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God Takes You

Out of Your Past Sept  Fall Series “Living Like a Wise Guy”   

Psalm 51, 2 Samuel 11-12

2 What Do You Wish? 1 Kings 3:3‐15
1.  No Ma er What Happened Before You were Born, God Loves You 
 I will stop limi ng myself by the sins of those who came before me. Instead
I will claim the new name and new crea on God has given me. 9 God Takes You Out of Your Past Ps 51, 2 Sm 11‐12

16 God’s Plan Always Prospers 1 Kings 1

23 By Wisdom, the House is Established 1 Kings 4:24‐34

The Fear of the Lord is the Beginning of

30 1 Kings 8:1‐11

2.  No Ma er Your Dysfunc onal Upbringing, God Can Change You  Oct     

for the Be er 
 I will not use my messed up past as a map for my inevitable future, rather 7 Proverbs: My Son, Receive My Words Proverbs 2:1‐15
I will recognize it, bring it to Him, and seek the Lord’s will for my future.
14 Ecclesiastes: Unhappy Business Ecclesiastes 1:12‐18

21 Song of Songs: Pursue Your Spouse Song of Songs 1

28 What Turns Your Heart Away from God? 1 Kings 11:1‐13

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3.  No Ma er Where You are Incomplete, God Doesn’t Wait for  

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