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YAVAPAI COUNTY ATTORNEY'S OFFICE Firrn No. 00048700 Susan L. Eazer, SBN 013525 Deputy County Attorney 255 East Gurley Street Prescott, AZ 86301 (928) 771-3344 Attomeys for STATE OF ARIZONA IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF ARIZONA IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF YAVAPAI STATE OF ARIZONA, CAUSE NO, P1300CR201600966 Plaintiff, NOTICE OF FILING TRANSCRIPT OF Ys. DONALD LINDBLAD THOMAS JONATHAN CHANTRY, Assigned to Hon. Bradley Astrowsky Defendant. The State of Arizona, by and through Sheila Polk, Yavapai County Attomey, and her undersigned deputy, hereby submits the Transcript of the Interview with Donald Lindblad which was mentioned in earlier pleading in this matter. RESPECTFULLY SUBMITTED this_/£7. day of July 2018. Sheita Polk Yavapai County Attomey oe Susan L. Eazer Deputy County Attorney eNOnrYNn= COPY of the foregoing emailed and hand delivered this 14 day of July 2018, to: John M, Sears Attomey for Defendant, plo) Com 16 ly 18 19 20 State of Arizona v. Thomas Chantry P1300CR201600966 Telephonic Interview with Pastor Don Lindblad Interviewer(s): All Present Date: March 21, 2018 Present: Susan Eazer Yes = Uh-huh John Sears No = Huh-wh Pastor Don Lindblad LINDBLAD: .,.certain of that date but it’s been within the last year. FAZER: Oh, you're talking about January this year? LINDBLAD: No, it’s, no. Now 1/m confused. FAZER: You said you thought... LINDBLAD: Alright. FAZER: -..they - they had disappeared... LINDBLAD: Yeah. EAZER: ssn Ja--, about a year ago and you said in January so are you talking about last January? LINDBLAD: Yeah. Yeah. I - I thought it was a year ago but it may have been this January. BAZER: ‘Cauge that’s just a couple months... -1- Telephonie Interview with Pastor Don Lindblad, 3/21/18 State of Arizona v. Thomas Chantry 10 aL 12 13 14 15 16 ly ae 19 20 21 22 23 24 LINDBLAD: Uh, the more EAZER: .. ago. LINDBLAD: ...1 think about, that - that they, that I learned they had disappeared. BAZER: Okay. LINDBLAD: I do not know when they disappeared. EAZER: So, you think you learned about this in January. LINDELAD: I think 80, yes. EAZER: And you learned about it how? LINDBLAD: IT was talking to the administrative assistant, uhm, and I don’t recall, uhm, why we were talking, probably having to do with foreign missions, I’m involved in that and she knew, she’s worked for more than a decade in the office, knew that I had been in Prescott in 2000, and mentioned it to me, uhm, I believe I had been on the Administrative Council at that time and she would have known that. EAZER: And this is Vicky who mentioned it to LINDBLAD: Correct. BAZER: And was this just an idol conversation about hey, did you hear those, uh... ‘Telephonic interview with Pastor Don Lindblad, 3/21/18 state of Arizona y. Thomas Chantry 10 1 12 13 14 15 17 18 19 20 LINDBLAD: Mmm... EAZER: --.the file of the, of Tom Chantry who's pending criminal charges disappeared? LINDBLAD: ...T - I w--, I we-, I don’t remember the context but I wouldn't say that it was, uhm, an idol comment. Probably in the context of our association's concern, uhm, uh, with regard to what has been taking place in his life and in the life of, wh, wh, of, uh, some of our churches as a result of that. EAZER: Okay. And, wh, can you expand on that, what is the concern about what’s happening in his life and - and in - in - in the churches in your association as a result of that? LINDBLAD: Well people are reading the blogs, uhm, and are coming to their pastors asking questions, uhm, about it and, uhm, there have not been reading the materials that are - are, that are, uh, not archived because they’xe gone but there are minutes that could be accessed which reflect, uhm, the receiving of reports from, uhm, again, the various persons beginning with the councilors of the Investigative Committee, the, uh, subsequent reports that were sent to, uhm, uh, the office, uh, that were minuted and were available to telephonic Interview with Pastor Don Lindblad, 3/21/18 ‘State of Arizona v, Thomas Chantry 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 ar 18 20 a 23 24 anybody in addition to the, ubm, documents that were signed. EAZER: Okay. LINDBLAD: So, that was probably the context then, uhm, this is not something we experience, uh, in our association of churches on a regular basis so. FAZER: Alright. And can 1, can I assume ‘cause we're probably, I’m gonna probably kind of go back and walk through this kind of step by step but I, can I assume that some of the, uhm, I’m trying to figure out a good word, some of the displeasure about hearing about this was as a result of Thomas Chantry having been continuing to be a - a - a reverend in 9 church where ~ where some of these people who are upset were attending after this all happened out here? LINDBLAD: Uhm, no. EAZER: People didn't come forward and say hey, this man was around my kids, why wasn’t I ever informed that there had been this investigation, you know, before I, you know, chose to go to the church that he was servicing? Telephonic Interview with Pastor Don Lindblad, 3/21/18 ‘State of Arizona ¥, Thonag Chantry 10 11 12 13 14 15 aw 18 ig 21 22 23 24a LINDBLAD: N--, no, the context would have been different, uhm, it would have