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Bulletin from the Board

Volume I, 2017
44th PRTESOL Annual Convention
Bulletin Highlights
• PRTESOL President’s Keynote speakers:
• Directory: Board of
Directors 2017
• PRTESOL Leadership
• 2017 PRTESOL
Summer Institute for
English Educators
• PRTESOL-Gram Call for
• PRTESOL Chapters: Board
of Directors Prof. Michael Dinwiddie
NYU Professor
• PRTESOL Awards and
Scholarships Opportunities
for 2017


Inside this Issue:

Prof. Franklin Tellez

Vice-President’s 4 Nicaragua TESOL President

Editor’s Corner 5

Convention’s Venue 9

Membership Form

Promotional Letter

Convention’s Key Note 20

Speakers Prof. Juan Valdez
Costa Bahía Hotel, Convention
DRTESOL Executive Director
Center, and Casino, Guayanilla
Calendar of Events 21
January 1, 2017

Dear PRTESOL Members:

My journey in PRTESOL began as an undergraduate student at the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto
Rico in 1993 when I was encouraged by Dr. Gilbert Toro, may he rest in peace, to join the organization. As
the years passed, I became the president of our Southern Chapter, then 2014 Higher Education
Representative, 2016 Vice President, and today I am the 2017 PRTESOL President.

For almost five decades, PRTESOL has done so much. It has been present for English educators and many
people have dedicated their lives to this wonderful organization. But I want MORE.

I want our Members to be an active part of this organization, without you there is no PRTESOL.
I want to keep providing excellent Opportunities for professional growth,
I want PRTESOL to help teachers at all levels to Re-discover the passion for the profession;
and finally, I want PRTESOL to ignite the Enthusiasm that is inside all of us to keep teaching with

PRTESOL educators should see themselves as positive and transforming forces that when we transform
ourselves, we can transform others. It is already time to realize the value of education and the importance
of teaching to rebuild our world. Together.

With that in mind our 2017 theme is: “Transformative Inquiry: Unearthing the quest for knowledge beyond
the English classroom”. This transformation involves our understanding of ourselves; our relationships
with other humans and with the natural world. It also ties into our understanding of social justice and
possibilities of finding peace along with personal joy of been an educator in today’s world.

Save the date of November 17-18, 2017 so you can join three magnificent educators: Prof. Michael
Dinwiddie, from NYU; Prof. Franklin Tellez, president of Nicaragua TESOL; and Prof. Juan Valdez,
executive director of DRTESOL. They will share their knowledge and experiences in transformative
education. It is an incredibly exciting time to be a TESOLer.

Finally, thanks for being part of PRTESOL. I hope to see you at the different chapter activities
throughout 2017 and at our 44 th PRTESOL Annual Convention in Guayanilla, Puerto Rico.


Dr. Jennifer Alicea Castillo

2017 PRTESOL President

Executive Board
President Jennifer Alicea Castillo
Vice President Aníbal Muñoz
Immediate Past President Rosa I. Román
Executive Secretary Irma Rodríguez
Assistant Secretary Maureen Orama
Membership Secretary Ivette Delgado
Treasurer Miriam Deida

Chapter Presidents
Eastern Sonia N. Aponte
Northern Delializ Rivera
Southern Efraín Soto
Western Jennifer López


Elementary Caridad Carballido

Secondary Elizabeth Jiménez
Higher Education Carmen C. Morales
Student Zuleika Morales

