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Lots of dagga

Platinum in Apiesdoorn
Members of Burgersfort Police conducted a suc-

cessful tactical operation at Apiesdoorn earlier this
week on Tuesday at about 07:00. An adult male
(48 –years) was found in possession of many
plastic bags containing dagga. The total weight
of the dagga is 9.51kg and valued valued at R28
530. The suspect was arrested and he will appear
at Praktiseer Magistrate Court soon.
Information and photograph : Constable Victoria Maluleka, Burgersfort.

Your local take on the national crime statistics - pages 4 & 5

A safe
Stadskool pilgrimage
-p3 The Limpopo Provincial Government this
week commended the SAPS , EMS and
Traffic officers deployed over the weekend
during the Zion Christian Church (ZCC)
year-end worship gathering at Zion City
The officers were deployed on N1
Bridge, R71, R81, R37, N11 and D19 to
ensure that road users obey the rules and
Road accidents halved down from 57
to 28 compared to last year while road
deaths have also decreased from 36 in
2017 to 12 this year(2018). This is due the
law enforcement visibility, hard work and
dedication. The Office of the Premier says:
“Their work is noticed by the Provincial
Government and we encourage them to
continue with their outstanding job as the
St Engenas ZCC church members will be
gathering during the last week of Septem-
Government would like to thank ZCC
congregations and other road users such
as tourists for their patienc. The pilgrim-
age weekend was falling month-end and
as a result our roads were congested. N
evertheless our officials maintained that
Limpopo is a ‘Zero Tolerance Zone’ for
those who don’t obey the rules. Our officers
discharged their duties without fear or

Fetakgomo Tubatse Tel 0832719151 (Editorial) 0835431676 (Advertisements) email:

Burgersfort, Steelpoort, Ohrigstad, Apel 14 September 2018 Fax 0865549031

All-Health Pharmacy in the
Burgersfort Mall celebrated
Pharmacy Week in style.
The theme of this year’s Phar-
macy Week was ‘Use medi-
cines wisely’.
Staff sported T-shirts with the
slogan and was ready to assist
their customers with advice on
how to use medicine wisely.
Owner and pharmacist, Steve
Ramaila explained that building
a relationship of trust with their
customers are very important.
“For medication to work at its
best, we need the patients to
know how they should use,
store and dispose of medica-
tion they need, or have at their
This is also something that is
not only done during Pharma-
cy Week or Pharmacy Month
(which is during the month of
September). It is an important
aspect of the every day opera-
tions at All-Health Pharmacy.
2 Corinthians 6:14 NIV Visit All-Health Pharmacy for
your pharmacy needs and
Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do also experience the personal
righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or interest in your health, because
what fellowship can light have with darkness? All-Health Pharmacy is all about
your health.

Grade 5 learners visit the big city Bogwasha Primary

Steelpoort Academy’s grade 5 learners went on Stadskool
(City school) last week. They visited Menlyn shopping centre,
rode on the Gautrain, visited Gold Reef City, went ice skating,
School shines at
and visited the Voortrekker Monument. They also stopped at
the University of Pretoria where they participated in a special
programme to trigger their imagination and interest in sci-
cluster level
Bogwasha Primary School learners participated in story-telling
ence. (Information & photographs: Steelpoort Academy).
and spelling bee competitions at the Cluster level on 24 August
2018. The learners also participated at district level on 28 August
At the Cluster level Matlale Chauke who is in grade 7, took sec-
ond place in story-telling. She represented the Bohlabela cluster
in story-telling.
Thato Matlakeng in grade 6, represented the Bohlabela Cluster
in the spelling bee competition at the Cluster level. She obtained
first place and proceeded to the District level where she obtained
a second place. She will now go on to represent the Sekhukhune
District at Provincial level. The date of this competition will be
announced very soon.
The Principal and staff are very excited about the achievement,
and is proud of their heritage of achieving good results in this
competition. “Keep up the good work girls, you are putting Bog-
washa on the map” said the Principal Mr Moshoana. The secret
behind these achieve-
ments is the results of
a reading culture that
was established in the
school in 2015 when
the Department of
education introduced
‘drop everything and
read programme’. The
consistent use of the
library and weekly
reading activities by the
learners also made an
impact in the reading
abilities of the learners.
We are very grateful of
the continuous commit-
ment and support of our
teachers. (Information
& photographs: Bogwa-
sha Primary School).

Left: Matlale Chauke

(Grade 7), Mrs Mohlala
Steelie entrepreneurs host market day M.A and Thato Matlak-
eng (Grade 6).
Steelpoort Academy’s Grade 7 learners hosted a market titions at a fee.
day to showcase their entrepreneurial skills. The learners The future businessmen and women enjoyed the day -
sold a variety of products and provided games and compe- doing business with the rest of the school.

