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1. Task fulfillment

Is description complete and accurate? Comment [t1]: Describe all

information given as required
Comment [t2]: Relevant
Does it focus on general trends and/or major features? Accurate comment
Accurate examples
Is there a good implication drawn from what is show Comment [t3]: Change over time
Increase, decrease, fluctuation
Comment [t4]: Comparisons and
Comment [t5]: Not recommendations
2. Coherence and cohesion Interpretations of presenter’s invention
Prediction about possible future
Comment [t6]: Linking ideas using
3. Vocabulary and sentence structures words, e.g. connector: however, also, as
is seen…
Easy flow of your writing or the ease
Required linguistic styles: formal, technological/factual style with which your writing is read
Comment [t7]: Linking ideas using
E.g. As you can be seen… -> As can be seen…, as is seen… grammar: it, they, that. Which, this,
Comment [t8]: Direct and accurate
Objective: no personal ideas/opinions
Language function No “I” “we” ”you”

A wide range of vocabulary, sophisticatedly used
Wide ranges of sentence structures
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T1 essay: organizational structure

1. Introduction

The chart Describes

Presents information on/about

What, where, when

If no times given: use simple present tense
If time given, use appropriate verb tense accordingly
If time given in footnote, either acknowledge time and use verb tense accordingly, or
ignore time and use simple present tense.

2. Body

Comment on global trends and/or overall features

Global downward trend or an overall decrease/drop
Global upward trend or an overall increase/grow
Global fluctuating trend

Then describe individual trends, following chorological (time) order.

Finish describing trends before addressing features. A contribution would make your job
more complicated.

At least one good example should be given to support your comment.

If overall or total figures available; comment on these first.

Useful languagecai day

Comment on global trend/overall features

A global upward is seen in … during the period given.

The given period is witnessed/experienced an overall upward trend in …

The global trend is/was recorded for … during the period show.

It is immediately apparent that …

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The important feature to note is that …

To give examples…

For example,

For instance…

In fact

In deed

In particular/ particularly


As (is) Shown In the chart


Don’t over use these

Another important point/feature to note is that…

Another point worthy of comment is that…

3. Conclusion (optional)

In conclusion + summary of main trends/features that have been described.

Or implication (optional)
N.B. Be cautions when giving implications due to limited data available.

Useful language
The chart may well reflect the fact that…
There are the signs that…
It might be drawn from the chart that…
It seems that…
It is possible to surmise that…
It can be inferred from the chart that…
There may be different reasons for the above changes, one of which is (that)…

Comparison and Contrast

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Class A has 40 more students than class B (does), 60 students versus/compared

to/against/ 20 students, respectively.

Class B has 40 fewer students than class A (does), …

The number of students in class A (triples/ is treble/is threefold/is three times as high as)
that in class B, …

The number of class B is one third that in class A, …

Class A is three times the size of class B…

Class B is one third the size of class A,…

There are 40 more students in class A than there are in class B.