Executive summary

Anytimeparts.com is a web portal to facilitate garage people to get the parts of the car which are difficult to get from the local market. Anytimeparts.com will help them through the help of their internet based network and will provide the parts to the users as soon as possible.

The customer

In India, there are 1 car of every 100 people so there are nearly 1 crore cars in India. India has total 4253 listed automobile service centers. But the market for Indianautoparts.com will be unorganized sector which getting difficulties to get the parts at time. The number of unorganized garages in India is very big which is nearly 3, 50,000.

The organization

Anytimeautoparts.com will get start on the idea of satisfying customer and maintaining the satisfied customer is essential to the financial health of the organization. With this in mind, anytimeautoparts.com will be working very hard to ensure that all customer expectation is exceeded in all transaction. To maintain the presence within automobile industry indianautoparts.com will be active member of all auto expo and automobile related fair in the India.

The suppliers

Indian auto parts industry s growth rate is 16.9% in years 2009. And has sustained its double digit growth since 1994-95. The Indian auto components industry is quite comprehensive with around 500 firms in the organized sector and 10,000 firms in total who produce auto components. So Indianautpparts.com will have large no. of options to select a supplier. But indiansutoparts.com will select unorganized sector as a supplier due to less price and flexibility in the transactions. There will be only 1 supplier of 1 component per city. Eg. Xyz manufacturer is our suppliers for sleeves in Ahmadabad

1. 000 location will be Ahmadabad As we are in the intial stage we will hire the office on rent in ahmedabad so that we can control our cost and can reduce the amount of capital.com will select supplier in the basis of volume they are creating per day and how speedy they can serve our customer. .000 Rs.000 We will buy 6 computers.000. And indianautoparts.com along with their address and the people at indianautoparts. Web portal development Server charges (to get the space at internet) Furniture Computers and equipments Rs. 1800/ month Rs. And deposit will be 1. 15. 2. Operations The customer (garage owner. 00. And the money will be 25% more than the actual price of the goods that our supplier is charging. And wireless internet connection. The courier company will collect the money from the customer on behalf of our supplier. 00.000 Rs.000 Rs.then there will be no other supplier for sleeves in Ahmadabad. And in case nearest supplier doesn t have that particular parts available to him then next nearest supplier will be approached.com will see the requirement of particular customer and send the requirement to the nearest supplier along with the address of the customer. 00. technicians) will put their requirements at the indianautoparts. cost of capital and expected revenue Cost structure Company will need initial finance of 10. And the supplier will send the particular parts to the customer. 3 printers. Finance. And there will be price of all the product on the portal and when customer put his requirement on our portal then customer will be given order ID and customer will have to match his order ID with courier boy. And cost structure is as below Office Rs. 50. 3 telephone connection. 1 fax machine. 00. And customer will put the time in which he wants that particular parts and that time limit will be forwarded to the supplier and we will ensure that delivery is done within that time.

350.000 for first 5 to 6 months. so expected revenue of Indianautoparts. Designations: Finance-2 Marketing-4 . 10 lacks from bank at the rate 10% and the period of the loan will be 5 years Partition of the 125% of the price 100% 20% 5% supplier indianautoparts.000 (For 10 employees including peon for initial 2 moths) Capital Company will get the loan of Rs.com is expecting 75 transactions per day. 350 will be Rs. average price of the 1 auto part from 685 auto parts that indianautoparts. 000 Rs.com will be 5250 per day. 2.com will struggle in the initial time as it will have to create awareness in the market and for the first 5 to 6 moth indianautoparts.Man power hiring charges Salary Rs. So we can say that expected monthly revenue will be Rs. 50.70. 50. and so that 20% of Rs. 1.com have is Rs. 00.com courier service Indianautoparts. HR: We will recruit people through placement agency.

Our product will be our service that we are providing online. PromotionOur marketing people will promote our portal through direct meeting to all the unorganized garages or service centers . Maharashtra.Receptionist-1 Admin-5 Peon-2 Marketing mix PricePartition of the 130% of the price 105% 20% 5% supplier indianautoparts. We will try to create an awareness in the general public through E-marketing. and Punjab because these regions are more developed and more cars are run in these region.com as their pats is not easily available in the market. However the amount of luxury cars will be more in this region and those luxury cars will be opportunity for anytimeparts. Delhi. But our main focus will be Gujarat. Madhya Pradesh. Rajasthan.com courier service Product.We will also promote our portal in different auto expo which is organized by the automobile sector. . PlaceAs we are in the online market our place will be internet.

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