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Hunter’s gatherers
Local rabbis bring
holy days to historic
upstate synagogue
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Kids these
(high holy) days
● After nearly 2,000 years, goats have or misplaced in the making of the
returned to the Yom Kippur service. atonement ritual.
Back when the Temple stood in Yep, it’s Yom Kippur goat yoga.
Jerusalem, the High Priest would Goat yoga, which is described by
cast a lot to choose between two advocates as “the peanut butter and
goats. One would be slaughtered as jelly of dream life combinations,”
a sacrifice. The other would be sent brings adorable ruminants to humans
away to the wilderness — the original assuming awkward poses prescribed
scapegoat. by traditional practice.
Since the destruction of the Temple, At the Open Temple, the posture
the goats have appeared only on the is that of prostration, a piece of the
pages of the liturgy, where, as part of Yom Kippur Temple ritual that carried
the traditional Yom Kippur service, over to the synagogue observance of
the ritual is recalled and recited — the ancient fast day. Last year, 50 of
but not re-enacted. Rabbi Shapiro’s congregants filled a
Now, the Wall Street Journal re- yoga studio. As they fell on their faces
ports, Rabbi Lori Shapiro, founder of during the service, goats walked on
the Open Temple in Venice Beach, their backs.
California, has brought goats back to “It’s about making Judaism relevant
the High Holy Day observance. This again,” Rabbi Shapiro told the Wall
time, though, no animals are harmed Street Journal. sLARRY YUDELSON

Fast like a pirate CONTENTS

● The origins of Yom Kippur are lost to time. NOSHES ...............................................................4
Was it invented by God from whole cloth and dictated to BRIEFLY LOCAL ..............................................16
Moses? Did it evolve from a new year sanctuary purification COVER STORY ................................................. 18
JEWISH WORLD ............................................ 22
OPINION ........................................................... 32
Talk Like a Pirate Day, on the other hand, has a clearer D’VAR TORAH ................................................ 39
history. THE FRAZZLED HOUSEWIFE ...................40
It was invented by two guys talking on the racquetball CROSSWORD PUZZLE ................................40
court in 1995, and then it was publicized by columnist Da- ARTS & CULTURE ...........................................41
vid Barry in 2002. CALENDAR ...................................................... 42
Since then, the holiday, which requires no acts of asceti- OBITUARIES .................................................... 45
cism but promises no redemption, has spread, particularly rare and ultimately less evocative of the American Jewish CLASSIFIEDS ..................................................46
in the sillier corners of the internet but even to the legis- experience than Thanksgivukkah, Yom Kippur-Like-A-Pirate- REAL ESTATE..................................................49
lature of the state of Michigan, which has recognized the Day already has led author Nat Gertler to design this logo.
holiday repeatedly. And at my synagogue, at least, the rabbi has promised
Decreed by its founders to be September 18 — the birth- to devote time on the afternoon of the double holiday to
PUBLISHER’S STATEMENT: (USPS 275-700 ISN 0021-6747) is pub-
day of one of their ex-wives — this year presents the first read from that most pirate-friendly of biblical books, the lished weekly on Fridays with an additional edition every October,
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Miss Liberty and

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political advertisement does not constitute an endorsement of any
pany while they’re at
the bottle battle
candidate political party or political position by the newspaper or
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On the other side of the eye- in reusable bottles Candlelighting:
catching setup, titled “Drowning results in “less plastic Friday, September 14, 6:49 p.m.
Liberty,” were booths with people manufactured, less Shabbat ends:
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The installation was organized by
Saturday, September 15, 7:46 p.m.
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“Honestly, Mr. Miller, you’ve set back the
Jewish contribution to making the world
spiritually whole through your arbitrary
division of these desperate people.”
— Rabbi Neil Comess-Daniels of Beth Shir Shalom in Santa Monica, California, addressing
Stephen Miller, the key architect of the Trump administration’s zero-tolerance immigration
policies, in his Rosh Hashanah sermon. Mr. Miller, who grew up in the synagogue, was not
An undercover teen, there. Rabbi Comess-Daniels continued, “The actions that you now encourage President

a grown-up felon Trump to take make it obvious to me that you didn’t get my, or our, Jewish message.”

“White Boy Rick” still a juvenile. But in 2012 (“Singin’ In the Rain”;
will open wide on the U.S. Supreme Court “Seven Brides for Sev-
September 14. It’s found that sentences en Brothers”).
based on the true story for juveniles, without a
of Richard Wershe, Jr. chance for parole, were More Roseanne
who was recruited as unconstitutional. Wer- Late last month,
undercover informer she was paroled in 2017, “Roseanne”
when he was 14 and but had to serve time in co-star John
helped the feds bust Florida for helping his Goodman spilled the
Detroit-area drug sister (from a Michigan beans to the Sunday
dealers. One film trailer jail) run a stolen-car ring Times that the Roseanne
has Wershe, now 49, in Florida. On September character, played by
wearing a star of David, 19, Florida will decide ROSEANNE BARR, 65,
even though he isn’t whether to parole him Jennifer Jason Leigh Piper Laurie Kenneth Lonergan will be written out of the
Jewish. Perhaps why he’s after 31 years (combined) series; her character will
wearing the star is in jail. die. As you recall, ABC
explained somewhere fired Barr in May follow-
else in the film. (My A notable revival ing what most viewed as
opinion: if you are a “The Waverly racist tweets. Goodman
non-Jewish Nobel Prize Gallery,” a 2000 also told the Times: “I
winner, OK, wear a star play by know for a fact that she’s
of David if you must. KENNETH LONERGAN, not racist.” Barr quickly
Everybody else non- 55, will be revived this fall thanked Goodman for
Jewish — don’t wear it.) on Broadway. Previews his support.
JENNIFER JASON begin on September 25 Re-titled “The Con-
LEIGH, 56, plays an FBI and the play opens on nors,” the latest iteration
agent who worked with Oct. 25. Lonergan, as I of “Roseanne” will pre-
Wershe. Uber-veteran have noted before, is the miere on Oct. 16. Mean-
actress PIPER LAURIE, son of a Jewish mother Elaine May Stanley Donen Rosanne Barr while, as you might have
86, plays Wershe’s pa- and an Irish father. He already read, Roseanne
ternal grandmother. (His was raised by his mother battle against Alzheim- pearance as Gladys (who early ‘60s, with the late did a podcast with Rabbi
paternal grandfather and his Jewish stepfa- er’s disease. Gladys is is Jewish). Lucas Hedg- MIKE NICHOLS. The SHUMULEY BOTEACH,
is played by Laurie’s ther. His three most an old-school lefty and es, 21, who won a best routines really stand 51, on September 1.
contemporary, Bruce famous plays (“Waverly” social activist and long- supporting actor Oscar up and they ratify what (Rabbi Boteach writes
Dern, 82). Matthew Mc- is one) all focus on time owner of a small for “Manchester,” plays several said in the CNN more about Roseanne
Conaughey co-stars as mostly Jewish charac- art gallery in Greenwich Daniel, Gladys’s Jewish History of Comedy series Barr on page 32.) A few
Wershe’s father. ters. “Waverly” was a Village. The play explores grandson. Joan Allen — Nichols and May, who highlights: she intends
Here’s an interesting Pulitzer Prize finalist and her fight to retain her plays Gladys’s daughter. wrote their material, re- to be in Israel when “The
postscript to the film: Lonergan won the best independence and the Michael Cera plays an ally were one of the first Connors” premieres and
The FBI cut Wershe original screenplay subsequent effect of her artist who visits the Wa- acts to break success- will stay there for a few
loose after a couple of (2016) Oscar for “Man- decline on her family, verly Gallery. fully from the vaudeville- months and study with
years and he became a chester by the Sea.” especially her grandson. I’m really happy that influenced comedy of her favorite teachers; she
genuine big-time coke Playbill magazine More than a memory May is healthy enough the late ‘50s. They were a is not going to curse or
dealer. Local police ar- provides a succinct play play, ‘The Waverly Gal- to take on a substantial herald of the present age bless the reboot, but will
rested him in 1987 and summary: “‘The Waverly lery’ captures the humor stage role. Recently, I of comedy, from SNL to be neutral about it; and
he was sentenced to life Gallery’ is about the and strength of a family stumbled on many vid- the Daily Show. she’s sorry about what
in prison without the final years of a gener- in the face of crisis.” eos on YouTube of her May’s life partner is she tweeted, but she’s
possibility of parole even ous, chatty, and feisty ELAINE MAY, 86, doing comedy routines, director/choreographer also sorry she apolo-
though he was just 17, grandmother’s final makes a rare stage ap- in the late 1950s and STANLEY DONEN, 94 gized publicly. –N.B.

California-based Nate Bloom can be reached at

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Jason Greenblatt of Teaneck talks about peace


ason Greenblatt of Teaneck, who

moved from the Trump Organiza-
tion’s top lawyer to one of President
Donald J. Trump’s top Middle East
envoys, has been given the job of trying to
negotiate a peace plan between the Israelis
and the Palestinians.
Along with Trump’s son-in-law and
senior adviser, Jared Kushner, Mr. Green-
blatt — whose official title is assistant to
the president and special representative
for international negotiations — has been


the face of the Trump administration’s
efforts to roll out a comprehensive plan for
Mideast peace. He has gone to the region
many times over the last 18 months, often
meeting with top officials from Israel and
the Arab world to gauge the situation.
The son of Hungarian Jewish refugees,
Mr. Greenblatt is a newcomer to the world
of diplomacy, especially when it comes to
the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Just before Rosh Hashanah, Mr. Green- Senior presidential adviser Jared Kushner, third from left, and special representative for international negotiations Jason
blatt gave the administration’s views of the Greenblatt, second from left, meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem on June 22, 2018.
process in an interview with JNS reporter
Josh Hasten. “I’m not going to give you any details,” so I
Q: How do you view the overall rela- appreciate that very much.
tionship at this point between the United I think our plan begins with reality. It
States and Israel under the current Trump recognizes the history of the conflict of
administration? course, but [other plans] were always rely-
A: I think that the relationship between ing on tired notions of what it should be.
the United States and Israel has never been Instead, it focuses on what it could be. Our
stronger, and I don’t think we’ve ever had plan isn’t just a two-page term sheet; it’s an
a president more supportive of the State extensive document that we’ve developed
of Israel. And I think that it’s clear that that explains how we think the conflict can
the support is returned by Israelis, who be resolved. It lays out each issue and pro-
have clearly expressed their appreciation posed solutions very clearly so both sides
to President [Donald] Trump for his poli- can understand beyond an aspirational
cies relating to Israel. He’s done something term sheet what the solutions really are
no other president had the courage to do. and whether they are going to be willing to
He recognized the reality that Jerusalem is live with those proposed solutions. It’s the
and always will be Israel’s capital. And he result of extensive consultation with Israe-
finally moved the United States embassy to lis, Palestinians from before the Jerusalem
Jerusalem, where it always belonged. announcement because at the moment
Probably the best way I can end this Palestinian leadership is not talking to us
answer to your question is by quoting a — much to their detriment, I would add.
friend of mine who everybody in Israel It’s also after extensive conversation with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas meets with Jason Greenblatt in Ramallah
knows well and does a terrific job here in regional leaders and other stakeholders. on March 14, 2017.
Washington, D.C., representing the State All of their questions and concerns have
of Israel, Ambassador Ron Dermer. [He] helped us forge a plan into a deal which we that serious people may be skeptical about Israel and the Jewish people as he is, he’s
recently said in a speech at a Christians think is realistic, fair, and equally impor- whether or not we can reach a peace agree- also dedicated to trying to help the Pales-
United for Israel [CUFI] event and I quote, tant, implementable. ment — a comprehensive peace agreement tinian people, and the way we can marry
“There has never been a U.S. administra- Q: Turning attention to Syria, with a — and I think that’s very understandable. those two ideas is by trying to reach a com-
tion more supportive of Israel than the much more serious conflict continuing to But I think there are very few people in prehensive peace agreement.
Trump administration. Frankly, it’s not rage in that country, why is America focus- the world who would oppose an attempt Q: In the same vein — and we have seen
even close,” he said. ing efforts on resolving a relatively calm at finding a solution, and while it’s true this in recent weeks — the Trump administra-
Q: Without getting into specific details, conflict in the West Bank, in which there that there are other conflicts in the region tion has announced a series of cuts to the Pal-
what makes this attempt at peace between is security cooperation right now between — and as I’ve said many times, this is cer- estinian Authority and funding for UNRWA.
Israel and the Palestinians fundamentally Israelis and Palestinians? tainly not the core conflict in the region, What is the goal by making those cuts, and
different than previous attempts? A: Jared [Kusher], David [Friedman] as others have said — we think that there do you think this will help urge the Palestin-
A: Well, first of all, let me thank you for and I have been charged by the president are unique circumstances now that war- ians to come back to the negotiating table?
not asking for specifics. You are unique to try and achieve a comprehensive peace rant an attempt at trying to see whether A: I think there are a couple of things
in starting your question that way. I usu- deal between Israelis and Palestinians. or not we can do this. President Trump, I have to unpack in that question. The
ally have to start the interview by saying, That’s our mandate. And I understand as devoted and dedicated to the State of first is that earlier this year, the president



directed a review of U.S. assistance to the

Palestinian Authority, as well as to the
West Bank and Gaza, to ensure that the
funds were being spent in accordance with
U.S. national interests, and also providing
value to the U.S. taxpayer. Per that review
and at the direction of the president,
we’re going to be — as was announced a
few weeks ago — redirecting more than
$200 million of fiscal year 2017 economic
support funds that was originally planned
for programs in the West Bank and Gaza.
Instead, those are going to go to higher


priority projects elsewhere. And I want to
make clear that that decision is separate
from, but also consistent with, Congress’
purpose in passing the Taylor Force Act,
which restricts assistance to the Pales-
tinian Authority unless the Palestinian
Authority ends the abhorrent practice of

payments to imprisoned terrorists and the

families of terrorists.
Let’s move over now to UNRWA [United Jason Greenblatt meets with Israeli and Palestinian basketball coaches in Jerusalem on July 11, 2017.
Nations Relief and Works Agency for Pal-
estine Refugees in the Near East]. Because And we’ve said repeatedly that UNRWA situation demonstrates, not nearly enough behind, and they don’t match their rheto-
as you are probably are aware last week, needs to seek out new voluntary fund- progress. ric with real-world action. Our $60 million
we made an announcement regarding ing streams. They need to increase their We also made it clear back in January, contribution that we made back in Janu-
UNRWA, and there are a few points I want burden-sharing among donors, and when we made our $60 million contri- ary still makes the United States one of
to make about UNRWA. First of all, it’s they also have to find ways to reduce bution, that the U.S. is no longer willing UNRWA’s most generous donors for 2018.
been clear for years that UNRWA’s model their expenditures. A little bit of prog- to shoulder a disproportionate share of I’ll point out in praise that Jordan, Egypt
of operations is completely unsustainable. ress has been made, but as the current UNRWA’s costs while other donors lag SEE GREENBLATT PAGE 8



Greenblatt we don’t resolve the situation in Gaza, it

FROM PAGE 7 will be an obstacle on the road to peace. So
and Sweden, and other stakeholders, have separate from the humanitarian issue that
encouraged better burden-sharing, and I feel terrible about — what the Palestinians
others have stepped forward. But at the in Gaza are going through. Hamas itself is
end of the day, the international commu- an obstacle on the road to peace. It’s not
nity did not prove itself willing to fix this a secret that the Palestinians of Gaza are
problem. UNRWA is nearly out of funds, hostage to Hamas, and they have suffered
and it’s time in our view to have everybody terribly under Hamas’s iron-fist rule. It’s
acknowledge that their business operation also not a secret in my opinion that Hamas
is a failing model. It’s tied to an endlessly bears the ultimate responsibility for that


and exponentially expanding community suffering, much to the detriment of the
of beneficiaries; it’s unsustainable, it oper- Palestinians in Gaza. Many countries will
ates in permanent crisis mode, and we not admit that out loud, although they
have decided to no longer commit to fund- certainly tell me that in private meetings.
ing this irremediably flawed operation. But the Palestinians of Gaza are not mono-
We also believed that Palestinians lithic. And there are Palestinians in Gaza
deserved better than this crisis-driven who would rather seek peace, instead of
model. Wherever they live, they deserve to watching violent protests and rockets and
plan for their future and the future of their burning kites with swastikas adorned on
children. We’re mindful of the impact on them. And we’re just going to have to
innocent Palestinians, including school- work very hard to reach that population, Jason Greenblatt tours Israel’s border with the Gaza Strip on August 30, 2017.
children. And we’re ready to engage with and I think we can and we have to. There
other governments in the region and else- is no way around that. We must do that. into account. When we reveal the plan, you asked the following on Twitter: “When
where to see if we can transition UNRWA’s Q: While we’re on the topic of Hamas, is the security experts are going to digest it, will President Abbas and the Palestinian
services to other governments or interna- there a major risk if Israel decides to give and they are either going to confirm that leaders condemn the violence?” A few
tional organizations; we welcome partici- up important tracts of land in a peace deal, we did the right job and took everything days later, you defended Ambassador
pation in that conversation. But I want to and afterwards, the P.A.—as was the case into account, or if we didn’t, we’re going to Friedman for visiting Ovadia’s widow after
stress again that we view UNRWA’s model in Gaza — becomes replaced by Hamas? Is hear their comments and concerns, as we he was condemned by the P.A. for doing
as irredeemably flawed. there a huge risk that they would then not will listen to all comments and concerns so. You added that it was “not surprising”
Q: In your Aug. 9 CNN op-ed, “Israelis live up to their side of the bargain? about it. But we will not put forth a plan that no condemnation over the attack itself
and Palestinians must unite against shared A: Without getting into the specific or endorse a plan that doesn’t meet all of had been issued. What does that say to you
threat,” you call Hamas “an Islamic funda- details, I will tell you this very, very clearly: Israel’s security issues because they are of about America’s ability to work with the
mentalist terror organization” that seeks to This administration is absolutely commit- extreme importance to us. current P.A. leadership?
destroy Israel, while at the same time you ted to Israel’s security, and we very much Q: At a rally in Charleston, W.V., on Aug. A: I think David [Friedman] and my
call on the Palestinians in Gaza to choose believe that the plan that we developed 21, President Trump said that Israel would tweets speak for themselves, and I think
peace. How is it possible to put the Pales- clearly reflects that. Ultimately, both sides pay a “higher price” in future talks with that what happened was outrageous. How-
tinians in Gaza on a path towards peace as are going to have to be comfortable with the Palestinians as a result of the U.S. rec- ever, I will point out that we are ready to
long as Hamas continues to rule over their the plan. When I say “be comfortable,” ognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and work with the current P.A. leadership if
lives while neglecting their interests? among the things that they’ll have to be moving the embassy. The president added the P.A. leadership is ready to lead. That
A: I was a little bit surprised when I comfortable with is [that] Israel is going that the Palestinians “will get something does mean condemning terror; it means
started on this file how little attention was to have to be comfortable that what we very good, because it’s their turn next . . . “ fully engaging with our peace plan in good
paid to Hamas in Gaza. Most people spend put forth in the plan does not put Israel What is that “higher price,” and what is in faith. I’ll remind everybody that no one
a lot of time just talking about catchwords at risk. And we think we’ve devised a plan store for the Palestinians, especially at this loses more than the Palestinian people
and phrases and slogans that have been that takes all of juncture as their leadership is threatening when their leadership condemns a plan
used on this file for years without focusing Israel’s security issues — and they are to thwart any U.S.-led peace plan? that they’ve never seen. No one loses more
[on the fact] that at the end of the day, if many, as you know — and we take that A: We think what we have developed is than them when the leadership falsely
the best opportunity for a fair deal for both claims that they have killed a plan that
sides. There are parts of the plan Israel is hasn’t even seen the light of day yet. And
going to love, and there are parts that Israel no one loses more than them if their lead-
is not going to like. And the same is true for ership will refuse to engage on the peace
the Palestinians. So what we want people plan when it is revealed.
to ask themselves after reading the plan Q: That said, since Oslo — and here we
is: Will we be better off with this plan or are, 25 years later — the P.A. has system-
continuing without it? We think both sides atically incited its population through
are going to gain a lot more than they give. state media, schools and textbooks, pub-
But to answer your question specifically — lic speeches, the glorification of “martyrs”
and I didn’t discuss the specific comment and the sponsorship of terrorism, includ-
with President Trump — but I believe that ing the P.A.’s “pay to slay” policy that
he meant that if we’re lucky enough to Abbas says he will continue to implement,
have both sides negotiating our plan in despite bills passed both in the United
good faith, we hope that Israel will take States and Israel to prevent it. What makes
into account President Trump’s good-faith you think that the Palestinian people are
efforts in advancing the goal of peace. His prepared to enter into a peace accord?
recognition of Jerusalem though, and the A: We do believe that many Palestinians
moving of the embassy, was not intended want to live in peace, and they want to
to exact a price out of Israel. There is no see their lives improved. They wanted to
particular demand on Israel in exchange see their lives improved, by the way, even
Jason Greenblatt sits between Tzachi Hanegbi, left, Israeli Minister of Regional for those decisions. before a peace accord would be reached,
Cooperation, and Palestinian Authority Water head Mazen Ghuneim during Q: When 31-year-old Israeli Yotam Ova- but certainly after a peace accord. If we’re
a press conference about the water agreement between Israel and the dia was murdered this summer just out- wrong, then we are going to fail as others
Palestinian Authority. YONATAN SINDEL/FLASH90 side of Jerusalem by a Palestinian terrorist, SEE GREENBLATT PAGE 48


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of my
Looking backward
with nostalgia,
looking forward
with hope. In photos taken on Long Beach Island in the summer of 1955, Jonathan Lazarus stands
on the beach with his father, Stuart, left, and with his mother, Minnie, and sister, Janeen.
(The present? Not so much.)
JONATHAN E. LAZARUS were submitted at the beginning of a new and not-so-suppressed sighs of your peers. spot in need of willing hands. Summer is

school year, on ruled paper from a fresh But that was then and this is now. not to be wasted. Summer is serious.
emember those back-to - faux-marble covered notebook contain- Today’s students, either day school or I am writing this adult version of a
school assignments you were ing words of wisdom scribed with a soon- public, are assigned much more demand- school report from the sandy haunts of
tasked with many summers to-be lost Estabrook pen. ing summer exercises than we were, exer- Long Beach Island during the waning days
ago? Of course you do. The If the teacher really wanted to be a stick- cises designed to enhance critical think- SEE SUMMER PAGE 38
generic essay on “How I Spent My Vaca- ler, she (let’s face it, most were in the early ing, delve deeper into a STEM curriculum,
tion,” or the more challenging book 1950s) would make you stand in front of put a social action experiment into practi- Jonathan E. Lazarus is a retired editor of
reports assigned by the teacher or cho- the class, read the masterpiece (empha- cal application, intern at no pay, travel to the Star-Ledger and a proofreader at the
sen at your own peril. In either case, both sis on elocution), and endure the snickers Israel, or volunteer for the latest trouble Jewish Standard.


