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Building a smarter government

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Building a smarter government

Why IBM?
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Building a smarter government

An opportunity for change

In the United States alone, Technology is bringing the world closer And government—central, regional and
2.9 billion gallons of gas is
together. It is now possible to communi- local—is no exception. All cities and
lost every year as a result of
congested roadways. cate and collaborate with practically nations are becoming interconnected
anyone in a matter of seconds. This economically and politically. Emerging
immediacy has transformed not only how economies modernize more quickly than
we interact with one another, but also the ever. Supply chains demand global trans-
way our entire world works. portation networks. Distribution and
communication networks are now critical
Society is no longer based on proximity, to the world’s stability. Flexible, spontane-
language and culture. The whole concept ous, worldwide collaboration is replacing
of nationality, for both individuals and fixed management structures.
businesses, is beginning to evolve toward
a global perspective.

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Building a smarter government

But these changes have been accompa- That’s why many are shifting to a more
nied by a complex set of challenges: outward-focused strategy, reaching across
economic instability, budget shortfalls, organizational and functional boundaries to
changing demographics, environmental address problems and capture new oppor-
concerns and security threats. There is an tunities. Being a leader in this new, smarter
ever-growing need for collaboration world means harnessing the capabilities of
between public and private entities. Greater the latest technologies. It also means
connectivity brings rising expectations for developing collaborative strategies and
governments to be more responsible, approaches that are designed to dramati-
open and accountable. cally improve services and safeguard the
operation of organizations, communities
and the global economy.

The transformation is only beginning.

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1 Interconnectivity 2 Innovative collaboration 3 IBM solutions 4 Case studies 5 Why IBM?
Building a smarter government

A smarter world
Eight in ten government This opens up possibilities that span Strengthening national security and public safety
leaders anticipate substantial Enabling defense and law enforcement
the entire reach of government. To help
change ahead.
ensure the economic health, welfare organizations to achieve situational
and security of their citizens, smart awareness, increased speed of command
governments are working together toward: and combat superiority.
Essential to building a foundation for the Improving citizen and business services Achieving a sustainable environment
government of the future is integrating Connecting people to programs based Deploying environmentally responsible
traditional infrastructures with digital infra- on individual needs, achieving sustainable operations, including energy efficiency,
structures. Computational power is being outcomes, reducing operational costs and conservation in transportation management
applied to just about everything. At this maximizing taxpayer value. and the pursuit of renewable resources.
point, any person, object, process or
service, in any organization of any size, can Managing resources effectively
become digitally aware and networked. Leveraging business intelligence and mak-
ing plans to improve insight and elevate
performance with visibility and control.

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1 Interconnectivity 2 Innovative collaboration 3 IBM solutions 4 Case studies 5 Why IBM?
Building a smarter government

Going horizontal
It is essential that government So how do we accomplish this? It begins touch with a complex network of organi-
leaders position themselves to
by working closely with the public and zations, agencies and private sector
address the challenges and
opportunities of the next decade, private sectors to create an environment entities, but also increase shared awareness
while taking into account both of thriving businesses, efficient infrastruc- and promote smarter decision making
global trends and local issues.
tures and satisfied constituencies. through collaboration.

This can be achieved through innovative As organizations shift from “hierarchical

collaboration. Innovative collaboration and vertical” to “diffuse and horizontal,”
supports the exchange of information innovative collaboration can enable greater
across both internal and external organi- teamwork and interconnectedness. Soon,
zations, in any form, for any channel, virtual organizations will no longer be a
between any sender and recipient. By concept but rather a crucial component in
implementing communications technol- the way successful governments function.
ogy, governments can not only keep in

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1 Interconnectivity 2 Innovative collaboration 3 IBM solutions 4 Case studies 5 Why IBM?
Building a smarter government

The IBM difference IBM helps governments proactively It is essential that government leaders
IBM can help governments make innova- transform their operations and deliver position themselves to address the
tive and dynamic collaboration a reality. innovative services to their citizens and challenges and opportunities of the next
Our strategy is aligned with the priorities businesses. We enable greater access decade, while taking into account both
of national, regional and local governments. to information and resources, help global trends and local issues. Collaborating
Through collaborative work with our improve responsiveness and efficiency, with experienced and knowledgeable
clients, we have implemented compelling and protect information and critical partners—including academia, involved
solutions that address the wide range of resources. We work with government businesses, industry experts and stake-
complex issues governments face every enterprises to help build infrastructures holders from the community—holds the
day: transforming social services, protecting for economic growth and stability in a greatest hope for success. To accomplish
customs and border operations, ensuring global environment. this, IBM provides tools that can turn
public safety, improving transportation information into valuable insights, helping
experiences, managing and regulating governments make informed decisions
finance and taxation, enabling smart and giving them the ability to instantly
communications and much more. take action—now.

