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Boston Redevelopment Authority Annual Report


our mission:

in partnership with communities, the bra plans boston’s future while respecting its past. we prepare our residents for new opportunities through training, human sevices, and job

creation. the bra guides physical, social, and economic change in boston’s neighborhoods and its downtown to shape a more prosperous, comfortable, sustainable and beautiful city for all.
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economic development JoBs And community seRvices ReseARch Budget BoARd memBeRs

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no ordinary year no ordinary city

our values:
dedication respect diversity integrity balance
dedication to boston and enhancing the city life respect for individuals, neighborhoods, and communities embrace diversity through difference in people, ideas, and skills integrity of people and process

professionalism commitment to professional excellence, learning, and accountability
balance competing interests and concerns

retirements. and position eliminations. i’m especially proud to share the work that we’ve done to keep Boston at the forefront of sustainability initiatives. we’re making a real difference in the overall health of our city. menino John f. As we look forward. we must remember that Boston is a city that is only as strong as its neighborhoods. we’re confident that our efforts will ensure that Boston remains a world-class city while preparing for it to grow and evolve in the years to come. menino. Board agendas are now available online. the business community and the people of Boston. the BRA operated at a deficit during this fiscal year. although sound. civic and community leaders. economic development. our efforts are delivered to the people of Boston with no subsidy from the city operational budget. neighborhood task force members and impact advisory groups. this Annual Report shares with you.000 that our Jobs and community services division allocated to train residents for green jobs. despite all of our efforts. guided private developers through the public review process. which requires that all large projects be leed-certifiable. and the citizens of Boston. and cost-cutting measures were put into effect. and promoted job opportunities for Boston residents. in all of these areas. and workforce development enables Boston to generate innovative and sustainable plans that allow the city’s neighborhoods and residents to flourish. internally. in fy09. continued the revitalization of our neighborhoods. we managed the growth of the health and higher education institutions that have become so important to the city’s economy. we end the year on solid financial ground and are optimistic that we are turning the corner on the global economic crisis. palmieri 3 . and this year was a tough one.” – mayor thomas m. our meetings are now televised and soon we will unveil a compliance database and a new development pipeline to facilitate access to project information. economic development. we’ve embarked upon a major upgrade to our electronic filing system in order to preserve important documents and make them more readily available to our staff and the public. and workforce development. With your guidance and support. the BRA’s comprehensive approach to planning. “ more than five decades of experience have taught the agency that our economy. the impact of work performed by a professional and dedicated staff. With that mantra in mind. our elected officials. community advisory committees. to our greentech Business manager who helps small and mid-sized businesses operate more sustainably.dear friends: through our collective efforts. the BRA contributes to the vitality of our great city and serves the people of Boston by providing comprehensive guidance in planning. it was necessary to impose salary reductions. the BRA worked closely with mayor thomas m. from our first-in-the-nation green Building Zoning code. to the $250. having these three functions unified in a single agency enables each division to inform and enhance the work of the other divisions. goes through cycles.

40 million square feet of office space.000 hotel rooms. but the work is not concluded. in addition the city has built more than 62. As we look to the future.000 new housing units 5 .For over 50 years. we see that Boston has benefitted from the passions of its people. the city has added more than 130. ensuring a robust public voice and all its associated benefits.000 jobs added 40 million sq ft of office space 16. As we look back over the half-century of work by the BRA. the BRA has strengthened these processes over the course of its history.000 new housing units. and almost 16. livable and 62.000 new hotel rooms sustainable city.000 jobs. the BRA will continue to make Boston an even more 130. in that time. the participation of the public in planning and development dialogues that have shaped the places that are special to Bostonians. affordable to a range of incomes. the Boston Redevelopment Authority has been proud to be the city’s planning and economic development agency. the result is a city rising into world class.

and even a car wash. and have agreed to interview all program graduates. participating businesses include restaurants. is a unique initiative to help 27 small and mid-sized local businesses become more sustainable while reducing their energy. setting aside $250. the new solar Boston web application can be accessed through the BRA website.000 annually. Among many measureable positive impacts. personal care. Boston is a city known for its drive to discover and its cutting-edge innovation. our Jobs and community services division issued a call in June 2008 for green jobs training programs. Jcs awarded a contract to the Asian American civic Association (AAcA) for its proposal to run a training program that will prepare Boston residents for “green collar” jobs. Winn Residential. Jcs sought training program models and collaborative efforts that would prepare trainees to enter these industries or upgrade the skills of workers to advance into new jobs. which included a comprehensive sustainability assessment and development and implementation of a sustainability action plan. maloney properties. “ green Jobs looking to boost the skills of local residents so that they can participate in the emerging green technology industries. waste. supported in part by a grant from the state department of environmental protection. and the hilton Back Bay hotel. renewable energy. these employers have assisted in the development of the training curriculum. menino sustainable Business leaders Boston’s businesses want to leave a lasting impression. Beyond the new Zoning code.000 of linkage funds.Fy 2009 highlights Where the culture of innovation is simply revolutionary. which requires that all large projects institute the requirements for leed certification.” – mayor thomas m. the inaugural sBlp class completed a rigorous 18-month process. cornu management company. hiring them as vacancies allow. in november 2008. particularly those related to energy efficiency. 10 businesses that participated in utility-sponsored energy audit programs cut their electricity costs by nearly $14. and allow Bostonians to analyze their rooftop solar energy potential. track progress toward the mayor’s goal. financial firms. AAcA has already lined up employer partners. and water expenses. a significant boost in a down economy and an aggregate carbon emission reduction roughly equivalent to removing 10 gasoline-powered vehicles from Boston’s roads. the gis team is currently using advanced Web gis technology to map the city’s solar installations. the lenox hotel. including cJ/cmJ management company. wholesale distributors.000. retailers. solar Boston in 2007. our other departments and divisions are always looking for ways that we can assist in making Boston an even greener city. greening our City the BRA is proud to have helped Boston be the first city in the nation to implement a green Building Zoning code in 2006. 7 . track citywide solar installations. the BRA’s sustainable Business leader program (sBlp). With an initial grant of $125. mayor menino issued an executive order on climate change that set greenhouse gas reduction goals and outlined city strategies for recycling and renewable energy. and resource conservation. AAcA will run a facilities maintenance energy efficiency training program that will train 28 people in its first cycle.