Heading Home,
The Tale of Team Israel PA

The David-and-Goliath story of Israel’s national baseball

team as it competes for the first time in the World
Baseball Classic. Its roster includes many Jewish-
American major leaguers. The connection to Israel that
the players forge pushes them to unexpected heights.
Special Guest: Jeremy Newberger, Director
Sponsored by the Rubach Family
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Ages 30+ League: 8 Mondays,
Oct 8-Jan 10, 7-10 pm, $149/$185
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Community-wide Sukkot Game:

Happy Ushpizin
Our community’s “Sukkah hoppers” will receive
a map with the neighborhood’s welcoming
Sukkahs and will rate the hosting Sukkahs for
decoration, hospitality and creativity.
The highest rated Sukkah host will win a prize
and the lucky Sukkah hoppers raffle winners will
win a prize as well.
Sun, Sep 23, 10 am-1 pm


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MORNING: How Fascism Works: The Politics of Us Group meets in NYC. Registration required; Priority
leadership skills in sports, your school, and within your
and Them with Yale professor Jason Stanley given to JCC members.
community, then you are eligible to apply. Winners, 1 male
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Student activist
works to end
gun violence
Lois Goldrich

n February 14, 2018, a gunman
opened fire at Marjory Stone-
man Douglas High School in
Parkland, Florida, killing 17 stu-
dents and staff members and injuring 17 oth-
ers. The event had a galvanizing effect on
students throughout the nation, prodding
them to march, rally, and organize large-
scale events to raise awareness and demand
action on the issue of gun control.
One of those students is 15-year-old Lau- Laurence Fine addresses a March for Our Lives gun control rally in Hackensack on March, 24, 2018.
rence Fine of Ridgewood.
“We’re being slaughtered,” Laurence election, Laurence became more “politi- took place in Washington Square Park in throughout the country.
said. “Ninety-six Americans are killed by cally aware — but it was after Parkland that Manhattan. Laurence was part of a group “I started talking to people about this
guns every day. “We are in danger in our I became involved.” of students from Lyndhurst, Ridgewood, and got connected to people I needed
schools.” First came the school walkouts. Hillsdale “and across the county”; he also to speak with,” said Laurence, who orga-
So Laurence, who goes to Ridgewood The first one took place on March 14, a was a speaker there. nized a march in Hackensack. “Josh Got-
High School, is involved in the gun control month after the shooting. It was a national Next came the “March for Our Lives” theimer” — the freshman Democratic
movement “to make a difference, better initiative, and Laurence helped organize movement. The student-led demonstra- congressman representing New Jersey’s
our community and our learning environ- the event at his school, which ultimately tion in Washington, D.C., on March 24 in 5th District, which includes Ridgewood
ment, and keep Americans safe.” It’s been involved more than 1,000 Ridgewood support of tighter gun control measures — “and Steny Hoyer” — the Democrat
a gradual evolution for him. After the 2016 students. A second walkout, on April 20, generated hundreds of similar events who has represented part of Maryland in

Local institutions get security grants

Larry Yudelson Local synagogues that received grants include the are finally getting heeded and New Jerseyans are taking
Community Synagogue of Tenafly and Englewood advantage.”
More than a dozen local Jewish institutions will be and Congregation Ahavath Torah, both in Englewood; This year’s allocation for security grants was double
upgrading their security with grants from the Depart- Congregation B’nai Israel of Emerson; Congregation the amounts given previous years, reflecting in part
ment of Homeland Security. Bnai Yeshurun in Teaneck; the Fairlawn Jewish Cen- fears sparked by the wave of threatening phone calls
The awards, announced last month, totaled $50 mil- ter; the Glen Rock Jewish Center; Congregation Keter sent to Jewish institutions, among them the Kaplen JCC
lion and went to nonprofit institutions in 33 “designated Torah in Teaneck; Shomrei Torah in Wayne; Temple on the Palisades in Tenafly, in early 2017. (An Israeli
urban areas.” Local recipients were awarded the grants Emanu-El of Closter; and Temple Emanuel of Pascack Jew has been charged with making those calls. No
as part of the region the agency calls Jersey City/New- Valley in Woodcliff Lake. motive has been reported, nor has the alleged perpe-
ark, which includes Highland Park, Morristown, and The funding is the result of a grant application process. trator’s name been released, since he was a minor at
New Brunswick. Funds are designated for “target hardening and other the time the calls were made.)
The federal program targets nonprofit organizations physical security enhancements and activities.” Area Jew- “We are extremely grateful to Congressman Pascrell
“that are at high risk of terrorist attack.” In practice, ish institutions have used them for such projects as install- for helping to secure this grant for our state,” Jacob
this means Jewish institutions, which received nearly ing video security systems and protective bollards. Toporek, the executive director of the N.J. State Asso-
90 percent of the 63 grants given in the Jersey City/ “These awards are important news for nonprofits ciation of Jewish Federations, said in a statement. “In
Newark area. across New Jersey,” Congressman Bill Pascrell (D-9th New Jersey, we remain vigilant and watchful for com-
Local recipients included six schools: Ben Porat Yosef Dist.) said, in a press release announcing the awards. munity safety. We are thankful for congress’ attention
and the Frisch School in Paramus, the Solomon Schech- “Unfortunately, the rise in hate crimes has made these to this very important matter.”
ter Day School of Bergen County in New Milford, the grants necessary. Too many communities in North Jersey The Washington offices of two Jewish organizations
Rosenbaum Yeshiva of North Jersey in River Edge, Yeshi- remain a target for people who would seek to do harm — the Orthodox Union and the Jewish Federations of
vat He’Atid in Teaneck, and the Sinai Schools, which has because of someone’s beliefs. North America — have taken a lead role in pushing for
facilities in several different schools. “I have pushed my colleagues for nearly a decade to the grants and helping institutions apply for them.
Rutgers Hillel also was awarded a grant. increase funds for this program. Thankfully, our calls See local institutions page 48

12 Jewish Standard SEPTEMBER 14, 2018


Congress since 1981 — “came and spoke. proven to be effective.

There were thousands of people. It “New Jersey has good gun violence
was a powerful event.” The march was prevention laws: stricter background
advertised through social media and by checks to make sure guns stay away
word of mouth, and “happened organi- from criminals, terrorists, and other
cally,” Laurence said; he delivered the people who shouldn’t be trusted with
opening remarks there. He was “more guns, ending the gun show loophole,
excited than surprised” by the turnout where you can get one without screen-
at the march, “a really amazing event.” ing, and [dealing with] 3-D guns,” he
To keep up the momentum and con- continued. “If we don’t continue to
tinue pushing for gun reform, Laurence, stay strong on this issue, people will be
who helped create the group Students able to print their own guns from blue-
Demand Action Bergen County, orga- prints from their home.” These guns
nized a town hall meeting at the Unitar- are untraceable and can be brought
ian Society of Ridgewood. Senator Bob into airports and seaports. “They can
Menendez (D-NJ) and Rep. Bill Pascrell get through security like a piece of plas-
Jr., the Democrat who represents New tic — which they are.”
Jersey’s ninth district, which includes Most recently, Laurence has been
parts of Bergen County, were the main involved in the issue of voter regis-
speakers at the meeting, which drew tration. On September 15, Students
some 150 people. Demand Action Bergen County will
“We had a conversation about gun vio- join other student activists from doz-
lence prevention and what’s going on in ens of high schools in Bergen County
Congress,” Laurence said. “They talked
about what they’re doing and what they
to talk about voter registration “and get
out the vote,” he said. “We plan to initi-
support. The focus was on Congress and ate as many voter registration drives in
on policy.” as many high schools as we can to reg-
He is happy with the position of his ister as many voters as possible.”
own elected officials, but “unfortu- The meeting will be held at the Puf-
nately, that’s not enough,” Laurence fin Cultural Forum in Teaneck and fea-
said. “We don’t have enough people ture New Jersey Senate Majority Leader
in Congress who want gun safety mea- Loretta Weinberg of Teaneck as well as
sures,” or who will endorse legislation See gun violence page 48

Kosher Market


Nova & Belly Lox PLATTERS Tuna, Egg,
Kippered Salmon
Nova Whitefish,
Poached Salmon,
White Fish Kippered Salmon, Great Neck Synagogue: Post-Morning Services
Variety of Herrings Salad Chopped Herring, Young Israel of Great Neck : 5:15 pm
& Pickled Lox Platters Pasta,


Chubs Vegetable Spread
Turkey · Brisket · Chicken · Meatballs · Tzimmes Young Israel of West Hempstead: 8:45 pm
Soufflé · Kreplach · Chopped Liver · Soups
Matzoh Balls · Side Dishes and so much more SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 16
JOIN THE GENERATIONS OF FAMILIES Congregation B’nai Yeshurun, Teaneck, NJ: 10:00 am
Young Israel of Lawrence - Cedarhurst: 8:00 pm
Under strict rabbinical supervision
67A E. Ridgewood Ave., Paramus (opp. Lord & Taylor)
Mon-Wed 8-6; Thurs 8-7 · Fri 8-4; Sun 8-3; Closed Sat.
Jewish Standard SEPTEMBER 14, 2018 13

Education Department reopens probe

of anti-Semitism allegations at Rutgers

The U.S. Department of Education’s Office

for Civil Rights is reopening an investiga-
tion into an allegedly anti-Semitic incident
at Rutgers University in New Brunswick.
Kenneth Marcus, the department’s new
assistant secretary for civil rights, wrote
in a letter last week that a pro-Palestinian
event in the state university in January
2011 may have discriminated against Jew-
ish students by charging them admission
while allowing others in for free.
The new investigation, responding to a
complaint originally made by the Zionist
Organization of America in 2011, also will
look into whether students at the univer-
sity experience anti-Semitism now.
In reopening the Rutgers probe, Mr.
Marcus used the State Department’s defi-
nition of anti-Semitism, which includes
some types of anti-Israel activity, like hold-
ing Jews collectively responsible for Isra-
el’s actions. The definition was composed
by the International Holocaust Remem-
brance Alliance.
Susan Tuchman of Tenafly, director of
the ZOA’s Center for Law and Justice, sees
that as an important precedent.
“OCR for the first time is going to be
using the State Department’s definition
of anti-Semitism when it is accepting and
deciding Title VI cases,” Ms. Tuchman said.
“It’s important because that State Depart-
ment definition recognizes that some anti-
Israelism and anti-Zionism crosses the line
into anti-Semitism.”
Title VI of the Civil Rights Act prohibits
discrimination based on national origin.
The investigation stems from a ZOA
complaint filed in 2011 alleging that orga-
nizers’ actions at the pro-Palestinian event The Old Queens building at Rutgers University in New Brunswick. WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

that year at Rutgers constituted anti-Semi-

tism, and that Jewish students’ civil rights public, but organizers began charging Jew- point to discrimination against Jew- that’s the record, and I don’t believe
were violated because the school did not ish students $5 after a large group of them ish students. we can add anything to that,” Ms. Tuch-
address the anti-Semitism appropriately. showed up. ZOA pointed to an email sent “In other words, the visual perception of man said.
The complaint also alleged that Jewish stu- by a meeting organizer saying that “We a group of ‘150 Zionists’ referenced in the The renewed investigation comes some
dents were harassed and physically threat- need to start charging because 150 Zion- email could have been rooted in a percep- three months after the Senate confirmed
ened on other occasions. ists just showed up!” but that “if some- tion of Jewish ancestry or ethnic charac- Mr. Marcus in his position.
In 2014, the Office for Civil Rights one looks like a supporter, they can get in teristics common to the group,” he wrote, Before taking that job, Mr. Marcus was
dismissed the complaint, and did not for free.” adding that it was unlikely that organiz- at the forefront of efforts to combat Israel
respond to an appeal filed shortly after- The Office for Civil Rights initially ers polled each of the 150 entrants on boycotts on campus and anti-Semitic
ward by ZOA until last week. But on August did not consider the email as evidence their views about Israel. “In cases such as harassment by demanding the enforce-
27, Mr. Marcus reopened the investigation because it had been redacted, so it dis- this, it is important to determine whether ment of civil rights powers. ZOA, Hillel
into the event. missed the complaint. In a 2014 letter, it terms such as ‘Zionist’ are actually code International, and other Jewish orga-
The meeting in question was spon- said there was no evidence that only Jews for ‘Jewish.’” nizations supported his nomination,
sored by Belief Awareness Knowledge and were charged admission, or that others got The letter also noted that some students though women’s rights groups, including
Action, a pro-Palestinian group, and was in for free unfairly. who reported being charged wore kippot the National Council of Jewish Women,
called “Never Again for Anyone.” It sought “OCR did not find sufficient evidence and therefore looked overtly Jewish. opposed the choice because Mr. Marcus
to expand the Holocaust remembrance to substantiate that any individuals were Mr. Marcus wrote that given these rea- supported rolling back Obama-era guide-
slogan to include other offenses, includ- treated differently, based on national sons, the office was reopening the investi- lines on how colleges should handle sex-
ing Israeli abuses of the Palestinians. At a origin, with respect to imposition of the gation into whether the meeting was anti- ual assault.
certain point, organizers began charging a admission fee,” read a 2014 letter from the Semitic. The investigation will focus only Pro-Palestinian groups, meanwhile,
$5 admission fee. office to ZOA. on evidence already collected, so former warned that Mr. Marcus would wield
According to the ZOA, the meeting But Mr. Marcus wrote that the email students will not be interviewed again. the law to silence criticism of Israel on
was advertised as free and open to the should be considered, and that it may “With respect to reassessing the record, campus. JTA WIRE SERVICE


Is your child’s
safety less
than the
safety of your
neighbor’s child?
Trenton seems to think so. In the FY 2019 budget, the New Jersey State
government allocated more than $200 per child for public school security,
while allocating only $75 per child in nonpublic schools.

Tell them you disagree

District 37
Contact your state legislator Alpine, Bogota, Cresskill, Englewood, Englewood Cliffs, Fort Lee, Hackensack,
and demand that they allocate Leonia, Northvale, Palisades Park, Rockleigh, Teaneck, Tenafly
funding equally, for ALL of Assembly Member Valerie Vainieri Huttle
New Jersey’s children 201-541-1118 |
Assembly Member Gordon Johnson
201-530-0469 |

For more information, please visit or email us at

Briefly Local

Sandra Alpern
Rabbis Avram Kogen, left, Arthur Weiner, and Hillel Gold.

Courtesy Jerry Schranz

Rabbi Kogen lauded at reception
The Jewish Community Center of Paramus/ he taught bar and bat mitzvah students
Congregation Beth Tikvah honored there. The shul’s clergy, Rabbi Arthur
Rabbi Avram Kogen at its annual com- Weiner and Cantor Samuel Weiss, and
munity Selichot reception and service High Holy Days guest Rabbi Hillel Gold,
this year. Rabbi Kogen has been the shul’s who teaches adult education at the shul, Father and son celebrate at last year’s Tashlich at the Great Falls.
Torah reader since 2010, and before that joined in the celebration.
Great Falls will form backdrop
for Paterson Tashlich ceremony
Join residents of the Federation Apart- short tour of the Paterson Shul between
ments and some of the “minyannaires” 1:30 and 2:30 p.m.
who daven at the Paterson shul there, All are welcome to a Kol Nidre min-
for a Tashlich gathering on Sunday, yan on September 18 at 7:30 p.m., and
September 16, at noon at the Great Yom Kippur services all day on Septem-
Falls of Paterson. The GPS address is 72 ber 19.
McBride Ave. Paterson. The Great Falls The building that houses the shul
are second only to Niagara in height for is owned and operated by the Jewish
waterfalls east of the Mississippi. Community Housing Corporation, a
There is nearby street parking. Mill non-profit organization.
Mile – Paterson Great Falls is a smart For information, go to PatersonShul.
phone app you can download for free com or email
Valley Chabad

with a talking/walking tour. For information on the falls, go to

Following Tashlich, there will be a

Holocaust Torah in Haskell

Kabbalah and the High Holy Days
A 110-year-old Torah that had been saved main synagogue.
Last week, Rabbi Dov Drizin taught “The offerings for the Pascack Valley and Saddle on Kristallnacht will be in North Passaic The family buried the Torah in their
Kabbalah of the High Holidays,” a pre- River communities. They are open to the County for Yom Kippur. That stop is part backyard. They escaped to Venezuela;
High Holy Days class sponsored by the community; no membership or affiliation of a tour that will take the Torah to many when they returned to Hamburg, years
Valley Chabad Academy of Jewish Studies. is required. Jewish communities worldwide. later, and unearthed it, they found that
The class is one of many adult education Rabbi Mendy Gurkov of Chabad Jew- it had sustained more damage. “Even
ish Center of Upper Passaic County said if one letter is smudged or faded, the
he hopes the Torah will inspire everyone Torah is rendered useless,” Rabbi
at the center’s Yom Kippur services, to Gurkov said.
be held on Wednesday, September 19, at The scroll stayed with the family until
Hackensack shul 11:30 a.m. three years ago, when Isaac Schwartz’s
honors Mark Zettler “This Torah truly captures the essence
of our people,” he said. “Many have
son contacted Miami Beach businessman
Leonard Wien. Wien, whose mission was
Temple Beth El in Hackensack will honor Mark Zettler at its annual sought to destroy the Jewish people, to restore destroyed German Torah scrolls
gala, set for Sunday, October 7, at 2 p.m. Mr. Zettler has been the but we’ve miraculously survived and we as an homage to his family members and
shul’s president for 15 years and is continuing in the position. must continue our mission of repairing those who died in the Holocaust, bought
The celebration will include music by the Bit O’ Rhythm this world and revealing the light within the Torah from the family and had it
marimba band, presentations, and a cocktail/dessert reception. it. The fact that this Torah will be with restored. He hired two scribes who spent
For reservations, call (201) 342-2045. Mark Zettler us on Yom Kippur captures this message 18 months rewriting the faded letters and
of light, of hope and the promise of a replacing the parts of the parchment
brighter tomorrow.” that were beyond repair. Burn marks still
The Torah’s story is dramatic. On are visible in the parchment. Then Wein
Seeking Kristallnacht survivors Kristallnacht, Isaac Schwartz, who lived donated the Torah to the Jewish Learn-
Temple Beth Tikvah in Wayne is looking for survivors of Kristallnacht from Austria and in Hamburg, had just celebrated his ing Institute.
Germany to tell their stories at a commemoration and service on November 9. For infor- bar mitzvah a month earlier, grabbed a For more information, call (201) 696-
mation, call Alice at (201) 657-1647 or email her at Torah scroll as flames raged in the city’s 7609 or go to

16 Jewish Standard SEPTEMBER 14, 2018

Briefly Local

Photos by Leora Verbit & Daniel Solomon

Chani Hermann, director of New
Courtesy Jerry Schranz

Jersey Yachad, left, with Monique

Chera, event host.

Above, Yachad members, Deal/Flatbush community

members, Yad B’Yad participants, and NJ Yachad staff.

Yachad celebrates end of summer

New Jersey Yachad celebrated the end of elaborate barbecue overlooking the Yachad programs.
summer on August 29 in Deal; the party beach, and enjoyed a variety of activities New Jersey Yachad offers a variety of
was hosted by Monique and Ricky Chera. including personalized snow globe mak- inclusive programs for people with spe-
Yachad participants, high school ing and a concert with the musical group, cial needs as well as emotional support
RJ2 performs. students, and staff were treated to an RJ2. The event supported New Jersey’s for all members of the family.


Jewish Standard SEPTEMBER 14, 2018 17

Cover Story

The Hunter Synagogue, also known as Congregation Kol Yisroyal

Anshei Hunter, above and at right, is listed on the National
Register of Historic Places. Here, Rabbi Benzion Scheinfeld,
left, and Rabbi John Krug prepare for Rosh Hashanah this year.

the beauty
of the world’
In upstate New York, a community comes together
for three days a year, with the help of Bergen County rabbis

JOANNE PALMER generations change, children grow up and far north of New York City. According to a booklet the synagogue
marry and have their own children. Many It’s the 104-year-old Hunter Synagogue, put out in 2014, lovingly and appropri-
magine a small wooden syna- of them — most of them? — return, year the shul built by the families that built ately called “A Human History as told by
gogue in a small town, sur- after year, to the small wooden shul in the Hunter Mountain, the magnet that attracts its Congregants in Personal Recollections
rounded by woods, with a small town surrounded by woods, with the those family’s descendants and neighbors, and Individual Impressions,” the commu-
mountain looming behind it. mountain looming behind it. and that holds services led by Rabbi Dr. nity that built the shul formed in the 1880s.
Imagine a community com- It sounds a bit like a children’s book — John Krug of Teaneck and Rabbi Benzion Then as now, many community members
ing together for three days and people who know tell us that it looks Scheinfeld of Bergenfield. had summer houses in the rural exurbs,
every year for many years, for a bit like Poland — but it’s real, and it’s They’ve been doing it for more than 30 although various towns went in and out of
decades, for a century. in Hunter, New York, in the shadow of years, and so they’re deeply woven into fashion as tastes and travel changed. It was
This place isn’t magic; people age, Hunter Mountain, the ski resort not too Hunter’s tradition. hard to get up to the Catskills then; in the


Cover Story

1880s, according to the booklet, families recently whose families owned Hunter to Hunter and try it. “It’s a unique community,” Rabbi
would take a boat up the Hudson and then Mountain, and who figure large in the They did, they loved it, and they’ve Scheinfeld said. It’s a mountain commu-
get into a horse-drawn wagon that would reminiscences of the people who go there, done it every year since. They run the nity, a group of Jews who went there in
get them to Hunter. Later, trains and then year after year. entire service; not only do they lead the early 1900s. They were primarily reli-
highways made the ride increasingly easier Since 1989, both Rabbi Krug and Rabbi the davening, each acting as both rabbi gious families, but as America became
(if possibly less exciting.) Scheinfeld have led services there, three and cantor — they both sing — but they less religious they also sort of evolved in
Since the 1950s, the shul, which the U.S. times a year, Rabbi Krug as senior and also read the Torah and blow the shofar all sorts of different directions. And their
Interior Department lists on the National Rabbi Scheinfeld as junior rabbi. Both themselves. “We’ve gone for so long that children and grandchildren come back to
Register of Historic Places, was funded men taught at the Frisch School then when they built an annex, they named Hunter for the High Holy Days, from Man-
in large part by Orville and Israel Slutzky, when they were approached by commu- it the Krug-Scheinfeld annex,” Rabbi hattan, from Roslyn on Long Island, from
brothers who also founded and until nity members, who asked them to drive up Scheinfeld said. Fair Lawn, from Monsey. A lot of them are


Cover Story

Conservadox.” Few of them are Orthodox, but they return There are a wide range of Jews who share the building.
for Orthodox services, because that’s what the days always “During the summer, ultra-Orthodox students from Lake-
have meant to them. Many of them are artists, he added. wood and their rosh yeshiva go there,” Rabbi Scheinfeld
The High Holy Days fall at a different time every year, said. “And in the winter, there is a Reform service there
usually between early September and early October, but every fourth Friday night. So everyone uses it. There is
“every time we drive up to Hunter, we are surrounded some tension, but on the whole it works out.”
by leaves that are changing color,” Rabbi Scheinfeld said; The High Holy Day congregants are a mixed group reli-
those changes in the physical world mark the change in giously, but the two rabbis bring friends and relatives with
feeling that he undergoes as he nears this place that means them; Rabbi Krug’s wife, Phyllis, always joins them, and
so much to him. “And then you pass a waterfall on the way at times their children do as well. When the children were
up. The drive has a purifying effect as you get ready to young, “the Krugs would bring them up every year,” Rabbi
connect with your creator, and with the purity of life. Scheinfeld said.
“We always look forward to the landscape of green turn- “Phyllis Krug is a very important part of the Hunter
ing to fiery red and to yellow, and to the chill in the air, the experience,” he added. The rabbis and their families and
pure smell. And this little old wooden shul. Even though guests rent a house; “Phyllis opens her home to serve
the people there aren’t so religiously devotional, this is meals to everyone.” She also speaks movingly at Tashlich
the center of their Jewish life. They will come from far and every year. “Tashlich is held by the creek in the back of the
wide just to be in this synagogue, where their parents and synagogue overlooking the mountain,” he said; that ser-
grandparents prayed. And although they are not Ortho- vice, which always is held outside but rarely in as naturally
dox, they want an Orthodox experience.” beautiful a setting as Hunter provides, “is a very special
There have been some concessions to the changing gathering for all of the congregants,” he said.
times, he added. “Until about 15 years ago, the men used “Most of the older people who used to be here are gone
to be downstairs and the women used to be upstairs. But now, but I remember their Hebrew, and how much I loved
then we put the mechitzah in the middle of the room hearing it,” Rabbi Scheinfeld said. It was the rich, deeply
downstairs. Rabbi Krug decided that he could accom- Ashkenazi Yiddish-inflected Hebrew that would take lis-
modate that request. So it’s an Orthodox service, with a teners back to Eastern Europe, even if they’d never been
mechitzah, but we also helped people who wanted a more there. It went with the old wooden building, with its inti-
egalitarian feel.” mations of Poland. “And those old Jews were mountain
Rabbi Scheinfeld stands with David Mack, a long- There’s also a mechitzah in the balcony, so that space is men,” he added, with the creased, weathered faces of
time Hunter Synagogue member. available both to men and to women. people who lived outside.

