Civics The Supreme Court • • The Article 24 tells about the Supreme Court in the Indian Constitution Qualification

a Supreme Court judge 1. 5 years of service as a Chief Judge or Judge in a High Court 2. 10 years as a advocate 3. Specialist in Law There are total 25 judges and a Chief Justice in a Supreme Court At time of formation constitution had provision for 7 judges including the Chief Justice . In 1986 amendment, the provision of 26 judges was made. Working period of a judge is 6 year term or 65 years of age whichever comes first The pay of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is Rs.33,000 The pay of a Judge of Supreme Court is Rs.30,000 The first SC (Scheduled Cast) Chief Justice of India was K G Balakrishnan. The first Chief Justice to work as a President was Hidejit Tulla. Powers of Supreme Court 1. Primary Powers • Fundamental Rights • Centre and State Debate Topics • States and States Debates • Water Treaties 2. Secondary Powers • Appeal Power • Civil Cases • Criminal cases • Advisory Power Before 1976 amendment, there were 7 Fundamental Rights including the Right to Property

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