this effort has received approval from the massachusetts department of environmental protection and the Boston public health commission – endorsements that pave the way for construction of the new Area B-2 police station.000 square foot dudley municipal Building to be developed where the historic ferdinand’s furniture Building now stands.000 car trips annually.500 entrepreneurs. the Rfp. one marina park drive. plus 250 new bike racks have been installed across the city. BRA engineering has completed site remediation of the former guscott Building. and economic benefits to Boston include the elimination of up to 315. the gis team and Boston Bikes have been working together to develop a sophisticated and comprehensive Boston Bike map using google maps. which is one of the leading products in current web applications. thus adding to the vibrancy of the square. the opening of the Renaissance hotel. mayor menino and the Boston Bikes director issued an Rfp for a bike share program in march 2009. in addition. spans approximately 21 acres along northern Avenue and is considered one of the most desired waterfront development sites on the east coast. one of Boston’s hottest developing areas.000 square feet of class A office space. and a new public green and a marina underway. and the creation of over 50 new green jobs. including 1. the Zoning viewer was developed using the new Arcgis server flex/Rest Api.Boston Bikes following the mayor’s 2007 launch of Boston Bikes. it is a revitalization project reflecting collaboration among the BRA. Neighborhoods on the Move Dudley square vision the dudley square vision was launched by mayor menino in 2007. discover new routes. Cutting-edge technology Zoning viewer the gis department has completed an innovative update of the BRA Zoning viewer. over the course of fy09. article 80 viewer the gis team launched the Article 80 viewer in february 2009. the new system allows for searching and displaying of Article 80 projects in the development Review process. public facilities department (“pfd”) and Boston transportation department (“Btd”) to enhance this civic center in the heart of Roxbury. and the strategic use of social media platforms like facebook and twitter. menino. this web application allows the public to browse and query the city’s Zoning and parcel data. building an internship program. innovative museums. a $3 billion development. department of neighborhood development (“dnd”). in the future.000 square feet of retail space and underground parking. a citywide initiative to make Boston a better biking city. building a startup team and creative financing. options for incorporating. new bike lanes have been installed on commonwealth Avenue in Allston and American legion highway in Roslindale. city of boston • thomas m. is the first of many new developments that are revitalizing the south Boston Waterfront. and report on parcel zoning and assessment data. currently. the BRA is working with pfd to select a designer for the proposed 150. health. including the near completion of the first office building on fan pier. one team will be selected to negotiate a design contract for a certifiably green municipal office facility that will contain up to 400 workers and provide city services to the dudley community and beyond. onein3 has expanded its reach to over 11. this neighborhood has experienced significant progress in the past year. in 2009. an estimated reduction of 750 tons of greenhouse gases. Additional BRA/city of Boston collaboration for the dudley square vision project is evidenced by activities such as remediation of the former modern electroplating company site and Boston childrens service center garnering “priority project status” and $2 million in financial support from massdevelopment. With the aid of this new programming. additional harborWalk areas. the south Boston Waterfront was home to the only united states stop-over for the puma ocean Race. has a reputation for cutting-edge restaurants. represents a major step towards establishing a bike share program. photo and video tours will be incorporated to allow the public to gain a more transparent and concrete visual perspective on the impact of a new project. to facilitate this effort. 40. property and construction management (“pcm”). a 300% increase in bike trips. this application provides a cutting-edge mapping interface for the development project pipeline. Bye covered blogging for your business. fan pier. and rate specific bike routes in the city. and tapping small business resources effectively. With this new technology. one marina park drive will open in early 2010. it is an 18-story building that includes approximately 500. 8 9 . upon completion of the designer selection process. this online map and brochure will help cyclists plan rides. and a thriving tourist destination. Boston young entrepreneurs launched a series of bi-monthly workshops and panel discussions that address common needs requested by the group. an internationally recognized sailing race. south Boston Waterfront the south Boston Waterfront. spearheaded by the city of Boston in partnership with the metropolitan Area planning council (mApc). onein3 neighborhood groups across Boston. mayor Dudley square MUNICIPAL OFFICE FACILITY request for qualifications oNein3 Boston onein3 Boston has enhanced its ability to serve 20-34 year-olds by expanding programming for Boston young entrepreneurs and creating a more far-reaching grassroots infrastructure with its neighborhood groups.000 members. individuals have the ability to locate a parcel by parcel id number or address. environmental. going forward. this year. the group plans to address marketing. fan pier will be the largest leed-certified development in the us since the entire site will be a high performance green and sustainable development. this new application enables the public to search for projects based on multiple criteria and view the project locations in the context of the city of Boston.

safe and diverse by planning and guiding development that fosters the vision of the city and its communities. property owners. businesses.” – mayor thomas m. there is a great light shining on Boston. and civic organizations to formulate a long-term vision that will strengthen Boston’s position as a leading urban center for growth and innovation. menino . institutions. public agencies.plaNNiNg Where city living is complete living. people look to our city for inspiration. haymarket Area mid-dorchester planning municipal harbor plan north Allston-Brighton community-Wide plan “ Rose f. Kennedy greenway planning study south Boston harbor plan stuart street planning study transportation and infrastructure planning fairmount line and station Area planning fenway transportation improvements plan melnea cass Boulevard Roxbury traffic model south Bay harbor trail south Boston Waterfront traffic model transit-oriented development urban Ring 11 even as this fog of economic uncertainty lingers over the nation. current BRA planning Activities: Community planning christian science plaza Revitalization project crossroads initiative downtown crossing economic improvement initiative dudley square vision government center green growth district harrison and Albany corridor planning study market district planning. the planning division is dedicated to keeping our neighborhoods attractive. the BRA plAnning division works with residents.