been subsequent to his arrest and... FAZER: That’s what I mean... LINDBLAD: ...and... EAZER: ...after he had been arrested... LINDBLAD: Yeah, but most... EAZER: ...and it all came out were there people who were unhappy because they had attended churches where he was the reverend and also let their children I guess be, you know, around him and were not aware of - of what had happened prior to his arrest? LINDBLAD: Uhm, uh, uh, no, because, whm, he was, wh, not a pastor and not in that position in any church until he went to Hales Corners, uhm, the destress was that, ubm, uh, and again, everyone has access to the minutes of the investigative, not the minutes of the committee but rather the - the results of it on subsequent reports. Uhm, no, it was distress over the, uhm, amplified charges, uhm, uh, and sorts of things that are, uh, coming out on the blogs, reading blogs rather than minuted reports. ‘Telephoaic Interview with Pastor Don Lindblad, 3/21/18 state of Arizona v. Thowas Chantry 10 a. 12 13 14 18 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 EAZER: And - and when you say everyone had access to these mintued reports do you know when they disappeared? LINDBLAD: Well no, we're talking, wh, two sets of do--, different sets of documents. Uhm, that the - the documents that everybody signed, uhm, those were sealed, uhm, but upon request some of them could be viewed, that’s one set. Those are the ones that have disappeared. I’m talking about the minutes that are printed, every Administrative Council meeting, uhm, every smaller committee for admissions, publications, policy and constitution, uhm, and then the annual general assembly minutes are printed and distributed. Now most of it’s electronic but, uhm, everyone has access to those. Those are still available. EAZER: And - and you yourself have all of the documents, the minutes and the documents that were sealed? LINDBLAD: The reason I have that is because there was only one set left and, uhm, because T keep documents, wh, they were given to me and that - that was from Pastor Tom Lyon. Other than that, I’ve had ‘Telephonic Interview with Pastor Don Lindblad, 3/22/18 State of Arizona v. Thomas Chantry 10 1. 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 20 21 22 23 24 everything all along, I was entitled to have everything all along. BAZER: But my question again is you - you're quite confident you have every single document including the sealed documents and all the minutes? LINDBLAD: Yes. EAZER: And tell me again, why you would, why you were the one person that would have all of those including the sealed documents? LINDBLAD: Well I would have had all the documents anyway and the sealed document was the parents’, uhm, re: uhm, material, uhm, I was given by Pastor Lyon because I was asked to help a church, uhm, that was struggling, uhm, uh, a--, and - and - and, uh, uhm, with what was going on and it was, had the potential for splitting the church and I was asked to come in and to, uh, uh, and to help them sort out fact from fiction at least as far as the documents, unm, but I never revealed, I’ve never printed them, I’ve never revealed them, nobody else... BAZER: Well... LINDBLAD: ...has them. ‘Telephonic Interview with Pastor Don Lindblad, 3/21/18 ‘State of Arizona v, Thomas Chantry 10 1. 12 13 14 1s 16 17 18 19 2L 22 23 24 EAZER: -..well T’m - I’m not, I’m not following you, why would you need the documents from, the sealed documents from this investigation to go help with a dispute in another church that was... LINDBLAD: Because... EAZER: ...threatening to break it up? LINDBLAD: ...because they had access to ‘em through the internet. EAZER: Wow, oka’ LINDBLAD: Most of, most of this is now put on the internet. FAZER: Alright. I'm, I - I’m really - really lost and T apologize because I - I didn’t, I didn’t know much of this information. vh, let me, let me back up and ask you, how — how, I’m - I’m assuming you've told Mr. Sears about all this... correct? LINDBLAD: Correct. EAZER: Okay. How many times do you think you've talked to Mr. Sears? LINDBLAD: Ohm, probably on the phone, uh, I am guessing twice. TI have, uh, I was there for the hearing in May. I was in, I was, wh, in the courtroom in May and that was when I first met him. ‘alephonic Interview with pastor Don Lindblad, 3/21/28 ‘State of Arizona ¥. Thomas Chantry 10 at 12 13 14 15 16 1 18 19 EAZER: Uh-huh. LINDBLAD: And I would say two or three times and, uh, no more than half a dozen emails perhaps. FAZER: Okay. So, run, T want to be more specific so you met with him in May when you were out here... correct? LINDBLAD: Correct. ERZER: Was anybody present with, and - and you shared some of this information we/re talking about with him at that time? LINDBLAD: Yes. FAZER: Was anybody else present at the time you shared this information? LINDBLAD: Uhm, well his wife. EAZER: Okay. LINDBLAD: Uhm, and, uh, Karen Chantry and Al Huber were present. FAZER: Do you recall if that conversation was tape recorded? LINDBLAD: Uh, I’m sorry, T did not hear you. FAZER: Do you recall if that conversation was tape recorded? LINDBLAD: I do not know. ‘elephonic interview with Pastor Don Lindblad, 3/21/18 ‘State of Arizona ¥, Thonaa Chantry » 10 1 13 14 15 16 a7 18 19 FAZER: And so, that’s one time you met him in