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Cover Story

observant during the rest of the year, they would necessar-

ily associate synagogue-going with spirituality. “But Rabbi
Krug and I create an intensity that rivals the intensity of
any shul in the world. You’re in an old wooden shul in the
middle of a mountain, and for three days everyone’s soul
is so alive and focused and touched.”
“There’s an odd, cold, wintry warmth to praying in this
old wooden shul. It’s an enveloping feeling of warmth.”
There’s also the Slutzky connection, which creates
another bond between the people and the place.
“A lot of the Jews who come to the services are or have
been skiers. The synagogue is figuratively and in some
ways even practically dwarfed by this gorgeous ski moun-
tain. The shul is there because the owners of the moun-
tain gave the congregation both the means and the emo-
tional connection, and at the heart of that connection is
this synagogue.
“If there were no Hunter mountain, there would be no
town of Hunter,” Rabbi Scheinfeld said. “And if no town,
The break-fast concert is one of the most emotionally rich parts of the holidays, Rabbi Schienfeld said. then no synagogue.
“To me, skiing is spiritual. That’s because of the beauty.
This magic community comes together three days fueled by emotion and music and reflection instead of When you see it, it’s like instead of looking at a painting,
a year — for the two days of Rosh Hashanah, and then by food and caffeine. Now it’s over, and the group will you’re inside it. You feel the energy and the grandeur of
again on Yom Kipppur. When it ends, the community be disbanded for another year. “Inevitably people cry,” God’s creation. It’s a spiritual experience. And when you
has a break-fast, and then the two men play guitars and Rabbi Scheinfeld said. “The break-fast concert is a shot ski you challenge yourself. You feel nature, and you chan-
sing. Sometimes other musicians join them. (Remember in the arm of Judaism.” nel it into your own body.
that this congregation is full of artists; most are visual Because almost everyone who goes to Hunter for “It makes you feel like you are connecting with Hash-
artists but some are musicians.) They sing Jewish songs, the holidays is a descendant of someone with history em’s world in a way that uplifts the soul.
often old ones that everyone knows. Emotion runs high; there, “We started as outsiders,” Rabbi Scheinfeld said. “I love davening Mincha after skiing because I feel alive.
the community has reached a peak of intensity together, And because most of the congregation isn’t particularly It’s about feeling the beauty of the world.”


at the FIDF New Jersey Tribute Dinner

Sunday, October 7, 2018

5PM | Teaneck Marriott at Glenpointe

Join us for an evening of heroic stories,

meeting IDF soldiers, and celebrating
Israel’s 70th anniversary!

In 2017, FIDF provided comfort and care to 8,973 soldiers and

their families through the Fallen & Wounded Program.

• State-of-the-art prosthetics
• Rehabilitative and recreational services
• Vacations, camps, & holidays gifts for bereaved families
And much more.

For more information contact or (646) 274-9646

Charity Navigator recognizes FIDF as a four-out-of-four star charity for the 7th year in a row.


Jewish World

Celebrate Sukkot With Us!

We are open
Chol Hamoed
Come Dine in our
Large Succah (in the back)

Chag Sameach!
515 Cedar Lane, Teaneck Lawrence Bacow, the 29th Harvard University president, walks through Harvard Yard in July, on his first

Sun-Thur 12-10pm
Harvard’s Jewish president wants
to restore faith in higher education
PENNY SCHWARTZ parents and the broader public. “These are tough times
for higher education,” he said.
CAMBRIDGE, MASS. — Harvard University Jewish stu- Bacow, a longtime advocate for public higher edu-
dents take note: You may want to be on your best behav- cation, intends to use his new high-profile leadership
ior during High Holy Days services. position to impart the “enduring values of colleges as
RVL 4.025x5.375 Mag v2:Layout 1 6/17/10 2:40 PM Page 1 Lawrence Bacow, who began his new position as the enablers of the American dream,” citing himself as a
president of Harvard on July 1, and his wife, Adele Fleet good example.
Bacow, plan to spend some of the High Holy Days at reli- As the son of immigrants who had nothing when they
gious services at the Ivy League school’s Hillel. The two, arrived in this country, he credited higher education
who are Jewish, met on the campus more than 40 years with allowing him to succeed. Bacow wants to ensure
ago, when Bacow began Harvard Law School, he recalled. that opportunity is available to future generations — and
He began the habit of going to students’ services in his now he has a national platform to address the subject.
previous job, as president of Tufts University, a nearby “I really see this in many respects as a call to public
Boston-area school. service” not just a chance to lead Harvard, he said.
“We plan to follow a similar pattern and split our Appointed in February as Harvard’s 29th president,
time between our synagogue, where we have deep ties Bacow succeeds Drew Gilpin Faust, the college’s first
and have belonged for a very long time,” Bacow said woman president, who stepped down in June after 11
Luxury Watch Brands & Designer Jewelry in a recent conversation at his spacious new office in years in the job. He is the school’s third Jewish presi-
Loeb House, a stately early 20th-century building within dent, preceded by Neil Rudenstine (1991-2001) and Law-
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the gates of Harvard Yard. “From time to time we’ll be rence Summers (2001-2006).
Watch & Jewelry Repair spending time with the students.” Bacow, a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of
Custom Jewelry • Made to Order Rabbi Jonah Steinberg, Harvard Hillel’s executive Technology, also graduated from Harvard Law and
We Buy Gold, Diamonds, Jewelry & Watches director, wrote in an email: “Students in our commu- earned his doctorate from Harvard, in public policy. He’s
Luxury Watch Brands & Designer Jewelry nity are thrilled at seeing someone who cares so deeply an economist and a specialist in environmental policy.
40% - 70% off Retail Everyday about Jewish identity and tradition assume the presi- After 24 years at MIT, where he taught and served in
L’Shanah Tova
Watch & Jewelry Repair • Custom Jewelry ‚ Made to Order
dency of Harvard. It will be a joy to have Larry and Adele senior leadership positions, Bacow became president of
We Buy Gold, Jewelry & Watches as part of our Jewish community.” Tufts. In his decade there, he was credited with trans-
Bacow, 67, said he intends to draw on that identity forming the liberal arts school into one with a competi-
and tradition in restoring faith in higher education, a tive global presence, and for expanding the school’s
field under scrutiny for its enormous price tag and the accessibility for students from families with low or mod-
perceptions of elitism and political bias that sometimes est incomes.
59 East Ridgewood Avenue, Ridgewood NJ 07450 cling to it. He is concerned about affordability, and that After his stint at Tufts, Bacow was a senior scholar
201 689 1800 • the value of higher education is now questioned among at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and at its


Jewish World

Kennedy School of Government. It’s a tradition he has carried throughout his life. The revenue to expanding student enrollment, Lehmann said
Born and raised in Pontiac, Michigan, Bacow grew up in Bacows are regular Saturday-morning minyan-goers at in a phone conversation.
a family deeply engaged in Jewish life. His father, Mitchell, Temple Emanuel, a Conservative congregation in New- “He was comfortable about being explicit about his Jew-
who died in 2007, was a refugee who fled pogroms in East- ton, the Boston suburb where they raised their now- ish commitments,” said Lehmann, now president of the
ern Europe. His German-born mother, Ruth, who died in grown sons. Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California. “He
1994, was a Holocaust survivor — the lone Jewish survivor Bacow was on the Hebrew College board in Newton wants to see American Judaism flourish. For someone in
from her town. Bacow, a warm and engaging conversa- Centre for some time, and in 2004 the school gave him an his position, that is quite remarkable.”
tionalist, spoke openly about their poignant life stories honorary degree. In a speech at the commencement, he Bacow’s staunch belief in a richly diverse undergradu-
and the influence they continue to play in his personal challenged the notion that anti-Semitism was rampant on ate experience is being challenged in a high-profile federal
life and profession. American college campuses, calling it a “gross distortion,” lawsuit Students for Fair Admissions brought against Har-
“I had a very unusual upbringing as a child of a survi- as described in a recent Harvard Magazine profile. vard. The suit asserts that the school’s admissions policies
vor,” he said. “I’ve seen the literature of children of survi- A critic of petitions on colleges to divest from Israel, discriminate against Asian-American students. It’s a claim
vors, and that was not my experience. My mother was not including one at Tufts, Bacow nonetheless cautioned that the school and Bacow deny. The case is expected to
protective of me.” Defying some stereotypes about survi- in his address that labeling boycott proponents as anti- be heard beginning in October.
vor parents, “She actually encouraged me to take risks.” Semitic shuts down conversation. He recommended view- Harvard attracts more than 40,000 applicants each
His mother was beloved for her sunny disposition and ing such disputes as teachable moments. year and accepts only a small portion of them, Bacow said.
was a strong woman, he recalled. Bacow describes himself as a passionate champion of But he said the school embraces diversity in its admissions
Bacow said his parents instilled in him and his sister free speech and academic freedom. “Veritas,” or truth, is — from academic and extracurricular interests to geogra-
a sense of gratitude and a responsibility to share their the Harvard motto. “‘Emet’ in Hebrew,” Bacow said. “Uni- phy — to enhance its students’ experience.
good fortune. versities are fundamentally about the search for truth.” He is familiar with critics who compare the claims
In his relationships with students, he said, he has tried Debate is healthy, he believes. “We need to go out of our about Asian-American admissions to the quotas used
to convey that “all of us ... fortunate to study and work at way to make sure people don’t feel excluded or marginal- against Jews applying to Harvard and other colleges in the
a place like this bear a special responsibility to use this ized,” he said. But “fundamentally, we have to stand for aca- 1930s and 1940s. “Sadly, in times past, at many universi-
education and this opportunity to make the world a better demic freedom. It’s a core value of the academic mission.” ties, there were quotas against Jews,” Bacow said. “This
place and to help those less fortunate.” Over the years, he has shared his expertise with sev- is totally different. There are no quotas here. We are not
At one time his family belonged to both of Pontiac’s two eral Hebrew College presidents, including Rabbi Dan- discriminating.”
congregations, Bacow said with a chuckle. “Life revolved iel Lehmann, whose presidency did not overlap with Bacow said the percentage of Asian-American stu-
around the synagogue,” he said, where he recalled spend- Bacow’s time on the board. With that school weighed dents enrolled at Harvard has increased more than 25
ing four or five days each week in Hebrew school and reli- down by debt, Bacow was generous in offering guid- percent in the past eight years and “The data at trial will
gious services. ance on a range of issues, from attracting new sources of show that.” JTA WIRE SERVICE


Jewish World


Tue. Sept. 18 – 6:15 pm (Kol Nidre)
Wed. Sept. 19 – 9:00 am
Wed. Sept. 19 - Mincha 5:00 pm & Neilah 6:00 pm
Wed. Sept. 19 - Break the Fast – 7:30 pm
Erev Sukkot: Sunday, September 23rd
Monday, October 1st - 7:30 am (Yizkor)
SIMCHAT TORAH Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel, holding hands with his wife, Amy, an-
nounces that he will not seek a third term at a City Hall news conference on
Monday, October 1st - 7:30 pm September 4, 2018. STACEY WESCOTT/CHICAGO TRIBUNE/TNS VIA GETTY IMAGES
Come dance with us!
We would love to have you
join us but tickets are required. Rahm Emanuel will
For more information please leave a city — and Jewish
call Cathy at (201) 391-4620
Temple Beth Sholom of Pascack Valley
community — divided
32 Park Avenue · Park Ridge, NJ about his legacy as mayor
BEN SALES here from Eastern Europe, fleeing the

Brightview. As Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago

pogroms, to meet a third cousin he did
not know in a city whose name he could

Bright Life! prepares to exit City Hall after eight

years in office, his Jewish supporters
tout his commitment to helping people
not pronounce,” Emanuel’s announce-
ment said. “In four congressional runs
on the North and Northwest sides —
and his record of economic develop- and in two races for Mayor — you cast
ment in the city. aside old history and voted for a Jewish
His Jewish detractors, meanwhile, kid with the middle name Israel.”
call out his closing of dozens of Chicago In deciding to leave after two terms,
public schools and the scandal in the Emanuel surprised a city that has a his-
city’s police department in response to tory of strongman mayors. Emanuel,
a white cop killing an African-American who stepped down as President Barack
teen. Obama’s White House chief of staff to
But they agree on one thing: The fact run in 2011, won re-election in 2015,
that he was the city’s first Jewish mayor though he was forced into a runoff. And
Discover exceptional senior living was a non-issue either way. He hasn’t he’s had a contentious tenure.
faced significant anti-Semitism, and his Emanuel expanded the city’s pre-
for Mom and Dad Jewish backers do not say that they sup- kindergarten and lengthened its school
port him because of his religion. day, but he also led the largest bout of
• Respectful, customized care “We’re living in an era where a city school closings in Chicago history and
that has many different ethnic groups confronted a teachers’ strike. He ren-
• Cultural and social events and minorities, and people feel very ovated the city’s river walk, began an
Inspiring • Experienced associates passionately about their group, can expansion of the airport, and oversaw

Bright Lives • Luxury amenities

elect a white Jewish mayor,” Rabbi
Asher Lopatin said. Rabbi Lopatin led
Emanuel’s Orthodox synagogue, Anshe
a spike in construction downtown, but
gun violence has continued to plague
the city’s South Side.
for All Our • Gourmet meals Sholom B’nai Israel Congregation, dur-
ing the first two years of Emanuel’s
And his announcement came in the
shadow of a murder trial of the police-
Residents • Specialized dementia term. “Deep down, we can put our dif-
ferences behind us.”
man who shot Laquan McDonald, an
African-American teen, in 2014. The
care neighborhood Not that Emanuel ever has tried to fallout from the shooting prompted
downplay his Judaism. He was raised a federal investigation of the Chicago
in an involved Jewish family, his father police department, and it found a pat-
Call Richard to schedule is Israeli, and he has remained active in tern of discrimination there.
your personal visit. Jewish circles as an adult. “With respect to the beautification of
When he announced recently that he the city, the day-to-day workings of the
wouldn’t seek a third term, Emanuel city, the mayor has done an outstand-
55 Hudson Avenue • Tenafly, NJ 07670 paid homage to his Jewish background. ing job,” said Rabbi Capers Funnye of “I want to thank my grandfather, the Beth Shalom B’nai Zaken Ethiopian
who at the age of 13, took an enormous Hebrew Congregation on the South
chance a century ago by immigrating Side. Nevertheless, Funnye said that


Jewish World

he would grade Emanuel’s performance as a B- or C+. Jewish community,” Nasatir said. Jewish mother, but not to a Jewish God.”
“The issue that overrides everything in the African- But Nasatir said that the federation’s relationship Judy Levey, the executive director of the Jewish Coun-
American community is the lack of trust between the with this mayor wasn’t much different from its rela- cil on Urban Affairs, a Chicago social justice group, said
African-American community, by and large, in Chicago tionships with Emanuel’s predecessors, including the that at first she was excited to have a Jew in City Hall. But
and the police department,” said Funnye, who is Afri- powerful Richard Daley, who served for more than two she said that the mayor has not met the group’s expec-
can-American. But “I don’t know that anyone else could decades, and Harold Washington, the city’s first Afri- tations when it comes to helping the city’s immigrants,
necessarily do a better job,” he added. can-American mayor. reforming its police department, and boosting its poor
Emanuel, 58, was born in Chicago to Jewish parents; “Our relationship with the mayors over the last 40, 50 neighborhoods.
his father served in the Irgun, a paramilitary Zionist mili- years, from my perspective, has been always outstand- “We looked forward to working with Mayor Emanuel
tia in pre-state Israel. His first, middle, and last names ing,” Nasatir said. “Our relationship with this mayor on issues that reflect our Jewish values, such as immi-
are all Hebrew. He attended Jewish day school as a child, was very, very good and if there’s a difference, it’s just gration and police accountability,” Levey wrote in an
and he volunteered for a few weeks as a civilian on an because you happen to talk to someone who’s a Jew.” email. “While Mayor Emanuel worked successfully to
Israeli army base in 1991. His brothers — who also have His Jewish allies said that Emanuel’s religion would bring white collar jobs and investment to the city, he was
Hebrew names — are well known too; Ezekiel is a promi- express itself in the priorities he advanced, like trying much less successful at addressing the deep economic
nent physician and bioethicist, and Ari is a top Holly- to make the city more prosperous and improve its edu- disparities and disinvestment that continue to plague
wood agent. cation system. Chicago’s neighborhoods.”
After serving in the Clinton White House in the 1990s, “He’s a very good man, he’s a committed, passionate Whatever his legacy in Chicago, a few people said that
Rahm Emanuel was elected to Congress from Chicago’s man,” Lopatin said. “I know how deeply committed he is they were surprised by Emanuel’s decision to forgo a
North Side in 2002. He earned a reputation for pugnac- to doing good in society and making a difference.” third term. But Jack Moline, a Conservative rabbi who
ity, and eventually rose to become chair of the House But that feeling is far from universal among Chicago has been described as Emanuel’s rabbi, says that Eman-
Democratic Caucus. In 2009, he left Congress to serve Jews. Liberal activists say Emanuel didn’t help the uel saw himself serving only two terms when he started,
as Obama’s first chief of staff. schools; instead, he gutted them. And they say his focus and that he wouldn’t be surprised if Emanuel returns to
When he lived in Chicago, Emanuel would attend ser- on economic development didn’t extend to the African- politics after a short break.
vices at Anshe Sholom, and he was an outspoken sup- American communities of the South Side. “He has a lot of talent and he has the kind of energy
porter of Israel. Steve Nasatir, president of the Jewish “Rahm was the furthest thing we’ve ever had from that is necessary to make a difference in the values that
United Fund, Chicago’s Jewish federation, praised Eman- a Jewish leader, from a Jewish mayor, in the city,” said he and I share,” said Moline, now the president of the
uel as having done a good job in a difficult position. Tamar Manasseh, a Jewish activist who runs Moth- Interfaith Alliance, a liberal religious advocacy group.
“There’s no question that there was a sense of com- ers Against Senseless Killing, an organization combat- “I expect that there is another place for him to express
munity pride in having a Jewish mayor elected in Chi- ing gun violence on the South Side. “Rahm espoused that, although I have given up predicting what Rahm
cago, coming from a family that was connected to the no Jewish values whatsoever. He had a connection to a Emanuel is going to do.” JTA WIRE SERVICE



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• The Thurnauer School of Music

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This beehive at a honey farm in southern Israel near the Gaza Strip was set
ablaze by an incendiary kite. ALON SIGRON

Report: More than 8,000

acres destroyed by arson terror
The number of incendiary kites and The fires have annihilated wildlife as
balloons the Palestinians have sent over well as flora. The bee-eater birds indig-
the Gaza border and that have caused enous to the Besor Reserve are gone and
fires in Israel has fallen in recent weeks, their nests have been lost, and Be’eri’s
enabling the Israel Nature and Parks wild turtle population has suffered a
Authority to begin assessing the eco- critical blow.
logical and financial damage to Israeli In addition to destroying animal habi-
parks and nature reserves. tats, Hamas also used animals to set the
Authorities also are working on a fires, releasing hawks into Israel to which
plan to minimize the damage if the operatives had attached burning fuses.
arson terrorism campaign resumes According to the INPA, the fires have
next summer. caused some 15 million shekels ($4
The four-month arson terrorism, million) in damage to nature reserves
part of the campaign of border vio- alone and the amount of territory lost
lence orchestrated by the Hamas ter- will make it too difficult for the nature
rorist group that rules the Gaza Strip, reserves to rehabilitate themselves,
has resulted in appalling damage: Some requiring human intervention.
32,000 dunams (roughly 8,000 acres) “We are now seeing the scope of the
of Israeli fields, parks, and other lands damage caused to the nature reserves,
have been reduced to ash. and it’s immense,” said INPA Southern
The report found that 12,086 dunams District director Gilad Gabbai. “Most
(nearly 3,000 acres) of national parks of the Be’eri Reserve has been burned,
and nature reserves, 9,873 dunams and it almost doesn’t have the resources
Boys (2,440 acres) of JNF-owned land, 4,237 for renewal. It’s a really tough blow. We
dunams (more than 1,000 acres) of need to take more aggressive action that
agricultural fields and 6,085 dunams wasn’t needed in the past. We need to
(1,500 acres) of open land have been intervene, as opposed to other places,
burned. Since the arson terrorism where we’re protecting the ecosystem
began, 14 percent of all nature reserves from outside and allowing it to recover
in the region bordering the Gaza Strip naturally.”
have been lost to fire. Chief INPA scientist Dr. Yehoshua
The worst-hit areas are the Be’eri Shkedy said that the authority needs “a
Crater Nature Reserve, 78 percent of substantial budget” to handle the inva-
which has been burned, and the Kurkar sive species.
Niram Nature Reserve, 77 percent of “This is very expensive work, in addi-
which has been burned. Fifty percent tion to the monitoring program, which of the Karmiya Nature Reserve, 30 per- could cost a million shekels [$279,000]
cent of the Reches Gvaram Reserve, 27 a year. If I want a plan for five years, the
percent of Nahal Grar Park, and 21 per- monitoring alone will cost NIS 5 million
215 W. Englewood Ave.
cent of the Besor Nature Reserve also [$1.4 million], and I’m not talking about
Teaneck, New Jersey have been lost to the fires. all the other things,” he said.
The parks authority is concerned that If there are fires next year, it will take
201.530.7300 invasive plant species could replace dozens of years for the reserves and
Mon-Thurs 10am-9pm | Fri 10am - 3pm | Closed Sat & Sun local plants and cause more damage. parks to recover. If there are 10 years
Workers are taking care to root out before the next fire, then maybe we can
BORO PARK: FLATBUSH: LAKEWOOD: LONG ISLAND: invasive species, and next spring, after fix the damage in a few years. It also
5020 13th Avenue 1505 Coney Island Ave. 1700 Madison Ave. 467 Central Avenue the winter rains, the authorities plan depends on how you define rehabili-
718.972.4665 718.676.7706 732.987.9480 516.295.5006 to inspect the damaged areas for any tation, because it will never return to
changes to the plant life. what it was.” JNS.ORG


Jewish World

Israelis want American Jewish help

in promoting religious pluralism, study finds
BEN SALES Those are some of the takeaways from
an annual survey of attitudes among Jew-
For years, American Jewish groups have ish Israelis on religion and state conducted
agitated for more religious pluralism in by Hiddush, an Israeli organization that
Israel. And year after year, the Israeli supports religious pluralism. The survey
government has acted as if the country’s questioned 800 Jewish Israelis in July and
demographic and political realities make has a margin of error of 3.5 percent.
any kind of substantial reform impossible. “The overwhelming majority views neg-
The latest version of an annual survey atively the government’s policy on religion
disputes that claim. It shows that Jewish and state, opposes practically every aspect
Israelis disapprove of how their govern- of any decision or any issue, whether it’s
ment handles religious issues. It shows the [military] draft or marriage or public
that they want more liberal religious poli- transit on Shabbat,” said Rabbi Uri Regev,

cies. And it says they want American Jews the founder and CEO of Hiddush. “The
to intervene in the debate. public does want freedom, does oppose
The one wrinkle is that when Jewish government decisions and policies. The
Israelis talk about “religious freedom,” public wants diaspora Jewish involvement
they mostly are talking about a different in promoting religious freedom.”
set of issues than their American counter- As it does every year, the survey found
parts. American Jewish institutions have that Jewish Israelis are far more liberal Conservative Jews pray at Robinson’s Arch in Jerusalem on July 30, 2014.
poured their energy into changes at the on religious issues than their govern-
Western Wall and blocking restrictions ment is. The government’s religious and Orthodox kosher certification. Israel separation of religion and state, represent-
on Jewish conversion. But Jewish Israelis policies largely are administered by the bans nearly all public transit on Shabbat. ing an increase of 10 percentage points
mostly care about quotidian issues like charedi Orthodox chief rabbinate, which It does not recognize same-sex marriages since 2012. Seventy percent back govern-
public transit on Saturdays and govern- recognizes only Orthodox rabbis, Ortho- performed in the country. ment recognition of all forms of marriage,
ment funding of yeshivas. dox weddings, Orthodox conversion, But two-thirds of Jewish Israelis support SEE PLURALISM PAGE 30