the initiative concluded in the fall of 2008 with the mBtA’s issuance of an invitation to Bid (itB) for its four parcels comprising 400 acres. retail. in 2007. the adoption of the downtown crossing signage Amendment (Articles 27d and 38) established new signage requirements and design review for all signs in the district in an attempt to enhance the visual quality of the downtown crossing area. developer selection for air rights parcels have been determined. and open space preservation. Unifying Downtown. and illustrate the variety of permitted sign types in the neighborhood. the mBtA has tentatively designated a firm for an office/retail development on two parcels with the intent to reissue an itB for the remaining two parcels as the economy shows signs of improvement. the final report. providing a resource to create a network of historic interpretation through exhibits. the BRA developed use and design guidelines that were incorporated into the mBtA’s Request for proposals. the community’s vision for the forest hills station area is to guide and promote manageable residential and business growth.4 million square feet of new development. Downtown Crossing signage amendments in november growth: transit-oriented Development BRA planners are working with the community to take advantage of Boston’s urban transit system by encouraging mixed-use developments that cluster residential. and open space around transit stops. 12 13 . public participation in greenway planning was provided through the mayor’s central Artery completion task force and neighborhood committees. etc. over time the quality of downtown crossing’s signage will improve significantly with these new standards. Boston witnessed the completion of the $16 billion megaproject that reconfigured downtown traffic flow by replacing overhead highways with tunnels and giving rise to the Rose Kennedy greenway and a surface boulevard. provide a comprehensive approach to all forms of signage. east Boston Waterfront District Municipal harbor plan amendment the east Boston Waterfront district municipal harbor plan Amendment received approval from the massachusetts executive office of energy and environmental Affairs. they regulate size. the greenway master plan led to the creation of a 23-acre park chain that divides the boulevard and connects development parcels on the Big dig’s reclaimed land. and envision future development scenarios that will incorporate sustainability principles and assess potential impacts to the environment and infrastructure. focusing on the history of east Boston’s Waterfront. hotel. its transportation plan includes suggested improvements and site-specific use and design guidelines in accord with the community’s goals. the long-term plan leverages the underutilized JfK/umass mBtA station and will provide an enhanced. office. Forest hills improvement initiative the forest hills improvement initiative commenced in 2006. As an outgrowth of the harbor planning process several community workshops were held. public art. activating the Waterfront the planning division has completed a number of initiatives focusing on physically. for the public to enjoy along the harborWalk. and economically joining Boston’s downtown with its expansive waterfront districts. and use. pedestrian-friendly environment. the new requirements and companion guideline publication will improve the effectiveness of sign advertising for individual concerns and also make the neighborhood more visually appealing. institutional. the guidelines encourage inventive and unique signs. culminating in a planning process that builds on the east Boston municipal harbor plan and the east Boston master plan. culturally. and certain design aspects. “sites for historical interpretation on east Boston’s Waterfronts. placement. identify guidelines for height. a greenway district planning study was commissioned to examine development opportunities. rose Kennedy greenway District planning study Columbia point Master plan the recently drafted columbia point master plan embraces this vision of transitoriented development by transforming an automobile-oriented neighborhood to a transit-oriented community that would accommodate up to 6. density.” includes a detailed history of waterfront sites. in 2008.

co-chair. and the wider community in the planning and rezoning processes. the main goals of these efforts are to establish an overall vision for the neighborhood and to make recommendations for zoning to include guidance for block and street patterns. following a 2½ year neighborhood planning effort. land use. the initiative will continue with support from residents. and the subsequent rezoning phase should be completed by the end of 2010. setbacks. the BRA initiated the north Allston-Brighton community-Wide planning effort to augment. in April 2009. their commitment to securing input from every corner of Roslindale was greatly appreciated. Chinatown gateway park Built in 1983 to complement the installation of the chinatown gate. the planning division is now focused on improving zoning for hyde park. and parking requirements. 14 15 . and offstreet parking patterns.” – wayne beitler. an external consultant team. transportation. and refine the vision of the 2005 north Allston strategic framework for planning. the BRA issued an Rfp to initiate a redesign of the park. 2008. Assistance from BRA staff and from the consultant team was invaluable – everything from analyzing the local commercial real estate market to helping run a series of big public meetings. and economic vitality of the twelve streets that provide seamless connections from Boston’s downtown neighborhoods through the greenway to the Waterfront. Broad street. heights. and economic incentives to strengthen the public realm. in August. Updated Zoning in roslindale and hyde park the Roslindale neighborhood Article was adopted as Article 67 in the Boston Zoning code and went into effect on June 25. focuses on enhancing the safety. the BRA began a community planning initiative for hyde park. this streamlined flow will benefit residents and visitors alike. planning staff will now host three public meetings to finalize the design with the community before the work begins. and in october the BRA Board awarded stephen stimson Associates a $50. launched in 2004. the city. building types. this community-wide planning effort will provide a clear “roadmap” with key action steps resulting in a proactive development plan that will optimize change in the neighborhood for decades to come. roslindale planning and rezoning advisory group strong Neighborhoods for the Future Boston is home to an active and engaged network of communities. which will produce a neighborhood strategic plan followed by a new zoning article for hyde park. open space. the community-Wide plan will direct general real estate growth and development toward the areas around harvard’s non-campus real estate holdings. North allston-Brighton Community-Wide plan in July 2008. Crossroads initiative the crossroads initiative. is fully designed and has been released for construction bids. chinatown gateway park is located on hudson street in chinatown. An Advisory group of 13 hyde park residents has been appointed by mayor menino and is currently working with the BRA.000 design services contract to complete the new design. urban design guidelines. the community-Wide plan addresses housing. suitable zoning. densities. through their work they coordinate infrastructure improvements. the first of the planned crossroads. open and public space. re-evaluate. environmental quality. and economic development opportunities through interactive workshops led by the BRA with community residents and key stakeholders. it will also provide a context for harvard’s on-going institutional master planning process for its campus. it includes recommendations that shape land use controls. and helped ensure wide support for the final plan and the new zoning code. BRA planners partner with residents and business owners to create a vision for sustainable growth in the neighborhoods that reflects the values and aspirations of the community and the city as a whole. having given Roslindale new direction in zoning. accessibility. the planning phase is anticipated to be completed in spring 2010. this project will beautify the space and make it more enjoyable for community members of all ages. local businesses. energizing shared spaces BRA planners are devoted to employing all of the city’s resources to achieve the goals of making Boston livable for residents and profitable for a broad base of new and existing businesses.“ our neighborhood worked on the master planning and rezoning project for two years. and other stakeholders.

2 billion $10.8 billion $ 24. the success of the Article 80 process hinges on the participation of Boston residents.eCoNoMiC DevelopMeNt great cities are not born. the BRA’s development And pRoJect mAnAgement teAm guides the city’s real estate development review process. including reviewing the design of the development and the effect on the surrounding community. menino under construction Approved under Review planned 34 147 27 51 8 31 18 million million million $ 3. we need to talk about bringing more of that opportunity to Boston’s neighborhoods. they are made.4 million $24.1 billion $ 8.” – mayor thomas m.7 billion $ 2.4 million TOTAL 259 86.8bil 17 . who are encouraged to offer their comments and insights throughout the many stages of development review. “ June 2008 – June 2009 Development pipeline projects square feet development costs When we talk about economic opportunity.8 billion 29.

