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Generic/Trade MOA Nursing

Contraindicati Adverse
name/Classific Indication/Dosage responsibilit
on effects
ation y
 Nausea,
GENERIC NAME: > Inhibits  Treatment of  Hypersensitivi  Administer
rifampicin/rifam DNA- Pulmonary TB in vomiting, on an
ty, liver disease
pin dependent conjunction with and kidney diarrhea, loss empty
RNA at least one other disease, of appetite, stomach, 1
Trade Name: polymerase effective pregnancy, headache, hr before or
Rifadin, activity in antituberculotic. breast-feeding 2 hr after
Rimactane susceptible  Neisseria (optional meals.
bacterial meningitidis carrie waiver of necrosis  Administer
cells. rs, for breastfeeding). impaired in a single
Classification: asymptomatic vision, daily dose.
Antibiotic, carriers to lakopenia,  Consult
Antituberculotic eliminate pharmacist
(first line) menstrual
meningococci for rifamoin
from nasopharynx; irregularities,
not for treatment urticaria, for patients
of meningitis. swelling unable to
 Unlabeled Kwinke and swallow
uses: Infections ca capsules.
other allergic
used  Prepare
by Staphylococcus manifestations
patient for
aureus and Staphy . the reddish-
lococcus orange
epidermis, usually coloring of
in combination body fluids
therapy; gram- (urine,
negative sweat,
bacteremia in sputum,
infancy; Legionella tears,
pneumophilia, not feces,
responsive to saliva); soft
erythromycin; lepr contact
osy (in lenses may
combination with be
dapsone); prophyl permanentl
axis of y stained;
meningitis caused advise
by Haemophilis patients not
influenzae. to wear
• Warning:
visits for
liver and
CBC, and
Generic/Trade MOA
Contraindicati Adverse Nursing
name/Classific Indication
on effects responsibility
 Diarrhea; • Give in an
GENERIC NAME:  Isoniazid is a  Tuberculosis of Isoniazid is Eye pain; empty
Isoniazid all forms contraindicated Fever; stomach 1
prodrug and
 Prophylaxis in in patients who Numbness or
must be hr before
Trade Name: develop severe tingling
activated by specific or 2 after
Niazid hypersensitivity in the
patients who reactions, meals;
bacterial hands
Classification: are tuberculin including drug- may be
catalase. The and
Anti-TB agent reactors induced feet; given with
active form (positive hepatitis; Skin rash; food if GI
inhibits the Mantoux previous UPSET
Sore throat;
synthesis of test)) or who isoniazid- Stomach pains OCCURS.
mycolic acid are associated or • Give in a
in the considered to hepatic injury; tendern single
severe adverse ess;
mycobacteria be high risk daily dose.
reactions to Swollen
l cell wall. for TB. isoniazid such as Reverse
 Isoniazid drug fever, chills, Unusual parenteral
reaches arthritis; and bleeding dose for pt
acute liver or unable to
disease of any bruising; take oral
concentration etiology. meds.
s in serum, Vision • Dec. foods
cerebrospinal problem containing
fluid (CSF), s; tyramine
and within or
caseous histamine
granulomas. in pt diet.
Isoniazid is
in the liver
There are
two forms of
the enzyme
so that some
the drug
quicker than
Hence, the
half-life is
bimodal with
peaks at 1
hour and 3
hours in the
are excreted
in the urine.
Doses do not
usually have
to be
adjusted in
case of renal
Isoniazid is
bactericidal to
mycobacteria, but
is bacteriostatic if
the mycobacterium
is slow-growing.

Generic/Trade MOA
Contraindicati Adverse Nursing
name/Classific Indication
on effects responsibility

GENERIC NAME: Ethambutol is Ethambutol are Contraindicated • loss of  assess pt. for
Ethambutol bacteriostatic indicated for the in patients who appetite infection
against actively treatment of are known to be • upset (appearance
Trade Name: growing TB pulmonary hypersensitive to of wounds,
Myambutol, bacilli, it works tuberculosis. It this drug. It is stomach sputum, VS,
Servambutol by obstructing should not be also • vomiting urine and
the formation of used as the sole contraindicated • numbness WBC.) at the
Classification: cell wall. Mycolic in patients with beginning and
antituberculous and
Antituberculotic acids attach to known optic during
drug, but should tingling in
the 5′-hydroxyl neuritis unless therapy
groups of D- be used in clinical judgment the hands
• Obtain
arabinose conjunction with determines that or fee specimens
residues of at least one other it may be used. • optic
arabinogalactan antituberculous neuritis– initiating
and form drug. Selection of blurring of
mycolyl- the companion vision
arabinogalactan- Take drug
drug should be
peptidoglycan as
based on clinical
complex in the indicated.
cell wall. It experience,
• Not to be
disrupts considerations of given to
arabinogalactan comparative
children 6
synthesis by safety and years
inhibiting the appropriate in
below due
enzyme vitro
arabinosyl to optic
transferase. neuritis
Disruption of the Provide
arabinogalactan supplemental vita
synthesis inhibits min A. if not
the formation of contraindicated
this complex and
leads to
permeability of
the cell wall.
Generic/Trade MOA
Contraindicati Adverse Nursing
name/Classific Indication
on effects responsibility

GENERIC NAME:  Treatment of  Hypersensitivit

Inhibiting protein
Streptomycin moderate to y to Dermatologic: • Advise patient
synthesis in aminoglycosid
severe rash, that
Trade Name: bacterial cell, infections es or any urticaria, medication
Streptomycin which causes caused by components exfoliativ will be
Sulfate misreading of susceptible of the e prepared and
strain of product. dermatiti administered
genetic code and,
Mycobacterium s. by a health
Classification: ultimately, cell EENT: vestibular
tuberculosis care provider
Antituberculosis death and otototxici in a health
agent nontuberculosi ty like care setting
s infections. vomiting • Review dosing
nausea schedule and
and prescribed
vertigo length of
Genitourinary: therapy with
Nephroto patinet.
Hematologic: • Instruct patient
Eosinophi to
lia, immediately
leucopeni report the
a, following to
hemolytic health care
anemia. provider:
Misellaneous: headache,
Paresthes nausea,
ia of face, vomiting,
fever, ringing in the
rotic ears, vertigo,
edema, dizziness,
anaphyla roaring
xis noises, sense
muscular of fullness in
treatmen ears, hearing
t. loss, itching,