person, was there other times that you have met with Mr. Sears in person? LINDBLAD: No. EAZER: So, that occasion you talked, uhm, just once or did you talk more than once while you were in town? LINDBLAD: I was only in town for the day. EAZER: Okay. LINDBLAD: And the conversation had to do with the hearing that day. FAZER: Okay. You've had two phone conversations with Mr. Sears and then you said several emails? LINDBLAD: To the best of my recollection. EAZER: | Have you provided him the documents we!re talking about today? LINDBLAD: Yes. BAZER: When did you provide him those documents? LINDBLAD: Uhm, I’m guessing again, uhm, in November of last year. FAZER: This past November? LINDBLAD: Correct. -10- ‘Telephonic Interview with Pastor Don Lindblad, 3/21/18 State of Arizona v. Thomas Chantry 10 11 12 13 14 1s 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 EAZER: And you, and provided him all the documents including the sealed ones? LINDBLAD: I think so. EAZER: Is there any, uhm, confidentiality issues with the sealed documents that you provided him? LINDBLAD: Uhm, no EAZER: why were they sealed if there wasn’t confidentiality issues? LINDBLAD: Oh, well they - they were s--, they were to be sealed until, they were to be sealed unless Mr. Chantry had repeated what he had done and they had, subsequently were made public. EBAZER: What - when were they made public and why? LINDBLAD: Uhm, in - in the binder from Miller valley. The alleged red binder had all of those documents. EAZER: Do, how do you mow that for certain? LINDBLAD: Uhm, just from the internet and police reports. BAZHR: Do you feel confident that the red binder that was given to the police had all of the documents? LINDBLAD: Yes. -11- ‘Telephonic Interview with Pastor Don Lindblad, 3/21/18 State of Arizona v. Thomas Chantry ny 10 11 12 13 14 us 16 a 1g ig 20 au EAZER: Okay. You said that’s all been put on the internet? LINDBLAD: Well that’s my, you know, T don’t search the internet much but that’s been my understanding, yes. EAZER: And where on the internet might one find that? LINDBLAD: That I couldn't tell you, uh, the bloggers that have, uhm, been, uhm, that have been, uhm, uhm, enter - entering into all of this with the information that would only come from these documents, it couldn’t come from any place else. FAZER: Well if T told, well do - do you have any idea how bloggers would bave gotten ahold of those, uh, those documents? LINDBLAD: I can oniy speculate but no, I don’t know. EAZER: What would your speculation be? LINDBLAD: Well, uh, I don’t know, some, but they’ re only, they're, either the, uh, well I - I’d rather not. EASER: Well... LINDBLAD: Just because I don’t know, if I, if I speculate and I’m wrong then that wouldn't be fair. ~12- aelephonic Interview with Pastor don Lindblad, 3/21/18 ‘State of Arizona +. Thomas Chantry 10 11 13 14 15 16 a7 18 19 a1 22 23 EAZER: Have you told Mr. Sears who you think has distributed these documents? LINDBLAD: I don’t recall. EAZER: Well do you think you have? LINDBLAD: Uh, ask the question again, I'm sorry. FAZER: Do you think you've told Mr. Sears who you think has perhaps distributed these docurents on the internet? LINDBLAD: I don’t believe so. No. BAZER: Are you refusing to tell me who you think has done it? LINDBLAD: No. FAZER: Who do you think has done it? LINDBLAD: Well again, there are only about three or four sources who would have distributed that ‘cause there’s only three or four people that would have them. The parents, the church, Bob $elph and whoever took them out of the, uhm, archive. FAZER: Do you have any idea who took them out... LINDBLAD: I - I’m not being. BAZER: -..0f the archives? LINDBLAD: ...I/m not being evasive, I - T don’t know. -13- ‘Telophonic Interview wlth Pastor Don Lindblad, 3/21/18 state of Atizona v. Thomas Chantry 10 11 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 FAZER: Do you have any information who might have removed these documents from the archives? LINDBLAD: Uhm, only a rumor and, uh, that wouldn’t be fair to the person if I couldn’t demonstrate with, uh, some degree of certainty that it was a particular individual. BAZER: Well this could be really important to the investigation, I’m certainly not gonna hold you to your word but who do you think took them out of the archives? LINDBLAD: Well could I respond by suggesting you make a phone call to someone else? EAZER: Well... LINDBLAD: (Inaudible) that... EAZER: seeTeee LINDBLAD: ...I/m not... EALER: ..-I’d vather get the information that you have from you and then I’d love to also find out who else you think I could talk to about this. LINDBLAD: Well I have been told, uhm, by several people that it was Bob Selph. BAZHR: And would that be in an attempt to assist Mr. Chantry or to put this stuff out on the internet? -14- ‘Telephonic Interview with Pastor Don Lindblad, 3/21/18 State of Arizona v. Thomas Chantry 10 1 12 13 14 15 16 wv 18 19 20 24 22 24 LINDBLAD: I don’t know if he would have put ‘em out on the internet ox not, uhm, I don’t know what his motive was. EAZER: Okay. LINDBLAD: I’ve had no contact with him for at least two years. FAZER: The, uhm, documents that you sent to Mr. Sears did you send those via email or - or regular mail? LINDBLAD: Regular mail. FAZER: Would you send a complete copy