098 sq ft 392.000 sq ft 117.000 sq ft 350.000 sq ft 1.000 sq ft completed projects: 1 completed Completed under construction Under Construction approved Approved under review Under Review planned Planned 1 • 5 significant projects filed and under review: • • • harbor garage government center garage Redevelopment one Bromfield street 1.000 sq ft 495.230 sq ft 107.5 m 3.8 m sq ft sq ft 407.600 sq ft 395.700 sq ft 456.000 sq ft 271.000 sq ft 365.000 sq ft 275.000 sq ft 60.200 sq ft 337.124 sq ft 86.000 sq ft 1 l olmsted green phase i 2 l greater Boston food Bank 3 l two financial center 4 l 45 province street 5 l Battery Wharf 6 l Archstone Avenir 7 l 1330 Boylston + fenway health center 96.000 sq ft • 6 • 7 19 .09 m sq ft 77.5 m sq ft 100.000 sq ft 221.000 sq ft 214.700 sq ft 145.000 sq ft 500.000 sq ft 6 5 4 3 7 2 • 2 fy09 significant projects approved: • 4 • 3 • • • • • • • • • 212 stuart street parcel 24 350 Boylston street Boston Renaissance charter school 20 somerset street/suffolk university 1 Kenmore/Air Rights parcel emmanuel college fenway Residences Boston college institutional master plan 892 River street 65.500 sq ft 1.000 sq ft 60.000 sq ft 108.significant projects under construction: • • • • • • • • • • • 1 Russia Wharf northeastern university Residence hall i isabella stewart gardner museum W hotel fan pier parcel f liberty Wharf (Jimmy’s harborside) Washington Beech (hope vi) Ames hotel the clarendon the paramount 850.

paving the way for business-friendly policies and mutually beneficial public awareness of contemporary video game issues. retain and grow retail. the team has been diligent in helping newmarket businesses become more sustainable. the lifetech Boston team at the BRA has worked to promote these local advantages to companies around the world that would benefit from and also enhance Boston’s life sciences sector. increase customer stay time. restaurants. experience Boston has showcased 5 growing retail areas including downtown crossing. their future workforce. and the sector development team has been instrumental in researching. commercial. the department’s offerings can swiftly metamorphose to reflect the ever-changing dynamics of the economy. the delegation came to Boston to learn the details of market opportunities within the city and region and grew directly out of lifetech’s relationship with Advance medical. offering cutting-edge programs and assistance for today’s issues and tomorrow’s innovations. Creative industries: poweringUp Boston the video game industry shows significant growth potential and is projected to be a $55 billion industry globally in 2011. such as the creation of housing and the expansion of employment opportunities for residents. business owners. including an application for infrastructure improvements utilizing potential public Works economic development grant funding. community-based organizations and developers. and storefront services.the economic development teAm strengthened over 1. Menino and 20 Boston Retail oppoRtunities a PrivaTe Tour and recePTion City OffiCials invite yOu tO retail: experience Boston Boston Retail is a citywide effort to strengthen and grow the city’s retail sector. infrastructure and transportation. through createBoston. this Boston-area game industry website serves as a centralized portal where industry affiliates can find and disseminate topical information with the city. a $5. green technology. which generate over $200 million in revenues and more than identifying cost-effective strategies to advance energy-efficient and clean energy opportunities. moving people and commerce is critical to the success of area businesses. promote environmental sustainability and connect with Boston’s young workforce to ensure continued growth by collaborating across governmental agencies and business organizations. and sustainable transportation and infrastructure improvements. the efficient newmarket strategy targets feasible and implementable cost-saving measures for the area’s businesses. Approximately 70 retailers and retail real estate professionals joined the mayor on the tour. Additionally. and fenway. mayor menino hosted the 2nd Annual experience Boston retail opportunities tour to showcase Boston’s vibrant commercial districts and available retail space. newmarket is where Boston works.500 jobs.s. Boston Retail’s programs and resources aim to balance retail mix. Back Bay. Newmarket industrial District: Boston’s green Corridor strategically located at the crossroads of Boston’s highways. 21 . dudley square. a unit of Advance medical health care management services sA of Barcelona. Mayor ThoMas M. Working in partnership with neighborhood residents. life sciences: Collaboration beyond Boston Boston-area researchers have received the most national health institutes award funding for 14 straight years. sector Development and retention the BRA’s sectoR development teAm implements and manages key economic sector projects to promote a strong economy in Boston. is an international health care services provider that offers patients a second medical opinion and health care solutions from medical experts worldwide. including traditional retail businesses. the BRA is building a network for this industry that will raise Boston’s profile as a global leader in gaming. south Boston Waterfront. industrial. Anchored by two sustainable technical assistance workshops. the BRA’s initiative for the creative sector. Advance medical. for example. the mayor established the first Boston game industry steering committee to work collaboratively with the city administration. trades and moves. this past June. combined with a strong business sector make Boston one of the world’s leading hubs of scientific innovation and capitalization. which was held as a prelude to the international conference of shopping centers new england idea exchange at the Boston convention and exhibition center. and area institutions grant more life science phds annually than any other metropolitan region. strong academic and institutional sectors.000 businesses and 21 medical and academic institutions in Boston. headquarters. these initiatives attract. and each other. future plans for the district involve working with departments across the city to enhance parking. lifetech Boston assisted Advanced medical in finding a location in the city for their u. a comprehensive business assistance expo. and aiding the execution of several enhancements to the area.5 million loan fund for energy efficiency retrofits and renewable energy installations. life sciences and creative sector businesses. proposing.000 people and generate over $3 billion in sales every year. this past year. Around 500 area businesses employ over 11. metro-Boston is home to over 76 video game companies. in the past two years. and strengthen our smaller businesses so that they remain competitive in today’s marketplace. one of the committee’s recommendations was launched in march 2009: poweringupBoston. this summer. lifetech Boston hosted a networking event to create a bridge between a delegation of 20 Barcelonabased companies and 40 leaders of the Boston business community at the center for life sciences in the longwood medical Area. with 35 universities and colleges and 22 hospitals. the BRA employs an integrated approach to economic investment that addresses the current and future needs of the city across a range of issues.