Learners went through a lot of trouble to have beautiful stalls with great products.

What do you think about the

This week Police Minister Bheki Cele briefed
Parliament’s police portfolio committee on the
latest crime statistics. One of the shocking
statistics was that 57 people are murdered
every day in South Africa – an increase of
6,9% from the previous year.
Cele told the committee that they will need at
least 10 000 more police officers to fight the
increasing number of violent crimes. South
Africa is not close to the norm set by the
United Nations to have one police officer to
serve every 220 citizens. He admitted that
the SAPS is struggling to cope with the surge
of crime in the country.
Some of the other crimes that saw and
increase in 2017/2018 was attempted murder
and cash-in-transit heists. Cash-in-transit Ms Gladys Mologadi Magale said: “This
heists saw an increase to 238 cases from crime rate is too high. They need more police Mr S.R. Mailola said: “Crime is out of control.
152 the previous year. They must bring in those additional police Mr Excellent Mohlala said: “If the police
officers to cope with this. The ones we have
The website reports that officers”. officers we have at the moment just get
are trying their best”.
the total number of crime cases reported trained to do their jobs in a proper way, it will
Mr Golddollar Mtheza be better. Look back to before 1994. The
locally were: Tubatse – 3235; Burgersfort
and Mr T. Phasha government then made sure that criminals
– 4374; Mecklenburg – 2775; Apel – 2295;
said: “There is a lot had very little chance to commit crime. There
Ohrigstad – 297; Leboeng – 398 and Se-
of corruption in the is no need to add more police officers. The
khukhune – 2348. This includes all catego-
police and that is ones we have must just not take bribes.
ries for 2018.
influencing the sta- Things like doing campaigns at schools don’t
Platinum Gazette asked readers what they
tistics. It will help to work. They should just serve the community
think about the statistics and whether they
increase the number properly. They should realise that they are
think 10 000 additional police officers will
of police officers, but here to serve and protect the citizens of this
assist in winning the fight against crime.
corruption needs to country and their belongings”.
be rooted out. They
need to restore the
dignity of the SAPS.
You must be proud to
serve your country.
It must not just be a
job. People must take
pride and do their
work exceptionally.
The ethics within the
police is a problem.
The crime rate is

Bo: Mnr. Daniël Kgotle sê: “Ek glo nie die wêreld sal weer kan reg
kom nie. Daar is so baie goed aan die mense belowe om in die
regering te kom en nou is die regering te sag. Die ekstra polisie sal
nie ‘n verskil maak nie. Mense maak soos hulle wil. Niks sal ook die
polisie kan reg kry nie. Hulle is vol corruption. Kyk net hierdie klein
taxi’s by ons. Vroeër sou hulle daai slegte bestuurders toegesluit het.
Maar nie vandag nie. Goed soos mense wat verby ‘n toilet loop en in
die pad of langs die pad ‘n draai gaan loop… voorheen sou jy groot
moeilikheid gehad het oor dit. Ek dink die polisie het darem nog biet-
jie maniere met witmense. Mense is bederf en weet hulle kan maak
net soos hulle wil. Ektra polisie sal nie ‘n verskil maak nie”.

Mr Kenneth Sobopha and Ms Severina Sebopha said: “Yes, crime is

Ms Anna Riba said: “Crime is a problem. In out of control in our country. We need government to assist and add
town we need to take care of our handbags more police officers. The police are trying but some can put in more
or it will be taken. It will be better if they bring effort. Visiting schools are very important. Children must learn that
that 10 000 more police officers”. With her is crime does not pay”.
Left: Mr. S.A.
Makhubedu said:
“They must not add
police officers. We Mr M.N. Tebele and Mr J. Mailula said: “It is a problem! A big, big
have enough. They problem! They need numbers, but what use is the numbers if the
are just not doing their system is not strict. 10 000 more officers are not a lot if you think
jobs. Police are taking in terms of the whole country, but the problem is the budget to pay
bribes and not taking those officers. Those school campaigns should stop. It is not working.
their jobs seriously. Let the teachers call the police if there are children with weapons and
Crime is a problem, drugs. The system is not strict enough. We are not afraid of the police
the police involve- anymore”.
ment in crime is also
a problem. There are Left: Mr Charles Malepe and Mr Phillemon Mabele said: “The police
a few good police work very hard to reduce crime. The people involved with public vio-
officers who are doing lence, theft, ATM bombings etc. are too many. Maybe next year after
their jobs, but many the election, the new president can increase the police. The youth
are taking bribes and must go to school and government must create jobs – that will reduce
not doing their jobs. crime. The community must also not hide any information about
We lost hope in trust- crimes from the police. Many children are busy with drugs and nay-
ing the police”. ope. The police are trying, but they must work with the community”.

new crime statistics in SA?

