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eClinicalWorks is a privately-held, profitable company that focuses on establishing long-term

relationships with customers. Our software is used by doctors and their staff in smallest to the largest
set up in the USA. eClinicalWorks is a leader in ambulatory clinical solutions. Our solutions extend the
use of Electronic Health Records (EHR) beyond practice (clinic/hospital) walls with the latest
technologies and create community-wide records. Our core products are Electronic Medical Records
(EMR) and Practice Management (PM). eClinicalWorks employs more than 4000 plus people across its
locations. We are headquartered in Westborough, Massachusetts, USA. We also have offices in New
York, Atlanta, Chicago, California, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Bengaluru. We have a large infrastructure
with many data centres across the USA. We are a product based company designing and implementing
our own Software. We are very rapid in research & development and innovation in the HealthCare IT
industry. We believe in providing growth to our employees within the company.

With customers across all 50 states using its solutions, customers include ACOs, physician practices, out-
patient departments of hospitals, health centers, departments of health and convenient care clinics.
Twelve eClinicalWorks customers have received the prestigious HIMSS Davies Awards during the past
six years, honoring excellence in electronic health record implementation.

ECW Products:
1) EMR (Electronic Medical Record)
 EMR is a product that is used by the doctors, physicians, health care providers and the
whole department of health centers in US.
 It is a practice to go paperless.
 It streamlines the patient flow from check-in to departure.
 Workflow from the front desk to physicians to billing office staff is seamless.
 Documentation is faster using templates.
2) PM (Practice Management): This system manages appointments and schedules, streamlines
medical billing, and stores important demographic data. Staff can check the next day’s schedule
for patient insurance eligibility as well.
3) Patient Portal lets patients communicate with their doctor and access important information
over the Internet. Your practice can send patients reminders, statements, patient education
materials, and lab results electronically.
4) Messenger: Messenger is a care management tool that enhances communication between the
physician office and the patient. This product uses Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP)
technology, enabling practices to send voice messages to patients, as well as the ability to send
SMS text messages.
5) eClinicalMobile: This product provides real-time access to vital information when away from
the office. The user interface has been designed for a smaller screen and the intuitive navigation
makes eClinicalMobile easier than ever to use. Major areas of information are accessed via
icons, allowing you to see your schedule, medical summaries, e-prescribe, and more, all while
syncing up to the eClinicalWorks EMR in your office. So whether you are on call, at home, or at a
hospital, nursing home, or a patient’s home, eClinicalMobile delivers the data you need –
anytime, anywhere. eClinicalMobile now provides an enhanced user experience as well as
additional features that have been requested by eClinicalWorks users. eClinicalMobile is
available in both Web and native iPhone® versions.
6) Interoperability: Exchange clinical information within the community or across the country
through single integrated solution.
a) The eClinicalWorks Electronic Health eXchange (eEHX): It facilitates interoperability
between clinical systems in community-wide projects. This versatile community solution
creates a holistic view of a patient’s clinical record. eEHX improves continuity of care across
multiple care settings, making critical information available at the point of care. eEHX is a
suite of solutions that can be used individually or in a combination that provides a complete
interoperability toolkit for a community. eEHX Includes:
 Longitudinal View (LV) - eEHX LV creates a comprehensive patient-centric view of
clinical data available from a variety of sources at the point of care.
 Master Patient Index (eMPI) - eMPI provides the ability to cross-reference patient
identifiers across multiple clinical systems to
uniquely identify and match each patient
record, perform global patient searches and
consolidate duplicate patient records.
 eHUB - eHUB is the community integration
solution that manages the exchange of data
between clinical systems including,
hospitals, reference labs, regional health
information exchange, immunization
registries and other EMR systems. eHUB
also provides tools for tracking and
managing interfaces at a community level.
 eClinicalWorks P2P - eClinicalWorks P2P connects community providers using eCW as
well as other EMRs to electronically manage patient records, referrals, messaging and
 Quality Measures and Public Health Alerts (QM & PHA) - Manage practice- and
provider-level EMR adoptions, Meaningful Use compliance, pay-for-performance
initiatives and other clinical outcomes through community-level dashboard. This module
also provides visibility to local- and state-level agencies regarding public health alerts.
b) P2POpen: P2POpen from eClinicalWorks revolutionizes communication from practice-to-
practice, provider-to-provider and peer-to-peer. It is a scalable and secure way to enhance
patient care through improved dialogue. P2POpen establishes communication between
providers within the same city, county, state or across regions. Not only will it allow for
communication between eClinicalWorks users, but it will allow any provider/practice to
communicate with a provider/practice outside the community.
7) Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Services and Highlights

 Communication to practice via RCM Console (new)

 eClinicalWorks Lock Box solution (new)
 RCM Dasboard within eClinicalWorks (new)
 Real time patient insurance eligibility Processing of primary, secondary, and tertiary
 Claim review and scrubbing
 Updating DB rules
 Claim follow-up through payer acceptance
 Denial and underpayment management
 Appeals at all levels
 All payments and adjustments done directly within eClinicalWorks
 Out of office billing encounters (nursing home visits and hospital visits)
 Insurance/Patient payments go back directly to the practice
 Create self-pay e-statements and submit to mailing service
 Manage worker’s compensation and other liability claims including auto PIP claims
 Manage the preparatory steps necessary to send accounts to collections
 Daily/monthly/YTD financial statements – RCM reports
8) eClinicalTouch: eCW leverages iPad technology to give you the look, feel, and functionality
you’ve come to expect from eClinicalWorks with the ease of use found in a native iPad
environment. eCW’s iPad app combines the most-used features of the eClinicalWorks EMR with
intuitive navigation and cloud-based access from anywhere, making eClinicalTouch the first
choice in portable EMR solutions!
eClinicalTouch provides robust data capture and functionality and because eClinicalWorks is a
unified solution, the information automatically forms the basis of the claim in the Practice
Management “side” of eCW, eliminating the need for redundant data entry.