The Hero Arrivals Copyright 2010 By Marilyn Lee As soon as he saw her, he knew why he’d taken another

job on this God-forsaken world with the fierce winds that took one’s breath away one moment while threatening to deflate and scorching the lungs with incredible heat within seconds. The woman seated at the table at the back of the crowded tavern with her back to the wall and her dark eyes trained on the door made nonsense of all the rigors of the trip. He closed the door then leaned against it, staring at her. She wasn’t particularly pretty but he’d long since come to appreciate that pretty only went so far in a woman. Pretty quickly faded. Character, sensual allure, and feminine guile and self-assurance were far more exciting. And damn if her piecing dark gaze and those full pouty lips of hers didn’t raise his blood pressure and harden his cock. He allowed his gaze to slide down from her face to her neck. He could hear and feel her pulsing beating. The longer he stared, the harder her heart raced. Shifting his gaze, he watched her chest rise and fall with her breathing. Tilting his head, he envisioned slowly peeling off her clothes. Her large breasts would provide the prefect cushion for his face as he drove his cock deep inside her body. Her gaze narrowed, and her full lips tightened. Locking her gaze on him, she smiled, revealing beautiful white teeth. They looked strong and straight. Damn. They would feel good nibbling at his ears, lips, nipples, and milking his cock. The sudden smile she gave him said one thing. “Come and get me, baby.” Oh, hell yeah. Pushing himself away from the door, he stalked across the crowded room, pushing people out of his way. With just four feet separating them, she deliberately unbuttoned the long duster she wore, exposing mounds of naked, smooth dark, delicious skin and a shaved pussy with soft pink lips that would grip him tight and make him pour a torrent of cum inside her. With his cock roaring to attention, he was hard pressed not to leap the rest of the way to her table. That’s when she revealed her true nature, closing her legs and lifting a large caliber weapon from her side. He came to an abrupt halt. She clearly knew who he was. Still smiling and training her weapon on his chest over his heart, she parted her legs. His nostrils flared as he inhaled the wonderful scent emanating from between her long, sleek thighs. Oh, hell that was one pretty pussy. Silly bitch if she thought her weapon would stop him or if that he’d allow himself to be side tracked by over indulgence in a good, pussy-destroying fuck. One of them was going to die that night and it sure as hell wouldn’t be him. He’d already done death once and hadn’t liked it much. Pussy, he loved. He would kill her, but damn if he wouldn’t fuck the shit out of her first. Several times. Maybe all night long. He glanced at her big breasts. He’d suck them as he clutched her ass while he made sure she had a royal fuck before she died. Bearing his teeth, he leapt into the air. *****

he can be anything you want him to be. What do you think? Would he look good with a hold in his chest? LOL! You can have her run.From here. Have the room blanketed with darkness and when the lights come back on he finds himself on his back with her on top of him ready to blew out his brain (if in fact he has any) or sex him out of his mind. ladies. Scrap some of what I’ve written and take the story in a different direction if you like. Have her attack him. I hinted that he might be a vamp. take it away. Then you can have him attack her. you can switch to the heroine’s point of vp to give reader’s a hint of what he looks like (if you want). but I’m eager to see what direction you want to take the group portion of the story in. Have the floor under him fall away. Or he might be some new species of male who can hear a woman’s heart and pulse beat. I’m going to continue on with this to make my version a freebie. Why is he out to kill her? Who wants her dead and why? Why is she in a bar with nothing but a weapon and a duster? Is she afraid of him? Or has he been tricked and doesn’t know he’s the one actually targeted for death? Just who the heck is she anyway? Does he have a name? Does she? Feel free to pick up where I left off. So. In short. Have the real hero intervene on her behalf. but he also might be a shifter. Or anything you can imagine. .

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