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Governor Pat Quinn Senator Bill Brady

Governor Quinn’s top priority is a first-class Senator Brady opposes a tax increase, and support
education for every student in Illinois. tax cuts for the rich and corporations, which will
add $1 billion to the deficit.
Governor Quinn supports a revenue increase to
fund our schools – a one percent education Senator Brady has proposed draconian budget
surcharge to help local districts put more cuts: $1.2 billion from P-12 education alone. His
money into classrooms. cuts will force 15,000 teacher layoffs and
skyrocketing property taxes, as local districts try
Governor Quinn opposes vouchers and to make up the difference.
believes they violate the Illinois Constitution.
Opposed Governor Quinn’s action to bring $415
Governor Quinn maintained funding for million in federal funds to the state this year for
education, despite losing $1 billion in federal our schools.
Senator Brady voted against after-school, reading
Governor Quinn worked with the federal improvement and kindergarten preparedness
government to secure $415 million in programs for kids.
additional education funding this year, saving
5,600 teacher positions.. Senator Brady supports vouchers, which take
resources from already underfunded public
Governor Quinn protected funding for MAP education.
grants (need-based grants) for hundreds of
thousands of eligible post-secondary students. Senator Brady supports teaching Creationism in
public schools and would like to see the Bible and
Sheila Simon is an educator and will serve as prayer play a larger role in public education.
point person on Education in the Quinn/Simon
Administration. Senator Brady voted against grant programs to
improve struggling schools.
Governor Quinn and Sheila Simon have been
endorsed by the Illinois Education Association. Senator Brady voted against banning corporal
punishment in schools.

Senator Brady voted twice against increasing

penalties for guns near schools.

Senator Brady voted three times against

expanding school food programs for
disadvantaged children.

He even voted against allowing credit card

rewards to be donated to schools! He has never
met a public school he likes - just his red Porsche!

90% of the Illinois Budget involve public safety (police), Health care (poor children, seniors in poverty, and your
grandmother's Medicaid), education (children) and Human Services (aid to handicapped, mentally Ill and mentally
disadvantaged, the blind -- the "least among us" -- the marginalized)! Our State Budget is 24 Billion. Our deficit is 13 Billion.
Brady wants to 'cut our way out of the deficit '!?! Cuts of 10% across education, Health care for your grandmother, help for
the blind, handicapped, and mentally challenged and the police and prisons. Are you in favor of Senator Brady's heartless
approach to the disadvantaged, the needy and children?