leading the Way. the CharlestoWN Navy yarD pier 4 DreDgiNg proJeCt was completed on January 15. the Boston Redevelopment Authority was able to purchase eight of the bank-owned properties. the pier is now able to host the navy’s largest vessels during port-ofcalls in Boston harbor. Pictured below is the newly renovated Pier 3 “ the BRA was the only entity that was ahead of schedule for my closing. small. universities. the department of neighborhood development and the Boston housing Authority. representing an estimated $5 billion of investment by both private and public funding sources. reducing Boston’s homelessness by 50%. and hospitals–key drivers of the local and regional economy– continue to thrive while enhancing their host neighborhoods and the city as a whole. the Boston Redevelopment Authority. which eliminated off-site disposal. i am so thrilled to have my own place in east Boston!” – matthew b. and neighborhood pride is on the rise.s. stabilizing the impact of the city’s rise in foreclosures. has produced over 18. contractor mobilization. the BRA and the mayor’s office work closely together with local residents and the city’s institutions to define an appropriate program of community benefits to be provided both during and after a project’s planning and construction period. and contract administration costs. this agreement was advantageous for the BRA in that it allowed for the excavated dredge material to be disposed in the Aquatic disposal cell permitted by the u. As of July 2009. BRA’s engineering staff sought and received a $390.s.institutional Development and engagement Boston is home to 22 medical institutions and 35 post-secondary educational institutions.000 grant administered by the commonwealth of massachusetts department of conservation and Recreation on behalf of the seaport Advisory council. was achieved through a partnership of the Boston Redevelopment Authority. 2009. this development activity. 22 23 . saving approximately $200. in order to carry out this project. i appreciate the work that you and your colleagues do to help make affordable housing possible. new resident hendry street revitalization hendry street in dorchester once had the highest concentration of foreclosed homes in the city with 16 foreclosed properties within a small four-block area. and preserving the affordable housing created. the mayor announced leading the Way iii. assisting the department of neighborhood development and the mayor’s foreclosure intervention team. which were in turn sold to a respected general contractor who has renovated the properties and is now marketing them to homeowners. serving every neighborhood and income group.000 of the project’s budget. worked to stabilize the hendry street neighborhood.000 new units of housing since 2000. abandonment and crime have decreased. Army corps of engineers to include the pier 4 work in a much larger contract to dredge the harbor approach. Army corps of engineers. there was only one foreclosed property remaining. Working with many different lenders. they also sought and received approval from both massport and the u. focusing on the creation of workforce housing. housing Development and inclusion affordable housing the mayor’s housing strategy. the BRA’s institutional development team works to ensure that Boston’s many colleges. in march 2009.

inc.467. inc. Dorchester) • Boston conservatory (Fenway) * BidfA (Boston industrial development financing Authority) Bldc * issued 12 loans totaling $1. 86 new artist live/work and work-only units are under construction and will be offered for sale starting later this year. three new artist live/work spaces on congress street in fort point were sold to BRA-certified Artists. and development. and a vital economic center. bringing the total number of permanent city-sponsored artist units created and artist-occupied through the BRA’s Artist space initiative to 165. inc.000 artists of many disciplines have taken advantage of the BRA’s Artist certification program. design review. making them eligible for future artist space as it is developed. which created 695 jobs and retained 212 jobs. east Boston. and high school students. local artists. financing was issued to the following organizations: Boston Renaissance charter school (Hyde Park) • Work. BidfA* issued 3 bonds totaling $47. the heart of cultural life.suffolk university gives back to the community Bonding And finAncing suffolk university will work with the BRA’s createBoston initiative to provide access to its cultural facilities. (Fields Corner. (South Boston) urban Adventours (North End) • Biodefense corporation (South Boston) • 760 Adams street Realty trust (Dorchester) • 303 café. the following businesses are located in BRA/edic properties: pile drivers union • Reflex lighting • pete’s dockside • national color corporation • cresset development • double tap • elv • chart house • Boston ship Repair • fJ o’hara and sons expansion • martel upholstery • massport 25 24 . created 269 jobs. generating a vibrant street life that deters crime and dramatically enhances the quality of neighborhoods for residents and visitors alike.510. since the late 1960s.000. more artist units are in various stages of planning. financing was issued to the following companies: Artaic (South Boston) • Blow hair salon (Fenway) • clutch (Back Bay) • cogito health.000.450. (Charlestown) • geekhouse Bike company. with bank debt leveraged in the amount of $1. in hyde park and south Boston alone. making over 138. mission hill and lower Roxbury neighborhoods. suffolk university will also provide access to courses and other academic programs to Bps teachers. Additionally. artist space initiative Artists make Boston a more livable city – a city of people and neighborhoods. inc. hyde park.000. more than 1. (Allston) • townsend’s (Hyde Park) * Bldc (Boston local development corporation) in fy09. and the recently approved modern theatre project and new england school of Art and design building. inc. artists have helped transform marginal neighborhoods into dynamic communities. which include gallery space. and retained 102 jobs. (East Boston) • hdm systems. commercial leasing and Asset management division helped 12 companies expand or locate to new homes in BRA/edic properties. a digital television studio.000 sq ft come alive. llc (Allston) • ginkgo Bio Works. 118 more artists units are now in planning and development review in south Boston.