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Jewish World

Arab Knesset members meet with Arab League

to denounce law defining Israel as Jewish
The head of the Arab League hosted a del- “destroys the possibility of two states.”
egation of Arab Knesset members from Tibi railed against the recent closing
the Joint List party on Tuesday, who railed of the PLO mission in Washington as “a
against a new Israeli nation-state law that revenge campaign against the Palestinian
defines Israel as a Jewish state. people and its leadership.”
The delegation was met by foreign min- He accused U.S. President Donald
isters of other Arab countries who gath- Trump of being an “unskilled trader” who
ered to discuss funding for UNRWA, a “causes the U.S. to lose its standing as a
U.N.-funded organization established to broker in the diplomatic process, and it
provide aid to refugees from Israel’s 1948 makes do with the messianic ceremonies
War of Independence, but has adopted a of Ambassador [David] Friedman and the
mission to focus internationally funded right-wing tweets of [Jason] Greenblatt.”
services and resources of all kinds on the Just law week, Joint List chairman
entire Arab population in Israel. Ayman Odeh met with European Council
Amid talks, the group called the new foreign-policy chief Federica Mogherini
Israeli law “racist.” Knesset members to request that the European Union con-
Ahmed Tibi and Jamal Zahalka reported demn and call for the nullification of the
that Arab League Secretary-General nation-state law.
Ahmed Aboul Gheit called it an “apart- Opponents of the law say it provides
heid law.” rights only to Jews and makes minori-
“We came here to explain the implica- ties second-class citizens. Proponents
tions of this law to the Arab public and have argued that Israel was estab-
the national conflict, as part of our global lished as and always identified as a
propaganda campaign,” Hadashot news Jewish state, and that the law will not
reported the MKs as saying. The news withhold any rights to minorities that
source reported that the MKs said the law they now have. JNS.ORG


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Jewish World

U.S. orders closure

of PLO mission in D.C.
While Jews around the world were celebrating the
Jewish New Year on Monday, the U.S. State Depart-
ment confirmed that it was ordering the closure of
New Year
the Palestinian Liberation Organization mission in
Washington, D.C.
“We have permitted the PLO office to conduct LEBSON & PRIGOFF, LLC
operations that support the objective of achieving a Since 1924
lasting, comprehensive peace between Israelis and
the Palestinians since the expiration of a previous MICHAEL LEBSON PRIGOFF, ESQ
waiver in November 2017,” said State Department Managing Attorney
spokeswoman Heather Nauert. WILL & ESTATES
“However, the PLO has not taken steps to advance
39 Park Place · Englewood, NJ · 201-568-4000
the start of direct and meaningful negotiations with
Israel. … To the contrary, PLO leadership has con-
demned a U.S. peace plan they have not yet seen
and refused to engage with the U.S. government with

A Jumbo Mortgage Today

respect to peace efforts and otherwise. As such, and
reflecting congressional concerns, the administra-
tion has decided that the PLO office in Washington
will close at this point.”
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hailed
the U.S. administration’s “clear stance in the matter.”
for all Your Tomorrows
Palestinian Authority spokesperson Saeb Erekat
slammed the decision as a “dangerous escalation”
meant to “protect Israeli crimes and attacks against
the land and people of Palestine” and called on the
International Criminal Court to open investigations
into “Israeli crimes.”
White House National Security Chief John Bolton
dismissed the ICC as “unaccountable” and “out-
right dangerous,” and said a case against the United
States or allies such as Israel would be “an utterly
unfounded, unjustifiable investigation.”
“If the court comes after us, Israel or other U.S.
allies, we will not sit quietly,” Bolton told the Feder-
alist Society in Washington, following the decision.
“The United States will use any means necessary RATE APR*

4.125% 4.183%
to protect our citizens and those of our allies from
unjust prosecution by this illegitimate court.”
Bolton confirmed that the State Department’s
decision to close the PLO office was informed by
“congressional concern with Palestinian attempts to
Payment per $1,000: $4.85
prompt an ICC investigation of Israel.”
In May, a National Security Council spokesperson
said the administration of President Donald Trump
A Kearny Bank Jumbo Mortgage
was considering closing the PLO mission after the
P.A. called on the ICC to investigate Israeli build- offers many advantages.
ing in the West Bank, as well as riots on the Gaza
border. • Larger loan amounts to $3,000,000
In response to the mission closure, Nabil Abu
Rudeineh, spokesperson for PA leader Mahmoud
• Flexible options available with
Abbas, said the core issues of Jerusalem and the right interest only adjustable rates
for Palestinians to live inside Israel as alleged former
refugees “are more important than the relationship
• Customer centric service and local
with the United States.” decision making by experienced
The head of the PLO mission in Washington,
Husam Zomlot, said the closure was “just going
mortgage pros.
ahead and implementing the grocery list that was
submitted to them by Netanyahu.” JNS.ORG

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Jewish World

marriage to kosher certification — younger government’s religious policies, it may year, Netanyahu froze a compromise that
Pluralism respondents favored more traditional- not make a difference. Israelis historically would have expanded a non-Orthodox
ist policies than their elders. While more have not voted on religious issues, instead prayer plaza at the Western Wall.
including civil marriage; that’s an increase than 80 percent of respondents over age prioritizing security and economic con- The Western Wall has been the top reli-
from 53 percent in 2009. Sixty-six per- 50 support separation of religion and state cerns. Even so, the survey found that most gious policy priority for American Jewish
cent support the three major denomina- in Israel, for example, only 42 percent of Jewish Israelis are more likely to vote for a groups over the past several years, but it
tions of Judaism — Orthodox, Conserva- those under 29 do. political party if it supports increasing reli- doesn’t register with non-charedi Jewish
tive, and Reform — enjoying equal status Regev said part of this divide is a result gious freedom. Israelis. They told Hiddush that their most
in Israel. Nearly half support recognition of high charedi birth rates. But he said it’s “If they waver between party A and party important religious issues were, in order:
of all forms of Jewish conversion, while also due to “an element of contrarianism B, and party A took a strong stand on this reducing government funding of Orthodox
an additional 28 percent support a liber- you find in young people.” issue, it’s going to win brownie points with yeshivas, instituting civil marriage, and
alization of conversion regulations. More And while only 22 percent of Israelis the voters,” Regev said, adding, however, allowing public transit on Shabbat. Ameri-
than 70 percent want increased public identify as religious or charedi — and 13 that “It will depend on what happens, to a can Jewish groups also have pushed for
transit on Shabbat. percent self-identify as Conservative or great degree, shortly before the elections,” civil marriage, but they have not spoken
“There is a consistent and continual Reform — a greater part of the popula- which are scheduled for next year. out significantly on the other two issues.
decline in people’s preference for the Ortho- tion has traditional religious tendencies. Whether or not they vote on religious “It’s not about giving carte blanche to
dox option,” Regev, a Reform rabbi, said Nearly half of Jewish Israelis observe Shab- issues, Jewish Israelis say they want dias- American Jewry,” Regev said. “It’s saying
about marriage. “The self-righteous claim bat partially or fully. And given the choice pora Jewry’s help in advancing religious these are things we feel strongly about ...
of the rabbinate to be the authentic, author- between different types of weddings, most pluralism. Two-thirds expressed sup- and we welcome your help.
itative, legitimate representative of halachic still would opt to be married in an Ortho- port for diaspora groups “working to “Clearly there is a disconnect over the
Judaism is not borne out by the people.” dox ceremony — either under the chief strengthen religious freedom and plural- wall. The wall, unlike marriage, is a sym-
The survey does have some good news rabbinate’s auspices or outside of it. ism in Israel.” That includes 65 percent of bol of what many American Jews feel so
for fans of Israel’s religious status quo. But while 76 percent of Jewish Israe- those who voted for Prime Minister Benja- strongly about that in Israel is seen as a
On issue after issue — from conversion to lis express dissatisfaction with the min Netanyahu in the 2015 election. Last marginal issue at best.” JTA WIRE SERVICE

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Yoram Sztykgold examines the unpublished

registry from 1939 that helped him find his

1939 phone book

could be key
to unlocking
millions in -Teaneck Farmers Market
Polish Holocaust Blood Drive
Thursday, September 20th 2018
1:30pm — 5:30pm
WARSAW — In the small park behind the only syna-
gogue in this city to have survived World War II, Yoram Garrison Ave and Beverly Rd
Sztykgold looks around with a perplexed expression.
An 82-year-old retired architect, Sztykgold immi- Teaneck, NJ
grated to Israel after surviving the Holocaust in
Poland. He tries in vain to recognize something from
what used to be his childhood home. “It’s no use,” he All donors will receive the following free health screenings:
says after a while. “To me this could be anywhere.” Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Temp, Iron, Pulse & Blood Type
Sztykgold’s unfamiliarity with the part of Grzy-
bowska Street where he spent his earliest years is not
because of any memory loss. Like most of Warsaw, his
parents’ apartment building was completely bombed
out during the war and leveled, along with the rest of
the street. His former home now is a placid park that is
a favorite hangout for mothers pushing baby carriages
and pensioners his age.
The dramatic changes in Warsaw’s landscape have
bedeviled decades-long efforts to get restitution for
privately owned properties like Sztykgold’s child-
hood home, making it difficult for survivors like him
to identify assets that may have belonged to their
families. But identifying assets will become easier for
many of them thanks to a recent breakthrough with
an unlikely source: the establishment of a first-of-its-
kind searchable database. Users need only type in


Choose life Roseanne’s year

live on the Upper West of repentance

Side of Manhattan.
T h i s ye a r, w h e n I ver the past two months I have been on a journey
walked my dogs early in where I have witnessed penance and forgiveness in
the morning of the second day America up close.
of Rosh Hashanah, I saw cars My close friend of 20 years, Roseanne Barr, who
parked on the sidewalk on Riv- had for decades entertained America with a sitcom about a
erside Drive and fire trucks lin- working class family, tweeted something very hurtful and offen-
ing the street. I saw firefighters sive about Valerie Jarrett, an African-American woman and one
in waterproof coats and police of President Obama’s senior advisers. That single tweet, which
officers in dress uniforms and Roseanne said was intended as a condemnation of the Iran
dignitaries in somber dress-up nuclear deal but was seen as racist by those who read it, led to
dark suits. the immediate cancellation of the reboot of Roseanne’s legend-
I saw three wreaths stand- ary television series that had, in its tenth season, achieved the
ing on large easels in front of highest ratings of any sitcom in America.
the large marble fountain, with Roseanne is known for her sharp wit, and she has never
its ram’s-horned human-faced been a stranger to controversy. But in the two decades I have
mouth spitting out a constant known and studied Torah with her, I have never heard a rac-
stream of water into the basin, ist syllable emerge from her lips. Still, the words she tweeted
with its bas-relief of horses last June were a breach of the core Torah values of the equal-
pulling fire wagons, flanked by ity of humankind and the infinite dignity of all God’s children,
sculptures of grieving women to which Roseanne, as an active and proud practitioner of the
comforting dying firemen. Torah, herself subscribes.
Under an atypically foggy, I reached out to her and told her
drizzly sky, instead of the usual On September 12, 2001, someone taped this sign below flowers she had a responsibility to put it
jeweled deep flawless ironic that were left at the edge of the fountain where the September right, to apologize and go through
blue, the city’s uniformed ser- 11 Firemen’s Memorial is held every year. ANDY SHERMAN Maimonides’ four stages of repen-
vices were getting ready to com- tance publicly, as the tweet was
memorate September 11 in front of the Firefighters’ up, as I got ready for shul I could hear the skirls of bag- public. Ignoring the advice of pro-
Memorial at the end of my block. pipes. It is a piercing, powerful, unmistakable sound. fessional PR people and advisors
Although September 11 usually falls near the holi- A bagpipe is a primitive instrument, at least origi- who told her that an apology would
days — in 2001, Rosh Hashanah was on September nally made of the skin of an animal, with at least show weakness, Roseanne taped a
17, nearly a week after the attack — this year they one pipe coming out of it. The sound it makes is not Rabbi podcast with me where she sobbed
were on the same day. sophisticated, but it clutches at your insides — your Shmuley through an entire hour of emotional
There’s a lot to think about there, about the uni- heart and your stomach — and squeezes. Boteach anguish for the hurt she had caused.
versality of one of the themes of Rosh Hashanah — A shofar is even more primitive, just a ram’s horn I have interviewed many people in
that it’s the birthday of the world — and the expan- (like the ones in the fountain). Often they’re beauti- my life. This was by far the most dif-
siveness and openness of that celebration. ful; they grow in curls and they shine. They make you ficult. Hearing a woman spill her guts in raw, emotional naked-
The attacks of September 11 were the result of understand that the animals that grew them were ness, in order to correct an error and speak of how she was
the opposite — of tribalism, of hatred, of religiosity huge and powerful in ways that people are not. They prepared to pay the price for her actions, including “losing
turned monstrous and weaponized. trumpet life and death even before they are blown. everything,” was moving and unforgettable. I held the podcast
The response to September 11, from the first Both the shofar and the bagpipe make sounds that for three weeks, giving Roseanne the necessary time to reflect
responders, from the would-be blood donors, from bypass your head and go straight to your heart. on the highly personal nature of the apology, making sure
all of us who gave whatever we could, was unifying. This year, they both are telling us to pay attention. she was comfortable with its release. When it was finally pub-
It was an outpouring of sympathy and love. The Torah reading on the Shabbat before Rosh lished it made immediate global headlines. People around the
Rosh Hashanah asks us to remember, to try to heal, Hashanah tells us that we can choose life or death, world were amazed at the degree to which a celebrity would
to try to be better, to open our hearts, to admit our and that we should choose life. Both the shofar and go to make amends.
mistakes, to accept that we are not always in control. the bagpipe tell us that too. We can choose to follow
The attacks of September 11 showed us what could the path of anger, of divisiveness, of hatred to which The opinions expressed here are those of the authors,
happen when we do not do that, and the response to some of our national leaders are shepherding us, or not necessarily those of the newspaper’s editors, publishers,
it showed what can happen when we do. we can follow the path of unity in diversity to which or other staffers. We welcome letters to the editor.
I live on the 13th floor of an apartment building, on a our better natures beckon us. Send them to
hill high above Riverside Drive. But still, even that high Please, this year let’s choose life. —JP

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Mother of the bride

The podcast, broken into the four stages what she wrote was unforgivable and am standing in front of the How can my little girl get
of Jewish penance, has Roseanne taking has taken full responsibility for the pain mirror in my bedroom. married? She just learned
responsibility for her actions, verbally she caused. She has asked her fans not to This dress, a head-to-toe to walk! She just learned to
confessing error, asking the injured party defend her, apologizing without artifice. confectionary of gold ride a bike! She just started
for forgiveness, and taking concrete action She said she tried to get Valerie Jarret’s sequins, makes me look fat, no kindergarten! She just went
to rectify the grievance, this time in the number to apologize to her directly, even question about it. The draping to sleepaway camp for the
form of monetary contributions to Afri- writing to her on her Twitter feed to ask that is supposed to disguise my first time! She just had her
can-American educational organizations. forgiveness. child-bearing tummy acts more bat mitzvah! She just got
Roseanne and I have since recorded However, she also related to me that like a contour map, emphasiz- her license! She just gradu-
many weekly Torah podcasts and the repentance isn’t entirely possible in ing the ins and outs of my gener- Helen ated high school! She just
issue of the tweet still comes up. Last America today. Once we attach negativ- ous curves. When I turn to view Maryles moved into her dorm! And
week our podcast made world headlines ity to a particular personality, it becomes myself from the side, I jingle. Shankman yet, here we are at this
when Roseanne said that she would be difficult for us to unsee. I wear black. Just black. All strange moment in time
traveling to Israel during the airing of My response to her was that as a firm the time. Black shirts, black that feels like a dream, vis-
“The Connors,” the renamed show where adherent of the Torah, she must follow capris, black shoes and dresses and skirts iting the dressmaker for her first wedding
her character is dissolved. Roseanne said its dictates regardless of consequence. and hats and sweaters and bathing suits gown fitting. She stands tall and elegant and
she has no desire to wish ill on anyone, And here, the Torah is clear: if one and nighties and tights. A habit I started self-possessed and beautiful, surveying her-
and rather than go dark in watching a causes pain to someone or diminishes in art school, where I learned that if your self in the mirror as the tailor pins up her
show she created go on without her, she their sense of worth or dignity in any way, whole wardrobe is black, you will always hem and begins to bustle the train.
wanted to be in the Holy Land, studying one must apologize and repent. match without having to work too hard, She tilts her head, critically studying the
Torah and finding spiritual uplift. But even as I told her this, I knew she’d and, bonus points, you will look thinner. gown. My daughter is funny, funky, articu-
Throughout all this, I have won- made a valid point. But my bride wants me in gold. late, and smart, a dedicated friend, a gifted
dered why her network did not forgive While the Torah gave the world justice, I glare at my reflection in the mirror. To artist. She was the kid who always made
Roseanne and why certain segments of its most descriptive and beautiful por- be perfectly fair, the dress is not the prob- flashcards and schedules, inventing songs
America did not forgive her. If it’s true tions are devoted to imparting how mer- lem. I am the problem. I’m fifty pounds and acronyms to help her remember facts.
that civility is dead in America, then its ciful and compassionate God actually is. heavier than when I got married, before In addition to being a highly-motivated
corollary, forgiveness, seems to be dead Throughout their time in the desert, we this lumpy body produced four children. and hard-working high-school student, she
as well. see the Jews sin repeatedly. We even see Once upon a time, I lived in the city and was also an enthusiastic member of TVAC,
Martin Luther King was the greatest them punished. But every time, God opts walked everywhere. But then I had chil- Teaneck’s Volunteer Ambulance Corps,
American of the 20th century because he out of a grudge, choosing instead to for- dren, moved to the suburbs, and got a driv- bravely venturing out into blackouts and
restored America to its founding ideals give them. ers’ license. My walking days were over. The hurricanes and traffic accidents to bring
of all people being created equally in the Perhaps the best example is the places I needed to reach were not in walk- aid to those in need.
image of God. As a Jew I am particularly Torah’s most intimate description of God ing distance, at least, not for a woman with a My daughter is an amazing young woman.
grateful to him for having elevated the himself, as Moses cowered inside a crev- baby in a stroller and several little ones trail- Tonight, we are meeting at the wedding
Hebrew Bible into a liberation manifesto ice of Mt. Sinai. Moses is told of “a God ing behind. Now I had to drive. Drive to the hall to finalize details, like what time we
and the very text of the civil rights move- of mercy and graciousness, endlessly drugstore, the pediatrician, the supermar- will arrive on the morning of the wedding,
ment. Regarding forgiveness, he once patient, abounding in steadfast kind- ket, to the kids’ schools in Paramus. Drive to which room will be used for the bedecken,
said, “We must develop and maintain ness and truth…forgiving of iniquity and playdates, meetings with teachers, backyard what kind of chair she will sit in, where
the capacity to forgive. He who is devoid transgression and sin…” camps across town, soccer practice, birth- the chosson’s tish will be situated, who
of the power to forgive is devoid of the These qualities, however, are not an day parties in other neighborhoods, endless will walk down the aisle and when, and at
power to love. There is some good in the abrogation of God’s legal system but its carpools. And in the process of driving to all exactly what time the bride and groom will
worst of us and some evil in the best of very guarantor. It is His capacity for for- those places, I grew curvier. A lot curvier. be standing under the chuppah.
us. When we discover this, we are less giveness that tempers the hand of Jus- I slip off the mother-of-the-bride dress, Oh, yeah. This is all getting a little too real.
prone to hate our enemies.” He also said, tice. And so, divine judgment is softened trying to keep the sequins from tangling I reach for the second gold dress and slip
“Forgiveness is not an occasional act, it is by His recognition of our goodwill and in my hair. I hang it back up and frown it off the hanger. The sequins whisper as I
a constant attitude.” contrition. He knows that without the at another sequined dress. Will this one pull the dress over my head, and the fabric
Valerie Jarret is, of course, the warmth of absolution, justice becomes make me look pretty? I have my doubts. whooshes down around me, falling to my
aggrieved victim in this story and is an not a system of guidance and incentive, At first, this wedding stuff was like a game, feet with a soft chiming sound. I fidget with
impressive woman of erudition and but one that makes our world only more like playing with dolls. Going dress shop- the folds and drapes for an extra moment,
sophistication. But given that Roseanne dark, harsh, and cold. ping, spending hours on Pinterest, design- trying to summon up the courage to look
had publicly apologized to her many Thus, for God, to forgive is not to sub- ing the invitation. But as the big day draws at myself in the mirror.
times, it would be appropriate for Val- vert justice, but rather to preserve it. nearer, I find it’s getting a little too real. To my infinite surprise, the dress
erie to consider accepting. As Valerie In our society, it should be no different. Last Sunday, we arranged to meet the skims over my most egregious bumps
Jarret said of the tweet when the fire- Across the modern world, justice is signi- caterer and have a “tasting.” While other and curves, draping them softly, flatter-
storm first broke out, we could make this fied by the scale and not by the noose. people enjoyed the last holiday weekend ing them, forgiving them. I realize that
a teachable moment in America. All of As we move toward Yom Kippur, let’s of the summer, we drove into deepest Jer- gold looks pretty nice against my skin. It’s
us learning to model forgiveness, even dial down the enmity and disappoint- sey to drop in on a stranger’s bat mitzvah. pretty nice with the color of my hair, too.
when it’s very hard, is vital to the spiri- ment we feel toward others. Not because Twelve-year-old girls fluttered past us in I feel the beginnings of a smile.
tual health and unity of the nation. we don’t believe in justice, but precisely their formal dresses as a waiter seated us I am not thin. I am not wearing black.
We in the Jewish community have now because we do. around a display of fancy finger food. Teri- I am something entirely new, something I
entered into the Ten Days of Repentance As Jesse Jackson once said, we must all yaki sea bass and a fig, paired in the bowl have never been before.
between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, find a way to “love each other, redeem of a porcelain spoon. Maple-glazed chicken I am the mother of the bride.
the holiest day of the year. These days are each other, and move on.” tucked inside a waffle cone. Seared tuna
meant to be a time of deep and sweeping and mango salsa, served in a martini glass. Helen Maryles Shankman of Teaneck is an
introspection and a time to reflect on one Rabbi Shmuley Boteach has just published We dined by the glowing violet light of the artist and writer. Her work appears in many
particular facet of God’s being — namely, his newest book, “Lust for Love,” ballroom as the girls danced to the beat of fine journals, including The Kenyon Review,
his infinite capacity to forgive. co-authored with Pamela Anderson. He is a distant DJ. It was surreal. Because, in my Gargoyle,, and Cream City
Roseanne says she was impaired by the founder of the World Values Network. heart, my daughter is still twelve years old, Review. Scribner recently published her
sleeping pills. But she has also said that Follow him on Twitter @RabbiShmuley. and I am still driving her to bat mitzvahs. second novel, “In The Land of Armadillos.”