Appointed Non-voting Members

Nominations Chair Edward Torres

Sponsorship Jeschelly González

Publisher’s Liaison Beatriz Román

Webmaster Marcos Alvarez

Assistant Webmaster Lilian Delgado

TESOL-GRAM Editor Marielis Sexto

Assistant TESOL-GRAM Madeline De Jesús
Convention Evaluator Cristina Pomales

Dr. Aníbal Muñoz Claudio

2017 PRTESOL Vice President

Welcome to a new PRTESOL year my dear friends! First and foremost, I

would like to tip my hat off, enthusiastically, to all the old-timer PRTESOLERS
who have treasured our organization so eagerly during these years, and to our new
members who are joining our prestigious organization for the first time. Yes, you
are in the right place and at the right time! The times we’re facing nowadays are very
significant for PRTESOL membership. We are managing contexts of distressing
challenges all over the world, our country, and specifically, at the teaching
profession in general. Amid current circumstances, locally and globally, PRTESOL
has remained for more than 48 years as a beacon of commitment, professionalism, and a source of
transformative inquiry for all English educators throughout Puerto Rico. The times are calling for
individual and collective transformations in order to subsist professionally.
Let PRTESOL help you in such a daunting quest. I would like to leave you with the words of
one of the greatest human beings who ever lived on this planet, Mahatma Gandhi. He once said,
"Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment; full effort is full victory." This is what
PRTESOL is all about; it’s all about full effort!

“4 Chapters: 1 PRTESOL”

Image obtained from Google images

Hey PRTESOL teachers! Editor’s message

Are your students or school having a special Marielis Sexto
English event? Let us know about it, send us a couple
of pictures and a brief summary of the event and its Welcome aboard to our 2017 PRTESOL Bulletin of the
Board! This year’s theme is about “Transformative Inquiry (TI)” but
participants! what does TI mean? It would take more than a few lines to explain,
Please let us know what PRTESOL chapter you belong but in a nutshell it’s a complex process where we as educators
to. We would love to give you a chance to discover, notice, reaffirm and explore our ideas regarding our
teaching practice. It’s an adventurous route we should all travel once
reward your students’ progress and successes by
in a while, or regularly in hope of being more aware. The goal of this
publishing it in the PRTESOL-Gram. bulletin is to share information that explores teaching and learning in
So send us the info to classrooms. The editing team urges you to kindly join our passionate
community and we are looking forward to include your new
experiences and ideas into our newsletter.
Please take the time to write for all your ESL colleagues and share your
Join PRTESOL today personal transformative inquiry story with us. We must explore and
reflect on the teaching/learning process and write, and publish our
perspectives regarding the ESL field. We would like to invite you all to
Puerto Rico Teachers to Speakers of Other join us in PRTESOL 2017, and use this medium to share and express
Languages (PRTESOL) is ready to support you your ideas about teaching. Feel free to canalize your passion into
whether you teach Pre-k or Post-Grad. We writing articles for the TESOL-GRAM, attending the PRTESOL
have resources to help language arts teachers. Annual Convention, and participating in the Regional Chapters'

Our goal is to improve the teaching of English Assistant Editor’s message

in Puerto Rico by supporting English Madeline De Jesús
Greetings to everyone. It is with great enthusiasm that I have
The regional chapters organize several embarked on this journey as assistant editor. I humbly accepted the
conferences and activities throughout the year challenge because I love learning and I love education. I truly believe
leading up to our annual convention that takes that being involved with PRTESOL helps me grow as a professional.
It is an honor to belong and to contribute to such an inspiring profes-
place in November 2017. sional organization. I get to constantly collaborate with people in the
field. The TESOLGRAM serves as a bridge by connecting and in-
All of these professional development activities forming its members about the events that have occurred and the
ones that are upcoming. It serves as a platform where articles, re-
allow teachers to be up-to-date with the search papers and other literature in the field are presented, thus en-
current trends in the teaching of English, to hancing its content.
share knowledge and experiences, and to Staying up-to-date is necessary in every profession. As English
network with other professionals in the field. educators, we are blessed because PRTESOL is the only professional
organization on the Island that caters to English educators. Enjoy!

PRTESOL 2017 Board members
PRTESOL 2017 Leadership Summit attended the Leadership Summit event.
Saturday, February 18, 2017 The activity was described as a great
Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico success by all participants. Some of the
objectives were to discuss the By-Laws
and the Policy Manual, reconnect
chapter boards with PRTESOL main
board as one organization at large, to
share strategies to increase membership,
and discuss the organization’s strengths
and weaknesses throughout the
Our Publisher’s Liaison, Beatriz Román,
was our guest speaker. Her presentation
was entitled: “Non-profit Organization
Administration”. It was an excellent

From left to right: Rosa Román (PRTESOL Immediate Past President), Beatriz
Román (Publisher’s Liaison and guest speaker at the Summit), Jennifer Alicea
(PRTESOL President), and Aníbal Muñoz (PRTESOL Vice-President) at the
Leadership Summit held in Ponce.

