can we know Truth?

sg micheal, 2010/OCT/06 As readers might be familiar, when I capitalize, I indicate the archetype of something. So understand as typed in the title of this essay, Truth has a special meaning - an ultimate truth above and beyond all truths. If you are Christian or Muslim, I suppose you'd call it Divine truth, but you might not capitalize it. ;) If you have time, patience, and somewhat of an open mind, please read the article at: before continuing. I admire Jay as I do Dimitrios Sengos - a super-intelligent historian from Michigan State. Dimi and I once had a discussion about Truth - can you know it? Does it exist? His answer was no to both. (Incidentally, one of his past-times was MUDing; if you don't know what that is, please look it up; one of mine is Perfect World - a 3D version of the old MUDs.) More on that later. Back to truth and Truth.. If you read the article above by Jay, you'd get an insight into what I mean by Truth. If it exists, Truth is something most certainly hidden and not easily discovered. It is elusive and seems almost fluid/alive/constantly changing. But this perception contradicts the nature of Truth. Truth, if it exists, is equivalent to a Divine Perception - seeing as with God's Eyes. Unless God changes It's mind, Truth cannot change. It is only our perceptions of it that change. Another discussion about Truth I had with Birmania Bello - yet another super-intelligent person but this one is from Venezuela. Her perception of Truth is that we have difficulty knowing it. Each person has a version of it that we try to make clear in our own individual mind. I'm not sure if she believes knowing Truth is possible by 'mere humans'. But I believe she is spiritual and is sure we each have our own 'truth' we carry around with us (perhaps what we'd like to believe). But to me, this is not Truth nor anything resembling it - that is our wishful thinking, prayers, hopes, and beliefs. You could say part of my religion/faith is belief in Truth. Not only do I believe it exists, but it is knowable and mandatory for any sentient being. Let me copy-paste a section of my latest letter to Jay: "i hope, pray, and wish someday we can arrive at the Truth (when i capitalize, i indicate the archetype) globally - for our human civilization. not just post it on meagerly read web bullitens. i am one who craves Truth like a junky craves their fix. and i also desperately need for all sentient creatures to recognize that Truth. for what is the point if we live our lives in clouds of fathomless ignorance? how can we have any lasting Civilization if we are floundering in delusions?" 'Finally', let me surmise a discussion with my late father, W. Jean Micheal, that continued over many years with him. From my understanding of this deep thinker, Truth, in our modern age, is only knowable presently by spiritual means. Our level of technical and cultural sophistication is presently limited at best - as is our global spiritual maturity. So I believe he believed that our only recourse at present is a spiritual endeavor - a spiritual path to Truth. For myself, i have clearly outlined above what i believe - Truth is knowable and mandatory for all sentient beings. If we refuse, it is a kind of insanity - perhaps best described as spiritual

insanity. If we cannot communicate with whales, let us imagine what they might be thinking. "How can humans be so stupid?" is one my imagined whale thoughts. Or "We pity them." Or "How can we help them from destroying themselves and this planet???" What do whales do? They live, they eat, they mate, they sing, they die,.. Can we not learn anything from the whale-way-of-life? Why must we control and subdue everything - and from petty egos? If there is any 'drug' i can recommend, it would be ayahuasca. If you're too timid to try, read about it. Try The Cosmic Serpent by Jeremy Narby. So finally we return to MUDing and virtual realities. Dimi was a creator in his MUD; he'd create text illusions of 3D landscapes. What am i in Perfect World? i have several characters: one is a beautiful magical healer, one is an agile and quick monster destroyer with fighting pets, another is a powerful white tiger with incredible constitution.. What we cannot do in real life, we do in games and virtual realities.. We are 'gods' in games and virtual realities we create. We play because we cannot do in real life. It's sad but true. i end my letter to Jay thus: "my bottom line is this: lets live Meaningful lives by creating an enduring Civilization based on Humility, Trust, and Respect. let's expose, cherish, and revel in the Truth."

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