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The following format will be used for seeding teams in CLASS AA, B, C and D. In case of a tie
for any of the top four seeds in each division we will use the 2010 Quarter point system to
determine a teams placement in the division. Class A format is listed separately.

2 Division – 8 Team Playoff
#1 and #2 from a division will be placed in opposite brackets. Division champions will play #4
from the other division. #2 from a division will play #3 from the opposite division. The higher
ranked team will be the home team in the Quarter and Semi Finals.
1a vs. 4b 1b vs. 4a
2b vs. 3a 2a vs. 3b

CLASS C: Class C Tie Breaking procedures

Teams will be ranked by Division record, if two teams are tied in Wins or Losses and the only
thing separating them is a Win or Loss by one team vs. an opponent NOT played by the team they are
tied with, the teams shall be considered tied and we will go to the tie breaking procedure listed below: (ie:
4-3 would equal 4-2 if one of the three losses for team one was vs. a team not played by team two. Also 5-
2 would equal 4-2 if one of the five wins for team one was vs. a team not played by team two.)

In case of a tie the following procedure will be used:

1) Head to Head competition

2) Quarter points versus common Class C opponents***
3) Combined wins of the teams you beat (higher is better)
4) Combined wins of the teams who beat you (higher is better)
5) Coin Toss

***If there are two or more teams tied, and we cannot break the tie with Head to Head results, we
will go by ¼ pts. Teams will be ranked from highest ¼ pts accumulated to lowest. If there is still a tie in
¼ pts (but we have reduced the tie to two teams) it will go back to Head to Head before moving to
Criteria #3.

CLASS D: Teams will be ranked 1 through 6 according to Divisional record. The #1 and #2 seeds will
have playoff BYES’ in the first round and play a non playoff C team. The 4th and 5th place teams will play
at the site of the #4 team and the winner will play at the #1 seed in the Semi-Finals. In the other bracket
the #3 seed will host the #6 team with the winner playing at the #2 seed in the Semi’s.

Sectional football games, leading up to the Super bowl, are played at the site of the higher seeded
team. These games should be scheduled at traditional/regularly used days and times (i.e. Friday
night, Saturday afternoon, Saturday evening). Any deviation from these regularly scheduled days
and times will require mutual agreement by the teams involved and/OR approval of the Section 2
Football Committee.
Please note that all Section 2 Football teams are committed to play a full (8) games schedule and
any team that does not play the aforementioned (8) games must notify the Section 2 Football
committee ahead of time and must be able to document legitimate reasons for failure to complete
their schedule or risk sanctioning by Section 2.