PRTESOL Board and

Chapter Boards

“4 Chapters: 1 PRTESOL”

From left to right:

Jennifer López ,Western Chapter

Efraín Soto, Southern Chapter
Jennifer Alicea, President
Delializ Rivera, Northern Chapter
Sonia N. Aponte, Eastern Chapter

PRTESOL 2017 Board members get busy at the
Leadership Summit held on Saturday, February 18, 2017
at the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico.

Thanks to all of our facilitators for your work and commitment to PRTESOL: Miriam
Deida, Irma Rodríguez, Ivette Delgado, Marcos Alvarez, Edward Torres, Rosa Román,
and Elizabeth Jiménez.
Exit 205 Road 127 Km 8.6, Guayanilla, 00656, Puerto Rico
Tel: 787-835-3335
Fax: 787-927-0012


Special rate for PRTESOL Convention

Guestroom (double occupancy) $110 per night plus taxes

Dream Maker beds
32" flat screen TV
Coffee maker with Puerto Rican Coffee daily
In-room safe
Mini Fridge
Mobile Adapter Speakers
Free Wi-Fi Access (room area)
Fitness Center

Our facilities include a lagoon style pool while you enjoy a tropical drink at the
Dolphin Bar or a delicious Caribbean fusion menu at Amapola Restaurant or taste the
Puerto Rican flavors at Guajana restaurant. Dance all night at the Marina bar with live
music and events during the weekends. Play and have fun at the Blue Eight Billiards
room. The kids will love playing at the Kids Cave Game Room. To complement the fun,
you can enjoy the casino area and try your luck.
Parking is free for all registered
guests of the Hotel.

Puerto Rico TESOL
Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages


NAME: ________________________________________ Member ID # ______________

Last (Names) First Middle Initial
MAILING _____________________________ HOME PHONE: _________________________
ADDRESS _____________________________ CELL PHONE: __________________________
_____________________________ E-MAIL: _____________________@________
City Country Zip Code

WORK/STUDY: ___Public ___Private CURRENT LEVEL:

PLACE: _______________________________ ____ Elementary

_______________________________ ____ Secondary
_______________________________ ____ Higher Education
City Country Zip Code ____ Administration
_____ Student
TELEPHONE(S): _______________________ ____ Other (please specify)

MEMBERSHIP FEES (Please check the rate CHAPTER: (Check one)

that applies to you.) ONE YEAR

____ OTHER
__ RETIRED $20
__ INSTITUTION*** $30 _____ CHECK
_____ CASH (No cash through
* Special Group Rate Discount of $ 5 per person for 5 or more the mail, please)
new members from a given institution. Forms must be mailed
as one packet.
** Rate for full-time student only, undergraduate 12 credits or
more, graduate 6 credits or more. A copy of the present class
program is required with membership form.
*** This fee entitles institutions to mailings only. Referred by _____________________
MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY Membership Card Date Sent:
PUERTO RICO TESOL ______________________________
P. O. BOX 366828 Check No. _____________
SAN JUAN, PR 00936-6828 Date: _______________
Banking Institution: ______________
* A $10.00 fee will be charged for each returned check.

Revised form 2017/jac


Dear English language professional:

Would you like to be a member of Puerto Rico TESOL? This is a nonprofit bilingual, professional organization for those
concerned with the teaching of English on the island. PRTESOL is also an affiliate of TESOL, an international organization
that has more than 12,000 members throughout the planet.

During the past forty-three years, Puerto Rico TESOL has prompted quality English education for all students. Its core base
membership includes over 9000 English language educators from Puerto Rico, other Caribbean islands, South America,
Central America and the continental United States. You could also be an important part of our success!

Membership in Puerto Rico TESOL is open to all teachers at all levels of public and private education, students working
toward a degree in TESOL/TESL, and all persons and institutions interested in the teaching of English to speakers of other
languages in Puerto Rico.

