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Introduction to Cisco® Networking Technologies

Learning Method: Instructor-led Classroom Learning

Duration: 4.00 Day(s)

• Basic computer literacy, including use of general office software such as
Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel
• Basic Windows navigation skills
• Basic Internet usage skills
• Basic e-mail usage skills

Course Content
In this course, students will learn fundamental computer networking terms, concepts,
and components and apply them as they configure basic network connectivity via serial
and LAN networks using PCs, a hub, router, and switch

Course Objectives
After completing this course the student should be able to:
• Create a simple, point-to-point network
• Create a simple Ethernet network
• Determine the most appropriate network topology for typical user requirements,
list the issues related to shared LANs and the solutions that LAN technology
provides, add a hub and a switch to expand an Ethernet LAN, and list ways in
which LANs can be optimized.
• Define how networks can be connected by routing protocols
• Construct a topology and network addressing scheme with subnet mask
computations, add a default gateway, and predict the behavior of traffic to on-
network and off-network IP addresses
• Compare UDP to TCP and explain the relationship of reliable data delivery to the
TCP process and observe the functions of UDP and TCP in communicating with
sites not on an Ethernet LAN
• Define major WAN multiplexing and access technologies
• List the components of an enterprise network, define its installation and testing
processes and how these differ from the installation and testing processes of
smaller networks, and complete and verify initial IOS software device
• Use Cisco IOS commands to accurately determine network operational status
and performance; manage operating system image files to maintain an
accessible operating system file; manage device configuration files to reduce
device downtime; and execute adds, moves and changes

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1. Course Introduction
2. Building a Simple Serial Network
3. Building a Simple Ethernet Network
4. Expanding the Network
5. Connecting Networks
6. Constructing Network Addresses
7. Ensuring the Reliability of Data Delivery
8. Connecting to Remote Networks
9. Operating and Configuring Cisco IOS Devices
10. Managing Your Network Environment

Ramírez Calderón 910.  Col. San Felipe  
Tel. +52 (614) 414‐8464, Fax +52 (614) 414‐8467  Chihuahua, Chih. México 
+52 (664) 188‐4188 Tijuana, BC. México