of what you sent to Mr. Sears to my office? LINDBLAD: Uhm, (inaudible}... SEARS: He gave that discovery that was (inaudible) . EAZER: Well, uhm, uhm, sorry, John, you got the discovery that way, I’m certain I’m entitled to exactly what he provided you... SEARS: You can ask (inaudible) EAZER: the same fashion, SEARS: ...under the rules. EAZER: Really? SEARS: (Inaudible)... EAZER: what - what... -15- ‘elephonic Interview with Pastor Don Lindblad, 2/21/18 ‘Stote of Arizona ¥. Thoma Chantry 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 a7 18 19 20 SEARS: - (inaudible)... FAZER: seo, wait - wait - wait - wait~ wait ~ wait, John, what rule? Because this i ny interview, he’s given you documents which quite frankly you should have disclosed to me but what rule are you citing to that says I don’t get these documents, please tell me? SEARS: Well... FAZER: | Are - are they confidential somehow, D... SEARS: We're = nots going «= to. shave ~— that, discussion... EAZER: Sir, I'm asking, I’m asking you, Reverend, would you send me the complete set of documents that you sent to Mr. Sear: SEARS: I’m instructing, he is my witness, Sue, you know that. FAZER: You’ye instructing him not to? Let me, I want to make sure that that’s what you’re doing, John. SEARS: Uh, I’m telling you that if you make a proper request to me T will consider the request and T will disclose what documents I think are (inaudible)... EAZBR: Well, okay, never mind we're not gonna waste any more time in this interview but, sir, what I'm gonna ask you to do, uhm, Pastor, is I’m gonna ask you ~16- ‘elephonic Interview with Pastor Don Lindblad, 3/21/18 State of Arizona v. Thomas Chantry 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 to please make sure you maintain the exact same set of documents that you gave to Mr. Sears, uh, you know, in the same exact order and fashion that you disclosed them because I’m going to ask the court to order you to disclose them to the State, I’m not going to request that Mr. Sears share with me what he thinks I get. So, can you, will you please at least a vow to me that you will keep those documents, all of them that you disclosed to Mr. Sears until I get a court order? LINDBLAD: I keep all documents... EAZER: Okay. LINDBLAD: ...always. FAZER: Alright. I just want to make sure since some have disappeared and I’m - I’m just learning of this that we don’t have any issues, uhm, because I don’t believe Mr. Sears has any authority to order you not to disclose documents but we’ll take that up in court. LINDBLAD: Okay. EAZER: So, I want to kinda back up now, uhm, the documents that you have, tell me what in general they are, you've said they are the sealed documents which what - what does that consist of? -17- ‘Telephonic Interview with Pastor Con Lindblad, 3/21/18 State of Arizona ¥. Thonas Chantry 10 a 12 13 14 15 16 a 18 19 20 LINDBLAD: Well there was a document that was, uhm, which gave council, uh, uh, to, uhm, all of the parents, to the elders and to Tom Chantry. Uhm, and to Bob Selph and to Walt Chantry. Uhm, Tom Chantry was not the only one who was given a way forward, he was given a way forward by the coune: by - by the Investigative Committee, uh, we recommend that you do this - this - this and this which he did completely. EAZER: And we’re gonna talk about... LINDBLAD: Cou... EAZER: s..that too but keep going. LINDBLAD: ...uh, council - council was given to the parents, to the elders, that’s the sealed document. EAZER: Okay. LINDBLAD: Then there was a document which you have seen because, uh, you had it in May in the courtroom, the one that, uhm, everyone signed, uhm, which had to do with the way forward for Mr, Chantry. Uhm, then there is a very brief announcement that was sent to the churches by the councilors or the investigative committee, uhm, uh, indicating, wh, that a council had been held, ubm, uh, and that, uh, persons who were invelved, not the individual parents but the names of -i8- Telephonic Interview with Pastor Don Lindblad, 3/21/18 State of Arizona v. Thomas Chantry 10 1 12 13 14 15 16 ay 18 19 the, wh, committee, uh, and so forth and where it was and that - that it was concluded and the differences between the elders of the Miller Valley Baptist Church and Thomas Chantry had been resolved and recommendation of the council had been adopted by the parties. Then there are the subsequent reports sent by Tom Lyon, the pastor of the church that he had joined, uh, indicating that Tom bad complied, that was set a year and a half, uh, after the council and then... EAZER: That's part... LINDBLAD: ...the cou... BAZER: ...0f the packet that you have, the information from - from p--, uhm, John Lyons which said he had done everything he was supposed to do? LINDBLAD: Correct. And then the letter, and then the report from the councilor, the, @ Christian councilor who was also, uh, a - @ Ph.B., uh, nurse in mental health, uhm, who's now the assistant dean of the school in Oregon, uh, there is that letter or that. BAZBR: What... LINDBLAD: as well. FAZER: -.what is the Christian councilor’s name? “19+ Telephonic Interview with Pastor Don Lindblad, 3/21/18 ‘State of Rrizona v. Thomas Chantry 10 1 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 LINDBLAD: Devin Berry. BAZER: BERR Y? LINDBLAD: Correct. BAZER: