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Interview Instructions

1. Call or e-mail your interview candidate to make an appointment. You can use the following

Hello, my name is _______________________________, I go to Lehi Junior High

School. In my English class, we are conducting research about a career we are interested
in. I am very interested in ___________________. Part of our assignment includes
interviewing someone with knowledge about or experience in this career.

Is there someone in your office whom I could interview? It will only take ten minutes. Is
there a time that I could come and visit your company or office to observe what you do
and ask a few questions about this career?

2. Make sure that you are on time for the interview, and that you are dressed appropriately.
Remember to be polite. Introduce yourself and explain why you are interviewing them before you
start to ask questions.

3. Make sure that you have a good outline for the interview with at least 15 questions. Remember
that you must create 5 original questions and 3 follow-up. The rest of the questions can come
from the question bank below.

4. Write an interview article using your notes.

What is your name?
What is your position in this company? What is your job title?
What are some character traits that are important in you career?
What are the working conditions? What are your usual working hours?
What are some of the positive aspects of you’re a career?
What are some negative aspects of your career?
What kind of training does your job require? How much schooling or educational preparation is required for you job?
What colleges or other schools would be good places to get training in this career?
What are some of the benefits that your company offers? Are there any retirement benefits?
What are the opportunities for advancement in your career field?
Is this a career that is in high demand? Are there a variety of opportunities in this field?
Could you please tell me about one of your typical days at work?
What can I do now to help me prepare for this career? What courses should I take in high school that would help me to
If you had the opportunity to choose a career again, would you choose the same career? Why? Why not?
We have been talking about having a “good life” in class. Other than your career what makes your life good?
What do you do for recreation?
Other than your career, what else is important to you?
Do you enjoy doing other things besides your career?
Interview Rubric
Please submit the following for grading:

1. The Interview Rubric (this sheet)

2. The interview outline/notes
3. The completed interview article

Name _________________________ Career you are researching ______________________

Name of person you interviewed _________________________ Job Title _______________

This interview was completed: ____ in person ____ by phone ___ by IM ___ by e-mail

Interview Rubric
15 10 0
Interview Outline Created an outline with Created an outline but Did not create an
at least 20 questions does not have 5 original interview outline
(five original questions, questions and/or 3
3 follow-up questions) follow-up questions
Interview Notes Notes are detailed and Notes are not detailed Did not hand in
show evidence of asking and do not show interview notes.
follow-up questions evidence of follow-up
Interview Article Article is written in the Article is written word No article was included.
correct format and for word from the
shows editing to creates notes.
a coherent piece.
Mechanics and Format The interview article is There are a few No rubric is provided.
in the correct format. spelling, punctuation, or The mechanical errors
The rubric is included. grammar errors, but it make the piece difficult
There are no spelling, does not stop the flow to read.
punctuation, and of reading. The format
grammar errors. is correct and the
rubric is included.