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Muhammad Ali Jinnah

M. A. Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan was born on 25th December 1876. He got his degree of
Barrister at Law from Lincoln’s Inn London.
He joined Indian National Congress, a political party, on his return to India and worked hard
for the Unity of Hindus and Muslims, thus he was titled as “Ambassador of Unity” by Sarojni
Naidu, an Indian Political leader.
Later on due to prejudice towards Muslims, by some eminent Hindu leaders, M.A Jinnah was
forced to opt for the demand of separate home land for Muslims.
In Banaras, Muslims were killed in hundreds just because they slaughtered cows, as it is
allowed to eat beef whereas the Hindus apparently do not eat but Worship cows.
Jinnah demanded the Hindu leaders to appeal to stop killing Muslims, but even Gandhi the
leader of Hindus who claimed to be secular, did not come out to save the Muslims. This was
the Major turning point for Jinnah to demand for Pakistan.
Mr. Jinnah worked hard and very soon became the Great leader of Muslims. Once a journalist
asked Jinnah as to why he did not make use of his intellect and skills to write down History.
Mr. Jinnah replied that as he was in the process of making history, why he should write
history. Later on he proved his words and changed the world map by creating a new country
Mr. Jinnah was given the Title of QUAID-E-AZAM meaning the Greatest Leader. Once Mr.
Gandhi wrote to Quaid-e-Azam and asked how he would like to be called, he then sought for
his permission to call him “Quaid-e-Azam”, as he had learnt from one of his disciple, Miss
Ummat ul Islam that Mr. Jinnah was called as such by Muslims. Though this letter of Mr.
Gandhi clearly shows that the Title was not awarded by Mr. Gandhi, but one of the Indian
Author, PARKASH ALMEIDA reported falsely in his book that Mr. Gandhi gave this title to
Mr. Jinnah.
A very important point is that the last Viceroy, Lord Mountbatten was very much against Mr.
Jinnah, but just before his death Mountbatten, praised Mr. Jinnah in his last Interview given
to B.B.C.
When asked how he matches Jinnah to Gandhi, Mountbatten said, “The entire Congress put
together with Gandhi did not match Jinnah”. He also admitted that Mr. Jinnah was very
brilliant and could not be trapped, for this he hated Mr. Jinnah so much so that he wished he
could shoot him. The reason he gave was “My entire cabinet used to draft a resolution after
giving a full thought for weeks together, with a hope that Mr. Jinnah would not be able to
find any discrepancy in it, but just in two minutes of seeing the draft, Mr. Jinnah would
shattered the resolution into pieces and his argument used to be so strong that we were left
dumbfounded; that were the moments that I wished to Kill him”
When he was asked whether he was aware that Mr. Jinnah was so ill that he would hardly
live a year, Mountbatten replied, “ Had had I knew this I would have delayed the Partition to
that extent that Pakistan would not have come into existence”
The other reasons for his hatred include the refusal of accepting him as first Governor
General of Pakistan as India did. Much to his agony his suggestion to enforce the constitution
and system of Emperor Akbar was also turned down by Mr. Jinnah by saying
“You need not worry about our constitution, as we already have our constitution given by our
Prophet fourteen hundred years ago”.
After the creation of Pakistan the Quaid lived for only one year as his both lungs were
infected due to tuberculosis. He breathed his last on 11th September 1948, thus the world in
general and Pakistan in Particular lost the greatest leader of the century who alone fought
with British and Indian Congress and with nationalist Muslims successfully for the rights of