PRTESOL wants to help you excel as an educational professional, and becoming a member of this organization can
contribute immensely to your academic and professional growth. Take a look at some of the membership benefits:

 Discount fees for the annual PRTESOL convention featuring prominent speakers in the ESL field, as well as
workshops, seminars, and conferences.
 The opportunity to attend an annual Summer Institute held at different island locations.
 Varied Regional Chapter activities you may attend, plus the chance to win a complimentary registration to the annu-
al PRTESOL convention in each regional activity.
 Voting privileges in order to elect those who will determine the direction of PRTESOL.
 The right to attend monthly Board meetings held in various parts of the island.
 The opportunity to apply for the organization's different awards and scholarships.
 The opportunity to run for office and become a member of the Executive Board of PRTESOL.
 The opportunity to join others in a prestigious professional organization that is dedicated to serving the interest of
the ESL profession.
 The opportunity to travel with other PRTESOL members to TESOL
conventions in other countries.
 The opportunity to receive the PRTESOL GRAM, a regular publication that includes articles on research, teaching
methods, and materials in ESL. It offers book reviews, and commentaries on events of interest to the profession.
Announcements of local and international significance are also included.
 The periodic "Bulletin from the Board" to keep you well informed of what’s happening in PRTESOL.

It’s worth becoming a member and we invite you to be a part of our organization. Make the wise the decision… Join
PRTESOL today! You will be glad that you did!

Visit: Facebook: PRTESOL

for the PRTESOL-Gram
Articles on English-language teaching, theory, and education are
welcomed. Submissions must be in MSWord format, double-spaced, no longer than
five pages, and should follow APA or TESOL Quarterly style. All entries are subject to
editing for style, space, and other professional considerations.

Send submissions to:

Marielis Sexto
Madeline De Jesús
P.O. Box 366828 San Juan, PR 00936-6828



Articles and advertising copy must be submitted by:

·April 30 (spring issue)

·June 30 (summer issue)
·September 29 (fall issue)
·December 8 (winter issue)

All rights are reserved. However, subscribers may reproduce articles for classroom use. quotations up to 25 words
are permitted if credit to the-author and the PRTESOL-Gram are included. In other situations, permission in
writing is required.

We look forward to contributions from you!

Puerto Rico TESOL
2017 Awards and Scholarships Opportunities
The following are Puerto Rico TESOL-sponsored grants and awards for PRTESOL members. We support our
members’ efforts of self-improvement and their strides towards academic excellence. PRTESOL’s grants and awards
promote the high standards vital to the development of our profession. PRTESOL invites its members to apply for any
of the following awards and scholarships. Just submit the required documents or contact Maureen Orama, Chair of the
Awards and Scholarships Committee, at Current members on the PRTESOL
Board of Directors are not eligible for these awards except for the Lifetime Achievement Award. Information on all
awards and the application is available in the PRTESOLGRAM and on our official PRTESOL web site:

Selection procedure: The Awards and Scholarships Committee will recommend the candidates that should receive
these awards to the PRTESOL Board of Directors for their final approval.
DUE DATE: September 30, 2017

1. PRTESOL Scholarship Grant to Support Continuing Education in TESOL (for the Masters or Doctoral

AWARD: One $300 cash award

PURPOSE: To support advanced studies in the teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages that will contribute
to improving the quality of English language instruction on the island.
ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: The scholarship is open to any current PRTESOL member who is actively pursuing a master’s
or doctor’s degree in TESOL or a related program. The candidate must comply with the following:
• provide evidence of having completed at least nine (9) credits towards the degree
• have an average of 3.50 or higher
• complete the application form and a 300-word essay
• not be a previous recipient of this award

DUE DATE: The application form must be completed and returned to PRTESOL by September 30, 2017.The recipient
will be presented her/his cash award at the PRTESOL Annual Convention.
2. PRTESOL Award to Promote Excellence in ESL Teaching Programs
AWARD: One cash award of $300 to be used in the purchase of educational resources for the ESL classroom.
PURPOSE: To strengthen a school’s ESL program through the awarding of a $300 gift certificate to be used in the
purchasing of educational materials (such as teaching materials, books, technology tools or software, and professional
readings) to enhance the ESL instruction in the teacher’s classroom or that school. The person completing the
application must be a PRTESOL member from any public or private school (K-12).
ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: The award is open to any PRTESOL member who teaches at the public or private K-12
level and whose faculty has not been a previous recipient of the award. The applicant will complete the application form
together with a 300-word essay stating why he/she should receive this award and mail them to the selection
committee for its consideration. The award will be presented at the Annual PRTESOL Convention.
DUE DATE: September 30, 2017.