And she’s the councilor that did Mr. Chantry’s counseling? LINDBLAD: Yeah, he. FAZER: He, okay LINDBLAD: Yes. EAZER: And... LINDBLAD: He was in... BAZER: .. that... LINDBLAD: Go ahead, I’m sorry. FAZER: Uh, Ifm sorry, that person’s in Oregon you said? LINDBLAD: Now. Was in Washington State at the time and is now living in Oregon the last I heard, I’ve not had contact with him in many years but the last I heard, wh, whm, that’s where he was living. EAZER: Do you know where in Oregon? LINDBLAD: Uh, the Portland area I believe. EAZER: Okay. And, uh, so there’s the signed documents, the letter from, the documents from Tom Lyons and the report from Devin Berry talking about the steps 20- ‘Telephonic Interview with Pastor Don Lindblad, 2/21/19 State of Arizona v. Thomas Chantry 19 qi 12 13 14 as 16 qt 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 that were taken by Tom Chantry when he went to Washington State following this incident... correct? LINDBLAD: Correct. EAZER: | And what else is contained... LINDBLAD: Uh... EAZER: that packet? LINDBLAD: ...and, uh, the, uh, contact five years late i 1 aD. EAZER: And I'm gonna ask you about that very specifically ‘cause T know you were involved in that but what else? And that’s... LINDBLAD: Uhm... FAZER: ...that’s, oh, so what's - what’s in, ub, with respect to that contact, what kind of documentation? LINDBLAD: Uh, fron QD? Uh, I'm sorry? EAZER: Yeah, from that me--, from that contact that you and, uh, Mr. Chantry had with, uh... LINDBLAD: Uhm... EAZER: - 7. LINDBLAD: .,.uhm, the letter is, uhm, that w--, ubm, in which he initiated contact with Tom. EAZER: Letters from... -21- Telephonic Interview with Pastor Don Lindblad, 3/21/18 State of Arizona v. Thomas Chantry 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 wv 1B 19 20 2. 22 23 24 LINDBLAD: BAER: LINDBLAD: BAER: LINDBLAD: EAZER: LINDBLAD: BAER: LINDBLAD: , the, I can't, three of them. BAZER: LINDBLAD: EAZER: LINDBLAD: ERZER: LINDBLAD: EALER: Uhm... Correct. Okay. He initiated contact. How many... And. letters from @@lll——l do you believe... Uh, I think I have three but I can’t re-- I - I want to, I think there - there are Well... And do you have those... ss.there is... --.with you today? I’m sorry? Do you have those with you today? Well I have all of it right here, yes. Okay. ‘Cause, yeah, we’re gonna talk shout the QUNNNNNND specifically ‘cause that was one of the things you were disclosed with but so there’s letters fron @@ND, what else relating to that communication? ~22- ‘Telephonie Interview with fastor Don Lindblad, 3/21/18 State of Arizona v. Thoaas Chantry 10 11 12 13 14 15 a7 18 1g 21 22 23 24 LINDBLAD: Uhm, and my notes, uhm, from the phone conversation that, uhm, is a three-way phone conversation. FAZER: Okay. Uhm, again, we’re gonna come back to that so keep those handy but what else is con- contained in this whole packet of documents that you have? LINDBLAD: Uhm, that’s basically, uhm, uh, basically it plus the, again, the minutes. Uhm, there’s a letter that, uh, there's a report, uhm, that was read at our general assembly last year, uhm, again, in view of this surfacing again. Uhm, and, uh, a report that I wrote, uhm, and that’s basically it... EAZER: what kind... LINDBLAD: ... (inaudible). EAZER: ...0f a report did you write? LINDBLAD: Uhm, I was asked by the chairman of the Administrative Council to write up a report, uhm, of, uhm, how the, how the proceedings went, uhm, in... EAZER: The - the proceedings... LINDBLAD: ...{inandibl EAZER: ++-back in 2000? LINDBLAD: Correct. ~23- ‘Telephonic Interview with Pastor Don Lindblad, 2/21/18 State of Arizona v. Thomas Chantry 10 aL 12 13 14 15 16 7 18 1g 22 23 24 BAZER: Okay. LINDBLAD: And that’s ba--, that’s, wh, uhm, oh, and then there’s a, uh, an email from Randy Jameson, uh, who was the pastor, uh, following, wh, uh, Tom Chantry who initiated contact with Tom Lyon, uhm, and... EAZER: But... LINDBLAD: was... I’m sorry? EAZER: Oh, go ahead. LINDBLAD: Uh, it was, uh, uh, just as Tom was, ub, as the letter, uhm, wh, surfaced, uhm, uh, from, uh, uh, Tom Lyon to the association, wh, concerning Ton’s compliance, ubm, and, uhm, Pastor Jameson called him and asked if he and the same two elders, uh, Rich Howe and Eric, uhm, Owens, uh, if they could have a four-way conversation and, uh, Tom Lyon said, yes, and, uh, when the time came, wh, the two elders, uh, were not present, it was just, wh, Randy and they, wh, had a pleasant conversation and (inaudible)... EAZHR: Who had a pleasent conversation with Randy? LINDBLAD: Tom and Randy... FAZER: Okay. LINDBLAD: ...Tom Lyon. -24- elephonle Interview with Pastor Don Lindblad, 3/21/28 state of Arizona v. Thomas Chantry 10 ql 12 13 14 15 16 i7 1g w 23 24 EAZER: Okay. LINDBLAD: And, uh, and the record states that - that he, that is, uh, speaking for the church stated they have no further interest to pursue the issue and are settling down to deal with the present, how can we pray for Tom and that was dated 4/4/2002. So, basically that’s the kind of information that I have. EAZER: Okay. Now do you consider this information to be confidential or privileged in any way? LINDBLAD: Well I've only distributed it as necessary to, uhm, Tom's attorney, uhm, and, uhm, have used the material but not distributed it in conversations with, uh, uh, a couple of our churches that were having some difficulty over this. Again, people in the church hearing what the bloggers are saying and so I’ve had conversations with pastors. EAZER: So, did you have any concerns turning over the entire package to Mr. Sears, I mean, uh, was there a reason why m--, why - why Tom Chantry’s attorney should be entitled to have all that information but not other people who may have an interest in this case? LINDBLAD: I don’t know how to answer that question. ~25- velephonic Interview with Pastor Don Lindblad, 3/21/28 ‘State of Avizona v, Thonaa Chantry 10 1 12 13 14 15 1€ 17 18 19 20 2. 