” – mayor thomas m. homelessness prevention. and ged classes. the Boston housing Authority identified over 3.000 eligible households and with Jcs set up registration sites in several BhA developments to facilitate youth enrollments. menino Where the quality of life is based on the quality of our people. esol. tutoring. youth and human services programming in fy09. Jcs also awarded funding to five organizations to place 850 youth between the ages of 14 to 24 in summer jobs under the new federal youth summer Jobs program. partnering with several downtown hotels and large residential property management firms.s. Jcs funded 88 non-profits to provide support services to over 13. the JoBs And community seRvices (Jcs) division provides training and guidance to Boston’s workforce by promoting economic self-sufficiency to ensure the full participation of all Boston residents in the city’s economic vitality and future. in its role as funder. these programs produced 139 diplomas and 107 jobs. department of labor Workforce investment Act (WiA) allocation for Boston by April 2009. summer jobs funding from city. serving over 400 youth from across Boston’s neighborhoods. these local residents are expected to enroll in customized training in the fall of 2009. trainees will learn firsthand new protocols and technologies associated with maintaining green buildings.000 youth. state.“ JoBs aND CoMMUNity serviCes We are a city of strong community and unlimited opportunity. Jcs funded 15 non-profit organizations to run alternative education and career exploration programs. including counseling. both residential and commercial. Jcs provided leadership to more than 30 providers of Adult Basic education. half of the youth participants were high school dropouts. summer camp. employment services. Jcs invested in its first green Jobs skills training program by supporting the Asian American civic Association’s facilities maintenance program with funding from the neighborhood Jobs trust. lifelong learning. and laboratory for “best practices” in literacy. Jcs youth staff set up ten training sessions to teach local nonprofit organizations how to assist youth and their families in qualifying for this special program. and federal governments as well as private sources put approximately 9. and human services to Boston residents. job training/placement. and senior social services. 27 . Jcs acts as an advocate. clearinghouse. With Boston’s community development Block grant (cdBg) from hud.000 green Jobs skills training grant to prepare Bostonians for building maintenance jobs in retrofitted and new construction green buildings. skills training and adult literacy in november 2008. which in turn served more than 5. 360 Bostonians were enrolled in job skills training. american recovery and reinvestment act (arra) efforts A few months after the president signed the ARRA legislation. using the entire u. adults. and seniors. overseer and convener. mayor menino announced a $250. in addition to the federal Recovery Act funds. Jcs distributed almost all of the available 136 skills training vouchers to unemployed workers and disadvantaged adults.000 youth to work this summer.000 individuals with basic literacy.

4 million to local families and the regional economy youth options Unlimited Boston youth options unlimited Boston (you) provides services to court-involved and/ or gang-affiliated youth including life-skill training. asset development services and credit counseling. 2% cape verdean and 1% native Amercan. WriteBoston literacy support has been critical.and moderate-income taxpayers. the eitc coalition led a state-wide partnership of cities and towns to further extend the impact of this powerful anti-poverty program. over 400 students have been published in the paper. adding Boston international high school this year. which is distributed to all the public high schools in Boston. focusing on the importance of early language development. the ReadBoston environmental literacy project provided theme-based activities to support literacy and environmental learning in elementary schools and afterschool programs. serving children birth through age eight. Across all programs. 18% latino. through the family literacy project.78 eitc has served 54. during this past year.120 337 70. WriteBoston has now provided Writing coach support to 15 different schools to approximately 4. WriteBoston supporters were greeted by mayor menino. you served 440 youth aged 14–21 76% african-american 18% latino 3% caucasian 2% cape verdean 1% native american 28 29 . A highlight of the evening was teens from WriteBoston’s programs interviewing invited guest authors peter canellos. Alice hoffman.542 974 320 $12. sam cornish.679. 39% department of youth services: 8% suffolk county house of correction.000 new books this fiscal year. dennis lehane and Anita shreve. case management. 2009 eitC resUlts: total dollars returned: Number of neighborhood sites: Number of tax returns prepared: Number of volunteers: Number of outreach flyers: Median federal refund: Median state refund: $16.552 taxpayers and returned $84. ReadBoston distributed 108. twenty-eight youth were placed in alternative education and ged programs. or occupational skills training/apprenticeship programs.000 Boston public school students received monthly prizes from the Boston celtics for reading regularly at home with their parents. Boston resource Center Jcs’ neighborhood-based resource centers offer a wide range of services to both job seekers and employers. Joseph finder.552 taxpayers and returned $84. WriteBoston’s third Annual pros&conversation fundraising event was held April 2. a newspaper written by teens in Boston for other teens. individual counseling and workshops.300 students.000 new books. in fy09. Because of the interesting book titles and link to science and nature many teachers reported an increase of 100% in home reading rates for their students. on-site or referral to Alternative education program (ged or high school diploma) and employment services. parents at three housing developments and two shelters were served by the ReadBoston’s new early Words program. total Bostonians served: total new customers: total entered employment: average wage: 2. WriteBoston has also trained teachers on its new narrative Redemptive Writing curriculum. the centers provide tools for job seekers to make informed career choices through skill assessment.4 million to local families and the regional economy through free tax preparation.000 $918 $282 WriteBoston may 2009 marked the fifth anniversary and 22nd edition of teens in print. Additionally. 14% Juvenile probation. which provided 272 jobs in subsidized employment and achieved 42 unsubsidized placements. who were 76% African-American. 3% caucasian. over 5. 2009 at the Boston Athenaeum. in 2009. and 30% community organizations.345 24 11. Boston international serves young people who have recently arrived in Boston from other countries and with many students struggling with acquiring english language skills. you served 440 youth aged 14-21. the eitc has served 54. you provided four cycles of transitional employment.readBoston ReadBoston’s summer storymobile program provided storytelling and literacy activities to children at 75 locations each week during the summer and distributed 40. since its inception in 2001. one of the trainings targeted teachers in alternative education settings and WriteBoston is working with the Boston public health commission to provide additional trainings for fall 2009. assisting parents in integrating conversation and learning into everyday activities. teens and young adults referred to you came from a variety of partner agencies: 8% Adult probation. earned income tax Credit Campaign the Boston earned income tax credit (eitc) campaign provides free financial services to low. which provides trauma-sensitive support to teens.