‘Cry, the Beloved Country’ — with apologies to Alan Paton

n 1948 two unconnected incidents allow individuals to be sovereign in a state been described in the media as looking
Likud attempts to shield
occurred. The modern State of accountable to the public. into “foreign governments involvement in
Netanyahu from a growing
litany of damning scandals
Israel was established and a small Political opportunists, taking advantage funding political organizations and activi-
novel, “Cry, The Beloved Country,” of economic distress and social instability, ties meant to hurt Israeli soldiers.” This Likud MK David Amsalem has prepared a
was published. lever a new wave of religious, chauvinist, commission is set up as a tool for the cur- bill to prohibit police from opening investi-
The establishment of Israel was met with and racist appeals and install themselves rent government to turn public opinion gations against a sitting prime minister on
support from a majority of nations around in power. Newly enthroned leaders in against Israeli human rights and anti-occu- fraud, bribery, or breach of trust crimes.
the world and with armed Poland and Hungary seek to pation NGOs and their funders. Breaking The bill would not shut down the many
resistance by Egypt, Jordan, subvert free expression and the Silence reportedly was named during corruption probes already underway,
Syria, and Lebanon, as well an independent judiciary. In the discussion. This commission exists but it would prevent police from opening
as fighting forces from Saudi Turkey, Erdogan wages a long to target Breaking the Silence, an orga- new investigations. Recent court filings
Arabia and Iraq. Alan Paton’s and protracted war against nization of former IDF officers who have by Israeli police reveal that Netanyahu is
book was met with critical democratic principles. given testimonies that expose unjust poli- a suspect under police investigation for
acclaim; one critic claimed Weakening the European cies. It is interesting to note that the Knes- bribery, breach of trust, and fraud. Sarah
that it was one of only three Union is a critical goal of set’s legal advisor has determined that Netanyahu, Israel’s first lady, already has
novels published that year Vladimir Putin; he sees the this investigative commission is illegal. “A been indicted for misuse of funds.
worth reading. Israel, while European democratic project parliamentary investigation of civil soci-
under fire from surround- Dr. Mark as a barrier to his own autoc- ety organizations on ideological grounds Jewish Home bill would
ing armies, declared itself as Gold racy and kleptocratic designs. is a violation of basic principles of gover- gut judicial review with
the Jewish homeland, whose His strategy: weaken confi- nance,” he wrote. This investigation, dis- a new proposed basic law
foundations were rooted in dence in government institu- guised as a pursuit of transparency, is sim- on legislation
history and the Bible. With tions, free elections, and an ply political persecution — since Breaking Education Minister Naftali Bennett of the
the support of the United independent press. the Silence and other human rights organi- Jewish Home Party has proposed legisla-
Nations, it cemented its com- But threats to democracy zations already are subject to strict trans- tion that would limit Israeli courts’ ability
mitment to democracy and do not reside only abroad. parency requirements under Israeli law. It to review certain legislation, thus estab-
to justice and equality for Here at home, Donald is crucial to note that pro-settler and ultra- lishing a mechanism for the Knesset to
all its citizens irrespective Trump consorts with white right advocacy groups are exempt from override any decision by the High Court,
of religion, race, or gender. supremacists, assaults the any transparency regulations. totally eliminating any separation of pow-
Alan Paton’s book is a pro- justice system, and threat- ers and independent judicial review.
test against the structures of Hiam Simon ens the press. He has done New legislative proposal The only democracy in the Middle East
South African society. It is a this so often it has become to choke funding for is being attacked from within. The Jewish
strike against apartheid and a norm. Taking a page from NGOs critical of Israeli state is no longer dedicated to balancing the
the detrimental effects of fear of the other Putin’s book, Trump seeks to erode con- government policies twin aims of being both the Jewish Home-
on the character of an entire society, here fidence in an independent press and an Prime Minister Netanyahu tasked Tourism land while at the same time fostering the
of South Africa. The novel shows the brutal- independent judiciary. Minister Yariv Levin of Likud with putting development of the country for the benefit
ity of apartheid, but despite its unflinching The plague attacking democracy has together new legislation to further restrict of all its inhabitants. It has adopted a Basic
portrayal of darkness and despair in South infected Israel as well. The sitting govern- progressive Israeli NGOs that receive for- Law, which holds proximate constitutional
Africa, it was a cry for South Africa, which ment has chipped away, step by step, at eign government funding. This bill is part status, which turns its back on the promise
we learn is beloved by its people in spite of the very “vision of the prophets” that was of the Netanyahu government’s escalating of complete equality as specifically outlined
everything. The novel is a cry for its people once the guiding light of the Jewish state. campaign to eliminate opposition voices in Israel’s declaration of establishment of
and its land, and the tentative hope for its The recent waterfall of legislation in and human rights defenders from Israeli “social and political rights to all, irrespec-
freedom from hatred, poverty, and fear. Israel’s Knesset is the victory of a long and society. Levin’s proposed legislation would tive of religion, race or gender.” The nation-
Apartheid infected South Africa, but vicious campaign to divide Israeli society — outlaw any NGO that promotes a boycott state law threatens freedom of religion,
with the tireless effort of lovers of free- to place blame, to criminalize dissent and of any “area controlled by Israel” (coded conscience, language, education and cul-
dom and with the support of the family to infer treason of those whose views stray language to refer to boycotts of settle- ture. The new law goes on to declare that
of nations the system of apartheid was from the ideology of the extreme right par- ments, which is part of an effort to erase “the right of national self-determination is
replaced by a democracy that allowed for ties in the governing coalition. the Green Line), or that “seeks to harm unique to the Jewish people.”
a shared society. Time marched forward, We have witnessed a disturbing trend IDF soldiers.” If the nation-state law does in fact
and so did democracy. Around the world toward the erosion of democratic values weaken the democratic character of Israel,
we watched as the fascist leaders of Spain and the promotion of anti-democratic ini- A major blow to Israeli does it effectively strengthen its Jewish
and Portugal were removed. The Cold War tiatives in Israel. It is particularly alarming democracy: The Jews-only character?
thawed and the Berlin Wall crumbled. At that democratic values are being under- “Nation-State” bill Is Israel today more of a safe haven for
home, the civil rights movement ended mined and the rules of the democratic Prime Minister Netanyahu personally has Jews?
legal segregation. After the horrors brought process are being broken in the Knesset — led the charge for the new Basic Law, which Are we more welcome?
on by a generation of dictators — Hitler, Sta- Israel’s parliament and the heart and sym- undermines Israel’s democratic character. It appears not. It seems that at Ben
lin, Mussolini, Tojo, and lesser tyrants such bol of Israeli democracy. For example: Basic Laws serve effectively as Israel’s con- Gurion airport today, all Jews are equal but
as Horthy, Pavelic, Nedic, and Tsankov — it stitution and supersede other laws passed some Jews are more equal than others. In
looked like the moral arc of the universe Knesset commission by the Knesset. The bill would allow further its blatant need to protect the coalition,
finally was bending toward justice. of inquiry to investigate legislation to deny equal rights to non-Jew- the administration has decided just which
That was then and this is now. left-wing NGOs ish citizens of Israel. It already states explic- Jews will be welcomed at its gates.
Democracy around the world is threat- According to media reports Prime Minis- itly that if secular law conflicts with Jewish This summer, a growing list of Jews
ened anew. By this, we don’t mean sim- ter Netanyahu and coalition whip David law, then Jewish law — as recognized by coming to or even leaving Israel, some of
ply voting rights or majority rule. We Bitan of Likud proposed that the Knesset the Orthodox rabbinical court — prevails. them Americans on tourist visas and oth-
mean the whole constellation of rights open a new parliamentary commission to It serves to undo Israeli court precedents ers returning Israeli citizens, have been
and institutions: a free press, indepen- investigate the funding sources of left-wing that barred discrimination along religious, detained at Ben Gurion and interrogated
dent courts, the right to petition and free NGOs. The proposal was accepted unani- ethnic, gender, and socioeconomic lines. by Israeli security forces. On May 31, Israeli
assembly, the array of social and religious mously at a regularly scheduled meeting Furthermore, it eliminates Arabic as the anti-occupation activist Tanya Rubinstein
institutions. These rights give expression of the heads of the political parties that second official language of Israel, changing was stopped and held by the Israeli secu-
to the diversity of views and interests and comprise the governing coalition. It has the 70-year status quo. rity services, the Shin Bet, at Ben-Gurion.



Rosh Hashanah has nothing to do

On June 10, Shin Bet detained another with the attractions of tikkun olam

left-wing activist, Yehudit Ilani. On July
2, American Code Pink activist Ariel Gold n the lead-up to this High Holt Days that pushes man to be inspired by the dramatic declines in belief in God and
was denied entry to Israel despite her season, amidst the sermon prepa- majesty of God to do good to others. connection to Jewish communities and
claim that she already had obtained a visa. rations of many rabbis, a popular Indeed, charity is a major theme in institutions, while recording a substan-
There was Moriel Rothm-Zecher, a citizen Jewish topic, tikkun olam (repair- Judaism, and it occupies an important tial rise in intermarriage (except for the
of Israel and a published author, who was ing the world), has risen to the forefront place in the Yom Kippur service. It is Orthodox).
stopped on his way back into Israel. He was of Jewish media coverage. When asked easy to interpret the charity preached This trend away from our religion
interrogated and given a “general warning” whether he would participate in a White by the prophets of Israel as consonant should not be surprising. After all, if we
by a member of the Shin Bet for meeting House High Holy Days con- with a modern understand- forget our individual rights and common
with members of Breaking the Silence. Be ference call or boycott it, ing of social justice. peoplehood, how can we possibly under-
careful who your friends are, Moriel. as the Reform and Conser- The problem, however, is stand God in any meaningful way? Why
Meir Koplow, an American Jew, came to vative movements did last that social justice does not should we be able to understand a God
Israel to visit his son Michael, who works year, one rabbi responded seek human greatness, but who loves and needs us if we do not love
for a pro-Israel organization, and to par- that he would call in, say- equality of outcomes. This and need ourselves, but are instead so
ticipate in a conference, spending the ing that he believed that is a radically different mat- focused on fixing the world that we forget
second week of his visit in the West Bank it is important to raise the ter from the imperatives about our rights and peoplehood? If we
with other American Jewish leaders on an issue of tikkun olam. This for charity and human dig- have forgotten what it means to be free
Encounter Leadership Intensive aimed at follows on weeks of Jewish nity found in the Bible and and unique in the name of ensuring equal
hearing the Palestinian narrative firsthand. media coverage of a young Rabbi rabbinic literature. There autonomy for all, can we know what it is
Meyer Koplow is a three-time synagogue Jewish British author, Jon- Mitchell is nothing great about all to look to God as the source of the free-
president, a former UJA board member, athan Neumann, whose Rocklin humans living leveled lives dom we each possess to maximize our
and now the chair of Brandeis University. controversial book takes of equality or sameness. potential? Surely not.
He has contributed millions of dollars a different perspective. Its The liberty prized by Jew- Our goal on Rosh Hashanah, then, is to
to Israeli institutions, including Shaarei hard-hitting title is “To Heal the World?: ish sources, on the other hand, tends to feel human and Jewish while appreciat-
Tzedek hospital, Hebrew University, and How the Jewish Left Corrupts Judaism free up individuals’ potential for great- ing God. That is the focus of the liturgy
AMIT. His two-week visit over, he left to and Endangers Israel.” ness, enabling them to produce great if — not fixing the world, and not primarily
return to New York. He went through Ben This begs the question: does repairing unequal outcomes. even charity (which, unlike social level-
Gurion security without a hitch, but once the world relate to Rosh Hashanah, the A politics that emphasizes social jus- ing, is certainly a vitally important obliga-
at the gate got paged over the loudspeaker day to which tradition ascribes the birth tice as the basis of religion can quickly tion). One of the relatively few mentions
to go to the information desk. of the world? What should we focus on at lead us to forget who we are, both as of financial charity on Rosh Hashanah
When he got there, a security officer this time of year? human beings with individual rights occurs in Unesaneh Tokef, and even
said there was a problem with his luggage Rosh Hashanah, with its emphasis on and as Jews with religious identities. there, this reference is embedded within
and they wanted to ask him some ques- the connectedness between God’s sov- Consider some recent developments a much larger prayer about God’s sov-
tions about where he had been and what ereignty and human indispensability, in Jewish politics involving divisions ereignty, man’s frailty, repentance and
he was doing. It seems that he had taken instills in us an empowering sense of our over issues that ought to create consen- prayer. These concepts are so inter-
a tourism pamphlet from a hotel lobby in own humanity. Throughout the prayers, sus. Most Jews oppose school choice, twined that, ironically, many advocates
Bethlehem. It had the word Palestine on we ask God to be king over us — but to be which would allow parents the right to of social justice advocates, in wishing
it, and that triggered an aggressive inter- a king, He needs His people. So, we there- educate their children as they see fit, to remove this somber and discomfort-
rogation. Spending time in the West Bank fore also ask him to spare us. We note that as well as boost the only growing Jew- ing prayer, have advocated removing the
immediately raises unacceptable red God remembers everything — but also ish demographic in America: Orthodox only famous reference to charity from the
flags. The officer asked him to prove that that He has promised to remember His Jews, most of whom use private schools High Holy Day liturgy. As for tikkun olam,
Encounter was a real organization and covenant with our forefathers, an agree- to retain their Jewish identities. Then this is mentioned in the Aleinu prayer in
demanded to know who else was on the ment that binds Him to ignore our fail- consider that despite a history of perse- the context of God establishing Himself
trip — a request he denied. ings if they would move Him to destroy cution, most Jewish organizations have in the world. And this prayer too has, in
Finally, there was these questions — why us. Finally, we sound the shofar and dis- taken negative stances on religious lib- some circles, seen recent modification to
he would want to go to the West Bank? cuss its connection with God’s glory at erty in recent years. For the sake of make it less particularistic.
What did he plan to do with what he saw Sinai as well as to God’s mercy. We do creating what they perceive to be uni- Only once we are comfortable with the
there? As if seeing the daily reality of life so by evoking its connection to the ram versal comfort and acceptance, these varying results of human achievement,
in the West Bank firsthand, ipso facto, will that substituted for Abraham and Isaac’s organizations would violate the rights whether the result of individual rights,
create a pressing threat to Israel’s security. sacrifice at the Akedah, as well as to the of objectors attempting to live out their religious particularities, or national dif-
Maybe his interrogation wasn’t a mistake. shofar that will herald our redemption. sincerely held religious beliefs. Finally, ferences, can we then hope to cherish
SEE GOLD/SIMON PAGE 37 The message is clear: God is so powerful just as many Jews have ignored our need our humanity and to live charitably. And
that He has established an unbreakably for schooling and religious liberty as only then then can we understand what it
Dr. Mark Gold of Teaneck holds a Ph.D. in strong loving relationship with us — He individuals, too many have been turning truly is to be Jewish — and to live in what
economics from NYU. He is on the executive has made Himself need us: as a compan- away from our peoplehood by withhold- is truly and literally the most humane
board of Partners for Progressive Israel, ion in love and, as the Hebrew Bible and ing their support for the State of Israel manner possible. Our job is not to heal
a member organization of the American Midrash pointed out, as the focal point of because they do not believe its policies the world, but to localize ourselves in a
Zionist Movement and an affiliate of the creation itself. comply with their vision of what a Jew- meaningful relationship with the One
World Union of Meretz. Here is where the notion of tikkun ish state ought to look like. who asks us to improve ourselves and
Hiam Simon of Englewood is the past olam becomes so attractive. If we are In addition to becoming less con- the world.
chief operating officer of Ameinu, the as important as we say we are in the cerned with Jewish rights and people-
leading progressive Zionist membership Rosh Hashanah prayers, it is easy to hood, American Jewry is becoming less Rabbi Mitchell Rocklin is a resident
organization in the United States. He understand how we might see our role religious as well. A new Pew study of research fellow at the Tikvah Fund. He is
lived in Israel for many years, where he — whether as created in the image of organized religion in America found that also a chaplain with the rank of captain in
was the dean of students at what is now God or as co-creators with God — as American Jews far outpace other Ameri- the New Jersey Army National Guard and
the Alexander Muss High School, and he requiring us to repair or heal the world. can demographic groups in their disso- a doctoral candidate in U.S. history at the
served in the IDF as a noncommissioned Judaism can easily be interpreted as a ciation from organized religion. And the City University of New York. He lives in
officer in the artillery. religion of positive social change, one much-heralded Pew study of 2013 found Teaneck with his wife and two daughters.



A balance sheet on Trump

lthough I am a Bernie Sanders — nay, a Utopian in Afghanistan and yet keep terrorist groups from form- and maintaining a traditional realpolitik view of the Mid-
—socialist Democrat, with a realpolitik view ing there, in a move to end America’s longest war, and east, instead of cold-shouldering Egypt and supporting the
on foreign policy (after traveling the world yet keeping the cudgel of unlimited U.S. troop placement radical Muslim Brotherhood, as we did under Obama.
and being exposed to war zones) I am pre- there as a pressure tactic on Taliban; a decisive under- Although I supported the Iranian nuclear deal, putting
senting my honest evaluation of the Trump standing that only a political solution will new pressure on Iran and its economy may actually change
administration. end this war (military defeat and occupa- the country, freeing its people of enslavement to Islamo-
I’ve compiled a list of positives and then of tion of Afghanistan historically never has fascist religious rulers, and economically pressuring Iran to
negatives. See if you can read the whole thing happened.) stop proxy terrorism throughout the Middle East.
honestly, in an open, bipartisan manner. Appointing Jim Mattis as defense secretary. Considering plans about the Venezuelan and Syrian dic-
Trump Republic an administration Increasing major sanctions on Russia, tatorships, and even considering the assassination of Assad,
positives: even if it was only done because of the peo- a human rights monster who uses chemical weapons. Such
Trump’s brave and decisive direct meet- ple underneath Trump, against Trumps action possibly could save millions of lives. Removing dic-
ing with North Korean leader; bringing some bragging and incompetent leaning toward tators can save the lives of thousands suffering underneath
calm to the danger of nuclear war; ending Russian Czar Putin. them and prevent the greatest scourge to humanity — war.
active missile tests over Japan and toward Getting the U.S. economy to a 3.8 percent Re-writing and renegotiating Nafta, which would lead
America’s west coast, even if slowly. Five Jay Bernstein unemployment rate and loosening up some to higher level environmental protections and wages for
past presidents could not do this — even if it unneeded regulation and red tape for Ameri- poor Mexicans, and more jobs for American workers.
is North Korea just stalling for time. can business. ‫‏‬Some argue it would be only slight improvement but yet
Successfully eradicating Isis in Iraq and Syria through Engaging honestly and openly supporting our ally, it is an improvement, a win for American workers in Mich-
beefed-up military direct rules of engagement under Israel, and keeping a promise to move the embassy and igan and the Rust Belt.
Trump, expanding and empowering and continuing stop funding of terror linked Palestinians. On the negative side of the ledger:
Obama’s belated war on Isis. Achieving a rapprochement with the Egyptian dictator, Trump’s racist, discriminatory actions against Latino
Opening direct talks with the Taliban to end the war the strongman who is the leader of the Egyptian people, immigrants, as I experienced directly in Newark with my

Soviet anti-Semitism in a British guise How do these accusations and denun-

ciations resemble Soviet anti-Semitism?

To take one example, in January 1977,
t’s back. political career using the word “Zionist” Soviet TV broadcast a “documentary”
The “it’s” I refer to is a phenome- as a pejorative, rather as the USSR’s offi- titled “Traders of Souls.” In that one-
non pretty much unknown to newer cial mouthpieces used to do. hour film, noted the American scholar
generations of Jews in terms of their Sadly, just as Nazi anti-Semitism didn’t William Korey, “the image of the Jew as
direct experience, but it will be remem- quite die out after the war, Soviet anti-Sem- money-changer ran throughout … he is


bered clearly by those who lived through itism has survived the rubble of the Berlin the ‘trader of souls.’ “
the Cold War — and particularly those Wall. So perhaps it is fitting that it should Korey carried on describing the film
Jews, in the United States and around the re-emerge in the pages of a newspaper that as follows: “Television footage of Israel
world, who campaigned for bewailed the fall of that very portrayed scenes of battlefields strewn
their brethren imprisoned in same wall, and the atten- with hideously misshapen corpses and
the Soviet Union. dant collapse of Communist bandaged Arab children.… Soviet Jewish
Soviet anti-Semitism — a Party tyranny, as a tragedy of activists were shown embracing Israeli
form of Jew-hatred whose world-historic proportions. athletes while the commentator asked:
distinctive characteristics For much of its existence, ‘How can it be that Zionist cadres were
mark it out from other forms the Morning Star, Britain’s allowed to form inside the USSR?’” The
of anti-Semitism — was state Communist newspaper, was broadcast was followed by a slew of news-
policy in the USSR, arguably a slave of the Soviet Union. paper articles with headlines like “The
from the 1917 Bolshevik Rev- Old habits die hard, it seems Espionage Octopus of Zionism,” replete
olution onward, but indu- Ben Cohen — an editorial in the paper Jeremy Corbyn with wild claims that will probably be
bitably so in the post-World this week that attacked the familiar to many British Labour Party
War II period. “Jewish establishment” for anti-Semitism.” social-media activists — for example,
Some people find it hard to compute allegedly scheming to bring down Cor- The article went on to charge Marga- that U.S. oil companies “are directly con-
that the same USSR whose Red Army lib- byn was horribly reminiscent of the kind ret Hodge, a Jewish Labour parliamen- trolled by pro-Zionist capital.”
erated Auschwitz in 1945 also practiced of screed about “Zionists” that was once tarian and staunch opponent of Corbyn, Most of all, there was the Soviet practice
anti-Semitic policies using the official daily fodder in the Soviet press. with “belittling” her own father’s experi- of wheeling out “citizens of Jewish nation-
classification of Jews as a “constituent Here is a flavor of what was said, and ences as a refugee from the Nazis; quoted ality” to denounce Zionism as a “racist”
nationality” to then discriminate against how it was expressed. To start with, the a Jewish left-winger who ventured in all tool of “imperialism.” In March 1983, the
them in employment, education, and phrase “the Jewish community” was pub- seriousness that Britain’s Jewish leaders Soviet news agency TASS even published
emigration rights, to harass them in their lished with quotation marks around it, are committed to “censorship and out- a definition of Zionism drawn up by the
observance of the Jewish religion, and to intimating that in contrast to other com- lawing views other than their own;” and state-run “Jewish Anti-Zionist Committee”
conduct a mass propaganda campaign munities in Britain, it is somehow artificial warned that even if Labour adopted the that read as follows:
against “Zionists.” or inorganic. This was done to underscore IHRA definition of anti-Semitism without “In its essence, Zionism is a concentra-
By the same token, it’s hard for people that the British Jewish communal bodies qualification — the source of the present tion of extreme nationalism, chauvinism
to understand how Britain’s Labour Party— subsequently listed in the piece — from row — the relentless campaign against and racial intolerance, justification of ter-
many of whose activists and leaders fought the Board of Deputies to Labour Friends Corbyn would continue. ritorial seizure and annexation, armed
against British fascism in the 1930s—now of Israel — actually are unrepresentative, “Labour’s enemies, including its most adventurism, a cult of political arbitrariness
itself has become immersed in anti-Semi- corrupt agencies that function as a “pro- embittered fifth column, have tasted blood,” and impunity, demagogy and ideological
tism under a leader, Jeremy Corbyn, who Israel Lobby … more concerned with the article concluded, “and won’t end their sabotage, sordid maneuvers and perfidy.”
has spent the greater proportion of his silencing critics of Israel than combating attacks until Corbyn is hung out to dry.” To my mind, the most obvious question



legal staff and clients. It is anathema to basic American has asthma, caused by removing pollution controls; gutting scale tantamount to a state of war, and posing a near fatal
values and repulses me. the EPA, and re-firing coal-burning plants in the Midwest. challenge to our republic.
Based on my sensitivity to outlier and minority popula- That will cause untold pulmonary deaths and cancers here My mother, an FDR, Hubert Humphrey Democrat, hates
tion groups, the almost fascist-like ICE crackdown on non- in New Jersey, directly affecting my child’s health. Trump and all he stands for. She is the most emotionally
criminal, family centered, allegedly undocumented aliens, The attack and attempted rollback of Obamacare and intelligent and prescient human being I ever encountered
and the concomitant blatantly unconstitutional separation the basic healthcare rights of all Americans. This would in the world.
of children and families is anathema to American values destroy the lives of many of my clients. My father, a lifelong Kissinger Nixonian Republican, cast
and basic legal norms and human rights. I witnessed staff The destruction of the New Jersey tourist economy by an intelligent vote against Trump.
in my office crying for their sisters and mothers in nearby allowing oil drilling off of our coast. One small spill will Bottom line:
towns in New Jersey, where they were hiding, under direct destroy our economy and way of life here. President Trump must be impeached and removed, in
threat of round up from police and ICE agents. That hap- The end of the property tax deferment, which has any way possible, before he does permanent damage to
pened even at our local courthouses in Elizabeth, New- increased the tax burden in New Jersey and New York. America and to the world.
ark, Jersey City. It almost harkens back to Nazi tactics The hostility to women and LGQT citizens that is a The Republican realpolitik foreign policy strategy by his
against Jews in the 1930s. I experienced this in real time direct attack on my family and friends. cabinet members is in line with past Republican admin-
through clients and staff in my Newark law practice, and I The tilt in the federal courts and supreme court by istrations’ mainstream foreign policy, and John McCain
witnessed it with clients who worked at the Elizabeth ICE packing with right wing originalist constitutional quacks, would view it positively.
detention center. It is a scar on America for all time. destroying rights for workers, labor, unions and women.
The greatest danger to the world is climate change, and Trump’s amoral invective and language and simple bul- Jay Bernstein of Glen Rock is a workers rights attorney in
Trump is abandoning any semblance of hope by pulling out lying is setting a very poor example, destroying proper Newark, a pro bono constitutional appellate attorney, a
of the international climate agreement. That is a danger to reasoned political debate, dividing our nation, and weak- former N.J. public defender office, legal clerk JAG Corps,
all of our lives and the future of my children and the world, ening America. Trump’s pandering, quisling-like respect US Army; legal clerk for the Israeli Ministry of Justice; a
on a scale that negates anything this administration could for the Russian dictator and dictators around the world, volunteer in the Israel-Gulf War in 1991; and a U.S. Congress
do on the positive side. The great threat to my child, who opening America up to Russian election tampering on a intern in the 1980s.