22 24 EAZER: Well did you have any concerns turning over the whole packet of information to Mr. Sears? LINDBLAD: No. EAZER: Is there any reason that you can think of in your position and in your capacity of keeping charge of these documents that you believe that Tom Chantry is entitled to them but others are not? LINDBLAD: Uh, well others receive the informat-~, if you're referring to yourself, I’m not an attorney and wouldn’t know how to answer that. Uhm... EAZER: Well did you consult with an attorney before turning them over to Mr. Chantry’s attorney LINDBLAD: No. EAZER: Did you consult with anybody before turning the entire packet over to Mr, Chantry’s attorney? LINDBLAD: I do not recall. Tt could have been someone in the administration of our association but that I do not recall. FAZER: $0, what if a police officer came and asked you for that information would you have had any qualms turning it over to a police officer? =26- ‘elephonic Interview #ith Pastor Oon Lindblad, 3/21/18 ‘Stato of Arizona v. Thomas Chantry 10 11 12 13 14 15 W 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 LINDBLAD: I would probably have consulted with an attorney. EAZER: And what I’m trying to ask you, sir, is why then if it would have, if a police officer came to you and said they needed that information for an investigation why would you have consulted with an attorney but why did you not feel the need to when you were turning it over to Mr. Chantry’s attorney? LINDBLAD: I don't have an answer for that. EAZER: Are you trying to help Mr. Chantry? LINDBLAD: Uh, well T would, T would say yes. FAZER: Okay. So, again, you wouldn't, didn’t have any hesitation or didn’t feel the need to consult with anybody before turning all that information over to Mr. Sears but you would have had had an issue or a concern turning it over to the police or someone else? LINDBLAD: Well I - I initially handed over information that was already public, in fact I haven’t really given him anything that isn’t public. FAZER: Well you told me you gave him the whole packet, everything so you're quite confident the whole packet is public? LINDBLAD: Yes. ~27- Delephonic Interview with Faster Don Lindblad, 3/21/18 ‘State of Arizona v. Thomas Chantry 190 1 12 13 14 15 16 V7 18 19 20 21 EAZER: And so, why then if a police officer asked you for the same packet that you gave to a defense attorney would you have concerns sufficient enough to check with an attorney before handing it over to a police officer even though... LINDBLAD: It... EAZER: seedt’s all public? LINDBLAD: would have been I think the timing is important. I would have, I would have checked with an attorney if the documents were still sealed. EAZER: Well were they still sealed when you turned them over to Mr. Sears? LINDBLAD: They were not sealed at that time. EAZER: Okay. So, is there some unfic-- unofficial or official unsealing of these documents? LINDBLAD: Well it’s, they disappeared and again, these are the documents that have, were - were turned over, uhm, uhm, wh, wh, to the police in Prescott what now two years ago. They're the same documents. ERZER: Well we don’t have the minutes just to be clear we didn’t, we don’t have all of the documents, the police didn’t have all of the documents and all the minutes of the stuff that happened afterwards. We don’t ~28- ‘Telephonic Interview with Fastor bon Lindblad, 3/21/18 Stato of Arizona ¥. ThonaS Chantry 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 7 18 19 20 21 22 23 have anything about Mr, Chantry’s counseling afterwards if he in fact did all the counseling as you suggested so that - that’s not all part of the red binder. $0, again, going back to my question I had asked you if why it is that you would have had no issue or had no issue apparently turning over all of these documents to Mr. Sears but would have an issue turning them over to a police officer and you said the timing may be important. Uhm... LINDBLAD: Well because of a sealed document, there’s only one sealed document that was never to surface and that’s the one that was turned over two years ago. ‘he rest of them are for certain eyes and/or for everyone. EAZER: Okay. 30... LINDBLAD: And so, whatever the legality is in terms of what you ought to see I certainly will comply with. EAZER: Well but I guess what I’m trying to understand and T do not mean disrespect, sir, is why was there no concern about what Mr. Sears should see? Do you see that Tom Chantry has more rights in this case oz to those documents than the - the people who are investigating him? =29- ‘Telephonic Interview with Pastor Don Lindblad, 3/21/18 ‘State of Arizona v. Thonas