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1 Interconnectivity 2 Innovative collaboration 3 IBM solutions 4 Case studies 5 Why IBM?
Building a smarter government

IBM Lotus and IBM WebSphere Portal software

You can get work done quickly and optimizing the way they work. Lotus WebSphere Portal software—based solu-
efficiently with IBM Lotus® and
technologies such as social software, tions can help improve efficiency with
IBM WebSphere® Portal software.
instant messaging and Web 2.0 offerings— tailor-made views of your entire government
and the integration of collaboration tools enterprise or provide role-based work envi-
within portals and everyday applications— ronments that combine personalized content
Award-winning collaboration software tools
can help people work more efficiently with collaborative capabilities.
from IBM can help governments stimulate
and find the right information and
deeper thinking and develop plans with Above all, WebSphere Portal solutions
people at the right time to support
impact. At the heart of innovative collabo- help enable innovative collaboration by
a more-effective government.
ration solutions from IBM are two robust creating a single point of interaction with
platforms: IBM Lotus® and IBM WebSphere® IBM WebSphere Portal software enables the applications, content, business processes
Portal software. creation of flexible, customizable portals that and people for a unified experience,
scale to meet the needs of government accessible from practically anywhere.
IBM Lotus software delivers robust com-
organizations large and small, helping
munications capabilities through a suite of
deliver exceptional Web-based experiences
powerful tools, empowering people to
to citizens, businesses and agencies.
connect, collaborate and innovate while

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1 Interconnectivity 2 Innovative collaboration 3 IBM solutions 4 Case studies 5 Why IBM?
Building a smarter government

The power of collaboration without IT bottlenecks, helping ensure that • Create self-service portals, so people
Get work done quickly and efficiently with people can find the information they need, can accomplish tasks more quickly and
IBM Lotus Notes® software. Create a when they need it. Create enterprise easily in a security-rich manner.
compelling, robust Web presence that can mashups to deliver quick business appli- • Provide team rooms and communication
meet or even exceed the needs of key cations and return on investment with IBM tools that enable conversations between
stakeholders using WebSphere Portal Mashup Center software. teams and thought leaders working on
software. Build communities and share important challenges.
big ideas with IBM Lotus Connections All of these tools work together to form
the foundation of a smarter government.
software. Integrate presence awareness, “Process management based on
instant messaging, e-mail, telephony and For example, they can:
the components of the IBM
Web conferencing capabilities with IBM
Lotus Sametime® software. Gather critical
• Help a decision maker find experts based WebSphere portfolio is a central
on their profiles and then instantly connect
data while minimizing errors and reducing element for implementing our
with them using links in those profiles.
costs with IBM Lotus Forms software. Use
• Connect a consortium of experts when a vision of a comprehensive
IBM Lotus Web Content Management
disaster occurs. e-government platform.”
software to empower business users to
create and manage their own Web content Reiner Klüh
Director, Dortmunder Systemhaus

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1 Interconnectivity 2 Innovative collaboration 3 IBM solutions 4 Case studies 5 Why IBM?
Building a smarter government

A citizen-centric solution • Gain efficiencies by automating paper- “With the IBM solution in place, we
By putting Lotus collaboration software based processes and empowering
tools and WebSphere Portal software to citizens to serve themselves.
can provide better and more-secure
work, you can transform the day-to-day • Strengthen their commitment to document submission services to our
operations of government, opening up new security and privacy, while informing clients, and we can receive and
avenues of connection and collaboration. and serving constituents. process land transactions faster and
Governments can inform, engage and
empower citizens, as well as: The end result? A more proactive, citizen- with more error checking up front
centric government that remains commit- than ever before.”
• Improve responsiveness by helping ted to public service. One that strengthens
constituents find and use the information public safety and security, collaborates Nancy Saunders
and expertise they need. effectively, manages resources efficiently Acting director, Registry 2000, Land Programs,
Corporate Registries, Service Nova Scotia and
• Deliver new services via the Web by and builds a sustainable environment. Municipal Relations
combining existing data sources and
processes and making them available. IBM can help you turn all of this into
• Deepen citizen relationships through a reality.
multiple modes of communication and
online community building.