Puerto Rico TESOL
Awards and Scholarship Opportunities for 2017
3. PRTESOL Travel Grant to Attend the 2018 TESOL Convention

AWARD: The amount for this cash award is $300 to be paid directly to TESOL toward the convention fee.
PURPOSE: To encourage and support more PRTESOL members to attend the TESOL convention. This is the most
important international event for ESL and EFL educators and an enriching professional event.
REQUIREMENTS: Attend the 2018 TESOL Convention in Chicago, Illinois, and present evidence of attendance.
ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: Explain why you should receive this award in a 75-100-word statement. Help the PRTESOL
delegates disseminate information about PRTESOL at the TESOL Convention. Write an article about your experience
for the PRTESOL-GRAM after you attend.

DUE DATE: September 30, 2017

4. PRTESOL Award to Recognize Recent Research Contributions to the TESOL Field

AWARD: Certificates of recognition will be given to these colleagues during the Annual PRTESOL Convention and
the abstracts will be published in the PRTESOL-GRAM.
PURPOSE: To make public the research studies of PRTESOL members at institutions of higher education pursuing a
masters, doctoral, and post-doctoral studies.
REQUIREMENTS: Research studies must be completed between May, 2015 and August, 2017.
Those PRTESOL members who have made such important research findings for the continued improvement of our area
of specialization should fill out the Application Form.

DUE DATE: September 30, 2017

5. PRTESOL Award to an Outstanding Undergraduate Student

AWARD: $100 and 1 year PRTESOL free membership

PURPOSE: To encourage the best undergraduate students to become English teaching professionals
ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: The scholarship is open to any current PRTESOL student member who is actively pursuing
a bachelor’s degree in English education. The candidate must comply with the following:
• provide evidence of having completed at least nine (9) credits towards the degree
• have an average of 3.50 or higher
• complete the application form and write a 300-word essay
• not be a previous recipient of this award
DUE DATE: The application form must be completed and returned to PRTESOL by September 30, 2017.
The recipient will be presented her/his cash award at the PRTESOL Annual Convention.

Puerto Rico TESOL
Awards and Scholarships Opportunities for 2017

6. PRTESOL Award for Lifetime Service in the Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages
(Dr. Marie E. Aloise Life Time Achievement Award)

AWARD: Award will consist of a plaque, a certificate, and a grant to cover the PRTESOL convention fee for both
PURPOSE: To recognize and acknowledge outstanding service throughout the years in the teaching of English to
speakers of other languages, to PRTESOL and to other sister organizations at the local and international levels.
ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: The recipient is selected according to evidence of:
(a) a genuine, long-lasting commitment to PRTESOL,
(b) ability to combine professional and/or administrative roles in areas concerning English language education,
(c) ability and desire to promote what is locally done in the field of English language education on the island and
The recipient of this award is selected under the recommendation of the current PRTESOL president and the
PRTESOL Board of Directors.
DUE DATE: September 30, 2017

7. PRTESOL Outstanding ESL Educator Award

AWARD: It consists of a grant to cover the PRTESOL convention fee for both days and a certificate of recognition.
PURPOSE: This award recognizes the outstanding work of two ESL English educators in Puerto Rico, one at the
K-12 level and one from higher education. Eligibility for this award is achieved via nomination.
ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: Nominee must have at least five years of experience in the ESL classroom. The materials
submitted should show evidence of the nominee's ability to motivate and encourage students as well as engage them in
productive and challenging learning. He/She has been involved with students outside of the classroom in extracurricular
activities and/or involvement in the community and with colleagues.
(1) A letter that explains why the nominee's work is special and worthy of being recognized. The letter should
include information that documents the educator’s effective teaching practices.
(2) Three (3) letters from another person who can write about the nominee, giving relevant information. Letters
can be from a student, a parent, a colleague, a community person, a professional in another geographic area
who knows the nominee, a current or former supervisor, or an administrator.
(3) A curriculum vitae of the nominee

DUE DATE: September 30, 2017

Mail by September 30, 2017 to the above address attention:
PRTESOL Awards &Scholarships

1. Name of applicant:
Last names first name initial

2. Address: _________________________________________________________________
_____________________ Zip code _____________ Phone number ____________________

3. Place of work and/ or of study: _______________________________________________

4. Phone number: ________________ 5. E-mail address: ________________________

6. Employment background (if applicable): _______________________________________

7. Educational background: ___________________________________________________

8. Degree in progress: ____ MA ____ Doctoral 9. Number of completed credits: ______

10. Number of credits pending for graduation: _____ 11. GPA: ____________

Submit a copy of your PRTESOL membership card


Attach a typed a 300- word essay explaining why you should receive
this award.

