1) Teacher recaps the vocabulary

(5 minutes) 2) To instill moral values. introduced in the topic
2) Teacher states the importance of
respecting people around us.

Prepared by:
Raimi Syazwan bin Ruzaidi
IPG Kampus Kota Bharu