Mr Thabo Selahle, Thabang, Makhubedu, Yolanda Maake and Kettle Mola said: “Crime is out of control – very much! Mr Stanley Mashilo and Mr Steve Shongwe said: “Crime is too much.
It is not necessary for government to hire more police officers. They will also just be corrupt. There must be a system To reduce it they must not employ more police officers. They must
to monitor the police, to make sure they do their jobs. If they get extra police officers and the old ones are still corrupt, just re-train the police and take drastic measures for police involved
crime won’t stop. Visiting schools have no impact. Focus on solving crimes and preventing crimes. Go do operations in crime – because some are involved with crime”.
at the local clubs and taverns, be in town and in the taxi rank were the crime is happening.”

Left: Mr Raymond
Mamphoke said:
“Yes, crime is a
problem in South
Africa. I think 10 000
more police officers
will help to bring the
crime rate down”.
With him is Mr Ben-
nett Nkadimeng.
Ms Liver Sebaka said: “The unemployment Mr Strike Magolela said: “Everyone is roam-
rate is very high which leads to crime. Even ing around with guns these days. We have
if they can increase the number of police enough police, they must just do their jobs.
officers, we need skilled academics. This po- Some crimes are done by the same police
litical deployment must come to an end. We officers who should be preventing it. 10 000
need to create jobs and get skilled people. more police officers will make no difference.
Especially cash-in-transit heists are because Crime is out of control. We are seeing the
young people are unemployed. Getting them police patrolling, but not working”.
jobs is a challenge. The police must also be
skilled at their jobs”.

Me. Silvia Allan, Me. Olivia Potgieter en

Me. Marinda Allan sê: “Misdaad is defini-
tief buite beheer. Nee, hulle moenie meer
Mr Samuel Thamaga said: “It is very out of Ms. Kate Mahlake said: “Crime is out of polisiemanne kry nie. Die wat daar is moet
control and getting worse. Recruiting more control. They need to employ more police of- net hul werk doen. Hoeveel polisie is nie self
police officers will better our country’s crime ficers. It will bring crime down if they employ by misdaad betrokke nie? Hulle keuring vir
fighting. They should also train the officers those additional 10 000 police officers”. die polisie is baie swak”.
longer at the police college. They don’t learn
enough – especially about practical things”. Left: Mr
and Ms
Elisa Ma-
lepe said:
“Crime is
too much.
It will mini-
Left: Ms.
mise crime
if they can
Mokgladi said:
add more
“Crime is a
police of-
problem. We
ficers. The
must add to
ones we
our police.
have are
Especially in
trying, but
there is just
Month-end –
too much
eish! We don’t
feel safe”.
6 Platinum Gazette 14 SEPTEMBER 2018

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‘Everyday heroes’ at Arbor Day celebrated at

Mototolo’s Borwa Shaft
Last Friday Mototolo’s Borwa Shaft supported
Maelebe Primary School
Casual Day. This day raises funds for persons Maelebe Primary School celebrated Arbor follow their dreams.
living with disabilities. The theme was ‘Be an Day on 7 September 2018. Thank you to Tubatse Ferrochrome for the
everyday hero’ and the Borwa team went all out A function that included educative dramas sponsorship of the day as well as the effort
to raise awareness and funds for this good cause. and poetry as well as career displays by the from the teahcers, Ms Mavis Mahlangu and
(Photographs & information: Lena Terblanche) Grade 7 learners was followed by fun on the Kohin Company.
jumping castles. (Information and photographs: Themba
During the formal part of the day’s event Ndlovu).
the learners were also ed-
ucated about taking care of
the environment and trees.
A brief history of Arbor
Day was also presented by
grade 6 learner, Tshepiso
Mzimba. Mr Tladi motivat-
ed the children to make
the right decisions when it
comes to their friends and
emphasised that Jesus
Christ is the source of life.
The youth coach encour-
aged the grade 7 learners to

Come play this weekend

Tomorrow the 15th September the Ned- Entry fee is R1000 per four ball and to
erduitsch Hervormde Kerk in Tubatse’s sponsor a hole will be R1000.
annual golf day will be taking place at Tu- For more information and bookings please
batse Chrome Golf Club. Tee-off will be at contact Karel Hattingh on 072 799 3566
08:00 and everyone is welcome to come or Maureen van dier Merwe on 076 061
and enjoy the day on the course. 6615.
8 14 SEPTEMBER 2018