Mail by September 30, 2017 to the above address attention:
PRTESOL Awards &Scholarships


1. Name of Applicant: __________________________________________________________

last names first name initial

2. Name of school and address: __________________________________________________

__________________________________ Phone ________________ Fax ______________

3. Please select one: ___ public ___ private 4. Grade(s) taught: __________________

5. Degree: _________________________ 6. University: _______________________

7. Principal's name: ______________________ Signature: ____________________________

please print

Date _______________
Applicant’s signature __________________________________

Instructions: Please answer the following questions in a 300-word essay :

What are the educational resources that you will purchase with these funds?
What is the purpose of these educational resources and how will they enhance ESL
instruction in your classroom or school?
Why should you receive these funds?

Submit a copy of your PRTESOL membership card.

Mail by September 30, 2017 to the above address attention:
PRTESOL Awards &Scholarships

1. Name of applicant:
last names first name initial

2. Postal address: _____________________________________________________________

_____________________________ zip code ____________________

3. Place of work: _____________________________________________________________

4. Phone numbers (Home) _____________ (Cellular) _____________ (Work)___________

5. E-mail address: ______________@_________________

Attach a typed 75-100-word statement explaining why you should receive

this award.

Requirements for this award: Attend the 2018 TESOL convention in Chicago, Illinois, and present evidence
of attendance. Help the PRTESOL delegates disseminate information about PRTESOL at the TESOL Convention.
Write an article about your experience for the PRTESOLGRAM after you attend the TESOL convention.

I agree to comply with all the above requirements.


Mail by September 30, 2017 to the above address attention:
PRTESOL Awards &Scholarships

Full Name:

Institution of Higher Education:

Advisor’s Name:

Degree sought (circle one): Masters Doctoral Post-Doctoral

Title of Dissertation:

Date Completed: E-mail:

100-word Abstract:

Mail by September 30, 2017 to the above address attention:
PRTESOL Awards &Scholarships

1. Name of applicant:
last name first name initial

2. Address: _________________________________________________________________
____________ zip code: _____________ phone number: ____________________

3. Place of work and/ or of study: ______________________________________________

4. Phone number: _________________ 5. E-mail address: _______________________

6. Employment background (if applicable): _______________________________________

7. Educational background: __________________________________________________

8. Degree in progress: ____________________ 9. Number of completed credits: ______

10. Number of credits pending for graduation: ____ 11. GPA: ___________

Submit a copy of your PRTESOL membership card


Attach a typed a 300-word essay explaining why you should receive this

44th PRTESOL Annual convention of 2017
“Transformative Inquiry: Unearthing the quest for knowledge beyond the English classroom”

Key Note Speakers

Prof. Michael Dinwiddie: Associate professor in the Gallatin School of Individualized

Study at New York University. His teaching interests include cultural studies, African American
theater history, dramatic writing, filmmaking and ragtime music. He is a dramatist and
playwright-in-residence who has won various awards such as the National Endowment for the
Arts Fellowship in Playwriting, a Walt Disney Fellowship at Touchstone Pictures, among others.
He has been a facilitator of the Faculty Resource Network, keynote speaker for the International
Organization for Migration (IOM) and master teacher at the University of South Bohemia in the
Czech Republic. In 2015, he was awarded a team-teaching grant from the NYU Humanities
Initiative for the course Movements for Justice and Rights: Let Them Lead the Way. He is a member of
the Dramatists Guild (DG), the Writers Guild of America (WGA), the Association for Theatre in
Higher Education (ATHE), and the Black Theatre Network (BTN). Michael currently serves on
the governance task force of the Theatre Communications Group (TCG).

