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Saves a whole load of money, the intelligent truck mixer control system.

Profitability Functionality
l Lower fuel consumption (Demand-driven control l Sensitive operation with ergonomic single-
of diesel engine speed by the intelligent hand control.
electronic). l Clearly laid-out operating panel with functional
l Longer service life of the drum due to reduced background lighting (only the buttons are
wear. illuminated, which could be logical operated).
l With Soft-Stopp and Soft-Start less stress for the l In-cab control panel and control panel at the
drive train or chassis, this reduce the risk for rear could be alternative operated, double
damages or service by faulty operation. operation is unable.

Convenience Reliability
l Convenient, ergonomic single-hand control l The electronic system permits a protective
(press in driving direction = fill / mixing, pull in and reliable operation due to the Soft-Start or
opposite of driving direction = discharge). Soft- Stopp. For example: Change of direction
l Driver operates intuitive, he can concentrate on at maximum drum speed is not possible.
construction site. l Alternative operation without lever via control
l Drum can be stopped quickly using a button on buttons or with in-cab control panel.
the top of the lever. l For increased safety, the control unit on the
l Pressing the button again activate the memory rear can be locked against unauthorized use
function. from the drivers cab.

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