Additionally. immigrants from Minas Gerais dominated the immigration flow to the U. the BRA’s Research division produced a report for the labor market Assessment tool (lmAt). Today. to aiding various city departments in developing an anti-poverty agenda.9 percent of the country’s foreign-born population of 37 million. German. assisting economic development and planning on applications for federal funding for different projects. initial findings from the BRA’s ARRA Research tool are slated to be released in fy10. this series includes updating current publications. “imagine all the people. and in 2007 from 599. at least sixteen Brazilian states contribute to the migration stream. knowledge. Spaniards. Indeed. with newly available data and recently completed profiles for Boston’s hispanic. city of Boston departments. on a day-to-day basis. Goiás. the Research division has successfully challenged 620. decisions and empowering people. are the main destinations for Brazilian immigrants. the language skill Requirements in the labor market: Revisiting language skill Requirements in the labor market report re-visits previous research. the department presented preliminary findings to organization leaders. economic and housing data to support commmunity-based planning initiatives.  Census labor Market collaboration with institutional partners is essential to finding the strongest data to inform our research.034 to 560. BostoN’s popUlatioN 1980 . throughout the past year. Now. reporters. the Research division is currently developing a sustainable return on investment model for evaluating the fiscal. the Research division’s immigrant organization projection studied the role of immigrant organizations on incorporation and transnationalism of greater Boston’s largest latino communities.000 are used to help determine the alloca1980 1990 2000 2005 2006 2007 2008 tion for a host of federal programs. and social impact of projects funded with ARRA monies in the city of Boston. community groups.000 the us census Bureau official popula610. the number of economic emigrants grew in the 980’s. After the military coup of 964. New Bostonians imagine all the people imagine all the people: Brazilian immigrants in Boston Large-scale migration from Brazil is a relatively recent phenomenon. in partnership with the center for urban and Regional policy (cuRp) at northeastern university.researCh DivisioN powerful information translating into meaningful the ReseARch division gathers and analyzes data related to the strength of Boston’s economy and provides demographic. these population estimates 530. businesses. the Research division worked closely with the gis department in developing the local update of census Addresses (lucA) in order to help ensure the most accurate count of the city of Boston for the 2010 census.000 population in 2005 from 559. during this past year. librarians. internal collaborations include developing research designs.351 to 540. 600.698. the distribution of occupations and employment projections by educational. there are close to 343.000 lenge prompted the census to offi580. the research division worked closely with the BRA’s gis department in developing the local update of census Addresses (lucA) in order to help ensure the most accurate count of the city of Boston for the 2010 census. Brazilian CITY OF BOSTON Thomas M. and training requirements by industry.2 According to the 2005-2007 American Community Survey3 (ACS). the division assists journalists.763 to 550. and consulting on results. environmental. Japanese and others joined the Portuguese in searching for new opportunities in Brazil. From the early 9th century to the mid 20th century. an interactive program capable of estimating wages. the Research division worked collaboratively with many BRA departments.000 608. foreign-Born. there were approximately one to 2. and haitian.S. thousands of Brazilians went into exile.000 596.230 in funding. in 2006 from 590. José Alberto Magno de Carvalho. in conjunction with researchers at princeton’s center for migration and development.000 Brazilians living in the United States representing 0. Additionally. highlights immigrant communities and their contributions to Boston’s social. Although most of these exiles returned to Brazil after the amnesty of 979. Menino Mayor New Bostonian Series August 2007 June 2009–Revised Edition immigrants in Boston The United States.” a series produced for the mayor’s office of new Bostonians. skill. colombian. architects and attorneys.000 cially change the estimate of Boston’s 570. and the mayor’s office. the us conference of mayors estimates that every person missed in the 2000 census cost local areas approximately $1. Swiss. developers. examples of such work range from providing data and consulting to BRA’s economic initiatives managers. Brazilian. According to a Brazilian demographer. Brazil has historically been a host country for immigrants from many nations. 30 31 . as well as others with interest in immigrant issues. this fiscal year. social. Director of the Center of Development and Regional Planning at the Federal University of Minas Gerais. el salvadoran.2008 for the past three years.000 tion estimates for the city of Boston. Poles.4 During the early years. organizing data.5 million Brazilians living outside Brazil by 995.352. Paraguay and Japan. Russians. Paraná and Santa Catarina have also become major immigrant exporting regions. Italians.638. so population accuracy is essential. examining the characteristics of metro Boston’s workforce with limited english language skills and the importance of language skills in the labor market using the newest available demographic data and updated labor market data.000 595. cape verdean and Jamaican communities. dominican. Czechs.000 findings from the BRA’s census chal590. cultural and economic life. performing analysis.

$2 million includes legal.9 million and represent costs associated with the management of the agency’s real estate. the agency’s debt service is $1.085. auditing. Budgeted expenses have been designed to generate a modest operating profit of approximately $200.097 1.561 5.499 2009 increase (decrease) operatiNg expeNses salaries and fringe Benefits grants/contracts to community Based organizations contractual services security and maintenance professional fees depreciation supplies and services Rental expense interest expense/Bank service costs other expenses total operating expenses NoNoperatiNg reveNUes (expeNses) chAnges in net Assets net Assets At Beginning of yeAR Net assets at eND oF year 9. the agency imposed salary reductions on all but the lowest paid employees in another effort to make the agency’s limited resources do more.455 (6.225 21. the budget includes an expense line for property management and debt service.653) 5. human services and literacy initiatives throughout the city of Boston.220.085.865.811 65. research.611) 1.154.888 59.809) 31.142 754.Fy10 overview of Budgeted operating expenses over the past two fiscal years.293.928.221. data processing costs that support the acquisition and upgrade of computers.906.445 1.085.054 4.441 6. employee development programs.880 929.726.631.853 9. Within this budget.473.831. and changes in net Assets as of June 30. retirements and. expenses. a prohibition on out-of-state travel paid for by the agency. strictly reviewed any proposed commitment to new sponsorships. looking ahead.591 3.027 525.054. personnel costs have been set at $24 million which will support a full-time staff of approximately 258 employees.264 (6.661.093 410. loans and bonds used to finance real estate activities.552 9. the fy10 budget includes administrative expenses of $1.141.060 1.827 $794. due to strong reserves.038.634. these expenses are projected to be $6. $15.970 181.373 346.178 1.510 (623.243 1.617 (348.096 1. major costs include public notices and advertising.345) 35.054.797. 2009 (unaudited) 2008 operatiNg reveNUe grant/contract income contributions intergovernmental sale of property Rental income (net) note Receivable-interest income gross profit Recognized on installment sale other total $15.305 9.186. and the elimination of the provision of food and beverages for agency meetings whenever possible. essential contractual services are budgeted at $17.817 7.418) 41.718 974.474 643. total expenses are budgeted at approximately $50 million.262 6. and thoroughly examined all procurement requests. including a hiring freeze for all positions not critical to agency operations.073 (6.236 128.475 1. mapping and model supplies.940. other costs include postage.763. the agency undertook a series of efforts to preserve the financial strength of the agency. these expenditures allow the agency to administer and deliver programs for job training. Combined report for the Boston redevelopment authority and economic Development and industrial Corporation of Boston statement of Revenues. this figure reflects the continuance of all costsaving measures that have been instituted. education.475 6.237.686.328 $15. for fy10. the BRA and edic instituted various cost reduction measures.764 98.586 1.502 7. a salary freeze. software and employee training. planning and economic development professional services.214 924.875.280 (63.9 million and represents interest on real estate debt investments such as mortgages.5 million.781.418) $(6. transportation and building maintenance.269. during fy09. graphic design and printing. the agency eliminated all contracts for non-essential professional services. computer applications.000. including utilities. the global downturn has had a significant negative impact on the BRA’s and edic’s ability to meet the conservative revenue goals.860.304 66. Additionally.133.446 350.239 1.645.022.273 (48.8 million for fy10.481.482. staff reductions and spending moratoriums.771. As a result.960 (188.750 417. creative fiscal management and workforce reductions the agency has been able to withstand the sustained losses of the past two fiscal years.665 3. copy equipment.305 $29. a reduction of approximately 12%.128.928) 170. the agency staff has been reduced by 35 employees from fy09. insurance.265) 1.876.627 259. finally.963 79.723 $35.010 608.1 million of the $6. this figure represents the cost of day-to-day operations of the agency.884 52. unfortunately. the BRA and edic undertook a series of even more extensive cost reduction measures.686.290.881. these included the elimination of a significant number of positions through voluntary departures.914 355.378 32 33 . the effect of most of these measures will impact fy 2010.378. the BRA and edic will place an even greater emphasis on seeking new revenue opportunities and employing cost reduction options.771.345) 28.923 5. copy supplies and telecommunications.451.678 454. in november 2007. layoffs. including wage reductions.8 million is for Jobs and community services contracts awarded to community-based organizations (cBos).751 21.308.800 30.273 1.231 58. further.