Platinum Gazette
Boxers ready for Limpopo Championships
In Apel, the Moses Mabotha Civil Hall of the Fe- Moshate Casino on Saturday 15 September 2018.
takgomo Tubatse Local Municipality, was filled to Among community members that expressed their
capacity with boxing enthusiasts and clubs from all support for the rise of boxing in Sekhukhune District was
parts of the District on Saturday last week. Mr Puleng Mmotla. He is the Inventor of TUPS Sport and
The all-day talent identification session started TUPS CITY Multicode Sport Academy. Mmotla explained
at 09;00 with weighing of boxers. This was followed that his academy has lined up many plans for multiple
by a blow-by-blow three-round showdown that sporting codes to thrive and gain ground in the Sekhu-
narrowed the size of boxers from over 50 to the final khune District.
24. “We are animated by failure, discouragement, un-
According to the organiser of the District selec- der-funding and under-recognition of athletes from Sekhu-
tion event and representative of the Department khune across all sporting codes. The perpetual failure of
of Sport Arts and Culture, Miss Budjie Phasha the our district in sport front must stop here and now, and we
selected boxers will be sharpened to carve their ca- have a plan to do just that.
reers in boxing. The next level of their journey is to The selected boxers to represent Sekhukhune District
compete at the provincial tournament to be staged in the Limpopo Provincial Championships are Matjomane
in December 2018. Alek, Maletjie Jeffrey, Tshehla Glen, Fenyane Katlego, Tla-
Taking cue from the Department, the leader of di Makutu, Moshaba Tumelo, Matibidi Calvin, Monareng
Sekhukhune District Boxing Federation Mr Kgauge- Austin, Pilusa Prince, Sekwati Mofenyi, Mosoma Stanley,
lo Moshweu Maesela said they are working closely Morei Joseph, Tau Sandra, Phetla Dimakatso, Makgoga
with boxing clubs such as Matšomane Boxing Club Tlhologelo, Makanatleng Emmanuel, Kgopane Kgopolo,
from Strekfontein in Elias Motsoaledi Local Munic- Utla Karabo, Tshehla Mahlomola, Skhosana Mika, Sekgo-
ipality and Ngwaabe Boxing Club in Fetakgomo bela Themba, Mogashoa Cynthia and Dlamini Mpho.
Tubatse Local Municipality. For more information of Sekhukhune Boxing Federa-
The event was also graced by Sekhukhune’s tion contact Mr Maesela on 072 547 8376.
home-grown champion, Mr Clement Pilusa. Pilusa (Information and photographs: Puleng Mmotla)
wl have his professional debut fight will at Thaba
Left: The selected
boxers: Matjomane
Alek, Maletjie Jeffrey,
Tshehla Glen, Fen-
yane Katlego, Tladi
Makutu, Moshaba
Tumelo, Matibidi
Calvin, Monareng
Austin, Pilusa Prince,
Sekwati Mofenyi,
Mosoma Stanley,
Morei Joseph, Tau
Sandra, Phetla
Dimakatso, Makgoga
Tlhologelo, Makanat-
leng Emmanuel,
Kgopane Kgopolo,
Utla Karabo, Tshehla
Mahlomola, Skhosa-
na Mika, Sekgobela
Themba, Mogashoa Organiser of the District selection event and
Cynthia and Dlamini representative of the Department of Sport Arts
Mpho. and Culture, Miss Budjie Phasha.

Address: Shop 5A,

Burgersfort Mall, Dirk
Winterback Street,
Burgersfort, Limpopo,
Modikwa cyclists at
Vulu Vula Eiland race
1150 • Tel: 013 231-
7766 / 076 471 0427
PHARMACY Email Address:
PRACTICE NO: 0716111
or steve@allhealth On Saturday last week members of the Modikwa Cycle Club attended the annu-
We offer clinic services al Vula Vula Eiland road cycle race near
• Immunization • Pre and Post Natal Care Tzaneen.
• HIV Counseling and Testing • Blood Race day was wet and cloudy and partic-
Pressure • Diabetes • Cholesterol Check ipants had to face a little rain during the
• Pregnancy Test • Baby Care race as well. The cycle club members
• Vitamin B12 Injection • General Care opted for the 70km and 45km routes of the
We accept all race.
Helgaard Prins, Juanita Prins, Derek Rieck,
medical aids! Jannie Oosthuizen, Sanet Oosthuizen,
Open Monday - Friday: 08:00 - 18:00;
Marius Sadler and Andre Duminy took on
Saturday: 08:00 - 15:00;
Sunday: 09:00 - 13:00
the 70km race. Bev Rieck rode the 45km

race. Everyone finsihed their races and
received medals. They are now prepar-

ing for the Amashova Cycle Challenge in
Durban on 21 October 2018. (Information &
It is all about your health! photograph: Willem Montgomery).