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1 Interconnectivity 2 Innovative collaboration 3 IBM solutions 4 Case studies 5 Why IBM?
Building a smarter government

IBM Lotus and IBM WebSphere Portal case studies

Australian Social Security It turned to IBM for help creating a Web “Together, Lotus and WebSphere
Appeals Tribunal portal that provided role-based access to
Government agencies serve business systems, content repositories
Portal software offers us
growing populations with and discussion forums. By logging on, collaboration that helps us spend
limited budgets and personnel but must employees and members can access more time serving our clients.”
continue to improve decision-making e-mail, calendar appointments and critical
speed and quality. The Australian Social reference data. This helped the Australian Greig Morris
Security Appeals Tribunal (SSAT) reviews SSAT gain faster access to distributed Business manager, Information Technology,
Social Security Appeals Tribunal
administrative decisions made under social information, speeding the decision-making
security, family assistance law and child process and improving its ability to find
support legislation and was challenged to relevant expertise and information.
deliver consistent, accurate decisions—
but suffered from inefficient information
sharing and disconnected resources.

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1 Interconnectivity 2 Innovative collaboration 3 IBM solutions 4 Case studies 5 Why IBM?
Building a smarter government

Swedish Road Administration IBM was engaged to design, build and After a seven-month pilot, traffic dropped
Transportation organizations can help operate a fully automated road-use charging by approximately 25 percent, which
the environment by infusing intelligence solution. Between 6:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m., equates to roughly 100,000 fewer vehicle
into their entire transportation system— Monday through Friday, a “congestion passages per day. Train and transit pas-
streets, bridges, intersections, signs, sig- charging system” taxes vehicles enter- sengers increased by some 40,000 per
nals and tolls—making it smarter ing or leaving congestion zones. Fares day, and greenhouse gas emissions fell by
and more interconnected. The city of are highest during peak rush hours. Radio an estimated 40 percent.
Stockholm, Sweden, was faced with frequency identification (RFID) technologies
growing urban traffic congestion and and cameras are linked to license plate and
needed a solution that would encourage financial databases to identify vehicles and
its citizens to make better transportation process billing.
choices that would benefit them and
the environment.

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1 Interconnectivity 2 Innovative collaboration 3 IBM solutions 4 Case studies 5 Why IBM?
Building a smarter government

Washington County sets the stage Washington County created an “We evaluated a lot of solutions,
for e-government e-government portal solution that gives
Like many government entities, Washington citizens and staff members the informa-
including Microsoft® .NET,
County constantly seeks to provide up-to- tion and services they need, when and but the IBM WebSphere
date services. Accordingly, when citizens where they need them, allowing the solution gave us an open,
and county employees began asking for county to become more responsive to its integrated environment to
easier access to information, Washington constituents while paving the way for broad
County knew it had to act quickly. Citizens process transformations in the future.
build e-government solutions
wanted to spend less time visiting county across a variety of hardware
buildings to retrieve information and receive The solution led to greater employee pro- and software platforms.”
services, while employees were demanding ductivity and effectiveness, increased cus-
easier access to back-end information. tomer and staff satisfaction, and a higher Nadine Culberson
return on technology investments, all with- Information systems manager, Washington County
out rebuilding or replacing the existing
IT infrastructure.

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1 Interconnectivity 2 Innovative collaboration 3 IBM solutions 4 Case studies 5 Why IBM?
Building a smarter government

Why IBM?
We offer solutions that are In addition to offering one of the broadest For more about IBM’s Web portal software
relevant and deliver value today,
government-ready collaboration portfolios tools for government, please visit:
and create a foundation for
tomorrow. IBM is ready to help in the marketplace, IBM also has integral
your organization adapt to the experience—including functional experts industry/government
forces of change.
in both government and IT solutions—that
can help you address your unique needs IBM’s Collaboration Agenda
and key focus areas. The Collaboration Agenda brings together
IBM’s vertical industry experience, soft-
Our offerings fully leverage Web 2.0 tech-
To get started, please visit: ware lab specialists and consulting ser-
nology and are based on open standards, vices experts to help clients realize
so they can work with your existing invest-
measurable returns from improving the
ments. They can help improve efficiency For more information about IBM’s vision way in which people interact. For more
and lower the costs of interactions across of smarter government, please visit: information, please visit:
all aspects of your operations.

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1 Interconnectivity 2 Innovative collaboration 3 IBM solutions 4 Case studies 5 Why IBM?
Building a smarter government

Accelerate your software investment’s Find out more about the technical consulting,
time to value training and Software Accelerated Value
IBM Software Services for Lotus and Program services available to help you
select IBM Business Partners can help accelerate your success with IBM technology.
you better under-stand your technology For more information, please visit:
options and how to leverage Lotus
collaboration solutions to help you
decrease your IT total cost of ownership
and increase your organization’s productivity.

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1 Interconnectivity 2 Innovative collaboration 3 IBM solutions 4 Case studies 5 Why IBM?
Building a smarter government

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