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Linta's Speech Analysis

Given Spoken as Computer might take Unintelligibility factor

it as (Scale 1 to 5)
Eye or even Eye od even (r -> d) iodeven 4
Cause cause (z -> s) Course 5
Simple Simble (mp -> mb) Cymbal 5
Dominant Co-dominant (word
Tasks Task (new word added)
Down (ou -> aw) Dawn 5
A toad Oa -> o Tod 4
Characteristic I -> ai charactericesticks 4
Example Examble 1
Problems with singular
and plurals (tasks,
chicks, characteristics)
Surprised Ai -> aa Surprassed 4
Preference Performance
Others (singular Other
Lateralisation Illustration
Environmental Envenmen
Adding (the) at many
Have to Such as
Too Toe 5
If Missing
Challenge Challenges
With Missing
... And (added)
In the Its
Hold Halt 5
Able Ebble (ei->e) 3
Halves Haves 5
Eyes Eye
Sides Side
Heads Hands
Tasks Task
Advantage Advantages
Of For
Claws Close (aw - o) 5
Oudha Out to the
Expectations Expections 5
Wired Weird 5
Seem Missing
A The
Widda With the
That And
Populations Population
Benefits Benefit

1) Singulars are turned into plurals and vice versa
2) Many words are missing
3) Word replacement is frequently seen
4) Articles are not properly recognized
5) Mother tongue interference is severe in some cases only. However the unintelligibility
factor is too high.
6) The hesitations at many places suggest that there is less exposure to Reading.
7) Problems with connected speech.