Chantry 10 a. 12 13 14 18 16 7 18 19 20 22 23 24 LINDBLAD: I honestly don’t know how to answer the question. EAZER: Do you think, six, that the fact that you are close friends with Tom Chantry’s father and close friends with Mr. Chantry in any, you know, uh, impacted the, your - your I guess lack of concern that to, that you just turned over all those documents to his attorney? LINDBLAD: Uhm, I’11 have te think about what you're saying, I don’t, I - I believe that what was done in 2000, was fair, was equitable and was appropriate for all parties and what I’m hearing and reading at the moment. the matter has escalated and therefore I did what I did. FAZER: Well you did it to assist Mr. Chantry. LINDBLAD: Yes. FAZER: | And so, again, my question is do you, do, you know, do you think that was proper for you to turn over a package of documents that you would consult with an attorney before turning them over to 2 police officer or the authority but you just handed them over without question to Mr. Chantry's attorney to help him? LINDBLAD: Uh, I guess I thought it was appropriate. -30- Telephonic Laterview with Pastor Oon Lindblad, 3/21/18 state of Arizona v. Thomas chantry 10 a 12 13 14 15 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 FAZER: Okay. But your answer still would remain the same that you would consult an attorney before turning them over to a police officer for purposes of an investigation? LINDBLAD: Well I woulda’t have had access to materials that the police would have been interested in. EAZER: Well no, I’m saying... LINDBLAD: Uh, that’s... BAZER: the same documents that you have and have said you’ve had all long, T asked you if a, if a police officer... LINDBLAD: Well those... BAZER: s..came to you and said, wh, will you turn over the exact documents that you gave to Mr. Sears you said you would consult with an attorney first. LINDBLAD: Well because I had the sealed document now but the other documents I - I probably would have, yes. FAZER: But you said you’ve always had the sealed document? LINDBLAD: No, I have not. FAZER: Uh, wh... LINDBLAD: Only in the last few months. -31- ‘Telephonic Interview with Pastor Don Lindblad, 2/21/18 State of Arizona v. Thomas Chantry 10 11 13 14 18 16 17 18 19 ai 22 23 24 EAZER: Okay. I was mistaken, I thought you said you always had the sealed... LINDBLAD: No. EAZER: . document. LINDBLAD: No, the ones that we signed and all of my correspondence and my notes from various meetings I’m certain I would have turned that over. But T did not have the sealed document, it was sealed and it was not to be, uhm, revealed, uhm, because of its sensitivity unless Mr. Chantry repeated what he had done in Prescott and then it was revealed and so it became public and then it disappeared. EAZER: Well but... LINDBLAD: And at that point... EAZER: did you - you got it... LINDBLAD: ...uh, at that point EAZER: before it disappeared right? I'm confused because you said it just... LINDBLAD: Uh... EAZER: ...disappeared but yet you have it? LINDBLAD: No, I think I got it at the same time, about the same time. =32- ‘Delephonic Interview with Pastor Don Lingplad, 3/21/25 ‘State of Arizona v. Thomas Chantry 10 ql 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 EAZER: The same time that it disappeared you got ite LINDBLAD: I think so, yes. EAZER: Where did you get it from? LINDBLAD: But I - I?m not certain. from Pastor Lyon who had it, who had access to it because he was the church that Mr. Chantry had attended. EAZER: So, Pastor Lyon had it, he gave it to you around the same time that it disappears from the administrative office? LINDBLAD: Correct. That’s correct now that I think, that's correct. FAZER: How do you know Pastor Lyon... LINDBLAD: It just... EAZER: s..didn’t take it? How did he get it? LINDBLAD: Uh, he would, because he had it from the very beginning. It was distributed, uhm, selectively to the parents, to the elders, to the church that h--, uh, Tom Chantry attended or would attend and to the councilor and that was the limit of its distribution. FAZER: Why aid Tom Lyons [sic] give it to you? -33- telephonic Interview with Pastor Den Lindblad, 3/23/19 State of Arizona ¥. Thomas chantry 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 ag 20 22 23 24 LINDBLAD: Because it had disappeared and I had all of the other documents, somebody - somebody should have it and that’s why I ended up with it. BAZHR: Why was, why - why do you think he chose you? LINDBLAD: Uhm, because he’s not an administrator and I am and I keep pieces of paper, that’s all I can say. EAZER: Was it ‘couse you're friends with the chantry’ s? LINDBLAD: No. EAZER: And again, sir, I‘ll ask this and T again, I’m not trying to be confrontational but you have acknowledged that you are good friends, close friends with Walt Chantry, you've acknowledged that you are friends with Tom Chantry and now Tom Lyon gives you documents which have disappeared. LINDBLAD: Well he lives in Washington, they disappeared out of Pennsylvania. EAZER: Okay. He hands you, well but he gives you Wash--, uh, uh, documents that somehow, he has. LINDBLAD: Well no, it’s not somehow, he was entitled to have them. ~34- ‘Telephonic Interview with Pastor Don Lindblad, 3/21/18 state of Arizona v. Thomas Chantry 10 11 12 13 a4 15 16 1 18 19 20 21 