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SDB bank opens 92nd branch at Galewela | Sunday Observer 9/14/18, 9(32 AM

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SDB bank opens 92nd branch at Galewela Photo Of The Week

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SDB bank’s branch in Galewela was opened by (L-R) SDB Bank’s GM / CEO Nimal C. Hapuarachchi, SDB Bank’s Chairperson - Samadanie Kiriwandeniya and Galewela Divisional Secretary
- M.U.Nishantha.

SDB bank (SANASA Development Bank PLC) has opened a branch at Galewela on 14th February 2018.

SDB Galewela branch was opened at 181, Dambulla Road, Galewela with the objective of providing an efficient and friendly service to
Galewela customers with sophisticated facilities.

SANASA Development Bank PLC is a public quoted company with limited liability incorporated under the Companies act 17 of 1982 and re-
registered under Companies act No.07 of 2007 and registered as a licensed specialized bank by Central Bank of Sri Lanka under the Banking (/yv)
Act no 30 of 1988, operates with a branch network of 92 branches island-wide.

SDB has introduced a variety of banking products and services with a vast coverage of customers, from new born babies to senior citizens.

Those products and services comes under different brand names. Marriage Proposals


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