foster spent eight years as the vice president for corporate communications at Boston Whaler. Chris supple member chris supple is an attorney and has served as a member of the BRA Board since 2000. Boston has been transformed into one of the world’s most dynamic cities. during her tenure on the Board of directors at the BRA. community and governmental Relations. through both her private and professional roles she has found most meaningful the development of minority. state. thornell considers herself a voice for those who are less fortunate and applies her passion for fairness and integrity to her position. supple’s legal and government experience is extensive.BostoN reDevelopMeNt aUthority BoarD oF DireCtors Consuelo gonzales-thornell treasurer Clarence “Jeep” Jones chairman clarence “Jeep” Jones. he holds a Bachelor of science degree in education from Winston-salem state university in north carolina and a master of Arts degree from goddard college in plainfield. James coyle has served as a member of the board since 2007. where he promoted and protected human rights through grant-making. graduated from local 7’s apprentice program. he also worked for the city of Boston for 14 years.. Jones has served as chairman of the BRA Board since 1989 and has been a board member since 1981. prosecutor. prior to joining Reebok. and local levels. a local 7 member and Annette. coyle worked at all phases of his chosen trade. church. Rhode island. consuelo is not only the first latina to be appointed but also the first woman in the 50-year history of the Boston Redevelopment Authority. the breadth of Jeep’s commitment and contributions to his city and community is reflected in his many and longtime affiliations with civic. efforts. a small lead abatement and remodeling company based in providence. including six years as deputy commissioner at the Boston transportation department. Jones is a graduate of the Brandeis vocational high school here in Boston. his career as an ironworker began immediately after graduation at the age of seventeen. he is also the chairman of the massachusetts sports and entertainment commission. his private practice covers administrative. a leading manufacturer of family fishing boats. currently. she has resided in dorchester for over thirty years. including more than twenty years as a litigator. ltd. he lives in the West Roxbury neighborhood of Boston with his wife. James remained at local 7 until his current elected position as general Agent of the Boston Building trades council in April 2005. he also served two years in the u. coyle’s commitment to the labor movement and community involvement was honed at an early age by his parents. foster holds degrees from the university of prince edward island and Boston university’s college of communications. in particular. Boston’s courageous sailing program.and women-owned businesses and cultivating a diversified workforce that meets the needs of the ever-changing market. he spent 17 years at Reebok international. is presently the chairman of the Board of directors. Jeep Jones has contributed immeasurably to the city of Boston and. James Coyle member paul Foster vice chairman paul foster. where he served as the vice president of trade. regulatory. has served on the Board of directors since 2006. the company participates with various cities and towns in their affordable housing programs funded through the department of housing and urban development. supple received his law degree from duke university law school and his undergraduate degree from holy cross college. served on local 7’s executive Board and was elected to the position of Business Agent in 1997. a schoolteacher. foster continues to serve as a consultant at Reebok. vermont. and his two sons. Kate. he served in that position until his appointment as Business manager of local 7 in 2001. testimony to the widespread recognition and appreciation of Jeep’s many contributions. youth and charitable organizations. he graduated from sacred heart high school.. and the canton Association of industries. he then went on to attend the massachusetts college of Art and graduated with a Bachelor of fine Arts degree in 1969. Weymouth in 1964. and legislative issues of law and policy at all three levels and in all three branches of government. mr.s. vice-chairman. he also serves on the Boards of directors for save the harbor/save the Bay. consuelo gonzales-thornell has served on the Board of directors since 1989. including the dedication of the clarence “Jeep” Jones park in his own Roxbury community. inc. investigative/enforcement. vincent. mr. its Afro-American community. throughout his 35-year career in public and community service. she is president of Bct construction inc. stuart and timmy. and government policy maker and regulator/permitter/ enforcer at the federal. awareness and advocacy initiatives. a native and current resident of Boston’s Roxbury community. he is a north end resident. and good deeds is the lengthy list of honors and awards bestowed upon him. he also served as the executive director of the Reebok human Rights foundation. 35 34 . he is a member of the Board for the department of high education for the commonwealth and currently resides in south Boston. Army.

gov photographs and illustrations provided by: BRA Archstone Avenir Boston Redevelopment Authority Archives cresset development llc fairmont Battery Wharf finard properties llc goody clancy greater Boston food Bank isabella stewart gardner museum Jupiter images les vants lincoln properties company & AsB capital management meredith management new Boston fund normandy Real estate partners paramount theater Rose Kennedy greenway conservancy samuels & Associates sawyer enterprises shannon sullivan the Abbey group the fallon company trinity Boston designed by bra graphics .4300 communications.Boston Redevelopment Authority Boston Redevelopment Authority Boston Redevelopment Authority one city hall square Boston.722. mA 02201 617.

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