Prof. Franklin Tellez: Director of the Franklin Institute in Managua, Nicaragua and
President of Nicaragua TESOL. Professor Tellez has 29 years of experience not just
teaching English at different levels, but as a specialist in curriculum development,
supervision, and evaluation. He has presented in various conferences and conventions in
Nicaragua and other countries such as: Guatemala and Greece. He has been a consultant
for Editorial San Jimenez in his country. Tellez has been invited to many programs in
which he has talked about the importance of learning English in Latin America and how
this has helped him become the professional he is today.

Prof. Juan Valdez: ELT expert with 28 years of experience in program management
and design. He is a Computer Systems Engineer with a major Computer-Assisted
Language Learning (CALL). Prof. Valdez has designed and directed some of the most
renowned teacher training and public education English programs in the Dominican
Republic in the last two decades. He is the Academic Director of Saint Lawrence
Bilingual School and the Executive Director of Professional Training Systems and
Dominican Republic TESOL.

2017 PRTESOL Calendar of Main Activities

Date Event Location

February 25 Western Works with Teachers (half-day University of Puerto Rico,

event) Mayaguez

March 18 Spelling Bee (Western Chapter) Carib Christian School,


April 8 Western Chapter Full Day Conference Carib Christian School,


April 29 Southern Chapter Half Day Conference Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico,

May 6 Northern Chapter Half Day Conference University Gardens,

Rio Piedras

June 10 Summer Institute University of Puerto Rico,


August 19 Northern Chapter Half Day Conference NOVA Southeastern University,

San Juan

September 2 Eastern Chapter Half Day Conference Universidad del Turabo,


September 10 Western Works with Teachers (half-day Universidad de las Antillas,

(SUNDAY) event) Mayaguez

September 23 Southern Chapter Full Day Conference Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico,

October 13 (FRIDAY) Northern Chapter Story Telling Contest Universidad del Sagrado Corazón,
(secondary level) San Juan

October 14 Northern Chapter Story Telling Contest Universidad del Sagrado Corazón,
(elementary level) San Juan

October 21 Eastern Chapter Full Day Conference University of Puerto Rico,


November 17 44th PRTESOL Convention Costa Bahía Hotel, Casino, and Convention
November 18 Center,
Transformative Inquiry:
Unearthing the quest for knowledge beyond the English classroom
Costa Bahía Hotel, Casino, and Convention Center, Guayanilla
Friday and Saturday, November 17-18, 2017


(Please read carefully and print clearly.)
Last Names: First Name:
Membership ID: Expiration Date: Chapter:
Mailing Address:

City: State/Country: Zip Code:

Phone: Cell: Work: Fax:

Type of institution in which you work: ⃝ Public ⃝ Private

Name of Institution:
Level: ⃝ Elementary ⃝ Secondary ⃝ Higher Education ⃝ Administration

Convention Registration Fees Use a separate form for each

Please One day with meals registrant. If payment is made with an
mark Both days with lunch ⃝ FRIDAY ⃝ SATURDAY institutional check for more than one
appropriate ⃝ Vegetarian lunch ⃝ Vegetarian lunch registrant, please include a separate
option Pre-Registration Form for each one.
On-Site Pre- On-Site
Registration *Non-member rate includes
Lunch not Registration Lunch not
October 18, 2017 PRTESOL membership.
guaranteed October 18, 2017 guaranteed
Member ⃝ $90 ⃝ $110 ⃝ $60 ⃝ $80 **Full-time student rate (12 credits per
(includes (includes semester or more; 6 credits for graduate
PRTESOL lanyard) PRTESOL lanyard) students) with copy of class program.
*Non- ⃝ $110 ⃝ $130 ⃝ $80 ⃝ $100
member PRTESOL will not honor requests for refunds.
**Student ⃝ $70 ⃝ $50 All checks returned to PRTESOL due to lack of
or Retiree (includes ⃝ $90 (includes ⃝ $70 funds are subject to a $15 penalty fee.
Member PRTESOL lanyard) PRTESOL lanyard)
**Student Mail Payment & Pre-Registration Form to:
or Retiree
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Social Activity: Friday, November 17, 2017 (dinner buffet and music):
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