here to Jeremy Corbyn, the Morning Star, and those of a similar Gold/Simon made the news (not a difficult thing for a well-known
pedigree, is this: Is there anything in this Soviet definition of FROM PAGE 35 and connected journalist to make happen) Netan-
Zionism that you disagree with? Make no mistake, the answer Perhaps they knew exactly what to be afraid of. yahu said in a statement that he had spoken with
is critically important, because it is exactly this characteriza- Simone Zimmerman, an American Jewish activist, Israel’s security forces about Beinart’s detainment
tion of Zionism that grounded both the USSR’s domestic perse- was held by the Shin Bet security service at the bor- and called it an “administrative mistake…. Israel is an
cution of its Jewish community, and its international alignment der between Israel and Egypt. Shin Bet agents asked open society which welcomes all — critics and sup-
with Arab regimes and terrorist groups. Zimmerman where she had gone in the West Bank. porters alike,” Netanyahu’s statement said. “Israel is
If the answer is to disagree with this formulation — highly Zimmerman is a founding member of IfNotNow, one the only country in the Middle East where people
unlikely, given that Corbyn himself was present at dozens of of the fastest-growing Jewish movements in the United voice their opinions freely and robustly.”
left-wing political gatherings during the 1970s and ‘80s where States, whose aim is to end the tacit support of Israeli That was certainly the case once, but as the pre-
Soviet and Arab anti-Semitic literature was distributed — then occupation within the mainstream American Jewish vious examples make clear that’s all changing. Left-
it is a disingenuous one. Because when Corbyn and those in community. She and fellow activist Abby Kirschbaum leaning activists in Israel and abroad have noticed
his camp speak and write about the triangle of Jews, Zionism were questioned only about their political views and and decried the Israeli government’s recent tendency
and Israel, these are the terms in which they think, and have activities related to Palestinians. According to Zimmer- to hold or deny entry to American and Israeli Jews
always thought. man, among the first things she was asked were: “Why due to their activist work or progressive ideologies, a
That is why Corbyn’s house journal uses terms like “embit- did you come here to work with Palestinians? Why not phenomenon that began in February 2017, when the
tered fifth column” to describe their leader’s Jewish oppo- with Jews?” American vice-president of the New Israel Fund was
nents. It’s a term also used in 1978 by Valery Emelyanov, an Kirschbaum was asked about which protests against held at Ben-Gurion International Airport and, in her
official Soviet ideologue, to describe the “internal danger” Israeli policy she had attended and with which orga- words, “interrogated” three times.
posed by Soviet Jews. It’s why they have no qualms about nizations, Zimmerman said. She was also asked what Daniel Sokatch, the CEO of the New Israel Fund, is
saying that Jewish leaders opposed to Corbyn have “tasted she thought of Netanyahu. on record as saying, “It is now beyond doubt that the
blood,” despite the associations with the anti-Semitic blood In 2017, Zimmerman, who lives in Israel and has a Netanyahu government has turned its border cross-
libel that such a metaphor unleashes; then again, Vladimir work visa, published a video criticizing an Israeli law ings into interrogation chambers”… The government
Begun, a particularly toxic Soviet anti-Semite, wrote with barring entry to foreigners who support boycotting is demonstrating once again that the test for enter-
great enthusiasm of the “bloodthirstiness” that was inherent Israel or its West Bank settlements. ing the country is a political one — either you agree
in “Zionist gangsterism.” Most recently, Peter Beinart, who was going to cel- with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ultra-
Given the number of occasions when Corbyn publicly ebrate a family bar mitzvah in Israel, was stopped right wing coalition or you’re subject to questioning,
defended the Soviet regime — “The Soviet Union makes far and held at the airport. Beinart, a CNN political com- intimidation, or refusal. This may now be legal due to
greater nursery provision than this country” (1984), “I do mentator, a Forward columnist, and a contribut- recent legislation, but it’s morally unacceptable and
not believe that [the USSR] has ever intended to invade west- ing editor at the Atlantic, has been one of the lead- anti-democratic”.
ern Europe” (1990) — he clearly was well aware of Moscow’s ing proponents of liberal Zionism, which criticizes At this time of reflection and atonement, may the
stance on all the key international matters of the time, as well Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians, among other sounds of the shofar inspire the leaders of Israel to
as its propaganda practices. That doesn’t make him a spy, but right-wing policies, because those policies threaten look closely at their most recent actions and find a
it does make him an ideological fellow-traveler. And as the the state’s Jewish and democratic character. Beinart way back to elevating the state of Israel to the light
Morning Star has demonstrated by defending Corbyn with opposes the movement to boycott Israel but has pro- unto the nations we wish it to be. May the cries of the
an ugly rhetorical assault on British Jews, that Soviet-inspired moted a boycott of products produced in Israeli set- shofar be a time of warning and a time of awakening.
journey rolls on. JNS.ORG tlements on the other side of the Green Line. When Democracy is in danger. It will only be preserved by
he was stopped, Beinart contacted the renowned the diligent demands of an insistent public. May the
Ben Cohen writes a weekly column for JNS on Jewish affairs Israeli human rights lawyer Gaby Lasky. A few min- shofar not just cry for our beloved country but may it
and Middle Eastern politics. His work has been published in utes later, he was released. The whole experience shout out a warning, may it lead us as a battle cry to
Commentary, the New York Post, Haaretz, the Wall Street took just over an hour. When Beinart’s detention defend free expression as the bedrock of democracy.
Journal, and many other publications.



of haze and humidity. LBI is an overde-
veloped spit of land off the Jersey coast
where Delmarva and Philly accents run
up against the coarser consonants of
northern New Jersey visitors. It serves as
common geographical ground for Eagles
fans and Giants diehards (more annoying
than usual this year because of the Birds’
Super Bowl win), the sub sandwich versus
the hoagy, pickups competing with SUVs,
hunting and fishing discussed as passion-
ately as arts and theater, and a deep blue
sky more than offset by the beet-red politi-
cal atmosphere.
What a far cry from the sparsely popu-
lated resort my parents introduced me
and my sister to in the mid-1950s. Our
family stood as outliers. We ventured far-
ther south from Newark than the estab-
lished Jewish resorts of Deal and Bradley
Beach on the newly opened Garden State
Parkway. To a land where the bagel was a
novelty and the name Shapiro (a big devel-
oper) was pronounced Sha-PYRE-o. Dad
and mom usually rented a neat little cape
cod paneled in knotty pine from a carpen-
ter and his family who moved in with the
wife’s parents for the summer. The rent for
eight weeks was about $900. Those capes
are virtually gone now, victims of storms
or teardowns, replaced by huge rebuilds
erected without much sense of style or
proportion. So are the bayberry bushes,
the scrub pines, and the hardy vegetation
that draped the island. So are many of the
local characters who rarely ventured forth Jonathan Lazarus, holding the Torah, at right, with members of his 1958 confirmation class at Temple B’nai Jeshurun, Newark.
into the larger world across the causeway.
But the memories of those summers from Rabbi Pilchik and Cantor Summers Fast forward to the present. My wife and felt the cumulative effect and full brunt
will never dim, and I don’t want them and labored over the obligatory thank-you- I pay 10 times what my parents paid for our of almost two years of Trumpompos-
to. Back then l developed my own gar- all speech. There was no local Jewish cen- three-week rental in paradise. (I refuse to ity, month after month of witnessing the
dening business, during which I inadver- ter to lend support or provide a safe haven; buy down here. One Jersey property tax most powerful and consequential office in
tently buzzed some of Mr. Torgerson’s that would be built some years later, and is enough.) Our duplex, four houses from the world being debased, disgraced, and
prized gladiolas with the power mower. eventually rebuilt again. But there was the beach, survived Superstorm Sandy only desensitized; of up becoming down, black
His Scandinavian-laced tongue-lashing is becoming white, facts becoming fungible,
still ringing in my ears. I also worked as and truth becoming an elusive quality in a
Nick DiNardo’s helper on his vegetable parallel universe where there are “many
and produce truck as he charmed his way good people” on both sides of a bad issue.
through a Philadelphia Mainline clientele, Do I protest too much? Absolutely! Even summer reading, an exercise
then watched spellbound at lunchtime as
he cracked a raw egg and gulped it down
But that’s because this particular designed to distract and detach me briefly
from a world that is too much with us,
before gathering some produce and fruit summer seems so different from didn’t have its usual mollifying effect,
and bartering it for our meal at a restau-
rant. But Nick usually would give back
all other Julys and Augusts, the despite devouring brilliant short-story
anthologies by the manic and ebullient
his earnings on the same afternoon at the summer of my discontent if you will. Kurt Vonnegut and the darker, brooding
Atlantic City racetrack. I also cycled nearly Raymond Carver, he of ambiguous, enig-
the entire length of the island in less than a the Baldwin Hotel, the last-standing of to have a pipe rupture afterward, forcing matic endings. Add in two compact but
day, about 30 miles, on my trusty Raleigh the massive, turreted seaside resorts con- the owner to gut and redesign the 1950s- sturdy biographies of merchant princes
racer, after I had taken it apart and reas- structed on the island during the 19th cen- era structure. The job, which took two and philanthropists Louis Bamberger
sembled it with a few washers to spare. But tury for Philadelphia’s sweltering swells. years to complete because of competing and Julius Rosenwald (of Sears Roebuck
best of all were the older guys who let me Now in shabby decline, it had been used Sandy rebuilding, still lacks enough insula- renown) and you have the sum and sub-
play basketball with them because of my to billet servicemen during World War II tion to muffle the footfalls of the 5-year-old stance of my diversion.
height and hang out with them because of and Shabbat services were held every Sat- twins in the family below us. The weather However, I must confess to feeling
my emerging coolness (not to mention my urday in one of its meeting rooms. As my has been uneven, the traffic is thicker, and slightly encouraged by events of the past
hero worship of their every action). bar mitzvah neared I felt duty-bound to prices for everything from meals to suntan few weeks. My spirits lifted somewhat
These and other rites of passage attend. Fedoras outnumbered kippot as lotion march onward and upward. when I was able to at least envision the
occurred on LBI across several summers, some very old men, or so it seemed at the Do I protest too much? Absolutely! But dominoes finally beginning to topple. But
including 1955, when I was preparing time, pounced when I entered and told me that’s because this particular summer is it a true tipping point? I’ve ransacked my
for my bar mitzvah in September during I made the minyan. They didn’t even card seems so different from all other Julys memory over how revelations unfolded
Sukkot. Tribe members were few and far me, though I was two months shy of offi- and Augusts, the summer of my discon- during Watergate those many decades ago,
between down here as I studied lessons cially attaining religious manhood. tent if you will. I think it’s because I finally SEE SUMMER PAGE 47


D’var Torah
Shabbat Shuva: The scapegoat ritual of Yom Kippur
‘Tis the season of Yom Kippur and every- from the midst of the people. the root kpr has two lev- never to return. This is the ultimate image
one is talking about kapparah — atonement. Only in this way could the els of meaning. On the one of catharsis — a complete confession and
What does kapparah mean? Is it about nation retain the holy character hand, it denotes the “price removal of our sins so that they are no lon-
throwing our sins into a body of water in the of its Sanctuary and maintain its of life” as reflected in the ger part of our being or our space. This sec-
tashlich ceremony? Is it about swinging kap- special relationship with God. term kofer — a ransom. For ond aspect of kapparah — a cleansing of our
parot — chickens or money — around our Viewing the scapegoat rit- example, in the process very selves — can be achieved only through
heads and declaring that our kapparot are ual as a metaphysical process of counting the Israelites, reflection, confession and a resolve to cast
a substitute for our sins? Is it about praying, through which sin was actually God commands that each away our sins.
asking God and our fellow human beings for removed from within Israel is male above age 20 pay one The idea that to truly atone for our trans-
forgiveness and giving extra charity? intriguing but it did not resonate Dean Rachel half shekel to the Sanctu- gressions we must both pay a price and con-
As a practical matter, it is all of the above. with many scholars, traditional Friedman ary. This payment is called fess is intuitive. As a psychological matter,
But as students of the Bible and language, and modern alike. Lamdeinu: The kesef hakippurim —ran- a human being who knows he or she has
Center for Jewish
we need to understand the semantic mean- In the late twelfth century, Learning in som money in place of done something wrong, will not feel a sense
ing of kapparah in Hebrew, and the reason Maimonides rejected the meta- Teaneck, Orthodox each individual. of personal resolution and closure unless he
that Yom haKippurim is the title of the holi- physical approach to the rite of A second meaning of kpr has confessed and owned up to the misdeed
est day of the Jewish calendar. the scapegoat in “The Guide is “to wipe off or to cleanse”. on the one hand and made amends or paid
The meaning of kapparah is captured for the Perplexed” and explained what he It is in this sense that the root is used repeat- up to the extent possible on the other.
in a strange ritual that was the climax of saw as its symbolic significance: “No one edly in the Torah’s description of the Yom Appropriately, the requirements of both
the afternoon Temple service on Yom Kip- has any doubt that sins are not bodies that Kippur Temple service: payment and confession are the conceptual
pur in ancient times. Leviticus 16, which may be transported from the back of one “For on this day He shall atone (yekhaper) prerequisites for atonement in Jewish law.
is also read in synagogues on Yom Kippur, individual to that of another. But all these for you to cleanse you of all of your sins; you As Maimonides notes in the Laws of Repen-
describes this complex ceremony. In a nut- actions are parables serving to bring forth shall be clean before the Lord.” Lev. 16:30 tance, even capital punishment will not
shell, two male goats are selected by the a form in the soul so that a passion toward I would suggest that the timeless mes- achieve kapparah without the prerequisites
high priest. One is sacrificed to God and the repentance should result: We have freed sage of the scapegoat ritual is that to truly of confession and repentance. By the same
other is sent to the wilderness bearing the ourselves from all our previous actions, achieve kapparah (atonement), there must logic, it is not enough to apologize to our fel-
sins of the people of Israel. cast them behind our backs, and removed be both aspects — the payment of a price low human beings for wrongs that we may
What is the significance of the scape- them to an extreme distance.” and a cleansing of our sins. That is why have done towards them. Rather, it is up to
goat ritual? Why are the sins of the people To Maimonides, the rite of the scapegoat there are two goats in the scapegoat ritual — each of us to “make things right” to the best
of Israel dramatically transferred to a goat, was not intended to affect the physical loca- one that is sacrificed to God as a sin-offering of our abilities.
which is driven into the wilderness, never tion of sins but rather the emotions of the and one that is sent to the wilderness bear- In this season of repentance and atone-
to return? people. It was intended to arouse us, to ing the sins of the people. ment, may each of us recognize the time-
Historically, two different kinds of catch our attention, to motivate us to repent The first goat is sacrificed as a sin-offering less message of the scapegoat ritual. May
answers have been offered to this question. and put our sins behind us so that on Yom to convey that, in principle, we must pay a all of us confess our sins and make amends
The first is that the scapegoat ritual is a rite Kippur each of us can make a fresh start. price for our sins. Sacrifice, however, served for our sins so that we may achieve spiritual
of riddance. That is, it is a metaphysical pro- Building on the approach of Maimonides as a kopher — a ransom or substitute — in the closure and communal peace. Gemar Chati-
cess by which sins and impurity are actually in the Guide, I would like to share my own real, human world. mah Tovah!
removed from Israel and its Temple. thoughts on the meaning of the scapegoat The second goat in the scapegoat ritual is
A second approach sees the rite of the ceremony. I believe that the scapegoat rite sent to the wilderness bearing the sins of the Dean Rachel Friedman will deliver a lecture
scapegoat as symbolic rather than meta- is the key to understanding the deeper people, to remind us that we must remove on “Shedding Sin: The Scapegoat Ritual of
physical. In and of itself, the rite did not meaning of kapparah and the essence of our sins from our repertoire and personal Yom Kippur” on Monday, September 17, at
eliminate evil from Israel and its Temple. Yom haKippurim. space. The high priest placed both of his 10:15 a.m. at Lamdeinu in Teaneck. It will
Instead, it was practiced for its dramatic The Hebrew root kpr, the root of kappa- hands on the head of the live goat and con- feature a more extensive discussion of the
effect. It was intended to impress upon the rah and kippurim, is repeated numerous fessed over it all of the sins of Israel. He thus scapegoat ritual and the meanings of Azazel
individuals who performed it, witnessed it times in Leviticus 16’s description of the symbolically placed the sins on the head of and Yom Kippur. Check out the full roster of
and knew of it, the need to purge sinfulness Yom Kippur Temple service. In the Torah, the goat and sent it off to the wilderness, classes at


Eric Trump slams Bob Woodward’s book as a way ‘to make three extra shekels’
Eric Trump called journalist Bob Wood- “But don’t you think people look “Generally a runner made plenty for him- a Star of David,” tweeted Jonathan Weis-
ward’s new book about the White House through the fact that you can write some self, taking a chance that the dough he man, the deputy Washington editor of the
“sensational nonsense” that Woodward sensational nonsense book? CNN will defi- clipped wasn’t on the number that pulled New York Times and the author of a recent
wrote in order “to make three extra nitely have you on there because they love in the shekels.” book on anti-Semitism.
shekels.” to trash the president,” Eric Trump said. But on some anti-Semitic corners of the The Trump presidential campaign was
President Donald Trump’s second son “It will mean you sell three extra books, web, like the anti-Semitic site the Daily criticized in 2016 for sharing a meme
made the remarks, which references Isra- you make three extra shekels, at the behest Stormer, it is often used sarcastically to superimposing Hillary Clinton over a pile
el’s currency, in a Wednesday interview of the American people, at the behest of refer to Jewish greed or influence. of money and a Jewish star. Woodward is
on “Fox & Friends.” our country and a president that’s doing Some Twitter users were quick to criti- not Jewish.
Woodward’s book, “Fear: Trump in a phenomenal job by every quantifiable cize Trump for using the term. “Eric Trump said this morning that Bob
the White House,” describes how admin- metric,” he continued. “Outrageous. If you want to see how Woodward made ‘three extra shekels at
istration officials work at length to thwart The modern Israeli currency is named the neo-Nazis use the term ‘shekels’ take the behest of the American people’ with
President Trump’s worst impulses, after currency referenced in the Bible. a quick glance at The Daily Stormer. Eric his book. Is Eric too stupid to know he’s
including by removing papers from the Shekels is also American and Irish slang Trump’s ‘three extra shekels’ attack on being anti-Semitic?” tweeted Bill Kristol,
president’s desk behind his back. The for money, showing up in old potboil- Bob Woodward is not some accident any editor at large at the Weekly Standard.
book quotes anonymous sources. ers like Mickey Spillane’s “I, The Jury”: more than Hillary Clinton’s image over  JTA WIRE SERVICE


Kosher Crossword
The Frazzled Housewife

Mirror, mirror, on the wall

y grandmother always and will it cost a million dollars?” That is
used to say, “If we could pretty much an exact quote.
only see ourselves as oth- The nice man told me that it would be
ers see us…” Like the X number of dollars for the first toilet
woman who walks into shul, tossing and then Y number of dollars for the sec-
her hair like she is in a shampoo com- ond toilet and an additional fee for com-
mercial, but has a huge hole in her tights ing after 9:30 at night, but if the stack
that she is totally unaware of (and totally is clogged blah blah blah blah we take
unaware of its precarious location). This off the toilet blah blah blah….Z number
is the perfect time of year for self-reflec- of dollars. At that point, I didn’t care
tion — for taking an inventory of what because when you gotta go, you gotta go,
about ourselves we need to let go of, to and you can’t go if you don’t have a toilet
change, to walk away from, to improve. that works.
But what happens if we think that we The house was still full of boys — actu-
are perfect? What happens if we think ally, some girls might have come over at
the problem is everyone else? I think that point — and there still was only one
that is a problem. But if we cannot see working toilet. I sat by the door waiting
our own flaws, who is supposed to tell for the Drain Doctor. An hour later, the
us? I know I have issues. Many, many van pulled up, and I was excited as a kid
issues, so many issues that on Christmas morning. “Hi,
I don’t even know where I am Pedro,” he said. “Oh
to start… So I will start Pedro, it has been quite the
with “What I learned from day. Why, when you clog
Pedro the plumber.” Allow someone’s toilet, can’t you
me to explain. just tell them? Why did kids
A few weeks ago, son keep using it when it was
#3 had some friends over clearly clogged? How come
for his birthday weekend. my toilet isn’t working
We love all of his friends. when we didn’t clog it? Is
Across Down
Sometimes things happen, Banji the sewer going to back up?
1. It started on a Sat. this year
5. Prefix with phone or bytes
1. Hefty Cinch___ bags
2. Flock member
and one of these friends, Ganchrow Are you going to be able to
9. Venture 3. 12-year-old, but not for long whose identity has yet to fix it? Blah blah blah” and
14. Not according to plan, in a bad way 4. Epitomize be revealed, had an “inci- this is when it happened…
15. Uncles, in Acapulco 5. Kilimanjaro, for one: Abbr. dent” that involved clogging the boys’ Pedro looked at me and said, “Ma’am,
16. Absurd 6. Passover days, in America toilet and subsequently husband #1 and I am not going to be able to work with
17. Ben Stiller movie about those observ- 7. Prankster’s cry
my toilet. A neat trick, I know, but appar- all of your negative energy. It isn’t what I
ing Yom Kippur? 8. Pale with fright
20. Old-fashioned contraction 9. Scandal ridden sports org. ently it is possible. So when son #3 had need right now. I think maybe you should
21. Hooting hunter 10. Out ___ limb about 60 kids over, we had one work- leave the house until I am finished.”
22. Old French coin 11. Poker-pot increasers ing toilet. Needless to say, we used our I had two choices. I could punch Pedro
23. With 52-Across, Vin Diesel movie 12. Title character in “The Merchant of neighbors’ bathroom… in the face, or I could leave husband #1 in
about Yom Kippur and angry people Venice”
Yes, we tried to use a plunger (and so charge, go visit my parents, and let Pedro
observing it? 13. Avner and Amichai
26. See to 18. World Golf Hall of Famer Aoki did two of our friends) but it was not a do his thing. Honestly, if it wasn’t almost
27. “___ serious?” 19. Completes pretty situation. And not a situation we 11 at night and I didn’t have two broken
28. Law that might not go over well in 23. One might be opened in a bar could resolve without spending money. toilets, I might have chosen option A. But
Israel 24. Realm that issued a “Charter of The sun set, Shabbos ended, and I I chose B, and I heard what Pedro said.
30. Joseph’s li’l bro, in the Bible Protection” to Jews in 825: Abbr.
searched for plumbers who were open I can be negative. That is something
31. ___ Verde National Park 25. Kind of wrestling
35. Jyn and Galen in “Rogue One” 26. Like a citron 24/7. You would be surprised at how that I have to change. There are families
36. Keira Knightley movie about a goal of 29. Ex-egg, perhaps many say they are open, but then don’t that live with only one bathroom. What
Yom Kippur? 32. Jaffa to Tiberias dir. answer the phone. When I called Drain do they do when that toilet is broken?
39. “Macbeth” title 33. Rabbi’s speech: Abbr. Doctor, I was surprised to hear a voice on Look how good I have it…
42. Rock’s Clapton 34. Comrade, in Quebec
the other end of the phone. “How may So thank you, Pedro. Thank you for
43. Kind of pupil 36. Santa ___ (hot winds)
46. Belonging to a particularly wicked 37. Minyan amount I help you?” the man said innocently. pointing out something that I should
Persian 38. Hosiery shade “Well, someone clogged the toilet and work on changing in the new year.
48. Bashed into 39. London’s Globe, for one then, because sometimes boys aren’t the If any of you need a good doctor, I can
51. Periods 40. Like a victory in triple overtime, prob- brightest, a few others went to the bath- give you Pedro’s number.
52. See 23-Across ably
room, even though the toilet was clearly
56. Put two and two together 41. Wolfgang ___ Mozart
57. Poet Shemer 43. Like Pepé Le Pew clogged, and then our toilet started bub- Banji Ganchrow of Teaneck will try
58. “Down on the Corner” band, to fans 44. Few, to Pepé Le Pew bling and then that toilet didn’t flush very hard to be more positive, but being
59. Edward Norton movie about the end 45. 6s, in the NFL and could you please come right now negative is so much more fun.
of Yom Kippur? 47. Remain
64. Baseball Hall of Famer Edd 49. St. Louis landmark

Ma’am, I am not going to be

65. Parasitic leaping insect 50. King David’s first wife
66. Not manual 53. Former Teamsters president Jimmy
67. Follow as a result
68. AAA part: Abbr.
54. Artist Nolde and actor Jannings
55. Marching band flutes able to work with all of your
69. 180 is its max. score 57. “Boyz ___ Hood”
60. Sch. in eastern Virginia
negative energy. It isn’t what I
The solution to last week’s puzzle is
on page 46.
61. Summer shade?
62. Tony-winning Hagen
need right now. I think maybe
63. Make a stink? you should leave the house…
Hershey Felder portrays
Irving Berlin from a
young composer to a
frail centenarian.