22 23 EAZER: Okay. So, he’s had them all along, they disappear from Washington, he gives them to you presumably for safekeeping and you turn them over to mr. Sears and ~ and again, when do you think that was? LINDBLAD: Mmm, November maybe. EAZER: November, I though they disappeared in January? LINDBLAD: I ~ I don’t recall when they disappeared, whm, but, uhm, I don’t remember when I heard but T received them, well I had them for a few months, whenever it was I learned, I ~ I’m sorry I’m now getting, wh, turned arcund in dates. Uhm, uhm, I learned that they had disappeared some months ago and, uhm, Pastor Lyon gave them to me for safekeeping and I did pass them onto Mr. Sears, that’s, uh, that’s the best T can remember. FAZER: So, you're quite confident they had disappeared before Pastor Lyon gave them to you? LINDBLAD: I'm fairly confident of that, yes. FAZER: So that would mean they had to have disappeared sometime prior to November because that's when you gave them to Mr. Sears? ~35- ‘velephenic Interview with Pastor Don Lindblad, 3/21/18 State of Arizona v. ‘Thomas Chantry 10 a1 12 13 14 15 16 WW 1g 1g 20 22 23 24 LINDBLAD: Yes. And my guess, my memory is that they disappeared, well again, you would, uh, this is rumor but my - my guess is they disappeared, uhm, as long as two years ago but I do not know that for certain, EAZER: But’ I thought you said To--, you just said Tom Lyon gave them to you after they disappeared because they had disappeared and he gave them to you for safekeeping? LINDBLAD: He did do that. But I’m saying they disappeared before we, some of us learned that they had disappeared. EAZER: Well how do you know if - if - if nobody learned it? Uh, I’m - I'm very confused, now you said something about in January Vicky, I can’t read my own writing, Bookamer... LINDBLAD: Right. FAZER: -..the administrative assistant tells you the documents were gone. LINDBLAD: Correct. But they had disappeared, uhn, uhm, I’m not sure when she learned they disappeared, what she told me was the rumor who had taken them and the chairman of the Administrative Council called him ~36- ‘Telephonic Interview with Pastor Don Lindblad, 3/21/18 ‘Skate of Arizona v, Phonas Chantry 19 a 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 24 and yes, he had took the, he took them when he resigned as coordinator from the association. So, they had disa- -, they had been gone for a long time. FAZER: So, you do know who took them? LINDBLAD: I told you who, uhm... FAZER: No, you told me there was a rumor that Bob Selph took ‘em... LINDBLAD: Correct. EBAZER: -.and now you just told me that the chairman said yes he took ‘em when he resigned and I’m assuming you're speaking of Bob Selph. LINDBLAD: Again, but that’s what I have heard and therefore I’m suggesting that you might want to speak with Earl Blackburn or someone... FAZER: 0h, I - I definitely... LINDBLAD: make sure. FAZER: will be but I’m just confused because you've now said that there wasn’t really any big mystery, he said yes, when I xvesigned IT took those documents with me two years ago but earlier you said it was a big mystery and there was speculation that someone had perhaps... LINDBLAD: That’s true. -37- ‘elephonic Interview with Pastor Don Lindblad, 3/21/18 state of érizona v. Thomas Chantry 10 a 12 13 14 15 17 18 19 FAZER: -..taken these documents and there was rumors about this person taking them and I’m ~ I’m just very confused. LINDBLAD: Because I’m hearing of this in sequence not all at once. FAZER: Okay. $0, now you're t... LINDBLAD: I can’t remem... FAZER: Okay. LINDBLAD: I’m sorry. FAZER: Go ahead. LINDBLAD: So, I - I hear that, I hear that they're gone, I speak with Vicky, she tells me who she heard took them and who would have further information, that’s what I heard in January. FAZER: And you said that when this person was contacted, again, I guess we're speaking of Bob Selph, that he said, yes, he took them when he resigned two years previously. LINDBLAD: That’s correct. TI learned... FAZER: So... LINDBLAD: ...that in January. EAZER: So, there wasn’t any... LINDBLAD: (Inaudible)... =38- ‘Telephonic Interview with Paster Don Lindblad, 3/21/18 ‘State of Arizona v. Thomas Chantry 10 aL 12 13 14 15 16 a 18 1g 20 21 22 23 24 EAZER: ...sneakiness it was they were taken when he left? LINDBLAD: Except they didn’t belong to him. EAZER: | Well do they... LINDBLAD: Uh... EAZER: -belong to you? LINDBLAD: (Inaudible) . EAZER: Do they belong to Mr, Sears? Do they belong to Tom Chantry? LINDBLAD: Well he would have had all of these documents but says that he did not keep them. FAZER: Where did Bob Selph go to after when he resigned his position and where did he go? LINDBLAD: Uhm, he’s the pastor of Grace Baptist Church in, uhm, uhm, let’s see it was a town near Spartanburg, uh, South Carolina and then resigned and he’s, now has an intercity ministry in atlanta. FAZER: Okay. So, I want te understand the distinction from between why they did not belong to Bob Selph and why it would not be appropriate for him to have them but why it would be appropriate for you to have them and to give them to Mr. Sears, and I’m asking that sincerely, IT have no idea what your organization... -39- Telephonse Interview with Pastor Don Lindblad, 3/21/18 State of Arizena v. Thomas Chantry