Arts & Culture

‘Hershey Felder as Irving Berlin’

celebrates great Jewish songwriter

Miriam Rinn 15 original Hollywood films. Many of his own. At first, he sang on street corners had ignored her family’s strenuous objec-
songs, such as “White Christmas,” “Eas- while selling newspapers, and eventually tions to marry the Jewish songwriter, and
he first thing that draws your ter Parade,” “Happy Holidays,” and espe- he graduated to becoming a singing waiter. they were together for 62 years.
eye in the handsome set of a cially “God Bless America,” are more than Many of the popular songs at the turn of Felder has made a career of solo pro-
posh New York apartment at songs; they are an integral part of Ameri- the century used ethnic terms we now con- ductions focusing on musical greats. His
the 59E59 theater is the empty can culture. As composer Jerome Kern sider slurs, but the immigrants themselves shows include “George Gershwin Alone”;
wheelchair. said, “Irving Berlin has no part in Ameri- loved them. Berlin’s first published song “Monsieur Chopin”; “Maestro,” about
A slim, straight-backed Hershey Felder can music, he is American music.” Berlin was “Marie from Sunny Italy,” from which Leonard Bernstein, and other shows about
addresses an invisible “curmudgeon” in was a shrewd businessman too, buying up he earned 13 cents in royalties. In 1911, he Franz Liszt, Beethoven, and Tchaikovsky.
the chair, urging him to welcome the the rights to all his early songs as soon as wrote his first stupendous hit, “Alexan- Berlin was a great patriot and loved
carolers who appear at his door every he became a success. der’s Ragtime Band.” He was 23 years old. America with an immigrant’s passion.
Christmas. He urges him to tell them the Born in czarist Russia, Berlin arrived in An accomplished pianist and respect- Felder accentuates Berlin’s immigrant past
stories behind the songs he has written. the United States when he was 5 years old. able singer, Felder incorporates Berlin’s and the struggles that many immigrants
Imagining the audience as the carolers, He came with his mother, father, and sib- songs seamlessly into his script so they face adapting to a new country. That’s
Felder introduces himself as the younger lings. They were very poor, like so many feel organic to the show. Encouraging the surely not a coincidence at a time when
Irving Berlin, perhaps the most American other immigrants at the time, and all the audience to sing along with the most pop- many Americans are turning away from
of American composers and songwriters, children went out to work, bringing their ular songs, he underlines how deeply Ber- any celebration of the country’s immigrant
and promises to share the backstory of his earnings home to contribute to the house- lin’s music is embedded in our culture. His history. Of course, they weren’t so welcom-
familiar and beloved songs. hold. A cantor in Russia, Berlin’s father comic timing is excellent as well, and he ing when the millions of Jews and Italians
By the end of the show he will be in that became a mashgiach in America, and his captures Berlin’s faintly Yiddishized New and Irish arrived at the turn of the cen-
wheelchair, stooped and frail, having trans- mother found work as a midwife. Irving, York accent. tury, either. Now the descendants of those
formed himself into the 100-year-old Berlin. or Israel or Izzy, as he was called then, Berlin’s first heartbreak came six people feel they are the real Americans,
It’s a clever conceit, and Felder uses may have inherited some of his father’s months after he married Dorothy Goetz, somehow different from the Mexicans and
it successfully to tell the astonishing life musical talent. He had no formal training when his young bride died of typhoid fever Indians and Koreans arriving now. Berlin’s
story of the renowned songwriter. It was a and never learned musical notation. All she caught on their honeymoon in Havana. direct and sincere faith in the ideals of the
life filled with hardship and terrible loss as his composing was done in his head; as That loss was followed by several others, country he embraced as his own poured
well as unimaginable success and world- he sang his songs, assistants would write the most painful of which must have been out in many of his songs, and it is affecting
wide fame. Throughout his long career, down the notes. the death of his infant son, a child born to and inspiring to hear them now.
Berlin wrote an estimated 1,500 songs, the When Izzy was 13 his father died, and his second wife, the heiress Ellin Mackay. “Hershey Felder as Irving Berlin” is at
scores for 20 original Broadway shows and the boy soon left home to make it on his Fifteen years younger than Berlin, Mackay 59E59 Theatres through October 28.

Jewish Standard SEPTEMBER 14, 2018 41

Calendar Red Apple Rest: The
Friday  Jewish Historical Society
of North Jersey hosts a
SEPTEMBER 14 nostalgic program on the
Red Apple Rest, 11 a.m.
Talking about U.S.- Author Elaine Freed
Africa relations in Lindenblatt, the youngest
Ramapo: Dr. Helen C. child of Red Apple
Epstein, visiting professor Rest’s founder, Reuben
of human rights and Freed, discusses her
public health at Bard book, “Stop at the Red
College, Annandale- Apple.” The restaurant
on-Hudson, N.Y., will was on old Route 17 on
explore “Another Fine the way to the Catskills.
Mess: The U.S. Role in 17-10 River Road, Fair
Africa’s Wars” at Ramapo Lawn. (201) 300-6590 or
College of New Jersey,
1:45 p.m. Robert A. Scott
Student Center (alumni
lounges, SC 158), under
the auspices of the Gross
Center for Holocaust
and Genocide Studies
and Hillel of Ramapo.
(201) 684-7409 or

SEPTEMBER 16 Film in Franklin Lakes:
Temple Emanuel of North
Holiday boutique in Jersey screens “The
Teaneck: Nerot holds a SEPT. The Kaplen JCC on the Palisades holds a community open Gates of Jerusalem,”
pre-Yom Tov boutique 1:30 p.m. Popcorn
house from 1 to 4 p.m. JCC staff will provide guided facility
with hats, socks, and ice cream. 558
tablecloths, children’s tours; members and guests can enjoy JCC gyms, chair High Mountain Road.
gifts, clothing, and more, massages, outside pools, and the water park, try classes, and (201) 560-0200 or www.
at Congregation Rinat
Yisrael, 9 a.m.-1 p.m. 389 use the adult and youth fitness centers. Experts from the Graf Center
for Integrative Medicine at Englewood Health will offer consultations on
West Englewood Ave.
acupuncture and nutrition. There also will be activities for children, including Wednesday 
Krav Maga in Fair Lawn: SEPTEMBER 19
Religious school opens a moon bounce, tumble room, the Thurnauer Music school’s instrumental
at the Fair Lawn Jewish petting zoo, giveaways, and special membership promotions. 411 E. Clinton Yom Kippur in Teaneck:
Center/CBI at 9 a.m.;
an interactive session
Ave. (201) 408-1448, email, or Temple Emeth holds
community, family,
of Krav Maga — Israeli and tot services,
self-defense — for 2:30 p.m., afternoon
parents and children in Gan Eden.” Faculty (201) 357-0613 or www. to make sukkah
giving shiurim include decorations, taught service at 3:45, Yizkor
and a barbecue with a at 5:30, and Ne’ilah at
bouncy house follow at Gabrielle Berger, Dr. by origami artist and
Oshra Cohen, Rabbis Charity walk in congregant Yaacov 6. 1666 Windsor Road.
noon. 10-10 Norma Ave. (201) 833-1322.
Jeremy Donath and Avi Teaneck: The Friendship Metzger, 10 a.m. All
(201) 796-5040.
Herzog, Rabbi Dr. Jay Circle holds its annual materials supplied. 950
friendship walk at Votee Yom Kippur in Glen
Religious school in Goldmintz, Avi Mandel, Queen Anne Road.
Park. Registration, Rock: The Glen Rock
Paramus: Religious and Yael Weil. Sponsored (201) 836-6210 or www.
10 a.m.; walk at 10:30; Jewish Center has
school opens at the by the Staiman family
fair at 11. Rides, face community Yizkor
JCC of Paramus/ to commemorate the
painting, foam machine, Groundbreaking in prayers, 1:30 p.m.,
Congregation Beth Rivka Kahan yahrzeit of Sholom Tzvi
BMX bike show by Rockleigh: The Jewish and Ne’ilah at 6:15.
Tikvah, 9 a.m. East Staiman. 1650 Palisade
FreeCycle Action sports Home Family breaks 682 Harristown Road.
304 Midand Ave. Study program in Ave. (201) 833-4307, ext.
team, and kosher ice ground for phase (201) 652-6624 or grjc.
(201) 262-7733 or Teaneck: Ma’ayanot 265, or Rabbi Zev Prince,
cream truck; all to one of the Center for org. Yeshiva High School
support families with Rehabilitation Excellence
for Girls holds its Yizkor in Fort Lee:
annual community Blood drive in Teaneck: special needs children. on the grounds of
Congregation Gesher
yom iyun (study day) Shaare Tefillah, in (201) 262-7172 or www. the Jewish Home
Shalom/JCC Fort Lee
for women and men, conjunction with the at Rockleigh, 11 a.m.
holds a community
9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. American Red Cross, Refreshments. 10 Link
Origami workshop in Yizkor service, 3 p.m.
Keynote speaker Rivka holds a blood drive, Drive. Peter Powers,
Teaneck: Congregation Pre-registration required.
Kahan, Ma’ayanot 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Gift (201) 784-1414, ext.
Beth Aaron hosts an 1449 Anderson Ave.
principal, will discuss certificate incentives. 5524 or Sbuchwald@
origami workshop (201) 947-1735 or
“Sin and Redemption 510 Cumberland Ave.


a monthly support group
Yom Kippur in Closter: for people diagnosed Concert in Park Ridge:
Temple Beth El has a with Parkinson’s Disease, The free Bergen County
community family service their families, and Summer Music Concert
for young children, caregivers, with Delay series at the Wortendyke
2 p.m., and afternoon/ the Disease exercises Barn Museum, a county
Yizkor/Neilah at 3:45. 221 at the Jewish Home historic site in Park
Schraalenburgh Road. at Rockleigh, 10 a.m. Ridge, supported by
(201) 768-5112 or www. At 10:30, Peta Cohen, Bergen County Executive a clinical nutritionist/ Jim Tedesco and the
metabolic specialist, and Board of Chosen
Yom Kippur in Freeholders, continues
Hoboken: The United founder of the Total Life
Center, an Integrative with the Reggie Pittman/
Synagogue of Hoboken Loren Daniels Quartet
hosts a community Wellness Center, will
discuss “Minding the (rhythm & blues/jazz),
Yizkor service, 4:15 p.m. 4 p.m. Limited seating
(201) 659-4000 or body, Mending the Mind.”
Refreshments. 10 Link is available; people are welcome to bring
Drive. (201) 750-4246
or email parkinsons@ chairs/blankets; a food
Yom Kippur in vendor will be there and
Paramus: The JCC of
the museum is open
Paramus/Congregation to visitors at noon and
Beth Tikvah invites Sunday 

during intermission.
the community to a The free outdoor music
community Yizkor SEPTEMBER 23
series continues October
service, 4:30 p.m. A 28, at 1, with the 8th
photo ID is required. Religious school in
Closter: Temple Emanu- annual Bluegrass & Cider
East 304 Midand Ave. festival. (201) 336-7292
(201) 262-7691 or El opens its K-5 religious
school and has a “Meet or email glucente@ Students attend last year’s BCHSJS open house.
the Teachers” breakfast,
9 a.m. 180 Piermont
Thursday  Road. (201) 750-9997
Erev Sukkot in Closter:
Temple Beth El has BCHSJS open house on Sunday
SEPTEMBER 20 a family fun night
Spa time in the
with dinner, led by The Bergen County High School of Jew- drama, Bible, Jew-ish philosophy, Israel,
sukkah: Temple Emanu-
El of Closter offers
Rabbis David Widzer ish Studies will hold orientation and reg- and Torah. A snack break between classes
and Cantor Elizabeth
“Pampering Day In The istration for the school year on Sunday, gives students time to socialize. The school
Goldmann, 6 p.m.
Sukkah” at the shul, September 16, at 9:30 a.m., at the Moriah publishes a newsletter and provides social
221 Schraalenburgh
3 p.m. Participants
should bring women’s
Road. Reservations, School in Englewood. BCHSJS is a regional activities including trips to New York City,
(201) 768-5112. Hebrew high school serving students in rock climbing, escape rooms, and more.
clothing in good
condition to be donated eighth through 12th grades. Shabbatonim or weekend retreats and sev-
to the Center for Hope Students, who come from all across eral community involvement programs
& Safety. 180 Piermont
Road. (201) 750-9997 or Bergen and Passaic counties, select their also highlight the school year.
Peta Cohen classes from a wide range of courses For more information go to www.bchsjs.
Parkinson’s support in sisterhood. including ethics, current events, art and org or call the school at (201) 488-0834.
Rockleigh: The Jewish
Home Family continues

A barbecue for potential scouts Learn to read Hebrew

Cub Scout Pack 613 and Boy Scout Troop 226 of Teaneck and Bergenfield — both The Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey has opened registration for upcoming ulpan
shomer Shabbat — invite all boys, kindergarteners through 12th graders, and their classes, which will begin on the week of October 8. Students can learn to speak Hebrew
families to their annual free barbecue and open house on Sunday, September 16, from or strengthen their Hebrew language skills. Tuition will increase after October 1. For more
4 to 7 p.m. Meet at Votee Park’s barbecue area on the Queen Anne side. For more information, call Joyce Greenberg at (201) 820-3907 or email her at
information, call (201) 286-3323 or email

Chef offers secrets this week Andrea Klein shares this recipe with our readers. She adds “Do not be fooled by the
length of this recipe. While the steps are short, making sure you don’t skimp on any
for whipping up kids’ lunches one of them is key. First, you must know, I only teach and share recipes that I prom-
ise that you will make over and over again. This is the way to make the juiciest, most
Chef Andrea Klein of Tenafly gives two presentations on
flavorful chicken in the shortest amount of time.”
how to make quick and easy lunches that your kids will love
for Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey’s Women’s
Philanthropy group. She’ll offer options for kosher, nut- Best chicken ever! it. Then, liberally spread the paste
under chicken skin.
free, and dairy meals.
Ingredients: Sear skin side down on stove on
On Thursday, September 20, Ms. Klein will speak at Andrea Klein medium high using a dutch oven, or
4-6 pound butterflied or spatchcock chicken
Temple Sinai of Bergen County in Tenafly, and on Friday, 1/3 cup olive oil large rimmed pan until brown and
September 21, she’ll be at Temple Emanuel of the Pascack Valley. Both talks 2 cloves garlic pour remaining paste on the inside,
begin at 10:30 a.m. 2 tablespoons kosher salt which should be facing up. Flip the
Chef Klein was trained at the French Culinary Institute in New York, has 1 tablespoon ground pepper chicken over carefully and place
taught at Manhattan cooking schools, is a private culinary trainer, and is an 10 sprigs parsley lemon quarters underneath. Bake
1 lemon (juiced then quartered) for 40 minutes or until chicken
active member of Temple Sinai of Bergen County. This is the first session of
registers 165 degrees. Remove from
a “What’s For” series of woking classes she developed for JFNNJ for moms.
Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Using a hand or oven to rest. Make pan sauce from
Klein and Michelle Nadel are JFNNJ Young Women co-vice presidents, and standing blender combine olive oil, garlic, salt, drippings by heating fat, adding
Karen Farber and Joan Krieger are Women’s Philanthropy co-presidents. pepper, juice of one lemon (save lemon) and a sprinkling of flour, cooking for
Light refreshments, healthy snacks, and a bento box are included. parsley to form a paste. With your hands, gently one minute, then adding 1 cup of
Email Meli Rozenbaum at or call (201) 820-3906. release the skin from the meat without ripping chicken stock if desired.


Jewish World

Phone book December 2016. It allowed one of Sztyk- only adult from his family who survived Once a property is reopened for res-
from page 31 gold’s relatives to get the first definitive list the genocide was his mother, who “had titution, claimants have six months to
the family name to obtain a complete over- of the assets the family had in Warsaw before only partial knowledge of what her fam- file a second claim. It is an unreason-
view of all the assets they may claim under the war, when it headed a real-estate empire. ily owned. Bits and pieces, really,” Sztyk- ably short period of time, according to
a new restitution drive in Warsaw. The database allows users to check gold he said. WJRO. But for people like Sztykgold,
It’s a high-tech tool made possible only whether their family owned any of the 2,613 During the visit, Sztykgold also got a who don’t even know which addresses
thanks to the recent discovery of an unpub- properties that the City of Warsaw said that it rare chance to examine the key that led their families used to own, the entire
lished phone book from 1939. would reopen for restitution claims. to the groundbreaking database: a yel- 2016 process is irrelevant.
The World Jewish Restitution Organi- Especially in Sztykgold’s case, the data- lowing proofing copy of a phone book Or at least it used to be — until Klein-
zation, or WJRO, set up the database in base had “a huge role,” he said, because the of sorts from 1939. It was never pub- waks “matched addresses announced in
lished, because the directory was being 2016 with the names of the owners” who
prepared when the Germans invaded are indicated in the 1939 registry, Sztyk-
Poland. Crucially, the phone book, or gold said.
registry, contained information that Today, the copy is kept in the vaults
allowed genealogist Logan Kleinwaks of the Central Military Library, which
of Washington, D.C., to find the names bought it from a book collector at an auc-
of the owners of thousands of assets, tion in 2014 for about $3,000. The library
including approximately half of those then scanned the book and published the
2,613 properties that Warsaw said it scans online. Kleinwaks, who had heard
would reopen to claims. about the auction and was eagerly await-
About 3.3 million Jews lived in Poland ing access to the book’s content, then
before the Holocaust. It is the only major used software he developed to build an
European country that has not passed owners’ database from the phone book,
national legislation for the restitution matching it with the 2,613 addresses.
of property unjustly seized from private So far, the City of Warsaw has
owners by the Nazis or nationalized by reopened only about 300 of the resti-
the communist regime, according to the tution claims from the list of 2,613, and
WJRO. Instead of passing legislation, Pol- not one of the claimants has received
ish authorities and courts handle restitu- compensation. Kleinwaks said he does
tion claims on a per-case basis. Dozens of not know how many people are using
Liora and Yoram Sztykgold sit in a Warsaw park near where he grew up. such cases have been resolved in recent his database to make claims. He has
years, but several Polish property attor- reached out personally to more than a
neys said that there is no way of knowing dozen families whose names he found,
how many of the claims are by Jews. he said, and some of them subsequently
B"H As it carries out its controversial new have initiated restitution claims.
restitution drive announced in 2016, None of the Sztykgold family’s assets
Warsaw periodically releases a few — there are more than a dozen of them —
dozen addresses of properties from its have been reopened for restitution. But
list that had been claimed during com- the Sztykgold family is already doing the
munism but whose status has never footwork — locating birth certificates,
been resolved. The city does not release building a family tree, proving they are
owners’ names, although presumably it the only heirs, and many other bureau-
has at least some of them from stalled cratic chores — so that when their assets
restitution claims filed for each of the are reopened, they would have a hope of
2,613 assets. Critics of this practice say it making the six-month deadline.
deprives claimants of crucial information Gideon Taylor, WJRO’s chair of oper-
necessary to gain compensation. Advo- ations, said that it was “a very positive
cates say it is designed to minimize fraud. See phone book page 47

Sunday, September 16
location: Votee Park, Teaneck
10:00AM Registration 10:30AM Walk 11:00AM fair Sponsored by

Krystyna Danko’s son, Wojciech, sit on her bed as she rests in their Warsaw

1 44 Jewish Standard SEPTEMBER 14, 2018

Sharon Bolog Predeceased by her husband of 50 years, Howard, five or the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation.
Sharon Lee Bolog, née Lubell, 75, of Palm Beach Gar- weeks ago, she is survived by children, Susan (Steve), Arrangements were by Robert Schoem’s Menorah
dens, Fla., formerly of New City, N.Y., and Fort Lee, died and Larry (Solange), and granddaughters Rachel, Chapel, Paramus.
September 5. Amanda, and Melissa.
Born in New York City, she was a homemaker and Donations can be made to St. Jude Children’s Research Bernard Schwartz
women’s clothing retailer. Hospital or Stein Hospice of New Jersey Wilf Campus. Bernard “Bernie” Irwin Schwartz, 83, of Colorado and
She is survived by her husband, Kenneth, children, Arrangements were by Robert Schoem’s Menorah Cha- Nevada died September 10.
Erik, Richard, and Nicole Jacobson, and seven grandchil- pel, Paramus. He served as an Army officer stationed in the DMZ
dren. Arrangements were by Eden Memorial Chapels, between North and South Korea and was a buyer for JC
Fort Lee. Tami Richman Penney. He was active in the Chabad of Vail, volunteered
Tami Richman, née Barrow, 65, of River Vale died Sep- for the Vilar Performing Arts Center of Beaver Creek, and
Carol Isaacs tember 8. supported many charities.
Carol Isaacs, 82, of Whitehouse Station, formerly of Hill- She is survived by her husband, Steven, daughter, He is survived by wife, Stephanie, children, Dawn,
side, died September 12. Leah Cortese (Michael); siblings, Nancy Barrow (Michael Brian, and David, and grandchildren, Jordan, Leah, Jar-
She graduated City College of New York, earned a Moroch) and Neal Barrow; grandsons Jordan and Julian, rad, and Alexa.
master’s, taught elementary school, and worked in and nephews, Seth and Scott. Arrangements were by Louis Suburban Chapel,
marketing. Donations can be made to the Alzheimer’s Association Fair Lawn.

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information provided by funeral homes.
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COnDOs FOR sALe situAtiOns WAnteD CLeAninG seRViCe
(201) 837-8818
HOMe iMPROVeMents Solution to last week’s puzzle. This week’s puzzle is
A responsible woman looking to on page 40.
BOCA WEST care for elderly. Live-in or out. Re-
liable! Pleasant! Experienced! Ref- A POLISH CLEANING WOMAN
Boca Raton, Forida - Homes, Apartments, Offices-
2 Bedroom penthouse apartment erences. Waiting for your call 347- Home Repair Service
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with beautiful views. references.
Lovely furnished Carpentry Painting
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Best area in Florida CAREGIVER looking for live-in/out Decks Kitchens
Izabela 973-572-7031 Locks/Doors Electrical
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914-589-4673 do light housekeeping & cooking. Basements Paving/Masonry
Drives, speaks English. Call Bathrooms Drains/Pumps
me...201-699-2233 Plumbing Maintenence
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CERTIFIED FEMALE HHA looking Polish Women General Repairs
for position to take care of Clean
HeLP WAnteD elderly/companion. Live-in/out. 15
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Summer may not be the beginning of the end, but

FROM PAGE 38 it is certainly the end of the beginning.
when I was an editor with the Star-Led- The next few months loom as critical, dra-
MAZON IS ending hunger ·
ger of Newark. Manafort, Cohen, Pecker, matic, and possibly history-making, espe-
Stormy Daniels, Flynn, et al certainly seem cially as special prosecutor Robert Muel- making a difference · tikkun olam ·
to sink to the slime of Dean, Ehrlichman, ler’s team bores deeper into the tangled
Haldeman, Colson, and company. While web of Trump’s Russia dealings. keeping kids healthy · nutrition for seniors ·
there were no cell phones, internet, or Tragically, John McCain won’t be with
24/7 news cycles back then, the characters us when the time comes to pass judg-
tzedakah · fostering responsibility ·
were just as sleazy and probably more cun- ment on the man who once derided him raising awareness · soup kitchens · food
ning than the present dramatis personae. as a loser for being captured and spending
And now there is a host of young, earnest more than five years in captivity. The hero banks · food pantries · social justice ·
reporters at “fake news” publications like passes with nobility as a nation mourns
the New York Times, the Washington Post, him in a bipartisan outpouring while the
partnering for change · advocating for
and the Wall Street Journal (excluding its mendacious draft dodger grows ever more people in need · encouraging public
editorial pages),and at select websites and strident in his outbursts and tweets.
cable stations, digging and reporting wher- During the High Holy Days, I also try to policy reform · a legacy of giving ·
ever it may take them. put special focus on Israel, and this year
Labor Day was a significantly more my thoughts are bound up in the not-so- making an impact · optimism· pursuing
important inflection point than usual this subtle negative effects of the new nation- justice · nutrition and health education
year. I’m already geared up for the mid- state law. Prime Minister Netanyahu, fac-
term elections, hoping for as much of a ing a host of legal troubles of his own, has initiatives · meeting basic human needs ·
reset as possible in the House and the Sen- virtually moved in lockstep with Trump
ate. This is where the fate of the Trumpoc- as he’s nudged the nation rightward. The working to end food insecurity · a strong
racy may be decided, since the current chasm between diaspora Jews and those in
safety net · providing assistance and
crop of feckless Republican incumbents the homeland only grows. Perhaps by next
simply isn’t up to the challenge of objective July, the political climate in both Washing- support · concern for others · enhancing
examination. The recent primary upsets ton and Jerusalem will have significantly
by liberal Democratic insurgents portends improved and clarified. Hopefully, there quality of life · jewish values in action ·
well for a change election, as does Presi- will be an urgency for corrective change
dent Obama rejoining the fray with a lac- on both fronts.
erating critique of his successor’s often And that, dear classmates, is how I spent THE JEWISH COMMUNITY
obscene behavior. my summer. May autumn hold out hope WORKING TOGETHER
While I am not a legal or constitutional for renewal, or at least a return to normal
scholar, my newsman’s instincts tell me norms. Don’t make America grim again. TO END HUNGER
— by way of invoking Churchill — that this

Phone book Gebert, a Jewish journalist for the Gazeta

FROM PAGE 44 Wyborcza daily. This is largely because of
step” by Polish authorities to buy the corruption scandals plaguing it, he said,
1939 registry and make it available online. but also, “Many Poles feel the entire nation
“But Poland has to now follow through suffered under Nazism and communism,
and make that information actionable for and that it’s wrong for only a few to get
heirs, instead of introducing procedures restitution.”
that make it more difficult to reclaim prop- Then there are cases like that of
erties,” he said. Krystyna Danko, a non-Jewish woman
Unlike her husband, Liora Sztykgold, 77, who risked her life to save Jews during
can’t even use the WJRO database to find the Holocaust. She was forced out of her
Inspired by Jewish value
organization working to

Help us end hu

out whether her parents had any assets home in 2016, when she was 100, after the
that are being reopened for restitution. building where she had lived for decades 10850 Wilshire Blv

An orphan who was left in the care of a was returned to restitution claimants from
Catholic convent, she knows neither her Paris. (The claimant, Emilia Radziun, who
birth name nor the date of her birth. “It’s owns a supermarket in the French capital,
not about money,” said Liora, who has two has told the Polish media that she is not
children with Yoram. “Of course, we’d like Jewish. She did not reply to attempts to
to leave more to the grandchildren. It’s reach her.)
about achieving a measure of justice.” Now Danko, whose apartment used
Poland has returned communally to be on the ground floor, lives on the
owned properties worth many millions sixth floor of a public housing building,
of dollars to Jewish and Christian organi- where her wheelchair barely fits the rick-
zations, among others. But it has resisted ety elevator. Her son, Wojciech, says that
calls to pass legislation on privately his mother, who is nearly 102, went blind
owned properties. during the weeks of the move from the
In Warsaw, attempts to achieve justice stress involved.
on restitution are complicated, messy, “What happened to my mother wasn’t
and feature many non-Jewish claimants. just, but I understand the Jewish perspec-
About half of the 2,613 assets on the list tive of seeking justice through restitution,”
being reopened probably were owned by he said. “I think we need legislation and a
non-Jewish Poles, according to Kleinwaks. compromise because the way this is going Tel 310.442.0020 | 800.813.0557 |
But “there is a general unwillingness to isn’t good for too many people.” P.O. Box 894765, Los Angeles, CA 90189-4765
touch the issue,” according to Konstanty JTA WIRE SERVICE



Greenblatt peace plan is going to yield no solution after. We have spent a great deal of time fig- efforts, and we have done extensive con-
FROM PAGE 8 whatsoever to the Palestinian people. So uring out what happens post-peace agree- sultations throughout the region and
have failed before us. But I would say that our hope is that, yes, he will realize when ment. And obviously, a big component of throughout our process. We’re also hope-
we owe it to Israelis and Palestinians to try he sees the plan that he should become a that is the economy, and I think that the ful that we can count on their support,
our utmost to see if we can finally achieve partner for peace. Palestinians can see what Israel has accom- and I use the word “support” rather than
a peace deal. And I firmly believe under Q: Taking the Middle East into account plished, and I hope that they want that for “approval,” so they can help the Palestin-
today’s circumstances that we find our- when talking about a future peace plan, themselves as well. That’s not to say that ians achieve a better future. I think they
selves in, for so many reasons, that history how does Israel’s new status as a regional we are pushing an “economic peace”; are essential; I think they will be helpful. I
will judge us if we don’t try. economic, technological and military we’re certainly not, and we understand the hope they will be helpful, but I would not
Q: Can Mahmoud Abbas one day superpower change Israel’s bargaining Palestinians will not accept an “economic use the word “approval.”
become a partner for peace? position in any peace negotiations? peace.” So I wanted to be clear that our I just want to add one more point —
A: I certainly hope that President Abbas A: I wouldn’t describe it as bargaining plan is not an economic peace; it’s a com- the advice that I would give everybody,
chooses to engage with the peace plan, positions. What I see relevant is Israel’s suc- prehensive peace, but of course, it focuses w, Palestinians, everybody else who is
and I hope he decides to lead his people to cess over the last 70 years, which has been on the economy because that’s so impor- interested in the file — is wait until the
a better and brighter future, which is what nothing short of amazing. And I think it tant to a successful peace agreement. plan is released, and when it’s released,
this plan could bring the people. I think should stand as an example to Palestinians Q: Will any peace deal need approval please read it cover to cover to judge the
that working with the Trump administra- and the region of what they could achieve if from regional partners, including Saudi plan on its merits — not on rumors, not
tion is President Abbas’s best opportunity their leaders engage on the peace plan and Arabia, Egypt and Jordan? Is that some- on speculation, not on news reports, but
to possibly achieve many of the goals that let us help them help themselves. And we thing that is needed to achieve the com- on what’s in it. Really read it. We hope
he has set out for himself and his people. have spent a great deal of time not just on prehensive plan you are describing? that once Israelis and Palestinians in the
And without engaging on the peace plan, the political aspects of the peace plan, but A: Approval is a strong word. I think region and everybody else who wants to
there is not only not going to be any such also on the economic portions of the peace that the only real path forward to a peace help will read it, that Israelis and Pales-
opportunities, but the Palestinian people plan. It’s important for us to point out that deal is direct negotiations between Israe- tinians are going to have the courage to
will fall further and further behind. More- the peace agreement itself is not the end of lis and Palestinians. I do think that the engage in the plan and lead their people
over, the continued condemnation of the the road; it’s the days after and the years regional partners are key players in our to a better future. JNS.ORG

Center. His passions include track and field. Summer us when the time comes to pass judgment
Gun violence Inevitably — after all, his father is a rabbi — FROM PAGE 38 on the man who once derided him as a
he is more exposed to Jewish teachings than when I was an editor with the Star-Led- loser for being captured and spending
Bergen County Clerk John Hogan. “The most kids his age. ger of Newark. Manafort, Cohen, Pecker, more than five years in captivity. The hero
initiative is completely nonpartisan,” Lau- “My Jewish background and set of Jewish Stormy Daniels, Flynn, et al certainly passes with nobility as a nation mourns
rence said. “We want to empower youth, values push me to get involved to help other seem to sink to the slime of Dean, Ehrli- him in a bipartisan outpouring while
not tell people how to vote.” He noted that people, to make a difference, do good things chman, Haldeman, Colson, and com- the mendacious draft dodger grows ever
more than four million Americans will for society, and make our country a better pany. While there were no cell phones, more strident in his outbursts and tweets.
turn 18 this year. “Some people in high place,” he said. Because of his father, “I get to internet, or 24/7 news cycles back then, During the High Holy Days, I also try to
school will become eligible to vote for the see Jewish values from a different perspective. the characters were just as sleazy and put special focus on Israel, and this year
first time. We’re grasping this opportunity “I’ve always been involved in the stuff my probably more cunning than the pres- my thoughts are bound up in the not-so-
to get students involved, energized, and father is doing,” he said. “We live in the ent dramatis personae. And now there
register them to vote. same house.” For example, he has become is a host of young, earnest reporters at
“Change always starts when people rise involved with Ridgewood’s Community “fake news” publications like the New
up together,” he said. “Perhaps an individ- Peace and Justice Forum. His outlook, he York Times, the Washington Post, and
ual isn’t as powerful by himself, but when said, transcends the interests of any one the Wall Street Journal (excluding its edi- I’m already
we join forces, we can accomplish so much group. “Gun violence affects people of all torial pages),and at select websites and
more. That’s what we’ve been doing in all races and religions. It’s a universal issue cable stations, digging and reporting geared up for
these towns. We know that when we work that affects every community in this coun- wherever it may take them. the midterm
together, we can accomplish so many things. try. It’s an American issue, and it should Labor Day was a significantly more
Change is in our hands. We need to unite.” be nonpartisan. important inflection point than usual this elections, hoping
Laurence, a son of Rabbi David and Alla “It’s a threat to our country and we’ve had year. I’m already geared up for the mid- for as much of a
Fine and the older brother of Ariel, grew up enough. That’s why we’re organizing meet- term elections, hoping for as much of a
in Ridgewood, where his father is the rabbi ings, rallies, protests, and everything we reset as possible in the House and the Sen- reset as possible
of Temple Israel and Jewish Community can do to make a difference.” ate. This is where the fate of the Trumpoc- in the House
racy may be decided, since the current
crop of feckless Republican incumbents and the Senate.
simply isn’t up to the challenge of objec-
statement: “We are deeply appreciative tive examination. The recent primary subtle negative effects of the new nation-
Local institutions that DHS has awarded this year’s Non- upsets by liberal Democratic insurgents state law. Prime Minister Netanyahu, fac-
profit Security Grant Program awards. portends well for a change election, as ing a host of legal troubles of his own, has
William Daroff, the Jewish Federations’ The $60 million funding level is the high- does President Obama rejoining the fray virtually moved in lockstep with Trump
senior vice president for public policy, est for this program since its inception. with a lacerating critique of his succes- as he’s nudged the nation rightward. The
issued a statement: “Since September 11, We are thankful for the leadership and sor’s often obscene behavior. chasm between diaspora Jews and those
nonprofits generally, and Jewish commu- support of those in Congress who have While I am not a legal or constitutional in the homeland only grows. Perhaps
nal institutions specifically, have been the championed this program on a bipartisan scholar, my newsman’s instincts tell me by next July, the political climate in both
victim of an alarming number of threats basis including: Sens. Shelby, Schumer, — by way of invoking Churchill — that this Washington and Jerusalem will have sig-
and attacks. The NSGP is helpful to deal Boozman, Hoeven, Portman, Peters, may not be the beginning of the end, but it nificantly improved and clarified. Hope-
with those threats through resources for Nelson, Blunt and Van Hollen and Reps. is certainly the end of the beginning. The fully, there will be an urgency for correc-
target hardening and the integration of Frelinghuysen, Lowey, McCaul, Yoder, next few months loom as critical, dra- tive change on both fronts.
nonprofit preparedness activities with Pascrell, Meng, Donovan and Thompson. matic, and possibly history-making, espe- And that, dear classmates, is how I
broader state and local preparedness While we wish this program were not cially as special prosecutor Robert Muel- spent my summer. May autumn hold
efforts.” necessary, we are grateful for the work of ler’s team bores deeper into the tangled out hope for renewal, or at least a
Nathan Diament, executive director DHS and the support of key legislators to web of Trump’s Russia dealings. return to normal norms. Don’t make
of the OU Advocacy Center, said in a provide the needed security resources.” Tragically, John McCain won’t be with America grim again.


 Real Estate & Business BANK-OWNED PROPERTIES
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Sharon Greenbaum Best Wishes for a New Year
joins Miron team filled with Good Health, Happiness
25 Broadway, Elmwood Park, NJ
Miron Properties announces and A World at Peace. Martin H. Basner, Realtor Associate
the addition of Sharon Kopit- (Office) 201-794-7050 · (Cell) 201-819-2623
nikoff Greenbaum to their
team of real estate profession- BARBARA OSTROTH
als. As a full-service real estate Coldwell Banker Residential RE
salesperson, Sharon helps buy- 201-965-3105 Cell
ers find their perfect match in
a home, and orchestrates a
smooth and successful sales
for property owners moving Sharon
L'shanah tova
on. Having lived in Teaneck for Kopitnikoff
most of her life, she knows the Greenbaum
area very well and is equipped
to offer exceptional knowledge and guidance to her 209 King St, Englewood East Hill OPEN HOUSE
clientele. NEW PRICE! Stunning 4BR, SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 16
Buyers and sellers know instantly that Sha-
ron loves working with people and has their best
4.5 BTH col attractively
renovated w high quality t TEANECK t
materials & craftsmanship.
interest at heart. She comes across as her natural Gourmet kit, MBR suite,
self: honest, trustworthy, intelligent, capable and inviting entertaining &
determined. dining areas, finished 3rd flr
Her market territory includes most of Bergen and bsmt. Large property w
basketball court. Near NYC
County, particularly Teaneck, New Milford, Ber- bus, shops and Houses of
genfield, Fair Lawn, Paramus, Englewood, Tenafly, Worship. $1.149 million.
and Fort Lee. In addition to holding her real estate
license, Sharon is a member of the bar in both New
2BR 2BTH Condo. Exclusive listing. Full service BLDG w pkg,
Jersey and New York. Sharon’s legal background is pool. Cliffside Park $275K
an asset. Like law, real estate is about client relation- New! Exclusive Listing in Country Club area Teaneck.
ships and deal-making. Split-level, MBR suite, large property. $529K
Born and raised in Teaneck, Sharon graduated Wendy Wineburgh Dessanti
from New York University and received a J.D. from Broker/Sales Associate 197 Griggs Ave. $599,000 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Boston University School of Law. She has owned Top Office Producer 2016 & 2017 Stunning Eng Tudor. Beaut Updated. Lg LR/Flr to Ceil Windows+Fplc.
property in New York City and in Teaneck for the Zillow Top Agent Ultra Designer Island Kit/Quartz Cntrs, DR. 3 BRs, 5 Gorgeous Bath
past 26 years where she raised her three daughters. Units. Ceramic Tiled Bsmt. 2 Car Gar. Multi-zone C/A/C. Deep 115'
201 310-2255 (pref)/201 569-7888 Prop.
Her home is in the West Englewood section, on the
same block where she grew up. 99 W. Forest Ave. $585,000 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Sharon has volunteered for the parents’ asso- Turnkey. Completely Renov Brick Home. EH, LR/Fplc, DR open to
Ultra Granite Peninsula Kit/Dbl Appl. 3 Season Rear Porch/Cent Air,
ciations of the Moriah School in Englewood and
Deep 136 ft. Prop. 3 ample BRs (2 en suite), 3.5 Designer Baths
The Frisch School in Paramus, which her children Total. Grnd Flr Fam Rm (poss 4th BR). Rec Rm Bsmt. Gar. C/A/C H/W
attended and where she is an alumna. Sharon is an Flrs throughout.
avid runner and a yoga practitioner. She is fluent in
Let Us Finance Your
Hebrew, loves to ski, and is a lifelong hockey fan.
Sharon can be reached at: (201) 406-7040 or via House Purchase OPEN HOUSE
email at For more SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 16
information, visit or call • Direct lender t PARAMUS t
(201) 266-8555. • 2 to 3 day approval
• Closings within 30 days
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centric vendors, Everything You Want — Beautiful Condition, Low Taxes, Great
adoptable pets, Schools, EZ Commute. Spacious Sugar Maple S/L on Oversized Prop
red carpet, dog- Larry DeNike Daniel M. Shlufman on Cul-de-sac. LR, DR, Granite Kit, Fam Rm. 4 Bdrms, 2 New Baths.
President Managing Director Newly Fin Bsmt. C/A/C. 2 Car Gar.
gie couture trunk
MLO #58058 MLO #6706
prizes. The day benefited and gave exposure to Ber- HIGHWAYS / SHOPS / SCHOOLS
gen County Protect and Rescue Foundation (BCPR), Classic Mortgage, LLC For Our Full Inventory including
Closter Animal Welfare Society (CLAWS), and START Serving NY, NJ & CT Details & Pictures, Visit our Website
II Animal Shelter. The rescue groups also received 25 E. Spring Valley Ave., Ste 100, Maywood, NJ
applications for pet adoption and volunteer inquiries. 201-368-3140
#31149 (201) 837-8800
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L’chaim! in the spirit of Yom Tov

GAMLIEL KRONEMER brandy, is its unique ability to truly capture
the essences of the original fruit and terroir.
L’chaim—to life—is the traditional toast one Louis Royer’s Kosher XO Cognac has
gives, particularly when toasting with dis- long been one of the best kosher Cognacs
tilled spirits. Spirits were historically viewed on the market. Rich and heavy, this supple Whiskies
to be life imbuing (hence the term ‘spirits’) and sweet 12-year-old, dark-walnut colored handful of eau de vies on the market, and
and indeed many names for common types brandy has flavors and aromas of cara- Whisk(e)y is one of the most popular one of the very best is Bokobsa’s Boukha
of liquor—whiskey, eau de vie, aquavit,- mel, figs, baked apples, roasted hazelnuts, spirits in the world. In the most basic Cuvee Prestige. Made from figs, this clear
merely mean “water of life.” While mod- allspice, and star anise. It is a treat on any of terms whiskey is distilled beer, and eau de vie has a rich, oily, mouthfeel,
ern medical science may no longer believe occasion. Louis Royer’s more affordable, but is it made in a variety of different styles with a light flavor and aroma of dried
that distilled spirits are a panacea for all of still delightful, VSOP Cognac is a smooth, throughout the world (and it has a vari- figs, a touch of earthiness, and an intrigu-
life’s ills, a nice dram can still warm one’s medium-bodied blend of 4-to-6-year old ety of spellings—in America and Ireland ing hint of butterscotch.
innards, and enliven one’s mood. So as you brandies, which has flavors and aromas of it is spelled with an ‘e’, and in Canada,
get ready to celebrate Succos in the spirit of caramel, mocha, figs, cinnamon, cardamom India, Japan and Scotland it’s spelled Liqueurs
Toras Chaim, why not enliven the occasion and allspice. without.) In the highlands of Scotland Liqueurs are sweet spirits made by infus-
by toasting “l’chaim” with one of the grow- A more recent but very welcome addi- whiskey is most often double distilled (as ing a spirit base—usually a neutral spirit,
ing number of kosher spirits now available. tion to the kosher cognac market is Godet’s with Cognac) in pot stills, while in Ten- but sometimes a brandy, rum or whisky—
kosher Fine de Cognac. The Godet fam- nessee and Kentucky it is far more com- with fruits and or herbs, and then sweet-
Cognacs ily has been making kosher cognac on and monly distilled in column stills. Here are ening with sugar. A growing number of
Cognac, the famous brandy of southwest- off for almost a century, and this new bot- two kosher whiskies to try. liqueurs now have kosher supervision.
ern France, is generally considered to be tling is their first kosher release that they’ve Boondock’s American Whiskey is one Here are two worth trying.
the best brandy, and one of the best dis- had in over a decade. This tawny-caramel of a small handful craft-distillery whis- Montell Orange Liqueur reminds me
tilled spirits, in the world. Cognac is made colored, brandy has a nose of apples (both kies which are now produced under a bit of the Sabra Liqueur, that onetime
from primarily Ugni Blanc grapes which are stewed and raw), apricots, cloves, sultanas, kosher supervision. Distilled by Dave ubiquitous Israeli spirit, which was first
crushed and fermented, before being dis- and white pepper. The flavor is dry and her- Scheurich (formerly Master Distiller at distilled 56 years ago, and which remains
tilled twice in copper pot stills, and aged baceous at the front of the palate, moving Woodford Reserve), Boondock’s is a both a duty-free staple at Ben Gurion Air-
for no less than two years in French-oak towards apples and raisins mid-palate, and creamy-smooth, sweet, 11-year-old tawny port, as well as a fine after dinner dram.
barrels. What makes Cognac such a great a touch of caramel on the finish. colored whiskey. The bouquet is redolent The Montell is however accentuating the
NVE-3538 Revise Spring Mortgage Ad 5x6.5_NVE-3518 7/11/18 2:12 PM Page 1 of honey, fennel, and rye spice, while the flavor of the delightful Israeli oranges
taste is dominated by corn sweetness, even more. This bronze colored liqueur
with a touch of rye spice, and a toffee is rich, smooth, and just as billed—red-
note on the finish. olent with flavors and aromas of dark
Tomintoul Tlàth is one of the most chocolate and candied orange peels.
Mortgage rates and options are blooming at NVE Bank. recent kosher bottlings to come out of While sweet, the liqueur is well struc-
Scotland. Tlàth means gentle in Gaelic, tured with the bitterness of the orange
and this is certainly a very gentle, easy to balancing the sugar.
drink, single-malt Speyside whisky. This Zachlawi’s 10th Anniversary Limited
7-YEAR MORTGAGE dark-copper colored whisky has flavors Edition Fig Arak is both unique and
MORTGAGE and aromas of malt, herbs, fresh churned charming. Made in New Jersey, this bar-
butter, toffee, leather, citrus and lavender, rel aged, copper colored liqueur has a
3.875% with a lighter than typical touch of peat. unique profile more reminiscent of a
3.500 % Rate
4.375% French pastis than an Israeli Arak. Look
Rate Rate
Eau de Vies
3.611% for aromas of anise, licorice root and
APR* 4.430% APR* Eau de vies—un-aged fruit brandies—are allspice with a whiff of earthiness. The
made by fermenting crushed fresh fruit, flavor has elements of stewed figs, black
and double distilling the resulting fruit licorice, star anise and mocha, with hints
wine in a copper pot still. In the kosher of mint, oak and vanilla.
world, unfortunately, there are only a I wish you all chag sameyach!

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